Bionaire LC0760 HEPA Air Cleaner

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It's easy enough to wipe down dirt you can see, but only a filter gets dirt out of the air. Targeting dust, pollen, smoke, and mold, this HEPA air-filter system from Bionaire uses two reliable methods to clean the atmosphere of your home or office. First, there's the HEPA filter, built to remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles--down to specks measuring .3 microns. Then there's the ionizer, which electrostatically precipitates small particles out of the air. Before releasing air back into the room, the unit also sends it through an activated, antimicrobial carbon filter to remove odors. Bionaire gives you structural options, too. Choose between two fan speeds and vertical or horizontal placement. The unit is also mountable on a wall. With typical use, one HEPA filter lasts about a year, and an indicator window lets you know when to change it. Carbon filters need replacing about every three months. --Emily Bedard

  • 5-stage filter system designed for 10-by-10-foot rooms
  • 99.97% efficient at removing airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Removes dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, animal dander, and mold spores
  • 2-speed comfort control fan
  • Exclusive filter condition monitor
Customer Reviews:
  • I am grateful to this small product
    I have chronic allergy caused by dust mites,
    and this product made my life allergy free.
    I will recommend it for small rooms....more info
  • Bionaire IS Holmes
    For those of you who are comparing this unit to similar ones by Holmes, it may interest you to know that Bionaire and Holmes are the same company (Bionaire is part of the Holmes Group), and therefore essentially the exact same product, with only asthetic differences. If you don't believe it, just check it out at the Holmes and Bionaire sites (type the brand name and add "dot-com")....more info
  • (Quitting [I hope]) Smoker's Review
    I've owned this Bionaire for around 5 years, I think. I stopped using it because I was too lazy (and cheap) to order the replacement filters (BTW -- replacement filters etc. MUCH cheaper at than through the company store!). Instead, a couple of years ago I bought a crummy little Holmes thingy (typically the only thing available at cheapy places like [local store]). Its really bad - the only advantage being I could buy off the shelf replacement filters at [local store] (mind you, for more than replacement Bionaire filters run here).

    I'm an on and off smoker. If you are using an air cleaner to make things smell better when you smoke (and/or after, when you are trying [yet again] to quit), turn it OFF when you aren't smoking. These things absorb the smoke smell; if you run it when you are not smoking, you ARE going to get stale smoke smell. It is especially bad with my Holmes thingy [DONT buy Holmes].

    My little Bionaire has taken a lot of abuse -- I've used a vacuum to suck up all the disgusting yellow hair stuff off of the filter (I have cats [none yellow])and then set the little bugger in motion again. I've also placed the carbon filters designed for the Bionaire in front of my crummy little Holmes filter with appreciably better results.

    I was a bit surprised to read the room recommendations for this model (10'x10')-- it does very well for smoke removal in larger rooms (up to 12'x14' I'd guess). My neighbor admired mine so much she went out and bought one of the crummy Holmes thingies available at [local store]. (And, there began my slow decline into mediocrity). [BTW she was admiring my little vacuum job at that point.] Now, we just kind of look at each others Holmes' thingy and snicker.

    This is just a smoker's review. If you have serious allergies -- (a) you aren't smoking and (b) there are MUCH better models out there, though not from Bionaire, I'm afraid. If you need an air purifier to help you with allergies and you don't smoke -- think about Friedrich or IQAir. These are MUCH more expensive and are not, unfortunately, offered through Amazon[.com]. And, if you DO need and acquire a serious air filter for allergies, keep a spare machine for smoke smells. If you let people smoke in your home turn off the high grade allergen filter system and turn on the smoke gatherer, when smokers are present. That way you don't ruin your primary allergen gatherer with smoke smell.

    That is about it, unless Amazon will let me reference another site for serious allergy sufferers, namely: [www....]...more info

  • Bionaire filters what?
    My Bionaire LC-0760 HEPA Air Cleaner has been running non-stop for about two weeks now. I purchased it because I am a smoker, and I wanted to eliminate the smoke smell in the house. What I have found over the last two weeks is that the Bionaire LC-0760 HEPA Air Cleaner continues to put out a smoke smell long after I have finished smoking. Now the room always smells like an ashtray (much worse than before). Also I have noticed NO reduction in the amount of dust that accumulates on the furniture. The filter looks as clean as a whistle, and my house is still dusty and smelly. Either I have a defective machine, or it is worthless....more info
  • Very Useful
    This product is very well constructed. It has two speeds, low and high. The low speed is pretty much quiet enough to sleep with. The Bionaire LC-0760 is a good choice to remove any small particles that are very annoying.

    Although I'm not totally knowledgable on air purifiers and the technology behind it (ionization, etc.) but I'm certainly happy with this one. It removed almost all of the dust in the room it was placed. I was sick and tired of having to dust all the furniture in the room so I got an air purifier. After getting one and I dusted for the last time. There are two computers in the room and the computer cases are modded with many fans around the side so I have to watch out for dust more than normal computer users have to as dust damages your expensive hardware. However, with this air purifier, I didn't have to worry about dust getting into my system at all. It's a great investment....more info