Bionaire A1230H HEPA Replacement Filter for BAP1175 & BAP1300 Air Cleaners

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Product Description

The replacement HEPA filter for use with the Bionaire BAP1175 and BAP1300 air cleaners

Treated with an antimicrobial product to protect against odor-causing bacteria, the two true HEPA filters in this package are at least 99.97 percent effective at trapping extremely tiny particles (as small as 0.03 micron) when used in an air cleaner or air purifier. The filters fit Bionaire BAP1175 and BAP1300 model air cleaners as well as Holmes HAP615, HAP625, HAP650, and HAP675 model air purifiers. Each of these models requires only one filter, so the second is a spare for later use. --Fred Brack

  • 2 filters fit Bionaire BAP1175 and BAP1300 model air cleaners
  • Also fit Holmes HAP615, HAP625, HAP650, and HAP675 model air purifiers
  • Activated charcoal filters help remove odors from air
  • Treated with antimicrobial product to protect against odor-causing bacteria
  • True HEPA filters
Customer Reviews:
  • Good Good
    They do the job, last a long time, don't have to be replaced as often as you'd think....more info
  • "%age Meter" doesn't work
    These replacement filters effectively revitalize the Bionaire unit, which does a nice job of cleaning dust out of the air. In theory, the unit's Percentage Meter is supposed to tell you how much of the HEPA filter life is used up; however, replacing the filters did not seem to reset the meter to 100%, and even following the "reset" instructions I got from Bionaire did not reset the filter.......more info
  • Good price - but maybe you can find it cheaper
    I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but I found this product (the two-pack) for $9.99 at a Best Buy in Reston, VA in December 2005. I haven't found anything near that price on the internet. Check your local Best Buy before ordering.

    And by the way, my husband has severe allergies to just about everything and he's been able to breath much easier since we got this purifier. ...more info
  • Great during the 2 days it worked
    I picked this air cleaner after researching and finding that this was rated second best overall, the number one rated filter was way too expensive (over $700). After taking it out of the box and putting in the filters, I closed the cover only to find that the "Door Ajar" indicator would not turn off so the unit couldn't be turned on. I decided to press on the spot where the door sensor was, and this alleviated the problem. Then I turned it on high for the day. It was pretty noisy, but it got the job done. At night I put it in sleep mode, which didn't bother me at all. The next morning I noticed it was unusually quiet and found that it had malfunctioned. The top of the unit, where the infrared receiver was located, was constantly lit up acting as if the remote was sending a signal to the unit. The digital display showed a solitary digit "9" and none of the buttons worked. I could not turn it on. I unplugged it and replugged it and still showed the same malfunction. I am returning this to get another one. Hopefully it works out. I keep everyone posted on how the new one works out....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I purchased this unit after comparing several makers and models. It worked wonderfully...for one day. Within twenty-four hours the fan stopped working. The lights lit up and everything appeared to be appropriately configured, but it would not work. ...more info
  • 2 Per package, however Bionaire BAP650 requires 3
    To replace the filters in my model, BAP650, you need three filters. They are sold two/pack. Either design the product with filters in multiples of two or sell them three/pack. How illogical and annoying!...more info
  • The Best Air Filters for Your Money
    I have used the Bionaire BAP1175 Air Cleaner and Filters for 16 months. I still have 45% usage left. My Vintage Home is on pier and beams. This causes a lot of dust,mold spores and dust mites. And with our new carpet, this adds unwanted airborne chemicals and carpet particles.I noticed a difference within an hour of useage.You will be amazed at the unwanted ordors that just disappear.The quite sleep speed is wonderful.I highly recommend this air cleaner and filters....more info
  • 2 years of use and still going!
    We have two units in our home, living area and bedroom. They keep the air clean and the dust down to a minimum. I will always have these in my home or office....more info
  • Bionaire is great!
    I love Bionaire Air Purifiers! I really feel it makes a difference in my room. I don't have alleregies, but the room air seems fresher. Just a correction on the editorial review above: Fred is wrong! The BAP1300 uses four filters so you need to buy two a1230h.
    bap1175 uses two filters so you need one set. (a1230h comes with two) hap675 uses four, hap 650 uses three, hap625 uses two, hap 615 uses only one. So when he said you'll have an extra filter, that's only correct with the hap615. I happened to have tried them all. They are all good and all have the exact same filtration method. By the way, the digital counter on bap1300 is bogus. It does not measure air quality or actual usage. It is just a guesstimate based on time alone of when you have to replace your filters....more info
  • Not as Good as Expected
    It's on the noisy side (equivalent to perhaps an electric fan on medium). The output air smells a bit warm and stale to me, rather than "fresh." It does a good job of filtering dust, but it really hasn't made any tangible contribution to reducing my allergies. I think I'll shop for an Ionizing air cleaner next (when I have the budget)....more info
  • Very effective and easy to replace
    These filters are very effective. The air really does smell better and is fresher. They are also very easy to replace....more info