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Exotic locales and famous monuments! Adagios and waltzes! Spectacle and bombast! A didgeridoo and an orchestra too! Yanni's amazing hair!! All this and much more make Tribute a feast sure to be eagerly devoured by the Greek composer-keyboardist's legions of fans--and it's not hard to understand why, as it is an impressive achievement. The DVD chronicles Yanni's 1997 concerts at India's Taj Mahal (the first concert staged there) and Beijing's Forbidden City (the first-ever performance there by a Western artist), and these splendid settings are certainly shown to good effect throughout this well-directed, great-sounding program. As for the music, well, that's all a matter of taste; what might be schlocky to one person will be beautiful and majestic to another. But regardless of one's musical leanings, no one can dispute that the 90-minute concert, combining numbers from both locations, provides a healthy and representative dose of Yanni's New Age-cum-classical-cum-world music sounds, and they are well played by the international cast of nearly 50 musicians and singers (violinist Karen Briggs and guitarist Pedro Eustache acquit themselves especially well among the soloists).

And that's not all, as the DVD is loaded with bonus features. Principal among them is "No Borders, No Boundaries," a beautifully photographed, hourlong film narrated by actor Christopher Plummer; part documentary and part travelogue, it contains musician profiles, Yanni biographical material, some Indian and Chinese history, and information about how the concerts came about. Other features include a lengthy Yanni interview and discography, as well as audio options. In the end, Yanni detractors are unlikely to be converted, but then, they can always put on their Limp Bizkit CDs instead. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Great show!
    A great show. After watching the Acropolis over and over again it was a great pleasure to watch this show. Although I had the CD long ago - watching it was a different story....more info
  • Beautiful music, almost perfect multiculturalistic combo!
    I am new to Yanni's style of music. I really love this video, the music and performance of musicians is very moving and uplifting. This is really worth purchasing. There's something in Yanni's style of composing that captivates me everytime I listen to them. He has a way of perfectly capturing and sending - through is music, a message to the soul. (Goose bumps too!) Really interesting, very good composer!...more info
  • Yanni - again!
    Never tire of his great arrangements. So vibrant and cohesive. Another winner....more info
  • tribute DVD
    Good stuff! Clear picture, good sound definition. Actually deserved 5 stars but no booklet found inside the DVD casing - why miss out the booklet?...more info
  • Outstanding Artist and Concert
    Yanni is by far, one of the greatest musical artists of all times. His natural talent and development of a unique style of music is refreshing to listen to and his concerts are world class. I never get tired of listening to his music and watching his concets on DVD. They are soothing for relaxing at the end of a stressful day....more info
  • amazing DVD
    Amazing, amazing, amazing DVD Beautiful preformance of Yanni and his band Thank you Yanni for a splendid hours, it's a rare Tribute....more info
  • liked Acropolis from first view; this one grows on you...
    Stars awarded after five views.

    I became a fan of Yanni from listening to Toronto, ON CHUM-FM "Lights out" show and really got interested when PBS played the "Live at the Acropolis" concert. I bought the VHS tape and enjoyed it many times.

    "Tribute" was different and I didn't tape it when shown on PBS but after viewing the tape a couple of more times, it grows on you. As mentioned elsewhere here, "Nightingale" is not to be missed and some pieces are similar to the "Acropolis" selection.

    The new instruments and use of vocal as instrument (no words in some of the vocal pieces) is a new facit of Yanni's work and is appreciated after repeated viewing.

    His new CD, "If I could tell you", released in 2000 is more like his earlier work and another "love it from the first listen" selection....more info

  • TapanD
    One of the best production so far. It does not get old even after several viewing....more info
  • Great content, bad production
    I had this concert on VHS and was looking forward to the DVD version. The concert itself is great. The settings in China and India are wonderful and the tracks are magnificent. Yanni has brought together a very talented group of musicians and his creative writing is at it's best. Unfortunately I was very disappointed in the production quality. You'll have to turn down your sub-woofer on this one as the base is way over cooked. There is also a spot that actually freezes for a second on one track. Overall the content is great. Hopefully next time Yanni will take advantage of the latest technology. But then "Hell Freezes Over" by the Eagles sets a very high standard....more info
  • Excellent
    This is a great DVD.....wonderful music and culture. It should also be known that contrary to someone else's opinion here...Yanni fans do not just consist of power hungry people with big bucks so you can put your $$$ and your wide screen TV back in your pocket and keep to intelligent comments....more info
    This is a must DVD for any Yanni Fan. The DVD creatively jumps between the two concerts, in Taj Mahal, India and in the Forbidden City, China. The viewer is cleverly transported between these two places throughout the DVD. The bonus material is poetically written and beautifully narrated. This DVD has an exotic flavor thanks to the music from his mesmorizing album "If I Could Tell You". Tribute gives the viewer a spiritual experience. ...more info
  • Waiting for his new video albums...
    Since I watched once luckily his live concert at Acropolis from TV, I've been a BIG fan of Yanni. I was not a real fan just when I listened to his previous CD albums. Before the Acropolis live, his music was mainly performed by synthesizers, which I didn't like and enjoy.

    I love his two video albums. Even my mom and dad aged 71 to 72 enjoy the videos, saying "Yanni is a very talented musician" whenever they see them. I think "Tribute" is somewhat differrent from the first one. I like his new efforts made to this video. And I like the vocalists and other musicians including Van Johnson and Karen Briggs. Yanni is a genius. I'm waiting for his new video albums with a burning desire. How about DVD?...more info

  • Right behind LATA
    I went wild over 'Live at the Acropolis' (LATA) after the 1993 performance and again over 'Tribute' when the tour hit New York State in 1998. Yanni wrote the music for both, but I think his biggest contribution was the talent he assembled, headed by Karen Briggs and her violin in both concerts. The CDs with audio only were spectacular, but you have to see them! And you can!
    Then there was Vann Johnson. I'm not really into vocals, but to me, "Love is All" was the most powerful vocal performance since Frankie Laine's "Lucky Old Sun" circa 1950, which I'm old enough to remember. (Laine died recently at age 93.) The lyrics of "Love is All" were cryptic, but the delivery, which I witnessed live twice, was mesmerizing, another big time 'spectacular.' I will always love both performances and the thrill of seeing as well as hearing them, and both are easily 5 stars, but overall I give LATA a very slight technical edge. ...more info
  • Must be seen to be believed
    "Tribute" is Yanni's richestet compendium of music to date. It has a South American flavor and utilizes numerous unusual musical instruments, including exceptional vocals. The video is much more exciting than the CD, on which the live responses, which are so energizing, have been omitted. Nightengale is a most original piece...don't miss it....more info
    This Concert is the best performance of Yanni. This DVD, have an exceptional quality of image and sound. The musicians are very professional. The idea to play beside "The Taj-Majal" and "Forbidden City", was Great!!!.
    It's the best concert in DVD in the last years....more info
  • Weak,Boring&funny
    i don't know who is more dryer Yanni or John Tesh? both Equally weak&boring.this video is good for a Nap to.his music is Lifeless and Lame.he bops his head like he has a Groove going on? that's the funny part....more info
  • Marvellous Music
    Whenever you're down,it cheers you up. Whenever you're happy,it makes you fly. I have been watching Yanni's video again and again. My whole family enjoys it. Hope to buy a copy in DVD format and squeeze every single note to its fullest....more info
  • Enjoyed this one!
    This was a great DVD but I totally enjoy his other later 2 DVD's better. This just lacked some of the dynamics that his later work had. If you are a Yanni fan you still would enjoy this DVD. Thanks...more info
  • A Masterpiece!!
    I didn't know what to expect when I put this DVD in my player. I had never heard Yanni's music before but my brother told me it was a MUST HAVE. So I got myself a copy too and let me tell you that this is a MASTERPIECE! Yanni breaks borders and boundaries in this remarkable concert filmed in India's Taj Mahal and Beijing's Forbidden City. All the musicians are truly gifted and there performances really add something special to Yanni's compositions. If your looking for the ULTIMATE concert DVD look no further! A previous reviewer complained that there is a slight pause (or "freeze" if you prefer) during one of the songs. This is because the disc is DUAL LAYERED with the layer change occurring right on the beginning of the 4th song. It is quite a good change that doesn't interfere with the overall flow.

    With the Concert and Additional documentary spread over a dual layered disc the results are a superb picture quality that is clean and sharp. I won't complain that it isn't widescreen because what we get here is a high definition fullscreen picture free of noticeable defects. The Sound is also incredible! Included is both Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks that are clear and well defined (and not "over cooked" as one reviewer claimed). Also included is the documentary "No Borders, No Boundaries" which takes an intriguing behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Tribute and Yanni's travels throughout these two fascinating countries. Bonus features also include a recent interview with Yanni and footage of the artist at work in his state-of-the-art recording studio.

    Overall this disc is reference material even down to the animated menu's that are some of the best I've seen! You have to get this DVD and witness the musical genius that is Yanni!!...more info

  • Gives one the best out of the best!
    I have seen this video eighteen times, and I still cannot seem to get enough of it. If you like the New Age genre, waste no time in buying it! Kaustav...more info
  • Awesome!!!
    I am a woodwind instrumentalist and Pedro Eustache is my new idol! All the musicians are awesome. This video was an inspiration. Yanni is the man!!!! All the music was superb and it grooved. I recommend this to all my fellow musicians. This is just straight up great music, no categories....more info
  • Witnessing History on DVD
    I saw this DVD for the first time last night and was sorry I waited so long that it seemed like a "time travel" experience (it was produced in 1997). This DVD not only has Taj Mahal and Forbidden City concerts on it, but it has added bonuses of an entire length documentary related to how the concerts came about, the musicians feelings about visiting China and India, and a separate interview segment with Yanni who shares his incredible home studio with the viewers. (Viewers please note: The documentary, "No Boundries or Borders" so very well done, is located on the menu that comes up at the end of the concert's credits and is not found on the main opening menu.)

    The quality of this DVD is superior to Yanni's previous Acropolis DVD (I recommend video only for that one). The DVD is an absolute jewel. The musicians, who were handpicked by Yanni from all over the world, are simply magnificant! I especially enjoyed "Dance with a Stranger," "Love is All" and "Niki Nana." The female vocalists are supurb. It is a very exciting concert that flashes back and forth between China and India's audiences. The music is so dramatic, that you'd expect to hear it in an Oscar winning movie!

    This DVD is a piece of world history. It is the best value I've ever seen in a DVD. The documentary alone is worth the price of this DVD! Yanni made history with these performances and you will never find another DVD like this one -- ever! The man is a miracle, plain and simple. I'm waiting for Yanni's next performance on Mars, the moon - who knows what idea he'll come up with next....more info




  • Beyond Acropolis
    Tribute goes beyond "Live at the Acropolis" not only in regard to the musical pieces, but for the visual and audio quality. The "Live at the Acropolis" DVD is a horrible transfer - the original laser disc was much better. Tribute, on the other hand, is clean as a DVD can get - a gorgeous picture... and the sound is stunning. The musical pieces themselves are excellent. Particularly amazing are: Deliverance, Tribute, Waltz in 7/8 and Dance With a Stranger. Additional videography (not of Yanni and the actual concert) is also gorgeous. Footage of the Taj and the Forbidden city is nothing short of breathtaking. Get this DVD ASAP and put "Live at the Acropolis" back on the shelf and forget about it....more info
  • A Musical Fairytale on DVD
    Already owning the CD and the video, I was glad I could buy the DVD version of Tribute. Deliverance is without a doubt the best track on this DVD, combining great rhythms, string orchestra, chants by the female vocalists and marvellous melodies and native instruments into a beautiful composition. This track alone is more than worth the price of the DVD.
    Adagio In G Minor is a very soundtrack-like piece with piano and string orchestra. Renegade is sort of a soprano saxophone/violin duet.
    Dance With A Stranger is a piece where various instruments play a short solo. A very relaxed and laid-back piece. Tribute is another highlight with vocals in the intro, followed by some beautiful violin playing accompanied by a choir. Very classical oriented.
    Prelude a short piece with native instruments. After a couple of minutes this piece goes into Love is All, which is one of the two only tracks with lyrics on the album. Accompanied by Spanish guitar this is a rather radio-friendly tune with great soulful vocals and the full choir.Southern Exposure starts another laid back tune with female backing vocals, saxophone and violin. Later on in the song things get more rhythmic and swinging with nice interplay between the violins and female vocalists. Next in line is Waltz In 7/8 then. Great piece of work with flutes, latin influences and a keyboard solo. Nightingale is probably one of the quietest songs on the DVD.It features some bird like flute-playing with a slight Japanese feeling. Of course the big string orchestra is present as well.
    Niki Nana (We're One) starts with the native sounds of a didgeridoo. After about half a minute the electric band picks up, a flute plays and the vocalists start. Marvellous song. In addition to the CD version the DVD and video version end with the track Santorini, from the Live at the Acropolis album, which equals the track Deliverance for me in giving me goose bumps all over my body. The DVD as well as the video contains also "the making of" and this part is really well worth watching because it shows more of the ecstatic reactions of the audience itself and gives you insight in Yannis life. The whole show itself is a pleasure to watch. The fun the members of the band have in performing their music is great to see and gets you in a good mood as well.The only thing I see as a disappointment is the fact that the DVD was not released in the Dolby 5.1 surround mode. That could have lifted up the experience in seeing, hearing and feeling this music to the ultimate top....more info
  • Why oh why not widescreen?
    What a wonderful concert video set in two magical places in the world and, if you are a fan of New Age music, the tunes and the playing do not get much better than this. It was great to see audiences very different from those we always see react to beautiful music and superb entertainment. How about David Hudson, eh?; what a guy!!! The sound of the 'duduk' will always haunt me... Yanni, please use this instrument more in your music!

    Having been so effusive in praise of this DVD's content why am I giving it only 4 stars? That is just to tell the dumb marketing person who decided to release the pan and scan version, instead of a widescreen and anamorphic version, what a wonderful opportunity was missed by trying to save a few dollars. Actually, both P&S and widescreen versions could have been released on the same disc! Imagine viewing the Taj Mahal and the Forbidden City in a widescreen vista!! How nicely that would have set off Yanni's orchestra! The original video quality would have been excellent (I own the VHS version also) so making an anamorphic version should have been a cinch. May I remind the marketing person, too, that the demographic of those who might watch this video would include lots of more mature people with a good deal of money and the financial power to buy widescreen TVs. Lastly, I have no complaints about the DD 5.1 sound mix....more info

  • The best of all.
    For all Spanish speaking, quiero desirles que este es un gran "CONCIERTO" de Yanni, ya que esta filmado en dos grandes lugares del mundo. La musica es increhible, Yanni le da mucho "SAVOR" a su musica, pues varea de muchos sonidos y ritmos a la vez, que te llevan a otra dimension. Lo recomiendo muchisimo, esta buenisimo.....more info
  • Words just can't describe his music!
    That's right...I can't describe his music using words! Just listen then you'll understand. By the way, I just bought a second tape (abused the first one...he..he..he! ) WHERE ARE THE DVDs OF HIS CONCERTS?...more info
  • The best of the bests
    Since we purchased this DVD we have been watching it over and over again for more than 10 times (in one month) and we still want to watch it again when we have free time. The DVD "Yanni in Acropolis" is a very good one. However, in my opinion, this one is even much much better. Every songs are well performed but there are two songs that we like the most: The NightingGails and Love is All with Vann Johnson....more info
  • Listening alone with wine and enjoy
    First time when I listening to the tape was on the company assignment to Guam. In a little cafe, Yanni tape and Habana cigar, nothing else can you add on to make a perfect night. I went back to the cafe two nightsin a role....more info
  • The best scene and what a performance!!!!!
    Thanks Yanni for offer us the opportunity to enjoy those places like Taj Mahal and Forbidden City alone with that great performance. With the video I had the opportunity to know Vann Johnson what a singer!!! Thank you so much....more info
  • IT was OK.
    THis DVd was ok. IT had some bounus on it. There's only like 4 songs that i really liked. If you want Yanni Dvd I suggest his older one, such as LIve at the Acrophis(sorry for my spelling)...more info
  • Yanni is a hot dog!
    Yanni is special, he is a great looking man with great talents!
    A+ to the beautiful special and to the MAN!
    -Rondo...more info
  • Excellent DVD Concert
    This DVD is flawless, great picture and sound and over all, one beautiful concert you will want to see over and over, just perfect!...more info
    I have seen Yanni many times in concert and his music always seems new and alive each time I hear it. Tribute not only brings superb scenery and timeless music but a genuine love and sincerity for all peoples....more info
  • Unique Concert Venues
    The Beautiful Taj Mahal of India, The Mysterious Forbidden City in Beijing and the fabulous Music of Yanni - What more could you ask for?...more info
  • Great music, good sound, beautiful views!
    I always play this video when I need relax, peace and it is an easy form to enjoy one excelent mix of cultures in a great production. I realy recomend it...more info
  • Mesmerizing
    I have owned the VHS tape for several years and now need to buy the DVD since my 22 month old son loves it so much and is wearing out the tape. My husband started playing the tape for them to watch in the evenings while I was deployed overseas with the military and now my son wants to watch it every night before he goes to bed. He is mesmerized by watching the musicians and the vocalists and claps at the end of the songs. I can't wait to take him to a Yanni concert when he gets a little older and have him see the musicians in action in person. It makes me estatic that this concert video has introduced my son to the beauty of music at such a young age. ...more info
  • A masterpiece
    I first saw this video on a TV telecast in Singapore. I was mesmerised. I immediately bought a video (PAL). Then, when I came over to the US, I had to buy an NTSC video, and recently, this DVD. I am sure I may have to buy a Non-Region 1 DVD of this at a later time when I leave the US. The only thing I hate is this PAL/NTSC business, and the region coding on DVDs. It doesn't help in stopping piracy in any case, which they claim to achieve by doing this. But come what may, I am always going to watch this production whichever corner of the world I may be in....more info
  • Beautiful and haunting music. Where's the dvd?????????????
    The music is beautiful, the concert video is even better, so why isn't it released on dvd?????...more info
  • Outstanding
    We loved the music and show. You can't stand still if you're alive. Yanni is the BEST. We saw him in Georgia and he is awesome, can't wait for that DVD to come out. ...more info
  • One of my favorites
    This is one of my all-time favorite music DVD's. There are so many reasons why this is a great show to watch. The music is all original, written by Yanni and played by a proffessional symphony orchestra. The setting is in both India's Taj Mahal and the Forbidden City in China. It was the first live concert ever played in the two settings, and there was a lot of red tape that the producers had to go through in order to get the authority to play in front of these monuments.

    Also featured are violinist Karen Briggs and woodwind instrumentalist Pedro Eustache. Both are superb improvisational soloists and really add to the entertainment factor of the show. There are also four female singers, all of whom are excellent in their own way, and are featured both as soloists and providing background harmony.

    Yanni's talent, along with being a prolific pianist, composer and arranger, is bringing great musicians together and directing them in a way to fully exploit each musicians unique and individual sound. His band contains musicians from all over the globe, and is something of a "United Nations" band.

    For these reasons, I enjoyed this DVD much more than any other Yanni's other material. Most of his albums that I have heard thus far are just him playing, using synthesizers and drum machines to try to get the sound that he wants. Where this gives him the opportunity to explore the art of composing, there is nothing like hearing the music come alive with real musicians and orchestrations of what he wants to do.

    I also compare this album to "Live at the Acropolis," and feel that buying this DVD would be a much better purchase. I think that Yanni's music was still in the developmental stage when he recorded at the Acropolis; with "Tribute," he has had a chance to try things out, and this is the culmination of all his years of hard work as a composer and arranger. I don't know if Yanni himself will be able to top this performance, let alone any other musician....more info
  • Beyond Acropolis
    Tribute goes beyond "Live at the Acropolis" not only in regard to the musical pieces, but for the visual and audio quality. The "Live at the Acropolis" DVD is a horrible transfer - the original laser disc was much better. Tribute, on the other hand, is clean as a DVD can get - a gorgeous picture... and the sound is stunning. The musical pieces themselves are excellent. Particularly amazing are: Deliverance, Tribute, Waltz in 7/8 and Dance With a Stranger. Additional videography (not of Yanni and the actual concert) is also gorgeous. Footage of the Taj and the Forbidden city is nothing short of breathtaking. Get this DVD ASAP and put "Live at the Acropolis" back on the shelf and forget about it....more info
  • Invigorating and wonderful production
    I am purchasing this DVD for myself and one for my grandson. Yes, I have heard it, via a friend, and I was immediately taken with it. The talent is magnificent. Not sure always what Yanni is doing, but he seems to be enjoying himself, and I have to disagree with comments against him. He and the producers have provided us with something wonderful. I think those who like this would like David Phelps (probably my favorite). I say this, because I put him on right after Yanni, and saw some similarity. To me Yanni Tribute is inspirational, and watching the faces in the audience is a treat in itself. The singers, the musicians, the audience! Bravo!!!!
    There are not many albums that I like as a whole, but I like this one, big time. ...more info
  • Finally, an excellent DVD
    This is a fantastic DVD with beautiful music by Yanni. Best of all, the concert is played at the two most beautiful man-make wonders of the world, Taj Mahal and the Forbidden City. The recording was good and you will definitely be entertained. This DVD thus comes with many extras, on the making of the concert and also beautiful scene of both China and India. If you like Yanni, then this is a must buy! The only reason why I gave it a 4 stars was that it was not on DTS....more info
  • More Amazing Music.
    Fan or not, I'm betting that you will enjoy this second music video of Yanni. Filmed at India's Taj Mahal and Beijing's Forbidden City, you will hear, see and feel Yanni, along with 50 musicians and singers performing some amazing music....more info
    This Tribute dvd by Yanni is truly a masterpiece. The quality is excellent and believe me you will want to see it over and and over again. The music is totally out of this world!! ...more info
  • Splendid piece of music !!
    This is one of the DVD's which I used to listed very often. May be in a relaxed evening, busy times, while driving, and the music refreshes you all the time. Title after title, more and more you listen further you get loved and impressed by the manner the music is presented.

    Lovely piece of work !!! Recommended for musical lovers to buy. ...more info
  • Yanni's music is a combination of beauty and perfection!!!!!
    I do live in Brazil, and since I heard Yanni first time I became his fan. As per I know there are 02(two) more titles availables in VHS, if some one knows how to get it please contact-me!! I already have Yanni's 2 VHS also I have almost all CD'S. If you want to know more about Yanni please contact me nz68@yahoo.com , my name is NICHOLAS....more info
  • Yanni - Tribute
    My disappointment was complete. I knew that after Live at the Acropolis things can only get worse. I just couldn't imagine that "worse" could be that bad. First, when I spend my twenty five bucks for a concert DVD I don't want a National Geographic world-is-beautiful program or "we-are-all-the-same" mini speeches. Mercifully, the skip button on my remote came to rescue. It is the music that made me sorry I ordered Tribute rather than Live. Now, what can possibly be wrong with Tribute? It is that simple: now matter how many times I play Tribute, I cannot hum or whistle or repeat in any manner a single piece. Tribute seems a result of a "cut-and-paste" computer-run process of creating songs from the elements stored in the best-of-Yanni library. Great music, like great speeches, is predictable and can be easily memorized. Tribute seems more like a farewell to the greatness of Yanni....more info


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