Smallville - The Complete First Season

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Before the Legend...Before the Icon...He was a teenager growing up in Smallville. The Complete First Season of the hit series that chronicles the life of the boy who would be Superman is on DVD in a 6-disc collector's set with super bonus features.Running Time: 954 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS UPC: 085392425525

The venerable Superman mythos gets a 21st-century updating in this imaginative and engaging television series from the WB Network, and series fans can celebrate the ratings success of Smallville with a six-disc set that compiles its entire first season. The deluxe package offers a chance to revisit the origins of the characters and their numerous plotlines, as well as view deleted scenes and other bonus features.

The premise of Smallville--Superman as a teenager--takes up just a few pages in Superman's very first comic book appearance (in Action Comics back in 1938), but series producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar flesh out that period by portraying young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) not as the noble Superman-in-waiting, but as an average teen with some not-so-ordinary supernatural powers, including incredible strength and heat vision (Clark hasn't lifted up, up, and away as of yet). Clark's desire to fit in with his peers and make sense of his extraordinary abilities ground him in very realistic and identifiable terms for the series' primarily under-25 audience, as does his appealing and tentative romance with Kristen Kreuk as Clark's dreamgirl Lana Lang. But Smallville also strikes gold when it takes a turn towards more comic book territory, as evidenced by the parade of shape-shifting killers and other outlandish antagonists (many generated, in one of the series' most ingenious notions, by the same devastating meteor shower that brought the infant Clark to Earth) that Clark must harness his powers to face and defeat. Gough and Millar, along with their capable cast (which includes Michael Rosenbaum as a young and already bald-pated Lex Luthor, and Annette O'Toole and John Schneider as the Kents) manage to pull off the precarious high-wire act of combining science fiction with coming-of-age drama to create this highly watchable program.

Smallville: The Complete First Season offers a very complete and attractive DVD package that is rounded out by some highly desirable extras for longtime series fans. The six-disc set offers all 21 episodes of the first season, including the pilot, in widescreen anamorphic format; Gough and Millar are featured on the set's sole commentary track, which appears on the pilot episode. Viewers can also access a number of deleted scenes from various episodes as well as view original pre-production storyboards and WB promotional spots. An interactive "tour" of Smallville rounds out the extras, but DVD-ROM owners can use the discs to access more features via the Smallville web site. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • At 59...hooked on Smallville!
    If you've been a fan of SUPERMAN from the 50's and 60's, you'll totally enjoy the first season of SMALLVILLE! One of my twenty-three year old students lent me his copy for a weekend. I had my own two 8-hour marathons---watching all thirteen episodes and the special features in two days! This first series erases any qaps about how Superman came to be. The importance of FAMILY and FRIENDS are highlighted....more info
  • Smallville season one
    It was great seeing smallville again it was like watching it for the first time and I can't wait to get the rest of the series!...more info
  • The Ultimate Adventure
    If you are a fan or just starting out, this is the ultimate collection for you! The youthful approach to a classic story is the best way to describe this series. If Superman is near and dear to your heart you will love this collection of the first season of Smallville....more info
  • Great series
    As a boy growing up in the 60s, I was an avid fan and reader of Superman comics. I didn't catch this series when it first aired, but I found it at my local movie rental store and my curiosity led me to rent it. I've just finished volumes one through four of the six in the first season and was so impressed I wanted to make a quick comment.

    So far I haven't enjoyed a TV science-fiction series this much since the original Star Trek. The series's strengths are the engaging story ideas and the strong cast, all of whom strike just the right notes in their roles, and are really superb. Superboy is great and also Lana Lang. But the real show stealer is Michael Rosenbaum, who is terrific as Lex.

    But Lex isn't the evil mastermind of the comics out to get Superman. Here he's a good guy and Superboy's friend, although sometimes he does resort to certain morally questionable expedients to accomplish his goals, but he truly wants to protect Superboy and his friends. There is no doubt he has a dark side, but it's mostly kept in check and when it does come out, it's usually to fight an even more evil bad guy. In other words, to fight evil, you need an even sneakier and more ruthless bad guy who's still on the side of good. :-) It's a brilliant concept and one of the ideas that really make the show stand out from the herd. One other great idea is the Kryptonite meteorite fragments also creating strange abilities and talents in different people, aside from its property of being toxic to Superboy.

    I've spent so much time on Lex that I don't want to overlook the other characters, but as I just wanted to write a brief review, I'll just say they're all really great in their roles too, especially Tom Welling and Kristen Kreuk.

    Toward the end of the season, it looks like Clark is finally going to get together with Lana, but then the story takes a turn and it he ends up getting together with Chloe instead, and the first season ends on that note. So I guess I'll find out how that turns out in the second season. So far I think this is great series and the best thing in a sci-fi show to come along in a long time. These first few DVDs of season one have made me a convert and I look forward to renting the other seasons....more info
  • Smallville: A fun place to escape
    Are you interested in a place where you can relax and enjoy seeing a budding superhero, an evil arch enemy in the making, various adventures each week, and an interesting cast of friends and family to provide an extra bit of drama? If so, Smallville is for you.

    The basic premise is that we are watching Clark Kent (Superman) before he actually became Superman. In fact, he's just a freshman in high school (even though he and his friends look like they're in their 20s) and he doesn't even fully understand what his powers are and how he can utilize them. I should also mention that the series is set in the modern day (around 2001 or so), which keeps it current.

    The creators of the series did a great job of creating this world, which has several key features. Here's the key features in order of importance to the show.

    1) Clark's relationship with Lex Luthor. This is the most fascinating part of the show. Michael Rosenbaum does an incredible job as the future evil mastermind. He and the writers have created an incredibly complex individual who is very multifaceted. You can see him struggle with his identity and he tries to find his true self. Clark and Lex have a very unique relationship that must be viewed to be appreciated.

    2) Clark's relationship with friends and family. Clark goes through many of the typical teenage issues, but also has to protect his "secret" (his powers). This affects his relationship with his parents and his friends. He also struggles to build and maintain relationships with Lana Lang (the girl he's in love with) and Chloe (the girl who loves him). While some of these story lines could have been lifted from 90210, the interesting characters and actors pull it all off.

    3) Clark develops his powers. Since Clark doesn't already know of his Superman abilities, we get to see him develop many of them as the season progresses. The series has some pretty good special effects (for TV) and does a good job with things like his x-ray vision, for example. For fans of Superman, this is a fun part of the show.

    4) "Freak of the Week" guests. Most episodes there are various "freaks", people who have been affected by the meteor rocks that came when Clark's ship arrived. Most have unusual powers, and it is often up to Clark to stop them without letting anyone see him do it (he has a secret to keep, after all). While this may seem to be the main event each week, I really consider this to be just filler. The meat of the show is the first 3 items I mentioned. Don't get me wrong, the various "freaks" have entertainment value, but they're just not the real focal point.

    All in all, this is a very good series that will have you constantly looking forward to the next episode. I will tell you that season 2 gets even better, so you definitely have something else to look forward to. ...more info
  • Great Price!
    Very happy with the price-I could not find cheaper anywhere. I bought both season 1 and 2 so I got free shipping too! Yeah!
    ...more info
  • Great Series For The Early Days Of Superman
    I found this series to be a very entertaining and enjoyable show of the early days of Clark Kent before becoming the famous Superman. I do have to say that the way they did the character of Lana Lang was a little annoying. My personal view of the shows Lana is she is superficial almost to the seventh season and I was always rooting for the character of Chloe to become Clark's true love in the show even though that never happened. I thought the actors they got for the characters of the show were well done especially for Lex Luthor,Clark Kent,Martha Kent,John Kent,Chloe Sullivan,Lois Lane,Lionel Luthor,Peter Ross,and Lana Lang. The setting they got for Smallville is also incredible it seemed exactly like the comic version of the town. So I say to all fans of Superman if you like
    to see the early years of his life in Smallville this series does the job
    amazingly... ...more info
  • man/superman
    Never was much for the Superman legacy, but I picked up the first season of this series on DVD and fell in love with the retelling of Superman. Great to see a breath of life in this franchise....more info
  • Smallville the complete first season.
    Very good, If you love superman, you will love Smallville. I started watching it in season 6, and now I can't get enough. Season 1 got me going from the start....more info
  • Excellente
    For everyone who's a fan of superman or even the old TV series "Lois and Clark" and are interested in knowing how he would of actually grown up with is superpower....more info
  • oohh yes!
    This is pure awesomeness, I watched this whole thing in two days, it was that addicting. Must get more seasons! Fun stories, good effects, alright acting by some, great by others. Origins of superman! It's wwwwonderful! I'm tellin ya this is toast buttered on both sides with awesome! buy it!...more info
  • Brave New Metropolis
    Ok . . . Metropolis isn't in the cards for awhile yet for a young Clark Kent. With Smallville comparisons to Buffy seem almost inevitable to me. Both shows sport almost invulnerable main characters with a variety of super-human abilities. Both rely on a core cast of close friends. Both main characters have older-mentors they blow off half of the time and then regret not listening to in the first place. And finally, both have serious romantic issues-and this is where our heroes part ways. Buffy's issues get resolved with very dark consequences where everyone around her is affected in a permanent manner. With Clark Kent, however, there is this butterfly-like dance of relationships that he has with various friends over the course of each season that involves him avoiding any serious commitment, and in the end remaining in a kind of emotional limbo with his close friends and loved ones. More importantly, the friends, especially Chloe and Lana are like emotional yo-yos wildly flitting from jealousy to weepy love, to grim-faced resolve to be their own girl and blow Clark off once and for all. The big question is what, if anything does this do for the series? For the first season these issues can and should easily be forgiven as any series needs time to find its footing. All niggling aside, the good easily outweighs the bad in the first season. The acting from the leads is rock-solid. Tom Welling is charming as the young Clark Kent without being too cocky and arrogant. Kristin Kreuk and Alison Mack may take some getting used to as Clark's respective potential love interests, Lana Lane and Chloe, as they are not given much room by the writers to grow and develop very much this season. John Schneider (you know him as Bo Duke) and Annette O'Toole provide a convincing balance between moral sternness and flexibility that still gives Clark enough freedom to be the typical teen. My favorite is Michael Rosenbaum's portrayal of an almost tragic Lex Luthor who constantly tries to do the right thing, but is mired down by his evil corporate family reputation. The basic premise of the season is that Clark has to come to terms with the fact he is quite different from everyone around him while at the same time coming to the aid of everyone who got, and is still being affected and transformed by the meteor rock that smashed into Smallville on the day of Clark's arrival to earth. Although there is no story-arc or Big Bad that the viewer may have become accustomed to from the Buffy and X-Files shows, the episodes have an intriguing monster-of-the-week format; intriguing because the kids affected and transformed by the meteor rocks are not always clearly cut from the psychotic cloth (I think only one of the villains actually foams at the mouth at some point). Highlights include, "Pilot" where Clark becomes the Smallville scarecrow of ridicule for the football season; "Shimmer" where this meek girl who has a crush on Lex supposedly can turn herself invisible; and "Tempest" where Clark, Lana, and Chloe's emotional love triangle gets resolved, or at least allowed to go into extra innings. The DVD extras are featurettes that introduce Smallville the town. My favorite was the interactive map. There are deleted scenes which are pretty nice. All in all, a good potential for greatness.
    ...more info
  • A Classic Revitalized....
    The legend begins.... Smallville takes a fresh look of Clark Kent and all the trials and tribulations he faces growing up in Kansas. An awesome ensemble, great writing, and cool music bring Smallville to life in this first season set. A must have for all those who are fans of Truth, Justice, and the American Way!!...more info
  • those super
  • An outstanding NEW beginning for the Superman legend
    I initially dismissed "Smallville" because it was airing on the WB, a network known for its propensity for catering to the "teen crowd." I assumed that this take on the Superman character would be geared to that age group and would not be of interest to those of us more "mature" viewers. However, after seeing one episode of the show, I was hooked and have been a staunch supporter of the series for the past six years.

    In revisiting the season one episodes, I've discovered how the show has grown and remains one of the best-written, acted, and enjoyable shows on network television. The series, as fans of the show know, deals with the young Clark Kent as he adjusts to his developing superhero powers while he struggles with growing up and finding his destiny as the future "Man of Steel."

    Season one is a great start for the show, introducing the viewer to the characters long a part of the superhero mythology: Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, Jonathan and Martha Kent, along with new characters developed for the show (Clark's friends Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan, along with Lex's father, Lionel). Each character gets a chance to shine in stories where they take center stage or have some necessary interaction with the development of Clark Kent.

    The cast is superb with special kudos to John Glover (Lionel), Michael Rosenbaum (Lex), Allison Mack (Chloe), John Schnieder (Jonathan), and Annette O'Toole (Martha). Star Tom Welling is appropriately strong yet vulnerable in his assessment of the young Clark. Kristen Kreuk is devastatingly beautiful and does well in the role of the object of Clark's desire. Sam Jones III does well in an underwritten part as Clark's best bud, Pete. Even the lesser character of Whitney, Lana's boyfriend (Eric Johnson) grows from dumb jock to a sympathetic character that becomes essential to events during the run of the first season.

    Also, the show has an impressive line of genre guest stars: Joe Morton ("Terminator: Judgment Day"), Corin Nemic ("Stargate: SG1"), "George Murdock ("God" in "Star Trek: The Final Frontier"), and Shawn Ashmore ("The X-Men" movies).

    The writers have been careful to add freshness to the well-known upbringing of Superman in the mythical town of Smallville, Kansas. For much of the first season, the stories dealt with the effects of "meteor rocks (remnants of the exploding planet Kryton) that accompanied Kal-el (Clark's Krytonian birthname) as he descended to his new earthly home. It appears that the small Kansas town became a haven for things weird and unexplainable.

    Each single word title is crafted to be both a revelation of the story but also a peek at character insight and development. For example, "Hothead," features Dan Lauria as a fiery and determined-to-win-at-all-costs football coach, infected by the "meteor rocks," that is able to summon up flames with just a single thought. "Reaper" is a macabre offering about a recently deceased young man, brought back from death by the aforementioned "meteor rocks," that is able to "take away the pain" of terminal patients, as a harbinger of death.

    Music is an integral part of the show and Mark Snow, formerly chief composer for "The X-Files," does an outstanding job in creating music that is appropriately mysterious, thrilling, and poignant. Also, each installment makes use of musical snippets by contemporary pop/rock artists and the theme by Remy Zero (the group appears in the season finale) fits perfectly for this retelling.

    Impressive special effects and eye-popping pyrotechnics abound but never overshadow the story.

    Vancouver locations are beautiful, though a bit too picturesque for Kansas. Even The Kent farm has an idyllic quality and is a tad too "upscale" for a family that appears to be always struggling financially. But, those are just two complaints for an overall top-quality production.

    It also appears that the meteor rocks must have given everyone a resiliency to withstand severe falls and knocks on the head. From the number of times the Lex, Chloe, Lana, Pete, Whitney, and Jonathan get tossed around on the show, they should have reserved rooms in the Smallville hospital.

    And the Kent family truck must be built out of the same material as Clark's spaceship for it takes many a tumble but keeps on ticking...until the last episode of the year....more info
  • Refreshing
    This is such a refreshing change of pace from other shows that are on. I love this show, I don't think there has ever been anything like it....more info
  • Just Another Teen Drama, But With Poorly Used Superman Traits
    I will admit, I was excited when I first learned this series was coming out. Then I saw how the characters of Superman and Clark Kent have been butchered within this show. SMALLVILLE is in fact just another teen drama taken off the shelves but given exceptionally bad Superman aspects. The show is about a teenager struggling to find his place in the world and working way too hard to fit in with his peers. Except this teenager happens to be Clark Kent, the future Man Of Steel, living in the small farm town of Smallville. The show started well, with the arrival of Ka-El and being taken in by the Kent family. Then it jumps forward in time to a high school freshman Clark Kent all mopey about how he doesn't fit in with the popular crowd, and how he just can't get his dream girl Lana Lang. So the pathetic Clark goes off to a bridge where he ponders about life and mamages to get hit by the crazed driver Lex Luthor. This is where the series finally unfolds. Clark being the super human that he is, is unhurt as Lex's car takes them both off the bridge to the water below, and Clark performs a daring rescue of Lex who is uncouncious from the car crash. Later, Lex feels indebted to Clark and also very curious to how Clark was able to save him. So Lex forms a friendship with Clark but also launches an invesitgation on him. From then on the series consists of Lex's research and delicate friendship with Clark, people with their own agendas to disrupt life in Smallville (some have been infected with traces of Kryptonite rocks), and everyone dealing with personal struggles within their lives. These personal conflicts are what takes up most of the show, Clark performs some heroic action towards the beginning and end of each episode but most of the episodes jus deal with characters' sucky lives. I may have been into this if the characters had been more Superman oriented. Clark should have been this major nerd with glasses, incredibly shy, but very interested in the ways of the world and politics. This interest would have led Clark to his future career as a reporter. Being a nerd is Clark's way of hiding the fact that he is Superman and has powers that hardly anyone else around him does. That's part of the fun of Superman; seeing Clark act like this major geek in order to throw people off in discovering his true identity of being Superman. Throughout the season, he should have gained his powers, learned how to use them, and then Clark should have gotten a call from his father Jar-El. This call would have led Clark to realize what good he could do as the individual that he is, and thus he would have become Superboy. EXCEPT, THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Clark is just another teenager struggling to be popular and not a nerd at all who is interested in the world and politics. Clark in this show is way too cool and I'm sure that appeals to the female fans out there. But if he is ever turned into Superman, the story won't be as believable as before in having people not making the connection of Clark being Superman. So for most of this year Clark is running around, trying to hide his true personality from others so that he can fit in, but still helps people without their knowledge because they happen to be distracted by something else at the time. SMALLVILLE is a great dissapointment in its regards to Superman or Superboy for that matter, because it takes forever for those aspects to arise. Most of the show is just a teen drama with Superman and Superboy characters in it. I am so glad that there is now another Superman film out that shows how Superman characters should truly be used....more info
  • Smallville - The Complete First Season
    This was a great way for my son to watch one of his favorite shows over and over again....more info
  • Smallville
    A very nice series about young superman. The characters and the locations are very enjoyable. ...more info
  • Best show ever.
    This show truly is addicting after watching the first episode you have to watch the whole series of course you have to watch it from the begining which is this season. And don't close the door on this show just because you don't like superman I don't like him either, but the show has a very good story for those of you who like to keep an open mind....more info
  • Very Good
    Excellent video. Cover a little worn, but in very good condition. It arrived in only a few days and I'm having a great time wathcing it. I love it!! ...more info
  • First Season
    I had purchased this as a Chanukah gift for my boss and he loved it.
    ...more info
  • Essential for every Smallville fan
    If you are a Smallville/Superman fan, this DVD set is a must. The quality of the DVDs in this and every Smallville set to date is very fine. The menu allows you to select specific scenes in each episode (you can also hit "search" while viewing an episode) which many DVD sets for TV series will only let you play each episode in its entirity and have to fast-forward to find specific scenes. There are bonus features on each DVD as well. The storyline is always very exciting, filled with twists even though you're expecting Superman to succeed every time. Great product....more info
    Move over Batman and Spider man cause Superman is coming to town!!! I am not really a fan of Superman but this is a nice fresh twist on the original story of Superman! Smallville has me hooked! Alright, Smallville is all about Clark Kent (superman's human name) and all of his trials and errors through life! If you don't like superheroes that is okay because there is a little bit of every thing for everyone! There are some action moments, some dramatic moments, some funny moments, and some sexy moments (cough*Nicodemus*cough). And so Clark ends up getting hit by Lex Luther's car. Clark saves him and they become fast friends! Lex also knows that Clark has the hots for Lana Lang. So Lex helps Clark try to become her boyfriend but there is one problem... Lana already has a boyfriend named Whitney! Also throw in crazy meteorite freaks which Clark has to fight and he doesn't even have all of his powers yet! So Clark also has his best friend Sam, reporter Chloe, parents Martha and Jonathon, and Lex Luther's evil creepy father! Over all this is a great show and if you watch season one you will DEMAND for season 2!WATCH IT! ...more info
  • Great Gift
    I bought this a as a gift for my brother in law and he absolutely loved it!...more info
  • SuperTV
    I've watched this series over and over. If you have the slightest interest in Superman, you don't want to miss this saga. I will admit, there are a few episodes every season that hiccup the main plot, but the cast of characters makes you angry, sad, and happy. You owe yourself to give it a try. Buy the whole series through season 7 and keep watching the tv program. It won't last forever....more info
  • New Superman
    Not bad at all. Tom Welling brings a new style of Superman to the screen. Enjoyable and for the most part, kid friendly....more info
  • Still iffy about the series? Don't be!
    Smallville - The Complete First Season

    It took my friends literally years to convince me to buy this and watch it. I've always been a comic collector, superhero fan, etc. Just from first impression of the show I didn't think it would live up to what we all know of Superman and Clark Kent from the movies & comics. I thought it was more of a "kid" show or something along those lines that just wouldn't interest me. If you feel similar, give in and give it a try. I did and boy am I upset with myself that I waited so long! It's fantastic and a lot better than I ever expected it to be. There's a great mix of new & old in the Superman saga. Now I'm all caught up and enjoy it every week. :)

    ...more info
  • Excellent Addition To The Superman Legacy!
    At first glance, this show may seem easy to dismiss as another teenage soap, which is what I thought when it first came on the air...then one day as an afterthought, I purchased a few seasons at a store which was practically giving them away and they sat on my shelf for months unviewed...then during the summer show hiatus, I begrudgingly took them out and from the first episode I was hooked....the creators have taken a comicbook legend and have given it a fresh, exciting spin....the stories are imaginative and engaging and the characters are perfect in portraying their roles....this is by far, one of the BEST super hero stories ever written! Tom Welling is wonderfully cast as the teenage Clark Kent, an innocent, handsome, somewhat shy and clumsy youth with an infectious personality....popular and fiercely loyal to his friends and adoptive parents, Jonathan and martha Kent ( quite aptly played by John Schneider of Dukes of hazzard fame and Annette O'Toole). Filled with affection and effectively played out plotlines the story covers the weird effects the meteor storm has had on the Kansas township of Smallville and the array of strange powers endowed to many who's lives have been genetically altered by a substance in the meteor called Kryptonite....the early season deals with Clark's attempts to fit in as a normal teen with superhuman powers that he's only learning he has....special effects are phenomenal for a TV show and make it fun to watch. Filling out the cast areKristen Kreuk as tthe beautiful love interest Lana Lang, Clark's rich and powerful friend Lex Luthor (well played by Michael Rosenbaum), Allison Mack as the friend/Nancy Drew-like reporter, Chloe Sullivan and Sam Jones III as Clark's best friend, Pete Ross.The show is filled with great sci-fi weirdness and storylines to rivil Buffy, but this show stands alone as an excellent predicessor to the hit, Heroes....if you like Heroes and have not given this show a try...what are you waiting for??? It is definitely worth your time!! A++++++++...more info
  • Smallville rocks!
    I love it. I am a die hard superman fan and I have all the seasons now....more info
  • Smallville - The Complete First Season
    If you are a Smallville fan and missed the first few seasons then this is a great way to see how it all started. I always wondered how Clark Kent arrived on earth....more info
  • Awesome journey
    The first season of Smallville is incredible, you get to know all the main cast, and their stories is just amazing to see how it all began for Superman....more info
  • great order
    i oredered smallville the first season.they ususaly run about 30-50 bucks.i got mine for 12.00 after shipping.was shipped on time and was in my mail box with in the next week.was brand new like they said with no problems...more info
  • Sorry I Missed It
    I did not get started on the series until recently. I started watching the reruns on ABCFamily. I fell in love with the show and decided to start ordering the series. I'm the kind of person who likes to start a series from the beginning to see how it progresses. I am glad I did. I think they did a wonderful job of casting. All of the characters seem to work well with each other. It is great to watch the trust distrust relationship with Lex and Clark. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes the Superman story. I will warn you, be ready to spend a lot of time in front of the television, because like a good book, you won't be able to stop watching....more info
  • Not A Superman Fan? Not A Problem
    If you aren't a fan of Superman, after you watch this series, you will be. Smallville has the right mix of action and drama, with a good share of twists along the way. It has been said a hundred times, and the same goes for me. At first, I thought that this series was going to be some TV series that wouldn't honor Superman at all, but I was wrong big time. Watching the series, you can't but get pulled in to the story each episode.

    Tom Welling is an excellent choice to play as the young Clark Kent. Everyone does justice to each of their characters and play them beautifully. Overall, if you love comics and are a super hero fan in general, watch this season. If you're not a fan of comics, there is enough drama in the great writing to get you hooked just as much. This is just a great TV series, period!...more info
  • Clark's "saved" count season 1
    I really like the first season; it's very well done. Good, solid stories, and I liked seeing Lex and Clark as best friends. I was rooting for Lex, hoping he could overcome the urge to be evil, even though I knew it was not to be. And, to prove I have no life, I watched the season with a checklist in front of me, and here's what I counted as far as who Clark saved this season, and how many times.

    Random Hot Chick=2
    Random Guy=9
    Someone who was just trying to kill Clark=4
    Other (group of people, entire world, etc.) 2
    Total individual saves, not counting "other"=40...more info
  • great show about the early years of clark kent
    "Smallville" was a show that I feel premiered when the golden age of The WB (sadly its called The CW now) was coming to a close, and was really the only good show that was left on the channel. I'm also a charmed fan, but after Shannen Doherty's departure, Charmed went downhill, (and since Veronica Mars didn't come till later that can't be included in the golden era) so I was excited about this show and was very pleased with it.

    Its easy to see why "Smallville" drew in the largest audience ever on The WB when it premiered. (I'm not sure if it still holds that title but I know that it did at one time)

    It tells the story of Clark Kent aka Superman, during his teenage years, living in the small town of Smallville, and shows how he struggles between trying to fit in at his high school (he's not exactly part of the in crowd), deal with his super powers and making sure no one finds out his secret, and of course theres his long time crush Lana Lang (played by the beautiful Kristin Kreuk) who he longs to be with. You also get to see a friendship form between him and his future enemy, Lex Luthor (played by Michael Rosenbaum) after Clark saves his life.

    This show does a good job of being a teen drama mixed with sci-fi (although during the first few seasons, its more of a teen drama. It gets more sci-fi during the later seasons I believe)

    The only problem with this season is that it seems that during every episode, some random kid is gaining superhuman abilities after being infected by a meteor rock. But beside that....great show! The best part about this season is the season finale, which will leave you dying to see season 2! (which is another great season by the way)

    Unfortunately, I can't give you a review on the entire series overall so far, as I am not up-to-date with the current seasons. But its not due to lack of interest! I watched up until mid-season 3, and then I ended up missing a few episodes and before I knew it, I had missed the rest of season 3, along with the entirety of season 4! So I figure now there's no point in trying to catch up since I've now missed several seasons, and instead just planning on purchasing all the seasons on DVD.

    Bottom line: if you have not yet see this show, I strongly urge you to purchase this season!...more info
  • "You're never going to get anywhere with your eyes closed"
    I got hooked on Smallville with this very season. My sister went out on a limb and bought the entire first season. We didn't know if we would like it, but we thought "What the heck?"
    What an understatement! This is an amazing series! The characters are so diverse, from the humble farmboy, Clark, to the high energy Chole, best friend Pete, girl-next-door Lana, and the rich boy, Lex.

    "Pilot": Clark's ship lands in Smallville in 1989. Present day, Clark gets in trouble with Whitney, Lana's boyfriend. Former hazing victim, now equipped with electrical powers, comes back to torment and kill the football jocks. This is a great start to the series. I love the beginning, with Lionel and a young Lex in the heliocopter. 5/5

    "Metamorphosis": Kid gets infected with bugs and turns into one, torments Lana. Man, this episode can scare the crap out of you. Not my favorite episode, but still pretty interesting. Clark "flies" in this one. 4/5

    "Hothead": Gym teacher with a hot temper can create fire. Good special effects and definitely interesting (particularly with special guest John Glover)! 4/5

    "Xray": Tina develops an unhealthy attachment to friend Lana; Clark discovers his X-Ray vision. I love the opening sequence where it appears Lex is robbing the bank. 5/5

    "Cool": Ladies' man jock falls into a lake and can't get warm. Starts going after his old girlfriends and freezing them solid. This one is pretty terrifying and showcases Chloe beautifully. 4.5/5

    "Hourglass": An older man is able to switch to his younger self and attempt to enact revenge on the Jurists who put him in jail. I love how Cassandra sees Clark's future and then Lex's. 5/5

    "Craving": Guest star Amy Adams is a fat girl who wants to get thin. She does, but then develops a "craving" for fat. Chloe meets Lex in this episode and Pete gets himself a date. 4.5/5

    "Jitters": Earl Jenkins holds LuthorCorp hostage, trying to find Level 3 and a cure for his jitters. An AMAZING episode, probably one of my favorites of the season. We get to see how Lionel "handles" the situation, Chloe's dad, and Lex's self-sacrificial attitude. 5/5

    "Rogue": A dirty cop finds out Clark's secret and forces the farm boy to assist him in crime. Not one of my favorites (no one real reason). 4/5

    "Shimmer": Someone is tormenting Victoria at Lex's mansion. It looks like it's Lex's teenaged admirer... I love seeing Lex in this episode, particularly with his interactions with Victoria and his father. 5/5

    "Hug": A travelling salesman with the ability to force people to change their minds comes to Smallville and build a toxic planet nearby. Enjoyable episode, particularly the part where Lex becomes a machine-gun wielding psycho killer. 4.5/5

    "Leech": Geeky kid (Shawn Ashmore) sneaks Clark's powers and becomes super famous...and super burdened. I really wasn't fond of the kid, how arrogant he became, but did like how Lex manipulated Victoria and her father. 3/5

    "Kinetic": Three thieves who can move through walls and blackmail Lex. Kinda stupid (the meteor-rock tattoos were over the top), but I enjoyed seeing Lex scramble for his lost items and Whitney really turn around. 3.5/5

    "Zero": The events at Club Zero come back to haunt Lex. Nice episode, showing both the good and bad sides of Lex. 5/5

    "Nicodemus": A flower with the ability to change a person's behavior infects Jonathan...and then Lana...and then Pete. I liked seeing the new Jonathan and Lana and how it ties in with Dr. Hamilton, brought up in the "Jitters" episode. 5/5

    "Stray": A young boy who can read people's minds is being used to commit crimes but flees to Jonathan and Martha's farm. I love the interactions between Clark and Ryan, Ryan reveals Chloe's feelings for Clark, and Lionel tempting his son with a job in Metropolis. 4.5/5

    "Reaper": A young man is able to turn people to ash. I love how Lex deals with the man Lionel sent to "babysit" Lex! 4/5

    "Drone": The race for class president gets out of hand when two of the candidates are attacked by bees. I like how Clark tries to run for president and how Pete assists him. 4/5

    "Crush": A former art student, now equipped with telekinesis, returns to school and begins to enact revenge for the hit and run that ruined his skills. We get to see Chloe have a brief romance and Lana get jealous. 4.5/5

    "Obscura": Lana develops a power to see through a kidnapper's eyes, which she must use to save Chloe. The "who-did-it" is pretty lame and nothing is very interesting in my opinion. 3/5

    "Tempest": Lionel closes the plant, Clark takes Chloe to the spring formal, and Lana takes Whitney to the bus station...when a tornado hits. A nice way to end the season, with all people in an uncertain future. 4.5/5

    Many people criticize the first season as being very "Monster of the Week". It is true for the most part, but still, it is an enjoyable season. You are introduced to the strange world of Smallville, the wonderful characters, and the beginnings of the Superman legend. I highly recommend....more info
  • New Superman
    Not bad at all. Tom Welling brings a new style of Superman to the screen. Enjoyable and for the most part, kid friendly....more info
  • "I Suppose You Stashed My Spaceship in the Attic." "Actually, It's in the Cellar."
    Even those of us who don't read comics know the story of Superman. But what was life like growing up for him? That's the focus of this series. And it is surprisingly addictive.

    Set in modern times, we join Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is Smallville, Kansas. He's a teenager attending high school. And he's just starting to develop the powers he'll use to save the world as Superman. His best friends in school are Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) and news hound Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). And he is not so secretly in love with girl next door (okay, a mile away. It is the country) Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). Unfortunately, she's already dating quarterback Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson).

    In addition to being a farming town, Smallville has a LuthorCorp fertilizer plant. Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) has just been sent there by his father Lionel (recurring actor John Glover). And when Lex hits Clark but both survive, the two form a friendship, much to the dismay of Clark's parents, Martha and Jonathan (Annette O'Toole and John Schneider).

    But weird things keep happening in Smallville. Seems that the meteor shower in which Clark arrived 13 years ago left behind all kinds of rocks. And coming in contact with them gives people strange powers. With Chloe's help, Clark has to keep trying to save the day while forging a friendship with Lana. All this leads up to a season ending cliffhanger sure to have you coming back for more.

    I'm just now watching this series. The first few episodes were actually rather forgettable. I was already getting tired of the formula of the show. But then around episode 8 or 9, the show began to find itself. True, it often still focused on the freak of the week, but they started telling the story in different ways and involving more of the cast. I especially got hooked on Whitney's storyline in the second half of the season.

    And you can't forget the special effects. Even when I was bored with the story, I was still impressed with just how great they looked, especially for a weekly television series. The acting was a little weak near the beginning, but it got better as it progressed as well.

    What really got me the most was watching the friendships of the characters. It breaks my heart that Lex and Clark grow up (okay, so Lex is already an adult) to be enemies.

    And the show constantly throws in ironic lines about who Clark will become. These jokes always make me laugh.

    I've added another TV show to my list of shows to watch. Just what I needed. Give the show a chance to get over its slow start and you just might be hooked as well....more info
  • Smallville.. a show with alot of potential!
    lately I've checking out alot of shows similar to this such as Roswell, Charmed, Supernatural and I used to be a huge Buffy/Angel fan and Dark Angel and Tru Calling! so I'm familiar with plots that involve a superhero that has to hide the fact that he has powers that are unusual.

    in this case.. I have yet to finish the season but there are pluses to this show.. Lex Luther is the big one! his character is the most intruiging because you know he will become a nemises to Clarke but the question for me anywayz.. is how? how does he become a darker character then he is atm? and Michael Rausenbaum has def lived up to the challenge of playing this role of a very conflicted character!

    Clarke Kent has struggles of his own. he wants to be with Lana but he doesn't want any enemies so he's letting Whitney stay with her as he really needs her atm. now as for Tom Welling.. gets the title role thx to his gorgeous body. his acting abilities are extremely limited.

    the parents have very limited acting abilities. and never really fully commit to their roles. we believe their good people and they have good intentions but the way they convey their emotions is not gonna win them any oscars. there's no passion in it.

    Lana Lang.. well I'm waiting for her character to develop a little more. she's not that interesting yet. but Kristin Kreuk shows she can change it up a little. I think she's better when she's got attitude! this whole good girl image is not her strength acting wise. tho she's far better an actor then Tom Welling at any rate. but that's not saying much.

    the best actor of the younger cast.. is by far Allison Mack who has similar traits to Lana only she conveys them in a much more synthetic matter! I believe she has the best intentions and has definitely commited to her role!

    the plot is episode by episode basis.. the villains are one dimensional and uninterested and sometimes just plain weird. I guess this show gets more interesting as it goes on.

    I'm mostly watching this cause James Marsters comes in later on in the 5th season and I don't wanna jump in halfway thru. and Lex Luther is interesting enough to keep me going from episode to episode! and the episodes are interesting but just bizarre and the lack of passion from the actors(with 2 exceptions) takes away the great potential this show has.

    those are just my thoughts. I appreciate any comments! it might get better the more I watch it.. and maybe the acting gets better. i'm not sure. I'm just commenting on what I've seen. and the father did have one good episode where he shows some attitude! and he quite commits to his role! I know they all have the potential to be good actors but their not quite there yet....more info
  • Best show on TV !!
    I didn't wanna like it. I refused to watch it. I'm in my 30's............
    This is the best show on T.V.
    Fans range from 6 to 60. Male and female.
    I have now seen every episode available. (Bought all 4 seasons on Amazon and will buy 5 in September.)
    Can't wait til' Season 6 begins.
    WATCH THIS SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's the best show...EVER !!!!...more info
  • Wow
    Great TV series for adults and teens. Some material may be inappropriate for children. ...more info
  • Great Start
    This is a great beginning to an amazing television show. The pilot sets the season off very well and the ending allows for the next season to flow smoothly into it. Great Product....more info
  • Wow!
    Smallville is a simply wonderful show thats filled with great actors, some good plots, and a great representation of a teenage Clark Kent. One minor disapointtment for me was the repetetive use of the "freak of the week", but the writers add extra and unique twists. I definitely recommend Smallville not only to the comic book lovers, but also to those who love a great show to watch...more info
  • I love smallville
    I had only seen bits and pieces of Smallville before on tv and did not know what
    I was missing! After I bought the first season I couldn't believe what I had
    been missing! What a great show!...more info
  • A sensitive new-age superhero... in high school
    I had caught the occasional episode of Smallville on TV, but in no particular order. The premise was immediately obvious -- Clark Kent in his small Kansas hometown, learning to cope with his powers and to function in society. It was clear, even from my few experiences with the show, that there was a story arc, so I picked up Season One. If nothing else, I figured, seeing the pilot episode would help me figure out everyone's background. (Which it did.)

    Smallville could have been lame. But it succeeds admirably well because the writers constructed characters who are thoroughly believeable even though they're put in comic-book predicaments. Admittedly, this season does have a propensity towards "monster of the week," but it manages to overcome it, because of very "human" reactions. Clark's parents are frightened about the powers their kid has, and how he can possibly create a normal life ("He woke up _floating?!_ Well, I guess he'll have to get over his fear of heights"); they also get annoyed with Clark for being an ordinary teenager who doesn't do his chores.

    And, as one appreciated bit of versimilitude, the Kent Farm really operates like a farm, with daily concerns about keeping the tractor going or putting in fence line. (My husband grew up on a farm, so Kent's ability to knock in fence posts, with the ease you'd insert a bamboo skewer into a melon ball, was extremely funny. And that's just in the background of a scene.)

    It's told with a wonderful sense of humor, sometimes very subtle; an irritated female classmate, encountering Clark's cluelessness about what girls want, blurts at him, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, Clark, but you're from some planet in a galaxy I haven't even heard of!" Yet the humor doesn't get in the way of the story; we laugh because, in some ways, we know more about Clark Kent than do the Smallville residents.

    The key, though, is the inclusion of a young Lex Luthor who is adamently Clark's friend; since we know what happens to Clark in the long run, the compelling mystery is how Lex evolves from the guy with good intentions to Superman's arch-enemy.

    Overall, it's a fun series to watch. I'm about to get Season Two -- and I think you'll have the same reaction....more info
  • Great Start to a Great Series!!
    I love this show. Tom Welling makes a great Clark. John Schneider and Annette O'Toole are wonderful as Clark's parents. But what really surprised me was the performance of Michael Rosenbuam as Lex Luthor. Who would have thought you could like Lex so much? This is a Great series...definitely one to check out on DVD....more info
  • Smallville Season 1
    This show is really great. It is fun to watch them back to back without commercial interruption too. And I couldn't pass up the great deal on the price....more info
  • Very Entertaining! Can't stop watching!
    Very entertaining can't stop watching. Great acting. has a good story line and watching the first season will make you a smallville fan....more info
  • Before He Became Legend: Smallville's Complete First Season
    Season Review-

    After over 70 years, Superman has become more than just a pop culture phenomenon, but an international success and an iconic symbol that still holds strong even today. From his first appearance on Action Comics in 1938 to George Reeves's live action series of the 50s to the stunning Richard Donnor films of the 70s and 80s to the romantic action comedy of Lois and Clark in the 90s as well as the animated adventures, Superman has been successful in all media. The story and journey of the Last Son of Krypton has become an American classic and no superhero has been more successful than the Man of Steel. In the fall of 2001, The WB went on to debut the latest and probably most refreshing tale of Superman yet with "Smallville". Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, "Smallville" would tell the journey of a young Clark Kent before he would put on his signature tights. With an intriguing premise, a stunning looking cast and a good budget to back up its storylines, "Smallville" premiered with the highest ratings the small network has ever had, a whopping 8.4 million viewers tuned in to see the pilot episode simply titled, "Pilot." "Pilot" is such an impressive introduction to the series that still remains strong `til this day. The ingenious idea that not just has baby Kal-El arrive on Earth in his spaceship, but with a meteor shower caused by the destruction of Krypton was the perfect set-up for the rest of the series.

    The cast all fit their roles and do a fine job when interacting for the first time. A then 24 year-old Tom Welling is very convincing as the whiny, moody, mild mannered 15 year-old Clark Kent. You really feel bad as he just wants to be normal, yet his extraordinary abilities make it even harder for him to be a teenager. John Schneider (Dukes of Hazard) and Annette 'O Toole (Lana Lang in Superman III, ironically) are just perfect as Clark's loving adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Sam Jones III is fine as Clark's energetic best friend, Pete Ross and Allison Mack is lovely as Chloe Sullivan (who besides Lionel Luthor is the only other character not from the mythos, but an original character). Then you have a very innocent yet cute Kristin Kruek as Lana Lang, Clark's high school sweetheart and Eric Johnson as Whitney Fordman, Lana's boyfriend. The last of the cast is the excellent John Glover as Lionel Luthor and Michael Rosenbaum as a young Lex Luthor. Probably the other impressive aspect of the first episode is how Clark and Lex first meet, which involves Lex running Clark over on the road and Clark saving his life. After that traumatic event, both men become friends! Wait, the future Superman and Lex Luthor friends? That premise alone already made "Smallville" much more unique than any other Superman adaption before it.

    Season 1 is mostly about Clark dealing with the discovery that his an alien as well as developing into Smallville's unlikely hero when meteor freaks (humans infected by the meteor rocks of the meteor showers) begin terrorizing the town with their unique powers. "Metamorphosis" sees Clark battling a boy with insect abilities, "Hothead" features a football coach with fire manipulation, and "Cool" has a meteor freak with a Mr. Freeze-type ability that sets his sights on Chloe. The meteor freak of the week type storylines are both the season's strength and weakest. Some are excellent ("X-Ray", which Clark discovers his X-Ray vision) while some are plain sub-par ("Reaper", a mess of an episode where a meteor freak can literally turn people into ash.) But while Season 1 has its jittery and not so pleasant moments, the character development and growing relationship easily shine through. Episodes like "Leech" already shows exactly why Clark will grow up to be the greatest hero of all time, "Zero" is a nice introduction into the dark world of Lex's past and "Rogue" tests the bond of the Kent family when a renegade cop sets his sights on Clark. Other memorable from this series' freshman year is "Jitters" with Tony Todd's unforgettable guest appearance, the mysterious invisible killer storyline of "Shimmer", and the suspense driven finale, "Tempest" with tension filled cliffhangers which one that sees Lana's life hanging in the balance when tornados hit Smallville.

    It's funny looking back at the first season, seeing as how everything was so innocent and grounded back then. Clark and Lana's growing friendship with hidden signs of romance was great to watch, who would have thought it would have been dragged out for the next 6 seasons. Also, Clark and Lex's friendship was at its prime with no signs of animosity but genuine brotherly love for one another. Season 1 is a solid first season with great introduction, memorable character development and a lot of signs of promise for the rest of the series.

    Season Rating: 8/10

    Video and Audio review-

    All 21 episodes in the first season are shown in widescreen which fits the series. The episodes look nice with vibrant colors and the audio is just fine, although nothing special.

    Video and Audio: 7/10


    The first season box set has some pretty average; you have 2 commentaries for "Pilot" and "Metamorphosis" with the show creators which are just okay. The Storyboard extra is decent but unnecessary look as making the "Pilot" episode. The Interactive Smallville extra is pretty boring and the 2 WB spots are a cool look back at the old WB promos.

    Extras Rating: 5/10

    Overall Score: 7.5/10...more info
  • it's great story the being young superman!!!
    it's best tv show since 2001. if you miss whole tv show then buy it. it's worth watch to "smallville"....more info
  • A good start to a fantastic show!
    I originally started watching Smallville in like the third season because I thought the early seasons were too Dawson's Creek and not Superman enough. The newest season is absolutely the best so far, but this first season, once rewatched is a great start and not as heavy on the teen drama as I remembered. This show is the best thing out there right now for a Superman fan. And you just might as well start at the beginning!...more info
  • A Modern Indepth Look Into The Trials Of Kal-El
    This 1st season is a great introduction to Clark Kent and his struggle with being abnormally strong, super fast, and impervious to harm. He discovers his true origins and falls in love for the 1st time. It's Superman in his adolescence and it's wonderfully done!

    I didn't start watching this show on a regular basis until it began it's 4th season. I caught some old episodes on ABC Family and was instantly hooked!! I've been a fan ever since! ...more info
  • A Super Show
    Not having access to a WB affiliate I have had to watch the show after its release on video. This is the best treatment of Clark Kent since Lois and Clark - even better than the comic books I loved as a kid.

    Clark's early years as portrayed in the Superboy comics - besides focusing on Superboy and virtually ignoring Clark - treated him as a mature man in a smaller body. The Clark of Smallville has all of the problems of a teenager: periods of doubt, times when he feels defiant toward his parents, teenaged angst, the initial euphoria when he discovers his X-Ray vision. Clark is a real teenager!

    The characters are three-dimensional, and the weekly format gives the writers time to let them grow and develop, and for us to have time to get to really know them.

    Good job, WB!...more info
  • getting to know the start is great
    I did not get to see season one when it aired for the reason I did not have wb. I do now and enjoy smallville and enjoyed seeing and having season one to watch. I really thought the seller did well on shipping and selling the product reasonably....more info
  • Smallville first season
    I really like Smallville The Complete First Season. No problems with the video disk....more info
  • A Great Start to one of the Best Shows on Television
    Smallville is the best superhero show ever put on television and is one of the best TV shows on right now. The writing is superb and the acting is wondeful. Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor is the real star of the show. he's perfect. He gives Lex so many layers it's absolutely amazing.

    From the start of the Pilot to the end of Tempest you'll love this show. It's definitely one of the best. My favorite show on TV right now.

    Some of the best from the season include: Pilot, Hourglass, X-Ray, Rogue, Zero, Stray, Nicodemus, and Tempest.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • A Great Reworking--Even from A Traditionalist's Point of VIew
    Having followed Superman since the George Reeves TV show, and the comics from the 60's, and the first couple of Christopher Reeves films. I'm pretty generally happy with the genre. I've sort of fallen off the reinventions of Superman, haven't seen the Lois and Clark, and the new movie with Kevin Spacey.

    I originally stayed away from Smallville because the advertising made it appear racier than it turned out, and furthermore the crucifixion imagery was a bit disturbing.

    I finally bought this set because I thought it might bring a contemporary feel my 10-year old son would appreciate. What I found impressed me quite a bit, especially the pilot episode. Rather than retell the Superman story, the assumption is that the viewer is fully acquainted with the lore. Thus they don't need to reenact the entire Superman myth, from Krypton and so on. I imagine more of the backstory will come out over time (I've only see the first 3 episodes). There's a healthy dose of X-Files moodiness around some of the antagonists who appear in the episodes.

    What makes me think the series is a success is when my kids said "I thought Lex Luthor and Superman were enemies... what happened." And I told them: "That's what makes it so compelling--you see how they meet, and you know from the lore where they end up, but exactly how and over what time their relationships is going to be very interesting." And that anticipation is what makes me want to keep watching the show.

    I should add the acting very good all around, and it's really nice to see familiar faces like John Schneider and Annette O'Toole (back from Superman III in a new role).
    ...more info