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Exceptionally quiet, this big air cleaner is recommended for closed rooms up to 488 square feet in size. It has four speeds, a lighted, digital-display control panel that monitors filter performance, a remote control, and two filters. One of the filters is true HEPA, meaning it's at least 99.97 percent effective in trapping extremely tiny particles (as small as .03 microns) and removing smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, and molds from the air. The other is an activated charcoal filter that removes odors from the air and captures large particles before they reach the HEPA filter, prolonging the latter's life. Designed slim so it can be placed unobtrusively against a wall, the air cleaner measures 24-1/2 inches high, 19-3/4 inches wide, and 10-1/2 inches deep. The handles make it easy to move the appliance from room to room. It carries a five-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack

  • Exceptionally quiet; four speeds; for closed rooms up to 488 square feet
  • True HEPA filter at least 99.97-percent effective; prefilter reduces odors
  • Removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds
  • Fits against wall: 24-1/2 inches high, 19-3/4 inches wide, 10-1/2 inches deep
  • Digital filter-life display; lighted control panel; remote control
Customer Reviews:
  • Works for me
    I've owned one of these for 2 or 3 years now and haven't had much in the way of problems. I usually leave it running 12-24hrs/day. One of the buttons is getting hard to press in, but that's about all....more info
  • Utter waste of money
    My first Bionaire lasted a few days before the electronic controls gave out (unresposive, flickered from low or off, etc...). Returned it for a new one, which lasted a week or so before the same problems arose. Unit is now collecting dust in living room instead of filtering it.

    Worst consumer product I've bought in many years....more info
  • Worked very well, then broke
    I purchased the Bionare 1300. The unit worked VERY well and I was delighted with many of the design features. I especially liked that the unit could be placed against a wall and still have good air flow. My allergy attacks were reduced significantly. After 2 weeks of use, the unit stopped working. The fan would not turn on at any speed. The display worked fine, but the fan would not turn on no matter what speed was selected. I hope a replacement will last longer because I like the features of this unit so much....more info
  • Great (when it actually works)
    Bought this cleaner and was happily using it. Till one day (2 months later) it was stuck on low. I could not change it, could not turn it off. Called the company and sent the computer to warehouse. Once I got the new cleaner, it was broken. All four welding spots that hold the fan in the center were broken and the fan was floating free. I thought that welding spots were done very cheap. But I will blame UPS for rough shipping and handling. Returned and got the third cleaner. Two weeks, it stops working. I was moving my apartment, thus I decided to toss it in trash. and swore to never buy Holms products again. Back then I was a second year medicals student. I lost money. I lost more time in these exchanges than sleeplessness due to my roommates smoking. ...more info
  • BAP 1300 - Strike 1 - 2 days of use
    Also after seeing plenty of reviews and doing some 'bang for the buck' analysis... I decided to settle down and order this unit from Bionaire (BAP1300). It had the best CFM for the price. You just take a risk with all the consistent negative feedback on the durability of the unit.

    I've used this unit for a little under 2 days. The unit stopped responding to the controls and was stuck in the low setting. After unplugging the unit, it completely stopped responding. I will return this unit for a new one, and see if it gets better mileage... perhaps this faulty unit was just a fluke. I'm willing to give them another chance before just doing a complete return on the unit....more info
  • Very happy with Bionaire
    I researched before buying this air cleaner. Have had it now since January 05 and love it. It's amazing how much it takes out of the air. I notice a HUGE difference in the dusty/dirty smell my fuel oil forced air furnace would normally leave. I have not had any of the problems that others have mentioned. I use it continuously....more info
  • Trust the bad reviews...
    I thought that maybe I'd get a functioning unit, despite the bad reviews I'd read here at Amazon. I thought that surely such a maligned product would have either seen its quality improved or been removed from the Amazon catalog. I thought wrong.

    My Bionaire BAP 1300-U was every bit as bad as the units other people are complaining about; tempermental on/off, no high fan, only 39% of filter life remaining right out of the box, etc.

    This fan is a piece of junk; if you order one, you'll just end up returning it. Like I did. I will commend Amazon for a smooth and timely return process/refund, however. The question remains: Why are they still selling this thing?

    Rich Erickson...more info
  • Horrible Quality Control
    The air cleaner that was shipped to me worked for less than one day before just stopping. I called Bionaire and after being transferred many times I finally got someone who agreed to ship out a new one. It arrived promptly, worked for one day but then would not turn off. After unplugging it and plugging it back in, it did not work at all! I called again. The third one has been working for two weeks now but I had also bought a smaller version, the 1175 for another room in my house and it too is dead after less than a week - the display panel went blank even though it was still running. Now I have to deal with sending it back. There must be some major problem in the electronics - I would never ever buy one of their products again!...more info
  • Excellent product-after 18 months!
    I've had my Bionaire for 18 months, and it works great. I could not sleep at night before I bought it due to severe allergies and asthma. With the help of my Bionaire, I've been able to stop taking steroids and my allergies have greatly improved. Best of all, my sleep is much better. I recommend this product and have had no problems with its function. I am looking to get another for the livingroom, and will likely buy from Bionaire again. ...more info
  • Defective Item
    If my air cleaner would have worked properly, I would have kept it. It malfunctioned within the first week of use. I returned the item becuase it stopped working on the low setting and then began to work only on the sleep setting. Additionally, when I received the item, it was improperly assembled, with the side seam disjointed.
    On the plus, it was not unduly noisy, particularly on the sleep setting. Size and shape were reasonable, color neutral....more info
  • Stay away from this product
    I ordered the product in May. Received it in June and it ran for three days and then stopped working. Returned the product with free shipping label and told Holmes (Bionaire) to cancel the order and issue a credit request. They balked and said they would not. I called my credit card and had them cancel payment. About four weeks later another unit showed up on my door. Called Holmes again. They said they would get back in touch with me, of course, they never did. Other unit stiil in the box never opened....more info
  • Huge Disappointment
    My 3 year old son has asthma - and an allergist suggested that a Hepa Air Purifier might offer some relief from his episodes of asthma. I diligently researched - and after reading an article (...), I felt fairly confident that the Bionaire BAP1300-U would be a good solid performer at a reasonable cost. We've since gone through two units and are now throwing in the towel. These units seem plagued with problems - and while Bionaire Customer Service folks are friendly, they a) don't have any suggestions to repair the units and b) really aren't familiar with them at all. Our first unit showed a remaining filter level of 98% one day - and literally overnight - dropped to 37%. No one could explain why - and the reset option didn't solve the problem. The 2nd unit all of the sudden quit working in any mode other than sleep. The off button doesn't work either. Great idea - great price - but if it doesn't work - what's the point....more info
  • Replacement defective too
    I ordered this air cleaner, and it ran for 24 hours before totally malfunctioning. I returned it for a replacement and that too was defective after 24 hours. Amazon tells me they won't send a replacement because this is a bigger problem than they initially thought....more info
  • Not ready for release
    The Bionaire BAP1300-U Quietech really is quiet, especialy after it shuts down and won't start again in a few days. (If your lucky) After waiting about two months to have my first BAP1300 delivered, I unpack it, turn it on and go out to a party. Come home later that night to see a light on that ISN'T mentioned in their "Instruction Leaflet" call the nice people at Bionaire to have them tell me "It's the light that comes on when it's time to change the filter" and how to reset it. I told her that it might be an idea to put that in the manual next time, then did what she told me. Which of course does nothing but dim the light on the machine. Amazon sent me a replacement and this one lasted almost a whole week. So a $200 machine lasted about 168 hours, thats only $1.20 an hour. Not bad right?...more info
    Terrible product. NOISY - even in SLEEP MODE. The unit claimed it came with a remote control - it didn't. The LCD doesn't work properly - when i replaced the filter, then the LCD stopped functioning COMPLETELY _ when i called customer service a woman named LISA who said she ran the entire BIANAIRE operation, told me that the most she could do to fix the unit is to CHARGE ME to SHIP IT to her - before her, the person was trying to fix my unit by reading me the owner's manual over the phone - honestly - RUN FROM THIS COMPANY - instead of shelling out hundreds only to be hung out to dry. THis is truly the worst product on the market - and the VERY WORST customer service i've ever encountered on ANYTHING....more info
  • BAP 1300 - Don't Buy It
    After waiting too long for Amazon to take this unit into stock I finally cancelled my order as we were well past the start of allergy season. I therefore purchased from Bed, Bath & Beyond... anyway, it didn't matter as for the results. My first unit I tried the digital filter usage display stopped displaying some of the digits and I could therefore not make out the true reading. So I ordered a replacement, this 2nd unit didn't work upon arrival. The LCD power came on... but the fan motor inside did not work. I'm really surprised Bionaire would have such poor product quality as to allow these types of problems to go out the door!
    ...more info
  • Don't order this one
    I ordered this product around Jan/Feb 2005 from AMAZON. It has not been shipped yet. It is delayed to Jun17. I am not sure I can get it at that time. Amazon may delay for another one, two or more months....more info
  • Horrible quality control...they simply stop working.
    Here's the letter that I sent to Bionaire...I've yet to receive any "satisfaction" (i.e., my money back or a unit that works).

    "Where to begin.... I originally purchased a Bionaire BAP1175 unit from The unit worked but I could not get it to reliably go into the Sleep setting. After several weeks I decided to return the unit and get a replacement. You sent out the second unit, and that unit worked great...for two days, after which it completely died, and hasn't worked since, and this, after having waited for nearly a month for the replacement. I decided to be restrained when I called, and spoke with a very nice customer service rep., who agreed to send me out a replacement, 2nd day air. The replacement was a BAP1300. This unit worked fine, for one day as well, and now won't turn on. I believe that there must be a fundamental flaw in the design of these units. I am sending this letter as a last attempt at receiving some satisfaction. If I don't reach a satisfactory resolution I will feel compelled to search out every consumer review site on the Web, and post my negative opinion of Bionaire and your air filter products. It's a FAN for goodness sake!! I have to say I'm suprised I've had this much trouble. The unit itself seems quite sturdy, it just simply doesn't work."

    Stay away from this product, if you don't want to experience endless frustration....more info
  • Nice quality & quiet
    After much research, including some very helpful sites like and, and various allergy websites, I decided on the Bionaire BAP1300 due to the amount of air it cleans, its warranty, and its noise rating. The unit arrived in a manufacturer's double box and was easy to setup.
    So far, I am not disappointed. In "sleep" mode, I don't have to turn up the TV to watch it. In "low" mode, it is barely louder. I am not sure that "medium" or "high" are needed. This moves so much air on the lower settings. Air is taken in the front, and exhausted from the top.
    The backlit display comes in handy. The remote is not really necessary, but I have found myself using it.
    My daughters have alergy problems and, since this has been running (24x7) there haven't been any issues.
    I feel this air cleaner is worth the money....more info
  • Well designed
    Have this unit for about four months and it works quite well
    The remote is actually quite useable and at times it is nice during a TV show to lower the setting
    Seems to clean the air quite well and the room is a bit on the large size
    Would reccommend...more info
  • Keep the Pets!
    I was diagnosed with sever Asthma over a year ago by my Doctor. I was immediately put on heavy medications and was told to pull the carpet out of the house & get rid of the pets. (Neither of which we wanted to do or could afford). We had the carpets cleaned and placed one of this in my bedroom. It is quiet enough that my light-sleeping wife has no problem with the sound, and it has made a world of difference. Now a year later, my medications are down and my Asthma is under control. I have no doubt that part of it was due to the air purifier. For anyone who wants to help keep their house clean, get rid of stale air and keep your self healthy, I would strongly suggest one of these. We have had no problems with it. The cleaner has worked perfectly out of the box.

    PS - The cats like to sit in the chair next to it......more info

  • Works Great!
    I have had my other Bionaire tabletop air cleaner for years and never had a problem with it, so I wasn't concerned about investing in the big one. I have a very large bedroom (about 15 x 18) and several dogs in here at night. The amount of dust and other allergens this unit controls is extraordinary. Yes, it's noisy when on high speed - but it's a powerful unit and noise is to be expected. I find that the "sleep" mode is quite tolerable and provides a pleasant "white" noise at night.... and the "sleep" mode is generally adequate during the day, as well. I've had my unit for nearly five months and it has performed beautifully and is easy to clean....more info
    I have had no luck with Bionaire/Holmes (same company) product. They break or burn out few months after the warranty runs out. You have to expect to replace these things all the time. Same goes for their humidifiers. worse yet, I bought a bunch of the consumables (filters, wicks) which are now USELESS since the machines broke. Electrical failures! but if you ever write the company, they will never write back or acknowledge getting your letter. Goes right in the shredder. Recently, Ive tried the panasonic air cleaner and it is great works well, quiet, even on high. So is the Hamilton beach one. They are designed well and works well. BIONAIRE IS ONE BIG DISAPPOINTMENT AFTER ANOTHER! dont fall for it....more info
  • Bionaire causes headaches.
    We have a Bionaire HEPA (no model number visable.) We have it in the bedroom and have been waking up with severe headaches. Naturally, we thought "it couldn't be the Binoaire!" So looked for other sources... we changed the carpeting... had the air ducts professionally cleaned, etc. Finally, we unplugged the Bionaire and woke up "without a headache" for the first time in a long time. It has been two weekes now since we unplugged the Bionaire and we are still headache free!...more info
  • Bionaire 1300, Powerful & Quiet!
    I just set up my new Bionaire 1300 Air Cleaner, and so far so good! One thing I was concerned about when making my purchase was the noise level of the unit. Happy to report that even on the highest fan setting it is relatively quiet! One problem, though minor, the remote control seems a little buggy. It works fine for on/off, highest and second highest fan settings. But when pressing the low and second fan speed setting (there are four fan speeds) I sometimes have to hold the button down for quite a long time before the speed sets on the unit. Sometimes I press those two buttons and the speed doesn't set at all. I plan to call Bionaire tomorrow to ask about this. As I said, it's minor, but still..
    All in all, a nice unit!...more info
  • Bionare BAP 1300
    This is my second bionaire unit that I purchased and I love both models. Orginally, I had bought both units to prevent bad colds and so far it seems to be helping. I live in condo and I have no cross venilation and having both units makes a real difference in the air quality. With mutiple fan settings you can set at low speed and sleep without too much noise. I find that I'm sleeping a lot better now. If your bedroom size is around 11x14 or less I would suggest getting the BAP1175 and not the BAP1300 otherwise you'll freeze!
    The only downside is that the HEPA filters are not cheap although they last anywhere from 12-18 months. I've been running it for 2 months now and the filter is 95% so it should last about 18 months or so....more info