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Soul Reaver 2, despite its name, is actually the third game in the Legacy of Kain series that debuted with Blood Omen on the PlayStation. It concerns a vampire named Raziel and his quest through time to destroy the evil blood-sucking vampire Kain. It's a complicated and confusing plot involving a mysterious being known as the Elder God, lots of dimensional and time travel, nods and references to the previous games in the series, and plenty of combat, puzzle solving, and adventure. You needn't have played the previous games to make sense of this title's plot (although it certainly helps), so newbies and series vets alike will find this a solid and well-built adventure.

The game is played in third-person perspective, and, like most games of that type, it features a lot of climbing, jumping, and puzzle solving through the fine art of pushing things, climbing on them, and exploring for powerful items. Raziel has access to all kinds of power-ups for his mighty weapon, the Soul Reaver sword that lets him suck the spirit energy from fallen foes ( la Elric of fantasy fiction fame). He can glide using his spirit wings and enter a shadowy spectral dimension at will that allows him to pass through certain barriers like a ghost.

The sword plays a much more central role to the gameplay than in previous installments. For one thing, you can now summon it at will, regardless of your health status. But there are also limits in place that keep you from overusing it. If you suck too many souls, it begins to draw power from you. This makes it important to balance the benefits of using it over other weapons, or even making Raziel use his claws. Raziel can no longer sneak up and kill foes without a fair fight, but combat in this game is more fun than in previous games, so consider that a push. Each enemy combatant fights well, making each fight something to enjoy rather

Soul Reaver 2, despite its name, is actually the third game in the Legacy of Kain series that debuted with Blood Omen on the PlayStation. It concerns a vampire named Raziel and his quest through time to destroy the evil blood-sucking vampire Kain. It's a complicated and confusing plot involving a mysterious being known as the Elder God, lots of dimensional and time travel, nods and references to the previous games in the series, and plenty of combat, puzzle solving, and adventure. You needn't have played the previous games to make sense of this title's plot (although it certainly helps), so newbies and series vets alike will find this a solid and well-built adventure.

The game is played in third-person perspective, and, like most games of that type, it features a lot of climbing, jumping, and puzzle solving through the fine art of pushing things, climbing on them, and exploring for powerful items. Raziel has access to all kinds of power-ups for his mighty weapon, the Soul Reaver sword that lets him suck the spirit energy from fallen foes ( la Elric of fantasy fiction fame). He can glide using his spirit wings and enter a shadowy spectral dimension at will that allows him to pass through certain barriers like a ghost.

The sword plays a much more central role to the gameplay than in previous installments. For one thing, you can now summon it at will, regardless of your health status. But there are also limits in place that keep you from overusing it. If you suck too many souls, it begins to draw power from you. This makes it important to balance the benefits of using it over other weapons, or even making Raziel use his claws. Raziel can no longer sneak up and kill foes without a fair fight, but combat in this game is more fun than in previous games, so consider that a push. Each enemy combatant fights well, making each fight something to enjoy rather than avoid.

The camera system, often the bane of games like this, is well done. It always keeps important things in front of you yet still delivers the goods, letting you see the artwork and animation in the game in all its glory. The graphics are quite a step up on the PlayStation2 and use most of its advanced features well, especially showcasing the detailed Gothic architecture and some of the advanced lighting effects. The sound, always a strong point in the Legacy of Kain games, is equally strong here, with good music and above-average voice acting.

Legacy of Kain fans are a passionate lot, caught up in the soap opera tale the series tells. Many unanswered questions are answered here, but new ones crop up, and some will be pleased to hear this third game also ends with a cliffhanger, meaning a fourth game is on its way. As a bonus, you'll find a short "making of" feature and some voice acting outtakes on the disc. --Bob Andrews


  • Excellent controls
  • Stunning graphics
  • It's the shortest in the series
  • The story may be too complicated for newbies

Taking up where the tale of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver left off, Eidos Interactive's sequel begins as the ancient vampire Raziel emerges from the Chronoplast time portal. He has traveled back into Nosgoth's past to continue his relentless pursuit of Kain, his nemesis and father.

Over the course of his journey, Raziel unearths the mysteries behind Nosgoth's ancient races, and exposes the secrets behind the corruption of the Pillars and the vampire genocide. As Raziel confronts the shadows of his unremembered past, he discovers a web of destiny stretching eons into Nosgoth's history. With his destiny about to come full circle, Raziel finds the fate of Nosgoth hanging in the balance and his personal vendetta transformed into a hero's journey.

Soul Reaver fans will also be engaged by the sequel's expanded lock-and-key puzzle system and the increased number and variety of enemies and spells. The game also plays with greater fluidity due to its constant 60-frames-per-second run rate.

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Customer Reviews:

  • very nice
    soul reaver 1 was one of the best ps one games made. Soul reaver 2 took a step higher. The story line is pretty good. The graphics are really cool. your moves are nice as well. Lets just say if you like the original you will love this game as well....more info
  • Best in Series!!
    I really love this game.It continues right from where 1 left off which most games don't do.After you travel through the time portal you meet Moebius.The story kicks off from there.
    -The phenomenal voice-actors appear again.
    -The gripping story continues
    -Fighting is better than in 1
    -Save points are far apart from eachother
    -Too short
    -Ends in another to be continued
    All in all this is a fantastic game...more info
  • Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 (PS2 Video Game)
    Video Game arrived in excellent condition and quality. Video Game arrived in a very timely fashion....more info
  • Excellent
    This is one of my favorite PS2 games, as are all of the games in the LOK series. Great, great story here. ...more info
  • Another great Legacy of Kain game.
    Soul Reaver 2 was another great game that I enjoyed. Everything was great including the voice acting. They all did a wonderful job developing this game. Now im working on LOK:Defiance....more info
  • a soul reaver fan
    i am a die hard soul reaver fan. when the first one came out on the playstation it was my favourate game and i enjoyed playing it over and over again.As for soul reaver 2 it started off very well but then it started to bore the hell out of me because all you do in the game is go back and forth back and forth over and over again with nothing new to discover other than to change your reaver into a different colour.another thing that really pissed me off is that it had no bosses at all through the whole game and there are no spells that you get like in the first soul reaver.I beat the game in a day and a half which makes it much much shorter than the first game so i returned it and got resident evil code varonica x which is 10 times better.If you are looking for a good game similar to sould reaver 2 then get DEVIL MAY CRY because that game is seriously the greatest game i have ever played in my entire life....more info
  • Graphics Good, Gameplay Just Ok, Ending TERRIBLE!
    I couldnt tell you how excited i was to finally get my hands on this game, i started playing and was enjoying it, the graphics were great, everything was top notch and the story was progressing pretty good. You have to go into this game knowing that its short, for this reason DO NOT BUY IT RENT IT!! It took me 2 days, maybe a total of about 8 - 10 hours to finish this game. The final reason i say rent this and dont buy it is because the ending is absolutely the biggest let down I have yet experienced in a game i was really into. Remember soul reaver 1, the ending was good, it wrapped up mysteries and left a bigger mystery open but at least soul reaver 1's story was pretty much wrapped up. Soul Reaver 2, Everything is left wide open, NONE of the story is wrapped up and the ending, well, lets just say, theres some text at the end, and thats it. HUGE DISAPOINTMENT. Be warned. Cause of the ending i give it a two....more info
  • The Reaver is for new and old fans alike
    Hello all Soul Reaver fans and non-fans alike. For those of you that have not played the original soul reaver game read here, if you have already played it please read the next paragraph. For those of you not in the know there is a first soul reaver game for the original playstation. This was an exelent game and i would suggest it to anyone who is a fan of any vampire legend. This game is a 3rd person kind of game where the camera is behind Raziel (the hero of these games). Because this is made by the same company that made Tomb Raider there are some similarities in the game play but they have revised it to make it better. Also there is a very deep story to this game that doesn't appear in the Tomb Raider games. IF you have not played the first game then it will take you some time to adjust to the game play but it is simple enough to pick up. The story may confuse you at first as there are holes in this plot that the game makers exepcted the gamer to fill in because they had played the first one, but you will figure it out on your own.As far as graphics are concerned this is one of the best that i have see for the PS2 yet. Over all is a good game to get into even if you have not played the first.

    For those that are veterian soul reaver players here is the review of the second in the series. There are some elements of the game-play that are taken straight from the first game and so this will make the transition very easy. However the world in this one is a little less expansive and there are less places to go. Also if you are a fan of the puzzle/enemies (key enemies that are beaten through wit rather then force) from the first game, then you will be saddened to note that there are none in this game. However the story has more twists and turns then in the first game and will keep you on edge. Other then that the puzzels are like the first game (not exacely the same but the same style) and the graphics are much better then the first (hey it's a PS2 what do you expect).

    Here it is in a nut shell. If you have played the first you will do better then if you haven't. Those that have not played the first should. The graphics are nice and the game play is there as well. The story should keep everyone on edge while giving return players a better look at Raziel. Over all a good buy but you may want to wait until it comes down to about $... instead of the $... that it sells for right now....more info

  • What a difference an aeon makes!!!
    Well worth the wait despite how quickly I finished it. This game is most definitely the best of its kind so far. The game play is excellent, the story is compelling (and it even makes sense if you pay attention) and the voice acting - superb! There seems to be no extraneous charachters in the game, which is nice.

    I really only have one complaint about this game, what happened to Morpheus and the Elder God? There was no explanation of their fates? But after playing Metal Gear II, I can really forgive LOK II for leaving us hanging - again. This game had just the right amount of FMV and cut scences with the right balance of play time. Buy this one, I even kept it after I finished and will no doubt play it again. It is short, but REALLY SWEET! The 3D environment is cool, allowing you to move all around, without silly movement restrictions (like in MGS II and RES EVIL where you cant jump over, or move or blow up a chair or some other small object to get by). The fluid movement of Raziel is great and once you get used to the controls, its time to steal lots of souls!! The addition of deadly enemies in the "other" world is great allowing no refuge from harm when the heat is on. Very challenging and very beautilful game. BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT - was that convincing enough?...more info

    I was a bit hesitant to buy this game,the first soul reaver gained excellent online reviews but i was dissapointed when i played it for it was REALLY boring,i feared the same thing might happen this time before buying soul reaver 2,but i decided to just give it a shot and see...
    and WOW this game is good,the storyline is the best in any videogame i ever played so far,it keeps you wondering all that time :"what's going to happen next?"...
    excellent gameplay,the combat system has been highly improved and a lot easier yet much more exciting that its first predessecor,the story is really really exciting,and the graphics are top-notch and gorgeous,the sound performance and acting is really good even better than an actual movie...
    i'm surprised to find this game improved that far compared to the first soul reaver,good job eidos......more info
  • Still Great
    It's still a great game, a little confusing at firt but once you figure out the things you can do its much easier....more info
  • Very cool game!
    After beating the first Soul Reaver I couldn't wait for the second one to get here, I was even more jazzed that it was going to be on Playstation2! For you Soul Reaver vets part 2 is graphically far better than the first (obviously).
    One of the coolest surprises about the second installment of this series is that all the abilities you obtained from the first game have returned to the second! The story line and cut scenes are pretty cool and a bit wordy but the story is what the game is all about right? This time around you are back in time before the vampires took over and killed everyone so some of the enemies you will face are actually human. The one very noticeable thing is the fighting as gotten much more difficult! Its not the vampires you don't have to worry about anymore, the humans are pretty challenging and if you aren't careful they will beat you down! I haven't beat the this game yet but I am so far not disappointed with what I have seen so far. Great sequel and a great game for SR vets and first timers!...more info
  • Best Game of 2002
    Ok, I just rented SR2 the other day, and wow! I was extremely impressed by the entire game! I was so into this game, I played it for three days straight, and on the fourth day, I beat it. I was so anxious to finish this game since it was so astounding! The graphics were excellent, the movie scenes were superb, and the director's bonus material was TDF! This is a must rent for video game veterans, and a must buy for video game fans!

    PS. enjoy the outakes :)
    PPS. This game contains violence and gore...more info

  • Maddening
    I just finished the game. It was the quickest I have ever finished any game I ever had by far! I have read in other reviews that the graphics were outstanding and one person even went so far as to say they were the best to date. I heartily disagree. The environment may be beautiful, but the character renderings are a step down from the previous game. I was expecting an improvement being that it was coming out on the Playstation 2 console and was disappointed. Save points in the game were frustratingly far apart. Also ran into a few to many glitches during the game and had to restart it from the previous save point. So much for the bad stuff. On the good side, the story is fantastic. I don't know why all the reviews say that the plot is complicated. It's intriguing and gripping. The sound is wonderful (great music) and the voice acting is top notch. But just like the previous game, it leaves you in a lurch. Makes me feel like I played the entire game for nothing. There was no resolution! Wonder if Eidos plans to roll all the games up in one tight package and remarket it after the final conclusion (hopefully in Soul Reaver 3)....more info
  • Beautiful game, great story
    If you are looking for a game with a great story this is it, or one of them. I love this series. I got Blood Omen , Soul Reaver 1, and now Soul Reaver 2, and I cannot wait for Blood Omen 2 to come out and Soul Reaver 3. This games answers many questions left un anwered by the previous games, but it also raises a couple more though. First this game has awesome graphics the amount of detail is owerwhelming. I love to play games which pay attention to detail. Next is the sound. Wow you can feel yourself inmerse in the game atsmosphere. The voice acting deserve 5 stars by itself. The gameplay is great, the puzzles are challenging but not to the point of frustation. I gave it 4 stars simply because it lacked real boss battles. But the rest is great. To me this is a collector series to have. I have heard that is becoming very to difficult to find Blood Omen 1. It is becoming a collectors item.
    You got to own this series....more info
  • Short but epic and sweet
    If ever there was a series that could be labeled an epic it would be Legacy of Kain. Although Final Fantasy oft has that label even the Sakaguchi cash cow doesn't light a candle to the dark, gothic and twisted tale of Kain the knight turned vampire, and Raziel his disgruntled employee.
    As the story progresses we discover that everything we knew in Soul Reaver 1 was wrong, as I thought Kain does not appear to be the root of all evil, rather he seems to be trying to root out the real hands behind the demise of the sacred pillars. But he also seems to be up to more than that. His destiney had been robbed of him, he became a pawn in the eleborate game of Mobeous and his God (Who we now know is a giant squid.) Kain has set things into motion to undo the events of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, or so it seems, and his key to rewritting history is Raziel, who is tired of everyone wanting Kain dead, and is now listening to reason. He cxontinues on his quest, no longer seeking to kill Kain, but rather to unravel the mysteries of the demise of the pillars, and the near extinction of the vampires. His quest adds more twists to the already deep plot of the story, but be warned, this story is far from over, it's clifhanger ending has left it very open for another sequel. Vampire fans must buy this game!...more info
  • Soul Reaver 2 (...)
    sweet game, played it straight for 2 days. The plot twists and turns in ways you didn't even know were there. Better combat, this time you need to learn how to fight and master your technics, not just press squar....more info
  • mediocre
    Crystal Dynamics must have read their message boards a little too closely when designing Soul Reaver 2. All the hardcore fans were so (angry) about the story and ending of Soul Reaver, CD apparently over compensated and put nothing but plot in the sequel. Tons and tons of elegant cutscenes and story elements are brought out through amazing voice talent, and each one reveals something cool about the series history. Everything in between, however, just felt like filler made of essentially the same (bad) combat as the first game. I thought we weren't going to be able to just jump over bad guys anymore. Seemed to work 80 percent of the time for me... You've got no incentive to fight unless you're severely wounded and need to regain energy by feeding, so why bother? Instead, you will spend countless hour's just running from place to place trying to spot the one ledge or cavern that will allow you access to the next area. The only thing that will motivate you to send Raziel loping across Nosgoth is seeing this epic tale come to some kind of conclusion. The first game's tedious block puzzles have been mercifully replaced by more creative mind benders, which helps to offset the uninspired combat. The final battle is the only one that could even be consiedered a boss fight. Though, and Raziel is invincible throughout the whole thing, which would be cool if i was a dangerously uncoordinated 4 year old....more info
  • mediocre
    Crystal Dynamics must have read their message boards a little too closely when designing Soul Reaver 2. All the hardcore fans were so (upset) about the story and ending of Soul Reaver, CD apparently over compensated and put nothing but plot in the sequel. Tons and tons of elegant cutscenes and story elements are brought out through amazing voice talent, and each one reveals something cool about the series history. Everything in between, however, just felt like filler made of essentially the same (bad) combat as the first game. I thought we weren't going to be able to just jump over bad huys anymore. Seemed to work 80 percent of the time for me... You've got no incentive to fight unless you're severely wounded and need to regain energy by feeding, so why bother? Instead, you will spend countless hour's just running from place to place trying to spot the one ledge or cavern that will allow you access to the next area. The only thing that will motivate you to send Raziel loping across Nosgoth is seeing this epic tale come to some kind of conclusion. The first game's tedious block puzzles have been mercifully replaced by more creative mind benders , which helps to offset the creative mind benders, which helps to offset the uninspired combat. The final battle is the only one that could even be consiedered a boss fight. Though, and Raziel is invincible throughout the whole thing, which would be cool if i was a dangerously uncoordinated 4 year old....more info
  • Major Glitches In this Game
    This game has at least 2 glitches I've heard. The glitch I've run into is where you can't get out of a building called Dark Forge. I've read that I have to restart. I did waste about 2 hours though trying to figure out what happened. Only to confirm the glitch or "bug" on the internet. I hope I'm entitled to a free upgrade to the bug free copy when or If it ships. Otherwise, this game would get 5 stars from what I've seen so far....more info
  • Great story but way to short
    It picks up right where the first game leaves off. The story and the gameplay are excellent. I only give it 4 stars because the game is way to short. It is possible to finish the game in about 3 hours....more info
  • It's all about the Story...
    I bought this game simply because, after playing the first two games in the series, I was completely enthralled with the overall storyline, and Soul Reaver 2 doesn't disappoint.

    The time travel elements of the game can be a little confusing at some points, just trying to figure out when you are. But what's fantastic about it is that, by going into Nosgoth's history, we see elements of all three games finally coming together into one coherent storyline. Several characters from Blood Omen make appearances here, and we see the true mechanizations of the plots that Kain went through centuries ago.

    The ending of the game is what really makes it for me... without spoiling it, we see many elements from Soul Reaver 1 finally explained, and the simply massive twist at the very end of the game left me staring at the screen in shock.

    I gave it only 4 stars because, as some other reviewers have said, the game is rather short. There are no bosses per se (unless you count those Diablo lookalikes scattered throughout). While the puzzles are definitely better than the block-pushing puzzles of the first game, the overall gameplay isn't that much different from SR1.

    If you're looking for a deep gaming experience, you'd probably be happier with Metal Gear or Silent Hill. If you want to explore the history of Nosgoth, and find out just what's REALLY been going on through all three of these games, you can't do without SR2....more info

  • Good game, nice story
    This game is great, It has a nice story that started with Blood Omen, then continued with Soul Reaver 1. And now we have Soul Reaver 2. This game looks great, the graphics, sound, voice acting and gameplay is well done. I gave it 4 stars just beacuse it lacks actual boss battles....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    I'm keeping this very short, just like the game. Great graphics, landscaping, and sound compared to the original, but not enough to make up for the quantity of gameplay offered. I have a very tight schedule and was able to beat the game in 4 nights. This is it, after a year of anticipation and bumped release dates!!! I agree with the others. Rent it - Don't waste your money!...more info
  • Love the Graphics
    This game is a visual masterpiece. the only real limitation this game has is that it is way too short. I hope CD adn EDIOS are planning another one real soon or they are going to have a lot of people upset...more info
  • (Bad)
    it (bad) don't get it... get "Devil May Cry"... way cooler and funer...more info
  • Filmic (yay!), truncated (boo!).
    I looked forward to this game with almost pavlovian anticipation, so perhaps I was setting myself up for disappointment. In terms of game play (no block puzzles, yay!) and sheer cinematic beauty, I was not at all disappointed. Great story exposition, great vocal talent, great graphics, many many plus points there. Controls took a little getting used to, since they're somewhat different than SR 1, but in the long run I like the SR 2 system better, as it seems to be more versatile and useful -- as well as more intuitive.

    But the game seemed to cut off a little prematurely at the end -- skinny on the 'net is that there WILL be a SR 3, but I felt a little bit cheated nonetheless. I think if I had it to do over again, I'd wait for a used copy rather than springing for full price; you might consider to do the same....more info

  • For the intellectual gamer
    Soul Reaver 2 is an excellent peice of gaming, but it isn't for everyone. The visuals are on par with anything else available for the PS2, and the sound is simply top notch. Where it truly makes it's mark, however, is in the puzzles and plot development. Sporting the most skilled cast of voice actors ever assembled, the story is delivered through long, frequent, elegantly scripted in-game cutscenes. Although a player new to the series shouldn't have too much trouble understanding the events leading up to Soul Reaver 2, the plot itself is very complicated, almost to Byzantine levels. The experience is akin to watching an Anne Rice movie.
    Breaking up the story sequences are a number of puzzles in which Raziel improves the Reaver to progress further in the world. Anyone familiar with the original Soul Reaver's endless block puzzles will see the dramatic improvement, more reminiscent of Ico than anything else.
    Although the combat system is visceral and satisfying, it rarely is necissary to actually attack every opponent encountered; I found myself passing up any number of interesting battles just to get to the next area.
    Both unlocking the various puzzle challenges and comprehension of the elaborate dialogue make Soul Reaver a more left-brained game than most, but i suggest it for anyone willing to give it a try....more info
  • Dissappointed
    I have been waiting for this game for a long time. What a major dissapointment. Great story, terrible game. No bosses to fight. No real challenge to the game at all. If you want to play a good Soul Reaver, replay the first one. This was obviously just a vehicle to get to Soul Reaver 3. I spent the entire game waiting for a challenge that never came. In the end it's a great story, but if I wanted just a great story I would rent a movie. Just like this game, if you have to play it because of the first one... rent it don't buy it....more info
  • A fabulous, if short, game.
    I'm going to come right and point out the short comings of this game first, one being that anyone who thinks this game concludes the story begun in the first one has another thing coming. As many reviews have pointed out, the game probably opens more questions than it answers. But the game's biggest fault is that it's short. I finished it in a run of three days and probably spent at the most about ten hours in my first run. Understandably, this has and will disappoint a lot of people. But for me personally, I absolutly loved this game and don't regret buying it one bit. It's all about the story for me and the game delivers very well. The voice acting is really top notch, and soul reaver 2 is just a well rounded game in all aspects (length excluded). The music, the character and evironmental design, and cutscenes blend together for a very atmospheric experience and improved moves and tougher enemies make for more challenging battles over the the first soul reaver. This is the kind of game I enjoy replaying for sheer enjoyment, much like someone re-reads their favorite book. And if you own the original blood omen, it's fun to go back and see the bits of story that intertwine with soul reaver two, since the two take place around the same time period (for example, the images of the circle members slain in the beginning of blood omen, are memorialized in mobeuis's chamber in the beginning of soul reaver two). The added features, such as concept art and stills, and video recordings of the voice sessions are also very enjoyable.
    Because of it's exceptional story, I can overlook the aforementioned flaws, though many people probably cannot. If you love the story, I absolutely reccomend the game, but if you're wary of the length, at least rent it or by it used....more info
  • Great Game....To Rent
    I pre-ordered this game a long time ago, and now that I got it, I wish that I had rented it first. Dont get me wrong, stunning graphics an great gameplay and all that, but it is waaaay to short of a game..The storyline keeps you guessing until the end, but once you see the ending, it makes re-playing it kind of boring. So after dropping down a wad of cash for it, I got to play a cool game for about 10 hours, and now I will probably never play it again. This is a must play game, but if I could go back in time, I wouldnt buy it, but just pay a couple bucks to rent it for a few nights....more info
  • Dont buy, just rent, you can beat it over the weakend.
    This game is a pretty good game, the graphics are amazing, the rooms and landscapes that you run around in are breathtaking and really show off the power of the PS2. The gory finishing moves like cutting off your foes head and tearing their upper torso off are pretty cool. However, this game feels rushed and less complete then its counter part for the playstation. It is obviouse that the people took the time to make an immersive story and that is really the strong point of this game but it is very short, the upgrades are really just like getting keys so you dont gain any new powers, there are no bosses or items to recover, the gameplay is really secondary to the story progression. You will probobly only play this game once and then it is done, it wont take you to long either so if you want to pay 55 bones for a game that has great graphics and a cool story that you will only play once and then let it sit there and collect dust feel free but they rent them at your local video store for five days and this is more than enough to enjoy the game for 5 bucks and then take it back when you are done. Spend your money on something else....more info
  • Game developers watch and learn from the Masters
    I will chose Quality over Quanity every time. I was beginning to think that the requirement for intense graphics and great game play in a PS2 game was unbearable load times every few minutes(Red Faction). Well guess what there is NO IN GAME LOADING.

    Pros: NO LOADING
    Top Notch Graphics
    Top Notch Voice Acting
    Top Notch Story Line

    Cons: Short Game
    Saving at specified points only

    (...) Game developers take some notes form EDIOS THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A VIDEO GAME...more info

  • Skip It!
    Fans of the original series are in for a big dissapointment with SR2. This game is not epic nor are the puzzles challenging or rewarding. In the original SR game, there was a good balance of story telling and game play, but that has been left out for boring and unnecessary dialogue.

    As expected, graphics are great, but overall, a huge miss and not worthy of sinking your teeth into. Hopefully, Eidos gets it right with Soul Reaver 3?...more info

  • Soul Reaver Series Goes Sour?
    One day I decided to log onto to and look for some intresting Playstation II game titles. A great title showed itself to me ,"Soul Reaver 2." I jumped out of my computer chair in excitement because I had played the original Soul Reaver and it was a (...) title. I was totally frantic just from reading the news that their was a new title soon to come out. I clicked on the, "Buy-Now", button and shortly after I felt completely euphoric from the purchase that I thought was great. I had purchased my first adventure genre game for my Playstation II. A couple weeks later I got Soul Reaver in the mail, gosh what a letdown, it was the most horrible thing I had ever played. Although, the visuals were spectacular, the gameplay was bland without a good battle system. When I tried to follow the plot I got confused and gave up from frustration. This game didn't match up to the original series that I once played before. Bottom Line: Excitement Factor-2.5,It's an epic bloody feeding frenzy literally....but lacks creativity, too much walking/running/jumping, and confusing puzzles that test your patience as well as your fingers. Controls: Raziel is alot more agile than he was in the first title. The hardest part of the game is battling your way in trying to get down the games controls. Sound: The sound is very great, it serves its purpose well for, "soul-reaving". Graphics:Gorgeous lush polygons, worlds that you can rome free in with breathtaking visuals and a high frame rates....more info
  • Soul Reaver 2, a "GAMER'S" review....
    The game "Soul Reaver 2" for the PS2 is quite fun to play!!!!!!!!

    While the graphics are not as sharp, nor the characters as vivid as "Blood Omen 2", the game itself is creepy, and the story line GREAT. The story itself was really involved, and with it's twists and turns, you can't really tell just exactly WHO is the "bad guy".

    If you like "involved" games, with twists, and you love games that have spiritual conotations, then you will LOVE this game!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Would be a stellar game if not for some major issues...
    What you have here is possibly, the most wasted potential classic on the PS2!. Oh my god, this game, from the start is flippin' sweet!. Good graphics, great gameplay(story-wise), awsome gothic atmosphere, and for once, a camera that isn't problematic(Since it stays behind Raziel)(Put's Castlevania:LOI to shame)...and then from there, it's downhill.

    For one, the Fighting system is completely annoying, since, for some reason, Raziel can't seem to focus his attacks in a single direction(Even with the lock-on), and this is one of those games were if the bad guys hit you once, they'll hit you three more times since your character can't either get out of the way fast enough, or can't block mid-attack. Simply annoying. Another problem area is Raziel himself...I find that in key areas were I'll need to glide...the game seems to not recieve the "glide" Message from my controller, so instead of gliding to another part of a particular jumping puzzle, Raziel just falls and you have to start over, hoping the same problem won't reaccur. Then there's the music...for a game that hits dead-on in terms of Gothic feel and atmosphere, the producers sure did drop the ball on just plain sucks, and I love video game music. I know the game is upwards five years old now, but the stuff they put in here for music can barely pass as late-term sega genesis music. Im not joking!, it's horrible and repetative, and it barely sounds authentic. As far as music goes..."D-".

    And then there's the whopper: The Glitches...For some reason, this game made it pass the pre-release inspection, because there are at least three major glitches in this game that can actually keep you from finishing!, I know, in this day and age, that's almost unheard of, but it's true. And Not 10 minutes ago from writing this did I find the grand-daddy of all VG glitches...During the fire reaver hunt(Conservatively 90% through the game), The game kicked into glitch gear and konked out. See, the Fire-reaver involves a timing puzzle in a certain room that involves the room filling and draining with blood(Not unheard of in video games, it's pretty standard fare), and keep in mind, Im in the last phaze of this "puzzle", and then the glitch kicks in, and the room overflows, I can't get the last reaver, and my last save spot was actually in the same room as the puzzle, which starts out with you locked in it. How on earth could this make it past final inspection???, How can you get 90% through the whole game and then have it crap out!?!?!...anyway, it left me fairly pissed. Not only because I won't be able to finish it now, but that it keeps this game from being near perfect!...See, this is what happens when game producers start worrying money instead of a quality game. It's obvious that this game, Like it's predacessor, was rushed to meet the market. Too bad, because had it been in the oven alittle while longer, I dare say it might have overshadowed the much reveared God of War game.

    But don't let me deter you, if your afan of the series trying to complete the collection, go for it, hopefully you won't be nearly as dissapointed as I am, and besides, It might just be my particualar copy anyway, it's possible. But be warned, it might still be the game itself....more info
  • Raziel is still an ugly mofo.
    I actually bought this game a couple of months ago. Let's face it: There's a massive draught in games that stand the test of time. I'm really sick of stuff based on poorly done, flavor-of-the-week movies. This has been, despite the dated graphics, a breath of fresh air. Raziel is still ugly though....more info
  • One of the best the PS2 has to offer.
    This is game number 3 in a (currently) 5 game series. I am coming back and writing this review after having played all of the games, and 3 years after having played it the first time through (I have recently played it again start to finish).

    Simply put, this game is amazing.

    The graphics were incredible for its time, and still are good. The textures, the locales, and the ambience are all exceedingly well done. The music ranges from really good to unnoticed.

    Then there is the voice acting. This entire series, and especially this game, have the best voice acting of any videogame I've ever seen. It's even better than most movies that come out these days. Even most of the people who dislike or hate the game admit the acting is superb. The character animations fit the dialogue, which is itself very well written.

    Being a story-driven game, this is where it shines. It is rare to see videogames with actual dynamic characters, and a well laid out plot. I can't go into detail about it, partly because it's a vast storyline (with 2 games full of plot preceeding it), and partly becasue i don't want to spoil it for anyone. Besides, the game's pacing and unfolding of the story is done so well, I don't want to screw it up by telling it poorly.

    I prefer the puzzles in this game to the ones in any of the other games. They seem more organic, if a little easier. Gone are the block puzzles, and (for the most part) jumping puzzles. These seem more like a riddle without words.

    Combat is interesting at first, but grows stale after not too long. While a general improvement on the first games, this is probably the worst part about this game (and it's not that bad).
    On one hand, it never really gets frustrating, on the other, it's never really that exciting. Combat in general is why this game received 4 stars (instead of 5) in the fun department.

    I loved the puzzle-type boss battles from Soul Reaver 1, and was saddened to not have them here, but it's something you'll learn to live with out.

    The camera in this game (unlike most 3d games) is excellent, mainly because you're in control of it. Having full control of its rotation is such a relief and suprisingly rare in games of this ilk.

    I actually like the fact that there are no "powerups" in this game. Hunting all over the world for hidden pieces of extra health has its place, but not in such a plot-driven game such as this one.

    It is a superbly presented game. It's biggest fault is that it is rather on the short side (probably 10 hours of gameplay to beat), but that just means its slightly longer than most other games out there nowadays. But, what time you do spend playing it is well worth that time....more info
  • A mixed bag, but generally positive
    The graphics (at that time) and storyline (convoluted though it may well be) set this apart from a lot of games on the market and lend it an epic and ominous feel.

    This is a game that could (and should) never be subjected to the "let's make a movie out of it" phenomenon because it manages to be both maddeningly non-linear on one hand such a huge cinematic experience unto itself

    The voice acting, as has been the case throughout the LoK series (even the disappointing "Blood Omen 2"), is top-notch and the game itself positively drips with atmosphere with only a few glitches and a few rather weak gameplay elements keeping this game from being very nearly perfect

    The climactic showdown of the game turns into a real mind-twister which you will either love for being cruel and clever or hate for being hokey and obtuse

    Personally, after i unkinked my brain from the implications of it, i rather enjoyed it....more info
  • Soul Reaver 2, The best in the series!
    Soul Reaver 2 is one fo the best games in the Legacy of Kain series featuring a practically easy play. The buttons are easy to use and there are not millions of buttons! Although the story line is probably not the easiest to understand but most gamers dont crae about the story line they just wanna play! Well SO2 is extremely playable ad there are puzzles to make you think. Theres is only 1 challenging area and that is the Fire forge that gives the Soul Reaver the elemental power of fire but it is right at the end of the game. The last part of the game has loads of bosses and you face them one after another but you are invincible so its quite easy! If you want to start the Legayc of Kain path then you should consider starting with either Blood Omen 2 or Soul Reaver 2 both have good gameplay and slightly challenging but can be done!...more info
  • Puzzling wierd and stupid!
    I basicely got this gamebefore legacy of kain and thought it would be good I was so wrong. When I first played I got stuck on the place where you have to get a light reaver. At least you get to steal weapons. I cant even bare to use the reaver it is so flimsey bye bye...more info
  • Fricken awesome sequal!!
    I don't understand why you are all whining about the gameplay, there is enough gameplay, there are just a lot of long cinematics! I like this one alot, because it actually has the greatest vampire mood, this one is the darkest, has some dark music, some demonic enemies from hell, and some deadly weapons, that's what I look for in a vampire game! So go out and buy this, but only if you're a big fan of the serires....more info
  • Great Story - Horrible Gameplay
    Soul Reaver 2, is an excellent sequel to Soul Reaver, as far as the Story is concerned.. it has some wonderful plot twists, and the ending is fantastic and unexpected...

    However, the Gameplay is what makes this games Value, drop like a brick.

    First, there is a serious bug in the first "forge" that keeps you from exiting. If the bug occures, and threw normal game play, it does, you have to reset, and go threw the whole dungeon again. ( took me 3 trys to find a way arround this. )

    Second, the combat system is lame. The best way to fight anything, is to run arround in circle mashing the attack button, and even this tactic is ruined due to constantly picking up items that deactivate your main weapon. ( the same button to attack, is the one that picks things up. )

    Third, All the picked up weapons in this game stink. You have your best weapon from the very beginning of the game, there is no reason to pick up others.. and yet, you end up doing this time and time again, without wanting to.

    Over all, I rate this game a Low 2. The Story is the ONLY redeeming quality.

    EIDOS really screwed the pooch on this one....more info

  • A True Sequal
    Soul Reaver 2(legacy of Kain) Is a true sequal to the 1st soul reaver game. An entraping story line and beautiful back drops and landscapes. Interesting and challenging puzzles all captured in a Gothic Hero's tale.

    Great game, though the Battle play is a bit flawed....more info

  • Well made sequal
    For those who are unfamiliar with this series: The Legacy of Kain series began with the game Blood Omen, which revolved around the vampire Kain. Since then, the series has divided into two parts, Blood Omen and Soul Reaver. The Soul Reaver was the second game in the Legacy of Kain series. It revolves around the vampire Raziel. Raziel is the firstborn of Kain's 6 vampire luitenants in his parasitic empire. However, at the beginning of the first Soul Reaver game, Kain, apparently out of jealousy of Raziel's newly evolved wings, has Raziel cast into the Lake of a the Dead (water burns vampires like acid). Centuries later, Raziel is resurrected by a mysterious being known as the Elder to destroy his former brethren and take revenge on Kain. Resurrected, Raziel can shift between the material and spectral realms. He is also no longer the blood sucking vampire he once was. Now he feeds upon the souls of his fallen enemies - he is a soul reaver.

    Soul Reaver 2
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 starts where the first Soul Reaver, which has a cliff hanger ending, leaves off. Raziel has gone back in time. He now continues to hunt Kain - but soon his quest for revenge becomes a journey through time to discover his own destiny.
    What's new?
    The soul reaver, once the sword of Kain and now Raziel's symbiotic weapon, plays a much more central part in Soul Reaver 2, then in the first. It is often required for solving puzzles, and it has a greater role in the story line. In the first game, the reaver would only manifiest it's self in the material realm when Raziel had full health, and then sustain Raziel's health. This meant that this powerful couldn't simply be used at anytime any where (a good thing, which made the game more challenging). However, I must say I prefer this game's improved use of the reaver. In Soul Reaver 2, the reaver can now be summoned at will regardless of Raziel's health. However, it is now more powerful and has more of a parasitic than a symbiotic relationship with Raziel. If Raziel uses the reaver too much, it will become over aroused and begin to drain energy from him. Furthermore, if it is used to kill an enemy, the soul reaver will due as it's name implies, meaning Raziel won't be able to feed of that opponent. This means that Raziel must limit his use of the reaver and resort to other weapons sometimes - even his bare claws.
    Through the game, Raziel gains access to elemental forges. Once he has solved the puzzle at each forge, various elemental fonts throughout Nosgoth are activated. Raziel can use these fonts to imbue the reaver with elemental power, which gives the reaver special abilities, which are ussualy used in solving puzzles. There are four elemental upgrades: The Dark Reaver, the Light Reaver, the Air Reaver, and the Fire Reaver. The elemental glyphs which were optional side quests in the first game are not to be found, which I would consider neither a pro nor a con.
    There are no bosses in this game. I do not particularly mind this, though some games might view it as a bad point of the game.
    The puzzles in this game are greatly improved. In Soul Reaver, games tended to be very repetative and became more of a hassle, as they tended to block puzzles - involving pushing, pulling, stacking, and climbing on blocks. Puzzles are much more interesting in this game, less repetative, and acctualy enjoyable. In the first game, you were happy to have solved a block puzzle because that particular puzzle was finished and done with - in this game you are happy to have solved a puzzle because you've solved the puzzle.
    Combat also seems to be improved. Enemies are much more challenging and intelligent in the way they fight as they will duck and block Raziel's attacks, and perform formidable attacks upon him.
    Exploring Nosgoth, however, can sometimes get repetative because it often involves going over the same areas several times (where this would have been a problem in the first game, it was overcome with warp gates, allowing Raziel to jump from place to place). This is not as bad as it could be as often times they are in various time eras, however it is still rather a con.
    Scattared throught out Nosgoth are checkpoints which, when he dies on the spectral plane, he revives at. In the original game, he would return to the den of the Elder.
    I am not pleased with the game-saving. You can not save anywhere within the gae, but only at special monoliths found throughout Nosgoth. This can be very annoying when you want to save and have to find you way back to one of the monoliths.
    In the first game, Raziel gains the "constrict ability" which allowed him to constrict his opponents with a band of energy as well as revolve certain puzzle objects. This power is gone in this game. While I don't nessecarily mind not having the ability, I'd like to know where it went.
    Finaly, I'd say the game could have been longer.

    Improved Reaver usage
    Elemental Reaver upgrades
    Improved combat
    Improved puzzles
    Sometimes repetative exploring
    Bad game-save design
    Leinth of game - too short
    Constrict ability is gone without explanation...more info

  • UGH
    people say that this game is too short, whatever, the problem with this game is puzzles that are dumb and/or too hard to figure out on your own. Look around entire rooms for something, even the ceiling, than screw up and not be able to solve the puzzle because of a game glitch, that's always fun. Don't buy this game unless you're interested in completing the entire series (which I now don't see myself doing.)...more info
  • Let down after the long wait
    After being on a waiting list of almost one year to get this game, to be honest I and everyone else expected to be blown away. After Soul Reaver I, which was really something for a PS1 game, this PS2 version is nothing special. There are fun moments and some nice cut scenes, and cut scenes, oh and did I mention the cut scenes? Hey we all wanted a game but we got sold a movie with a few "gaming" sequences....more info
  • Beautiful, but has repetative gameplay and confusing plot
    I loved this game. The shifting between "spectral" and "reality" planes is so awesome -- someone should make a science fiction movie based on this idea! The graphics are drop-dead gorgeous, reminiscent of but better than Tomb Raider. I also loved the moodiness, the time travel aspect, and the *attempt* within the cutscenes to convey a deep and building sense of mystery about Raziel's true role in the history of his world.

    My problems are the following: The game has many repetative aspects. (1) Combat, as far as I can tell, is always just running around and slashing. After a while you get tired of this. (2) You have to traverse the same geographical locations beween 4 and 6 times during the course of the game. While this may be realistic (and granted, the environments do NOT look identical each time you see them), this too becomes tiresome. (3) A lot of the gameplay takes place in quite dim surroundings where it's hard to see what's going on. (4) The save points are too far in-between; sometimes you have to play for three hours straight just to get to the next save point! (5) The puzzles bear no relation to the plot, but this is a common problem in games of this sort, and finally (6) the plot is just too confusing. For someone who's not familiar with the "Legend of Kain" mythology, the plot will leave you totally bewildered. You will sit through hours of cutscenes that drag on and on in the mode of "Only now did I finally understand Kain's true reason for bringing me here..." but you will understand nothing. I think Eidos should have included a quick summary of Nosgoth's history as prelude to this game for those who have not yet been initiated. They should have also cut some of the frequent verbal jousting found in the cutscenes in favor of more real explanation and history.

    But, the game is beatiful, so please play it....more info

  • Grand But Could be longer
    This game is a much improvement of its perdecessor soulreaver one which was an awesome game to start out with but they found some of their mistakes and fixed them. The story is very indeth yet easy to figure out with unexpected plot twist that at the time you find out you ask how could you have been so dumb. How ever the ending movie I still don't get. One otherthing is the lighting when you are propelled into the future really stink they could have done better. All in all this was a great game....more info
    This game is very cool. And the price is even cooler. Get this game now...more info
  • Kain refused the sacrifice...
    I normally hate vampires in anything. They're overdone and the pretentiousness that accompanies them and the people who like them is often too much for me to stand. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with Soul Reaver 2, because it actually did something new or least new to me. Soul Reaver 2 is basically game 3 of the Legacy of Kain series, (Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and the upcoming Legacy of Kain 2: Definace and Soul Reaver 3). In this game you play Raziel, a reborn demonic vampire. He had once been a Sarafan vampire slayer on the world of Nosgoth who, along with his brethren, had been slain then raised by Kain to be one of his lieutenants. In this world, vampires appear to be quasi-undead and are capable of evolution and change. In the first game, Kain would always metamorphose first, then years later his lieutenants would follow suit. However, this time Raziel beat him to the punch and evolved wings. His reward was to have them ripped from his body by Kain and then tossed into a roiling river- always bad news for a blood sucker.

    Raziel was, after years of agony, saved by the Elder Gone and reforged into what he is now- equipped with a soul destroying sword and charged with wiping out the last of the vampires and feed upon their apostate souls. Good job if you can get it, but I bet the hours are lousy. Anyway, the Elder God is basically this Cthulhu-esque squid thing that lies in a pool beneath the Nine Pillars- infinitely tall towers that gave life to and protected Nosgoth. After Ariel, the Balance Guardian, had been murdered, the pillars were corrupted by 'dark powers' and then became the seat of Kain's vampire empire for a thousand years until Raziel had been cast out. Kain had been chosen from birth to replace Ariel as Balance Guardian, but he refused, dooming Nosgoth to a slow death. Now, the story is a great deal more complex than that, but enough to give you a feel for what the games are about.

    Soul Reaver 2 is the shortest game of the series, and I finished it with a little help from a walkthrough, in about 30 hours. Despite the fact that Raziel is limited to about 5 geographic areas- the Sarafan Stronghold, a swamp, mountains, Janos Aurdrin's fortress and the pillars, it's amazing how varied the game makes them, because you get to visit them in different eras- past, present and future and they vary them enough that they always appear different. Within these areas are sub-sections that you can explore, but mainly you're on a quest to reforge the Soul Reaver blade with 4 elemental powers (Darkness, Light, Air and Fire), that aid you in your adventures. Each forge is a series of puzzles that must be solved to activate each elemental force to imbue the blade with a new power. The Reaver itself is a double-edged weapon, literally. While the most potent weapon in the game, it has a nasty habit of eating the souls of people you kill before Raziel can and he needs to do it to sustain his body in the Material Realm.

    Combat is pretty basic- Raziel can use a host of weapons other than the Reaver- swords, axes, pikes, and his claws. As he progresses, opponents get tougher and more numerous. By the last chapter you have to face down three Black Demons at the Pillars, and you'll want to use the Reaver- anything else is useless against them. Raziel's finishing moves are nicely gruesome- decapitations and impalings are the order of the day with lots of spraying viscera- I like to see that in game.

    This feature is probably my favorite aspect of the game. Raziel can at any time shift into the Spectral Realm, the place of souls. When he does so the geometry of the world shifts- buildings warp as the landscape alters. Here is the realm of the Sluagh- soul feeding predators. But in this realm Raziel and the Reaver no longer hunger because the Spectral Realm is saturated with excess energy. Raziel can also use it to gain access to areas in the real world- because of the geometry shift, certain things are higher in Spectral than in the Material realm, plus he can phase through locked gates. The only real downside to Spectral are the demons- they can follow you there. The demons are also some of the best designed monsters I have ever seen and their arrival in the game is pretty exciting as they warp in to confront Raziel, accompanied by a low frequency electrical buzzing sound.

    I never thought a Playstation 2 game could be this good. The voice acting is the best I have ever heard in a game- superb performances all around from the actors, especially Michael Bell who played Raziel, Simon Templeton who played Kain and Richard Doyle who played Moebius. Also appearing as the voice of Janos Aurdrin is Rene Auberjonois, who played Odo in Deep Space Nine. The graphics are pretty good and this is one of the few times I can't say it would look better on the PC, because the PC version is a straight port of this game. Too bad Soul Reaver 3 won't make it to the PC- with the latest batch of graphics cards it would have looked stunning. What really makes the game graphically are some of the unusually lighting effects. Sound is also really good- both the music, which is dark and brooding, and the unusual sound are all first rate. In fact, the sound is unique- not a lot of games have that going for them. Sure it's two years old, but who cares? It's a heck of a lot of fun and has probably the best story of any game I have ever played....more info

  • Really couldn't get into this one
    This game looked promising, and it was inexpensive so I took a chance. It's an okay game: the graphics are good but not amazing, the storyline is okay, etc. I just really didn't get hooked on it the way I did with Devil May Cry, the Final Fantasys, and others. I also didn't play the first one, though it is not necessary to pick up on the story. If you like the first one, then you'll probably like this, otherwise I would say spend your money elsewhere....more info
  • absolutely hypnotic
    I have plenty of games where it's all slashing, shooting, punching smacking and killing. Very rarely is a game as story-driven and focused as Soul Reaver 2. The new installment of Raziel's story is mesmerizing. The graphics are flat-out gorgeous, and the voice actors are talents unlike anything I've ever heard (and how funny is it to hear Raziel's amazing chasm voice scoff about giant squids). Movies today wish they could concoct plots as gripping as this game's. If video games are the new prominent artistic medium, Soul Reaver 2 is near the head of the list of dazzlers....more info
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
    This installment was well worth the wait..I must admit after having played Soul Reaver 1, I was very anxious to buy this game. I don't know about the rest of you but this Legacy of Kain series has to be the best well-thought out plot I have ever seen in a game (much less a movie). The graphics are great with new added feature with the Reaver and the excellent voice acting (I dig the pseudo-brit-old-english talk; very eloquent dialogue) The build up to the ending alone is worth buying this game. I only mention buying the game because it makes it easier to keep up with the plot (and no I'm not their sales rep.) This series is a classic in the making (and I've only played Soul Reaver 1&2)...more info
  • Short BUT SWEET
    Ahhh another great title in the lok series!! GREAT story graphics and ok game play. It took me one night to complete this game although the same can be said for bo2 (and sr1 the second time around) However the lok games are about storyline rather than gameplay. Id recommend it to anyone who likes a game that makes you think...more info
  • Soul Reaver 2 rules......
    If you're the type who loves a good story in their games, look no further than the 'Legacy of Kain' series. Especially, Soul Reaver 2. This game is mucho deep on storyline. To be honest, I think that is why most fans are so passionate about the series. It's deep. I've been a big fan of the series for quite some time and that is my sole reason for playing the games. Just to see what happens next. I'll admit, alot of times I'm left scratching my head on certain things but I'm sure they will be answered in due time.
    Everything from plot to presentation to control and gameplay, everything is tuned to a fine perfection.You'll often find yourself in awe of the beautiful scenery this game has. Be warned, though, some of the puzzles in this one are tough but, with good common sense, you'll make it through alright. There's alot of extras in this game, as well, such as Voice outtakes and excetra. Well worth playing through to unlock. This is one game definitely worth checking out.
    I, like other fans, am pleased to know yet another in the series is coming. Til that time, I'd like to suggest that you play Blood Omen 2 as well. Awesome game....more info
  • Really good
    I love the Blood Omen series. This game plays almost EXACTly like the first Soul Reaver, so the controls should be really firmilar. Everything looks great, and the sound and voice-over acting is top-notch.
    If there was a criticism to be placed anywhere, I thought the game was really on the shorter side. I honestly think it took me less then a week to wrap it up....more info
  • a really good game
    I like this game alot but the combat is not all that intresting its good but you will be playing this more for the story and puzzles and just fighting when force to or when you just want to hack n slash over all it good just look at the water there is some slow downs but not that bad...more info
  • Nicely Done But Far Too Short & Repetitive.
    I enjoyed this game more for it's graphics and dialog more than it's actual gameplay. And I must say it was far too short. Soul Reaver for PSX was longer and you were more involved in the story. There was excitement and antcipation for a sequel that just confuses me and seems very rushed. They should maybe redo this came and call it a second edition or something. As it stands it was a bit of a disappointment. Great voice acting though!...more info
  • A powerful and compelling story...
    This is one of my favorite games. It is that simple. I have read many reviews where people have complained about the length of this game, but the story more than makes up for the length. Anyone who was intrigued by Soul Reaver 1 will be more than thankful for spending their money on this game.

    The fighting system is much better in this game than the first. There are more weapons to use, the reaver is more enhanced with special abilities that are acquired throughout the game, and basic enemies are more of a challenge- especially the nasty demons that can give the player a run for his/her money even if he/she is a good fighter. There are more varieties of villains to fight too. There are several different types of human warriors- Sarafan priests and mercenaries, demons of different difficulties, and various other enemies.

    The graphics in this game are superb. Nosgoth is portrayed in many different time settings and each of them capture beautiful particular effects that will astound the player.

    The puzzles in this game are good too. I found them much more fun than the puzzles in Soul Reaver 1. This game has got rid of the tedious twisting and moving blocks while dodging vampires and has replaced it with puzzles that take a little more thinking.

    Once again, I have to applaud the storyline. Many questions from Blood Omen and Soul Reaver are answered, and new ones are brought forth to be answered. The last scenes of this game are the most compelling I have seen in any game! I have saved right before the ending, and I have played through the ending at least twenty times, and it never ceases to amaze me. The twists at the end are purely incredible, and I would say that just the last five minutes of this game are worth the cost of buying it.

    The only con that I would give this game is that the camera angles are sometimes confusing.

    I would tell any gamer that this is an excellent game to buy especially those of you out there who enjoy stories with a more supernatural twist. Raziel, the hero, is an undead, rerisen vampire who is seeking revenge at the beginning of the story, but his outlook on existence and on himself changes a lot in his convoluted quest. The things he discovers are shocking and make the story all the more intriguing....

    Any of you who buy this, have a great time as I'm sure you will!...more info

  • What a dissappointment!!!
    I love SR1, and I've been waiting for this ever since. What a dissapointment. The graphics are good, and the voice acting remains the best in the business, but the actual game play is repetitive and linear. You basically engage in the same fight over, and over, and over again, to go from cutscene to cutscene (not that the cutscenes aren't great). There are no true boss fights, nothing to discover, and the puzzles, while more varied than SR1, are still pretty basic. I would make this a weekend rental, b/c you won't need more than that to finish it. The DVD extras are fun, but unless you are a complete Legacy of Kain fanatic, this game will dissappoint you....more info
  • Too darned short
    This game was way to short, I mean eleven hours can't keep us coach potatoes occupied. I beat this freakin game in 2 days?!
    Other than that little gripe, I loved it. It was funner to fight, Kain and Raziel have formed a fragile alliance, and new enemies appear. The graphics and sound are top notch, but this is a STORY game. If you want just mindless killing mayham, play Blood Omen 2. But if you were captivated by the first Soul Reaver this game is for you. I would have liked some boss fights though(I really wanted to take a stab at Moebius before the game was over) and some more fatal blows would have been nice. Don't be angered at the ending, we were all wanting to know who the Hylden were, but it is all revealed in blood omen 2....more info
  • Good, No More, No Less
    Although this game has a considerable amount of flaws (no bosses, very few save points, short game length), it still retains much of it's predecessors' entertainment value, although it would be better to rent. But it shares the essential five things included in all LoK games:

    1.) Amazing scenery.

    2.) Plentiful gore.

    3.) Superb voice acting.

    4.) Intriguing storyline.

    5.) The Best Character Designs in History.

    Don't buy this game, but it's worth a rent. If you want to buy, check out Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.

    Note: The plot is more connected to Blood Omen than Soul Reaver 1, except for the one thing about Raziel's past that I'M NOT going to spoil, because people who've beaten Soul Reaver would know what I'm talking about....more info

  • Eidos ought to be ashamed
    What a huge disappointment. I loved Soul Reaver for PS, but this one is not worth it. There is nothing to recommend this game, apart from a Byzantine and contradictory story line, declaimed in junior-high-school-production-of-Shakespeare scenery chewing polysyllables -- and that is only fun because it's amusing to imitate. ("Alas, Raziel, you foolish and gullible puppet, your quest here is a futile exercise!" Well, that's what I thought, anyway.)

    Too few save points mean you have to re-play for long periods (and re-endure the long cut scenes -- make them stop!) if you get interrupted and have to turn the machine off. The puzzles have been embarrasingly dumbed down. Maybe Eidos read about dropping PSAT scores and got worried. The scenery is boring and repetitive. Huge amount of dull backtracking with continual, monotonous battles. The game uses the cheap technique of making everything dark, shadowy, and hard to see to compensate for lack of graphics power. Why is this necessary on the PS2? The graphics aren't much more impressive than in the PS version, and that game was better designed and more fun.

    The battles are endless and pointless button mashing. A hint -- don't bother with auto-face as it does no particular good; in fact, none of the techniques do. By the end, I just tried to outrun all my enemies, which is relatively easy. But the worst of all is that in the final battle, apparently you can't die. This leads to socially irresponsible behavior, believe me.

    On top of all that, it's a short game.

    Don't waste your money. Buy a PS1 and the first one instead....more info

  • Mind Bending
    Soul Reaver 2 is by far the best game in the series. I wouldn't put it past me to say that on top of that, this is the best game you can get for PS2. This is one of those games that rises far above the quota, so far past the norm. An immaculate host of elements ensnared me, and completely emersed me in this world for the period of the game, and beyond.
    The tale twists and turns at every corner, yet each new bend makes so much sense, and opens up many new questions. And so it continues....a fresh view at every turn. The player is rewarded by a cinamatic sequence every few moves. These ingame 'films' are so exquisitely crafted and enacted that the next cinamatic compells you forward at an ungodly pace through it's archetecture. There's never a flawed moment, never a slack of pace. Soul Rever 2 pretty much epitomizes story driven gaming and brings the genre to a higher level.
    The Visuals are also a huge leap ahead of it's predecessors. The artistry that went into the making of Nosgoth's landscapes and archetecture is complemented by fine detail and meticulously crafted density. Beautifully rendered and grafted into a massive whole.
    The music is also note worthy. A score that completely emmerses the player into the world and flawlessly intigrates the two aspects. Basicly comprised of otherworldly gothic/orchestral combined with a base of mid eastern sound design. Very effective, and of the highest quality.
    The sound effects are first rate. Perfectly executed.
    The Voice talent is beyond comparison. No editing flaws, and in perfect sync to the mouth movements. Could not have been done better. I'm particularly fond of Simon Templeman's performance as Kain. Performed to excellence.
    The puzzles are difficult and require alot of thinking. But instead of the same old (block pushing/lever pulling) Soul Reaver 2 incorperates very fresh ideas. The obstructions in your path are indeed very well done. The game never ceases to shine.
    There is one flaw. But this flaw is also a complement, and aplies to all good games: too short. All games have an end. Soul Reaver 2 is the shortest game in the series, and it's ceasing was ill accepted by myself. I wanted more. MORE. I want Soul Reaver 3.
    There are many points as to gameplay- Creatures, Gore, Abilities.... I could spend days writing about the glory of this game. Know that these elements are without a doubt incredibly executed. Phaseshifting is thrilling and so well done. The fact that there are no ingame load times, that it is one giant map laid out is a compliment to the gaming industry.
    All in all this is one of the best games ever made, characterized by intricate and beautiful design and execution. Intense gameplay, combined with acutely perceptive game-design and sound promise a beyond time experience....more info
  • The stroyline will blow you away!!
    The graphics are glorious treasures of eye candy which can make the most simple things(a rat scrawling across a sanctuary's floor to an array of fireflies)seem brilliant.All of the "levels" I had to work through and solve held a certain allure about them that just seemed to add an extra special something as opposed to a typical good guy or bad guy background.
    The characters were very fluid and smooth in both their movements and appearance.

    The gameplay/battle system of Soul Reaver 2 is very easy to get the hang of(it offers helping text whenever you need to perform
    any action for the first time in a game)yet it is also very addicting!I loved magicaly pulling a halberd or spear off of a wall with a mystic force,impaling my foe and then of course sucking down their soul!(Sound a bit sadistic,yes?Well it is 17+ so anyone who would be "disturbed" by it shouldn't be playing it in the first place)

    The sound/audio is superb in the voice acting depatment and background noises(climbing up a wall with your claws,or gaurds calling out "to arms!" as you approach)But the music had nothing in particular that would make me want to buy the soundtrack because of a really intense,impressive musical score.Still though,there was no annoying or tedious music either
    which can play a big part in ruining a game.

    On a side note,I think people should beat Soul Reaver 2 before playing the recently released Blood Omen 2 as it will justify Kain's seemingly selfish and mindless slaughter.With the ending of Soul Reaver 2,a great new insight can be found about Kain. There are alot of people who love Kain,but hate Raizel and therefore did not complete either of the Soul Reavers which is unfortunate esp. with the ending revelations of Soul Reaver 2:
    Raizel not being a mindless messiah with only one viewpoint,and
    Kain not being the thoughtless,destructive demon who desires to end all humanity......

    This game is definatly one that you would want to add to your library,not only for graphics,content and gameplay but for the historic footnote that this game has made by breaking old video game stereotypes....more info

  • Excellent saga to Soul Reaver 1
    The game is great, maybe a little short, but it was everything I expected from the next chapter in this story.
    It gets very interesting as Raziel travels through time and finds new insight about his true destiny. Old allies are questioned while old enemies are understood.
    SR2 leaves unaswered questions however, probably for the third chapter.
    The only reason I don't give five stars is because of a couple annoying bugs that made their way onto the final version of the game....more info
  • Radical- The best in the series thus far
    Fellow Legacy-o-Kain lovers, I have to say this game is the best so far in the series. I'm thirteen(using my parents' computer) and have been playing games since I was 8, and the Legacy of Kain series has the best storyline you could ever witness. This one is very short for those of you adequately skilled, but it fills in more on the storyline.Amy Hennig(Genus behind the game) has really outdone herself. Of course, it opens more mysteries than it solves from the first, so hope for some unspeakably severe, ...kickingly mind blowing surprises. From what I hear from Blood Omen 2's reviews, it reveals more mysteries than this.You play as Raziel, Kain's firstborn"child" seeking the truth of your previous life as a Sarafan murderer from the beginning. As your progress, someone murders one who gives you the answers, and you slaughter him. Good luck fathoming it all on your first try, gamers....more info
  • Short but Sweet
    Before I start let me say I really wanted to give this game 4 or 5 stars -- but despite my belief that it's one of the very best games on the PS2 and one of the most interesting game series anywhere -- it will disappoint many. The Legacy of Kain culture (and it IS a culture) is deep and dark and full of all the things that keep you awake at night -- intriguing characters, twisting plots, challenging puzzles. All of which are enriched by stunning graphic environments, excellent voice acting and sound, plus fluid, sometimes dazzling animation. There's a moment when Raziel confronts Ariel where just the sound of her voice and look on her face gives you the chills. It's beautiful. And the epic sweep of the story really rolls you along. Unfortunately it doesn't roll you long enough. SR2 is just too short. Especially for a storyline which is so engrossing. And with the absence of any climactic "boss" battles this is yet another anti-climax in a series of anti-climaxes. Maybe it's all building to some truly monumental resolution in SR4 (that would be good marketing after all) -- and maybe Blood Omen 2 will tide us over in the meantime. But here's hoping EIDOS hears the cry across the land... "we want more!!!"...more info
  • Awsome!!
    Aside from the uaual things that makes a great game good. Which is game play, graphics ect.(which is perfect) The story is a simple, but amusing one. Even though I am new to the popular Soul Reaver trilogy, i'm sure old fans won't be let down. They should release an X-Box version to this. I will certinly play the first one....more info
  • SoulReaver2
    This is an awsome game. The graphics are great and the sound is incredible. You can hear the metal of the swords triking each other. The only let down of this game is that there are too many movies which you can't skip through. Some of them mean something and give information and some are just there. Good Luck getting through!...more info
  • Cool Game!!!
    This was a great game. Granted things were different from the first one, but I personally think that it enhanced the game. This time around, the enemies got progressively harder to beat, I like that too. The story line in my opinion was more in-depth than the origonal, so even had the game play been boring (which it was not) I would still have been intrigued and unable to put the controller down. I think all in all this game deseves a 5 star rating, and I would reccomend it to anyone....more info
  • Great Game Sequel Just Cut too Short.
    Raziel returns in Soul Reaver 2 with a vengence and a whole slew of new enemy's souls to absorb. Beautifully made graphics and sound inside the sequel with good gameplay which is key in this type of game. If your a fan of Raziel, get it, but if not, stay away. Here's why:

    Pros: Excellent Graphics, great sounds in background music, good story, and good game-play controls too.

    Cons: Just too short for a sequel of this calibur and no way to by pass the movie sequences in the game. Which happen alot throughout the entire game....more info

  • Hype?
    After reading the reviews of this game, I have come to the conclusion that it's made for people who know something about the series.

    Don't get me wrong -- it's not a bad game (why I'm giving it three stars). Let me start with the praise... because criticism always sticks more:

    The graphics are quite good (not the absolute best on the PS2, but competitive). The controls, now familiar to most, are easy to use. As a whole, the game is intoxicating, inducing one to keep playing it, and see what's around the next corner, as it were. The puzzles are good, and the environment, while limited, is fascinating, and undergoes many well thought out changes as the game progresses. This game is worth playing, if not buying.

    That said, I think it has the following problems:

    1 -- DIM -- The game is too dark -- not in the plot, but in the actual graphics.... let me put it another way: there are a lot of parts where you simply can't see anything. You just float around in a big, black world. You need good eyes, and television with adjustable brightness to consider buying this game. Even then, you'll often find yourself swimming around in tanks of pure black.

    2 -- SIMPLE -- The puzzles are easier than the last Soul Reaver. Among other things, bricks cannot be rolled and the environments aren't as big. Furthermore, the improvements to the Reaver hardly make any tangible difference, other than enabling you to unlock new doors.

    3 -- SHORT -- The game is quite short. A good gamer will really rip through this one.

    4 -- PLOT -- The plot is very unsatisfactory. This is where I believe people who are 'in to' this series will disagree. I imagine it must tie in to other games, like Blood Omen and what not... but, as far as I'm concerned, it's part of a never-ending, dark, soap opera. SO many things are never explained, and goodness knows, there are enough cut scenes (which leads to the next point).

    5 -- CUT SCENES -- Too many cut scenes. People are posting reviews that say, 'the voice acting is great,' etc etc. Please. If you're going to have a cut scene every few steps, featuring close-ups of bitmapped models moving jerky, polygon mouths, at least have a good plot.

    6 -- BUGS -- There are a few nasty bugs, which means you may have to reply parts of the game -- I encounter the bugs because I like to explore (I seem to be inexplicably drawn to them, like Raziel to the Reaver)....more info