The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

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Product Description

Small and compact, the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer can warm virtually any bottle in just seconds. It can also be used to warm jars of food. Features automatic shut-off for added safety. Bottle not included.

Designed for use from birth, the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer from The First Years lets you warm bottles and baby food more accurately and with more consistent temperatures. The compact design and contemporary styling complements any kitchen or nursery counter or table top, and the safe, user-friendly design saves time so your hungry child doesn't have to wait to eat.

The Quick Serve Bottle Warmer offers:
  • Fast and easy heating of a bottle of formula or milk.
  • Ability to warm up a jar of baby food.
  • Auto-shutoff for extra safety.

By using steam heat, there are no hot spots and nutritional value is preserved. View larger.
Fast, Convenient Heating
The Quick Serve heats any bottle instantly, whether it's straight, angled, wide-necked or disposable (glass bottles, however, should not be used). Once baby starts eating solid foods, you can also use this unit to warm a jar of baby food. An included basket for baby food jars and graduated water droppers keep things neat and organized, while the easy-to-read grid allows for effortless measuring.

Safe Steam Heat
The Quick Serve takes the fear and guesswork out of warming, so you won't have to worry about inconsistent temperatures or the loss of precious nutrients. By utilizing steam heat to warm bottles or jars, this warmer eliminates the possibility of hot spots and unlike microwaves, preserves the nutritional value of the liquids and foods it heats. For added safety, the auto-shut-off button ensures that you never leave the unit on too long or risk overheating milk or baby food.

User-Friendly Design and Operation
The Quick Serve is easy to use--just plug in the unit, add water, slip in the bottle or jar, and press the "on" button. Five minutes later your formula, milk or baby food is warm and ready. If you need to immediately heat another bottle or jar, simply wait 10 minutes to allow the heating element to cool off, and you're ready to go. And for added peace of mind, it also comes with a 90 day limited warranty.

About The First Years
Part of the Learning Curve brand, The First Years knows that what matters most to parents is keeping their children happy, healthy and safe. That's why the company strives to develop innovative products for every stage of a child's development--from feeding to playing to sleeping. The First Years products feature enduring and instantly recognizable characters from Disney and Sesame Street to engage children, and their travel gear, bibs, toys, collectibles and hobby and infant products provide both parents and children with a safe and comfortable play time, bath time and nap time.

  • Bottle warmer heats single bottle of formula or milk quickly and easily
  • Can be used to warm jar of baby food
  • Compact design; contemporary styling
  • Auto shut-off for added safety
  • Recommended for babies from birth on up

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product.
    It is certainly a great product. I think some of the reviewers have been too critical about this.

    It is not perfect - you have to play with the water measurements to get it right. But it is a minor hassle compared to the the numerous problems we have had with heating bottles in the stovetop. Many times we have forgotten to switch off the stove in time and wasted precious mother's milk. Just having the comfort and convenience of the auto shut off is worth the money.

    Sometimes we have to heat the milk again because it has not warm enough. We haven't been paying heed to "Waiting 10 minutes before using it again" instruction. But so far it has not been a problem.

    Also it certainly heats the bottles in much quicker time than the stove. If you have a crying baby that needs milk right away and you cannot afford to wait too much for the cold milk in the fridge to warm - this is the way to go. The fact that it heats the bottle using steam without wasting precious nutrients is a bonus.
    ...more info
  • Not always easy to use
    I bought this bottle warmer for use with my third child. With my other two we always just heated the bottle in a cup or thermos of warm water. That takes a while and I'm pretty busy with 3 kids so I decided to buy this warmer. It does heat the bottle but the #s to fill the measuring cup up to by type of bottle aren't always accurate and I find one time I fill it to whatever level and it works great for a bottle and the next time for the same type of bottle, it doesn't heat at all or heats too much. So it's not perfect. I am going to keep using it for now but might try something else in a few weeks if we can't get it down.
    ...more info
  • Practical, fast and convenient
    There is little else left to be said about the performance and features of this warmer. In my experience, this warmer is great.

    I have discovered that it warms even faster and more evenly plain water than prepared formula. Just heat, then add the powder, shake and voila! In just 2 minutes (or less if you just have a few ounces) you have a warm bottle of formula! I have also tried with breastmilk (I unfortunately do not produce enough milk for my baby) and the results are quite good as well.

    And just in case you were wondering, this warmer is not battery opperated....more info
  • This Bottle Warmer is Great
    We just had our baby 3 months ago, and we started introducing the bottle at 2 months. I was having to wake up hearing the baby crying, then run downstairs, put a big coffee mug with water into the microwave, wait 3 minutes, take it out, put the bottle in coffee mug(spilling water everywhere), wait another 3-4 minutes constantly testing to see if its warm yet...all while the baby is screaming bloody murder. When we got the bottle warmer, it all changed. The baby would wake up crying, I'd run down stairs put the measured amount of water in the warmer as it comes with measuring cup that sticks to the side of the warmer(I had to put a little extra water in to get the milk to the correct temp), stick the bottle in it and turn it on. While it was warming I could go and console the baby in the meanwhile. So 2 things, it only took 3 min to warm the bottle and I could take care of the baby while it was need this thing!...more info
  • Sleep and Time Saver
    This bottle warmer has been a life saver for us. We were warming up the bottles in a very old fashioned way that consumed too much time. When the baby woke up at night it used to take 10-15 minutes before a bottle was warmed up and ready. By this time the baby was crying uncontrollably. Now with this bottle warmer it takes no more than 5 minutes! It uses a bare minimum of water to warm up a bottle. Now we are looking for a portable bottle warmer to take on the road with us....more info
  • Great product and good price
    worked out great with our 4month old daughter, just follow the instruction and within minutes you'll have the milk at the right temp for your little one....more info
  • Quick, efficient, and easy
    We have 4 month old twins and just purchased two of these bottle warmers. Having read the other reviews, we were a little hesitant about them, but we've been very pleased so far. They are working exactly as advertised. Set up is easy - plug it in and spend 10 seconds reading the directions: add tap water to the dispenser up to the appropriate level (#8 for Dr. Brown bottles), pour it into the warmer, insert bottle, press button. When it automatically shuts off 3 minutes later (indicated when the light goes out) you have a nice, warm bottle. To get consistent results, we've learned a few tips: Be precise in the amount of water added to the dispenser ("About 8" isn't good enough); don't shake the bottle to mix it while it's warming - it tends to overheat if you do - just wait until it's done; don't wait and let the bottle sit in the warmer after it's done, but instead remove it as soon as the light goes ; give the thing a wash every few weeks - it's lightweight and the area to be washed is about the size of a big coffee mug, so it takes about 30 seconds to clean. Overall, we'd say this warmer has done its job well. It's reliable, consistent, easy to use, quick, and cheap. Highly recommended....more info
  • Don't spend any more money!
    When I first bought this, over a year ago, I was hesitant about the price - it being so low compared to other brands. Rest assured, this is all you will need! My finicky baby had to have his warm Alimentum. This bottle warmer is sooo quick and easy, I could put the water up to the predetermined line of the measurer(that comes with) poor it in and left it alone. It was ready within a minute and after a few shakes, it was the perfect temperature. This is also helpful for warming up baby food jars (Comes with a special attachment just for that purpose) The warmer was dropped twice on the floor so it can defently take a beating! Outside is easy to clean (the water deposits on the warmer - not so much) All in all It did the job for my little boy. And for $16 GET IT! And Get one for the Grandparents! Don't spend $30 on a bigger and bulker item that will do the same thing!...more info
  • wow, best baby shower gift.
    I brought this gift for my son and his wife; their daughter was born on 2/21/07. when I questioned them as to why they had not used the bottle warmer, they just didn't get around to using it. I insisted they read the directions and start using it. the next day, my son stated. wow mom this is the best baby shower gift. they could not believe how fast the bottle warmer worked. how much timed it saved them as new parents, and the milk was heated at just the right temperature each time. my son was so thankful, that I insisted he use the product....more info
  • good buy
    this product just save my hands of getting burn warming the bottle in the sink...more info
  • Good For Tall Bottles
    I had to have 2 of these for the kitchen and bedroom but it overheats 4 oz bottles so you have to pay attention, and clean it often because the burned milk will cause the warmer to stink.It lasts for a long time, so its worth the investment. ...more info
  • Not perfect, but does the job!
    I love this bottle warmer, but I have to admit that it's taken a while to get used to its quirks. For one thing, the guide says that to heat a bottle, you should fill the water container to a 7 or 8. Well, we've found that 8 is too hot - a level between 6 & 7 takes the chill off just right though, so the milk isn't hot at all, just barely warmed to about room temp. Also, water deposits tend to accumulate on the basket, so it needs to be wiped down once a week....more info
  • I LOVE This!
    This is by far the best thing I have purchased in a longggggggg time! It's super easy to use and soooo quick! It's timed perfectly so bottles are just the perfect temp! It's so super fast as well which is great when you have a fussy baby who just wants to eat. It's safe to use with breastmilk. I love it!...more info
  • Warmer
    I haven't tried the product yet as my baby isn't born. But it seems to be a good product with good quality.

    Shipping was fast too....more info
  • good warmer
    This is nice because of the auto shut off. It is rather easy to get the hang of - but don't try it for the first time with a hungry or fussy baby or you'll get frazzled. I also really like that it uses steam to heat the product....more info
  • More of a hassle than help
    I bought this item for my first baby. To make a long story short, despite following directions very carefully, half the time the bottle either came out too hot, or still cold. I gave it up quick and ended up setting the bottle in a bowl of warm water from the microwave. Takes a little longer, but works everytime and it's not as annoying....more info
  • Pretty Good
    We started out warming bottles in a pot on the stove. It was worked out to a science: turn the heat to 6, set the bottle in, wait 4 minutes.

    With this bottle warmer, it's taken a little bit of time, but we're close to bottle warming being a science again. The trick is to fill your bottles with about the same amount of milk/formula each time. That way, you won't have to refer to the chart in the instructions. That's right, there's a chart that tells you how much water to put into the warmer based on the size of the bottle, how full that bottle is, and whether you have breast milk or formula inside. It's annoying in the beginning, but if you always put the same amount of the same liquid in the same size bottle, you'll be fine.

    Aside from that, we like that the warmer can always be plugged in. It shuts itself off after it warms a bottle. No worries about your house burning down or your bottle melting if you leave it in the warmer too long....more info
  • great value
    I have not used this product yet but the price was right, the quality of the product looks good, and I am looking forward to seeing the result of its use....more info
  • Do NOT buy this bottle warmer
    At first glance, I thought this product was great--it IS small, simple, and fast. What the "editorial review" does not say is that it is also completely UNRELIABLE. I've heated up bottles with the exact same amount of formula, at the exact same temperature, with the exact same amount of water. Sometimes they're perfectly warm, but just as often they're scalding hot, and, less frequently, still cold. If a product like this doesn't work consistently, it's useless....more info
  • Very Good Warmer
    I really like this warmer. Its small and it works fast. There is a little water holder that attaches to the side of the unit to keep the water ready for when you need it. Just add the water, put in the bottle and wait 2-3 minutes. The only problem I have with the warmer is that I use water for the bottle that is room tempature so if I leave the bottle in the entire warming time it gets too hot for my baby to drink. So I just take it out after 1 minute, check it on my wrist and it is usually ready. If you are taking a cold bottle from the refridgerator and warming it, you can leave it for the full warming time of 2 - 3 minutes. I highly recommend this warmer....more info
  • awful product
    I've used several bottle warmers and this one is by far the worst. It creates more hot spots than any other warmer I've used, sometimes doesn't stop the warming cycle, has no audible indicator when the cycle is complete. I accidentally spilled some milk in it (less than a tablespoon) and now there is this burnt on residue on the warming element that will not go away, even after multiple cleanings. Its not even worth giving to goodwill....more info
  • Highly recommend
    Whenever my baby feels hungry, she wake up from sleep and cries for milk. We will not have much time, to heat water on stove and feed. We just mix powder with water and put the bottle in this warmer. Bottle will get warm with in a minute. This warmer comes very handy for us so far. My baby drinks even when the milk is less warm. Hence we always put less water in the warmer than suggested so that milk never get more warm than needed. No problems so far....more info
  • Does the job in a reliable way
    This bottle warmer is great. We use it for every feeding and rely on it so much.

    The way it works is there is a measurement tube you use to fill with water. The amount of water you fill is based on how much formula is in the bottle. The warmer comes with a chart so you'll know how much water to use. We followed this chart at first but had to make adjustments to the measurement. After about 1 day of using it, we were able to get a feel of how much water there needs to be and when to pull it out from the warmer. No big deal, it just takes trial and error... you'll get the feel of it after about 2 feedings.

    So after filling the warmer with water, you put the bottle in and hit the button. The button has an orange light when it's on and automatically shuts off when it's done. If you leave the bottle in the warmer after it shuts off, it'll still be in the process of heating up. So the longer you leave it in, the hotter it will get. Like I said earlier, you'll get the feel of when you need to take it out.

    We use playtex angled bottles and this warmer supports it. I recommend this warmer....more info
  • It does the job
    This bottle warmer is ok, the only complaint I have is that over time, it takes more water to warm up the same amt of milk in the bottle due to residue build up on the bottom. The solution to that is to wash the inside of the bottle warmer once in a while......more info
  • Great time-saving device
    If only I would have known of this with my first child, things would have been much easier. With the warmer we no more run to get hot water in the middle of the night, or even during the day, and within a minute we have the formula at the temperature we want. Once you know how much it takes (depending on the thickness of the bottle) by trying it using different amounts of water, it is so simple to use.
    Together with an insulated bag, night feedings are almost fun....more info
  • good for the price
    I have this warmer and it pretty much does what its supposed to for the price. It does tend to overheat smaller bottles but you just have to get the hang of the amount of water you need to use. I'm not crazy about how it heats larger seems I have to press the button a couple of times before I get it right. But, again, there aren't many choices out there and it does heat faster then other traditional methods....more info
  • Great for the money
    This is my second First Years Warmer with my second child. The first one got TONS of use and lasted the whole first year of heating up bottles for my son. Now with another child, I decided I can splurge on a new one since the bottom was starting to burn out a bit. I highly recommend it. The bottles warm in about a minute and is very easy. It's all easy to do while holding a baby in one hand too. The only negative I see if I've yet to master how much water to throw in. It works by putting in a small amount of water right into the unit and then it heats up essentially steaming the bottle so it's an even warming process. The problem is most likely me because I never pay attention to how much water I'm putting in to note for the future if it was right or not. But worst case I do a little more a second time, or give a minute to cool down. Usually it's perfect. With all the choices out there, I highly recommend this one. ...more info
  • Buy It !
    Hi and thanks for stopping by.

    We needed something better than to heat up a pot of water on the stove and then swirle the babies bottle in it to warm it up.

    My wife is breast feeding.. but expresses milk so I can feed the baby and she can get some rest.

    I used the First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer and it took like 2... yes 2 minutes to heat a cold from the fridge bottle to the appropriate temperature.... ok this is a 4oz bottle (baby is 7 weeks) and I know a larger bottle will take longer... but WOW it is fabulous and highly recommended over previous method.

    Lowest price and works great !!...more info
  • awesom bottle warmer!!!
    I got this bottle warmer as a gift and the first time I used it I loved it. I actually bought another one for my parents house. My sister has had one for years and she loves it. I think this is the best bottle warmer. I have tried many and found that this is the best one. It is the quickest bottle warmer!!!...more info
  • Great for Forgetful People
    I purchased this bottle warmer after I left our old bottle warmer on one too many times. When you are running around in the morning trying to get yourself and your baby ready for daycare and work it is far to easy to forget to turn off the bottle warmer. This poses a real fire hazard. It is a great product and very affordable. I would recommend it to other people!...more info
  • Be Careful
    This is a nice gadget to have because it is good at getting the job done quickly, however, you have to be careful.

    There are more times that I overheat the bottle than get the temperature just right. The chart in the instruction manual for water measurements and bottle sizes can be a bit confusing.

    I guess good advice for using this bottle warmer would be to always put less than more. You can always heat milk again, but it's a pain to wait for it to get cooled down when you have a whiny, hungry baby and a bottle that's way too hot.
    So, just be careful!...more info
  • Just what we needed
    This bottle warmer is a perfect, basic warmer. We like it so much we are buying a second one so we have one on each floor. We have a small fridge upstairs, so no need for the cooler aspect of the larger, bulky warmers. This warmer works just perfect for our Avent bottles. The container for adding water appears to be well-calibrated for Avent bottles. When I warm up 3 or 4 ounces of formula, I fill the water container up to the corresponding number. If I take the bottle as soon as the warmer shuts off, it is a bit warmer than room temperature, but not quite body temperature - and our baby tolerates this. If I do not get to the bottle right away, the bottle warms up a bit more after it shuts off, and gets only slightly higher than body temperature - certainly much lower than what would burn our baby. So, we have no worries about the bottles getting too warm or not warm enough. I highly recommend this warmer....more info
  • frustrating, inconsistent, a nightmare for middle of the night feeding
    ok lots said before me but here it is in a nutshell. the little vial of water is extremely challenging to get the right amount in there. especially with a crying baby in one arm! once you do get the (supposed) correct amount and dump it in the cannister, one out of maybe five times it heats the milk to the correct temperature. then you have to wait five minutes for the machine to be able to be used again. probably the worst most frustrating device of all of our baby gear. sometimes it makes it just rediculously hot... scary!!!!...more info
  • My husband insisted...
    My husband wanted a bottle warmer that was easy to use. We saw this product on base and decided to purchase it. It's small, compact design is perfect for our house, since it takes up very little counter top space. It works very well on our Vent Aire bottles. All you have to do is fill up the cup to the suggested amount, add the bottle and press the button. Once the light goes out the baby's food is at the perfect temperature. We found that if you make bottles ahead of time and keep them refrigerated, it takes a little bit longer to heat them up. Overall, it is a must have. The days of heating up bottles on the stove are done!...more info
  • First years quick serve bottle warmer
    As a grandmother I find this easy and quick to warm bottles or baby food jars. Heats in very little time and easy to adjust temperature by adding or removing water. Wish I had this when my kids were little....more info
  • When You've Got A Hungry Baby.....
    The last thing you need is to have to put everything down to check a bottle constantly. Every time myself or my wife tried to warm a bottle in this thing, it either came out too hot or too cold. Having to constantly check the bottle became too much of a hassle and we simply quit using this warmer. Despite following the instructions to a tee, the bottles NEVER came out perfect. We either had to re-heat the bottle or let it cool down before giving it too the baby.

    To make things short, I'll say this: Use the stove or microwave. Once you get your child into a reasonably predictable routine, you can warm bottles at a reasonable time and easily without having to waste time and money on the First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer....more info
  • So-So
    While this works ok for the regular width bottles, it doesn't work so well for the wide neck bottles right out of the refrigerator, and unfortunately you cannot add more water to accomodate without fear of overheating the unit....more info
  • Very Easy/Safe
    All warmers require you to "measure correctly" so just be careful in the first few days and remember that warmers are not incredibly high-tech. Start with smaller amounts of water and build up, and whenever it's a little too hot (don't let it sit there after the light goes out) just run the bottle under some cold water until you get the temp you're after.

    Luckily our 5wk old hasn't been too picky but this warmer's super easy and safe with all bottles- medea, DrBrown, Gerber, etc....more info
  • Doesn't Heat Breastflow Bottles
    I bought this warmer because I own the Breastflow bottles and I was thinking that since the two products are made by the same company, it should work. Well, I was disappointed because it failed to warm the bottle at all! What is the point in make a bottle warmer when it doesn't even warm the bottles that are made by the same company?...more info
  • Fast and Reliable
    In the middle of the night when the baby is screaming and you need milk - FAST. Carefull to check the milk, sometimes can be too hot too fast!...more info
  • It's OK to me
    This product is Okto me but not really good. It can't makes the milk warm enough although it doesn't need too much time....more info
    This is a great product! I have bought 3 additional ones for baby showers after I used the first one myself. It is quick and easy. Although you have to guess how much water to put in the warmer, but you will get used to it pretty quickly. I can't live without it and recommend it to everyone....more info


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