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They're back... HBO Home Video now brings you Sex and the City: The Complete Second Season. From creator and executive producer Darren Star the award-winning hit series stars two-time Golden Globe winner Sarah Jessica Parker. Also starring Kim Cattrall Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon The Complete Second Season features 18 episodes and 9 hours on 3 DVD discs or 4 VHS tapes.System Requirements:Starring: Kim Cattrall Sarah Jessica Parker Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Running Time: 9 hours Color. These episodes are presented in "Standard" format. Copyright 2000 Warner Home Video.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY Rating:  UPC: 026359924828 Manufacturer No: 99248

A smart and savvy (albeit highly stylized) look at the single lives of four thirtysomething Manhattan women, Sex and the City: The Complete Second Season builds on the foundation of its first season with plot arcs that are both hilarious and heartfelt, taking the show from breakout hit to true pop-culture phenomenon. Relationship epiphanies coexist happily alongside farcical plots and zingy one-liners, resulting in emotionally satisfying episodes that feature the sharp kind of character-defining dialogue that seems to have disappeared from the rest of TV long ago. When last we left the NYC gals, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) had just broken up with a commitment-phobic Mr. Big (Chris Noth), but fans of Noth's seductive-yet-distant rake didn't have to wait long until he was back in the picture, as he and Carrie tried to make another go of it. Their relationship evolution, from reunion to second breakup, provides the core of the second season. The fittingly titled and keenly observed episode "Evolution" found Carrie trying to leave a few feminine belongings at Mr. Big's apartment with little success, charting the challenges and limits of intimacy. And the season's finale, "Ex and the City," was a melancholy goodbye for Carrie and Big that took its cue from The Way We Were. It wasn't all angst, though: among other adventures, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) puzzles over whether one of her beaus was "gay-straight" or "straight-gay"; Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) tries to date a guy who insists on having sex only in places where they might get caught; and Samantha (the exquisite Kim Cattrall) copes with dates who range from, um, not big enough to far too big--with numerous stops in between. Through it all, the four actresses cohered into a solid ensemble that played on their complex relationships among themselves as well as with men; in two short years, Parker and company became one of the best TV casts in over a decade. And to top it all off, the second season offers 18 episodes, six more than the first. Sometimes size really can make a difference! --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • La Douleur Exquise (The Exquisite Pain)
    La Douleur Exquise (The Exquisite Pain)

    Season Two isn't much healthier on the growth and esteem of the women involved. All are still relationship fanatical, needy and practically fraught and foaming at the mouth for commitment because apparently the end point in a woman's life is to be married. Note, I'm not a feminazi here, not militant or extreme, as I don't have a problem with commitment, monogamy, or marriage...just a concerned woman eyeing the horizon for the future of womankind who sees a very poor one; full of little girls sleeping around (more younger and younger), valuing their virtue less and less as they don the whorish clothing we see in juniors sections around the world, flashing parts of their bodies on television claiming momentary loss of inhibition due to excessive alcohol consumption,
    selling off parts of their souls to settle down with anyone, and all the while making themselves out to be the second sex instead of an equal.

    Once again Big is in the picture vacillating between a pig and charmer, and Carrie is all too happy, like the little petulant masochist, to let him use her as a ahem...."dumpster" and nothing more. What did she expect when they got back together? Roses and a ring? Moving in together? If you have to question the validity of a relationship and have to hide it from people, than honestly you don't have one. Depraved, pathetic, and fairly degrading to the female kind in general. Charlotte is still mousy and about as wholesome as you can be with this troop, though equally promiscuous. Carrie (as aforesaid) is pitiable and full of the same silly quotables/questions she uses to "decode" men...though how anyone can assume she's a master of relationship advice is beyond me. Miranda seems to be more career oriented, as her jaded relationship views (not all unwarranted) have poisoned her on the idea of a healthy one (though she manages to encounter at least one this season). And Samantha, oh Samantha, still getting herself into interesting situations and circumstances with her slew of partners while fighting stereotype, age, and society's puritanical viewpoints. This was one of my least favorite seasons overall because we continue to see the decline of Carrie, in what will be (later seasons) an unending dance with the man we know as Big in her life, who'll, for years to come, jerk her around like the clingy, miserable doll she is luring her back over and over, destroying not only hers, but other relationships in the process.

    Yes, it's entertaining to listen to the ladies as they lunch and gossip, sipping on their trendy cocktails, and accessorized in insanely overpriced ill looking clothing. There's even a handsome diss cameo from Bon Jovi. Worth catching on the occasion On Demand, but I wouldn't buy.
    ...more info
  • Sex and the City Second Season
    Love the series so I had to have this DVD. Cover was slightly broken, but it still held all the DVDs properly. Good otherwise....more info
  • Didn't let me down.
    The second season didn't let me down! The product came in on time and in excellent condition....more info
  • Just What I Wanted
    Received this product on time and in perfecft condition. It was just what I wanted!...more info
  • I could watch it all day.
    I love these women. I think I'm most like Charlotte, but I'd like to be more like Carrie. The women are so different, but still support and love each other. I wish I had that sort of friends. I watched an episode a day so I could make it last. I didn't see them first hand on HBO, but have enjoyed the show as reruns on other channels. Until I started buying the season DVDs I didn't realize how really raw they were. I think the F-word is overused a little, but other than that, it's all good. There is something for everyone. ...more info
  • Sex is great!
    The women are back in the second season of Sex and the City! This show just keeps on getting better and better, as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha's characters' are given more depth. And there are more episodes on this season than there were on the first for us to get our SATC fix.

    Episode1: TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME: Carrie tries to get over Big; Miranda gets frustrated at the girls for talking about their dating woes; Samantha sleeps with a NY Yankee

    Episode 2: THE AWFUL TRUTH: Carrie's friend Susan breaks if off with her husband; Miranda's new boyfriend likes to talk dirty in the bedroom; Samantha's boyfriend wants to go to couple's counseling.

    Episode 3: THE FREAK SHOW: Samantha dates a guy who is into kinky sex; Charlotte starts seeing a guy who is good at a certain sexual act; Carrie goes on a blind date.

    Episode 4: THEY SHOOT SINGLE PEOPLE, DON'T THEY? :Carrie goes to a shoot about women who are single and fabulous; Miranda gets back together with a guy who she fakes it in bed with; Charlotte can't fake intimacy.

    Episode 5: FOUR WOMEN AND A FUNERAL: Miranda closes on a new apartment; Samantha screws around with a married socialite and finds herself shunned by society; Charlotte finds herself falling for a grieving widower.

    Episode 6: THE CHEATING CURVE: Charlotte spends time with power lesbians; Smantha dates a trainer; Carrie secretly sees Big again.

    Episode 7: THE CHICKEN DANCE: A friend of Miranda's gets serious with her interior designer; Charlotte sleeps with a guy who seems perfect.

    Episode 8: THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE VIAGRA: Things are going well for Carrie and Big; Samantha dates a much older man; Carrie tries to get Big to spend time with her friends.

    Episode 9: OLD DOGS, NEW TRICKS: Big's eye is wandering; Charlotte is dating a guy who is uncircumcised; Big spends the night at Carrie's place for the first time.

    Episode 10: THE CASTE SYSTEM: Carrie realizes that she's in love with Big; Samantha's new guy has a servant who is completely dedicated to him; Charlotte dates a movie star.

    Episode 11: EVOLUTION: Miranda has a lazy ovary; Charlotte goes out with a guy she thinks is gay; Samantha deals with an old flame who doesn't want her; Carrie starts leaving her stuff at Big's house.

    Episode 12: LA DOLEUR EXQUISE!: Big surprises Carrie by telling her that he may have to go to Paris for some time; Miranda is seeing a guy who likes to have sex in odd places; Stanford goes to an underwear-only gay club to meet a blind date.

    Episode 13: GAMES PEOPLE PLAY: Carrie and Big are breaking up and can't get over it; Smantha meets a guy who have a passion for sports; Carrie begins seeing a guy who looses interest in a girl after hes slept with her (played by Jon Bon Jovi)

    Episode 14: THE SEX BUDDY: Miranda goes out with a fellow lawyer; Charlotte asks a guy out for the first time; Carrie calls up a sex buddy to try and have a real relationship with him.

    Episode 15: SHORTCOMINGS: Miranda dates a single, divorced father; Carrie tries to save her brother from divorce.

    Episode 16: WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU? :Charlotte is dating an orthopedic surgeon; Smantha has dinner with a gay couple shes friends with and discovers they want to have a threesome with her; Charlotte signs up for a tantric sex class; Carrie sees a recovering alcoholic.

    Episode 17: TWENTY-SOMETHING GIRLS VS. THIRTY-SOMETHING WOMEN: Samantha has a show-down with her young assistant, who steals her Rolodex and throws a party in the Hamptons; Charlotte is dating a 20-something man; Carrie is plagued by a 20-something groupie.

    Episode 18: EX AND THE CITY: After seeing Big in the Hamptons with a much younger woman, Carrie learns that they are getting married; Miranda freaks out at Steve; Samantha dates a guy who is well endowed.
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  • Great Show
    I really love Sex & the City (it's my favorite show!). What is up with the crappy plastic packaging? All my seasons fell apart and I had to scotch tape them back together....more info
  • Even more soirees per episode than season #1...
    This is the show which can't decide whether it wants to be a comedy or a drama, and therefore fails at being anything. All the hype surrounding this show is totally undeserved so far as I'm concerned: none of the characters are interesting (or sexy), and the plot lines are standard and forgettable. To say the show is amusing would be to go way too far.

    While the show has pretenses of letting us see what a slice of "real" life is like, little here is very believable, significant, or engaging. It's kinda like "Friends" with fewer meatheads, no laugh track, racier language (attn: junior high kids!), and a different over-the-top fashion get-up for the starring celebs in just about every scene. Most men will want to avoid it like the plague that it is. It's kind of the female equivalent of WWF. The heroines are multi-dimensional and complex, the men are all one-dimensional cut-outs, and wake me when the whole thing blows over and is rightfully forgotten.

    Season #2 continues essentially unchanged with the formula established in season #1 and is just a tiny bit better, but not enough to warrant more than an extra half a star.
    ...more info
  • 4 ho's, 5 stars
    On the surface, this is the story of 4 floozies who complain that no one wants to marry them. They spend their time jumping in and out of beds with the idea that this is the correct path to matrimony. Someone should have recommended that they read the book "Who Moved My Cheese?" Somehow, though each of these women are portrayed as smart and successful in the businessworld, they exhibit no inkling over the plain fact that steady, reliable men don't marry ho's. Bed them, yes, but marry them? No.

    It then occurred to me after watching a number of these episodes that, unlike the first season, that the showhad become the story of 4 gay queens looking for a gay partner. At least that is the way it is written. Seen through this prism, the show is actually more poignant. The show -- through its characters -- strives to champion promiscuity as a virtue. And isn't that really at the heart of the gay ideology? But what makes the show so good is that the writers get it right -- they never insert love into the equation. These 4 selfish people constantly indulge in sex, but it is plain that none really have their hearts in it. They bemoan the lack of men who would love them, but they themselves withold their own love. Stingy with offering out their heart, they trade affection for something they do not value, their own bodies.

    My first experience with the show was at the pace of an episode every 6 months or so on HBO. But the DVD format allows one to watch the episodes back-to-back. With my infrequent viewings I was impressed with the glamour and adventurousness of the stars. But with seeing the shows back-to-back, the loneliness, neediness, and desperation exhibited by the ladies pops to the surface. There is nothing glamorous about their lives. Commendably, sex isn't depicted as an answer, but more as a drug to take the edge off of their main concern, their inability to win the heart of a man. Intentional or not, it is this truth that makes the show as good as it is.

    ...more info
  • great show but. . .the dvd sucks
    I LOVE sex and the city I am very sad about the ending of the series, but this DVD is horrible(not the actual show but everything else about it). First, of all the caseing is this flimsy plastic material, which breaks easily. Second, there is not play all function of the discs, so if you are trying to watch the dvd all the way through, you have to choose each episode and click play twice(it goes to a synposis first) Last of all there are no special features at all, how can there be no outtakes? if you like s&c the second season is one of my favorite but the dvd can be very fustrating sometimes...more info
  • Another Amazing Season!!
  • Tells it like it is.
    Most relationship books, movies (DVDs) are pure fantasy; i.e. how things should be, however, Sex & The City hits the target. As the author of From the First Date to the Bedroom--The Single Man's Guide to Success With Women, I love it whenever some of the lines/scenes could be taken from my book.

    If you don't get HBO and want real info about the dating and mating game--take a gander at Sex & the City!...more info

  • Entertaining, even for a man!
    This is a damn witty show. My fiancee loves it and I buy here the series periodically. You would think this show is slow as hell, but it is pretty funny, honest and insightful.

    Anyway, it is better than renting Glitter, that's for sure!

    If you are looking for a great gift for your lady or close lady friend, this is a great idea....more info

  • Oh yeah girl fun!!!
    I have not met straight man yet that has enjoyed this show! Its pretty much a "girl thing". I love the way they categorize men, I have met a few of them! Working with men on a daily basis I sure appreciate the humor they imply on the show it keeps me snickering at the men I encounter! I love this show! BRAVO!!...more info
  • Sex in the City Second Season
    I Love all three of the seasons. I bought Season One today and plan on being the other Two and Three and when Season Four comes out I'll be buying it also. So please hurry and let us all have it too. I'm waiting. If you haven't seen any of these you have to rent or buy them there awesome....more info
  • great
    what can i say except good? second season has more nudity and sex than the first season. the usual funny lines and plot. more beautiful people appearing. overall, great series!...more info
  • "Sizziling with Truth!" part 2
    I tell you, this series was sizzling with so much truth, you would actually begin to think that the characters are real! I have never seen a show that was so honest and truthful about dating and sex from women's point of view. All I have to say is that I am hooked and I was crying and hurt, right along with all of the characters.
  • a good way!
    I love "Sex and the City", especially the second season. It was hard to find reruns on HBO, so when I saw the oppurntunity to grap this set, I took it! My favorite episodes are "The Awful Truth", "The Freak Show" and "Ex and the City". I love analytical Carrie, lascivious Samantha, cynical Miranda and naive Charlotte, I can't pick one favorite...they're all wonderful. The show is succinct, blunt and honest, just like New York....more info
  • I love this show!
    Sex and The City - The Complete Second Season is a must have for those who want to skip the drama and have some laugh and fun. It is a funny show about four 30+ women and their relationships.
    Every time I have a "Girl's Night IN" in my house we watch some of the episodes.
    I recommend won't regret!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Wonderful
    Ah, now a second season of Sex and the City! This show is the only reason I plan to keep HBO now that they've cancelled my poor Dennis, whom I ADORE! This smart, sexy, savvy show is one that I never miss on Sunday night. Okay, so it is a bit stylized and sometimes the characters and situations do seem a bit far off from most people's lives, but the point is everyone can identify with at least one of these ladies. Maybe sometimes a show's topics are completely irrelevant, but all too often you seem as though it's you on the screen.

    Even if you don't appreciate the show's characters or dialogue, you should tune in for the fashion. I have no doubt it is the best-dressed show on television. This show basically encompasses everything I love into a half an hour of pure entertainment!

    This is the big transition season. Little by little the reporter aspect of the show fades out into the now familiar narrative part of the show. The characters also develop more this season. I like it just as well as the first season, but I'm enjoying the newer episodes a bit more I think. Not to say that this is a bad season, it just isn't AS great in my opinion. Well, pick this up and enjoy girls. (And guys for a bit of an education!)...more info

  • A Must Own Series!
    No matter what your age or life is like every woman can relate to one or all of these ladies. Romance, finance, and disagreements among friends.

    I love having my series collection to watch whenever I miss New York!

    You won't be disappointed in having this seasons episodes!

    Now all I need is the Movie DVD! :) Coming soon....


    Pocket of Pearls: A 30-day pocket workbook to start hearing a softer voice inside of you!...more info
  • Sophomore Perfection
    In its Second Season, SATC truly explored the sex and love of NYC through the wonderful lives of our four ladies.

    Serial dating, weird sex, self realizations, and all the laughter culminate in a truly wonderful program. This season sets itself apart as the one that took the show into its irreverent direction. While continuing to channel Ms. Bushnell's articles, the show expanded to become all about these four women. They became real characters, not just vessels for the hilarious and odd that is NYC. And this season has some great balance between all the characters.

    Every woman has her own storyline and incidents. The best for each are (in my humble opinion):

    "The Cheating Curve" Charlotte losses interest in men after a boyfriend cheats on her, in front of her!! Enter the 'power lesbians!'

    "The Man, The Myth, The Viagra" Samantha finds a very rich, but old, old man to treat her like a princess. But how much is she willing to give up for decadent dates?

    "Evolution" Poor Miranda just can't catch a break: she breaks up with Steve, she has to humiliatingly tell her gyno she no longer needs birth control, and then she finds out she has a 'lazy' ovary! What's next? A date with hair-plug guy?!?!

    "La Douleur Exquise" Carrie realizes she is a masochist when Mr. Big hurts her again ... this time he is fleeing the country! Her optimism and inability to see who Mr. Big for who he really is wrenches your heart, especially when Carrie does stop kidding herself.

    "Ex and the City" Another Carrie episode, but the great group sing along and Samantha's embarrassing admission make this a perfect ladies episode. But oh that ending! Carrie and Big reenacting that scene, with that wild horse refusing to be bridled! (Only rivaled by Season 3's "What Goes Around Comes Around"- the Christian Dior newsprint dress swaying as she walks, through traffic, down the streets of New York, in slow motion!)

    Highly, highly recommend!
    ...more info
  • A second visit with Carrie and friends
    Eighteen fun episodes from early in the show's run. At this point in the series the humor was still more anecdotal than character based; that is, if there was a funny sexually-oriented story, anecdote, or situation to be related, the writers threw it in, applying it to whatever girl seemed most convenient. Later, as the characters' personalities and back stories developed, the writers were a little more careful about the types and variety of sexual adventures each girl experienced. But the sexual craziness of the first couple of seasons is still entertaining, and certainly very funny.

    The various seasons of "Sex and the City" have really come down in price since their initial appearance on DVD, so now is a good time to see them for the first time, or in my case, to get re-acquainted with the show. After all, the "Sex and the City" movie will be coming out soon, so I have to refresh my memory on the lives of Carrie and company!

    Stylish packaging and menus, good organization of the episodes, and crystal clear picture and sound round out this very entertaining DVD package....more info
  • Another solid season.
    Sex and the City - The Complete Second Season is just as fascinating as the first season. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha are back as they struggle with more guy issues. My favorite episode is Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Sarah Jessica Parker's performance in this episode is so real and emotional, it always makes me cry watching it. I highly recommend purchasing this season and all the other season as well. It's pure fun, enjoy!...more info
  • A great series!!
    This was one of HBO's best series! It was very funny, full of action and drama you gotta love Samantha she is Definitely my favorite. I will miss this show who knows maybe they will bring back(lol) I can dream can't I? ...more info
  • Oh great irony!!!
    After making me watch Sex and the City with her, my wife astutely observed that at the heart of this show is a great irony. Touted as a "breakout show" lauding feminism and female empowerment, Sex and the City ironically only managed to portray women as more shallow, superficial, petty and empty-headed than virtually any other television show in history (thank creator Darren Star). Far from challenging whatever backward notions might remain that women are not men's equals, all watching this show would actually do is effectively confirm everything about women that misogynistic chauvinists unfoundedly believe, especially but not limited to the beliefs that women are silly, adolescent, juvenile and totally unencumbered by any burdens of logic, adulthood or maturity. Great progress.

    Tiring quickly of Carrie Bradshaw's infantile and meaningless ponderings--"Is New York all about change?" "Are new myths required for singles?" "Is life in Manhattan like a bagel with cream cheese?" Here's one: "Is life really all about perpetually asking meaninglessly vacuous questions and then posing witty but ultimately arbitrary responses?"--one is left to wonder what exactly happened to her in childhood that so effectively stunted her emotional development, seemingly forever cementing her personality at about a sixteen/seventeen-year old emotional age. Are we supposed to pity her that "Big" treats her like a little kid, regardless of the fact that she disturbingly acts like an unbalanced little child? I would say no, especially in light of the fact that in real life "Big" and Carrie would probably not be together in the first place.

    Another of the show's many absurdities is the foursome of friends that comprise its main characters. Let's face it folks, unless these girls grew up together (and in the show they didn't), these four women would NOT be friends in real life. They would hate each other. ...more info
  • Superior sophomore season - by this point you're an addict
    *Possible spoilers within.*

    "Sex and the City"'s first season was a delight, but its second was even better. Season 2 ran from June to October 1999 and spanned 18 episodes, as opposed to Season 1's 12. By the time one reaches Season 2, you love the characters, you go into a trance when the charmingly surreal credits sequence comes on, and you need two hours to get back into the swing of everyday life when an episode finishes. You're an addict.

    And what's not to love? The cast is even better. Cynthia Nixon's Miranda loosens up, and even develops a long-term relationship with super-cute bartender Steve (David Eigenberg). Kristin Davis' Charlotte becomes even more obsessed with finding Mr. Right, but he's no where to be seen. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) ... well, continues to sleep around. Meanwhile, Carrie's (Sarah Jessica Parker) life is just as crazy as ever. Still broken up over her - well, break up with Mr. Big (Chris Noth), Carrie tries to leap back in to the dating game to no avail. However, a few close encounters of the Big kind and they're together again, a fact Carrie is first ashamed, then proud of. Can they make it work the second time around?

    Throughout Season 2, Carrie continues to ask those questions that have haunted single women for years. She's no longer as "in control" as she was during the first season, though. Her breakup with Big has left her feeling vulnerable and lost. Fortunately, she has three wonderful friends, and a team of witty, intelligent writers and directors to back her up as well. All in all, it's not as bouncy a season as the first, but "Sex and the City"'s sophomore season is superior and addictive. If you loved Season 1, don't even try to resist - grab Season 2 as fast as you can. ...more info
  • Good Product Bad Shipper
    The dvds are great just as Sex and the City is however the shipper was slow to send them and it took more than the aloted time to get them to me....more info
  • Good
    The DVDs were really nice but one of them had so GOO on it I didnt know what the sticky stuff was but it was fine after I wiped it off all in all I loved it....more info
  • Christmas gift
    shipped in a timely manner, received by Christmas, good packaging, discs work fine so far. Good seller, thank you!...more info
  • Shallow affirmation of female stereotypes.
    My roommate got me to watch a bunch of this. I figured maybe since I'm a girl and girls like Sex in the City, just maybe I would like it too.

    Wrong. This series is pretty much a compilation of every modern female stereotype somehow moulded into a storyline. There are women talking on and on about shoes. There are awkwardly explicit and highly objectifying chats about sex. There are women freaking out for no apparent reason.

    This show is completely shallow and trivial. There is nothing deep underneath it all. The narration is annoying and often illogical, as is much of the dialogue.

    Though if you're the type who likes everything women stereotypically like (Cosmopolitan magazine, shopping, buying shoes, complaining about men, etc), you'll probably like this for whatever strange inexplicable reason everybody else does. But there's nothing intellectual, interesting or inventive about the series beyond that. It's no more interesting than the banal conversations you'd hear if you were eavesdropping on random girls at the mall. This show (well this season at least) made me irritated and bored, and the somewhat objectifying attitude towards men on the part of many of the women in the show made me a little offended too....more info
  • Love the series
    Great DVDs. If you love the SATC series, you'll have to complete your home viewing collection with this. Great stuff....more info
    Obviously, the actual dvds are great. Season 2 is very good. I definately love it... 5 stars. The reason why I rate it 4 stars is because of the plastic case that the dvd's come in. Mine are always ripping and cracking. It looks pretty tacky when I keep having to tape up the sides. Getting the $200 set would be worth it if you dont have any of the seasons already. ...more info
  • Trendy, Hot, Juicy Tales
    When has there ever been a show that can compare to Sex and the City? Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte returned for a second season, continuing to sleep their way into love (if possible). These four leading ladies have become cultural icons; television will never be the same (and, depending upon one's perspective, this will be either an agreeable or despicable trend).
    I couldn't pull myself away from the TV the whole weekend morning, noon and night!! I have never laughed so hard. This show is so entertaining and true to life. It takes everything that people are scared to openly talk about, and puts these issues into wonderfully written episodes. A MUST HAVE for anyone ready for a real show for real women!!!...more info
  • Sex and the City...can you handle it?
    Who doesn't love Sex and the City? It's great. It's so realistic and they actually address problems that people have in their everyday life. I didn't get to see all the episodes on T.V. so I bought the complete season. Yeah, it might be a little expensive, but it's definitely worth it. I this season I really like Cynthia, she is really funny.
    ...more info
  • Bettet then the first season more laughs and more stories
    I really enjoyed season one but season two was way better. This season had more stories then pointless stories and more to do witht he charactors. We see Carrie's relationship with Big start again and end again and all the other girls fall ina nd out of love. The stories are all true and there are lots of laughs. Kim Catrell is great and it's imposiballe not to laugh....more info
  • season 2
    The "push button" on the case for disc two was broken, otherwise great product and great TV...more info
  • Thinking about Feelings
    These four women have very different personalities and have a large variety of relationship experiences. Some really difficult issues are handled tastefully, with interesting analysis of what we want and need. It really gets me involved and thinking. The Brain is the biggest sex organ after all!!...more info
  • Great to watch over and over and over again.........
    I love this show; you just can't get enough by watching just one episode (~half an hour). This season is great but it hurts to see Carrie suffer that much because of Big. The season is full of humor, tips for relationships and heartbreaking experiences. I recommend it for everyone who is bored with their love lives and for everyone interested in learning how to please a woman. Enjoy the Show!!!!

    * I got the 2nd season from in the blink of an eye. I have been buying stuff from this site (a long time) and they are the best!!!
    * If you need to watch the episodes with subtitles in the different languages that are included, you will have no problem at all getting the jokes because they are translated in a not so different way.
    ...more info
    I am such a big fan of Sex & the City... I love this show! It's funny and great to watch! I recommend this to anyone who just wants an adult "Friends" series to get in to... :)
    ...more info
  • Great season, Definitely worth owning!!
    This season is great, but a heartbreaker at the same time!! Deals with a lot of issues of single women, and how to deal when an ex has a new relationship. Sooooo many good quotes in this season. The beginning of Miranda and Steves relationship.....Carrie and Big try again.....great season!...more info
  • Totally Addicting!
    I am absolutely addicted to Sex and the City and I love the fact that now I can watch it over and over again. Every episode just draws you in further and further! I recommend it to EVERYONE!!! (Now, I can't wait to buy the THIRD season!)...more info
  • Sex and The Citys Greatest Season
    I loved the SEcond Season i dont know if i could say its my favorite cause i loved the whole series from start to finish.All 18 Episodes on this Boxset where great one Favorite was Old Dog , new tricks but there are so many other great episodes. I never had HBO so i bought all the boxsets when they came out all the season are great pick them all up if you already dont have them or wait till November to get the Series Boxset which looks really nice. Overall the show is great , funny , sexy , and One of HBO's greatest shows if you never seen the series pick the boxset up or watch the crappy censored version on TBS on tuesdays. ...more info
  • About Sex
    Sex & the City's 1st season was awesome. I didn't think it could get any better, but it did. I thought the show would be all about sex but it isn't. It presents us the truth relationships, being honest about sex. It is a great show to watch, and it keeps getting better....more info
  • Mixed feelings...
    I am a hardcore SATC fan, and I watch it regularly, and I may be in the unpopular opinion here, but season 2 is not my favorite nor do I think it is the best. Most long-timers consider this or season 3 the best, but for me nothing tops season 4. It had the best stories, jokes, character moments, great quotes, etc. I would then rank after it seasons 3, 6, and then 2 and 1. I just don't think this season is that funny. It has some of the best eps ever, but this is also the only season of SATC where I skip a few shows here and there. I love the Big-Carrie stuff (very realistically written) and all of Miranda's stories are fantastic, but Samantha and Charlotte don't have as much to do as they would in the later seasons (with Richard and Trey). Don't get me wrong, this season is still brilliant and the show is fantastic, but I don't love it as much as seasons 3-6, where IMO every ep is wonderful....more info
  • One of the best original cable programs ever...
    Based on the bestselling novel by Candace Bushnell, the HBO original series Sex And The City took the television world by storm following its release in the summer of 1998. Following the exploits of four young and educated female friends living and working in New York City, the show revolves around the various relationships and life problems experienced by each member of the group. Sporting an experienced and talented cast, the show has developed a strong, borderline fanatic following...

    Sarah Jessica Parker (the de facto lead character of the show) stars as Carrie Bradshaw, a popular sex columnist for a local newspaper who travels in numerous Manhattan social circles. Carrie is engaged in a tempestuous on-again, off-again relationship with a mystery man always referred to as "Mr. Big". The young urban professional shares her life with three best friends who have similarly interesting jobs - Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon), a lawyer tired of being single given the societal ramifications; Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), a promiscuous publicist who enjoys non-exclusive relationships; and Charlotte McDougal (Kristin Davis), an art museum curator who is relatively less open about her sexuality... Together, the women seek each other's advice on the ever-present and varying predicaments in which they find their romantic relationships...

    The Sex And The City (Season 2) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in which Carrie, having broken up with Mr. Big, starts dating a member of the New York Yankees. However, when they run into Mr. Big, she realizes she's not really over him. Meanwhile, Miranda is tired of her friends talking about nothing but men, and Samantha thinks she's found the man of her dreams - at least until she gets him in bed... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "Four Women and a Funeral" in which Carrie's reflections on the shortness of life following friend's death lead to a reunion with Mr. Big, and "The Man, The Myth, The Viagra" in which Carrie urges Mr. Big to get to know her friends better and Samantha dates a wealthy man in his seventies...

    Below is a list of episodes included on the Sex And The City (Season 2) DVD:

    Episode 13 (Take Me Out to the Ballgame)
    Episode 14 (The Awful Truth)
    Episode 15 (The Freak Show)
    Episode 16 (They Shoot Single People, Don't They?)
    Episode 17 (Four Women and a Funeral)
    Episode 18 (The Cheating Curve)
    Episode 19 (The Chicken Dance)
    Episode 20 (The Man, the Myth, the Viagra)
    Episode 21 (Old Dogs, New Dicks)
    Episode 22 (The Caste System)
    Episode 23 (Evolution)
    Episode 24 (La Douleur Exquise!)
    Episode 25 (Games People Play)
    Episode 26 (The F*ck Buddy)
    Episode 27 (Shortcomings)
    Episode 28 (Was It Good For You?)
    Episode 29 (Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women)
    Episode 30 (Ex and the City)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • My Rant On Circumcision
    OK, Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows ever, and this second season is almost perfect, except for one episode I don't like; in fact, it's the only episode of all 94 throughout the series run that I don't like, "Old Dogs, New Dicks" (the title was changed on TBS to "Old Dogs, New Tricks," which really doesn't make sense since the episode has nothing to do with tricks). However, I really, really hate this episode, so I decided to write an exclusive review on why. OK, well, I hate the way Charlotte acts in this episode. The plot has her dating a man who is uncircumcised and not liking it. I thought this was wrong. I know this show has had a lot of subjects covered that could be considered offensive, but I never was offended because these were all mostly based on some truth, while this episode ignores all truth and dishes out urban legends and foolish misconceptions about circumcision. One is: circumcision doesn't hurt. It does. A lot. And the baby can feel ALL the pain. Don't believe your doctors who say it's "just a little snip." It's a major surgery, very bloody, very violent, and very painful; all in all, totally sick. Another misconception is that circumcision makes the penis cleaner. All you have to do if you're uncircumcised is wash under the foreskin. Should we pull our teeth out just so we won't have to brush them? Now perhaps you're thinking, "But teeth are useful and foreskin is not." It amazes me that people continue to think this way. Obviously, if you are born with something it serves a useful purpose. And foreskin happens to have tons of sexual nerves, millions upon billions. perhaps Charlotte should have given the guy a chance before judging based on looks (PS, an uncut penis doesn't look like a sharpei in any universe). My main beef with the whole procedure is that the baby has no way to say no. He doesn't know how to talk and he doesn't know what the heck's going on. Babies are people, too, and doing this type of thing to them destroys their human rights before they can even talk. For the rest of their life they will always know they are missing a part of their body because of their parents and not because they wanted it removed. It is sick, unhumane and incorrect. The reason for my rant is mostly because, whether people believe it or not, they are inspired by the media. I'm not saying people are shooting up schools because of video games (THAT, my dear friend, is crap), but if someone says something on TV, people generally beleive it more. Most TV shows always show circumcision as a painless, consequence free little surgery that's make you "normal" and "accepted." They must not know that over 85 percent of the world remains uncircumcised (actually Carrie mentions it in the episode, but it's brushed over quickly). What would have been really cool would have been to see an episode of this show where the girls realized the whole procedure was sick and wrong. Maybe Charlotte would sleep with the guy and the sex would blow her away and they'd all start to question the merit of it. That would have been unique and special and different from all the other TV shows, and it would have been truthful, like the other episodes. What we have now is a naive and juvenile episode that gets all its facts wrong and grossly misinterprets the whole ritual of circumcision. Will a show ever get it right? Anyway, I guess this rant might seem kinda pointless, but I just want you to think about it. Just because somethings socially accepted doesn't make it OK. What if everyone started cutting off one of their kid's toes at birth. What if, in a thousand years, noone had five tioes on each foot. Would that make someone with 10 toes a freak? Just think about it.

    I don't mean to diss the show. I mean, if you skip this one episode and watch the 93 other brilliant ones, you have yourself one of the greatest shows ever, and this one episode doesn't damage the quality of the show, but it's still bad. However, the show itself is brilliant. ...more info
  • Before you continue with your collection...
    Take note:

    HBO Video is releasing Sex and the City: The Complete Series on November 1st. The mammoth twenty-disc box set will include all ninety-four episodes from the six seasons that the show aired. As for bonus materials, all the extras from the previous season sets will be included. An additional disc of new bonus features has been created for this release and will contain a trivia game, guest appearance highlights, as well as various guides to fashion, restaurants and dating advice. The "super-premium" set will be packaged as a decorative velvety photo album coffee table book. Retail will be hernia-inducing $299.95...more info
  • Please read my review of Volume 1
    Please read my review of volume 1. It goes double for this. Sure the women are pretty... but I'd rather sleep in a port a potty than have this in my collection of DVD's. ...more info
  • Carrie and Big try, try again, and Miranda meets Steve
    Now that "Sex and the City" has gone the way of all flesh, which in this case means sanitized syndication on conventional cable television, it is interesting to go back and find out that the second season was about more than the roller coaster relationship between Carrie and Mr. Big. The other major development was that after dumping on Miranda for most of the season (and some things are worse than being dumped on, e.g., "was it good for you?") she finally meets up with Steve Brady. Since Miranda ends up being my favorite character on the series, the point at which her life begins to turn around and heads for her unexpected happy ending is a key "Sex and the City" moment.

    But the focal point of "Sex and the City: The Complete Second Season" remains the attempts by Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) to various break up with Big (Chris Noth) and to make the relationship work. She starts off the season trying to replace Big with a new member of the New York Yankees ("take me out to the ballgame"), but running into Big makes it clear she is not going to be over him and is never going to be over him. After giving the relationship six months to die, she brings it back to life ("four women and a funeral") and learns that the only thing worse than not dating Big is dating him, especially when she makes the mistake of saying "I love you" to him ("the caste system"). I keep thinking that at some point he will catch on to the sense of desperation that he provokes in her, but it never seems to happen. The Fates clearly think these two should be together, but apparently there is some sort of celestial alignment required that does not happen until the last possible moment in the show's six-year run.

    Of all of Carrie's boyfriends I liked Aidan (John Corbett) during the third season the best, although I realized from the start that wanting Carrie to stop smoking was a deal breaker. But I appreciate the way Carrie's tango with Big represents one of the more complicated ongoing car crash relationships in television history. If you had to put only one of these two on the couch to get them to answer questions and force them to confess what they think they are doing, I think it would have to be Big, but in my heart I think the writers just keep making him toss Carrie curve balls just to be her back on her heels. Of course, the idea of Big going to Paris is interesting to reconsider given the series finale, but a symbol is a symbol.

    In the second season Charlotte (Kristin Davis) continues to have one bad date after another, culminating in the one where the guy falls asleep on her during sex ("was it good for you?"), which simply serves to set up the character's growing sense of desperation that will become fixated on Trey (Kyle MacLachlan) in season three. My favorite Charlotte moment in season two is when she mingles with the "powerful lesbians" ("the cheating curve"). Meanwhile, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) basically has a "believe it or not" type year of sexual encounters. This is obvious when you consider that the problem she has with her lover in the first episode is the exact opposite of the complaint she has with the one in the finale episode of the season. The gamut is rather obvious, but then Samantha's character is the one in the quartet that most resists any sort of continuing relationship, which is why turning Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis) into a deep and meaningful relationship during the final season was such a surprising and touching success.

    But when the focus is on how the second season sets up the end point of the series it is Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) who reaches the low point and does not really notice when she meets the man she is going to end up marrying in bartender Steve Brady (David Eigenberg). I can see how her relationship with Skipper (Ben Webber) sets up what happens with Steve, but the key difference is that Steve really likes Miranda without turning into a sad little puppy dog. I think the reason I like Miranda is that when she hits rock bottom and decides to stop dating ("the freak show"), she does so in relative silence (i.e., compared to Charlotte, whose suffering and successes are both fully voiced). I understand that Miranda's cynicism exists primarily to show Carrie that no matter how bad things are she still has a way to go before she is at the edge of the cliff, but there is something painfully poignant about deciding to buy an apartment for yourself and plan on living the rest of your life alone ("four women and a funeral").

    The language on "Sex and the City" never struck me as being unrealistic, although sometimes I think the ladies are saying these things a little louder at the coffee shop or wherever than I think they would in the real world. But then I remember this is a television show and take that with a grain of salt, just as I do the idea that women usually make love while still wearing their bras. However, since the language is so integral to the show, if the choice is between watching a sanitized version of "Sex and the City" or going with the DVD and the fully voice profanity, then I think you have to go with the latter. Of course, this begs the question as to whether the language would bother you in the first place, but it will be the subject matter more than the language that I would expect some to find objectionable, which explains why the series was on HBO in the first place....more info
  • Fabulous
    I absolotely love, love, love sex and the city. The second season DVD's are better quality than the first season.
    Easy episode selection menu, synopsis of each episode, and special features make this DVD selection A+. If you're a fan of "Sex..." this is definitely for you....more info
  • Sex & The City is so real!
    I absolutely love this show. The women and their relationships with themselves, each other, and anyone else they may encounter are so hysterical simply because they are those situations each of us has had in our own lives. Life has its ups and downs and the girls show true character in how they handle it all. I highly recommend this show!!!...more info
  • What Sex?
    Have you ever wondered why most men aren't into this show? I mean, you'd think that we'd be glued to the set drooling over a show about a bunch of chicks talking about sex all the time, not to mention a few softcore porn scenes thrown in.

    The answer to the dearth of male viewers is actually quite simple: It's because its "star" is Sarah Jessica Parker. "Sex and the City"? That is false advertising. With Parker at the helm of personnae dramatis, it ought to have been called "Skank and the City." ...more info
  • 'Sex' gets even better
    With the second season of 'Sex and the City', Carrie and Big get back together and Miranda starts to date Steve, the bartender. Steve is probably my favorite guy that any of the girl's date. He's completely funny and adorable. By this time, we feel like we know all the girls really well, so we care about their dating crises or if they get their hearts broken. It's fun to watch and point out which qualities and flaws the characters and you and your friends share. The season comes to a conclusion when the girls head to the Hamptons and Charlotte tries to pass for a girl in her mid-twenties. But after her boyfriend gives her crabs, she realizes being in her thirties isn't so bad... Carrie finds out that Big is getting married and tries to move on. The show is so likeable and full of great humor....more info