Delta Sleep System
Delta Sleep System

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There are several stages of sleep which people pass through in the course of a good restful night. In each stage our sleep gets deeper, our bodies gets more relaxed and our brainwave patterns slow down. The deepest and most rejuvenating levels of sleep are associated with Delta brainwave patterns.

Delta sleep is the most physically relaxed stage of sleep and is the time when the body recuperates and rebalances itself for the new day. Getting enough sleep, but more specifically enough Delta Sleep, is essential for healthy, productive living.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's breakthrough audio techniques, developed over 20 years of clinical research, are proven to increase levels of Delta brainwave activity. He has helped thousands of people to achieve regular, restful, revitalizing sleep.

How This Program Can Work For You Play Delta Sleep System on any ordinary stereo or through headphones. Pulses of sound embedded into an ambient musical soundtrack, combining rich orchestration and "3-dimensional" sounds of nature will coax your own brainwaves toward their natural pattern of deep Delta Sleep.

In the enclosed notes you will learn: About the natural cycles of sleep and how they effect you How to use Delta Sleep System to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up rejuvenated Special relaxation techniques which you can use to enhance your experience

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally an answer!
    I usually don't write very many reviews about products, but when I came across this cd I had to! My boyfriend has always had problems sleeping. When he finally got to sleep, he would always wake up (to pee and eat) and then go back to bed. I played the cd for one week and he only got up twice that whole week just to pee. The next week I didn't play the cd and he was back to the same old routine. The third week I started playing the cd again and he's sleeping like a baby (a good baby that is!). I don't have problems sleeping, however, I've noticed that I sleep deeper and feel more refreshed in a shorter amount of time while listening the the cd. It's GREAT!...more info
  • Save your money
    The delta sleep system sounds good. But, it did not help me at all. I tried it several times hoping each time that it would work. This cd will be on ebay. The music is somewhat relaxing so I gave it 1 star. ...more info
  • Fantastic CD!!
    I love this CD and am going to get more like it. I am a very troubled sleeper and have tried everything from meditation to sleep-medications. This CD has been a safe, natural way for me to help (not cure) my sleep difficulties....more info
  • information for those who believe you must use headphones
    I've been doing research on brainwaive entertainment for a couple weeks. now, i'm an english major so the complex scientific brain stuff is a little elusive and i may be wrong about this but i think dr. jeffrey's music can be effective without headphones or even a soundfield that is around you. here is what i've learned and anyone who wants to correct me in EASY TO UNDERSTAND language please do, i would appreciate it. brainwaive entrainment occurs when two oscillating bodies (left and right side of the brain) synchronize and go in harmony. when using headphones each ear is hearing a slightly different frequency. this is the sensation of binaural beats. the brain integrates the two sounds/frequencies into a third sound= the binaural beat. This audio sensation creates the frequency following brainwave known as delta. when binaural beat music is played over a stereo system the two frequencies mix in the air and become a monaural beat. according to research, monaural beats also produce a frequency following response, though binaural and monaural beats are processed differently in the brain. in fact, the amplitude of the frequency following response for monaural beats is higher than that of binaural beats. but, they (researchers and scientists) aren't sure if this affects effectiveness. regardless of understanding these technical aspects the fact remains that any repeating stimulus- be it light, sound, electricity, vibrations- can entrain brainwaves. so there you have it. it seems quite possible that the monaural beats produced by playing dr. thompson's music without headphones may very well help you fall asleep and stay asleep. perhaps you should experiment and see for yourself. ...more info
  • Helped with Fibromyalgia sleep problems
    The Delta Sleep System CD was the first thing I've tried that helped me wake up feeling like I'd had a good night's sleep. It works so well for me that I've worn out 2 sets of CDs and a couple CD players.
    I have Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain amplification problem, and used to wake up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Self-hypnosis, Valerian and other herbs, melatonin and prescription sleep meds worked if I had an occasional problem getting to sleep, but they didn't improve my quality of sleep at all. With the Delta Sleep CD, I have less pain and fatigue when I wake up.
    The Delta Sleep CD works equally well with headphones or with speakers turned toward the bed and balanced to my position. At night, I put it on "repeat", but for a daytime "power nap", once through is enough to make me feel recharged on bad days.
    ...more info
  • Delta Sleep System
    Delta Sleep System
    This CD was awesome!!! I don't have trouble sleeping just thought it might be interesting and it definitely was. But,if you're looking for a good nights sleep....this is it!! You are literally transported to another realm. Every part of your body becomes relaxed and you truly wake up refreshed. I highly recommend this CD....more info
  • Horrible
    Parts of the CD are pleasing and actually helped me fall asleep at first but then there will be a 'burst' of music .... louder than normal ... that caused me to wake instantly. It's much like watching a TV show where the commercials are provided at a higher volume than the show itself. Parts of the music here build to a crescendo and that is anything but restful. I would not suggest this tape at all. ...more info
  • Great Sleep Aid
    I have found when I have used this CD that I have had a very deep sleep and awake fully rested. Fortunately I'm not a chronic insomniac, but occasionally when I've needed a bit of help to unwind, I've found playing this music to really assist me falling asleep and staying asleep.

    The music on this CD is electronic sounding, so if that doesn't appeal to you, then it may not be relaxing. However, I've found the music is best played at a fairly low tone (ie. not too loud). Basically you only need to be able to just hear it. If you play it too loudly you may still have difficulty sleeping.

    After using this CD I always wake up refreshed and fully rested and usually with less 'deep' sleep than usual.

    ...more info
    I fell asleep while listening to this product and woke up confused and with every Rod Stewart song I've ever heard running through my head. Then I found that it wasn't just rod Stewart. All I had to do was just think of a song and I could instantly hear it in my mind as clearly as if I was listening to it. Stuff I hadn't heard in years I could instantly recall with amazing clarity. Which is quite uncomfortable really because I was simultaneously unable to string words together in a normal order. If I tried to verbalize lyrics it came out of my mouth in a muddled reverse talk. My mind was also stringing words together in long association chains. Whatever the last word is in a sentence I would instantly think of something I associate wit it. If the sentence ended with system, for example, I would instantly think System Of A Down. It's been like this all day the earth stood still waters run deep. Imagine trying to cope with everyday life with that running through your head. It seems to me that this cd is potentially damaging to a persons mental health. It certainly hasn't done anything to improve mine.
    ...more info
  • Not the answer for me
    I have tested this CD several times and the results came out the same: I still could not sleep. It must work for some, based on the other reviews, but I found the melodies distracting if not annoying. ...more info
  • The only thing wrong w/this cd is you can't download it-
    So if your spouse doesn't want to hear it...I have to sit in another room to listen-then go to bed-love to be able to put it on my my first one wore out fast- in only a few playings- love the effect it has!! Whatz up with inability to download it?...more info
  • dident work
    I tried this sleep system because i have problems falling asleep and due to the great reviews i figured it would work well. Ive used it about 20 times and i have not found it helpful in falling asleep but, i have found when and if i do fall sleep i get a better sleep with it playing in the background. I wake up more refreshed and more alert. ...more info
  • Good faith effort
    Well, I read the reviews and Dr. Thompson's website, ordered the CD and have tried it about fifteen times over the last few weeks. I would say, basically, it does not work for me any more, or any less, than any other relaxing music. It certainly does not inherently induce or sustain sleep. Sure wish it did, believe me....more info
  • These CD's really help to improve sleep quality.
    I purchased these CD's trying to find anything that would help me sleep better. I really enjoy listening to them and found that they really do help me to relax and get into a deeper more restful sleep. I use them with a CD player that has contiuous play so they play all night. I wake up much more refreshed and not tired. I would recommend them....more info
  • Delta Sleep System
    I was really disappointed since the prior reviews where really good. It prevented me from falling asleep. I found some of the sounds extremely annoying. In addition when it came to the end, it created a chipping sound that even woke my husband up and I was wearing headphones. ...more info
  • Disappointment
    Seemed to make my insomnia worse, so I threw the CD in the trash....more info
  • For a good sleep. . .
    This CD is invaluable to me. I work at night, so I need all the help I can get to sleep during the day. I put a mask on for darkness, then put the headphones on with this CD. I definitely recommend this CD for quality, refreshing, deep sleep....more info
  • Okay, i am a skeptic
    I ususally dont believe what I read and have to find out for myself but this CD really helped me. I was having nightime anxiety attacks and was unable to go to sleep. I found instant relief from the CD's mellow music. I didnt find any disturbing or loud parts like some of the people claim as disruptive. I used my earphones and had a nice low volume. I would reccommend this CD :)...more info
  • Heard good things about it... no luck for me
    Read lots of reviews of this cd... was hoping it would work for me. Heard it was good for fibromyalgia too. I keep listening to it, hoping I'll like it, but it sounds almost creepy. I wish I would have listened to a sound byte before buying....more info
  • made me jittery
    While I have used this cd to help me go/or get back to sleep i find the pulsing a bit too fast and I wake up a bit jittery. It did not work as a relaxation tool....more info
  • Music was ok, made my insomnia worse.
    The first night i tried this, i put it into the computer and let it play on repeat all night. I definately didn't go to sleep any faster than usual(it usually takes me 1-2 hours). I also woke up several times before giving up on my hopeless 7 hours for that night. The second night i figured my boyfriend's snoring could have countered the delta waves, so i synced the 2 tracks to my zune so i could use headphones. The same thing happened, except i believe i woke up more often than the night before, until i finally took off the headphones. I even tried it on a third night- when i began to feel tired i started listening to this music on my zune, but after an hour i just gave up. I actually like the music, it just doesn't help my sleeping at all. I guess I'll be sticking to the old school method of reading the Bible......more info
  • Didn't work for me....
    I bought this CD as I fall asleep easily but wake after 4 hours. I listened to it 2 different times and each time I woke up after 2 hours and couldn't go back to sleep. It must be my brain doesn't care for "Delta" waves. But I haven't given up. I will try the "Gamma" one since I bought 3 at the same time and see if it might work. ??...more info
  • Amazing!
    Without sleeping pills, I hadn't slept the night through in over a year. I would wake up about 1 a.m. and be wide awake for several hours. First night I listened to this CD I woke up at 1 by habit, and put the CD back on and I don't think I made it past the first track. In fact I don't think I've ever made it past the first 3 tracks before falling asleep. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Fantastic Sleep
    For years I have suffered with insomnia. I got up several times in a night because I would go insane if I stayed in bed wide awake any longer. The key to this CD is that you don't have to play it very loud at all for it to work. So for those who complained that they are blasted awake didn't need to be. The music is soft and very subtle I think. The music is supposed to mimic the brain wave patterns of the various sleep patterns. The first thing I noticed was I laid in one spot very peaceful and resting quietly. After that's just a blur. I sleep longer and much sounder than I ever did. Once I get into a good sleeping pattern I leave the CD off. When the symptoms come back again, I put the CD on again for a few nights or however long it takes and I get the same results. Better and longer and deeper sleep. Yes, I do recommend this CD very highly. For those of you where this doesn't work, try acupuncture. That has really helped me with the major, major sleeping problems I had. It can also block pain which keeps you awake. I didn't actually realize how much pain kept me awake until I no longer had it! As for the CD however, yes, it made a difference and I will NEVER give it up. I have recommended it to several people who said they had a sleeping problem. ...more info
  • No luck...
    This didn't work for me. Kept me up with the noises. Was not melodic. Different volumes had me getting up to turn the vol up and down several times.
    Am sticking with the white noise machine.

    ...more info
  • The First Of It's Kind! A Sleep System That Actually Works!
    I have tried it All! Medication, relaxation tapes, not eating, drinking, reading, bathing...etc before bed. All b.s.! I even had a sleep study in a hospital. They gave me a machine that forces me to breath. How am I supposed to sleep with this thing attached to my head and face? With cold air leaking from the mask and blowing in my eyes? I couldn't. I wasted a fortune on that study and another small fortune on he C-Pap machine. When this CD came, I popped it into the player, and thought "This is crap like everything else I have tried." I Knew it wasn't going to work. For the first time in my life I woke up feeling like I had slept! I woke up refreshed! With energy! Ready to begin the day! Utterly Amazing!
    One thing you should know, after extended use the effects of the CD do start to wear off. It's like you build a tolerance to the CD. I highly recommend that you buy his other sleep system Cd's and alternate their use. This will help prevent the tolerance to them.
    A Must Have For the chronic insomniac! ...more info
  • Delta Sleep CD
    I have found this CD to be healpful to help me fall to sleep and then again when I wake up during the night, which I do quite often. ...more info
  • Try Alpha Relaxation System too, Especially Deep Relaxation - Program 1
    I've been using several of Jeffrey Thompson's CDs for 4 years and the Delta Sleep CD works for me about half the time, and that's pretty good, in my opinion. But when it doesn't work, the Alpha Relaxation System may do the job. After all, half of getting to sleep is getting relaxed and Alpha Deep, Program 1. works pretty good too. My fiance doesn't think binaural beat CDs work at all for her. You may think it's too good to be true that a CD will solve your sleep problems so a 50% chance of success it sure worth a try! Good luck!...more info
  • Delta Sleep System works
    Delta Sleep System is actually more sounds than music. It works for me because I am usually asleep before all of it has played. I recommend this to anyone having difficulty getting to sleep due to an over-active mind....more info
  • Inconsistant sound
    I bought this after a HUGE bought of insomnia and a late night reading reviews on here. I have to admit that I really didn't enjoy this CD. It woke me up after the track where it gets quiet then loud again.

    Here's what helped my sleep: a white noise machine and a homeopathic - coffea cruda. The coffea cruda is safe for nursing and pregnant women and has no side effects. It is the only thing that has helped. Maybe you are up at 3am like I's worth a try! I'm sleeping soundly right now because of it.
    ...more info
  • This album makes it easier to fall asleep.
    It is not 100% guaranteed, but the recording is relaxing enough to make sleep a real possibility. Be warned: The Delta Sleep System is NOT designed for a room-sized music system; in fact it can be downright irritating coming through big speakers. It works best with a headset on personal players like ipods and mp3 players. (Yes, you can fall asleep wearing headphones - if you use the in-the-ear buds instead of the monster head sets.) My biggest gripe is that the recording has an abrupt break in the middle - like the company is still making vinyls with only 30 minutes per side, not cds. Wish they'd made it a single, seamless recording. If I'm not fully in the zone, that break is especially annoying....more info
  • it's worked for me
    it's a coglomorate of low slightly spooky music-like sounds that end up reminding me of the ocean. It does lull me to sleep (along with about 5 homeopathic and sleep remedies)---but none of these work without the other. The CD is a definite cog in the wheel of my vastly improved sleep!...more info
  • Depends on your personal preference
    Just remember, this is NOT going to work for everyone. It's not a magic pill, and it's not going to cure your insomnia.

    That being said, I find that it works very well when I'm trying to fall asleep in my car on my lunch break, or if I'm trying to fall asleep on a plane. Whether or not it's a placebo effect, I have no idea. There have been some times when I'm convinced it facilitated me falling asleep when I wouldn't have thought possible, and other times when I haven't seemed to get any deeper of a sleep than normal. Either way, it has always helped me doze, at the very least.

    Per these reviews, some people seem to find the non-melodic nature of this to be distracting. For myself, if I know music VERY well, then having a melody of some type doesn't bother me. But the purpose of the non-melodic nature is so that your mind isn't active, trying to track that melody. So, I find the meandering non-melodic nature to be very soothing.

    Also, I have NO idea what those critics are talking about with huge volume changes. I have listened to this CD dozens of times, and have never heard any Phantom of the Opera-esque, Cathedral organ-type volume changes. If you're listening to the music so loud that the slow wafting change of volume is waking you, then it's far too loud for the purpose of falling asleep anyway.

    Like anything else: use in moderation. It's not going to shut you off like a light. It's only intended to help facilitate sleeping. Keep it low, in the background, don't rely on it, and you'll find it may help you sleep. ...more info
  • Nagging has stopped!
    I bought this Item for my wife who has complained constantly about not being able to sleep. Everything keeps her awake. She can hear you switch on a light from the opposite side and different floors of the house! Don't even think about flushing a toilet. Totally drugging her was all that worked but has too many side effects, including procurement. She refused ear plugs and masks as too uncomfortable. I was ready to try pretty much anything since she took out her frustrations on me. What really gets to her, is I fall asleep in about 15 seconds and nothing wakes me up except my own snoring sometimes! Obviously, she does not sleep in the same room as I do. This item had some fairly decent feedback so I gave it a try. I gave it about a 20% chance of success, but it worked right from the first night! I am amazed. I mean, I understand the concept but we're talking about the sleepless woman from hell here. She uses it pretty much every night and except for a few incidences (I tried flushing a toilet, bad idea!), has worked exceptionally well. I would have to recommend at least trying it. ...more info
  • It seems to be working for me!!
    I have tried several relaxation/guided meditation and sleep CD's. I think that this one is about the best for me. I play it on a small CD player/clock radio near my bed and it shuts off when the CD is done. I am glad that I found this CD!...more info
  • Best night sleep in months...
    this might have saved my marriage. My wife snores, so this system "drowns" out her noise. I got the best night sleep (slept 7 hours straight without bathroom stop) for the first time in years.

    Set it to run with a GOOD quality system. I tried in my alarm clock CD player and the sound was not good. The system required a stereo with good quality base. The base sound is poor in most clock radios. A good bose system or at least a good amplifier/receiver and stereo speakers are a must IMO....more info
  • twiglight zone
    after reading all rave reviews about how this works for everyone else.. it has yet to work for me... i was pretty dissapointed... i dont doubt it works for most of you but as soon as i put it on it freaked me out and made me stay up most of the night thinking about aliens and such as it sounds like a soundtrack to a sci-fi flick!
    good luck!...more info
  • Sleeping soundly again
    I was tired of waking up in the middle of the night and tossing and turning. I have used this CD for the last seven days and have slept soundly each night. I start off with headphones for the first 10-15 minutes, and then take them off and let the music play over a small CD player next to my bed. I imagine the cats and dog are sleeping a little sounder also! It is really nice to wake up on my own before the alarm jars me awake....more info
  • Zzzz...
    Let me put it this way, I have never heard this CD to completition. Zzzzz......more info
  • Going deeper
    There is a scientific principle called entrainment. If two items are vibrating side by side at different speeds then the item that vibrates at the lower speed will adjust to vibrate at the same frequency as the other object.

    Examples of this are swings in a playground that are swinging out of sync and adjust. Also, in a clock store you may notice the pendulum clocks of the same size swinging back and forth in unison.

    Research has been done into the brainwaves of people in deep sleep states. Dr T has incorporated these brainwave patterns into his music to entrain your mind to reach the Delta state.

    If you were to be subjected to these Delta waves which are embedded in the relaxing sounds, your mind will gradually reattune itself, so you can reach a similar state.

    According to the sleeve notes, Delta is the most relaxed state state of deep sleep where dreaming ceases, and the body goes into its slowest metabolic rate, and lowest pulse and temperature. You need to be in this state for about 40 minutes each night so your body can recharge.

    Dr Jeffrey Thompson has done extensive research into stress and the power of relaxing music and entrainment and has used that research to create pulses, chord patterns, sounds from nature such as rainfall, and mystical sounds. Sometimes these sounds are electronically changed to accelerate the mental response to get to the Theta state.

    If you have problems with insomnia or emotional clearing, I highly recommend EFT (emotional freedom technique) which is a simple and easy acupressure technique which can be done in about two minutes. Imagine easily letting go of phobias, stress, depression, trauma, forgiveness etc. You can download a free manual at or buy various books on the subject at Amazon.

    I highly recommend another of Dr T's products Awakened Mind system, which I find very good for creativity. You will be so glad to have that product. The Theta Meditation system is also excellent.

    If you find this review helpful please click yes.
    ...more info
  • Spacy Sounds didn't help me sleep.
    In fact, it made me feel kind of anxious at times. I normally use a "guided imagery" CD to help me sleep (Belleruth Naparstek), but sometimes I get bored with it, so I wanted to try something different. "Delta" certainly is different. I wouldn't call it music, but rather a a variety of long, slow sounds that sort of remind me of 2001, a Space Odyssey. I am glad that many people have found it soothing, but I simply could not get on the right wave-length; in fact, I did not sleep a wink using the "Delta Sleep System". So I put Belleruth back in my CD player, and listening to her velvet voice conjure up images in my mind, was asleep before the end of the CD. I have a very over-active mind, and I basically need something verbal to focus on and distract me. I've tried "real" music too, like slow classical-type music, with no luck. However I do like Steve Halpern's random music--including his version of "Brahm's Lullaby" and sometimes I can sleep to it. But "Delta" is not the "change" I need....more info
  • Not as effective as some solutions
    I've been using the much more expensive Holosyinc audio which is intended more for relaxation/meditation than sleep. Nonetheless it had been very effective for putting me to sleep. After a while this effect be came less so, so I tried this CD. It had no effect on me, probably because of my use of the Holosync....more info
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    First night I slept nine hours with this cd. The first time through you might just get sleepy but just loop it through and you have a lovely cue for sleeping. Barely in the background works for me. Nice natural solution for a very common problem in our society. Hope it works for you....more info
  • Like a charm
    I have not yet been able to listen to this whole CD because I fall fast asleep somewhere in the middle of it. When I awake during the night, I reach for the play button and go right back out to sea. This really works....more info
    The voice puts your attention to his pronunciation; therefore you can only concentrate on what he instructs you to do. Forget your problems because he has captured your thoughts and trains you to the sounds of his voice. You need to listen and pay attention for a few sessions. I promise you that you will understand what I mean when you wake up in the morning refreshed....more info
  • Excellent Sleep Therapy
    My BF had me buy this when I was suffering a terrible ear infection and could not sleep for days on end. For days I never heard the end of the first track. Where drugs made me feel nasty the next morning or didn't work fast enough, Dr. JT's cd was very effective. I sleep well when I play this.

    And If I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep I just hit play again and I'm gone.

    There is a lot of ambient sounds that mask the part that actually makes you sleep and there IS one point in the first track that is a bit louder and has actually awaken me a couple of times if I'm not in deep enough sleep but I have only heard this note thrice and i've had the CD for 3 years now....more info
  • Delta Sleep
    This product didn't help me. Have serious insomnia. But I do use it to relax when I rest in the afternoon....more info
  • To Sleep or not to Sleep.
    It has helped a great deal.I would still like to find something that helps you sleep straight through the night.I find when I wake up in the middle of the night that I do go right back to sleep with this cd....more info
  • I can't say enough about this CD
    This CD is wonderful. My husband and I have been using this tape for about 2 years now and I'm thinking about buying another one for backup. You might need a day or two to get used to it but when you do it will synchronize your sleep cycling patterns.It also has the added benefit of providing background noise so that you don't wake up to any little noises that happen throughout the night.
    I highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to get a good nights sleep. ...more info
  • Hypnotic
    Great just like the other CDs I own of Dr. Thompson. I can sleep with this, or i can work through the afternoon siesta time because it puts you in a relaxed state and it's easier to concentrate. It's amazing. I love it....more info


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