Quincy, M.E. - Seasons 1 & 2

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When Jack Klugman played Oscar Madison in television's "The Odd Couple," it seemed no role could better suit him—until he stepped into the shoes of Dr. Quincy, the stubborn, crusading medical examiner in the trailblazing series (1976-1983) that spawned the medical investigation genre and earned Klugman four Emmy nominations. Immortalized for posterity is this collector's set of the show's first two seasons on three two-sided discs containing 16 episodes (four from Season One; 12 from Season Two). Beginning with the first installment, "Go Fight City Hall--To the Death," the series' socially conscious, quick-paced, and mostly believable storylines are an engaging blend of mystery, sleuthing, sarcasm, and romance stirred together into an action-packed drama. Each episode, such as the award-winning show, "The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone," probes contemporary issues and promotes justice while maintaining a healthy dose of humor. A strong supporting cast includes Robert Ito (as Quincy's loyal lab assistant, Sam) and John S. Ragin (as skeptical boss, Dr. Asten). Jamie Lee Curtis makes a cameo appearance in "Visitors in Paradise," while additional celebrity guests include Buddy Hackett, Donna Mills, Kim Cattrall, and June Lockhart. The picture and sound quality are solid and each story begins with a short onscreen synopsis and original airdate. The only deficit in an otherwise stellar effort is the noticeable lack of bonus material such as vintage interviews, a making-of featurette, or a well-deserved tribute to Klugman. (Ages 12 and older) --Lynn Gibson

Customer Reviews:

  • Classic TV
    This is without question a 5 star series. If you consider the movies and television that Mr. Klugman was associated with, it was always top shelf stuff, and this was no exception. The quality of this release is very good. I'm pleased with the audio and visual quality, and the packaging is suitably protective, a definite 5 star effort on Universal's part!
    It's easy to understand the confusion concerning the length of the NBC Mystery Movies for two reasons:
    1. NBC decided to air the Mystery Movies on two nights because it was so successful.
    2. The lengths did vary.
    The Mystery Movie series went on the air on Wednesday, September 15, 1971 from 8:30 to 10:00 PM, with three rotating elements comprising the series:
    1. Columbo.
    2. McCloud.
    3. McMillan and Wife.
    In the 1972-'73 season, with the rapid success of these shows, NBC moved these three programs to Sunday night under the new title "NBC Sunday Mystery Movie," from 8:30 - 10:00, and introduced a fourth series, "Hec Ramsey" into the line-up. They ran three new shows on Wednesday nights under the umbrella title: "NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie,"
    1. Madigan.
    2. Cool Million.
    3. Banacek.
    These, just like Sunday, ran from 8:30 - 10:00.
    The Sunday night line-up stayed the same for two seasons, changing in the 1974-'75 season by replacing "Hec Ramsey" with a new series: "Amy Prentiss." Meanwhile, the Wednesday night line-up had expanded for the 1973-'74 season to include "Madigan," "Tenafly," "Faraday & Company," and "The Snoop Sisters." "Cool Million" and "Banacek" were gone. Also, in January of '74, the Wednesday Mystery Movie moved to Tuesday, retitled, of course, "NBC Tuesday Mystery Movie," ending it's run at the conclusion of the season.
    The Sunday Mystery Movie remained unchanged until the 1975-'76 season when "Amy Prentiss" was dropped and a new show, "McCoy" was added. The 1976-'77 season was the last for this series, with four changes. Susan Saint James and Nancy Walker had left "McMillan and Wife;" therefore, the series name was shortened to simply "McMillan." "McCoy" was dropped and replaced by "Quincy, M.E.," and the time slot was changed to 8:00 - 9:30. "Quincy" was so popular that it spun-off into it's own series in January of '77, being replaced by "Lanigan's Rabbi" for the remainder of the Mystery Movies series' run.
    The Mystery Movies were 90 minutes except for September 1975-September 1976 when it was expanded to 2 hours, Sunday, 9:00 to 11:00, returning to the 90 minute format for it's last season.
    Incidentally, Universal Television and NBC had a very successful partnership with their 90 minute dramas. What's interesting is that the series they started with was not in the Mystery Movie line-up. It was an outstanding series that sadly, very few people seem to remember today, "The Name of the Game." It ran on Friday nights from 8:30 to 10:00 from September 20, 1968-September 10, 1971. It feels very much like these shows, and had Susan Saint James co-starring as Gene Barry's secretary, Peggy Maxwell. Also, instead of this show being an element of a series, it had three stars, one of which would star in the show from week to week, with the only constant being Peggy Maxwell. ...more info
  • Quincy a go go
    Quincy is better than I remembered. It is interesting to see how medical shows have developed since then. Klugman does a good job, if a little slow by today's standards....more info
  • I want ALL the SEASONS !
    I've always loved Quincy and thought that Jack Klugman was superbe!
    His talent sparkles the screen as he KNOWS how to get us on the edge of our seat! This show though in the 76'is more actual THESE RECENT years because each episodes is fully accurate and as the other seasons unfold,
    problems never really approached in these years such as guns around the house loaded, drugs,rape,child abuse just to name a few are masterfully depicted to the viewer in a decent way so he gets informed and awared.
    Not putting the rest of the series IS A REAL SHAME!
    So I hope ONE PEOPLE IN THE DVD SERIES manufactured business, WILL EVENTUALLY and I HOPE VERY SOON LISTEN AND do something about it so we will all be satisfied!
    I was feeling great to be among all the wonderful comments ...I've read them all and thought you were all GREAT ! ...more info
  • Every bit as good as I remembered the show to be
    I watched Quincy as a teenager the first time around and remember being fascinated by the the way he went about solving the crimes or mysteries. It it still every bit as good as was back then, even though I do not actually remember seeing any of these episodes as I probably saw only the later series. As 1 reviewer remarked, this show has more depth than the shows of today, what with the verbal humor and the bad guys who are not always as bad as they would be today. I had 1 problem disk - at the end of the episode of the Thigh Bone where my copy froze (hence the 4 stars only). I sincerely hope the next few seasons will soon come out on DVD....more info
  • Quincy M.E. Seasons 1 & 2 - TV
    I was in my twenties when I remember watching this. I loved watching Jack Klugman as Quincy getting his boss all mad and twisted into knots about getting his work completed on time. Usually by the end of each show he was right on in the stuff he was looking for. All he every needed was time and more time to prove what he needed to prove....more info
  • Quincy M.E. - Order Review
    This is a great present for anyone who grew up watching the shows or just loves mysteries!

    My grandparents are thoroughly enjoying the DVD's. I'm sure they're looking forward to the rest of the seasons coming out. Hopefully they will release them on DVD soon

    Many Thanks Amazon!

    JPH...more info
  • Incomplete!
    i read somewhere that these arent complete seasons just selected episodes from the first 2 seasons.come on, Quincy deserves better!!!...more info
  • Please release season three!
    Jack Klugman is at his best staring as M.E. Quincy. In each episode Quincy solves the crime with science, while fighting with the people in charge. The show is pre-CSI and without all the blood.

    I had hoped that season three would have been released by now. I guess the other seasons may not get released as was the case with Barney Miller and Police Woman.

    ...more info
  • Time tested
    Good writing and good acting holds up....a wonderful series that holds up and is time tested. Wonderful to watch anytime and can be watched by the whole family. We own this series and the 'Murder She Wrote' series...both are in the same vein. ...more info
  • One of the greatest TV drama shows
    Quincy M.E. is one of the greatest TV drama series ever made. Jack Klugman made the role of the tough but caring coroner his own and his performance is one of the reasons the show worked so well. Add to that great support from the likes of Robert Ito and Val Bisoglio, interesting storylines, and accurate medical research, and you have one hell of a show.

    If you haven't seen this show already then I urge you to order the DVDs and sit back for a treat. Unfortunately we are still waiting for the third season on DVD. Come on Universal!...more info
  • Nice start, where is the rest?
    I prefer tv shows that make me think (can you say "Paper Chase"?). I recall watching Quincy when it originally aired and saying after each episode that they were always excellent. I looked forward to the DVD set. What I did not notice is that, even though it says "Seasons 1 and 2", it is only about a third of the episodes for those two seasons. How disappointing. If I'd read more closely, I would not have ordered this.
    The episodes that were on the DVD's were as expected: excellent. I just want the rest of them....more info
  • More Seasons Please
    I just purchased this after missing getting them on VHS many years ago. They came and went just like other Universal releases ("Rich Man, Poor Man" comes to mind).

    I'm almost finished watching the second season and I think the digital transfer is great considering what I've seen in reruns. This is one series I'd love to get all of the episodes. What we've seen on A&E and Hallmark Channels are very poor hatchet jobs. At least I've finally gotten to see the pilot episode in its entirety. On cable, it is cut down to one hour including commercials and you miss the part where the cops faint as well as other critical sequences.

    It would be nice if Universal didn't have to put their updated logo at the beginning of each episode. It's already at the beginning of each disc. I'd prefer if they just left in the original one at the end of each episode. A minor inconvenience, but this is overkill.

    This is one great series that deserves to be released in its entirety....more info
  • Quincy
    We enjoyed watching the seasons 1 & 2, the pictures were very clear;however, when we got to the last DVD that had the most shows on it we were disappointed that our DVD player did not want to play it. It seems as though there were marks on the DVD and cleaning it didin't seem to help. The DVD stayed in the case in a drawer until we were ready to view it so we find it highly unlikely it was anything we did to the DVD ourselves. Very frustrating and disappointing....more info
  • release the other seasons!!!
    I love this series and wish they would consider releasing the other seasons!!!...more info
  • Better than CSI
    In the late 1980, NBC had a Sunday mystery movie wheel. Columbo, McCloud, McMillian and Wife were the staples. After its successful openning it spawn Quincy and later Hec Ramsey (a Western mystery series which was the last series Richard Boone did for TV and not available yet on DVD!). This also spawned a Wednesday mystery wheel which didnt fare as good.

    Quincy, M.E. had four episodes on the 90 minutes Sunday wheel (its first season). NBC ordered it for an hour long version for series (its second season..The only show which did that. This show predated the first CSI show by 20 years and was less gritty and less bloodier with the same impact. Yes, Quincy played detective more often than most..but it was THE MYSTERY MOVIE WHEEL.

    The mysteries were sound good and solid medical mysteries. Well written, well thought out...and well done. It shows how good in this box set. Jack Klugman showcased that he can play someone other than Oscar Madson (Paramount DVD, where is the ODD Couple DVDs? )

    Its a keeper for mystery fans everywhere. And those CSI fans, take note-watch this and see action without all the hi-tech gore!
    Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD...more info
  • CSI where it all began!
    If you like the CSI series on TV then this is a must add to your collection. Although somewhat dated in comprasion with today's version of CSI is it absolutely the best in my books. Great story lines, excellent supporting actors (who can actually act!), believeable plots and nothing gore to look at. Just entertaining TV as they use to make the TV shows back them. The new CSI dies in comparsion after you've seen the original version.
    Buy this series you will not regret it! Can't wait for the next seasons to be released.
    Very enjoyable TV....more info
  • Quincy Was Terrific
    I always enjoyed the series when it was on A & E. I am hopeful that the rest of this fine show will be available on dvd. It was fascinating how Quincy could figure out things without the clues that most of us today do. I also enjoyed the interplay with Monahan, Dr. Astin and Sam throughout the show. I only hoped his girlfriend played in the earlier episodes was a continuing character because it rounded out his personality. ...more info
  • Quincy
    I love the show but the CDs were dirty and a little scrached. Thank you they did all work after I cleaned them....more info
  • Your right, Klugman is a GREAT actor...
    But don't miss him, he's still alive. I saw Jack Klugman and Tony Randal in "The Sunshine Boys". Live in NYC. I was in the 4th row and let me tell you, with out a doubt, it was one of the greatest nights of my life. They had such great timing... 2 unbelievable actors that capotilized on each others acting style. They don't make them like that anymore....more info
  • Quincy, M.E. - Seasons 1 & 2
    Quincy, M.E. was the original CSI. Each show was unique and Quincy always added the personal touch to each crime investigation. I am a big fan of the Quincy TV series and I highly recommend to all those CSI fans that they look into buying seasons 1 and 2. TV charactors like Quincy only come along once in a lifetime....more info
  • Quincy, M.E.- Seasons 1&2
    Quincy,M.E. for our family has always been enjoyed and inspirational as Quincy fights incessently to right the wrong-meticulous that his work must be accurate and yet he has compassion and respects thosewho deserve to be honored. All refreshing attributes in today's movie world. Clean movie-thought provoking- subject matter handled properly. Hopefully, more of series will be released....more info
  • Buy this series!
    Happy to give this series 5 stars! I was a teenager when this show first aired, and it was a favorite of my family.

    About 4 months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Klugman during his "Tony and Me" book tour and he took questions from the audience; not just about The Odd Couple, but about Quincy. He is extremely proud of Quincy. He said the research that went into each episode was quite extensive and detailed; and it was this way at his insistence. Every word spoken relating to Pathology and Forensics in the show was 100% accurate. There was no guessing on this show. He made sure everything was right on.

    Some of the audience members asked him to compare Quincy to CSI, and he boldly replied there IS no comparison. Quincy was about accuracy, drama, good acting, and believeable story lines and it was accomplished WITHOUT the need for blood and gore and sex. He called CSI "awful". And I believe he is qualified to call it that.

    You will thoroughly enjoy this series! Hopefully Seasons 3 and beyond will follow soon...

    ...more info
  • pixelated??????????
    My husband is enjoying the dvds, but was disappointed to find some of the shows pixelated. We expected better quality....more info
  • Entertaining & informative
    My husband is a HUGE Quincy fan. I bought this product for him and he was in Quincy heaven. Quincy was the original csi and was probably the forerunner of all the other csi programs on the tube today. Jack Klugman is fantastic in the role and his unorthodox methods cause his superiors and the police investigators huge headaches and problems, but he always solves the case in the end. There is plenty of amusement both intentional and unintentional due to the age of the program and what seemed "high tech" for those days is laughable by today's standards. This, however, does not detract from the entertainment factor and I would not hesitate to recommend getting it for that reason. The cases are varied and serve to have you guessing as to how they will be solved. I have a medical laboratory background, as does my husband, and that probably has something to do with the appeal of Qunicy for both of us, but I feel that this product should not be overlooked by those who do not. The CSI series are very popular today and so I would recommend Quincy for those of you who can't get enough of them. See how the old master did it before any of the others came along! ...more info
    Seeing as these episodes are from 1976 -77. It shows exactly how much you know.......more info
    Great Box set of the first 2 seasons.
    Am hopeful and ready to buy the entire series!
    Please release more box sets!...more info
  • Excellent Series
    Once you get past the obvious edit splice in the opening, QUINCY is one of the great crime dramas of the seventies and eighties. With so much on TV now about investigating crime scenes, this series will show you how it all started: With Jack Klugman as Medical Examiner Quincy.

    By the way, someone mentioned that this will not be the "complete" series release, but a "Best Of.." release. That's not right. Here's what Universal says:
    "Universal will deliver the first two seasons of Quincy, M.E. on June 7th. This 3 disc set will contain the 4 episode season 1, and 13 episode season 2, and be packaged in slim cases with an outer box to hold them. The set will sport a full frame (1.33:1) transfers, Mono soundtrack, and English, French and Spanish subtitles."

    Excellent series!

    ...more info
  • Quincy autopsy
    Quincy was the start of it all - the original CSI technology and crime solving. We were anxious to share it with our oldest (17 yr) and managed to bridge the generation gap.

    Great show with out the horrific details of the newer CSI types of shpws. Thaknfully, Quincy lacks the edginess of the newer shows and It is something this family can watch together...more info
  • Bring on the Second Season !
    I give Quincy 5 stars. Great series, excellent topics, fantastic actors. There was not much for "extras" in the DVDs, but I still give it 5 stars. This show you can let your kids watch without worry. This is what started all of the "CSI" series or the like..If you like crime stories / murder mystery I highly recommend this one. Bring on Season Two......more info
  • Quincy
    I have purchased 1 & 2 series from you and see the full set og 8 advertised from another supplier but would rather purchase them from Amazon I just love the series and it never dates so I am hoping for the next 6 series to come out

    Quincy DVD...more info
  • I love this show
    I love this show However I finally got around to starting to watch the disks and I have tried them in 2 different type of players and they are freezing and skipping. I have tried cleaning them even though they didn't look dirty and nothing is helping....more info
  • quincy1&2--
    The first csi...Nice to get these on dvds and be reaquainted with the original csi. It is quincy to the rescue when some thing just doesn't add up. Just think of what Quincy could do if he had all the updates in medical science! The shows are about an hour and fifteen minutes long. They are still great to watch. ...more info
  • Great !!
    Great to see again! This was one of my favorite shows. Can't wait till more seasons are available....more info
  • The Great Quincy M.E. Finally Out on DVD... Wow!!!!!!
    For a man in his early 40's, I can remember countless nights evenings and even Mornings (Re-runs) watching this entertaining Tv Program, remembering how the Title character (Quincy) might have solved a fascinating case. I can't wait....more info
  • Where is Season 3-4
    I dont understand why they are taking so long geting the rest of the seasons of Quincy out. It is a great show. They have all of the stupid shows out but only season 1-2 of Quincy...more info
  • Quincy, M.E. - Seasons 1&2
    I remember watching this program when it first came out. I loved it then and still do. Jack Klugman's acting is superb and the story lines are outstanding. I never got tired of the program,even when it was in reruns. I wait for the next season to come out....more info
  • Good to See Again
    Well, I have to say this is the first of the members of the NBC Mystery Movies I have bought, and it was downright fun to watch the very first Quincy again. I have to say the film looks really good for it's age. If you are a fan of Quincy or the Mystery Movie, this is one you will want to add to your collection. Now, I am not going to ask for a bunch of extras, however, one thing I would have liked seeing in this set was the original opening to the NBC Mystery Movie. I thought that was one of the coolest openings to a show. Considering NBC and Universal (who owns the elements of the mystery movie) are now one company, I hope that is an extra they will consider in the future, assuming they still have it....more info
  • Larson's Best Series
    It is quite easy to attack Glen "Grand Larceny" Larson for his many rip-off series--"Alias Butch & Sundance", "Battlestar Death Star", and "Buck Rogers" to name a few. However, with "Quincy, M.E.", Mr. Larson struck gold--a solid series with a wonderfully powerful character who could move a viewer from smiles to tears to anger within seconds. The stories are still impressive after twenty years and the problems addressed still vitally important today. One nice point of this collection is that the mini-movies of the first season are rarely shown when cable/satellite channels, like Hallmark or A&E, present the series. These were the stories that built the character and allowed Klugman to find a role that fit him to a T. Good stories, good direction, and Mr. Klugman makes this a real winner. Hey, Universal, don't forget to bring out the later seasons!...more info
  • What's Wrong With You, Universal Studios?
    This is one of my favorite series of my youth. Like other posters, I too bought the box set of Quincy, M.E. Seasons 1 & 2 and am terribly disappointed that no further seasons have been released. Last week, I contacted Universal Studios and asked the simple question, "When can we expect more seasons of Quincy?" Sadly, I have received no reply but I keep waiting and will keep dogging them until I do receive an answer. However, is anyone else besides me bothered by the fact that there are 'Previews' of upcoming releases on a TV series, season box set? This drives me crazy! I expected them when all we had were rentals, but when I purchase a boxed set of a television series, the last thing I expect to have to do is to fast-forward through previews of other releases. I just purchased Ironside, Season 1 and again, previews! Another comment I would like to address from another poster is: WHY on earth is there a jump-cut in the opening sequence of Quincy? Can anyone tell me why Universal would find it necessary to cut the word "MOST" from the line, "You are about to enter the MOST fascinating sphere of police work"??? Last time I checked, "MOST" was not a dirty word, just provides emphasis...and as we all know loving Quincy as we do, that to him forensic pathology WAS the MOST fascinating sphere of police work! Please, Please, Please....MORE QUINCY!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Quincy, M.E. - Seasons 1 & 2
    The item was exactly as discribed and arrived in good condition. I would gladly buy from this seller again...anytime!...more info
  • Quincy,M.E -Seasons 1&2
    The series is great. My 13 yr. old likes to follow the clues, and my 11 yr. old laughs at the jokes with Sam, and arguments with Astin. The slim cases are nice space-savers, and all worked well except for the episode of The Thighbone, it froze near the end..but was able to FF a few frames and finish. All in all a nice set. Hope seasons 3&4 come out soon, I like a good story, and the kids want to see Quincy cause more 'trouble'!...more info
  • Quincy Me
    This is a very good show and I hope they make all the season for it....more info
  • QUINCY is Awesome!!!!!
    Wow! I cant tell you how happy I was to see that QUINCY M.E. was finally coming out on DVD! I kept seeing all of these other classic TV shows coming out, yet the best of them all, Quincy, wasnt available.
    That is about to change and I couldnt be happier if I were twins!
    Quincy, M.E., starred Jack Klugman, as Quincy, a Medical Examiner (hence the M.E.) who could crack a case like nobody else.
    This show was a very succesful series, and dealt with alot of previously ignored issues, such as drug deaths among the youth of America, battered children, etc
    Most shows wouldnt touch these controversial subjects, and today some still wont. That is why Quincy M.E. was ahead of it's time. Even by today's standards, this show is full of wonderful scripts, great acting, and the dealing with difficult issues.
    The character, Quincy, has what most characters do not: The courage to say what they know to be the truth, no matter how ridiculed they are, or no matter how many disagree.When you're right, you're right, and Quincy wasnt afraid to say so. He could care less about public image. He wanted the truth to be known. And Quincy did in fact end up solving the cases that nobody else could, or would.
    I think that one of the things that made Quincy M.E. so popular and so loved, was the fact that the character, Quincy, wasnt afraid to say what millions of American viewers wanted to say, but didnt know how to, or were afraid to, in their own lives.
    Sometimes, speaking the truth is a scary thing.
    Quincy M.E. spoke the truth, He solved the cases, He spoke for us, and He did it in a most charming way.
    This is my favorite tv show of all-time and I will buy this DVD the day it comes out, at midnight, in fact.
    I look very forward to seeing these classic shows again, and I look forward to seasons 3 and 4 being released, hopefully sometime soon, especially if this DVD set sells well.
    So, Quincy M.E. fans, the wait is finally over. Order your set today and show the world that Quincy M.E. is still loved by us all.

    ...more info
  • Sam, get the coffe ready!
    Although the show is centered around a smart and short tempered medical examiner I'd have to say it was the supporting cast that made Quincy, M.E. as good as it was. How many shows keep the main supporting actors for 7 seasons. While fans all like the way Quincy followed his heart and not the easiest or most PC path, fans also liked the way Quincy's friends could be counted on to help Quincy and guide his passion. Lt. Monahan usually dogged Quincy's heels, spurring him on. Danny could be counted on to give Quincy the common mans perspective of any situation as well as the organized criminals perspective. Sam provided the voice of caution at times and encouragement at others. Dr. Asten reminded Quincy of the financial and public limitations that existed. Finally, Sgt. Brill provided proof that there were more detectives in L.A. than just Lt. Monahan.

    Here is a list containing the first two seasons shows.

    Season 1
    1. 10-03-76 Go Fight City Hall -- To the Death!
    2. 10-10-76 Who's Who in Neverland?
    3. 11-28-76 A Star Is Dead
    4. 01-02-77 Hot Ice, Cold Hearts

    Season 2
    5. 02-04-77 Snake Eyes (1)
    6. 02-04-77 Snake Eyes (2)
    7. 02-11-77 ...The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone ...
    8. 02-18-77 Visitors in Paradise
    9. 02-25-77 The Two Sides of Truth
    10. 03-11-77 Hit and Run at Danny's
    11. 03-18-77 Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?
    12. 04-15-77 A Good Smack in the Mouth
    13. 04-22-77 The Hot Dog Murder
    14. 04-29-77 An Unfriendly Radiance
    15. 05-06-77 Sullied Be Thy Name
    16. 05-13-77 Valleyview
    17. 05-27-77 Let Me Light the Way

    As this DVD has not yet been released I'll have to assume it is getting the standard Universal treatment. 8 shows per DVD (four 1 hour shows on each side)and no extra features. Usually I deduct a star for such cheap DVD releases. However, since this show is so good and I'm so thankful it is now available I'll break my own rule and give it 5 stars....more info
  • You'd never think this guy was Oscar Madison---
    I'm a Jack Klugman fan! I own the complete Odd Couple series on DVD as it indeed was THE best sitcom ever.
    For someone who has not seen a Quincy episode, you're missing Mr. Klugman at his finest. This is not Oscar Madison playing a coroner. No typecasting here! This series set the stage for shows like Diagnosis Murder and even Murder, She Wrote.
    The DVD quality is very good in both the sound and video areas. They are double sided though so you have to look closely at the disc to see which one you're looking at.
    My one negative though is that I jumped so quickly at buying this that I didn't realize the entire series (all seasons) is available in one package. If you're a fan already, look for that instead of just this season 1 & 2 package. ...more info
  • Great Show
    I loved Jack Klugman in Odd Couple but by far this was his best character. He took his rough style and made a great "who done it" character out of it. Would love to buy the other seasons....more info
    Lets starting boycotting TV series to DVD box set, from Universal/MCA, they are the only ones, that charges the highest price. Also Universal/MCA are the only ones, that don't provide the original music, so maybe if sales drop, they will start providing the episodes uncut, with the original music, instead of the cheap substitute music, they give us now!
    ...more info
    Basically the police are morons and The Doctors do solve the cases. Look at the O.J. case; all the police did was screw that up. Sounds like you have a little Doctor envy or you are one of those police morons, in any case no body is going to make you buy it, but if you are a fan of this great TV show this is a treat to finally have this show on DVD. Watch out John Q, the next thing you'll say is that The Greatest American Hero makes a mockery of Superman. What a Flaming moron you must be. And buy the way it's just a T.V. show Jack Klugman is not a Real Doctor and Superman can't really fly....more info
  • When Quincy Was Quincy
    If you liked "Quincy, ME," these episodes from 1976 and 1977 are the ones to own. They are the best "Quincy" episodes, in my opinion.

    In them, Jack Klugman's character is more of a detective than the muckraking crusader he became in later seasons.

    These shows are forensic mysteries, like today's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Crossing Jordan." There is none of the Jack-Klugman-standing-on-his-soap-box-sermonizing-about-the-evils-in-our-society that was repeated ad nauseum in later shows.

    The shows from 1976 are even more interesting because, at that time, "Quincy, ME" was not a weekly, one-hour series. It aired once every few weeks, rotating with "Columbo," "McCloud," and "McMillan" (hold the "Wife").

    The 2-hour "Quincy, ME" movies more than hold their own against the other series.

    The show maintained its quality when it switched to a one-hour weekly series. One improvement made to the weekly series was the elimination of Quincy's annoying girlfriend character from the cast....more info
  • Jack Klugman is Awesome
    Rather than go on about how wonderful and intriguing this series is, let me say a few words about Quincy himself....Mr. Jack Klugman.

    He had become so identified with the character of Oscar Madison, that one may have considered him to be type-cast. Everyone understood that to be Oscar was to be messy, impatient, critical (but caring), and overtly loud. (Interestingly enough, Jack Klugman is actually quite reserved and quiet).

    For him to take on this role of Quincy, and so quickly after assuming that role, to become so convincing as the character, goes to show the acting genius of Jack Klugman. I can watch him (we could watch him in the 70's) and not think of Oscar Madison at all. You can see the passion that he had for the part of Quincy M.E.

    Similiarly, when Ted Danson ended his run with Cheers, I felt there was no way he could have ever been perceived as anyone other than Sam Malone. His portrayal of the character Becker was so phenomonal, that you could watch him and forget that he was Sam. Great performer.

    I believe that Jack Klugman is one of the greatest actors of our era. How fortunate we are to be able to own collections of his works....more info
  • The original science detective!
    Want to know where all of the crime shows that use science to solve their crimes got their start? Here is it! Quincy! He was the first, the original and the most accurate using skills and scientific tests that are available to all police departments and medical examiners everywhere. Jack Klugman was wonderful in this role and took great care to make the character of Quincy, the investigative ability of the coroner and the credibility of the show unquestionable. Enjoy a good crime drama? You can't go wrong here and you can watch it over and over again! ...more info
  • Modern Techniques
    I always liked this show. It really touched on some of the main issues then and now, and began to show just how we began to really study crime in the United States in the 1970's. Techniques that are now used on a daily basis on such shows as C.S.I, etc, but were just then being formed and put into the justice system. It really sparked issues across the country at the time on red tape surrounding the court system and has people still asking questions on who, what, why, how, when, etc. ...more info
  • more house boat.
    where are the other seasons? It's been three years since the first release of seasons one & two what's taking them so long don't they know us quincy fans need our fix of more episodes, them universal people don't know what time it is. release the entire seasons now or else....more info
  • The real CSI
    I loved the Quincy crusades. They are my favorite. I just hope the rest of the episodes become available....more info
  • The crusading corner . . .
    Created by Glen A. Larson and Lou Shaw, Quincy ME is well-written and very entertaining TV. Originally part of NBC's Mystery Movie lineup, the program was spunoff becoming a weekly series. Jack Klugman, a multiple Emmy award winner for his role as slovenly sportswriter Oscar Madison in the TV version of The Odd Couple, shifts gears playing Quincy, a Los Angeles county coroner, who's passion for the truth often puts him at odds with his superiors and the police, when he gets too involved in the investigation of crimes.

    While not realistic, the formula makes for some very engaging and stimulating TV, as plots often involve a mysterious cause of death, and particularly in the later one hour episodes addressing some social issue. Quincy can be volatile, often wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Indignant at indifference, tenacious like a pit bull, angry when challenged, chagrined when caught bending the rules, and compassionate when dealing with tragedy, Klugman's face is like an open book in expressing these emotions.

    In the expanded Mystery Movie episodes of Season One, Quincy is more footloose, and less accountable to his supervisor Dr. Asten (John S. Ragin). He is less reliant on his coworker Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito) and Detective Monahan (Gary Walhberg - who was also on the Odd Couple). Quincy has pretty good chemistry with steady girlfriend Lee, played by Lynette Metty, who unfortunately fades out soon after the program became a series.

    The pilot episode, `Go Fight City Hall - To the Death!' gets things off to a great start. It is all over the place, with Quincy closing in on an unknown killer, who finally has only one bothersome corner to eliminate. The ending is implausible, but it is a fun ride. `Hot Ice, Cold Hearts' is another bizarre adventure, where on vacation Quince and Lee, get mixed up in an affair involving stolen jewels and exotic murders.

    In the one hour format, things tighten up as Quincy settles into working mostly on cases in the LA area, and his relationships with Asten, Sam, Monnahan and bar owner buddy Danny (Val Bisoglio) become more routine and defined.

    The writers attempt to entertain, educate, and advocate. Stories may feature progressive technology, or unusual causes of death, as when an x-ray machine is used to radiate a victim. Current events like the 1976 Legionarie's disease outbreak, were used as basis for `Snake Eyes", which features a memorably cold hearted killer. Issues like child abuse, rape, mercy killing, and paid `expert' witnesses are also examined. You may feel a bit manipulated or preached to at times, but prior to the internet and the growth of cable TV, there were far fewer ways to try and influence public opinion.
    ...more info
  • Quncey M.E. Series Season 1-2
    This was a Great Purchase! Quincey Season 1-2 was just as good today as when on TV!! I recieved it in a timely manner and it was well packaged..Thanks for bringing some of the Television of yesteryear alive again!! Robbin...more info


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