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Perfect for both peri- and menopausal women, the Kathy Smith Moving Thru Menopause video offers you solid medical information and three complete workouts. Each workout is precisely designed for specific menopausal concerns: cardio for a strong heart, toning to prevent osteoporosis, yoga for stress reduction and mental agility.

Keep your cool through peri-menopause and menopause by reducing short-term symptoms and increasing long-term health with this 90-minute video from veteran instructor Kathy Smith. The workout includes 20 minutes each of low-impact cardio (for heart, bones, weight, and mood), bone-building strength training, and stress-reducing yoga. The cardio section uses simple moves and patterns (no more complicated than a cha- cha), repeated frequently, with three choices of demonstrated intensities. Experienced aerobic dancers might be bored by the lack of challenging choreography, but beginners and moderate intermediates can find their level here. The strength-training segment is well instructed with exercises that work the upper and lower body simultaneously, so you get the most out of your 20 minutes. Smith also discusses the nitty-gritty details of menopausal symptoms, beneficial effects of exercise, and nutritional strategies, including a Q&A with doctors, making this a good source of information as well as a workout routine. --Joan Price

  • Perfect for both peri- and menopausal women
  • Solid medical information and three complete workouts (led by a friendly and supportive instructor who's also experiencing the same changes you are)
  • Each workout is precisely designed for specific menopausal concerns: cardio for a strong heart, toning to prevent osteoporosis, yoga for stress reduction and mental agility
  • All the moves are fun, easy-to-follow and remarkably varied (e.g. from grapevines to kickboxing in the aerobics, from dumbbell exercise to Pilates core conditioning in the toning)
  • Video ends with a thorough discussion of simple techniques to reduce symptoms along with in-depth medical guidance (e.g. hormone replacement, sexual health)

Customer Reviews:

  • I learned a lot about Menopause!
    I was very plesantly surprised by this video and I learned a lot about peri-menopause and menopause itself, what to eat, what to do to help relieve symptoms, etc... it's extremely detailed and friendly.

    The 3 workout segments are basic and short at 20 min. each - I liked the strenght workout the best. These shorter milder workouts are good for a day when I feel tired but want to do something good for my body.

    Well done Kathy and thank you for talking about menopause!...more info
  • My favourite DVD purchase in the past 12 months
    I used to be neutral about Kathy Smith but this DVD really exceeded my expectations. I bought it initially thinking anything I learned about hormonal imbalance and perimenopause from this would be useful, and I thought even a one time viewing would make it worth my while. I was pleasantly surprised, and only wish I'd bought it back in my 30's! It's packed with a wealth of information. So much so, the DVD version is more practical so you can choose what parts to view on various days rather than having to fast forward through areas.

    My favourite parts of this DVD are the comprehensive informational segments, tips, and interviews with various health experts, as well as the restorative yoga which feels absolutely wonderful and is terrific even for low energy days. The benefits of the yoga postures are explained as you do them, which I found really helpful. And the length of the practice is perfect - finally a yoga routine I actually can fit into a busy day! I also like the setting, which is a pretty indoor set with Asian accents.

    The cardio part I don't use as much as I prefer slightly more gentle cardio such as Leslie Sansone's indoor walking videos. I have yet to do the pilates and strength portions, but on preview thought they looked really good and look forward to trying them this weekend.

    For her presentation, comprehensive information and yoga segments alone, this DVD is well worth the price. Kudos to Kathy Smith for doing such a great job and getting the right people together to get this much needed information out there! ...more info
  • Great workout for everyone even if you are not going thru manopause
    This is the 3rd Kathy Smith DVD that I've bought and I love them all. I like the variation and the intensity of the work out. A must have!...more info
  • I really, really dislike this DVD
    well I guess I'm the odd one out as I really, really dislike this DVD. I love aerobics. in my search to find an aerobics DVD I bought "Moving Through Menopause" based on the other reviews on this site.

    my complaints settle around the aerobics part of this DVD, but that is what I bought it for. the workout starts at a ridiculously fast speed with no actual warm up. the choreography is horrible! it manages to be boring, while at the same time having you jump around like a jackrabbit on crack. several times through the work out, when it's mentioned that a lower level of activity can be followed, the shot pans the woman doing the highest level. the rhythm and enjoyment of motivating yet fluid moves which I look to aerobics for is fairly absent in this workout. the focus on balance during the cool down is interesting and of worth. but that's the only thing I have to praise about the aerobics section of this DVD.

    the presentation is flat. a workout DVD may not need to be a fashion show, but there should be some spark. after all, if it's any good the consumer will be doing it hundreds of times during their ownership of it. nothing in this presentation had that kind of spark. the most menopausal thing in this DVD is the women's attire. which may be a small thing, but combined with the rest is worth mentioning.

    I gave this DVD a solid try. I've done the aerobics workout several times in the last 6 months and just keep deepening my dislike for it.
    ...more info
  • excellant for all ages but thanks kathy for tackling the menopause!
    I've worked out with Kathy Smith videos for years. I'm about the same age as her and was delighted when she tackled the subject of the menopause. It is a very postive dvd and it made me feel empowered.
    I do work out regularly and found the cardio a bit too easy for me but will definately use it on days when I feel a bit tired. I would definately recommend this to beginners and intermediate exercisers of any age.
    The workouts are short and therefore easy to fit in when busy. ...more info
  • Fabulous
    My only regret is that I let this video sit for six months after buying it in the throes of misery: hot flashes, night sweats, etc. After finding a progesterone cream and some other supplements that helped, I forgot the video. Come wintertime and weather precluding daily walks, I finally got the video out with an apprehensive groan. Couldn't have been more wrong. Kathy makes movement fun and even inspirational. The workouts help me in ways that walking, much as I love it, cannot. So far I just do the cardio & yoga portions. The cardio makes me feel strong and energized. The yoga is so welcome - I love the stretching & the help with relaxation. Kathy's humble, folksy approach suggests she may have studied with someone like the wonderful Lilias. The only problem I have is the need to fast forward from the cardio to the yoga segments. Kathy talks about different menopausal issues and tips in between. It would have been better if the workout segments were together. Maybe next time?...more info
  • A total workout
    I like working out at home. Kathy Smith does an excellent job with this DVD. It has many features, I can customize my workout each day. She is professional, I can follow her and feel like I got a decent workout when I am done. Also you get a lot for the money. ...more info
  • You've Got to Give it Several Tries!
    Some reviews suggest that the moves aren't for beginners - I disagree. If you could do all of the moves right away, what challenge would there be in that? When I first tried the cardio workout, I laughed and imagined my horror if I was trying to do the routine in a gym full of people. These moves aren't overly complicated. Stick with it, and soon your confidence will grow as you are able to do first one move with Kathy and then another. There are easy ways to take the level down during the routine and Kathy points them out. Today I did all but one sequence and know that I'll be doing that last one just as soon as my body finally accepts that it must do my bidding! The cardio workout is low-impact. My 42-year old knees complain a bit but only a bit. Already in decent cardo shape from a year of walking and light weights, I use the 20-minute cardio workout on this DVD as a supplement to my other workouts. The weight and yoga sections of the DVD are also excellent. Kathy is a terrific coach - lovely and upbeat but never grating in a high-pitched cheerleader sort of way. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone just starting back into fitness or as another tool for those days when you want some "extra" calorie burning and heart pumping fun. ...more info
  • Kathy Smith does it again.
    This is a very good workout for anyone who wants some intensity without the joint strain. Kathy combines yoga, strength training, and cardio activities into an easy to follow and effective workout. There is even an option to do the workout with music only (minus the verbal instructions). As usual, Kathy manages this without sappy pep talk found in other workout programs. ...more info
  • Not for out of shape beginners
    I worked out to Kathy Smith tapes regularly for a long time. That was before I let myself go 5 years ago and gained 35 awful pounds. Now, just starting out all over again at the age of 42, I could not keep up with the different types of steps being changed in this DVD and would have preferred it if she had stuck to a fewer number of moves a little longer, rather than having so many to learn/change so rapidly. I began cheating and just doing my favorties over and over before becoming too frustrated and stopping altogether.

    I would recommend the Sansone "Walking Away the Pounds" DVD's for those (like me) who are very out of shape and just starting out again. It has a lot of basic steps repeated, with varying arm movements to get your heart pumping and body conditioned for the more moderate DVD's like this one.

    However - I gave it 4 stars because of the menopausal informative sections and the great yoga section. Also, because I WILL someday again be able to keep up with her. But for the time being, this DVD is just too much....more info
  • Wow what a workout!
    Wow, what a workout! I've recently re-started my workout program and wanted something up-to-date and this DVD really delivers. I'm in my forties, a bit overweight and don't like to do alot of jumping so this program is just right. It has different intensity levels so you can work at your level of fitness, has a cardio, weight training and yoga section plus offers some helpful hints for getting through menopause. The routine is interesting but not complicated and works both upper and lower body. The chapter list allows you to choose where to start; each section is only 20 minutes so you can divide the routine if you're crunched for time or do the whole thing when you're not. I also like the real women Kathy has working out along side her, no fitness babes here!!! The equipment is minimal; just some weights, a towel, and a mat or towel for the floor work. I'm left sweaty, and worked out from head to toe but feeling energized and like I just did something great for my body, my health, and myself!!...more info
  • Great Workout, Excellent Information, Feel Good Again!
    I was very impressed by this tape; both the exercise routines & the informational sections. If one's in a rush & wants to do the routines, obviously, skip the talk, but one should take the time at some point to listen to the informational sections...they're informative, important, & may provide many answers to those experiencing, or those who will experience menopause. The aerobic, weight, & yoga routines are again, great for beginner to advanced. Beginners or "time savers" can split the apprx. 20 min. each routines. If you have the time & are in shape, go for the gold! K.S.'s routines can be tailored from beginner to advanced. The informative tidbidts regarding health tips, etc. interspliced between & within the routines are inspiring, rather than annoying, & make sense. One feels great about working out, & if you are experiencing "peri" or full menopause, this is an excellent tape that will make you feel better about yourself both physically & mentally. I would certainly recommend this particular workout to either one's K.S. workout library, or one's exercise workout library in general....more info
  • This tape really works for me.
    I'm really out of shape, though was very athletic in my youth (I'm now 57 years old). As a recent birthday gift to myself, I bought 6 fitness videotapes from Amazon, and this was the second I put on. And now that I met it, I'm not even going to bother to try the others until I'm really tired of this one. Kathy Smith is wonderful -- intelligent but not schoolmarmy (as the first tape was)and challenging but not out of reach. Kathy runs you through the beginner level and then proceeds to advanced level, but encourages the beginners to carry on at their level until they're (we're) ready to move on. I don't like getting interrupted every 20 minutes for a health lecture, but I just fast forward to the next segment. I like doing two 20-minute workouts (cardio and weights+bones), which just fits my schedule. I'm writing this to encourage myself to stick with it, but if anyone can keep me conscientious, it's this excellent tape. I strongly recommend it....more info
  • great workout for the very fit
    I enjoyed hearing (and seeing) Kathy Smith talk about women's health issues, but unless you are very fit, this would be a hard workout to keep up with (in my opinion). It does pose a challenge and is far from boring, however. I rated it a 5 star for those that are at the level needed to perform her workouts....more info
  • You don't have to be Pre-Menopausal to enjoy this workout!
    I can't tell you how great this video is - I loved it!! Even though I'm only in my 20s, it is still a great workout and I love the way they make each section only approx. 20 mins - perfect for today's busy woman. Even the workout music used during the segments is good.

    I also love the graphics in the information sections!!

    The video comprises Cardio, Toning (with weights and Kegels) and Yoga sections which can be done individually or as a combination.

    It is also highly informative - plenty of information that the viewer needs to know about what will happen in the near or distant future. It includes information on diet and which exercises relieve which symptons; Osteoporosis is not the only concern we should have!

    You've done it again, Kathy!!...more info

  • Good companion with book
    I first bought the book of the same title and really liked the workout sessions recommended towards the end of the book, but particularly with the weight section, I was concerned I wasn't doing it correctly. I bought the video to help with the lifting instruction and it is a perfect companion. She even interjects in the middle of your repetitions to remind you how your posture should be or where your shoulders should be, etc. I'm really enjoying the workouts-so hopefully I'll use them!...more info
  • Informative and productive workout
    The information sections have been very helpful. With this DVD you get it all, challenging, but not killer aerobics, strength training and relaxing yoga. Kathy does it again with a very thoughtful, fun, helpful workout. I would highly recommend it for anyone approaching or experiencing menopause....more info
  • Great DVD
    First of all let me say that the DVD format is ideal for exercise programs, allowing you to skip to exactly the desired workout without all the rewinding and fast forwarding. As someone who has been exercizing on a regular basis for the past 6 years, I have come to realize the benefits of exercise. Kathy is ahead of her time for targeting menopausal women. It is even more important to stay fit at this stage of life. I have been doing her cardio and strength training segments exclusively since receiving this DVD. Her workouts are a pleasure to do and her tips for staying healthy are an added bonus....more info
  • A very good workout from a consistently great instructor.
    You can rarely go wrong with Kathy Smith. Her videos are consistently well-produced, excellently choreographed (simple enough to be effective and easy to follow yet interesting enough to be fun) and effective. I get 90% of my workouts done with videos and she is really the cream of the crop especially if you're just getting started (she's great for intermediates as well). This video is not just for perimenopausal or menopausal women. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my menopausal mom and at 22, I use it more than her! The informative sections before and between the actual workouts are useful for people of any age. The nutritional tips are sound and the discussions about the cultural and personal meanings of menopause were interesting to me even if I am 30 years away from if myself. The cardio segment is the best. It's fast and thorough, it will really get your heart pumping, and I enjoy working out to it. I am less pleased with the strength training. It isn't bad per se, she's just done better. Some of the poses in this section may be too challenging for beginners and other moves aren't challenging at all. The one part of this section I enjoy is the Pilates part but there's not enough of it to consider it a thorough Pilates session. I'm not a big fan of yoga so her yoga section did not do much for me. However, if you're just starting with yoga, the majority of poses are possible. However, beware if you have not done yoga before or are inflexible because the last 1 or 2 poses are too difficult for beginners. You may want to try KS's TimeSaver Strength Training tape which contains upper and lower body and abdominal work in separate 20 minute sections and Kathy Smith's beginner's yoga tape. One more thing that gave me pause about this video is that KS has been releasing too many 20 minute cardio workouts. While this is enough of a workout to maintain cardiovascular strength and a weight you are already pleased with, if you are trying to lose fat, you need more than 20 minutes of cardio. I hope Kathy Smith will release more 40 minute cardio workouts as she has with her excellent Functional Fat Burning step workout. All things considered, I still think this menopause workout is worth purchasing. The cardio is great and the other sections are as well, I've just preferred a few other tapes she's made more. Kathy is the best!...more info
  • Fun, easy , yet an excellent workout and knowledge
    It's a great fun workout, the video is divided into 3 parts, areobics is fun, easy, but you get an excellent workout, part 2 strenght training also very good (if you like an intense total every part of your body this won't be enough). Yoga I don't do so I skip this part, the abs part is very good also. It also gives alot of tips for hotflashes....more info
  • An inspiration
    Kathy Smith has always been an inspiration to me, but even moreso now. This video has good, solid, useable information about peri-menopause and menopause and what to expect and how to cope. Kathy's be-kind-to-yourself approach to fitness is comforting. Her two assistants on the tape help as well because they seem like normal people, not super-bods. The 20-minute segments make up a very good 60-minute workout, or you can break them up and do them separately. Each 20-minute workout is good in and of itself. I also appreciate the discussion at the end of the tape with the health care professionals who also dispel myths and give advice. It's definitely money well spent....more info
  • You don't have to be menopausal to do this workout!
    I purchased this DVD b/c it is a DVD. I don't know why workouts keep coming out on VHS and rarely on DVD. So, that said, I received this dvd today and did the 3 part workout: cardio, strength training & yoga. Each section has an overview before you begin, Kathy lets the viewer know why it's important for the body while going through menopause. She gives the cues before the moves, the moves weren't very difficult, thus, finally a workout I could do! The cardio workout was medium-level, I was breathing intensely but certainly not huffing & puffing. I thought the cardio was perfect. It's only 20 minutes, so it would be great on a quick-workout day. If you want a longer one, I suppose you could do the workout twice. During the workout, Kathy voices over every now & then with little bits of info on menopause, such as "did you take your vitamin E today" and explains why vitamin E is good during menopause & other such tidbits. The strength training workout lasted 20 minutes, you need weights & a chair and wasn't too difficult. One nice thing is that a picture of a person's backside was shown to let you get an even greater knowledge of doing the exercise correctly. The yoga workout was my least favorite. I've not done yoga before but it just seemed like stretching to me. There is a question & answer section for a doctor on menopause, and a group discussion. Both informative. I'm not going through menopause, I'm too young! I just wanted to be able to buy a moderate-level cardio workout on dvd that I could do, that wasn't so choreographed & jumpy that I couldn't keep up. This is it. Although I'd rather see Kathy's "Step Workout" (the best workout!) on dvd, this one is a decent substitute until something better comes out. So bottom line, a nice overall workout on DVD and it gives lots of nutritional advice & menopause information. Just don't be put off by "menopause" if you're too young and not even thinking about it. It's still a good, decent workout....more info
  • Kathy Smith-Moving Through Menopause
    I'm so impressed with this video that I have also ordered the book. I recommend it to every woman near or over 40. We are the most fortunate generation of women to have access to this much help to deal with the health concerns of our lives. I own a library of Kathy Smith videos that I've collected over the years. They have all been hours of fun exercise and helpful tips for good health, which has improved the quality of my life. Once again Kathy has released just what we needed to reach our fitness goals and improve our health. This time the focus is on improving the quality of life through mid-life and beyond. I am so thankful for all the work she's done but this program in particular is outstanding....more info