The Oregon Trail, 5th Edition

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The Oregon Trail 5th Edition takes you along with a family as they travel 2000 miles along the legendary Oregon Trail!

A decidedly low-tech era in U.S. history goes electronic in Oregon Trail 5th Edition, a game for children ages nine and older that pits players against all the hazards a wagon-train voyage can dish out. Following Captain Jed Freedman and a trio of young pioneers out West, this program teaches history, map reading, geography, and a variety of other skills. Players must keep their wits sharp if they want to keep their party healthy and well-fed all the way across the country.

Oregon Trail 5th Edition offers a good all-around workout in reading skills and problem solving. Using limited funds, players must equip their wagons, balancing the need to survive on the trail with the necessity for moving quickly. Shortages will inevitably crop up along the way, and members of the wagon train can die of thirst, fever, snakebite, or many other perils... if you don't have the right equipment on hand to deal with the emergency. Even a well-equipped party can come to grief, though. Swamped wagons can lose critical supplies, and though there are people sprinkled along the trip who might provide help or trade goods, happening on the right trade is by no means assured.

Except for being a bit slow-paced, Oregon Trail 5th Edition has few flaws. The people aboard the wagon trains come from a variety of cultures. Though the game glosses over the ugliest aspects of this historical period, it does not skirt them entirely. Players who over-hunt the resources of a particular native tribe are likely to hear about it. The game has a variety of features that flesh out the travel experience, like a trip diary and animated campfire tales--one of them about the Donner party--that effectively break up the pace of play.

For children interested in a multifaceted educational challenge, Oregon Trail makes a good choice, capturing the difficulties and dangers of the long voyages that settlers made so long ago. (Ages 9 and older) --Alyx Dellamonica

Explore the West, live the adventure, and survive the trail! Kids will build real-life decision-making and problem-solving skills as they choose their wagon party and supplies, read maps, plan their route, and guide their team through the wilderness. Can they survive the dangers of the long journey, raging rivers, buffalo stampedes, sickness, and starvation? The trail explodes with adventure as you face the rugged challenges and experience real-life events.

Plus, The Oregon Trail 5th Edition introduces players to the Montgomery kids and trail guide Captain Jed, who are heading West from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon City, Oregon, to meet Pa Montgomery. The Montgomery's story is brought to life for players through six exciting movies, Cassie's heartfelt journal entries, and Jed's captivating campfire tales.

  • Make the wise choices as you avoid hazards and face the many challenges of frontier life
  • Go hunting, buy the right supplies, talk to Indians and fellow travelers and much more
  • Along the way you'll discover useful wilderness knowledge like avoiding poison and crossing rivers
  • Kids will also get to learn the complete story of the Donner Party
  • Ages 9 and up

Customer Reviews:

  • Just what we ordered!
    This is just what we were looking for! It's not the same as the green (or orange) and black screen that I had in school as a kid, but it's definately fun....and addicting. Both my husband and I have had our fair share of playing this game....and the kids love it, too. Would recommend. It's a great learning tool for money management and responsibility!...more info
  • Oregon Trail would not work when I tried loading it 2 different new computers
    Purchased a used Oregon Trail CD Rom loaded it to my laplop to be told there was an error - it will only let you look at the demo; not play the game. I then tried to load it to my PC so I could show it to some of my students (on the large screen-connected to my PC) studying Manifest Destiny. Again only the demo worked - there was an error and it would not allow the game to be played. Both computers are new....more info
  • Insta-Classic
    To be perfectly honest, I had trouble originally liking this game and I thought the side story was annoying. But the more I played it, the more I saw it's worth. Great sequel and exceedingly addicting....more info
  • Good game that takes me back
    I got this game because Iremembered how much fun it was to play it...I got it to take me back down memory lane......more info
  • Oregon Trail
    Great learning game, but also fun! My five-year-old plays it with help, my 8 and 9 year olds play it together, and I must admit, I like it too! This edition has a lot more options than the last one, and the graphics are considerably better. And it's now one disk which is really nice. We did this as part of a homeschool lesson plan, and the only reason I rated it 4 stars is because the learning application was a little limited, but as a safe, family-friendly, fun, and somewhat educational experience (hey, my daughter is now quite the big game hunter!), it's five stars all around....more info
  • Oregon Trail Computer Game
    As a former Oregon teacher, I used this game many times over the years. It was so much fun for the students, they didn't realize that they were gaining critical thinking skills and learning about pioneer life.

    Now I have given it to my grandchildren and they are enjoying the challenge of getting to the end of the trail. My 10 yr. old granddaughter just called to tell me she was doing great buying supplies until she realized she had no money left to buy oxen to pull the wagon! The fun continues!

    ...more info
  • Oregon Trail PC Game
    Excellent game. The whole family loves it. Not only fun, but very educational as well. Every time you start, it's an entirely different experience. I would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Does version 5 Oregon trail work with windows xp?
    I want to buy this for my kids new computer, but I need to know if it works with xp thank you...more info
  • It's really a repeat of Oregon Trail II
    It's just Oregon Trail II + a few additional movies that you'll tire of after the first viewing and fishing and gathering options (the same ones you get from Oregon Trail III). It's been a long time since the game has been released though, so you'd probably be advised to get whatever's cheaper. But if you've played Oregon Trail II before, don't expect anything new. ...more info
  • does not work with my New MAC (2009 OS X)
    i was totally excited to get this game... while yes it is old, i couldn't wait to play it... but OOPS i can't. the font isn't included in the game, and the new MAC's don't have it.

    so, now i have the game, which i can't play, but atleast it was only $10. ... and yes i did try to download it... although... YOU CAN'T!!!

    go figure....more info
  • Oregon Trail Edition # 5
    This is a more modern version of the game I remember playing. I'd played a different version a long time ago. I thought it interesting that there were animations along the course of the game where a guide and three kids talk about experiences on the trail. They also make historical references which are educational. ...more info
  • Still A Great Game!
    I always enjoyed playing this game when i was a child so i bought for my son. I have as much fun playing it as him. Still has a lot of features as the original, but also alot of improvements. Nice clean game without the violence & profanity. A must buy for any grade school kids!...more info
  • Just My Style
    A bit slow-paced...just right for 'older' folks. Played many times with only an occasional quirk. Cannot wait for my grandkids to try it. Think it will be a great learning experience and will lead to discussions of US history....more info
  • why can't we talk to a real person
    this game will not work and when you call the company you can't talk to a real person.and they sent me an email to tell me what to do but it did not work ...more info
  • I like Oregon Trail
    I'm a 9 year old boy and I like Oregon Trail. You learn a lot about the trail and life on it. You learn the hard life of sickness, snake bites, gunshots, fishing, double -teaming the animals, gathering, hunting, bear and cougar injuries in the process of hunting, and shopping and trails. I like going to salt lake city insted of Oregon City because I can never make it to Oregon. I always die of starvation, frostbite or accidental gunshot when I'm the captain of the wagon train.. At first I always used oxen and went hunting all the time, but after I learned to fish and gather I always did that and I swithed to horses insted ox. Thanks to the Oregon trail game, I've learned what the hard life was like on the Oregon Trail. ...more info
  • We love this game
    I wish there were more history games like this. My kids love it. It is buggy. The trick is to save the file often so you don't lose all your hard travelin' work....more info
  • Oregon Trail
    I was unable to get this game to work on my Mac Pro on either the mac side (error because I didn't have a New York 18 font) or the windows side-game would load, but would not open. (my intel mac runs both mac and Windows). So if anyone has answers to these problems buy the game. Otherwise, don't....more info
  • Oregon Trail
    I find this to be a great educational game for children and well as older people. It provides a simulation of what life was like in search of land on the west side of the Mississippi River. I recommend this as both an educational game and allows you to plan strategically....more info
  • End of my search
    I first played this game years ago and loved it. Lost my game and have been searching for a replacement ever since. I was very happy to find Oregon Trail, and even happier with the price. My game was delivered qucikly and in good shape. I recommend Amazon to anyone....more info
  • I'm a sucker
    When this item came in the mail I became suspecious. It wasn't in the original box it only came in a white envelope.
    I down loaded it on my computer but couldn't access it. I went into the properties of it and found it had a previous owner named Chuck. So due to the copyright element I can't use it.
    These people that I ordered from should be ashamed of themselves. They should be banned from selling through
    So I've got a game I can't use. Thank you very much!!! I rate them as low life.
    Wilma Sue Rowland
    ...more info
  • Bringing it Back Old School
    Oregon Trail is the education adventure that never seems to die. Although it is revamped and refreshed from the original, there is nothing new here if you played the original. I never bought original Oregon Tral so this was a great buy. the game as a whole is fairly average and should be fun for children. ...more info
  • NEEDS New York FONT Here is how to fix it
    This program needs a font to run on OS X. The font is from OS 9 and is called New York. It was a default system font in OS 9. When you try to launch the game in OS X it asks for the New York 18 font. The original font was a Truetype Font and 18 was an included size. Problem is that OS X doesn't see the 18 part. The FIX is a really simple one and that is probably why nobody figured it out yet. First, get the font New York from someone with an old OS 9 System or if someone still is running Classic on an OS X machine you can get it there. Don't worry about the legalities. Apple no longer cares about OS 9. Rename the font by putting a space and the number 18 after the name New York. Double click the font to install. Restart. DONE. Hope this helps. By the way, you can probably get the font New York by going to this webpage at apple where you can download an old system for free. As in NO CHARGE. [...]...more info
  • not what I expected
    This is nothing like the game I played when I was a kid, very disappointed....more info
  • oregon trail 5th
    Got this game for my daughter. It said that it was for mac OS X but will not work on the Mac OS X. this game will only work on macs with 9.0 but not with 10.0 or higher because it is missing a font that you need...more info
  • could not play
    Everytime we tried to use this product, we received an error message and were never able to play the game. My child was very disappointed....more info
  • Fun for the kids and my husband :)
    The kids love playing it at the public library so when I got it for our home they were excited. They love playing it and my husband does too. It teaches them strategy, economics, budgeting and alot more without "gory violence" like in video games. ...more info
  • Oregon Trail - fun with dysentary & cholera!!
    My kids were driving me crazy about buying this game. When we finally received it, we had a problem with the New York font on the Mac but we finally were able to get the software to work on one of our older PC's.

    It's a little bit of a dose of the harsh realities of the lives of the pioneers, but fun all the same. It's hard to stop because you really want to make it to the West coast.

    My son is eight and pretty tough, but I wouldn't recommend it for kids who are much younger....more info
  • I like Oregon Trail

    I'm a 9 year old boy and I like Oregon Trail. You learn a lot about the trail and life on it. You learn the hard life of sickness, snake bites, gunshots, fishing, double -teaming the animals, gathering, hunting, bear and couger injuries in the process of hunting, and shopping and trails. I like going to salt lake city insted of Oregon City because I can never make it to Oregon. I always die of starvation, frostbite or accieental gunshot when I'm the captain of the wagon train.. At first I always used oxen and went hunting all the time, but after I learned to fish and gather I always did that and I swithed to horses insted ox. Thanks to the Oregon trail game, I've learned what the hard life was like on the Oregon Trail. ...more info
  • Westward and adventure!
    As a kid I remember playing this on a Apple II but when you have less than an hour in the computer lab at school there is not much you can do. I finished my first game with the 5th Edition just last night - a four hour game - and felt good for making it, with all the members of my party alive, four out of the six oxen I started out with, some money, some supplies, a wagon still in on piece and even 10 skill points I didn't use when I made my character. And I was a farmer to boot! Course, I also played at the Greenhorn level but I enjoyed it. And learned a lot. Rest before going up or down hills. Go easy - don't rush. Food is more important than anything else but keeping the wagon working and oxen healthy. I plan to pick my own supplies next time and maybe fish and gather more than hunt - you don't waste ammo when you fish. Frankly, I may just leave the rifle and ammo behind, and just bring a few extra fishing rods. Maybe bring more salt, leave the coffee behind and so on. As you can see I am already planning my next game and that's still at the Greenhorn level. The guide in the game seemed very helpful and you should use it as much as you can - it gives you a lot of information on certain campsites and about the trails themselves. I went slow - 8 miles a day - and made sure that everybody, much of the time, had three meals a day. Even with a lot of mistakes - selling my water keg and trying to rush through the mountains - I still made it. Because of that I would suggest it for kids also. Kids hate it when they die. But if they win, even after all the tough decisions and rough terrain, it will make them feel great.
    And they learn while they play. Hehe!...more info
  • excellent educational game
    this game is educational and enjoyable to play. i use it in my classroom, and the students love it....more info
  • Don't order through Learning Company
    I tried to order this through on-line download directly from Learning Company/Broderbund. Their downloads did not work, no matter how many times I tried to install their "smart download" software. Their customer service is not available outside of business hours, and are rude when you do reach them. Maybe a CD via Amazon merchants would have been a better idea.......more info
  • Fun Gameplay, DOES NOT WORK with OS X 10.4, 10.5
    once installed on os x tiger, there was an error upon starting gameplay that the font "new york 18" is missing. this is a native mac font from os 9 and, after a couple hours of fruitless searching, cannot be found for os x. after upgrading to leopard, this error is still present.
    however - i simply installed the game on the windows xp sp2 partition (via boot camp) and it runs perfectly! so, don't run in on your new mac os and you'll be okay.
    the game itself is fine, if you can get it to work. would recommend only under - gasp - windows only usage....more info
  • No problems, son and his cousins love it.
    I read some of the 1 star reviews - I feel sorry for them, but did not have any problems. Installed on both computers in our home, laptop and desktop running xp professional. No problems ever. It does take a long time to set up, so I do it and save it for my son who is 7. He needs a little guidance, but does it mostly himself. Lots of superfluous extras, but still good. My last experience was with the original version in sixth grade 25+ years ago on an Apple. This is MUCH improved. We really enjoy the game. If you buy a second small wagon, you can carry more. Buy oxen (6 or more for one wagon, 10 for 2) to carry the weight. Do not use the Conestoga wagon - it is too heavy regardless of what the pictures show. Do not buy any furniture or any heavy iron items. Hope you enjoy the game. Make sure you use your skill points at the very beginning, they really help....more info
  • Oregon Trail 5th edition
    I purchased 2 of these games to give as prizes. They camed within a timely manner, however the jewel case on one was cracked. Otherwise, I'm pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Oregon Trail 5th Edition
    Some aspects of the game were better. My 11 year old beat it pretty quickly, but had a lot of fun with it. I still like the 3rd edition better, but it was something new and it was fun! No regrets!...more info
  • It's Oregon Trail 2---In almost every sense.
    I have been a fan of Oregon Trail for many years. It is therefore with great pain that I say the following: Don't buy this game.
    Oregon Trail 5 is not a new game. The programmers of Oregon Trail 5, whether from lack of funding or laziness, took 1996 vintage Oregon Trail 2 and rereleased it with minor changes (which I will describe below.) That's it.
    Let me repeat, because this is important. THIS IS OREGON TRAIL 2 FROM 1996 IN A NEW BOX. Oregon Trail 2 was not a bad game for 1996. But times have changed, and today it is a nightmare. The graphics are terrible messes of blurry colored dots (1996 vintage, remember?) and the actual gameplay is just "click the button to go on" and allows no real creativity. The only changes that have been made are for the worse. The varied and enjoyable western soundtrack of Oregon Trail 2 has been changed to a single 30 second long cliche'd song that constantly loops. A few new videos are added that are poorly animated, employ worser voice actors, and add nothing to the game. In fact, they are quite jarring, as they interrupt whatever you were doing with no warning. A poorly-done fishing mini-game has also been added. And as a bonus, numerous bugs have been introduced: save often, or you might find your progress lost when the game crashes on you. Remember, Oregon Trail 2 was written for Windows 3.1, not Windows XP and Windows Vista, and a rerelease doesn't change the fact that it simply isn't made to run on modern computers. It doesn't even run well on a Windows 95 or 98 system, despite the game's claim that it should.
    Save yourself much hassle and annoyance. This game is not worth getting. It looks, acts, plays, and feels like a relic from thirteen years ago....more info
  • Oregon Trail 5th Edition and Windows VISTA
    amazon was the only retailer that had a listing for this program that included a mention that it would run on Vista. Even the manufacturer told me via email that they couldn't say if it ran on Vista or not. Given Amazon's good return policy, I decided to order it and give it a try. There are a number of different "versions" listed, all 5th edition but this one on Amazon said "Vista" in the write up. Sure enough, the disc came and the jewel case blurb only mentions XP. But, I went ahead and tried loading it and it loaded and now runs on my Dell Inspiron Vista operating system computer without any problems so far. Hope it works for you!...more info
  • Childhood game still fun
    I haven't played this game since I was a kid in elementary school, but it is still good clean fun. Even my nieces come over to play after school....more info
  • Life and Death going West
    My children played this game in school and wanted to bring it home. Although some of the characters you create face adversity along the way and some may perish the game shows kids and adults what it was like to travel west in the early days....more info
  • Family fun
    I purchased this product for my 8 year old granddaughter for her birthday. She was delighted. I'm 73 and was introduced to this game while visiting other grandchildren. I think it's the best game out there for children ages 9-12. They're learning about history and making choices about their virtual lives - sort of like an 19th century Sims family. People dying abruptly while on the trail is a bit of a shock the first time it happens but it is quite realistic and we know that did actually happen. It was fun setting up the game with this child and I'm sure she'll have many interesting hours on the trail. I still play this game myself - most of the time I take family along but sometimes I take celebrities. Sharing a tent with George Clooney and Robin Williams for three months makes all the hard traveling worthwhile! Last trip Robin died of dysentery near Chimney Rock but we gave him a proper funeral and went on. . . .

    I do wish The Learning Company would come out with a new edition, though. I've gotten so I can avoid most of the hazards of the game over the years....more info
  • Oregon Trail-5th Edition
    This CD never worked. Learning Trail Company replaced it with another game but I never did get Oregon Trail. Very sad.
    ...more info
  • Oregon Trail
    This game is exactly like the one I remember playing in elementary school. Game was in perfect condition and working order....more info
  • Oregon Trail 5th Edition
    I ordered Oregon Trail 5th Edition and it simply would not work on my computer. I tried all fixes to no avail. I have XP.
    The product was delivered promptly in good condition and I was able to return with no problem.
    I would reccomend this vendor...more info
    This is the same game that many of us enjoyed in middle school. This version is just a more updated version.

    I just wanted to let people know that this version DEFINITELY works on Windows XP. I use that operating system. The only thing I had to do was download a quick fix patch, and it worked perfectly. I got the information from the manufacturer's website. Here is the link to it:

    Of course, I hold no responsibility for anything going wrong. I'm just saying that this is what worked for me, and the game makers led me to this. Hope it helps somebody else, and reassures others that this game DOES work on Windows XP....more info
  • I liked OT 3rd edition better
    This game would be good if you have never played any of the other versions. I like my OT3rd edition better, but it will not install on my compter. There is no way of getting in touch with The Learning Company to see what the problem is, so I tried the 5th edition. This is like the Orgegon Trail original version with the OT 3rd edition. Although it doesn't seem as "real" as OT 3rd....more info
  • Does NOT run on XP
    I bought this for my boys in February of 2009. I could never get it to work -- every time I tried to start it, it would freeze my computer. ARGH! It was extremely frustrating! What a waste of money!!!...more info
  • it's a classic game from my youth
    This is a classic game that was created for computers much older than we use now, give it a break. The reason i purchased was a trip down memory lane and so my little one could experience it. It has a few problems here and there but it was $8. ...more info


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