Remington Body Waves Ionic Hair Setter

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Product Description

The only wax core rollers with Ions!

To make hairstyling quick and easy, this hair-setting device comes with 20 wax-core rollers that heat up fast and retain heat longer for long-lasting curls, plus 20 easy-to-use, custom-designed clips to hold the rollers securely in place. The rollers stand up straight on metal posts beneath a transparent lid (although the rollers will heat with the lid up). A thermostat guards against overheating, and the rollers' rims stay cool to make winding burn-free. One roller has a red dot on top that darkens to indicate when the rollers are warm enough to use. The oval unit--all plastic, including rollers--is compact, measuring just 9-1/2 inches long, 4-3/4 inches high, and 7 inches deep, and comes with a two-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • 20 spaded rollers (M, L, XL)
  • Easy color match coded wire hair pins
  • Ionic Conditioning
  • Wax Core
  • Cool Touch
Customer Reviews:
  • jewelz
    The best curlers ever. All of the newer models do not perform like these. The three types of rollers are perfect for all lenghts of hair...more info
  • great hot rollers
    These are great electric rollers! They heat up quickly and are easy to use. It's easy to create a great hairstyle, that lasts, with these rollers. They are also a good value for the price....more info
  • extremely satisfied
    I had not used Remington curlers before & was hesitant about trying them after being set on a certain brand I had used before but unable to find. I was extremely satisified when I found them fast to use, heating up fast & providing long lasting curls. ...more info
  • The Best
    For the longest time I was unable to find the Remmington Curlers and ended up using other brands. The last brand I used was the worst Vidal Sasson. Finally I was able to fine the Remmington Curlers that I had used for years. I am so thankful they're still making these and hope they will continue to offer them. These are the best curlers in my opinion and would recommend them to anyone. Sincerely, a very satisfied customer. ...more info
  • Hairsetters
    These rollers are great. Your curls stay intact and your curls are tight and have body. I like these way better than curlers with the felt. These are highly recommended! Plus, they last for years. This is my second set. I bought my first set 5 years ago, and I used them everyday....more info
  • good job
    this product has done a great job for me. I recently cut my hair very short, it looks like the haley berry cut from ex-men two and the curlers still works for a short length, my hair is full of bounce and shine and i always get complimented on it. ...more info
  • Works good for me
    I found this to be a good product and it works well in my hair it does exactly what I want it to and I only paid $14.99 for it. It doesn't cause my hair to frizz up and it's easy to style when I take the rollers out. As far as it taking too long to heat up, I don't really let that affect my review because I plug it in and while it is heating up I do my makeup or something else. (I'm a multi-tasker anyway) I also don't find that the clips leave a mark in my hair but my hair has some perm in it so it may do that on straighter hair. Overall I like it.
    ...more info
  • Remington Body Waves rollers
    I bought these rollers, my first hot rollers ever, hoping for good results, which I did not get. They took a long time to heat up, took forever to put in my hair, clips did not stay in, so my hair all fell out of the rollers. They took a long time to cool down. When I removed them, the curls were pretty, but only lasted for about 30 minutes. ...more info
  • Melt down, rollers fall off short posts zero stars
    These roller sets have very short posts so that slightly bumping them knocks them over. The hinged lid isn't removable so it crowds the vanity. And the lid doesn't snap closed, therefore if you close the lid, slightly bump the set, all of the rollers spill out. The rollers have melted at the edges,leaving grey plastic on the heaters (I've been lucky about my hair and have stopped using them). The oval case makes it impossible to wrap the cord for storage. The clamps don't work on even slightly long or thick hair. I've used electric rollers since 1969 and this is the only horrible design I've had. ...more info
  • Would not recommend
    I purchased these as a Christmas gift for my daughter. They take way too long to heat up and the clips leave a crimp mark in her hair. For the money I don't think they were worth it....more info
  • Buyer beware
    I purchased this roller set as a gift for someone after reading the Amazon reviews; her experience did not match those of the other reviewers. The Remington H-1080N rollers were slow to heat, the roller clamps were difficult to place in the proper position, and it was difficult to put the rollers back in their proper slots when finished. The product's design is fundamentally flawed: the clamps, rollers, and parking slots are not color-coded. This item was returned at my shipping expense---the 15 year old Clairol unit this item was meant to replace heats faster and works better....more info
    Over the years, I have tried many different brands and types of heated rollers and I never liked using any of them. I recently bought a new set which I had to return due to the fact that I had a terrible time trying to roll my hair on the almost smooth surface of the rollers and then after clipping the rolls, they would immediately fall out of my hair....scream! I bought the Remmington #1080N wax core roller set and I have finally found the easiest and quickest way to curl my hair. The rollers surface, when warm, grab the hair ends immediately to allow great control when trying to roll even short hair. The rollers are held in place by a full clip which looks more like a comb so the clips do not leave a ridge in my hair. Once heated, the rollers are relatively cool to the touch (no more burned fingers) but due to the wax core, the rollers hold plenty of heat and it takes just a few minutes after setting to produce excellent, long lasting results. The set takes about 10 - 15 minutes to warm up. I've found the warm up time takes longer than the time I actually leave the curlers in my hair. This is the Best curler set I have EVER used. If I was to ask for one change, it would be a quicker warm up time. However, just the fact that rolling is so quick and easy, makes up for the few extra minutes of preparation. I'm hard to please, so my recommendation says alot. Thanks Remmington (I still don't like your other regular rollers! Ha)....more info
  • Do not buy this!!
    I got this curler set, and I completely regret it! I used it once, and I wont touch it again! It left my hair frizzy, and there was a bump from where the clamps were. It took me 3x as long to get fix my hair as it did to put it in the curlers and wait for it to cool down. I wouldn't even give it one star...take my advice- DO NOT buy this!!...more info
  • Super Product
    I have almost no complaints about this product. The rollers are not that easy to use and the clips always fall out on my long hair. This reason itself would usually send me looking elsewhere. But, I used different clips and got used to burning my fingertips a little when I used it. It is worth it because of the way it lasts. I have very long hair and don't use hair products; yet my curls still stay all day. Much better than conair 2 min. setter and caruso steam stylers!...more info
  • Body waves hairsetter
    Heats up fast & assorted sizes makes setting a snap.Appears to add body to my fine hair & holds well....more info