Goldstar R5208 Room Air Conditioner

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  • 5,200 BTU: 9.7 EER: 115 volt
  • High efficiency compressor design for maximum energy savings
  • New Turbo Fan evenly distributes cool air through 2-way deflection system
  • Low-noise compressor for quiet, smooth operation
  • One-touch lift-out filter for easy access & maintenance
Customer Reviews:
  • It's a piece of junk!
    Three months after purchasing it, It started to leak water so it messed up the paint on my Window ledge. Otherwise it's good for a room or even a small studio....more info
  • It's like a fridge
    If you want to have an arctic theme party turn this baby on high and get out the mucklucks. It turns everything cold, fast, and unlike other window mount AC's I've had in the past, it doesn't freeze up on the inside stopping the flow of cold air into your space....more info
  • good size air conditioner
    It's a bit loud but not bad enough to keep you away. I like it for being compact and definitely worth your money....more info
  • nice a/c which does a perfect job
    my room is approximately 250 sqfeet and this nice little air conditioner does a perfect cooling job even when it's over degrees outside. Amazon sends it via UPS even when u opt for free ground shipping, so it actually takes only 3 to 4 days till u get what u want....more info
  • An Excellent Air Conditioner For a Small Bedroom.
    For a bedroom that is approximatly 150 sq. ft. I think that this unit does a fine job. It is also very quiet as well....more info
  • Can't be worse than Carrier!
    I don't actually own this product, but I do want to steer others away from buying Carrier products. I bought 4 of their Visionaire air conditioners two years ago; only one of them now works (and this in a northern climate!) Not only is the product quality terrible, but their customer service is miserable.

    I'm sure this Goldstar product is a good buy relative to the Carrier product....more info

  • Draws little power
    It blows cold and it didnt jack my bill up much. Small size was a down problem because of window size. Easy plywood fix for this problem....more info
  • a great air conditioner
    this air conditioner is great. i bought one last year. and it has worked fine im my room. if your looking for an air conditioner for a small room i suggest you get this one....more info