Diablo Battle Chest

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The Diablo Battle Chest takes you into the world of Diablo, as you experience the first-person action of this world-famous role-playing/shooter game! In Diablo 2 - Lord Of Destruction one of Diablo's underlings, Baal, has escaped and continues terrorizing the world Battle against 15 new enemies as you build a new party Earn new skills and use new character classes, like assassin and druid Multiplayer support for up to 8 players

The Diablo Battle Chest is the complete Diablo saga in one box. It includes Diablo, Diablo II (the fastest-selling PC game of all time), the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion pack, and the official Diablo II strategy guide from BradyGames. The combined retail value of everything in the Diablo Battle Chest is more than $70.

The Diablo Battle Chest makes the perfect gift for someone new to the action-RPG phenomenon, or for the hard-core Diablo fan that wants the complete series in one big collectible box.

  • This collection features Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo II - Lord Of Destruction, and 2 Hint Guides.
  • In Diablo II, an otherworldly force of chaos named Diablo has taken possession of the hero who banished him from Earth. He now walks the mortal world, causing death and destruction while making deals with other evil forces.
  • Journey to strange lands as a mighty warrior or powerful wizard
  • Travel an expanded world with new quests, weapons, spells, armor and monsters
  • Discover sinister secrets, multiple dungeons, caverns and crypts as you fight to stop the Prime Evils

Customer Reviews:

  • THIS IS GOIN PAST MASS EFFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg this is like the best rpg thats out there me and my brothers were addicted to this the cycle is like we get addicted to this and it dies we get addicted again and it dies again(now were addicted to it XD) im so getting this when mai comp is fast and working:)so i can play with my brother on battle net XD so yea buy it i gurentee u this is addictive in a good way:)...more info
  • Addicting!
    I enjoy this game. The add ons make it different every time! Hard to beat though!...more info
  • Classic
    A classic game. I've had trouble with the LOD disks before- leading me to buy a new set but It is a classic game that most people will have fun with.
    ...more info
  • Good Game
    This game is very well put together; it is challenging, but not impossible. The graphics are okay for a PC game, but could be improved. This battle chest has everything you need to be successful in the game....more info
  • Old game perfect for killing time
    This is a REALLY OLD game, but it is fun to create and build new characters and given the option to play with other players....more info
  • Diablo 2: Great game, but not for Intel Macs
    I've been playing this game for a long time...since it originally came out. I lost my original install CD's, so I opted to pick this up since I thought I'd be able to play it on my Intel Mac Mini. Unfortunately, the install went flawlessly, but it is impossible to actually play it. The game will load to a certain point and then stop. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I've tried not installing the expansion. I've tried installing to a different drive. My Mac is up-to-date as far as all of the updates are concerned, but still no love.

    So, I installed it on my PC laptop and play there. Better than nothing, I guess. ...more info
  • Diablo II Expansion
    I played this game for a number of years when I was younger, and it more or less got me hooked on the RPG/MMORPG style of games, and computer games in general.

    When I got my own computer I had to get this game, and its still just as good as it was years ago.

    A definate classic for any RPG library....more info
  • fun times
    If you are a rpg player, this game is for you. It is the best bridge to mmorpg as you can play online or solo without getting shortchanged like some popular online only rpgs. I suggest all the standard rpgs: baldurs gate, icewind dale, neverwinter nights, torment, fallout, arcanum, elderscrolls, kingdom hearts, mario rpg, paper mario, zelda, and even final fantasy....more info
  • Brand New Diablo Fan!
    With all of the games on the market today it is amazing that I can honestly say this is one of the most fun, most playable games I have ever picked up. I had never played the Diablo series of games, but have played other Blizzard games such as Warcraft. I knew that Blizzard was famous for making quality games but this is a true delight. Sure the graphics are dated but so what - the game is as fun as anything out there and the replayability is off the charts. The Battle Chest gives you Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 2 expansion, a diablo music cd (cinematics), diablo 2 walkthrough , and so much more. It is well worth the buy and you will quickly be amazed at how much time goes by when you are playing! (a trait that many of Blizzard's games share in common)
    Although I missed out on playing the Diablo games when they were first released, I am more than making up for it now! Great job Blizzard, I absolutely cannot wait to see Diablo 3!!!
    Only one quick thing to mention on the down side - if you happen to have an Intel based Mac, you may run into trouble with these games or they may not load properly, if at all. Be sure to check your system requirements before purchasing or even better, get Mac OS 9 ready...

    Finally, I would recommend the Diablo Battle Chest for anyone who is a fan of the games and wants to play thru them again for a good time, or a RPG/adventure fan who wants a quality series of games. The Diablo series can be played as single player or even on battle.net with other players for free. There are so many options, you will quickly find this game to be one of the best all time PC games. Believe me when I say that no matter what, you won't be disappointed with the Diablo Battle Chest! It has something for gamers of all varieties....more info
  • Best pc game ever
    This game started it all. The best RPG one can ever play....more info
  • Not for updated Macintosh computers
    I bought this to play on a Macbook pro. I have enjoyed this game on PCs in the past. Recent updates to MacOSX (written Sep. 2008) have made the game immediately quit on launch. There does not appear to be an off the shelf fix from either Blizzard or Apple.

    This is a great game though. ...more info
  • Most excellent game.
    I purchased this game for my MacBook. The game is a blast to play, but in order to install, you have to go to Blizzard's Website to down load an installer for the most recent version of OSX. Diablo II works well, but Diablo I will not install at all and Blizzard does not have an installer for OSX. ...more info
  • This is a true classic that never gets old!
    I played this game years ago when it first came out on PC and had tons of fun then. I recently purchased a new Mac and decided to get the battle chest for nostalgia's sake. In my opinion, this game still holds its own and remains one of my favorite games of all time.

    The original was great, but the expansion takes it to the next level. The items are amazing, the new classes are original and super-fun to play, and the extra act is amazingly detailed with new monsters and scenery. You will have a hard time putting this one away once you start.

    Perhaps the best thing about this game is that there are so many options that you can't play the same game twice. It's really hard to get bored with this.

    -Nearly infinite playability
    -Thousands of items to customize your character
    -Diverse skill trees provide options to specialize each class
    -Fun online play allows you to team up against evil or battle other characters
    -A great price for this product!

    -Graphics. Diablo 2 is not a new game any more, and on my 24" high def monitor, the graphics look a little cartoonish. Don't buy this game if you want state of the art, because it isn't.
    -If you have old Diablo 2 characters saved somewhere, don't bother importing them to the expansion. You will be disappointed at how useless all your old items are compared to the new expansion items. Just start a new character. I recommend the assassin.

    To Summarize:
    You can't buy this much fun for this much money anywhere else. If you enjoy RPGS at all, this game is a must have. In fact, once you've played this, you may find yourself criticizing newer rpgs for blatant rip-offs. Don't think twice, just get it....more info
  • great buy
    I bought Diablo II before buying the battle chest so I played Diablo II first. I enjoyed every minute of it! I tried Diablo afterwards and it was fun but Diablo II far outshined it. It's the whole series in one nice box basically. Definitely worth it....more info
  • Maybe I can stop playing long enough to write this review...
    I've recently been on an ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) bender starting back up recently with Sacred 2. Sacred 2 is a good game but after about 20 hours invested a bug corrupted my character (which is fairly common as I understand it). This happened twice. Being a console gamer I had only dabbled with the original Diablo when I was younger but during that time I wasn't heavily into ARPGs, not like I am now anyways. Sacred 2 gave me the ARPG bug so I had to find something. I always see ARPGs being compared to Diablo 2 so I decided to step out of my console comfort zone and give it a whirl. The good news - this game is addicting as ever and definitely scratches the itch. The bad news - this game is addicting as ever and I can't put it down!

    Despite being around 10 years old $30-$40 for the Battle Chest is an absolute steal. You get all the Diablo goodness you could want including the original Diablo, Diablo 2, the LoD (Lord of Destruction) expansion and a surprisingly useful strategy guide. This is potentially thousands of hours worth of gaming if you're an ARPG-aholic. Of course if that's the case then you've probably played this game to death. For those of us who were living in the dark or who are mostly console gamers like me - read on.

    Before I dig into the game I'd like to comment on the usefulness of the included strategy guide. When I first bought the Battle Chest I figured the strategy guide might be useful for a complete beginner and that it would soon become useless as I learned the ins and outs of the game. Not true. This guide includes nice detailed descriptions for every skill in the game as well as which ones are the most useful in general and which ones are useful for multiplayer (and which ones aren't all that useful). This is great because it allows you to dig through the guide and plan out a character build. It's actually really fun just to dig through the guide and try to come up with different build ideas. This part of the guide will stay relevant for as long as you play this game or at least until you can memorize every skill in the game! Something I'll never be able to do. Also the author of this guide has a good writing style. 5/5 for the guide. Other goodies in the guide include a walk-through, a catalog of all the baddies with their details, tips from the pros and more.

    Now the meat of this set - Diablo 2: LoD. I have to admit, I haven't played all the way through the original Diablo but most people aren't purchasing this set for the original. It's great that it's included and I do plan on playing through it eventually. That being said - this review will be more focused on Diablo 2: LoD. Note: you should go ahead and install Diablo 2 with the LoD expansion. You get all the great stuff from the original Diablo 2 plus all the goodies from LoD.

    Here, let me get the sound, graphics and story part out of the way real fast...
    Being around 10 years old we can't expect stellar graphics by today's standards. I still find them to be great though. They aren't high res or anything but things like spells still look great. The dungeons are randomized so they had to use generic environments which do get a bit repetitive. I do love the hand-drawn look. I did play Baldurs Gate on the PC way back and like those games Diablo 2 uses an isometric perspective. Your character does change visually depending on what you wear and wield.

    The sounds are good. Clinks and clanks all sound good, monsters sound good and the music is great. The voice acting is average most of the time.

    I don't like to give anything away story-wise but I have to say this one is rather basic. Nothing real epic here but it's not terrible.

    You're not buying this game for amazing graphics or anything like that. You're buying this game because you want a great APRG and this game delivers wildly beyond my original expectations. It's no wonder the community is still active and there are plenty of people still addicted even 10 years later.

    The beauty of this game is in its simple no-nonsense approach to character builds. ARPGs these days try to do way too much with the genre and ultimately bog down the game. D2: Lod is much simpler. You choose a character, you pick a handful of the many skills they possess and focus on leveling those skills up. It's really not wise to try and level up all skills because towards the middle of the game you will have a lot of low-level skills but they will all be very weak - so it's best to get an idea of the type of character for your chosen class, pick some skills that sound interesting to you and run with that (this is where the included strategy guide is extremely helpful!).

    With a total of 7 characters and each character having a robust skill tree (each character has unique skills) the possibilities seem endless. There has to be at least a few hundred skills total and most of them are useful in one way or another. The skills are great because you can actually see a lot of them in action - it's not usually a simple buff up - you're summoning things, pummeling things, shooting chain lightning spells - things like that. With each level-up you get to assign a handful of points to your attributes (strength, agility...etc) and you get to assign a skill point. This makes leveling up a joy because you really get the sense that your character has improved. Each and every point really makes a difference. As far as I know you can level up each skill as much as you want provided you have the skill points to do so. So essentially if you wanted to you could invest in a single skill and by level 30 your one skill could be at level 30 (plus maybe a few more if you find skill books) That one skill would be insanely powerful but your character would be very narrow. The other extreme would be to level up a different skill with each level you gain (more skills become available as you level up by the way). Your character would be extremely versitile but also very weak. The goal is to find a happy medium between these extremes with the skills that work for your character idea.

    Of course what would an ARPG be without a bunch of different weapons, armor types and other trinkets? D2: LoD definitely delivers here and then some. There has to be thousands of different types of weapons/armor in this game - maybe even tens of thousands of possibilities. There are a slew of amulets, rings and charms you can carry to help buff your character up as well. There are weapons and armor that have sockets (up to 6 slots) that allow you to insert gems and the like. Some of these gems are very powerful indeed! In short there is no shortage of goodies in this game - the possibilities really are staggering.

    The gameplay itself is relatively simple but highly addicting. You have a sash that carries potions (health, mana, antidote - things like that), which is mapped to your 1-4 numerical keys (you'll quaff a lot of potion) and your skills are mapped to your F keys (F1 - F8 for each mouse button so 16 total hot keys). Well not entirely true you can map scrolls and a few other actions as well but most will use the F keys for their skills. Some skills are passive and are constantly activated as long as it's your active skill and some are more active - like spells and offensive skills. You can map both mouse buttons. So for example you can assign your left button to an attack and your right button to a skill and you use the F keys to switch between the skills. There's a lot of frantic clicking but if you like to use different strategies for one character you can easily map everything so you can switch between different combat/defense strategies real quickly. Also worth mentioning is you can carry two different weapons/shield combos at the same time and easily switch between the two in real time using the W key (default). This allows you to come up with many interesting combat strategies.

    This game might seem like a simple point click at first but it can get quite deep, especially on higher difficulties where you need to use more strategy. As far as hack and slash action goes this game has virtually no negatives to speak of - not for me anyways. Some may create a simple barbarian who charges the field using powerful offensive skills. Others may prefer the sorceress and choose to invest in the different elemental magic skills ready for battles against all the different elements. Or maybe some will have a character that wields a powerful sword/shild as well as a bow so they can pick off enemies from afar and charge them when they need to (which is easily done thanks to being able to instantly swap between 2 different weapons/shield combos). The limit is your imagination and no game pulls this off better then Diablo 2.

    The game still not intense enough for you? Well, try hardcore mode and bring your character online. Normally when you die it's a bit inconvenient because if you have high quality goodies then you have to battle your way back to your corpse so you can retrieve them (good thing you kept backup goodies in your chest - didn't you?). You also have to rehire any hirelings you might have and you have to pay gold for your death. This is painful enough but for you truly obscene players you can try hardcore. In this mode when you die you die. You lose your character forever, your loot - everything! That should keep the battles tense enough for you! I've only played a little bit of a character on hardcore. Right now it's still scary for me because you can end up flushing many hours of invested time right down the toilet. I must say it definitely adds an "oh crud this really matters!" layer to the game and I'm sure many players wouldn't have it any other way.

    Another cool feature is the random maps. Yes they will all feel similar from game to game but they are random which means you can't just breeze through the game knowing where everything is located - that would be boring! The maps are randomized once for each single player game and randomized every multiplayer game. So if you clear half a dungeon then quit when you go back to that dungeon your minimap will reveal which part was already discovered and the dungeon will not be re-randomized (single player). The random map generator in this game does a great job creating nice maps - nothing stupid like the next level of the dungeon being 10 feet from where you started.

    Before I write a book for a review I want to mention inventory management. Some people may hate this but you are quite limited on inventory space. You have your character and a chest to keep loot in - neither one providing ample space. I personally love this because the game forces you to really think about what you need to survive - it gives the game even more strategy. A few items like chest-keys and certain potions stack and there are a few options to lighten your inventory like scroll tomes that allow you to store many scrolls in one tome. Mid-game you get a nice item that gives you 8 additional squares of space which doesn't seem like much but in this game it's a godsend. Eventually you will be careful about what you loot and you won't just grab everything you see. Some games allow you to carry a rediculous amount of loot making it a chore digging through all of it figuring out what you want to sell. Also worth mentioning is when items drop the labels are color coded based on rarity so it becomes easier to sift over the loot before picking it up. You don't just pick up everything in sight and then spend an hour going through all of it - with this game it becomes easy to know what you really want to pick up.

    There are a few small negatives I could mention but they are real nit-picky. There aren't really that many quests as most are geared for the storyline. Also you don't know the value of your loot until you go to sell it. There are probably a few other small things I could whine about too. This is really being nit-picky though and the positives FAR outweigh the negatives.

    Look, I could keep going into all the fine details of this game but this review has to end at some point. This game is easy to pick up and learn but at the same time it's very deep and engaging. You aren't bogged down with all the fluff like you are with recent games. I can't believe I didn't play this game years ago but I'm happy I didn't! Now I get to experience all of its greatness! I can safely say that even being 10 years old and me just coming into it recently - this may be one of the best games I've ever played and it's certainly the best ARPG I've played. This game is balanced perfectly between depth and ease of use. The replay value in this game is amazing! No wonder so many people have invested hundreds if not thousands of hours in this game! Be warned though - you may have a lot of tired days at work from staying up so late playing this insanely addictive game. Don't say I didn't warn you!

    Oh man! it's already 10:00 at night! If I start now I can get 4 hours of playtime and still get 4 hours of sleep... bye!
    ...more info
  • Hope you enjoy grinding.
    Expect to grind for countless hours if you want to clear bosses. Each act contains six quests (often overlapping) and then a final act boss. The act quests are reasonably challenging without being too frustrating, but act bosses will kill you in sometimes one, usually two shots unless you grind for an obscenely long time to get a few levels.

    Example: I played without grinding to the end of act 2, coming to the final boss with a Level 23 Druid with 146 hit points. The boss has (on the EASIEST difficulty) no less than 4,000 hit points and routinely does over 100 points of damage on a single strike. I have no desire to grind for days upon days to get to level 30, and so I have uninstalled the game to free hard drive space for something better....more info
  • Diablo 2
    A fun game that requires much clicking and time. Drawback are the graphics. buy this is your looking for a classic rpg game. no monthly fees is great also for online play....more info
  • B+
    While this game is somewhat lacking in variability due to the static plotline, it is still given some replay value due to the various classes. It is a lot of fun....more info
  • Diablo II
    This is a great game, considering it came out in 2001. It has endless playability. It sets the standard for many games to come....more info
  • Still addicting almost a decade later.
    Insanely fun, impossibly addicting, with nearly unlimited replayability. Diablo 2 is a masterpiece that every gamer simply has to try out at least once. Many of you reading this are probably in the same position I was: veteran Diablo 2 players suddenly feeling the urge to pick up the game again. Believe me, it's worth it. Don't let missing discs and CD Keys stop you from enjoying this madness one more time....more info
  • still a great game
    4 star overall rating because this game is well implemented and accompanied by interesting storyline, however, it is somewhat older and thus the graphics are not as impressive or smooth as newer games on the market. Allows for single player (just on your personal machine), multiplayer on Blizzard's Battlenet server, as well as tcp/ip to play privately with friends.

    4 star fun rating because the gameplay is engaging and to a good extent customizable with flexible attribute and skill point distribution and several classes (2 classes added with expansion pack) as well as many options for mercenaries. Many viable skill combinations allow for tailoring to personal playing styles and a very wide variety of items and gear which can significantly affect gameplay make the game interesting and grants it some replay value. This is only a four, because although there are 3 difficulty levels, once you finish the first, the other two only present increased difficulty and do not present anything really new.

    This was actually purchased for a friend, but I also have the Diablo II game and the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. I have also inspected the contents of my friend's battle chest. Overall I think it is a good deal with both the game and the expansion pack as well as the first diablo game and the official strategy guide for less than it would cost to buy just the second game and expansion (after comparing with several stores). For my purposes I was only interested in the second game and expansion, but the first game may interest those curious about the previous game and its storyline, and the guide may be useful to some, particularly those not familiar with the game.

    My friend and I enjoy this game greatly, and I highly recommend it....more info
  • If i could get my order that would be great
    This game would actually be a great game to play.... if i actually received it....more info
  • Stay Away!!
    Unless you enjoy crack cocaine and other highly addictive substances, this game is not for you! I don't know how Blizzard stumbled on the perfect randon-reward system to ensure a large section of the community would never get a tan again, but I wish I had back the 2 solid years of life they stole from me....more info
  • Diablo Battle Chest from an older perspective
    My sons liked this game a lot and so I decided to check it out. It is a lot of fun and I even created my own charachter and got somewhat far in the game.
    I recommend it and I'm a mom! It is not boring at all and you can create different charachters for a different play....more info
  • the best
    Diablo 2 and LOD are the best RPG Games, the game mode is so easy, everyone can play it, the character classes are awesome, the battlechest contains both games plus diablo 1 and a book of strategies, for every diablo fan this is a must....more info
  • Diablo Battle Chest is a Great Game for an Excellent Price
    Very happy with the 'Battle Chest'purchase. It includes not only Diablo I and Diablo II, but also the Lords of Destruction Expansion in addition to the latest patches.

    Even better than expected for such a reasonable cost, they also sent an excellent Diablo II Ultimate Strategy Guide, which covers the characters, scenarios, weapons, abilities extensively with useful tips & strategies.

    Keep Up the Good Work,
    A Satisfied Customer...more info
  • Timeless and always playable!
    The Diablo Battle Chest set is the ultimate in playability. The system requirements are very low, the game has a multitude of items to find, and there are three difficulty levels so you can play and play some more! This game has done so well because it is the best of its kind! Just try it for yourself!...more info
  • Diablo
    I have been playing this game since it was originally released. I did stop for a while. Now I found the empty CD case and decided to play some more. This game is still one of the best games, in my opinion....more info
  • curious about Diablo1 expansion
    Is the expansion for Diablo 1 included on the Diablo 1 disc or is it not in the box set?...more info
  • good, with some issues on an intel-based Macbook
    Everybody knows Diablo - a great game!
    On a MacBook that I bought recently (it is Intel Core Duo-based, running OS X), I had to turn off OpenGL (use software graphics instead of hardware) to be able to play the game. There was no such problem with the StarCarft game.
    It still plays prefectly with these settings, which is not a great surprise as the game was optimized for much slower (Pentium 1 or G3) machines....more info
  • Simply amazing
    I have played Diablo over 9 yrs and just a couple of months ago i got the Battle Chest. I am not tired of it at all, and every update made by Blizzard has being great; providing more fun and action......more info
  • Still fun and addictive after 10+ years
    I first want to start off by saying i don't ever really write reviews for anything but I felt I needed to here due to such a great game and great deal this package truly is.

    I first experienced the original Diablo back in '98 or '99 i believe and was addicted to the game more so than any of the PS1 or N64 titles I had in my posession. I loved it and played it for hours and hours as a teen. The way the game kept you entertained was the way each dungeon level was randomized and left open a door of endless possibilitys. It really felt like you could play the game over and over and never get bored with it with such a feature. There is numerous things I can say about just the first Diablo game that you receive in the bundle but I'll stop here.

    I haven't played Diablo 2 really unfortunately. Only for maybe 20 mins at max but from the experience it seems to be the better for the 2 games as well as having a still thriving online community. Considering all that you get with this package and for the price it's unbeatable.

    You get not only the 1st Diablo game which also has online play but you get Diablo II and it's expansion pack and the full strategy guide thrown in. It's a great deal, going online with Diablo II is more fun than ever, I'm just glad Blizzard hasn't decided to close off the online functions for these old classics yet. Do yourself a favor and if you are a fan of great RPG classics GET THIS GAME! It has over 100+ hours of gameplay and that's not including online but with maybe 300-350+ hours....more info
  • Diablo Expansion
    Diablo II with the expansion keeps the action and quests going for you all the time. The new AI for the monsters makes it more challenging. It is easier to make cash now too which makes it possible to gamble for better equipment at the NPC's that allow for gambling. I can't wait till I run up against some of the big shots. Even solo it should be for an interesting time....more info
  • Kingdom of Diablo
    Diablo 2 is a sequel to Blizzard's popular rpg Diablo which was an international bestseller. The simple gameplay coupled with an engaging storyline was its biggest strength. Blizzard has followed the same template with Diablo 2 and has expanded on the story, provided tons of new content, levels, monsters to battle and items to find. The story is told in neat steps through cut-scenes and cinematics which have been beautifully rendered in 3-d. All in all, an epic tale of swords and sorcery, a must for any rpg fan!...more info
  • No Hellfire Expansion?
    I'm knocking off 1 star because Hellfire washn't included. Hellfire is a sought-after & pricey expansion to Diablo 1 that can end up costing more than this boxed set. While the graphics of these games are blase' compared to the Dungion Siege games that mimiced it & a lack of character designer, it has randomly generated dungeons so it may be quite some time before you crawl through one you've elready been through before. With each character's statistics so characteristically different & 3 games difficulty settings & so many different level designs, you'll be playing Diablo 1 for months. Seriously...I haven't even gotten to Diablo II yet. Play it for all it's worth. & snag Hellfire while you're at it. I also reccomend this game for female gamers like myself who prefur less-girly games....more info
  • Too much time.
    I really like the Battle Chest Edition of Diablo, but I have one complaint. You can't just turn Diablo II on and play a quick game. In the past I had only played the orignal Diablo and I compleatly enjoyed the game. With Diablo II and the expansion I think the game is compleatly awsome except for the fact that if I want to play a game I need to set aside an entire day to play....more info
  • A very good game, but...
    I played it for a long time a couple of years ago. So, I have installed (a different cd set than my original first set) and have been playing this game until last saturday, when it crushed when I was at the Arreat Summit (immediately after the Ancient Ones become activated). I went through files and found that the log file reported "Sprite Decompression Error" (This a game engine used for directdraw or something, meaning that it is a core program for running the game).

    I checked on the internet that several other players have reported the same thing and were unable to solve this problem despite trying anything. I tried uninstall-reinstall which also includes deleting the game folder as well as the registry files (which people refer to clean uninstall). I have replaced some .mpq files with those from the cd as it was suggested in the Blizzard technical support as well. I upgraded my video driver and checked my DirectX version (9.0).

    Finally, I contacted the Blizzard tech support only to receive an automated response which is the same as what the support page was suggesting on its website.

    So, although I cannot deny the fact that this game is exactly what I want to play, even after so many years, the fact that I cannot play it is a big problem and Blizzard cannot help you further....more info
  • great ARPG game ever
    this is probably the best game i've played for the longest time.
    the battle chest set comes with all the CDs for diablo 2 and also it comes with diablo 1, which i didnt really play before. but it should be a good game.
    it also comes with a lot of information about the products from blizzard, i think most people know what blizzard is.
    no more need to say,lets enjoy the game.
    oh,btw, the CD-KEYs really worked.lol.....more info
  • diablo
    This was supposed to be a "new in box" game, however, it HAD been opened. Even though it had been opened, the game worked and the serial number worked. I have had many hours of fun playing. Thanks. Shipping was also very fast....more info
  • great for not so busy people
    i got this game to try to get something to pass the time over christmas break. even with hours of free time i didn't end up playing it much. i guess im just not a hardcore gamer, but im also playing it on a laptop, and the trackpad aint the best game controller in the world lol. a great game nonetheless, lots of action, realistic battles. i kept dying though, and would lose allmy stuff, so i quit playing for a while cause i got pissed off. not a game for the impatient. a great value though for 30 bucks! ...more info
  • This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is the greatest game I have ever played. I love the variety of characters, the five acts, the fact that it's alway's different, the different weapons, the different pieces of armor, and everything else. The first time I saw it, I liked it, the first I played it, I fell in love with it, and now it's like a drug, it's so addictive. About a week after I got it, my father died from lung cancer, and the morning of the funeral, I was playing it. The game is a challenge, but a fun challenge. The last two acts are extremly hard, but doable, and very fun. I would not recommend this game for very young children, because it is kind of scary, what with the demons and all, but it's good for anybody over 12. All things considered, it's great. ...more info
  • A Fantastic Game, but Old...
    This is a cool game, but I found it hard to get into it after playing Neverwinter Nights, which I personally consider to be superior. If you are looking for a fun RTS and don't mind playing a really old game, this might work for you. However, I would suggest Neverwinter Nights... better graphics, great community, easier to get into, and more addictive....more info
  • The Diablo Legacy
    The Diablo franchise is probably the only RPG that keeps me coming back for more even after all these years. No other game has held my interest for so long. It is a testament to Blizzard North(not Blizzard) and their creative genius's. I highly recommend this game. If you already love it be sure not to miss Hellgate:London when it comes out. Some of the top people at Blizzard North left to forge Flagship Studios, who is currently working on Hellgate....more info
  • Still one of the best games around.
    This is still one of the best games made, and buying it in the Battle Chest make it one of the best values as well. You get Diablo II and it's expansion Lord of Destruction. With hours of enjoyment for a small price tag, this is a must buy!...more info
  • Fun Game
    I love the Diablo series because of its easy playability. It's just your basic dungeon crawler. It doesn't require you to sit in front of it for hours or to play straight through. I mean, it is hours & hours of play time, but you can walk away for a week and not have a problem picking up where you left off. Also, you can create different characters of each class and enjoy the game all over again because of the different play style each has and because the map changes.


    You can't just log off in the middle of the dungeon as next time, you will be logged on in town and have to fight your way back through to the dungeon and to the place you left off. Monsters respawn when you log out.

    I think the interface could be done a little better. I like to play solely with my mouse. But, I could mostly do it that way.

    I will definitely be buying Diablo 3....more info
  • Entertainment and Re-playability is off the charts
    For anyone who is tired of paying for an online game, but still wants quality, D2 LOD is the best. It's addictive if you want it to be, but it is a fabulous time waster!
    A great game with plenty of depth, and the re-playability is astounding, with 7 classes to choose from and 3 difficulty settings, it will take you a long time to get tired of this game! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Addictive, very addictive
    I've been wanting to play this game since a long time ago. Even though it is very old, the quality Blizzard put into it makes it my third favorite game (behind Baldur's Gate and FFVII). If you are a gamer that likes leveling up games, this is for you. Perhaps the graphics are not so impressive nowadays, but by the time it was released the were awesome. Personally I think that every gamer should play this game at least once, since it is a very complete game....more info
  • Game of Dupe.
    This was an awsome game. i brought this game 3 month ago, i have to admit i had alot of fun with it, and as i begin to become the richest guy of the game on the UsEast Realm. I realize that all the wealth i built are nothing but DUPES. Some unknown noob made a dupe program especially for this game, now the game is getting filled by duped items. the economy is now over flooded with fake items that will probably dissapear shortly after you get them from the others. BOTTOM LINE! this game was good, now its a crap. but if you just want to be a newbi with this game, then you should buy it. heheheh become expert on this game, it will get REAALLy boring. if you don't believe me go to www.Youtube.com : Search Keyword : [ diablo II dupe program ]...more info
  • Great Game
    Got the game fast and it was in great condition. This game is great, everyone should get this game....more info
  • Another Great Blizzard Ganme
    Just add it to the list of masterfully created Blizzard titles....more info
  • Still lots of fun after 9 years
    I've first started playing Diablo II back in 2000. After nine years since it's release, it's still a lot of fun. Best thing about it is it's freeeeee to play, there are no online fees like other online games. My purchase was for my son and he loves it....more info
  • Very addictive
    This is a very fun, very addictive, and time consuming game. If you plan to purchase this game, be prepared to spend hours at a time in front of the computer....more info


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