Bionaire LC1060 HEPA Air Cleaner

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This compact and ultra-quiet air cleaner filters dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, pet dander, and mold spores out of your home environment for fresher, cleaner air. The unit has a five-stage filtration system along with an ionizer for further particle removal before cleaned air is released back into the room. Additionally, it has a HEPA filter, which removes 99.97 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. A monitor on the HEPA filter detects when it needs to be replaced and indicates so via a light on the display panel. Three fan speeds let you adjust air to your comfort level. This air cleaner works best in a room sized at 154 square feet or less and is covered by a 2-year limited warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Compact, quiet air cleaner removes dust, pollen, mold spores, and more
  • Five-stage filtration system
  • HEPA filter removes 99.97 percent of airborne particles
  • Ionizer assists in air cleaning process
  • Three-speed fan; 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Love It
    I set this up on the counter of my kitchen. With my kitchen being open to both the living room and a dining area, the room size is WAY too big for what the guide calls for but it works great. I leave it running on low 24/7 to scrub up any dust or odors. Bought May 2003, it's now March 2004 and it's been going almost nonstop this whole time, no problems at all. In the event of such a catastrophe as burnt toast I turn the fan up to medium or high to clear the smell out faster then turn it back to low later and leave it running.

    A lot of perfume type smells cause me some irritation (like scented candles), so I like to come home to a completely neutral smell and this filter is doing the job. Even if you don't have a specific use in mind (workroom, cigar smoke) you wouldn't be amiss to have one of these just to leave it running on low in the common area of your house....more info

  • Great Unit! Air is much cleaner; dust is way down.
    I bought this unit for use in my computer room. Every month or so, I had to use my air compressor to clean the dust out of all of my computer components. Because I work in IT, I have a lot of computer equipment at home. My PC, tape drive, printer and monitor all were in need of cleaning (the monitor didn't attract dust as bad and only needed a couple cleanings per year). I was amazed at how much dust these components collected. Lots of it! Thick wads of dust everywhere.

    After installing this unit, I chose to run it on the lowest fan setting with the ions function turned on.

    The air quality in the room is a lot better. My computer equipment doesn't collect nearly as much dust. I probably will only need to give the equipment a yearly cleaning, as opposed to monthly. Furthermore, the desk surface and the surfaces of other furniture in the room hardly collect any dust at all. Almost all of the dust gets trapped in the filter, just as it should....more info

  • This is great
    I have really noticed a diference, much less dust! My hubby has allergies and it helps him.. One qualm I have is their prefilter is actually a post filter? The air goes through the hepa first then through the other filter.
    What I did was cut a piece of airconditioner filter (the cheap thin kind) and put that in front of the hepa filter. The large particles won't clog the hepa so quick....more info
  • All in all, a pretty good product.
    I enjoy the occasional cigar and, as my wife will tell you, cigars are best appreciated outdoors (especially the golf course!). However as a Chicagoland resident this is only an option about 7 months out of the year. Since the Bionaire LC1060 was rated to remove air pollutants such as dust, pet dander (we have a dog), pollen (wife has allegies) and smoke, I thought I would give it a try.

    Here's how it went. The unit arrived as scheduled. It came in its own box, which was fairly beaten up. The plastic case was cracked about 2" near one of the intake grill release buttons. A little super glue easily fixed it. Since the ionization feature was important to me, I paid particular attention to the instruction manual section on ion emmitter pin maintenance. Maintenance is simple, but I had a lot of trouble locating the pins within the unit. The instructions are not very clear and there is no diagram. Maybe it was just me, but it took a couple of calls to customer service (who were very easy to reach and helpful) to determine their location. If your interested, they look like the tip of a sewing needle and stick straight up about 1/4" out of two small holes in the top of the gray plastic box located between the fan cylinders as you look down through the top of the air exhaust grill.

    The unit functions as advertised quite well. Access to both the HEPA and carbon filters is easy. The fan noise is acceptable - low speed is hardly heard and high is loud but not annoying. The unit imparts a clean, fresh smell to the room air with the ion emmiters on and it even captured about 99% of the cigar smoke I generated watching Monday Night Football. There was a slight stale smell in the room Tuesday morning, but that might be my fault for not running the unit long enough to completely clean the air. I am operating the unit at the limit of the recommended room size.

    All in all, a pretty good product....more info

  • After 2 weeks became "part of the problem" - read on
    I have bought this product and at first was very pleased. The first week the air felt very clean and even had a clean 'smell' to it. I kept the unit working constantly on low/medium speed. After TWO WEEKS the air quality changed drastically. When I entered the room the air had a 'dusty' smell and feel. After spending some time inside the room my sinuses were completely blocked. I stopped the unit and opened the windows and the dusty smell was gone. I realised that as long as the filter was new and clean it does a good job but as soon as it gets dirty it simply becomes a source of fine dust which >is too fine to be trapped inside. If I ever decide to try another filter it may be a ULPA filter not HEPA, but I doubt that it would do a better job. You may also try a product that uses a washable filter(static). However I feel that the best solution is simply letting outside air, which is naturally clean and fresh, inside the room. If the room has only one opening, you can use a small fan to drive the 'dirty' air outside the window and create a circulation....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Wow! I bought this air cleaner after reading the customer reviews and its performance definitely exceeded my expectations. As for noise level, the High setting is a bit noisy (like any fan), but the Low setting is actually quiet. I will agree with another reviewer: I can't believe they ship it in the product box!

    I'm very happy with this purchase... no more cat smell!...more info

  • Very Noisy
    At the lowest setting, it sounds like a window air conditioner. At the highest setting, it sounds like a jet engine. I ran it at the lowest setting while I slept and I really could not be certain if the unit really cleaned the air or not. I woke up with a stuffy nose, I assumed that that meant that the air still had considerable amount of allergens....more info
  • Geat product
    This is my first air purifier purchase. I am amazed at how great this product works. Within 15 to 20 minutes of having it on, you can actually feel and breathe the difference in the room. It is also very reasonably priced....more info
  • Pretty good buy
    Having read the reviews carefully, I ordered the Bionaire LC1060 and find that it does indeed do a good, quick job of making the air in my office much more pleasant to breathe. But it's not quiet: it's not bad when the fan is turned low, but it's not particularly quiet.

    Caveat emptor: The Bionaire was shipped in its thin cardboard, store-shelf box -- label stuck on the outside. The box arrived broken, but the machine itself was fine. It carries a warning label -- !Call this 800 number before using! It appeared to be a safety warning, so I called before plugging the Bionaire in, and got a computer which asked me to state which model number I'd bought. LC 1060, I said carefully. Sorry, please repeat. LC 1060, I said again -- several more times until I slammed down the phone. I found a customer service number in the manual, and after 8 or 10 minutes on hold, was greeted by a live voice. It turns out the purpose of the warning label is simply to allow them to try to sell you other Bionaire products. Ignore the red-yellow warning label!

    At Amazon's price, this is a pretty good buy. But there is an element of sleaze in the shipping and labelling. Some day there will be a medium size air cleaner at a good price which is also truly quiet!...more info

  • Purrs along perfectly
    The reviews here sealed the deal for me, though I'd been considering an air filter for some time. At last I have one. I don't have any regrets about this Bionaire unit. Not only is the sound of the internal cylindrical fan very quiet, it even becomes rather soothing after awhile. Is there any downside to this very inexpensive unit? Only one: the unit has no timer (though even some more expensive units lack a timer), so if you'd like to cycle it on and off through the day (to conserve electricity, for example) then you may want to pick up one of those inexpensive electrical outlet timers to cycle the unit off and on. But the manual says you can leave the unit on its lowest setting forever if you'd like.

    I have this Bionaire air filter running in a small room in which I share my bed with my computer and various stereo componants (actually, they're not in the bed with me, but nearby). With the use of the Bionaire, I've seen a reduction in the amount of dust these electronics tended to attract, though it has not - as one review implied it might - entirely alleviated the need to vacuum...but that was more of a dream than a real expectation anyhow. I am very pleased with this unit and have suggested it to friends. I also want to mention the aesthetics of the unit: It has nice pillow-like curves, a soft appearance that suits a bedroom just fine. It is a neutral color that further helps it vanish from your attention....more info

  • I noticed the difference in air quality immediately
    I have asthma and allergies and when I set this machine up and turned it on, within about 15 minutes I noticed the big difference it was making. My nose unstopped and I could breathe easier. I am buying another one for another room. Good idea.

    Update June 2003: Since January I bought two more units, another for me and one for my mother who also has asthma. I have one of those big round Honeywell air cleaners too, bought years ago, and this Bionaire model is much more effective. A necessity for asthma sufferers....more info

  • Bionaire LC1060
    I suffer from hay fever and have always slept with a window open. Ceiling fan is installed in my bedroom and runs at night in low mode. Since I have bought this unit, I can now sleep at night. This unit does filter out the dust and well worth purchasing for a small/medium room. Installation of the HEPA/carbon filter in the manual is confusing and after consultation with Bionaire I reversed the installation of the two filters and noticed a significant improvement. "Great Unit"...more info
  • Get It !! The Best Investment you can make !!!
    I took the time to write this review cause this product was worth every penny.

    After one week of using this Air Filter, I decided to clean the filter of dust and was shocked to see how much dust it collect.

    I have a computer, t.v., 2 vcrs, xbox, and a nintendo in my bedroom. This air filter keeps my room and everything thing in it 100% dust free, no need for me to pick up a brush no more.

    Get It !!! This product is one of the best investments you are going to make in your life.

    Thank you.
    Navindra B....more info

  • Quiet and Efficient
    The Bionaire is the most quiet air cleaner I have ever purchased. I have allergies and asthma. This product has made my home air light and fresh, and my breathing much easier! It also has an ionizer on a separate dial. The air cleaner itself is lightweight and unobtrusive. I like the way it sucks air from the front and releases clean air out the top. My only disappointment is the filter is rather high priced, and doesn't last longer than about a year. The filter is a cardboard box style.

    Definately recommend the cleaner....more info

  • A very good cleaner! Another speed included!
    This product is very well constructed. It has three speeds, low and high. The low speed is pretty much quiet enough to sleep with. The Bionaire LC-1060 is a good choice to remove any small particles that are very annoying. The extra [money] is defintely worth it for the medium speed which is the speed of choice when I'm not in the room as high takes up too much power.

    Although I'm not totally knowledgable on air purifiers and the technology behind it (ionization, etc.) but I'm certainly happy with this one. It removed almost all of the dust in the room it was placed. I was sick and tired of having to dust all the furniture in the room so I got an air purifier. After getting one and I dusted for the last time. There are two computers in the room and the computer cases are modded with many fans around the side so I have to watch out for dust more than normal computer users have to as dust damages your expensive hardware. However, with this air purifier, I didn't have to worry about dust getting into my system at all. It's a great investment....more info