Bionaire BAP1175 Quietech HEPA Air Cleaner

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The Bionaire BAP1300 debuts a new design that maintains the high performance level we've all come to expect from Bionaire products, while taking incidental noise levels to a new low Digital Filter Monitor checks filter performance Control panel with Nightlight Recommended for rooms up to 232 square feet Dimensions - 18.5H x 16.13W x 8.75D; 23 pounds Standard Bionaire beige color

Exceptionally quiet, this big air cleaner is recommended for closed rooms up to 488 square feet in size. It has four speeds, a lighted, digital-display control panel that monitors filter performance, and two filters. One of the filters is true HEPA, meaning it's at least 99.97 percent effective in trapping extremely tiny particles (as small as 0.3 microns) and removing smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, and molds from the air. The other is an activated charcoal filter that removes odors from the air and captures large particles before they reach the HEPA filter, prolonging the latter's life. Designed slim so it can be placed unobtrusively against a wall, the air cleaner measures 18-1/2 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 8-3/4 inches deep. The handles make it easy to move the appliance from room to room. It carries a five-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • Exceptionally quiet; four speeds; for closed rooms up to 217 square feet
  • True HEPA filter at least 99.97-percent effective; prefilter reduces odors
  • Removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds
  • Fits against wall: 18-1/2 inches high, 16 inches wide, 8-3/4 inches deep
  • Digital filter-life display; lighted control panel
Customer Reviews:
  • Yikes look at these reviews! Mine is dead too.
    I bought a BAP3175 from Target and thought I was getting a good deal since it was clearance priced ($89). Worked great for about 2-3 weeks then everything went south. When I do get it to run, it only runs on 'Low' and then shuts off for no reason. I had thoughts of trying to fix it, but now I'm just gonna pitch it and buy another brand. I'm amazed at these reviews out here. How can a simple appliance be such a consistent POS? Good Job Bionaire!...more info
    I've just been reading what some of you other happy buyers of this product have had to say about it.
    It really is a piece of junk.
    I bought two (BAP3175) units from Target several months ago. One for upstairs and one for down. Took one back my next trip to Target. Unit was VERY loud and did not turn on after a day.
    The second one was much quieter and worked for several weeks.
    Then only turned on when IT was in the mood. Only turned off when unplugged.
    After reading that other folks have had similar problems, and that the company is not worth talking to, I decided to take it apart.
    I know nothing about computer boards, but with a little trial and error and ignoring what the buttons SAY they do, I found that only one button works. The sleep button, but only if I covered the light sensor. Then the unit ran on medium speed. I could not change the speed. I could not turn it off with the power button. The unit turned off when I uncovered the sensor OR hit the sleep button again. Great way to run a $199.99 machine.
    If you already have one, so sorry, give the band aid trick a try.
    ...more info
  • Terrible Design, Noisy, and Bad Electronics
    I bought this item to replace another air cleaner that I was using. This unit didn't work correctly from the beginning. It would turn off by itself and wouldn't turn back on until you unplugged it and then hit the sleep button (pushing the "on" button had no effect). It was also EXTREMELY noisy even in "low" mode. I kept it in the very lowest setting as a result which meant it ceirculated very little air and was more or less useless.

    I lived with it for a few months. Now the timer on the screen indicates the filter needs to be cleaned. After I cleaned the filter, I followed the directions to reset the counter, but pushing the "reset" button doesn't return the screen to show 100% clean filter. After two days of trying the screen still flashes 0% and indicates the filter should be replaced.

    Now that the unit refuses to turn back on at all, so I guess it is going to the trash can.

    ...more info
  • Quiet and Does the Job
    I have allergies. I hate dust and sneeze when working in the yard. I suffered for years, and added two of these units to our home a year ago. Now, with one in the bedroom and den, I can't image life without them. I can tell the difference and I sleep better and hardly sneeze at all. The three stage filters are a snap to clean and change. The unit is quiet and I love the romote on the larger unit. I am a believer in HEPA filters and what they do. I have no negative comments....more info
  • Add mine to the List - DEAD
    I had high hopes, mine worked for 2 months. Long story short, DEAD. Customer Service was NO help at all. POS...more info
  • Inherent poor design but fixable
    I bought a like-new BAP1175 return from Goodwill, for $2.00. It too would not start up. After I looked at it for few moments, I found that a small plastic tab on the upper inside edge of the front door panel had broken off. The tab enables the machine to shut off when the door is opened and allows it run when the door is closed. I replaced the tab with a small screw and used a hot glue gun to make sure the screw did not turn out. The machine has been running for days now with no trouble. Just a thought for those whose machines have stopped running for no reason....more info
  • Sad but true
    I didn't want to believe the bad reviews. So I spent. And now I've lost. After the first few days the LCD stopped showing the complete read out. No biggie, I thought. Then it wouldn't turn on at all. The LCD would show that it was on, but nothing was happening. Then I boxed it up to ship off for repairs. By the way, you pay for shipping both ways, and it's not light.

    After it sat by the door for a few days I double checked just to see if maybe it had been a brown out. Some appliances won't turn on if there's not enough power to them. Lo and behold it turned on. So back out of the box it came. I used it that evening. Then tried again the next day. Nope.

    The electronics just aren't up to snuff. This is a fickle machine and certainly not worth $99. Oh, and JR doesn't like returns. Apparently through Amazon they'll give you 30 days, but if you buy from the store it's just 14!!!

    Don't buy this. If you do, your only option is to burn incense, sacrifice animals, and beg on your knees....more info
    I purchased 2 of these and neither of them worked right out of the box!Unbelievable!!!! These are terrible. Why does Amazon sell defective merchandise? Look at the reviews, these DON'T WORK!! STAY AWAY FROM BIOAIRE. ...more info
  • Yet another one that died within the first month
    Mechanically, the unit looks good, but the electronics started acting up within the first few days and blew out the first time we had a power interruption.

    Bionaire cutomer service says to contact the dealer first, but I'm not sure how one does that at Amazon.

    In any event, at 21 lbs, this isn't going to be cheap to ship back....more info
  • Bionaire BAP 1175
    This is the second one I am getting (the first one was replaced within 2 weeks of receipt)and it broke again. The electronic breaks down with no reason and we received the item with a loose screw to start...

    Very disappointing. Do NOT Buy...more info
  • Horrible quality Control
    I bought the 1130 and this as well. The 1130 air cleaner that was shipped to me worked for less than one day before just stopping. I called Bionaire and after being transferred many times I finally got someone who agreed to ship out a new one. It arrived promptly, worked for one day but then would not turn off. After unplugging it and plugging it back in, it did not work at all! I called again. The third one has been working for two weeks now but I had also bought this smaller version, the 1175 for another room in my house and it too is dead after less than a week - the display panel went blank even though it was still running. Now I have to deal with sending it back. There must be some major problem in the electronics - I would never ever buy one of their products again!...more info
  • Disappointed In Bionaire Product
    The first Bionaire air cleaner that I purchased in 2004 broke down within 3 months of use...Amazon had it replaced, and now the replacement has also broken down and won't start. What's going on with these Bionaire air cleaners? ModelBAP1175 Quietech HEPA Air Cleaner....more info
  • Defective on delivery
    The quality control at the Bionaire plant is obviously unsatisfactory based on my purchase and the other reviews posted here. After receiving the air cleaner I discovered that two of the four speeds did not work. Additionally, the low speed fluctuated between low and high speed. The lighted control panel only displayed the fan speed and not the other functions. I would never buy another product from this company. What a piece of junk!...more info
    Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention to the Amazon reviews before buying and I paid the price. The Bioaire worked fine for exactly one month and then it died. I called Bionaire and they told me to reset it by unplugging the machine for 15 minutes and then plugging it back in. That worked for two days, then it died completely. I cannot believe Bionaire continues to sell a machine that CLEARLY has serious motor issues. In any case, I'm returning it to Amazon and getting a refund. What a waste....more info
  • Horrible quality control, these products don't work!
    Here's the letter that I sent to Bionaire...I've yet to receive any "satisfaction" (i.e., my money back or a unit that works).

    "Where to begin.... I originally purchased a Bionaire BAP1175 unit from The unit worked but I could not get it to reliably go into the Sleep setting. After several weeks I decided to return the unit and get a replacement. You sent out the second unit, and that unit worked great...for two days, after which it completely died, and hasn't worked since, and this, after having waited for nearly a month for the replacement. I decided to be restrained when I called, and spoke with a very nice customer service rep., who agreed to send me out a replacement, 2nd day air. The replacement was a BAP1300. This unit worked fine, for one day as well, and now won't turn on. I believe that there must be a fundamental flaw in the design of these units. I am sending this letter as a last attempt at receiving some satisfaction. If I don't reach a satisfactory resolution I will feel compelled to search out every consumer review site on the Web, and post my negative opinion of Bionaire and your air filter products. It's a FAN for goodness sake!! I have to say I'm suprised I've had this much trouble. The unit itself seems quite sturdy, it just simply doesn't work."

    Stay away from this product, if you don't want to experience endless frustration....more info
  • This unit sucks!!!
    I have had this unit for 3 years now! I swear I have had to turn it back on atleast 4-5 times a week cuz it simply shuts off on its own! I was gonna call them so they could send me a replacement until I read everyone's reviews and it seems like all of us have the same issue with this defective product! Back 3 years ago I cashed out close to 300 bucks for it and now I realize it was the biggest waste of money ever! You'd be better off using the HEPA filter on your vacume cleaner 24/7 than this unit! DO NOT BUY IT! ...more info
  • If you want a AIr Cleaner save yourself and Don't Buy this
    I had two within a week , one worked one day and stopped for NO reason , then a another one was sent and it worked less then 30 minutes and stopped as well. at least Amazon., sends a lable to return it back , But Bionaire should get out of the air cleaning business , i will never BUY another product from this company....more info
  • Don't bother - it is utterly unreliable
    I was quite excited to get unit for my wife - who suffers from allergies and went ahead and set it up in our bed room. The 1st night it worked great - no problems with the control unit - was easily able to adjust the fan speed. And then the troubles started. The 2nd night, when I went to reduce the fan speed - the unit stopped working. I tried to push other buttons - but of no avail. Then I unplugged the unit and plugged it back again - it started to work. However, when I tried to go to a lower speed - the unit stopped working again - until I unplugged and plugged it. So obviously, there is a serius defect in the control unit, since anytime I tried to change the fan speed - the unit just stopped and would not respond until I unplugged and plugged the line. This was extremely frustrating and got old real soon.

    So after the 3rd night, I notified Amazon about this unit and returned it for a refund. Who knows what else can go wrong after a week or a month - it might completely stop working and then you will have to deal with the manufacturer for warranty work. In my opinion - not worth it....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    If you want to invite frustration into your life, order this air purifier. It is nothing but a waste of time, money and energy. This company should be sued for the volume of defective units it sells. I tried out a total of three brand new identical units and all stopped working after a month. The display screen got all funky and the fan just stops randomly, then it never goes back on again. Competely frustrating. I purchased a second unit thinking there was something wrong with the first. After the second broke down I called Bionaire and they sent me a new third unit to try, but only after I paid $25 to send my disfunctional unit back. This unit direct from the factory had the same exact problems. After all is said and done, it was such a waste of time and money. Please don't buy this unit. Bionaire needs to take responsibility for the poor quality product they are peddling....more info
  • Must be disposable
    My daughter has had some severe respiratory issues, so my husband and I decided to purchase the 1175. Within a month of running it 27/7 on low, the display on the unit, disappeared and a couple of the fans stopped working. Thinking that there was an issue with just my unit and foolishly not looking on here, we asked for a replacement. When we received it, the same thing happened, the display faded and this time, we woke up one morning to nothing - the motor had quit. Needless to say, we didn't even bother to ask for a replacement, just a refund. ...more info
  • Very Quiet - Very Effective
    This is an excellent air filter. It is pretty quiet on the highest setting and barely audible on the lowest. I haven't had any problems with it and I've been using it continuously for a few months. The carbon prefilters are easily washable so you don't have to replace them often. There is a noticeable difference in the amount of dust and pet hair in my house. This is a great buy!...more info
  • Defective And Not Reliable
    I ordered this air cleaner for my parents as a gift. They received the item brand new and it seemed to have worked fine for one day and then the fan just stopped working. They sent it back and a replacement was sent. The replacement worked for a few days just fine and then the same problem with the fan occurred. I told them to send it back for the refund. This item starts off working fine but then it just dies on you. It seems to have some sort of defect and is not reliable at all. I do not recommend this item at all. ...more info
  • Repeatedly defective
    The Bionaire BAP1175 air filter worked for a few days and then two out of the four fans speeds stopped working. The unit was replaced, only to find that the replacement lasted a matter of hours before the fan stopped completely....more info
  • Don't bother...
    I bought this as a gift for my parents. It worked for about 48 hours after we opened it up on "Christmas Day and then it died never to be revived. We just sent it back and I foolishly asked for another before checking here to find that lots of others (think of how many more considered posting but did not) had the very same experience.

    I had purchased a Friedrich C-90A for myself a couple of months earlier. It is great, no problems so far and it really cleans the air well (it was raited #1 by Consumer Reports btw). Pricey but I imagine it will last years instead of hours. If you want something that really works -- and you can easily clean the filters -- spring for the Friedrich. Your health is worth it....more info
  • Stopped working after a few weeks.
    I liked the item when it first arrived. It was compact and very quiet. However, it stopped working after a few weeks! It died and never worked again. I'm waiting for a return pickup. Based on the other reviews I don't want a replacement. ...more info
  • 2nd unit same defect
    This is the second unit with the same defect. works for a couple of days, if the Bionaire BAP1175 is then powered off it will not power back on again. Also unable to change speed settings. I have asked for another replacement but based on other reviews I expect to receive another lemon. I will ask for a refund if the third unit is defective. ...more info
  • Defective, then defective again.
    First unit was dead on arrival. I too was pleased with Amazon's super speedy replacement. The second one was dead within two days. I liked it for the two days, but don't patronize this kind of shabby quality....more info
  • Add 2 more defective units to the list...
    The first purifier worked for two or three days and then stopped running. Amazon quickly replaced it, but the replacement stopped working after less than 24 hours. Since others seem to be having this problem, the unit is going back to Amazon for a refund. Don't bother with this model....more info
  • Twice ordered, twice broken
    The first unit I ordered stopped working with 24 hours. Customer service answered promptly, but wasn't even familiar with the model. I actually had to walk her through what the buttons on the front of the unit looked like, since she had no idea.

    I returned the unit and Amazon shipped me another one. This one stopped working within 48 hours for no reason. This time, I simply returned the product for a refund. I will never purchase another product from Bionaire again.

    The only thing good I can say about the experience is that's return policy was easy, efficient, and really terrific....more info
    Several other reviews list this exact same problem. It worked the first day, then stopped working sometime in the middle of the night and never turned on again. I'm returning and switching brands.

    It's not really quiet, either, but maybe mine was (obviously) defective. I just bought a Holmes which is quieter than the Bionaire, and the Holmes is not even advertised as "Quietech". What a piece of junk!...more info
  • Defective Product
    We decided to buy this unit to experiment with air-purifier technology since it was relatively inexpensive and we were unsure whether our allergies would benefit. Most of the reviews we read were favorable.

    Our personal experience has been very disappointing. The unit arrived with no instructions and had problems right out of the box. We ran it at one of the higher settings for most of the 1st day, and then at night, when we shifted it to the lowest fan setting, it turned off never to be revived. We promptly shipped it back and requested another.

    The second unit arrived (with instructions this time). We ran it for a day on the max setting and all seemed well. On about the second day, the LCD started flickering (some digits would not display properly). By the third day, the unit had shut itself off and could not be revived.

    I contacted customer support using Bionaire's web site email form on 2 separate occasions. I have yet to receive a reply for either email.

    Needless to say, we are not happy, are returning the unit, and are not going to request a third.
    ...more info
  • Don't Buy it!! Widespread Problems says Amazon
    Worked really well for a week, then stopped. Bionaire said unplug for 15 mins and try again. It started and worked for 1 day, then died again. Unplug trick didn't work this time, just dead. I submitted a return (remarkably easy with Amazon!) and Amazon replied:

    "I am sorry that item "Bionaire BAP1175 Quietech HEPA Air Cleaner" was problematic. As it seems that the problem with this item is more widespread than we originally thought, we are not able to send replacement. We will investigate and remedy the situation with the item; however, I cannot guarantee when the error may be fixed. We will gladly refund you in full for the return of this item."

    I'm surprised they are still selling it. As I said, don't buy it!...more info
  • Can't say this is quiet
    Perhaps no fan-based air purifier should be allowed to be advertised as quiet. This one is no exception--and I am talking about it at its lowest setting (Sleep). Although it is a bit quieter than my previous fan-based air purifier, it can be clearly heard, even while surrounded by other normal day-time sounds. I can hear it from across the room. Higher settings (Low, Med, High) are worse--I can't stand using Med and High unless I'm out of the room.

    I bought at Costco a stand-up cooling fan (with a 21"-by-2.5" air outlet) that is noticeably quieter than this, at roughly the same air output rate.

    If you insist on a fan-based air purifier, this may be good enough; just don't expect miracles in terms of quietness. But if you want really quiet or nearly silent, you should consider the Ionic Breeze (although you might find that the slower cleaning rate and the cleaning hassles unacceptable)....more info
  • Nice unit!
    Works well, does a great job moving the air and cleaning the air as well. Sleeping with it on the lowest setting is fine, but your most effective cleaning is on the highest setting (of course). The only thing keeping it from a five star rating is the over priced replacement HEPA filters. Unit itself is a great deal here on Amazon, couldn't touch the price locally. Am going to order a second unit (or maybe the larger one) for the living room. With 3 dogs, this unit really shines....more info
  • Wonderful product!
    I did a lot of research before deciding on the Bionaire 1175. My criteria were: (1) Quality product from a company I knew; (2) True HEPA with a prefilter (see how much I learned?); (3) Functional and nice-looking. I could not be more pleased! The unit absolutely looks great: modern, clean design, well-placed buttons, and the nightlight on the readout looks great. It fits neatly against a wall and has a small footprint. These are aesthetic concerns, true, but the unit has to sit someplace in your home, and I wanted it to look good. The air is drawn in the front and out the top, so you get maximum cleaning without the outflow interfering with the air intake. It truly is quiet; the highest setting could probably be compared to running a regular fan. Every day or two, I can remove a good amount of cat hair and larger dust clumps from the front grille -- and this is just the bigger stuff that's getting caught before it even gets to the filters! So, I know it's cleaning my air, and it looks great doing it. Works for me!!...more info
  • Product does not match its name
    Package arrived intact, no rattle sound either. However, motor made a loud high pitch noise that seems something scratching the motor or fan. Bionaire seems needing a better quality control over its supply maker....more info
  • Quite Loud
    While I have no experience with other air filters, I thought this unit was unreasonably loud. I had planned on sleeping with the unit in my bedroom because it was advertised as the most quiet on the market. On the lowest (sleep) setting there was a "buzz saw" sound I cannot sleep with and that, from the noise I heard, may have been caused by tape as described by other reviewers. However, after opening the unit and looking at the fan, I couldn't see any tape. Spinning the fan with my hand elicited a sound like something scraping against the fan blades, but the sound came from an unreachable place inside the unit. I have requested an exchange and hope the next unit performs better....more info
  • Works as Advertised
    We use this in the "Dog Room." Three dogs in one room all day makes for a musty environment. This machine eliminates it running 24/7 on low speed. I even used it on the Kitchen after over-cooking (read: burning) some food and it eliminated that odor overnight. It is not "whisper quiet" but on the low setting in the dog room/office it is just a background hum. I will be buying another for our another area of the house....more info
  • well worth the $
    this is one of those products that does what it is said to do.
    the 4 level fan is a great addition, try one out--this is a keeper...more info
  • Exceptional Value.....Does What It Claims....
    I have had the "Bionaire BAP1175 Quietech Hepa Air Cleaner" for over a month now and so far so good. It's a little more expensive than some of the others I checked out, but after reading over all the reviews and weighing the features, I went with this one. I'm glad I did!
    Everything it claims to do on the product page... it does! It was easy to set up, works on four different speeds, and makes a noticable difference in the air.

    The Quietech system works with 3 separate filters. The first, a "pre-filter" gets the larger particles before they pass through the the filtration system. This one can be removed and washed(or replaced if you prefer). Next is a carbon filter(very easy to install and remove) that traps odors. This works great. I have my 125 lb. Lab in the house for the summer because it is so hot here in California, and with the house closed KNOW he is in the house..but the carbon filter does a good job of removing the dog smell. It also removes smoke and cooking odors as well. It is recommended to change these filters(there are 2) every 3-6 months(it may not be washed).These filters are fairly inexpensive to replace.The instruction manuel says you will know when to replace it, as "odor removal effectiveness will be noticeably reduced". The last filter is the big guns..the HEPA filter. This is already in the machine on arrival. This filter, according to the manuel, removes 99.97% of particulate as small as 0.3 microns in size. It filters smoke, dust, pollen mold spores, pet dander and "some" bacteria. And I believe it. Now these filters are quite a bit more expensive to replace(see info on accessories), but they last quite a while, somewhere between 12-24 months. And you will know exactly when to replace it, because there is a great feature, a digital read out of how much filter life is left(on the HEPA). I have been running mine pretty constantly for the last month and it is at 96% life left, so it'll be a while!.

    Another nice feature is a nite light, so you can easily see the settings if you want to change the speed without turning on the light in the middle of the night. This turns off automatically when it is light in the room.

    It lives up to it's name "QUIETech". As mentioned there are 4 speeds and of course the lower the speed, the quieter it is. But even at it's highest speed, you will notice it is on, but no more than an air conditioner (I had to turn up my TV just a teeny bit with this one on). Medium, you will hardly notice, low is barely a whisper, and when it's on "sleep" you won't even know it's working!

    It's good looking, fairly slim(it fits on my night table) and a good buy. It came with a 2 year full warranty(from date of purchase) and has a phone number for Warranty service. So be sure to keep the manuel for future refrence and send in the registration card as well.I've been moving it from my front room in the day(where the beasty dog is) to the bedroom at night), but I really feel this is a very useful item and am considering purchasing another.

    I highly recommend this if you are thinking about cleaner air in your home...Laurie...more info

  • I experienced loud flapping when I turned it on
    It was extremely loud and by the time the unit was on the high setting, I thought it was going to take off. I sent it back and now must wait a month for the replacement....more info
  • Lives up to the "Quietech" name
    I just recieved my Quietech air cleaner two days ago and have to say that it lives up to it's name. It is very quiet and almost calming when on. I purchased it, based on Amazon reviews, to cut down on dust in our home and liked the fact that people seemed to feel it was quiet. I have yet to see its effect on the dust, but hope that I'm as impressed with it's air cleaning power as I am with it's silence....more info
  • Great except for the low Quality Control.
    Fire Hazard?? I sure am glad I got this from, thanks to their nice return policy, it was not a major nightmare.

    To get started, ours didnt blow any air?? So after taking off the cover, we discovered a piece of tape holding the fan blade in place!! I think this could cause the motor to overheat and cause a fire hazard. After removing the tape there was still a funny sound flaping around inside the housing. Maybe more tape?? Anyhoo, we sent it back. Except for the above mentioned problems, it seemed like a nice filter. Dont buy it......more info

  • Great air cleaner!
    I bought one of these for my Mom. It works so well, I bought another one for myself! Using it for about six months and very happy with the purchase. I live in a very dusty building. When I turn the unit on the highest speed it clears the air in a matter of minutes. I often use the low setting for sleep time. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Quiet, effective, and attractive.
    As an allergy sufferer who loves animals, air filtration is my savior. I have used several brands over the years, and Bionare has consistently exceeded my expectations.

    The BAP1175 is a sturdy, well-designed unit. It also has the benefit of being relatively attractive. The unit is no more out of place in a room than a stereo speaker. Clean lines and intuitive controls and display characterize the unit. The filter changing operation is simple, using a swing-out front panel that contains the pre-filter. The twin HEPA filters are well-built, looking like automotive air filters. Activated carbon pads fit easily over the HEPA filters. The door latch and the latches to release the pre-filter are a bit stubborn, but the hardware is sturdy enough to take the effort needed.

    Called "Quiet-tech," it lives up to the name. It has four fan speed settings, including "sleep." The top two settings do make a bit of noise, but not unpleasant. They also really move some air. The low and sleep settings are fairly quiet. The average person should be able to sleep right next to it, and it will still do its job. I leave it on the "sleep" setting constantly, and it keeps a 12x12 feet bedroom clean. I think the front intake, top outlet design effectively circulates the air, and pulls dander and hair in at floor level.

    I would not hesitate to buy another. Its the best I've ever used. Top-notch product....more info

  • This unit uses two (2) HEPA filters!
    Be aware that this unit uses two HEPA filters simultaneously (It does comes w/both.) So, when you see the dual filter replacement package and they state one for "later use"? This is not true.
    Still, at at a reasonable price for the "double pak" it's not bad for a year of clean air (tack on a little more for the carbons). I also found this unit does live up to it's claims/specs....more info
  • Great Product
    I had to replace my old air cleaner since holmes no longer makes replacement filters and etc for it. I have been very happy with this air cleaner. It is very quiet even the hi setting. But it has 4 settings including a sleep setting in case you think it is too loud.

    I have allergies and was told that I needed to have one and I can tell a difference already I have also been thinking about getting another one of these to put in my living room area of my apartment....more info

  • Great Product!
    I have a large dog (90 lb labrador), wonderful dog, but I hate the hair and the "dog" smell. Within a an hour after I plugged this baby in, the smell was gone!!! I notice that we don't sneeze as much as we used to also. I agree with the others, that it isn't silent. But it's my first machine and I've gotten used to the "very low" sound, and it's in my bedroom. If I have a cooking accident, I can turn it on high, and the odor is gone in minutes. I would get another one in a minute. This one is large enough to make a noticable difference in a 2000 sf house....more info
  • Not impressive
    Overall it does a decent job, but it still has trouble with pet smells (i.e. food, litter box) even when placed >10 feet from the source. Not a cure-all, but probably better than nothing at all.

    On the downside, the unit was so noisy that I found it necessary to increase my TV volume even when running it on the lowest setting. If this product is quiet as other reviewers claim, the noisy ones must sound like an airport (or maybe a house full of kids). Don't use it in your bedroom if you plan to sleep....more info

  • filters a bargain!!!
    I currently own a Honeywell cleaner that I paid over $200 for. I priced both the Honeywell pre-filter and carbon filter last week and it was cheaper to buy an entire new air cleaner. A $30 filter is an excellent bargain!! The cleaner is quiet on the sleep setting and when on high you can feel the breeze through the room. Great air cleaner!! Recommend it highly!!...more info
  • Good Product
    I bought Bionaire BAP1175 as opposed to other HEPA air purifiers because I wanted to make sure I can get a brand whose filters are available anywhere and for the fact that it does what it's supposed to do. I didn't give it a full 5 star rating because the two Hepa filters that I would probably have to replace costs about $30 each. I think the filters are overpriced.
    As far as how it performs , so far I am happy with the product. It does also have a carbon filter which does remove oders and the way the air is circulated through the unit, efficiently removes dust and particles through its HEPA filter.
    I have found that the unit also serves as an efficient air circulator. At its highest fan speed it moves the air arround the room so that the room actually feels cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
    At its lowest fan setting, it is quite enough for me to sleep comfortably. So it is appropriately named for what it does and where you can place it -- in the bedroom....more info