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Environmental documentary 11th HOUR resides at the polar opposite of escapist summer fare its mission to firmly confront viewers about the indelible human footprint that humans have left on this planet and the catastrophic effects of environmental neglect and abuse. Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and ably directed by Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Peterson the documentary doesn't get much fancier than talking heads news footage and the occasional animated illustration but its message is potent and delivered effectively.The first hour of the film is essentially a horror story recounting the myriad sins perpetrated against the environment (pollution deforestation over-mining resources) the reasons behind it (corporate greed faulty public policy bad leadership ignorance) and what it means for the human race. Thankfully the last third of the movie tilts the mood upward with a spirited discussion of solutions offered by a crack team of scientists designers and thinkers. Stirring visions of alternate energy sources diversified transportation enlightened governmental agendas sustainable homes and cities and most importantly more conscious consumer choices leave viewers with the palpable feeling that change is both necessary and possible. If the "eleventh hour" for our planet is drawing near this admirable film points confidently towards a new dawn.System Requirements:Running Time: 124 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: DOCUMENTARIES/NATURE & WILDLIFE Rating: PG UPC: 085391183518 Manufacturer No: 118351

Comparisons to Al Gore's Oscar-winning slide show will be inevitable, but there's a key difference between the two documentaries. An Inconvenient Truth was aimed at the PBS set, while Leonardo DiCaprio's The 11th Hour combines a traditional structure with a more MTV-friendly pace. Of course, neither was made by these public figures. Davis Guggenheim directed the former, while Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Petersen are behind the latter. DiCaprio serves as producer, co-writer, and narrator (the three previously worked on the short films Global Warming and Water Planet). Their first feature combines a diverse array of interviews with a dizzying variety of images, both soothing and alarming (droughts and hurricanes vs. serene sunsets and playful polar bears). Speakers include former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking, and progressive CEO Ray Anderson, hero of The Corporation. Granted, there's no obvious youth appeal in these subjects, but the presence of the Titanic heartthrob-turned-Scorsese star, who keeps his on-screen narration to a tasteful minimum, plus atmospheric tracks from Sigur Rs, Coldplay and Mogwai seems likely to attract a younger crowd. And that seems to be the point, since The 11th Hour is, at heart, a call to arms. It begins by taking a look at the causes of global warming before exploring solutions, from eating organic to building with solar power. There isn't a ton of new information for environmental experts, but DiCaprio and his team have assembled a thought-provoking primer for neophytes and potential activists. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • The Next Lesson After "An Inconvenient Truth."
    At first, the idea of Leonardo DiCaprio producing a documentary on global warming made me wonder. Yet Leo certainly did a great job, both with the production and with his narration. It took the concept a step beyond AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, which concentrated mainly on the facts. Leo brought in accomplished scientists and engineers to outline solutions - which most people, I'm sure, don't even know exist. These experts emphasized something that I don't think many people are aware of: We have the solutions. We have the technology to get back on track and begin to restore the Earth. There are methods that have already been tested and perfected, and if the Powers That Be were willing, we could get the ball rolling NOW. Yet it is that very power structure that is holding us back for the sake of lining its own pockets. In one sense, DiCaprio might be preaching to the choir - but on the other, his film is shouting loud enough to reach beyond the church walls. The film has all the impact of Michael Moore's SICKO. Congratulations, Leo. You've done your part.

    Now: Who is going to take the next step? Who is going to stick his or her neck out and emphasize that if we don't start to heal the planet NOW, the rich and powerful won't have much time to enjoy their wealth and power. What good is having control over thousands of people when those thousands are too weak and sick to work? What good are fancy cars when there's no place to go anymore? Contrary to what some people think, we can't wait for that generation to retire or die off. Now that we know what the problem is and how to correct it, what next? Al, Michael, Leo - which of you (or perhaps all of you working together?) can convince those who hold us back that it's in their best interests to heal the planet as well?

    ...more info
  • Buy this, watch this, share this film
    Important information for humans to integrate into their lives. Don't stop here, though. This is just the tip of the iceberg. ...more info
  • A Must See
    This is such an eye opening movie. It truly is a must see, or we may not have much to see in the future....more info
  • A Must See
    This film is truly amazing. It is like nothing I've ever seen about the environment or global climate change crisis. For the first time in years, I actually felt hopeful instead of hopeless in the face of these issues. Every time I watch a documentary, news show or science show and they talk of global warming, the environment, etc. it is just depressing. To make the difference needed requires a fundamental change in humanity, who we are, and how we think. But this film showed that although there is much to be done, there are people well on the way already. You should give a copy of this to anyone you think will watch it. We ordered 10 copies since it's on $5....more info
  • The 11th Hour review
    I've purchased and watched three different videos on global warming: "An Inconvenient Truth", "The Great Warming" and "The 11th Hour". There are advantages and disadvantages to each. "An Inconvenient Truth" does a great job of presenting the science behind GW but is not well received by some due to the political image of the narrator. "The Great Warming" a Canadian documentary film, is a very comprehensive and well scripted presentation on GW suitable for all audiences. They have two versions tailored for churches, one for wildlife organizations and a general version. "The 11th Hour" is a hard hitting video. The first 2/3rds left me believing we are all screwed. The last segment demonstrated a lot of technological remedies to reduce GHGs but I wasn't left feeling hopeful. Everyone should see at least one of these. Maybe then we can convince our elected officials to take some action....more info
  • Totally realistic coverage
    Absolutely good video to know what harm is being done to mother earth by one species called homo sapience. Not to miss this video....more info
  • 11th Hour Inspiration to go green with Leonardo!
    This movie is fantastic. Everyone should watch it and tell ten friends to do the same. The beginning starts out a little grim but that is because it talks about things that make us uncomfortable.... reality. However it is extremely informative and it explains what can be done and needs to be done to help restore our beautiful earth back to a healthy status again. It's time people start doing something rather than talking about doing something, hopefully Leonardo will inspire people to do just that, it worked for me. You will be proud you watched it!...more info
  • Answers!
    This movie was simply the best movie available about not only global warming but other important social issues contributing to our sick planet. It wasn't a "we have a problem" was a "we have the solutions" movie and they're all so easy to implement. The experts' commentary was so innovative, refreshing and hope inspiring it lifted my spirit in a way I didn't think possible nor was expecting to happen going into the movie. I honestly believed there was no hope for the human race until I watched this movie....more info
  • "An Inconvenient Truth" for the Common Man
    Mother's Day is getting close and for 40 plus years I've discouraged my kids from observing this lemming, corporate driven holiday. I've always seen it as a device perpetrated by advertising and merchandising executives to feather their bottom line at the expense of children. No matter that the "children" are in their 40's, they are still brainwashed into falling into lockstep at the local mall to purchase jewelry, flowers and candy for Mom on this contrived holiday. This year will be different for me. I've purchased 8 copies of this DVD (in it's eco-friendly packaging) and will be sending it away to each of my offsprings and a few significant others, asking that they give me 92 minutes of their time and watch this documentary.

    It's "An Inconvenient Truth" for the common man. The lessons are easy to understand and the basic message is hard to deny. Corporate America is responsible for many of the ills of the world today. They give lip service to long range goals but the reality is that they can't see further than the next quarters bottom line. I'm asking my children to not conjure perconceived notions of what this films material will be and to not make a judgement until the film is over. I'm then not asking that they even buy into the doctrine - just accept that their mother does. After all these years, I want to have my day. bg...more info
  • Authoritative Global Warming Film
    If, like me, you believe that Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" was a politically-charged complete waste of time unworthy of the Nobel Prize, please read on.

    I consider our current environmental predicament the NUMBER ONE issue for our future, so was severely disappointed by Gore's rambling, unsubstantiated brick.

    The 11th Hour makes Gore's film look like child's play; as if it were put together by a team of complete amateurs. This groundbreaking docu-drama (I like to think so anyway) provides enough information & data (all of which is provided by the scientists themselves - Hawking, to name one) to potentially convert the most staunch opponents of global warming. In fact, I immediately sent a copy to my parents who somehow still don't believe that humans are contributing to our future demise.

    I highly, HIGHLY recommend this moving documentary to EVERY PERSON ON EARTH as required viewing.

    This is my first-ever review on - I've never felt the need to share my opinions about anything I got off here!...more info
  • Unfortunately no one saw this great film
    This film is leagues beyond the Al Gore film and does not have any politics riding it like a donkey either.

    Is the planet warming? Yes. Is man the cause? Not 100% sure. Should we be way more responsible with the environment regardless? You better believe it!

    This film is not just some scare tactic movie with charts and graphs guilting you into buying a hybrid car. This film brilliantly proposes a fundamental shift in humanities overall attitude and approach towards just about everything.

    I could not help think of Star Trek and feel hopeful for our future provided we stop fighting, come together as one people and see ourselves as a single race of humans on a single planet rather than a bunch of disparate peoples arguing over semantics while inefficiency is the norm.

    The future is now people. We can all change our ways almost effortlessly while saving ourselves money as well. Simple changes will collectively have a huge impact on the world and will send a powerful message to the business world that we want change for the better now.

    I personally have a very small car and have switched my home to energy efficient light bulbs. I also now use my own bags in stores when I shop. This has saved me money with little expense up front.

    No need to debate global warming. Making changes for the better is simply the right thing to do, and as stewards of this planet there is no time like the present....more info
  • More comprehensive and balanced than Gore's "AIT"
    Much better and less biased than Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. First, in a wise decision, Di Caprio appearances in the documentary are limited as opposed to Gores's egocentric presentation, thus providing more neutrality for Trojans and Athenians audiences. Instead, the experts on each field are the ones presenting the issues and concerns. Second, and more important, Di Caprio went beyond the global warming domain, as the scope of the documentary also touches on several key issues regarding pollution and the environment that have been overshadowed during the last few years by the bombardment on man-made global warming. A nice touch was the brief presentation of the world famous scientist Stephen Hawking supporting the man-made theory of global warming, given more credibility to the cause. ...more info
  • Well worth it...
    I paid $4.95 for my copy so was extremely pleased. The documentary provides the best all around analysis of the devastation caused by the disease that is the human race. The only shortcomings are Leonardo Dicaprio's reading the tele-prompter as if he was actually concerned and the lack of solutions proposed. Great movie for anyone who is interested in being educated about the global energy crisis and environmental problems associated with humans occupying the entire planet....more info
  • The 11th Hour
    As a prospective teacher, I bought this DVD hoping that I could use it in my classroom. I will definitely be using it. There are little problem solving bits that I can show in class that will help my students understand sustainability and all that goes with it. I'm excited to try it out....more info
  • Outstanding Work
    I received this DVD last week and could not be happier with the scope of the film and the diverse cast of experts used in the production of The 11th Hour. This was actually purchased as a Christmas gift for my 8 year old son, but I decided to show it also to my 12th grade Economics class as I wanted them to be aware of the issues involved with our continued wreckless destruction of our home, the Earth, and for them to understand that it will be on their generation to help come up with the ideas that may change our current course.
    In my opinion, The 11th Hour tells the story of the enviromental destruction of our planet in a constructive way. In other words, it sets up the current picture, but then leads the audience to think abouth how we could change the way we look at things so that we might be able to change to more sustainable ways of life in the future.
    I know this video had an impact on several students as I could tell that they were asking questions in a more concerned manner than usual. One student, who is very bright, but who has been brainwashed by the pro-oil lobby into believeing that global warming is not a real event, looked very flustered and defensive when he made derogatory comments towards the film. You could just see the question in his voice and on his face. At least he is considering that he might possibly be wrong and that, just maybe, he has been sold a line of bull by the right-wing Republican (Bushies/Fox News) establishment. ...more info
  • What a movie
    Amazing movie that shows our inevitable destruction of ourselves and other species on the planet, yet Earth will continue as will life. Also an uplifting movie that illustrates we are certainly capable of saving ourselves if we choose to do so. The great message of this movie is it shows our need for leadership and cooperation all across the world. ...more info
  • A must-see
    This is a very well documented dvd. I loved it. I learned a lot of things about the environment that I didn't know....more info
  • Factual & Hopeful
    The 11th Hour makes it all clear: we are simply a waste producing species-the only waste producing species-but not without hope. The little known discipline 'Biomimicry' offers one of the most sensible & exciting long-term solutions yet! And then there's Ray Anderson of Interface-the benchmark for a future! (and don't overlook the "Solutions" section on the DVD--key topics from the feature are explored in-depth...)
    brian info
  • Provocative
    Very good documentary - challanges our current way of thinking and the future of this planet......more info
  • Empowering and Thorough
    The 11th Hour is the most thorough and balanced assessment I've seen yet of the effect of human activities on the planet Earth. The well-paced narrative is shared by many authoritative voices, all of whom have taken the courageous first step of daring to speak up.

    The best thing about the film is that it leaves one with the sense that "we can do this". We can stop the insanely escalating motion of Man's destruction of their own habitat--our own habitat. This message is backed by very concrete practical actions to take.

    I first learned of Global Warming in 6th grade -- that was 44 years ago. It scared me then, and it has come to pass exactly as the scientists were predicting at that time "...if people don't change what they are doing".
    Now, finally, I understand what I have to do and how to do it. And I know there are millions of other earth-residents who are doing the same thing.

    Why watch a movie about it? Because the film inspires. I needed inspiration. As an addict of just about every kind of convenience, I needed positive motivation.

    Think of it this way -- positive change starts with the first step. Letting yourself get inspired (and helping to inspire others) is a pain-free first-step of self-discipline. After that, the rest starts to feel more like an adventure.

    Before I watched this film, I was without hope, but doggedly looking for a cause for hope. After watching this film, I am energized and looking forward to participating in the great awakening of humanity. ...more info
  • Thank you for the gift
    Please watch and act, we don't have much time left. It is very exciting to learn about new and old technologies that are available to save this beautiful planet. This DVD is a wake-up call without the doom mentality yet it creates urgency to act!
    ...more info
  • Let's Stop Debating and Do Something...
    I would consider myself a community activist and try to do what I can to save the planet earth. But after viewing this film, it seems that I'm not doing enough. This documentary is based in science and provides easy to understand connections to the problems of the world and global warming. The problems are clearly stated, viable solutions are given and reasons why we (Americans) are not heeding the warning signs are discussed. Whether you are "green" or not this film is for you. It may change your mind (one way or another) on why you need to do more in saving the planet.

    As a political science professor, I use this film as part of a class project on grassroots change. The video does have a few moments of slow action or communication of fact and the wording describing who is speaking and what they do is too small to read. Even though I had a few students with moments of eyelid heaviness over all most stayed engaged. It was definitely worth 95 minutes of class time as the discussion that followed was extraordinary.

    We are in the 11th hour, don't sleep on making changes that will not only save you money but save our planet for the next generation. So let's stop debating and do something...
    ...more info
  • Best part is the Solutions (bonus features), many ideas
    The Solutions section is long, with many experts explaining various things that people and corporations are doing and could do toward restoring Earth and living sustainably hereafter. Much of it is surprising, intriguing, and fascinating. Even though most of the things proposed or described are large-scale, it gave me four ideas of things that we could do in our small community right now. That's valuable and makes this DVD worth watching for the bonus features alone....more info
  • Stellar
    Excellent take on the problems we face now that will take effort, intent, and money to fix....more info
  • One word: Dissapointment ...

    Let me just give you some pros and cons, as that's what seems to work best in reviews for things like this:


    1. Well written, well produced. This is a pretty slick presentation.
    2. The running time is long enough to make a strong argument, but short enough to not put a casual viewer to sleep.
    3. The soundtrack was gentle, austere and not too over-dramatic which would've obscured the telling of the narrative.
    4. Leonardo DiCaprio, surprisingly, has a good voice for narration which isn't that bad to listen to, unlike other productions which can just turn a person away.
    5. A lot of the diagrams, charts and animations are incredibly overwhelming and informative. This is a cleaner presentation than what was done in 'An Inconvenient Truth'.
    6. The story presented flows well and is educational to anyone who hasn't yet heard any of this information.
    7. $4.99 at Target was a fantastic price. Nice touch.


    1. The strong endorsement of Biofuels, which is now a dead issue makes this DVD Documentary outdated, antiquated and seemingly foolish to have released without editing out. This drastically cuts into the credibility of this Documentary and thus a lower Amazon star rating. Leo is more of a victim of early adoption than anything, which is forgivable, but not something to overlook.
    2. Overpopulation is mentioned a few times in the documentary, just to make rebuttal to the other reviewers, but only briefly and in passing. Overpopulation is not something that was focused on, which probably should have been the opening segment. To be fair though, the subject of Overpopulation is not something that the media mentions a lot, so it's not a surprise that Leo would've also overlooked it, as he's more of follower with this production than a leader. And a populist rather than a modern thinker.
    3. There are many shots of Leo standing around observing the scenery in different locations throughout the World, which is something Orson Welles was fond of doing in his footage, but it just comes across as 'Where's Waldo', instead of adding to the narrative.

    There it is in a nutshell. Hopefully that helps. I was able to get through to the end, where I was greeted by Coldplay, but I doubt I'd watch it again. Maybe his next effort on this subject will be more carefully thought out, but equally crafted.

    ...more info
  • A must see for awareness
    The "11th Hour" is a no-holds barred presentation of what we are doing to our planet and puts the responsibility where it belongs, with corporations leading us over the precipice. Those who are keeping their head in the sand and who are unwilling to acknowledge that they are leading destructive lifestyles should see this movie. It is scientific without being too complicated and has both beautiful and scary images, a must see. Unfortunately the corporations are providing lots of sand and people do not like change. If viewed this movie could change a lot of minds. ...more info
  • Great personal interviews as well as Fantatic Images
    I just finished watching the 11 Hour last night and my impressions were that the wide host of interviewees not only appropriate touched on all the necessary points but that they were amazingly articulate and interesting as well. The Documentary also has some fantastic but often horrific images. These really hit home what those being interviewed had to say.

    After a while it got a little doom and gloom and I was wondering when they were going to get to the solutions providing a glimmer of hope. Not only did they do this but they gave more time to it than many documentaries on the subject which all to often only lightly touch upon the subject in the last few minutes. That is my biggest problem with the Inconvenient Truth. The 11th Hour also has a whole bonus section entirely devoted to solutions which I thought incredibly wise and will probably have a much greater effect because of it.

    Though I am thankful Dicaprio produced this timely film unfortunately I think he was the weakest link in it. I felt either a different narrator or none at all would have been best. Overall still it is a must see in my book and I am thankful we have yet another wonderful environmental documentary out there.
    ...more info
  • Does for Inconvenient Truth what Blue Gold does for water!
    When I saw Inconvenient Truth, I felt I asked "where's the film?" It was a speech somebody famous was giving, but ultimately just a speech. 11th Hour is a FILM, which is what a documentary should be. Another great example of how powerful film can present facts is Blue Gold World Water Wars, which I also review and which has been called by press 'The Inconvenient Truth about water'. 11th Hour should be watched by all and I hope it gets the attention it deserves in a post-Inconvenient Truth world. ...more info
  • Unconvincing
    It's tough for global warming believers (of which I am one). On the one hand, we have to present scenarios that make the everyday person recognize the scope of environmental problems, but not make the potential outcome seem so bleak as to discourage action. The 11th hour doesn't help much.

    While I guess it's a good idea to have scientists speaking for themselves, it's not so useful when all you get from them are a sentence or two--devoid of context and essentially serving as a plug for their pet issue. As usual, big business is presented as a "villain"--the issue of why businesses full of smart people would choose to completely ignore seemingly unchallengeable science avoided. The implication is that they are "greedy" ready to destroy the planet for that extra dollar. Not so convincing to anyone that's worked in big business.

    I've read things by most of the commenters that compose the film, and most of them have more depth to their ideas than is apparent here. Maybe it would have been better to have 5 people talk about their ideas in depth rather than 100 speak for 30 seconds. You essentially have to be a "believer" going in to the film or take them at their word. Wouldn't convince any smart person I know of anything....more info
  • Lacks the power of the subject matter...
    I was deeply disappointed after watching 11th hour. Having read positive reviews and a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio I was looking forward to a good documentary on global warming. Unfortunately this documentary failed miserably and is rather forgettable.

    The first of several problems that made this fail is the exectuion. Almost the entire film is nothing but interviews blended together and every so often intercut with scenic scenes. Yes this is a documentary but some of the interviews with scientist which were very vague or just plain confusing to the common watcher.

    The narration by Leonardo DiCaprio failed horrible due to once again very vague and hard to understand terms that made you zone out as he was talking. After listening to the interviews and then hearing the narration made you just want to shout "TELL ME IN PLAIN ENGLISH!".

    Another thing was there was nothing really new, after Al Gore's very informative documentary there was nothing new on Global Warming and the ideas for the future change is good but they are such big changes that need to take place you feel hopeless. Especially as even the interviewees admit many of the probelms are due to leadership/law issues with congress and the white house.

    Overall a HUGE disappointment, I give Leo credit for trying but unfortunately is was so poorly put together and almost feels purposely made uninteresting and dull....more info
  • Sensless old hippie movie
    If you're one of those old hippie types looking for something to believe in, don't waste your money on this film man. The DVD is plastic. Bad for the planet.

    For everyone else - don't waste your money on this film - you can get free opinion and advise everyone, and that'll only cost what it's worth.

    ...more info
  • Presents Targets

    This film is the best of the bunch on the coming shutdown of human life on our planet unless humans cooperate, work together, and solve our probems of greed, envy, infantile self-interest, and lack of intelligent living. This film offers targets for those who have none, chances for commitment, and opportunities to do the most important work possible.

    As a grandfather, I thank DiCaprio for producing this film, an addition to a needed awakening of all humans who want this life giving planet to last a while longer. ...more info
  • Wake Up!
    The world & corporations MUST collaborate to develop plug-in hybrids (Honda, Toyota, BMW, GM, Ford, etc). The world MUST collaborate to develop, build, and deploy all forms of alternative renewable energy, like solar, wind, geothermal technologies. We must create international laws for all poluters, including ships that toss their garbage into the seas, and people who do not recycle trash. No subsidies for the oil, coal & corn ethanol industries either!

    ...more info
  • Face the reality!
    A very frank and good documentary on how bad shape earth is in and everyone has to do something NOW! Time is running out......more info
  • A 'must see'! We ignore films/messages like this at our own peril!
    This documentary on global warming, and other key environmental issues facing us (and the planet) is absolutely SUPERB! DiCaprio did a great job getting key scientists, professors, and other experts to expound on some of the key issues facing us vis a vis the environment. The moral and philosophical underpinnings of what we are doing to this planet, and what we can do to change it are not to be ignored as well. All in all, a very compelling film which EVERYONE should see! Well worth your time....more info
  • YOU have to watch this !!!
    Everyone should watch this documentary, and think of the little actions we can all do to preserve our future. We are not trying to protect the Earth, WE need to protect ourselves from extinction !!! The Earth will be fine after us ... Remember that 99.9999% of the species that walked the Earth since its birth are extinct. We need the Earth, she doesn't need us. WE NEED TO ACT NOW !!!! WATCH IT, TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO WATCH IT. THE SOLUTIONS ARE RIGHT HERE, AND WE HAVE TO START RIGHT NOW....more info
  • Very Best Combination of Brains, Images, and Words
    Unlike National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World and National Geographic: Human Footprint, both of which I recommend, this DVD is a very elegant narrative that blends top ecological activists including Stephen Hawking and Paul Hawkins, speaking for a minute or two each, with historical audio-visuals that have been selected with enormous intelligence and integrity.

    If you buy only one film, this is the one, but the issue is so very important I would recommend that each of three families buy one of these, and then start passing them around the neighborhood.

    The movie opens with a theme of the planet being sick--two complex systems, one human, one all else, are interacting in pathological ways. Man, in being able to think about the future, while also ignoring the limits to growth and maintaining the fiction of being separate from nature, is committing species suicide.

    Mankind used to live on current sunlight, which can only sustain up to one billion people. It was the industrial and agricultural era that began to draw down on "stored sunlight" in the form of petroleum and natural gas that set off a race to grow that led to climate change and especially global warming. 20% of the polar ice is gone; catastrophic weather is 50% more often or 50% more powerful. The amplification effect of human misbehavior is creating more and more loss. See The Manufacture of Evil: Ethics, Evolution and the Industrial System; To Govern Evolution: Further Adventures of the Political Animal; and Voltaire's Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West

    I have a note to myself, this is stark elegant poetry.

    The oceans are discussed in terms of our taking out too much (e.g. over-fishing) and putting in too much (toxins and non-biodegradable matter), and at the same time, toxins get concentrated in the food chain and come right back to us. See Blue Frontier : Saving America's Living Seas

    Water that is poisoned ultimately poisons the human species. See
    The Blue Death: Disease, Disaster, and the Water We Drink

    Toward the end we get to the cruz of the matter, that corporate greed and control has gone global, and the legal systems, the political systems, are hostage to that greed. The Earth--nature--has been commoditized, as have humans (never mind the corruption that allows corporations to loot foreign commonwealths at the same time that Exxon externalizes $12 in "true costs" to future generations for each gallon of gas it sells).

    One speaker is very capable in pointing out that this is neither a technology crisis nor even an ecological crisis, but rather a crisis of political policy and a process that has broken down completely. The government "bridge" between the commonwealth and the people, and the economy, has falled down. In the next sentence the problem is defined as our CULTURE, with everything else being a symptom. This was for me a defining moment within this DVD. It's not about evil--Exxon does what we let them--it's about what we choose to do or not do as a culture.

    Probably citing E. O. Wilson, but without reference to him (he should have appeared in this movie, see his book The Future of Life, one speaker notes that the value of what nature does for us (e.g. bee pollination of crops) has been estimated at 35 trillion dollars a year--vastly more than the 18 trillion that comprises the global economy.

    The DVD concludes with an excellent combination of individual statements on how this IS the ecological era, we can reimagine our lives, if we just retrofit all buildings to make them energy efficient it would create 3 million jobs in the US and free us from dependence on foreign oil. We can live with one tenth of the resources we consume now.

    [Coincidentally, this was the week that TIME Magazine went green, and while I was watching the movie I was also finishing up Jesse Ventur's book Don't Start the Revolution Without Me! in which he recounts his realization that simply unplugging all the TVs in America when not in use would end US energy shortages.]

    Di Caprio closes, and I write in my notes: eloquent, inspriing, statesmanlike, learned. He--and all those associated with this project--have it it out of the park. This is a deeply impressive contribution to the public dialog on our future as a species and as a planet.

    See also my varied lists. There are a number of books in the cradle to cradle, sustainable design, green to gold, natural capitalism genre, the one that captures the spirit of this DVD and complements it is, in my view, Paul Hawkin's Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History Is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beau, which he describes as the Earth's immune system kicking in....more info
  • Great Documentary!
    I thought I knew all there was to know about global warming and the environmental crisis, but this movie gave me a new perspective on the subject. It was quite inspiring. I just graduated undergrad with a BFA in Visual Arts and planning on going to grad school for architecture. Also, as I've grown up in Buras, LA at the mouth of the Mississippi River, I feel like I can make a difference for my community. But you don't need to have an architecture degree to make a change for the better, all you need to do is make the conscious decision that you will make more environmentally friendly choices. The statistics are quite interesting as well. One part mentioned how much it would cost to create a machine that'll do what nature already does for us for free (turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, etc.) And they also make it clear that we don't have to drop all our technology and become hunter gatherers wearing animal skins and holding spears again. We just have to redesign our technology to be more environmentally friendly. We have the minds and resources to do so, too. Watch this movie, it's only $5 and even comes in an environmentally friendly paper cover....more info
  • A Must See Movie
    Although others I watched this movie with thought it was too long, I found that it had profound insights, elegantly expressed, and is well worth watching and discussing with family and friends. We are offering it, along with a panel discussion, to our congregation here in Los Angeles....more info
  • A worthwhile and timely portrait of the world condition
    I used the 11th Hour in two classes I teach at a private high school in Denver, CO. I found it to be a beautifully put-together overview of the current world environmental situation, and also a very good introduction to topics of sustainability and progress being made in that direction. The students were both moved and stimulated enough to have one of the better follow-up discussions of the semester....more info
  • This movie calls for life changing attitudes !!
    This movie can be said to be a logical follow-on to "An Inconvienent Truth", although it goes further. It calls on us all to assess our lives from an overall perspective, and make changes. Use of oil is just one of those changes. If we, as humans, are gonna make it into the near future, we, in the industrialized part of the world, are gonna have to make significant changes in our use of the world's resources, if we are to ever convince the Chinese, and other exploding new economies, to do likewise. Otherwise, our grandkids, or theirs, may live in a world that we dare not imagine. ...more info
  • The modern "Faces Of Death"
    Watching this was very depressing. Everything that has gone wrong in this world. Too much to think about and worry about. It is a chain reaction that will not stop. ...more info
  • Fairly Effective Hollywood Scare Tactics
    That isn't to say I would personally challenge many of the alarming scientific facts presented in The 11th hour. Some are indisputable but unfortunately they are being marketed to us. This is hardcore propaganda and if it wasn't for the fact that I'm on board with its views, I may take it down a star. Nevertheless, it is probably very effective propaganda for many people who don't understand the science, never will understand, and never want to. It reminds me of the popular Michael Moore films but infused with horror instead of Moore's enjoyable comical charm. Still, The 11th Hour is another film that puts the idea of global warming awareness in danger of being dismissed as trendy in the eyes of the masses searching diligently for comfort in their minds wrought with denial. The comparisons to the 2006 Al Gore documentary on the subject, An Inconvenient Truth, are expected and actually quite interesting. Gore's film is The 11th Hour-Lite, but really it was a bit more compelling because of it.

    The 11th Hour is still a decent film despite its flaws and it presents a great mix of concerned voices for change. The list includes Stephen Hawking, Mikhail Gorbachev, David Orr, Paul Hawken, James Woolsey, David Suzuki, Kenny Ausubel, and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, among many others. There are moments when different people express the same point based on essentially the same evidence and there are also moments of great truth and insight. This is Leonardo DiCaprio's film and I know there are a lot of conservatives out there who I disagree with more often than not who wince when seeing DiCaprio here, but I couldn't help but catch a little bit of the fever that conservatives have when attacking Hollywood's elite with that sort of "shut up and act!" aggression. He is just an actor after all, and even though it's nice that he has a cause, it just doesn't sit well that he is narrating a film poised as a voice of authority when so many great thinkers on this very subject get less face-time. I say that not as a criticism that Leo is expressing his well-informed opinion, but that his presence seems a tad bit egotistical.

    I'm conflicted though because what I liked about the 11th Hour is that it has teeth, so its propaganda label is a double edged sword for me. I like the fact that it attacks the audience into action because it does so by presenting us not just facts but scientists and other authorities backing the facts up by saying essentially the same thing; we're doomed if we don't change. Folks don't want to here that and even if things are not as dire as they're presented here, action is a necessity at this point. The most important thing that can come out of this is that people will talk and maybe read about this important subject, even if their research is a way for them to try and challenge the validity of anthropogenic global warming. Remember though, one of the film's most important points is that this is not a matter of faith, the overall subject is science and these assertions are based on observation, predictability, and above all evidence. We must all remember to let the evidence rise above the hype and the politics, no matter how boring it is to learn about or how scary it will be to understand the truth.

    Mixed recommendation overall from me here, but for five dollars you really can't go wrong. Be sure to supplement your viewing with some informative literature on this material, so you are well-equipped to read between the lines. ...more info
  • Wonderful presentation!
    This is a well done documentary, if you are concerned about the state of the environment, check this out....more info
  • Naive and simpleminded effort. No mention of human overpopulation. And endorcing biofuels? Seriously?
    There was no mention of the human race trying to control its spiraling population. Human overpopulation has now become the Problem more than anything else. They made a mention of there being twice as many people today as there were when Kennedy was president. Their hopes for the future of technology are just too hopeful. They put me vaguely in the mind of old science fiction novels that assumed by the year 2000 humans would have colonized Mars and all of us would me moving around via individual jet packs. Even if eventually possible, the technology they mention can only raise our carrying capacity for a very short while. (For more information about this, google Albert Bartlett. He has some amazingly entertaining video lectures that are sure to please you.) Consider that when the deer population in American woodlands increases to a certain level, hunting is encouraged by the government to reduce the deer population. The argument against animal rights groups is thus: the deer that will survive hunting season will have more food and will therefore be healthier. Since the makers of this documentary consider us part of nature, they need to realize that the planet cannot sustain more human population growth.

    We NEED negative human population growth NOW.

    If the human population continues to grow, there will be dire consequences. In the words of the famous Isaac Asimov, "Democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and decency cannot survive it. As you put more and more people into the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn't matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less one individual matters."

    Moreover, I begin to question the whole intelligence of this documentary because of their (granted very brief) endorsement of biofuels. Everyone knows that biofuels are very bad for the environment, considering how much deforestation will have to be accomplished in order to grow corn and soybean to turn into fuel. Not to mention that biofuels are driving up food prices, causing more and more people to starve.


    I just finished watching Anderson Cooper's Planet in Peril (2 DVD set). It is fantastic and you should watch it instead of this documentary. ...more info
  • Documentary okay.
    This documentary is just okay. It is more informative and educational than An Inconvient Truth and doesn't exaggerate as much. I believe it betrays global warming more factually and shows more critical thinking. It does suggest that the earth will be okay but humanity may suffer real setbacks. The documentary had less sizzle though and Leonardo DiCaprio disappoints me. He had less persona than the scientists. I thought this documentary would just copy Al Gore's documentary but it doesn't. This documentary would have been better airing on Discovery than theaters....more info
  • Still have five minutes
    The movie is a powerful outcry to the passive behavior and disbelief that each of us can make a difference in saving our home, our planet, our children, and even maybe ourselves. We made changes to the climate almost to the point of no return. Only drastic change in our attitude, government policies, and actions can soften or slowly reverse these changes. The movie is a very vivid presentation of the above ideas. It has passion. It has life....more info


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