All-Clad LTD 11-Inch Square Nonstick Griddle
All-Clad LTD 11-Inch Square Nonstick Griddle

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Product Description

As you're cooking up a short stack or making a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner on the fly you'll appreciate the outstanding heat conductivity provided by the anodized aluminum exterior and a pure aluminum core.

Distinguished among All-Clad's renowned cookware collections by its stylish charcoal black hard anodized-aluminum exterior, the LTD line provides serious and professional cooks with all the virtues that make All-Clad's worldwide reputation unsurpassed. Key to its high performance is a three-ply, bonded construction. Sandwiched between the exterior and the interior lies a thick core of pure aluminum that spreads heat evenly across the bottoms of pots and pans and all the way up the sides. The striking exterior resists scratching, chipping, and peeling. Certain pieces, such as this one, have two interior layers, one of 18/10 stainless steel and the other of scratch-resistant, professional-grade nonstick bonded to the steel.

This stovetop griddle makes clear the appeal of All-Clad's LTD cookware to contemporary cooks. It's 11 inches square, perfect for cooking four big burgers or a breakfast of eggs and bacon. Because the grill's cooking surface is durable nonstick, you can grill healthful meals without using butter or oil and you'll have an easier cleanup. Its polished 18/10 stainless-steel handle is secured to the pan by stainless-steel rivets for strength, grooved on the top and rounded on the bottom for comfort, and holed in the end for hanging on a hook or peg. The long handle stays cool on the stovetop but won't be harmed by an oven's heat. LTD cookware carries a lifetime warranty against defects and should be hand washed. --Fred Brack

  • 11-inch square, nonstick griddle for stovetop
  • Stainless-steel interior, hard-anodized aluminum exterior, aluminum core
  • Layer of scratch-resistant, professional-grade nonstick bonded to interior
  • Stainless-steel, stay-cool handles riveted for strength
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

Customer Reviews:

  • Made cooking b'fast for a large group a piece of cake!
    Have used this twice since I got it and it makes cooking bacon and eggs for 4 plus people at a time a breeze! Everyone can actually eat at the same time!...more info
  • Great although I miss my set and forget temp setting
    This replaced an electric griddle with a thermostat. The one it replaced was of lower quality, it was smaller and fairly cheap but it was so easy. Set temp to 350, make batter and cook. I have not gotten the correct mojo for getting the exact temp yet but I am sure that once I do, this will be great....more info
  • Great griddle
    We just remodeled our kitchen and I really suffered trying to decide whether to buy the stove top with a built in griddle or not. I finally decided to go with the six burner stove top without the griddle since someone suggested to me that the All Clad griddle would fit perfectly on two burners of the stove. I'm so happy I did that. I don't use the griddle a whole lot and with this one I can store it and then pull it out when needed. It cleans very easily and is a delight to cook on....more info
  • LTD is the absolute BEST!
    This cookware is without peer. I know, I have been using my first LTD pan since 1989 and have purchased many others since. That 1989 pan still looks nearly new. LTD cooks better than anything else and cleans like a dream. The unfortunate, dissatisfied person that put this cookware into a dishwasher, simply did not read or heed the care instructions provided by All-Clad. There is absolutely no reason to ever even think of putting an LTD or ANY fine pan into a dishwasher. And even though this person has damaged the appearance of this pan, its use and cooking performance have been unaffected. Any cooked on food can be removed without effort by simply soaking it with soap and warm water. The exterior is best cleaned with a paste made of "Barkeepers Friend" and water applied with minimal elbow grease and a cloth. This will remove ALL traces of oil or grease residue, just like All-Clad recommends. Finally, I believe that, with a minimum of reasonable care, LTD cookware will provide a lifetime of daily pleasurable cooking experience and is worth every single penny of its cost. All-Clad guarantees it in writing....more info
  • All-Clad Griddle
    I just used my griddle for the first time this morning and am happy to say how pleased I am with it. My pancakes cooked evenly, my eggs didn't stick and my kids said it was the best pancakes and eggs I've ever made!I was looking for a high end griddle and I found it! ...more info
  • I'm cookin' fer a livin and...
    Found this at an overstock price (you don't want to know ;) and snapped it up for heavy duty work at the restaurant. It has performed flawlessly for the past 6 months despite heavy use and abuse. Dinner for four...sauteed with stock reduction in the pan? NO problem...finish 12oz. sirlions from flat top to oven...NO problem...rendering duck breasts, sauteing and finishing with delicate shrooms in demi....NO problem. Rockfish, softshell crabs, mussels in safron stock, snap peas, braised endive, name it, this pan can do...WHOOHOOO.

    I scrub this one myself and then send it through my commercial dishwasher full of caustic detergent, sanitizer and drying agent...hundreds of times...still looks new. DO NOT try that at home as it voids your warranty.

    I'ma givin' out 5 mojo*z for this tough guy!!!...more info
  • Well designed and produced
    Our days of standing in line for pancakes from a skillet are over. The product heats evenly, has a raised cooking surface so grease drains off into the channels leaving behind the burgers or bacon, etc.

    The weight is just right and the All-Clad quality shies through....more info
  • Gotta have one...
    We have AllClad LTD but when our old electric griddle died, we picked up one of these. It's such a luxury to have flip food so easily compared to a regular fry pan - I actually look for excuses to make eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, etc. on this griddle!...more info
  • What a lousy idea
    for a cookware? I bought the wok and a sauce pan because they looked so beautiful on display. Nothing wrong with the interior, it works like All-clad should. But whoever thought of putting an anodized exterior ought to be made to wash these dishes for eternity. Hot oil mars the lovely black surface. You can't put it in a dishwasher (I tried and it gives the anodized surface a chalky appearance) as it is aluminum. My pans look like they have been used in mess kitchens in war zones. A complete waste of money......more info
  • All Clad 12" LTD fry pan (Just the pan)
    The 12" LTD fry pan is my every day fry pan. But if I had to do it again, I would go for either the Stainless or Copper Core versions. While I like the look of anodized aluminum (on the outside), the anodized finish rubs off: it is not as hard an anodized finish like Calphalon's original commercial cookware line. And this is from using the pans on both an electric and now gas range and also hanging the pots on my cache rack. The Stainless fry pan is just as heat reactive as the LTD line (I have LTD, Stainless, and Copper Core pieces) but is not as heavy as the Copper Core line, and is less expensive than the Copper Core line.

    PROS: Good weight, heats evenly, right every day use size. A 12" cover is available separately for braising or steaming.

    CONS: The anodized finish is not resistant to scratching when compared with Calphalon's original commercial line.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Griddle For Big Meals!
    Excellent quality, just like I expected from an All Clad product! I have a gas cooktop and placed the griddle over two burners at the same time when I made several large pork chops (Schnitzel) and meat patties in this griddle and the grease trap/channel that runs along the sides was not a problem for me, even though I used cooking oil to fry the meats as they were breaded and those cannot be cooked without some sort of oil/grease. Yes, I did wish the bottom of the griddle was even and not raised & the trap is largely uneccessary for my cooking needs. It cleaned up easy and nicely (soft sponge) even if it was a bit large and ackward to move around in my normal sized kitchen sink; but the oversized handles helped to hold onto it better! None the less, it's a great addition for my pot and pans collection and will get many uses over the years!...more info
  • All Clad LTD 11 inch squaqre nonstick griddle
    My son recommended this griddle as he had purchased one and liked it. I am satified....more info
  • Pancakes made fluffy
    The day after it arrived my wife made the fluffiest pancakes she has ever made. The local diner might not be seeing us on Sunday mornings again. It is a great size for cooking on the front/back burner. A good size for large crowds. 7 Pancakes fit, no more waiting to eat! We have another All-Clad pan and are very happy with both....more info
  • I use it all the time and keep finding new uses
    This is a terrific tool for any cook. I thought my husband and I were nuts for buying such an expensive pancake griddle. It makes terrific pancakes but I use it all time, on the stove and inside the oven to grill and roast everything from asparagus to zucchini with stops on the way for chicken, salmon and potatoes. It heats quickly, evenly and holds the heat for a long time. Can be cleaned with little effort....more info
  • Expensive but a must for favor development
    I've owned All-CLad LTD pots/pans for over 15 years. The cooking shows suggest a skillet/fry pan large enough not crowd your food and a regular surface (not non-stick) for flavor development. I don't fry (per se) any longer but brown meats or veggies in olive oil. The regular surface promotes fond (browned and caramelized bits of meat or vegetable stuck to the bottom of the skillet). This means flavor and you do not get fond with non-stick surfaces. I've had trouble in the past with food sticking to regular cooking surfaces but if you use med. heat and not crowd to pan you will do well. But there are some things you would not want to cook on a regular steel cooking surface like eggs. This 12" fry pan is a good size when cooking for up to four people. And what I like best about All-Clad is the even heat distribution on the cooking surface. Love it and will last forever with minimal care....more info
  • Perfect for a variety of things.
    Truly non-stick, easy clean ANYTHING. And we have cooked, grilled and done a wide variety of things. You place it over two of the burners and cook on this larger surface or just turn one burner on. After thousands of uses still look like new. We like the groves around the edge to let the fat to run away from the food....more info
  • Definitely worth the shelf space!
    I love this pan! I have the All-Clad stainless line, and bought this pan when my youngest daughter started to like grilled cheese sandwiches. You just can't cook more than one sandwich at a time in a regular fry pan. This pan has plenty of space to cook 4 sandwiches at a time, or 4 pieces of french toast, or 4 eggs... the list goes on and on.

    My dad came to visit, and was coerced into making pancakes. He had always used a square electric griddle at home, but he gave my griddle pan a try. He liked it so much I gave him one for Christmas! Once again, plenty of space to cook 4 pancakes at a time.

    The non-stick coating is durable, the food slips right off, and it is easy to wash. That is important, because this pan can't go into the dishwasher. It is also rather heavy, but since I just set it on the burner and cook, that isn't an issue either.

    Bottom line is that both my father and I are very happy to make room in our kitchens for this pan....more info
    I thought it was a nice griddle until it warped 3 months later. I have a ceramic cooktop and it did work for a while. Now I have to send it back..
    ...more info
  • Great griddle!
    I have never written a review for anything before but just had to for this great griddle. Everytime I get it out I comment to my husband how much I love it! This is perfect if you make pancakes, eggs, french toast or grilled cheese as much as I do. Nothing sticks to it and it is an absolute breeze to clean!...more info
  • Perfect Tuna Melts at Your Fingertips Thanks to Superior Non-Stick Griddle Pan
    For the single household, I think is a wonderful griddle pan perfect for making French toast, grilled cheese and tuna melt sandwiches, cheese quesadillas and pancakes. The heat from a gas range transfers through the pan quickly and pretty evenly. The non-stick surface is a breeze to clean, and the handle is sturdy. I don't use it for any dish that requires a greater amount of oil or butter because of the low lip, but that's fine by me. At 11 square inches, it's too small to use for parties, but on the other hand, it is easier to carry and store unlike the family-size 20 by 13-inch Grande Griddle. I am amazed how often I use it simply for the convenience. As it is All-Clad, this is a highly recommended piece of cookware to add to your collection....more info
  • Decent Product- But I feel used
    Part of the cachet for me in purchasing an All-Clad product was that their factory is less than 50 miles from my home. I always try to support American MANUFACTURERS, and was quite shocked to find this particular piece labeled "Made in China for All-Clad."
    Damn. You can't trust anybody. But as for the product---
    It is a solid performer. The non-stick surface is very effective, and remember to follow the directions and cook on a lower heat than you normally would. The thick aluminum transmits heat well, and also holds the heat, so when your item is done, get it off the pan....more info
  • Highly Recommend
    I love this pan. The size and shape of this pan makes it one of the most useful items in my kitchen. I love the convenience that it can go from cook top to oven. I would have liked a helper handle because of the weight and size....more info
  • I Love It!
    Great pan! It makes cooking fun again! Super non-stick and very heavy duty. Lifetime warranty but I don't think I'll be needing it for a long time. The only thing I don't like is that the sides are too short....more info
  • Made in China
    Since when did All Clad start making so many of their products in China and why isn't this noted in the item description? It makes a difference to me. I try to buy American when possible and am annoyed when it comes marked "Made in China" when I expect an American made product. I think we deserve a complete description of the product when it has been an American made product for years and suddenly there are more and more pieces coming from China. You can't tell when the piece will be from America or from China until it shows up. Amazon, most other internet shopping services have gotten on board with this and I would like this noted in your description. ...more info
  • Great balance and heat distribution
    When choosing this pan I was a bit concerned that it might tip over easily or do not heat well at the edges, but it turned out to be simply fantastic. Even on the cheap electric stove from hell that's installed in our apartment this pan keeps perfectly heated and balanced. The size is enough for exactly 4 slices of bread, which means now I can make french toast or grilled cheese sandwich twice faster than on a round pan and save time and electricity....more info
  • All-Clad LTD 11-Inch Square Nonstick Griddle - Love it!
    I am not a big fan of the All Clad LTD line but I do love this pan. I much prefer the All Clad polished stainless steel line (I have almost every piece and love it) but at time I was making this purchase I didn't know they made a stainless griddle and I also wanted the nonstick surface, I am pretty sure the stainless griddle is not nonstick. This griddle is a perfect size for pancakes. I debated on the grande size, I decided that since I don't make pancakes everyday it didn't make sense to spend the extra money and deal with storing the larger size. Also, I prefer smaller pancakes and this size is a better price and much easier to store. It is a great size for 4 small/medium-sized pancakes. I imagine it would also be more challenging to keep up with more than 4 at a time, particularly of you are making eggs at the same time.
    This pan is not dishwasher safe due to the nonstick surface, but don't worry it is a breeze to clean. This pan is very, very well made and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Sometimes this pan is sold {at a special price} if you see it grab it. It is a steal at that price. Once you try All Clad you will be hooked too! Highly recommended! A+!...more info
  • A kitchen essential
    This griddle is essential to any kitchen. I've owned mine for probably 3 years now. It's my favorite pan. I never dread cooking with it. Pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, hotdogs, you name it, it all cooks perfectly! Clean up is a cinch....more info
  • The Hottest Griddle Ever!
    All-Clad tops them all! This large format, easy-to-clean griddle cooks and looks great! I'm able to use this griddle on two large burners on a Thermador range. The cooking area is so generous, that I have no problem cooking up a big breakfast for eight or more. Cleaning is a breeze without scrubbing....more info
  • Perfect pan when cooking for two
    A 10" pan is my preferred size when I am just cooking for my wife and myself, and this All-Clad LTD pan is phenomenal. I have never used a better (or more expensive!) pan. I have given it five stars because it was a gift and I didn't have to pay for it -- if I had the rating may have suffered, since for that price it should probably make coffee and take out the trash as well.

    A couple notes:
    1) If you maintain the surface consistently it is as easy to clean as non-stick. I like to use Bar Keeper's Friend.
    2) It requires a few minutes' pre-heating -- if you are used to thinner pans, you will need to give it some extra time.
    3) This pan cooks more evenly than I thought was actually possible - you don't even realize how uneven your old pans are until you try one of these.
    4) I wanted the LTD for its "rugged good looks" - the other All-Clad pans perform basically the same, so if you don't like the dark exterior, go for one of those....more info
  • Built for serious cooking
    I have basically this same pan except without the smaller grab handle. The 14" pan is quite large and when full of food it can also be heavy so i'm sure that handle will come in handy. If your looking for a 14" fry pan, i'm sure you know what your getting into anyhow. Before Emerilware came out (which i think is made by all-clad anyway) Emeril used to use the All-clad pans on his show. I bought mine about 4 years ago and I still have it today, the only difference is the bang marks i have on it from beating food with a large metal spatula. See I'm real hard on cookware and cheap department store pans last about 2 weeks to a month before i've broken the handle off or ruined the surface. The thing that i thought was great was Emeril grabbed his 14" All-clad fry pan and proceeded to smash a large steak with it on the table in efforts to tenderize it. After seeing that I was not only proud of my pan, i had to try it as well and guess what? It works like a charm!

    If you are hard on cookware like me, I highly recommend All-clad. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty so even if you do manage to break the thing they'll take care of you!...more info

  • Non receipt
    Ordered almost a month ago. Never been shipped and it will take another month for them to potentially ship this.
    Geez, I could have just bought this in the store for the exact same price. Rip off!...more info
  • Excellent value
    This is a great pan & easy to wash. You can practically wipe it clean with a dry paper towel. It is extremely durable. I have about twenty-five pieces of All-Clad LTD in my collection. This is my first piece of non-stick to add to my collection. My husband is a chef-instructor and he LOVES these pans. I would take All-Clad's advice and only preheat pan to medium heat. It is a quality piece and distributes heat fast and thoroughly. The pan only cost 49.99 with free shipping thru Amazon. What a DEAL. Other's had it priced between $50 - $120 plus shipping. Also shipping only took about five days when they said it would take 10 - 14 days. ...more info
  • I Want To Buy More Of This Item (in varying sizes)
    Recently purchased this in mid-2006 and it is the best cookware item I have ever owned and used. As one of those millions who rely on mid-line priced discount department store brands, I can state with 100% certainty I was amazed (and still am) with the high-performance this item offers! The clean-up is still a dream-come-true, all I have to do is get it in the sink and with a very very small amount of liquid dish detergent clean and rinse, it practically cleans itself. My burners are all equal size (gas stove) and highest setting is "6" I have learned all I have to do for pancakes is level 3!! Cooking bacon, an entire pound, is no problem for this cookware. I do want to purchase more of this item, there is a smaller griddle version of this item also available. I'm even thinking of slowly switching to this brand "All-Clad" nonstick!...more info
  • Great griddle, but the useable area is less than listed.
    I really like this griddle and would have given it 5 stars but for a detail.

    I use this griddle on an electric coil stove, on one large and one small burner. It heats very evenly even with the small burner, is heavy enough not to slide around while cooking, is light enough to move easily (vs. cast iron), and the non-stick surface make cleaning a breeze. It also has a grease gutter on the perimeter that can hold the griddle in place on the burner. The handles are vertical and grip extends slightly inward so it does not bang on the rear of the stove. It doesn't interfere with cooking as I thought it might.

    However, the grease gutter is about 1 inch all around that subtracts from the cooking surface, making the cooking area more like 11x18 instead of the listed 13x20. The transition from the cooking surface to the gutter is rounded so pancake batter poured near the edge can run into the gutter. It would have been better if the gutter was narrower and the edge was more square, but other non-cast iron models are designed similarly.

    A good-quality product that I would buy again....more info

  • Cooks great but spend all your free time scrubbing the exterior to keep nice looking
    I've had All Clad LTD pans for a number of years now. I usually cook several times a day almost everyday & although these pans cook beautifully and the interior looks beautiful & cleans up easily, the anodized exterior looks terrible now. I wouldn't mind so much but I have them hanging on decorative pot rack. For that reason I want to replace them with the less expensive version in stainless steel but the financial loss is killing me. I don't have room in my small kitchen to put them away. We've had a stainless steel All-Clad sauce pan for a few years which still looks great and isn't embarrassing hanging from our rack. If you don't mind so much what your pots look like then these would probably be a great choice. If anyone knows any great secrets to keeping these looking great, please post them in the discussion area. I've contacted All-Clad several times and do exactly as they say without achieving any desired results....more info
  • Best fry pan available
    Typical Allclad quality cookware. We like the LTD line because it looks snazzy but all of the allclad frypans are great. Nice even controlled heat, easy cleanup, good release and good fond....more info
  • All-Clad LTD 8 inch fry pan
    This is the best!! Heats evenly. Just the right size for 2 fried eggs. Easy to clean....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I've had my griddle now for about 2 months and keep it out permanently and use it all the time. A breeze to clean up, and so versatile. Highly, highly recomended......more info
  • All Clad Never Disappoints
    This is the latest addition to my 16 piece collection of All-Clad LTD saucepans, sautepans, frypans, stockpots, and a wok. I started off with a set of All-Clad LTD Non-Stick about 6 years ago and am still using the same set daily! Prior to that, I used non-stick pots and pans, even Circulon, that would only last me a year at the most. I value the quality and workmanship of All-Clad. Although I had a LTD 2 qt. non-stick sauce pan that started chipping on the bottom, it was immediately replaced free of charge with a single phone call to All-Clad. I was quite impressed with their level of customer service. As for the 14" frypan, I use it primarily to cook fish fillets, T-bones, and sometimes even pancakes. The even heat dissipation over the entire surface makes cooking large quantities much easier. It can be a little weighty when fully loaded but doesn't really require that much effort. Clean-up is simple with a wet sponge and some Soft Scrub on the cool pan. Always let the cookware cool before washing. Subjecting cookware, especially non-stick, to rapid decreases in temperature can shorten its life. With proper care, All Clad will last a very long time....more info
  • Well designed and produced
    Our days of standing in line for pancakes from a skillet are over. The product heats evenly, has a raised cooking surface so grease drains off into the channels leaving behind the burgers or bacon, etc.

    The weight is just right and the All-Clad quality shies through....more info


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