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Rocket to Russia

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"Our records have the bitterness of life in them," quoth Dee Dee Ramone, and Rocket to Russia brought the pain. Despite carrying on the celebratory tone of the Ramones' debut and Leave Home in the likes of "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker," "Cretin Hop," a tribute to dirty "Rockaway Beach," and covers of the Trashmen and "Do You Wanna Dance?" their third LP displays a dark humor that's less jokey than the previous releases' goofs on bad mental health and dysfunctional relationships. The group's best-produced of its first three releases, Rocket achieves an almost smooth texture thanks to a clean mix and increased use of Beach Boys-inspired vocal harmonies. Still, the joyous grind of Johnny's guitar is front and center for much of this enduring album. Rhino's refurbished version offers five bonus tracks, including a rough early version of "It's a Long Way Back to Germany" and a demo, "Slug," which imagines (?) a world crawling with insects. --Rickey Wright

Customer Reviews:

  • Does punk get any better than this? I think not...
    Unlike some reviewers here, I didn't exactly grown up in the punk era of the late 70s/early 80s. Yeah I was around, but the diaper rash kinda hampered my appreciation for the genre. I kind of backed into the Ramones in high school after wondering where Green Day got their ideas from (and I am happy to say that once I heard the real thing I dropped Green Day and started buying albums from the likes of the Ramones, Talking Heads, The Clash, Devo, etc. etc.). This music wasn't really THAT old when I first discovered it, and it has really stuck with me through all my phases.

    Anyway, in this era of emo, mall-punk, sloppy pseudo-hardcore and the like, it's refreshing to throw this one on the player and remember that punk rock can be far from the cheesy and awkward "devolution" which has occurred. Perhaps this fact alone shows the limitations of the genre as well. I mean, there is by definition only so much you can really do with a few chords and a lot of nervous or angry energy. That potential was largely maxed-out by around 1986 (although you never know, some would have said the same about 50s rock n roll). The point is, nothing that has happened since the release of this album takes anything away from its superior quality and the absolute pop PERFECTION of these rock n roll nuggets. It's got an angry Beach Boys sound that was stunningly unique for its time, and it's just so much fun to listen to nearly anywhere. If you like punk rock, this should be the first stop you make.

    -HW...more info
  • Best Rock Album Ever
    Besides the Beatles, the Ramones were the best rock band ever. Why? Neither band compromised on anything they did. This album encompases their best effort. Their junior outing produced a professional sounding album before that got bored with the sound they made famous and started to experiment (like the acoustical parts of Road To Ruin).
    Just fast catchy tunes that that don't sound juvenile or rushed. If your new to the Ramones, you could try this album first, though most will try 'Ramones Mania', and that will do fine. But when you want more to explore, start here.
    Plus, this album is as a whole, is also on 'All The Stuff And More Part 2', and includes Road To Ruin too....more info
  • The Ramones Rocket to Russia
    I bought this album because I owned it approx 30 years ago and had a vague memory of it being good. I was not dissappointed, in fact it seems to have improved with age, or maybe my taste has. Whichever is the case Rocket to Russia is in my humble opinon the best ever Ramones album. Cretin Hop is an all time classic not to mention Teenage Lobotomy, Sheena is a Punk Rocker and the best ever version of Surfing Bird. there are also 5 ripper bonus tracks. Long live the Ramones. ...more info
  • best ramones cd
    from start to finish..this album is truly the best...more info
  • The Ramones keep on rockin'
    Their debut may be more historically significant, but this is still the better album. Rocket To Russia, the Ramones' third record, is one of the greatest punk records ever waxed, and a watershed moment in the tortured history of rock 'n' roll. Here, the group's signature mixture of Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Black Sabbath, Iggy Pop, and Phil Spector is at its absolute zenith. These songs are pure gutter angst, burnt-out bursts of emotion that ring with hilarity and hatred, joy and spite, love and confusion, apathy and honesty. And you can dance to it! The end result is a package of pure, unfiltered goodness, full of meat 'n' cheese masterpieces like "Cretin Hop" and "Locket Love." "Rockaway Beach" and "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" are metallic bubblegum-surf ravers, and "Teenage Lobotomy" is an irresistible, ferocious anthem. "I Don't Care" is quintessentially bemused teenage sneer, and the cover of "Do You Wanna Dance" is just plain fun. And then there's the rollicking cynicism of "We're A Happy Family," and the bounce of "I Wanna Be Well." So, a punk classic then......more info
  • Over Your Head
    Simply put, this album is what rock'n roll fun is all about. For those of you who don't really get it, it is futile to try and explain it to you. ...more info
  • The remastering is worth every penny
    I bought this on vinyl. On tape. On CD. Now I've bought it again on CD -- and the remastering and the bonus tracks are worth every penny I've spent on this title since the '70s....more info
  • Hey Johnny, hey Dee Dee, Little Tom and Joey
    This was the Ramones third album, and the last with Tommy behind the drum kit. It also happens to be their best album. The album features one classic song after another. As a side note, this album features all three of the group's singles that actually made the pop charts ("Sheena is a Punk Rocker", "Rockaway Beach" and "Do You Wanna Dance"). Besides those three songs, the album also has fan favorites like "Cretin Hop", "We're a Happy Family", "Teenage Lobotomy" and "Surfin' Bird". This is the greatest punk album of all time. Highly recommended....more info
  • Do you need the re-issue?
    You need the albulm, in some form or other. On this, the third of the first four classic Ramones albulms, every minute is relentless early guitar punk brilliance.

    But choosing between this Rhino re-issue and "All the Stuff (And More) Vol. 2" is going to be difficult for first-time buyers. The re-mastering available here highlights some craftsmanship in "Rockaway Beach", "Sheena...", and other tracks that careful listeners will appreciate. Older fans might be surprised to hear "Teenage Lobotomy" and "I Wanna Be Well" almost foreshadowing the uberproduced "End of the Century". Is this able remastering a worthy exchange for "All the Stuff... 2", which contains the entirety of "Road to Ruin" (the fourth albulm)?

    The best of the 'bonus tracks' on this albulm, "Slug (Demo)", is also available on "All the Stuff... 2", which makes it even more difficult to recommend this release over the earlier two-albulm collection. The booklet, with its touching Arturo Vega salute to Joey Ramone, certainly cannot contribute that much to this release's value, although it's up to Rhino's excellent standard of producing breathless nostalgia-laden hymns to the artists they clearly love as much as we do.

    In the end, I'm forced to say that "All the Stuff... 2" is the better buy for most. Truly dedicated fans will, however, want to pick up this albulm for the remastered quality and the four previously unreleased/unavailable tracks....more info

  • great historical recording
    I got into the ramones in the late middle 70's when music was the pits and then I heard Rocket to Russia. I think that it is one of Rock's best albums made both in beat and vocals. I think it is a well written album and signifies the idea that punk was fun yet political in nature.
    I highly reccomend this album as well as the Live album,anthology which is a good chronilogical representation and pleasent Dreams....more info
  • one of the greatest rock records EVER!!!!
    You could put this record on at a FUNERAL and people would start bopping their heads, and maybe even dance. It just doesn't get any better!...more info
  • The remastering is worth every penny
    I bought this on vinyl. On tape. On CD. Now I've bought it again on CD -- and the remastering and the bonus tracks are worth every penny I've spent on this title since the '70s....more info
    I am a brand-new, diehard Ramones fan. And, guess what--this was the first of their CDs I listened to! It's ABSOULOUTELY AMAZING. All I can say--BUY IT!!...more info
  • Classic album .. Great Packaging
    No Question, this is one of the finest recordings of all time, the music is great and the packaging is excellent. ...more info
  • The Last Great Ramones Album
    This was the third, and final, shot over the bow of rock music by the Ramones. Sadly, it didn't work for their career but it did help change rock music (along with their first two albums). After this, they would just tread water as lesser bands capitalized on their pioneering sound. This is the last great Ramones studio album, although they released some fine live albums and decent studio albums later....more info
  • These Guys Were Top of the Mountain!
    Next to their debut album, this is my pick of The Ramones' best work ever. With the losses of Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny, it's sad to think The Ramones are a band of the past, but when you listen to works like "Rocket To Russia," you can say "they left an enduring legacy" without sounding contrived and melodramatic.

    I love the opening songs on Rocket to Russia because you hear such energetic merriment packed with lyrics of the celebrated misfists: the proud declaration that "cretins wanna hop," followed by the seemingly innocent enthusiasm over hitching a ride to Rockaway Beach on a sunny day---without mentioning that Rockaway Beach is actually one of the grittiest, toughest, meanest beach towns in the country!

    I love that we get a solid dose of unmistakable Ramones' lyrics in songs like "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" and "Teenage Lobotomy," and then receive the greatest cover of "Do You Want To Dance" ever recorded. No revamped punk lyrics, just the most powerful homage to oldies rock & roll you will ever hear, done in that high-octane Ramones' spirit. This song is the prime example of punk rock & classic rock meeting, morphing, and totally emerging into one another. Sounds corny, hmm? True, though.

    In my opinion, there are no bad Ramones albums out there, but this is one of their greatest works. If you have never listened to The Ramones before, this is a good place to start. If you are one of those folks who are just now discovering The Ramones, get happy, because you've got a lot of great music to listen to up the road. These cats were the greatest!

    ...more info
  • Once Upon a Time....
    In a small town in Pennsylvania was a little Mom and Pop record store. About 1978 or so, that Palmyra record store began to get a lot of "promo only" albums, the majority of which were by artists in the underground punk scene. Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, Dead Boys, Saints and a whole bunch of others. At a buck a pop, I was feeding my curiosity on a regular basis, going into the store literally every couple of days to see if any new albums had appeared.

    One of those trips had two fresh items in the front of the bin... "Rocket To Russia" and "Road To Ruin" by The Ramones. I grabbed them both and went over to my friend Chuck's. He had been playing guitar for a year or so, and I'd been writing for as long as I could remember. We went into his basement and put "Rocket To Russia" on the turntable. As soon as "Rockaway Beach" was over, our world had changed. Chuck had his guitar in his hands before the end of side one, because we knew that we could do this, too. By the end of the week, we'd recruited a bassist and a drummer and formed a band.

    Two songs. That was all it took to literally make our lives change course. "Rocket To Russia" is literally that powerful an album, and remains a watershed moment in punk rock. You get the seminal "Cretin Hop," "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" "Teenage Lobotomy" and what may be one of the most important Top 100 singles of the decade, "Rockaway Beach." You discover that all sorts of classics could be hammered into rock, as "Do You Wanna Dance" blasted surf music into smithereens.

    So I write this, all but blubbering into my computer screen. Johnny's gone now, along with Joey and Dee Dee. Three quarters of the "brothers" that not only kicked complacent music in the kiester, but rallied four high school guys in 1978 to get on stage and make a glorious racket with three minute ditties we wrote ourselves. "Rocket To Russia" reconfigured my world. Turned up to 10, it still makes my head bob. Anyone who ever cared about rock and roll should have this album.

    Sad to say, my world reconfigured again today. RIP, Johnny. ...more info
  • the greatest album of all time just got better
    I like a lot of music, everything from uh Louis Armstrong to the Germs, but brother this is the best of em' all. This album is perfection, every time I play it I feel even more alive. So what did Rhino do, they made it better!!! First off, the fidelity is unbelievable. For all of you that have "All This Stuff And More Vol 2", you can throw that away cause here is the real thing! Not to mention you get the bonus cuts that you did on "ATSAMV2", including 2 of the greatest cuts they never released, S.L.U.G.(recorded at Gold Star Studios no less) and, It's A Long Way Back To Germany (well it was a b-side). Do yourself a favor and order this now!!!!!! RIP Joey...more info
  • Five stars for the songs, minus two for the new package
    Why, oh, why? Simply put: if you're new to the Ramones and didn't have this album before, by all means, pick this up. If you're like me, and you've owned the vinyl or tape for decades, pass on this. I have to agree with reviewer "9pretzel", this remastered/expanded set isn't worth your money. These songs are undeniably among the best to come from the 70s punk scene because they were stripped down. It's what the Ramones were pretty much about! What marketing assistant thought it a good idea to expand on the masters of minimalism? It reeks of packaging and profit. Do yourself a favor, find a second- or third-hand music store and buy a used copy of the album.

    Joey and Dee Dee, Rest In Punk....more info

  • This Album Made Me See Stars
    Great Googly Moogly! These were the words that came out of my mouth after I heard this album. Rocket To Russia should be one of the greatest rock records ever. From "Cretin Hop" to their cover of "Surfin Bird" to "Teenage Lobotomy" to "I Wanna Be Well" to "Rockaway Beach" to every damn song on this album! I love everything about this record. From start to finish it has everything that makes the Ramones great, and then some. If you want some good old fashioned rock n roll, don't go get a Stink-182 or Scum-41 album. Get this and listen to it until you realize how extremely wonderful it really is....more info
  • Their best studio recording
    The debut saved rock 'n' roll and is an all around more important album, but when it comes to the songwriting and consistency, this is their best studio offering. In an age of overblown arena rock and overpetentous prog rock, the Ramones kept things simple with their raw and primative style of pre-Beatles rock 'n' roll. Despite the fact that they were totally derrariative, they were completely original at the same time, making them something other than just an oldies band. They took the classic style of early Garage and Surf rock, and played it at a breakneck speed. There wasn't anything else out there quite like what the Bruthas had to offer. Dee Dee Ramone said "Our early songs came out of our real feelings of alienation, isolation, frustration, the feelings everybody feels between seventeen and seventy-five". Some may claim this is looking deeper into songs that really aren't too deep. I disagree. Everybody can relate to sitting around, eating hamburgers for lunch, hoping for better days, and wanting to go out an have a good time on a Friday night. Despite the simplicity of a Ramones song, they manage to speak to bored alienated teens. One of the best punk albums ever, there is so much more to the band than "Blitzerking Bop". Buy the first four studio albums and they amazing "It's Alive" live album (don't get a greatest hits you loser)....more info
  • Just buy it!
    This cd might change your life. All the tunes are upbeat, catchy, and classic.
    ...more info
  • Why Don't You Own this Already?
    Album Three for the Ramones, Rocket to Russia, is the Ramones album that SHOULD have made the Ramones a household name. Of course, it didn't....Nothing ever really went the way they should have for the Ramones! But honestly, this record is hit single after hit single. Only problem is that no one bought it.... Well, now you have the chance to rectify that situation. BUY IT NOW! RTR is just one long (well, 33 minute) hit parade for the listener.

    Johnny Ramone, who was not much for interviews, would always claim RTR was the Ramones best album. (He never said his "favorite", he always said "our best") When asked why it was the best, Johnny would always answer, "It had the most hits." Well....the Ramones never had any hits, so it's hard to determine what Johnny meant. I figure he meant it had the most "hit" songs with the fans. If you look at the album, really only 4 of the 14 tunes weren't staples of the Ramones live set. That says a lot for any album! This album contains the Ramones best song, Sheena is a Punk Rocker. (Which also was included in later issues of Leave Home). Their ode to 60's rock, Ramones style, it is infectious. It also contains major Ramones "hits" Rockaway Beach, Cretin Hop, and Teenage Lobotomy. Cover tune, Do You Wanna Dance is here as well. You may remember it from the movie Rock n' Roll High School, as the Bruddas and students began their assault on the halls of Vince Lombardi High!

    This would be the last album with the original four Ramones. Tommy would leave in favour of Marky, and take over the duties of a producer. Some fans call this the end of the "great Ramones", but it was only the begining! Road to Ruin would be next, and RTR is just a warm up. But, it is the third in a terrific string of albums which you should have already! BUY IT!!!!! ...more info
  • Best of the Best
    It's so passe to give favorite reviews glowing reviews - it seems that if an album is beloved, it deserves some kind of classic status.

    With Rocket to Russia, the Ramones earn this album's classic status from the first groove. This captures the humor of their first LP and melds it with punk cum Beach Boys feel. Their sound is completely original, but warmly familiar, and all of the tunes are written rightly and cleverly. This isn't hardcore, but it certainly seemed hardcore when it was released (not even Saturday Night Live would touch them), and it's completely unpretentious. Even people who weren't initially fond of the Ramones have slowly come to appreciate their special genius - and Rocket to Russia captures that genius as well as any of their records. My signed copy is a prized possession....more info
  • A Necessary Album
    You absolutely need this if you are at all interested in punk rock. It is more poppy than their debut but better than Leave Home. The best songs, in my opinion are the simplest ones: Surfing Bird and Happy Family. This is one of my favorite all-time albums. Throw away your Blink 182 ... and get into the Ramones....more info
    awsome ramones cd.a great example of real punk rock.there are alot of awsome songs here.highlights are rockaway beach,do u wanna dance,creiten hop,here today gone tommorrow,ect.this was wen music was about good writing,good instroments, and fun its about looking good,being rich and having 1 song be played 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times a day.just plain awsome rock n roll.ignore mtv stuff cause it sucks.just buy this right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the ramones
    the clash
    the misfits
    the sex pistols
    the distillers
    green day

    simple plan
    relient k
    the click 5
    avril lavgine

    thats just to name a few.stick to real music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • America's "London Calling"
    Like the Clash, the third time was the charm for the kings of Queens, who hotwired 1960s sincero-spunk ("Locket Love," "Do You Wanna Dance?") with 1970s chainsaw punk (which they singlehandedly invented on their debut and perfected on "Leave Home"), and somehow wound up in a dead heat with the Beach Boys for first place in the title bout for greatest surf combo ever ("Rockaway Beach," "Surfin' Bird" and especially "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"). In the process, the protoboyz from da 'hood absolutely shredded anything and everything gobbed up by London's Class of '77 (listen to any Damned records lately?), not to mention their CBGB's peers (the combined careers of Blondie, Television and Talking Heads weren't as influential as "We're A Happy Family"). Even the pinheads-in-straightjackets schtick ("Cretin Hop," "I Wanna Be Well," "Teenage Lobotomy") sounded fresh, frenetic, fun and especially funny, unlike "I Don't Care," which reads like a suicide note written in her lipstick and left on the windowsill. The demo/outtake flotsam is better on the other reissues, but that's mostly because it's impossible to improve on perfection, crystallized in Tommy's four glorious every-drum-at-once beats that kickstart the last chorus of "Rockaway Beach," which rivals the first three minutes of the Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'?" as the most astounding, gut-wrenching, giddy, grand and life-affirming rock and roll moment ever. Gabba gabba get it before it gets you....more info
  • Ramones Can Do No Wrong!
    ROCKET TO RUSSIA was released in mid-1977, at the height of the fury that was known as Punk Rock. Sire Records was gearing up for some serious sales and betting a lot on the Ramones. It's no wonder, then, that the album has the band's cleanest, leanest, most accessible sound, refined to defiant, power-chorded perfection. It contains many of their classics, and every song is a finely crafted pop-rock gem. Here's a bit of poetry from "We're a Happy Family":

    "Sitting here in Queens/ Eating refried beans/ We're in all the magazines/ Gulping down Thorazines/ I'm friends with the president/ I'm friends with the pope/ We're al making a fortune/ Selling daddy's dope"

    How can any rock lover resist the obvious, sugary-yet-substantial charms of "Rockaway Beach," "Do You Wanna Dance," "Cretin Hop," "Locket Love"? (Well, apparently lots of "rock lovers" did just that, too busy buying up all that Kiss and Grand Funk Railroad and Fleetwood Mac swill in 1977). There's the nihilist's anthemic "I Don't Care," a punk dirge in which Joey declares "I don't care about this world/And I don't care about these words." "Ramona" is a bittersweet confection with a lovely melody.

    And then there's the song that I consider to be the most perfect pop song ever written, "Sheena is a Punk Rocker." An ode to free spirits everywhere, to New York City, and to the power of identity that the best rock'n'roll provides, "Sheena" is everything that makes the Ramones great in 2 minutes and 47 seconds:

    "Well, the kids are all hopped up and ready to go/ They got their surfboards and they're heading/ to the Discotheque a Go-Go/ But she just couldn't stay/ She had to break away/ Well New York City really has it all Oh yea-ah, oh yeah!"

    Second verse, same as the first. A put-the-top-down, fist-in-the-air, sing-along radio-friendly classic if ever there was one. However, when it was released as a single, radio stations took one look at the phrase "punk rocker" and recoiled in fear. Really. It's funny to think today that that phrase once struck horror into the stoutest of record company hearts, but it's true. Ah well, surely the less-threatening sounding "Rockaway Beach," with its Beach Boys-go-garage vibe and unforgettable chorus ("Rock-rock, Rockaway Beach/It's not hard, not far to reach/ We can hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach") would leap to the top of the charts and ensconce the Ramones in the nation's warm bosom.

    Except that this sunny, funny, delightful little ditty was released in the dead of winter. And it died. And that was it. The Ramones stopped cold. Despite relentless touring, the spectacle of Punk Rock was a dangerous one, and any band associated with it was thrown out with the bathwater. Plus, audiences outside of New York City's Lower East Side just couldn't get with four geeky-looking guys in motorcycle jackets, Captain America T-shirts two sizes too small and ripped-up blue jeans--not when there was John Travolta looking so suave and so dapper in his disco get-up!

    The remastered version of this classic is beyond reproach--a booklet filled with photos I hadn't seen before and commentary by the illustrious Legs McNeil ("I mean, have you ever been to Rockaway Beach?" he writes. "The place is a sewer!"). Plus full lyrics, original record sleeve cartoons by John Holmstrom, and a nice little P.S. from Arturo Vega. The bonus songs are top-notch: the masterful "Slug" (this is a demo?!) and a slightly different version of "It's a Long Way Back to Germany" than the one on Road to Ruin. These are easily some of the finest re-issues on the market today--too bad Columbia didn't do the same when they redid the Clash catalogue last year.

    So I say, screw disco and rock'n'roll forever! 1-2-3-4! Now the first four Ramones albums have been beautifully remastered, there's no reason for any home to be without 'em!...more info

  • What's not to love?
    ROCKET TO RUSSIA was released in mid-1977, the height of the cold war and in the middle of the horrible period in US Music know as Disco. Most ignorant Amricans fail to realize this was also a time for cutting edge music known as american Punk Rock. I love this album (CD) i wore out the vinyl version I had. This is cleanest, leanest, meanest and refined production. Ya have to buy it....more info
  • Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity --
    All Together In One Place!

    Is this the best Ramones record? It's not really a question that makes sense: although they didn't live to 200 or make a record every year, like many of their rough contemporaries they paid enough attention to the word from Mose to give their output more sameness than it need have. This is the least sincere one, though, and that's saying something since it's the one that usually gets invoked as blueprint for experiments in Nice-Price soddenness (and this cultural current shows little sign of decreasing, whether less or more people now know how to "pray yow"). Is this a must-have? No, although cuts from it help *Ramones Mania* put a breach in the "hull" of "completists" and the artwork helps demonstrate the possibility that Legs McNeil et al. really were good for something. But it's a "sequin" you can stand to have around, whether you it need it or not....more info

  • Let's Dance with the Ramones
    The best thing I can say about this record is that it is so eminently danceable, beginning with "Cretin Hop." This album is chock full of good, fun, songs, that hailed from a time when punk was still tongue-in-cheek enough not to take itself seriously as some kind of "social movement."

    "Rockaway Beach" brings back memories of much of my childhood spent there. It's the ultimate surfer song spoof, not about California, but the filthy beaches along the outer borough of Queens, on the rotting boardwalks...stepping on pop tabs in the sand, and swimming in diluted sewage.

    "I Don't Care" is Joey's hepcat to British Invasion rock as he affects a limey cockney whine. "We're a Happy Family" is reality radio a quarter century before the farce of "reality TV." Sort of a harbinger to the Bundys.

    "Teenage Lobotomy" is also prescient, predicting almost word-for-word personages such as 'n'Sync and Backstreet Boys and their nubile, airheaded, fans.

    However, the gem of this one is the bonus tracks "Needles and Pins" (a nice salute to the now late Sonny Bono, who wrote it, and who never knew what a great song he wrote until the Ramones put it down on wax) and the stripped down demo for "I Don't Care."

    This is my second favorite, right behind "Road to Ruin," but about 10 of their albums can easily make that cut.

    Joey and Dee Dee, your hard work and dedication to rock and having a good time have not been in vain....more info

  • The best album of all time
    Rocket to Russia is my favorite album ever,I just can't live
    trough a day without Cretin Hop or We're a Happy Family.RTR shows
    Ramones at their best.Everything's here:Johnny s beautiful,comma-
    nding,hard,but still melodic guitar,Joey s amazing voice,full of
    emotions,Tommy's non-stop loud beating,and,of course,DeeDee's
    simple,but enjoyable bass lines,and his lyrics(okay,it says songs
    are written by the Ramones,but,since DeeDee was the main lyric
    writer and composer in the band,I think the praise should go to him).Song are classic Ramones style:you have Joey's great poppy
    oriented love songs and ballads(Her Today,Gone Tommorrow,Locket Love),and DeeDee's punk classics(We're a Happy Family,Teenage Lobotomy,Cretin Hop...)There is nothing more to say.This is the
    third of Ramones first five albums,......more info
  • Nice one, comrades.
    While not quite as strong as their first two records, "Rocket to Russia" is still an impressive release. The best songs ("Cretin Hop", "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow", "I Don't Care") easily equal the high standard set by the band's previous output, but the inclusion of two half-baked covers ("Do you Wanna Dance?" and the far-too-obvious "Surfin' Bird") hint at the rot that would soon set in and reduce the band to self-parody. On the plus side, this CD reissue includes a version of "It's a Long Way Back to Germany" which was originally a UK-only B-side and is an absolute mindblower....more info
  • Now they`re great...but when they were together....
    I cant believe all of u americans, why dont u ever give a chance to ramones...i will not say the typical "they made the punk rock, blablabla...".One of the real reasons cuz they quitted, it`s that they were tired of he unrecognizement of u.s.a.They couldnt believe that they selled no more than 2.000.000 lp on his entire carreer;the same number that green day did with dookie!!
    I miss them a lot, i`m from argentina, they were like the beatles here(on Marky`s words)...all i want to say, is that when a good band appear, give them a chance, no matter if they dont look good or if they dont play like Steve Vai...

    They were funny, loyals to his ppl, good persons(i had the chance to know all of them)and they`re gone, now...

    On Johnny`s words "i love Elvis, and his gone, but i still buy his records and listen them again and again"...Please, lets do the same;thx ramones!

    (excuse my english, thx!)...more info


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