Pyrex Storage 10-Piece Set, Clear with Blue Lids
Pyrex Storage 10-Piece Set, Clear with Blue Lids

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10 Piece, Pyrex Storage Boxed Set, Includes 1 Each Of: 3-1/2 Cup Rectangular Dish With Dark Blue Plastic Cover, 6 Cup Rectangular Dish With Dark Blue Plastic Cover, 4 Cup Round Dish With Dark Blue Plastic Cover & 2 Each Of 2 cup Round Dishes With Dark Blue Plastic Covers, Tight Seal Plastic Lids For Secure Food Storage, Special Steam Venting Tabs, Safe In The Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator, Freezer And Dishwasher, Non-Porous, Won't Absorb Food Odors, Flavors Or Stains, Made In The USA.,

Transporting foods for lunches and picnics and storing leftovers for reheating is a cinch with the Pyrex Storage Plus set. Included in this set are two 2-cup rounds, one 3 1/2-cup rectangular, one 4-cup round, and one 6-cup rectangular storage piece, all glass, with plastic covers. Pyrex glass doesn't warp, stain, or absorb odors, and can be used in the oven, microwave, oven, refrigerator, or freezer for storing, reheating and serving. The set is easy to stack, so it takes up less cabinet space when not in use. The set includes a pamphlet with safety and use instructions, and each glass piece is covered by a two-year warranty. --Rhonda Langdon

  • Set includes two 2-cup round, one 3-1/2-cup rectangular, one 4-cup round, and one 6-cup rectangular storage containers; five blue plastic lids
  • Made of nonporous glass that won't warp, stain, or absorb odors
  • Seal-tight lids ideal for secure food storage; stackable design
  • Bowls safe for use in oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher
  • Lids dishwasher safe on top rack; 2-year warranty on glass; made in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • pyrex, take a bow!
    I couldnt be happier. These are lightyears ahead of rubbermaid/tupperware plastic storage containers. Go from freezer to microwave without the plastic taste or worrying about damaging the plastic. Glass is the way to go baby!...more info
  • Very NICE
    We are trying to get away from the cheap chemical leaking plastic containers. These are GREAT. the lids seal very well and they are very sturdy. They are much easier to clean than plastic ones. Storing them is harder as they take up alot more room.This package has very usable sizes. ...more info
  • This is a great set to have
    I purchased this as a add on to my 4-for-3 shopping. (My price was $12.99 on 11/30/07) I must admit that I thought they would be larger, but that was my fault because I didn't read the sizes - just clicked and ordered! Now that I have had a chance to use them I am extremely happy that they aren't larger. The sizes are perfect for so many things. I use the 6 Cup Rectangular for baking small side dishes in the oven. The 4 Cup round dish is great for leftovers and the two smaller ones I've used for dips with company. I run them through my dishwasher lids and all and they are easily stacked in my cupboard. I great buy especially for Pyrex. I would recommend buying a set for yourself and one to keep on hand as a gift....more info
  • Good Buy
    Have had the set for almost a year. Use it for baking and storing (has yet to explode!). Have to work at lids to get them on but since this makes for a tight seal it is probably for the best. Manufacturer's insert states that the bakeware is not intended for use in broiler or on stovetop but since the new CorningWare (French White) comes with the same advisory, Pyrex seems like a better buy. ...more info
  • Gave as a gift
    This was a nice gift for a hard-to-buy-for mom. She likes that the pieces can stack inside each other and that they are holding up WAY better than the cheaper Glad snap-lock containers from the grocery store....more info
  • High Quality Glass Storage
    These storage containers are heavy, well-made glass. The price is surprisingly low for how nice they are. I really love Pyrex.

    I do think that its sort of funny and a bit misleading that this set is called "10 piece." 5 piece w. lids would have made it more clear to me what I'd be getting....more info
  • Great price but is smaller than it seems in the pic
    Very sturdy but sizewise thought these would be bigger...but love the product all the same!...more info
  • Excellent Purchase!
    I love this set of pyrex that i bought recently. Is a very good amount for a single guy and they are easy to clean and they dont stain like the normal plastic wear. All I gotta say is excellent product and is worth the money!...more info
  • very nice set
    trying to eliminate all plastic storage, slowly replacing with glass. this was a good deal! ...more info
  • Perfect Little Set
    I was looking for durable storage containers for leftovers, etc. and ran across these.

    I really love them! The different sizes are perfect for me (I usually only cook for one or two). I like the fact that the glass doesn't absorb any color or odor from stored food. And the lids fit great.

    I only hand wash my bowls and lids so I can't provide a review on their condition after using in the dishwasher.

    I would definitely buy this product again....more info
  • Love them!!!
    I absolutely love the pyrex storage with lids. I would so much rather use these than plastic. I love that I can reheat food inside them (after all that about not reheating food in plastic containers), and I love them being sturdy, and that they don't get stained. I plan on buying more sizes in the future!...more info
  • Great Buy!
    We just love them. What a great buy. We got rid of all of our plastic containers to make room for these clean and superb containers....more info
  • Excellent value for money.
    The best. A safe way to store food. No leaching from plastics. Great product. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Better than Plastic Containers
    Glass containers are better than plastic containers because they do not stain nor smell. For health reason, it is safer heating food in glass than plastic. However, the plastic lids will wear out over time....more info
  • Best storage containers.
    I have been through several storage containers over the years and now I don't think I'll ever have to buy anymore. No stains from sauces and variable sizes. Dishwaher safe and microwave safe. Gotta love Pyrex....more info
  • Great!
    These are great. Oven to table, cover the leftovers with the lids and put it in the fridge. You really cannot go wrong with Pyrex. I've had other Pyrex baking dishes for over 10 yrs now and use them every week. They are still in perfect condition. I wish I could buy lids to fit my existing collection too. ...more info
  • Love this product
    I loved this product! It was delivered fast and for the price, it's a steal. Great pyrex set!...more info
  • Great kitchen essentials
    I bought the whole rectangular and regular set and replaced all my plastic storagewares. Its great- no curry stains and goes from oven to table to freezer. Minus 1 star as this is a very basic product there has been no upgrade in the product itself. The lids should never be washed in hot water (no dishwasher) or ever be heated up in. If you do this from day 1 its stays lasting well but otherwise becomes loose....more info
  • Just love it!
    I've bought this items twice and I will buy more if I need them in the future.
    They are safe, convenient and durable. You will love them too....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    These pyrex dishes were exactly what I was looking for, and at an amazing price. ...more info
  • Great Product
    These are sturdy glass ware. I paid $21 for the whole set. I don't have any complaints. I am attempting to switch to glass due to concerns about toxins in platic....more info
  • good quality
    great set of glass bowls with tight-fitting lids. i haven't used them much yet, but so far they seem sturdy. the different sizes are handy and the lids are very snug so you don't have to worry about spills....more info
  • These are great
    Pyrex is the best. Freeze it, microwave it, put it in the fridge, do whatever. It's so nice to be able to cook, store, and reheat in the same dish. Stacks nicely, it's extremely durable. Cleaning it is a snap; it's very easy to see any smudges or stuck food bits.

    I am a Pyrex devotee for many, many reasons. Not only is it the best but it's also the most affordable. What more could you want?...more info
  • They are way better than plastic containers!
    I notice that I am wasting very less food since I started using them. Price could be better though.And Pyrex needs to improve the lids quality. Some of the lids do not fit right. ...more info
  • Not a bad product...
    We got these from the Gold Box, it looked like a great price. The containers are nice, but smaller than I expected. The lids are tight-fitting... a little too tight! After reading the reviews about the containers exploding, however, I will be extra careful when using them and taking them from fridge/freezer to oven/microwave. Perhaps letting the dishes warm up a bit before transferring them to an extreme temperature change will make a difference....more info
  • Great buy
    I love Pyrex glass storage. I personally prefer the rectangular-shaped pieces, but we do also use round ones in our household. In overall, I'm pleased with this purchase...more info
  • inconsistent lids or glassware
    After reading the various reviews about lids that are too tight or loose and testing my own set for liquid leakage, my conclusion is that there must be quality control issues ensuring proper fit.

    FYI, I don't have any issues about getting the lids on or off. In addition to my own set, I bought another set for my mom as a gift, and she couldn't get the lids on to the smaller bowls (2 & 3 1/2 cups). In my set, the 6-cup rectangular has a loose fitting lid and leaks like a sieve (otherwise, the other bowls are water-tight).

    While these are cheaper than the Glasslock, the Glasslock lids has a snapping mechanism that's easier to use. They also have a silicone gasket in the lid that ensure air-tightness and prevent leakage. If price is not an issue, I recommend those instead....more info
  • High quality but a little problem with the lids
    I bought this set a week ago and have been using it every day. I love this set, the size is much better than I thought, it is good for everyday use and it looks so pretty. The quality is high and I can use it for almost everything. The only drawback is the lid. Like other reviews mentioned, the lids are not consistant, some fit very well and some a little loose or a little too tight. But anyhow, I like it so much and decided to buy another set from Amazon again when I saw the price has dropped after my purchased last week....more info
  • Pyrex storage glass set - 10 pieces
    Glass is so superior to plastic for storage. I would have preferred a better quality glass like the custard cups that can withstand more heat. The plastic lids are very tight and hard to close. Taken altogether, however, I am happy to be able to replace the old plastic containers which stain and warp. ...more info
  • Safer than plastic, good quality.
    I got these for leftovers and lunches. Now that we now what happens when you microwave plastic, Pyrex should see a big jump in business. The sizes are great, glass is thick, and lids are tight. What more could you want?...more info
  • good microwave bowl
    It is classic microwavable bowl for everyone to use. I use them to take my lunch everyday. Convenient and safe....more info
  • Value for money.
    Excellent pictured and described. We store and re-heat a lot of food. Till date we were using rubbermaid plastic storage containers and we noticed the chipping/melting of plastic when foods were heated. Therefore decided to switch to glass and this is a perfect product. The lids fit snuggly/airtight and the quality is great....more info
  • Too Small
    While the pyrex products are great, i use a variety of them on a regular basis, this set has unusually small pieces. They are great for dips/ storage, but are not the right size to bake anything more than one piece of chicken. For a more "family size" dish, go with a 3-5 quart dish....more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent for every day use. no issues with using it in the micorwave or dishwasher....more info
  • Great, but one of lids dosen't fit
    I love Pyrex, and would hate to talk bad about it since I have bought several containers with the red lids, but I was very disappointed to find that the blue lid on the round container does not fit at all in this package. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, could just be a fluke. Luckily, I had an extra lid from a previous round Pyrex container that I broke and dropped so my problem was solved. ...more info
  • An excellent deal
    This set is a great deal as one pyrex container can be $5 or more. I am transitioning all of my containers to glass as the plastic ones can contain toxic substances that can leech into your food, especially when you put hot food into plastic containers or microwave with them. I use these for all my leftovers and they are great....more info
  • Wonderful!
    Durable, easy to clean, good sizes, tight fitting lids. Everything you could want in a storage container set!...more info
  • Very nice small glass bowls
    Exactly what I was looking for. Pyrex quality. Great sizes. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Product - Made in USA
    I replaced our old plastic storage containers with these glass ones. I love that they are glass and versatile. The rectangle pieces are a little on the small side, but still usable. Big plus is they are made in the USA....more info
  • Make the move
    After the deleterious effects of BPA in everyday plastics, I read more articles about plastics and how they leech into our systems. I decided to transition as much as possible to a plastic-free lifestyle. Since I cook my meals from scratch daily and store leftovers everyday, I figured I needed a glassware suite. The irony is that these Pyrex bowls have plastic lids. But the point is that a bulk of the foodstuff will not be in contact with plastic. However, the plastic lid also seems to be the Achilles heel and it requires some effort to close. Otherwise, there is nothing more to rave about this besides saying it is solid and racks neatly....more info
  • Great purchase, but doesn't stack/store easily
    These storage containers are so great for food -- totally safe for hot and cold foods, and normally very durable (even though some of them arrived chipped -- all I had to do was call and complain to Amazon and they refunded a portion of the purchase price). We've dropped them on our kitchen floor many, many times with no problem. And I'm always paranoid that they'll leak when I take lunch to work, but so far they never have. I just wish they were more stackable for storage in cupboards and the fridge....more info
  • A Kitchen Essential
    These dishes are an essential part of my kitchen. I am constantly using them either to bake or store food in. I've had these dishes for a little over two years no and have had no problem with the glass chipping. I always wash the lids on the top rack of the dishwasher or by hand, so they're still in great condition as well. ...more info
  • Great Set
    We have made the switch from plastic containers to glass because of staining, odors and safety concerns with plastics. This is the second set of Pyrex glass storage containers that I have purchased.

    They are wonderful. You can store in them, place in the microwave or the oven. There are only a couple of things that I would change: 1) They get very hot in the oven or microwave and can be difficult to remove and it would help if they had handles on their sides. That is why I rated them 4 stars and not 5 stars. 2) They really need some larger sizes in their sets.

    This is a nice set though, I really love the rectangle ones. They are great for storing meats and for cooking mini lasagnas. I recommend highly. Watch for these to go on sale, they do often....more info
  • Pyrex Storage Containers
    I am very pleased with the delivery of my Pyrex storage set. I was worried about broken pieces because they are glass but everything was in excellent condition and the shipping was fast....more info
  • excellent food storage but not for liquids
    Perfect for transitioning from plastic food storage to glass. Terrific to bring left-overs straight from fridge to oven or microwave. Even the lids keep their shape after use in dishwasher and microwave. Not air-tight, though. Do not use for liquids or foods with strong odor, like onion or garlic (odors leak to fridge). I prefer using every rectangle size available, and not the round, because the rectangles fit nicely in fridge and cabinet....more info
  • Love these!!!
    I have gotten rid of all my plastic containers and replaced them with these. They are cleaner looking (who can see through that cloudy plastic?) and the lids have withstood hundreds of trips through the dishwasher without showing any wear at all. I've gotten all different sizes and highly recommend them!...more info
  • Highly recomended!!!! very easy to use and clean,,,,
    We are a family always looking for anti toxins products and pyrex is far better than using aluminum, platic, teflon or metal containers. If you are the healthy type of human being and like to cook free to toxins pyrex is the way to go............ cheers mate, live longer, eat safer!!!!...more info
  • al momento de conservar
    Productos de excelente calidad, muy bueno para cocinar. Mantiene el aroma al momento de la cocion de los alimentos. Excelente para el microondas donde se mantiene la calidad de los alimentos.
    ...more info
  • good product
    So far so good. The glass container is nice to have because it doesn't get warped in the dishwasher. I wash the lids by hand to make them last longer....more info
  • Pyrex Perfect
    My order arrived perfectly packed, with no damage. We are trying to move away from plastic bags, plastic containers, etc., to be more environmentally friendly. These containers fit the bill. The lids fit very snug so there is no spillage. I will be buying more when they go on sale again. I particularly like the rectangular ones since they do not take up unneccesary room in the fridge or freezer....more info


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