Bionaire A1260C Carbon Replacement Filters for BAP1175 Air Cleaner, 4-Pack

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Product Description

The replacement carbon filter for use with the Bionaire BAP1175 AND BAP1300

Designed to use in certain air cleaners and air purifiers, the four activated-charcoal filters in this package help to remove odors from the air. The filters fit Bionaire BAP1175 and BAP1300 model air cleaners as well as Holmes HAP615, HAP625, HAP650, and HAP675 model air purifiers. Each of these models requires only one filter, so the other three in the package are spares for later use. --Fred Brack

  • Carbon filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Works Great...Easy to Replace...Order Early
    The "Bionaire A1260C Carbon Replacement Filters" are for use for several models of the Bionaire Air Cleaners(see editorial review for model numbers). I have the Bionaire BAP1175 Quietech Hepa Air Cleaner(which by the way is a fabulous product in itself).

    My air cleaner works on a 3 filter system. The first removes the larger particles from the air(it may be washed) Next,this one, is a carbon filter(very easy to install and remove) that traps odors. This works great. The carbon filter does a good job of removing dog smells, smoke and cooking odors as well. It is recommended to change these filters(there are 2) every 3-6 months(it may not be washed).These filters are fairly inexpensive to replace.The instruction manuel says you will know when to replace it, as "odor removal effectiveness will be noticeably reduced". That is exactly how I knew when to change my filters.Running it almost constantly, it was just short of the 3 months that I noticed they needed to be changed, but I attribute that to the house being closed up all summer with the A/C on. And by the way, after replacing the filters,on which I could also see all the dust they filtered, I noticed the difference within minutes!(even with the dog in the house). They are simple to change(I can finally do something I don't have to ask the menfolk to help with), and they come four in a pack, so your all set for the next time. They come in a plastic resealable bag and advise to keep the spares sealed up to maintain freshness. When I ordered, I noticed that they took just a little longer then the other items, so order early.

    Oh and for those interested in the Hepa Air Cleaner Model BAP1175...the third filter is the hepa filter..This is already in the machine on arrival. This filter, according to the manuel, removes 99.97% of particulate as small as 0.3 microns in size. It filters smoke, dust, pollen mold spores, pet dander and "some" bacteria. And I believe it. Now these filters are quite a bit more expensive to replace, but they last quite a while, somewhere between 12-24 months. And you will know exactly when to replace it, because there is a great feature, a digital read out of how much filter life is left.After nearly 3 months mine still has about 87% life left. For more info on the air cleaner itself please see my review.

    A great buy on a very good product and easy to get here at Amazon(as opposed to running around trying to find the model number I needed.)

    Thanks....Laurie...more info