George Foreman GR26CB Family Size Plus Grill with Cookbook, White

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Product Description

  • 9-inch-square nonstick cooking surfaces for family-size meals
  • Grills burgers, steaks, chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, and vegetables
  • Top and bottom grills cook foods in minutes
  • 227-page "lean mean fat-reducing grilling-machine" cookbook included
  • Overall, measures 10-1/2 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 6-1/2 inches high 9-inch-square nonstick cooking surfaces for family-size meals Grills burgers, steaks, chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, and vegetables Top and bottom grills cook foods in minutes 227-page "lean mean fat-reducing grilling-machine" cookbook included Overall, measures 10-1/2 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 6-1/2 inches high George Foreman, Family Size Grill With Cookbook, Grills 5 Plus Burgers, Chops & More, Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine Grilling Book Included, Patented Design Grill For Healthy Cooking, Double Non Stick Grilling Plates, White Easy Clean Case, Indicator Light, Includes 2 Drip Trays & Plastic Spatula.

    With nonstick cooking surfaces measuring 9 inches square, this family-size version of the celebrated George Foreman Lean Mean Fat- Reducing Grilling Machine grills four or five burgers or chicken breasts at once. The electric appliance's appeal lies in its simplicity and countertop convenience--not to mention its fat-fighting ability. The double-sided grill cooks burgers, steaks, chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, and vegetables top and bottom in minutes. Grill marks not only look appetizing, they contribute caramelized flavor. The bottom grill's deep grooves collect fat, and the grill is sloped so the fat runs off into a dishwasher-safe plastic tray (two included) stationed under the unit's front.

    Because the grill is nonstick, cleanup is a snap: a quick scrape with a plastic spatula (two included) and a quick wipe with a paper towel or a sponge. Accompanying the grill is a 227-page cookbook containing recipes for such lip-smacking dishes as Halibut with Avocado Lemon Cream, Dijon Flank Steak, New Orleans Pork Ribs, Stuffed Green Chile Burgers, and Garlic Stuffed Red Potatoes. Overall, the grill measures 10-1/2 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 6-1/2 inches high, and is clad in hard, gleaming, white plastic for a sleek appearance. --Fred Brack

  • Features:
    • 9-inch-square nonstick cooking surfaces for family-size meals
    • Grills burgers, steaks, chicken, sausage, fish, shrimp, and vegetables
    • Top and bottom grills cook foods in minutes
    • 227-page "lean mean fat-reducing grilling-machine" cookbook included
    • Overall, measures 10-1/2 inches wide, 13 inches deep, and 6-1/2 inches high

    Customer Reviews:

    • Good product
      I bought this as a Christmas present for my daughter to replace the smaller Foreman grill she had used. She has really enjoyed using it. Especially because it comes with cook books as she is new to cooking....more info
    • buy with removable plates
      I owned this and threw it out. It was okay the first few times, then the grease starts building up around the unit and it gets gross. That's why they make the removable plates so it is easier to clean. The grease will start to bake into the cheap plastic sides. Why purchase this when you can get the newer, improved models?...more info
    • love it
      I love my George Foreman Grill, I received it for Christmas. I would give it 5 stars, except I wish there were a way to keep the drip trays from moving if you accidentally nudge them. The juices drip onto the counter if you aren't careful....more info
    • Disappointing
      I had wanted one of these grills for quite some time and received one as a birthday present recently. Although I think the concept is fantastic, this version of the George Foreman grills is quite lacking. It is simple and easy to use, but I have the below comments for your consideration before you purchase one, which are also the reasons I submit a low score.

      1. You cannot adjust the heating temperature on this model. It is one heat only, and more delicate meats and foods burn easily before cooking through.
      2. You cannot turn it off manually. Before you can unplug it, you have to wait for the unit to turn itself off when it reaches its top heat temperature. Otherwise, it sparks at the plug if the light is lit, indicating that it is on and heating. Therefore, if you want to turn off the unit to keep the food warm, you cannot. The directions say, "CAUTION: To avoid any sparks at the outlet while disconnecting the plug, make sure the `Power Light' is off (not illuminated) before disconnecting the plug from the outlet." Scary!
      3. It is a mess to clean up.

      Therefore, when considering these grills, I suggest that you consider a model that you can:
      1. Adjust the heat
      2. Turn it off manually
      3. Remove the grilling plates to wash in the dishwasher

      My grill is going back to the store. Thank goodness I have a gift receipt. I hope my review is helpful to you in determining which grill is best for you....more info
    • George Foreman Grill
      This is the second of these grills that we have purchased, and my wife and I love it! She grills the greatest salmon, and chicken breasts in the world on this grill! As well as many other things ... even quesadillas!...more info
    • Excellent griller
      We have been useing this constantly and Love it. Very easy to clean, just make sure let it cool down alittle and wipe off with a wet towel, just like brand new. At this moment not alot of experience with cooking many things on it but we constantly make hamburgers and hot dogs. I tell you way better than outdoor grilling, food is ready quick and tastes great, very juicy with the grease flowing away. Highly recommended....more info
      I'll add my "thumbs up" to everyone elses'. A quick, neat way to grill with minimum cleanup hassle. I was amazed at the amount of grease that drains off (and we are not consuming). This thing is heavy and so really needs a permanent countertop spot, but is handy enough to probably justify it. ...more info
    • Grilling Indoors!
      Granted you don't get the fresh coal grilled taste, but you do get a whole lot for your money. I can fit around 4 big burgers on this thing, and let it cook without having to touch it for a mere 5 minutes and they're all done. Perfectly cooked. The package contains these really cheaply made pan scrapers that you can pretty much throw out, but the grill itself is solidly made and quite useful. ...more info
    • Wonderful Product
      I have lost a few pounds since I have been using my George Foreman. It is really wonderful....more info
      I ordered the George Foreman Grill and when it arrived, the lid/cover was cracked and I was sent a replacement and the second grill was also cracked. I did not reorder a third time. ...more info
    • Idiot proof grill
      Very easy to clean and does what it's supposed to do easily. It's fairly idiot proof - gets hot quickly and cooks food evenly. At a sale price of $25 it was a no-brainer! ...more info
    • Pretty good, very convenient
      This unit was purchased to replace a nearly identical George Foreman grill that croaked about 6 months ago after being used for ~4 years. We liked and used the first one frequently and missed it enough to warrant purchasing another.

      This grill is perfect for preparing grilled sandwiches and quick dinners (chicken, pork, steak) when time is of the essence. Its big enough to cook for a family of 4, but yet small enough that its not intrusive on space. Cleanup can be a bit of a chore (depends on what you cook), but even that's not too great a burden.

      Amazon's price was about the best I could find, and it arrived with free shipping in a little over a week. Overall a good value and no regrets.

      ...more info
    • "BUY MY GRILL"
      Nice product. I'm sure it's been reviewed a lot. All I can say is when George Foreman says "BUY MY GRILL" he means it....more info
    • Used-A-Lot
      I never really thought about getting one of these until I got this one out of the neighbors yard sale rejects. It was brand new! That was probably 3 years ago and I have gotten a lot of use out of it ever since! It holds 2 extra large size burgers. I love it for bacon, keeps the grease from splattering all over. The only drawback is cleaning can be a pain(thus the 4 stars) and I'm thinking of getting one with the removable griddles. Its made well and the non stick surface has held up great! ...more info
    • Works great
      With a large family this works perfect! You can cook for many at the same time and it does not take long at all! Great for large steaks too!...more info
    • A Real Time Saver
      I bought this for my husband when it was on sale at Christmas. He had been asking for one, but we have a really nice charcoal barbeque, so I wasn't sure how much we'd really use it. SURPRISE! We use it ALL the time! He has a long commute, so I no longer have to go out and mess with the coals when we want to barbeque. It easily holds 4 average sized chicken breasts or 2 large pieces. I've cooked steaks, chicken, hamburger patties, hot dogs, and fish on this. My only note is that things that have sauces don't cook as nice and tend to blacken. It's fantastic for grilling a chicken breast to add to a salad for lunch since it cooks nice and even. I just wish it came in a bigger size!...more info
    • Foreman GR26CB is Fabulous
      We purchased this product after two failures with a cheaper Foreman grill. This grill heats nicely from both sides. It reaches temperature quickly, so there's little waiting. Meats and vegetables cook perfectly on this grill. They even look like you did them on the patio grill. Fat runs out the front into a catch basin for easy clean up and better health. The handy cleaning pad that comes with the grill works well too, although we still have to use a cloth as well. Get one!...more info
    • It's OK...
      I use it occasionally, but frakly, if you try to cook a steak that has a bone in it, it reaaly doesn't work that well. and after a few months, the unit i got, did not cook evenly from top to bottom. Not that big of a deal, but you *do8 end up flippin the chicken more for
      consisten cooking. ...more info
    • terrible
      I only tried once. Works fine. But no ease to clean and the layer just came off. Returned it right away....more info
    • Great bang for the buck!
      I LOVE this machine! I bought it after previously owning one of the smaller grills. This unit allows me to cook 20 chicken wings at a time! How cool is that?! The only down side to this unit is that the plates are not removable, making clean-up somewhat of a pain. Also, the large size made for difficult storage, since I don't have much countertop space. All in all, I would recommend this unit....more info
    • Slightly larger than original model
      I had borrowed a friend's original George Foreman Grill and love the convenience of being able to grill on the kitchen counter top. The Teflon surface is easy to clean and it cooks so quickly I had to have one of my own. When I saw the Family Size model I thought it would be significantly larger than the original I have borrowed, but when it arrived I found it is only about an inch wider and an inch deeper than the original. I still like the product but you can't cook very much more on the Family Size than you could on the original.
      ...more info
    • george forman family grill
      a great grill for the price, Not big enough for a large family-I couldn't get 6 medium size burgers on it. difficult to clean-surface always feels greasy...more info
    • It's worth every bit of it!
      I am a single Guy with a passion for cooking and George Foreman was exatly the thing which I needed to cater to Behemoth appetites of my friends. Easy to Use , less supervision and cooks in no time. Cleaning can be a hassle but it is totally outweighed by the grilling effeciency!!...more info
    • Great product for the price
      Love it and love the price. Its great for just myself and my husband. Don't have to lite up the big grill....more info
    • Awsome
      My Father bought this when they first came out, which was many many years ago. Almoost 8 i think. We have used at least once a week since, and it works like its brand new. Awsome grill, i Discover new things tomake on it every tome i use it. ...more info
    • Foreman grill
      Easy to clean if one wets and soaps a few layers of paper towel and lets it stand a while. My first one was dropped and broke and I was quite happy to buy the same model at its low price. This one seems a little more loose in the hinges. ...more info
    • So many uses...
      I love my new Foreman grill,My old one lasted nearly 10 years and this baby is giving my oven,and micro some major time off.Cooks all my meat,and sausage to perfection and sandwiches are quick and easy to toast up.Clean up is a breeze too,I just place it in the sink and blast it with my spray nozzle on hot temp,So beats rubbing the grease around with a rag....more info
    • as advertised
      Georges family Grill is great, cookbooks are educational, helpfull, and informative, was deliverd as promised. a delight to have it in our kitchen, very easy to now able to cook food for the whole family at one time....more info
    • Great Grill - we make hamburgers now instead of going out
      We have had our George Foreman grill for just less than a year and LOVE it. We bought it just after Christmas last year, as my dad got one for Christmas and immediately started telling us how much he loved it. It works great and the food tastes great. We now make hamburgers at home instead of going out to a fast food restaurant. It is nice to see all the grease drain out of the burger. I would definitely recommend everyone have one of these....more info
    • Great All-In-One Grill!
      This is a terrific grill, I've just finished cooking: bacon, hash-browns and fried eggs on this grill and it clean's up with just a soapy sponge!...more info
    • Superb grilling. Amazing. BUT...
      The George Foreman Grill gives superb grilling in no time. The food tastes too good!! You'll simply love it.

      The only problem is that the grills have double layered non-stick Teflon coating. This is fine for reducing the work on cleaning but healthwise Teflon and most other non-stick ware have their controversies. Just Google search "Teflon health" and you'll find enough data for and against to make up your mind.

      Sad to say that I had to part with the grill. So I'm no fan of Teflon related cookware....more info
    • Great Grill
      This is our first George Foreman grill. It works great. I especially like how fast it cooks. ...more info
    • Good Grill
      I used the grill when I am tired and have no desire to use the Oven or stand in the rain. I used it to grill steak, fish and hamburgers. this is my second unit to purchase. ...more info
    • Forman Grill
      Gee, just now being asked to review this product I bought about 6 years ago.
      Well, it still works - gave it to my daughter. I bought a smaller one with removable grill plates which I like a lot better due to having a very small kitchen/sink - much easier to clean. But this model works great. I'm a vegetarian so don't grill meat - it works great on veggies, polenta, etc....more info
    • Small, but great
      This is the smallest grill they make, but it is good for two people. Clean up is relatively easy, and it cooks quickly and evenly....more info
    • Great little cooker, came with a scratch though
      I got one of these for my girlfriend, and she loves it. The main thing is that it's quick to cook, easy to use, and very easy to clean. It's just the right size for one or two people to cook, and you could fit a bunch on if you crowded it.

      The one I bought came with a scratch on it about 2 inches long on the top cover. Disappointing, but not enough to bother her. Only rated 4 stars because cleanup could be easier (detachable cooking surfaces? Check out the newest George Foreman grills...)...more info
    • How did I live so long without it?
      All the media hype and ads made me avoid this product until I had a chance to use one. My son has a small one in his home and I tried it out on burgers and chicken. I was impressed.
      I wanted one.....I just needed a bigger model.
      These grills heat top and bottom so they cook fast and evenly. Their quick heat and efficient design sear the meat, sealing in the juices, while channeling the excess fat away. The hinge of the lid is a special design that allows the distance between the upper and lower cooking surfaces to expand: thin or thick cuts of meat cook evenly. The cooking surface is slanted toward the front and there are raised lips on the sides of the top and bottom to channel the draining fat into one of two handy catch basins provided with the grill. The non stick coating on the cooking surface is so slick there are little fins in front to keep the meat from sliding off the grill. This slick coating makes cleaning up a two paper towel affair.
      There is no adjustable heat control.....just a little light that turns off and on to show the grill is maintaining temperature. Simplicity itself! You will get to know when your meal is done after just a few uses.
      Entertaining on a budget? This family sized model can cook four or five 1/3lb. beef patties at once. Hungry for a good steak...slap a 5 pound top Sirloin or New york on your grill. Six to eight pork loin chops or eight chicken thighs will be done to perfection in 1/3 the time it takes to BBQ. A truly family sized meal.
      Your burgers, pork chops, steaks and chicken are juicy and perfectly done. For those of you who love chorizo and eggs for breakfast, this grill cooks chorizo without the mess of mopping up the fat or draining it away into a bowl. Automatic! Perfect!
      My only complaint is that the provided catch bowls are not deep enough for more than 4 burgers: so they have to be drained periodically for a big meal. Their shallow design makes it a job for a very steady hand. CAREFUL!
      A MUST have for any modern kitchen. If you have a very small cooking area or no stove top, then this is the perfect choice for you. I am going to buy more to give as gifts to my friends and family.

      ...more info
    • George Foreman Family Grill
      I like grilling with the George Foreman, it's quick and easy clean-up. Only dis advantage of this model is only 1 temperature grilling. The size is good for 4 large hamburger patties...more info
    • Superb grilling. Amazing. BUT...
      The George Foreman Grill gives superb grilling in no time. The food tastes too good!! You'll simply love it.

      The only problem is that the grills have double layered non-stick Teflon coating. This is fine for reducing the work on cleaning but healthwise Teflon and most other non-stick ware have their controversies. Just Google search "Teflon health" and you'll find enough data for and against to make up your mind.

      Sad to say that I had to part with the grill. So I'm no fan of Teflon related cookware....more info
    • Looks Can Be Deceiving
      This Grill looks pretty with stainless steel. It is not made in the USA as stated in a search I did with the model number. It is too big for two people and very hard to clean. I would not recommend this grill to anyone. In fact, I am going to give it away. Very expensive for what you get. I have to admit, grilling fish for fish tacos was great, but the cleanup was hard....more info
    • works great
      I would recomend this to anyone who has to get a meal for teanagers in a hurry. You can get hambergers or any other kind of meat done fast because it cooks from the top & the bottom at the same time. My son uses it almost every day. This is my second one because I had a small one & I needed a larger one. Just be sure you clean it after every use because if you don't things will stick. My son would not clean it until he wanted to use it so now we have to spray it every time....more info
    • George Continues a Good Product!
      George Foreman GR26CB Family Size Plus Grill performs as well his previous product that was a hand-me-down from my parents. The old one lacked some of its Teflon from years use by my parents and I continued using it several times daily for 1999 till the Teflon was basically gone. I sprayed it with Pam for about a year but opted for this new one for easier clean-up. Would liked to have tried the removable plates model but reviews have not been that great on their heating and cooking. Am very pleased with the heating and cooking of this model and look forward to many years use!

      ...more info
    • Way better than I thought!
      I purchased the George Foreman GR26CB Family Size grill the other day as kinda a spurr of the moment thing. It was a great deal so figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out.

      First time I cooked on it, I was blown away with the results! I thawed out a frozen chicken breast and just threw it on the grill with basic seasonings. Left it alone for 9 mins, pulled it off and it was incredibly juicy! I was afraid that it would burn or become too tough, but it didnt!

      This is a great grill to cook for 1-3 people on. Anymore than that, not sure how you'd fit everything on at once. I love to cook, but hate making a huge mess just for myself. This kinda forces me to cook dinner for myself instead of grabbing something.

      I do wish that this model had a temp control. Would be nice to be able to put it on med heat or something. Or see how hot the grill really is. It is also fairly easy to clean after use.

      Overall, GREAT BUY!!!!...more info
    • If you like unevenly cooked food, and hard cleanup.
      I purchased this grill for my new house, and I had three major problems with it.

      1) It cooks the meat, even thawed meat, unevenly. By the time the meat is cooked through the outside is often hard, dry and flaky, or charred. Thicker meats always get charred.

      2) The cleanup, even right after the meat has been taken off, is time consuming and messy. It is almost impossible to get the unit completely clean and has many little areas to trap grease.

      3) After one use.. with a normal wash cloth.. the finish was scratched and starting to come off.

      The ONLY thing I enjoy using this unit for is making grilled cheese sandwiches and grilled wraps....more info
    • Great for Everyone
      George Foreman GR26CB Family Size Plus Grill with Cookbook

      I have all positives and no negatives over my George Foreman Grill. Great for my dorm since I don't have much room. I love using it to cook things easily and fast. Fish, Chicken, Steaks, etc, all used by this thing without much experience needed at all. I'm glad I got it so I don't have to eat out as often to get food made the way I want it!...more info
    • It definetly serve my purpose
      I have been using it for close to a month. It work good and all I tried is only making good sandwiches. I recommend this product but there are advanced models available from the same brand if you can afford you can get those ones....more info
    • nice size grill
      Easy and fast way to cook some bugers or grill some weiners. Now I can man size burgers 2 or more at a time. This is my second Joe Frazier grill....more info
    • Great food...terrible clean up
      It is very easy to use and cooks fast...I like that it does not splatter grease on my stove BUT the clean up is not real easy. Myabe easier if I did not use the marinades on chicken but that is how my family likes to eat. Nice for my boys to be able to cook use before or after practices BUT they never clean this up right after using which makes it even harder to clean.

      Has anybody used the cleaning sponges? If yes, do they work?

      For the price and convenience it is worth the cleanup aggravation.

      ...more info
    • Bacon
      If you're like me you love eating bacon, but think cooking it's a chore!

      I mean, when cooking bacon in a frying pan the grease will spatter and likely get on your hands. Lets face it: it hurts when you're burnt by the ones you love!

      Then there's that precooked crap. It's so limp and tasteless, so I know it's not fooling any true bacon connoisseurs. It's like bacon that's been dropped it in the fishtank and scooped out a few days later.

      I found an excellent solution in an unexpected place: the George Foreman Grill. This thing is reknown for dejuicing a tasty, fattening piece of meat to the point where it more resembles a crusty, dried-out log, but really does wonders for bacon! I'm using the "family size" that handles 4-6 slices at a time (depending on the brand). I simply wait for it to preheat, toss in the bacon, set it for seven minutes, and BAM it comes out perfect every time! You know -- crispy, but not TOO crispy. And a lot of the extra grease convenienty pours into that little container so you can later use it as a dipping sauce or mix it in with your coffee!

      Needless to say, life has never been better!...more info
    • Good purchase
      I'm not big on gadgets, but this product has proven itself worth its cost.
      The size is ideal for our family and the food cooked on it gives a grill type flavor. We cook burgers, steak, chops, even hot dogs. A real asset to the kitchen....more info
    • Great Grill
      Love the George Foreman grill collection, but we needed one that was a little bigger so we could easily fit 2 hamburgers. This grill was perfect for that. ...more info
    • Love it!
      I really like the grill. It's a good size for cooking for my family. It's easy to use, and is quick because it cooks both sides at once, no flipping. I like that it drains excess fat as it cooks. I was worried that chicken would turn out dry when I saw so much juice draining, but it was very juicey and tender. It cleans up easily too. Very happy with it!...more info
    • Great product for the price
      I got this grill at a discounted price (for $25) at amazon. For the price, it is a great product. I couldn't be more pleased. We use it all the time to grill chicken, hamburgers and sausage (I listened to another viewer's advice and never grilled fish on it. She was pointing out that fish scent is difficult to clean and the meat that she grilled after grilling fish tasted like the fish)). Since it is not possible to remove the plates and wash them in the dishwasher, I would recommend that you clean it immediately after using it. I never had any problems cleaning it. Highly recommended. ...more info
    • Perfectly does its job
      I'm very happy to have bought this product! It perfectly does its job for grilling, and we also use it to bake a toast. If only it has a switch to turn on/off, it would have made it a perfect one....more info