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Better Homes & Gardens magazine is designed for people interested in turning home, cooking, and gardening inspiration into action. It is focused on decorating, building and remodeling, crafts, entertaining, cooking, healthy living, and gardening. It also has extensive information specifically for women and families. In addition to providing product reviews, practical homeowner advice, step-by-step instructions, and money-saving suggestions, the magazine covers the latest developments and trends around home and garden.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wish I'd never spent the money
    I subscribed to BHG from their website and ended up subscribing to an additional year. The articles are helpful to a degree but the layout of this magazine, with its overwhelming amount of advertising, takes away from any good points. I've found the style to be choppy and very difficult to read because of the ads. It's hard to tell how long an article is or where it starts. I rarely find anything I'd want to save. Overall a disappointment....more info
  • advertisments only=== waist of time
    I was given a gift subscription to Better Homes and Garden. Please, what a waist of money and my time. Every other page has an advertisment of any kind. I went through a few entire magazines with my friends and husband and counted the pages where actually some home information were given, to find out that one entire magazine, taken out the advertisments and commercializing and sweepstakes,etc has maybe 25-30 pages of articles other that advertisent. Please check by yourselves, please do!! I wrote BHG a letter and never never got an answer. ...more info
  • I love this magazine but...
    most of the beautiful gardens I see are in Washington or Oregon or back east somewhere. Having lived in Washington, I do enjoy seeing some of the plants that I am missing here in Colorado, but it would be nice to see a more varied selction of gardens becasue we all can't live in the Pacific Northwest. I have a subscription to Sunset so I guess that will have to suffice, but I do wish BH&G would take that into consideration.

    Otherwise, I LOVE this magazine. I used to get several magazines, but this was always my favorite. It is chock full of ideas that we can really use. And I love the photography. What sets BH&G apart is that you can see a hint of life in these beautiful houses. Slippers on the floor, newspaper on the table and often the owners of the home are in the pictures too. They are sometimes blurred from movement which is actually nicer than a posed shot. It helps set the feeling that this home is lived in and is attainable.

    I would say get this magazine right away. I would have given it 5 stars except for the whole garden thing. ...more info
  • too much advertising
    It has a lot of advertisments in the magazine. But not much one could use in everyday life. The gardens are usually just on the professional scale....more info
  • You can never go wrong with this one
    Having the honor of being one of those people that subscribe to numerous magazines, I find that I am the perfect person to review the subscriptions because I was getting such a large amount to my door.

    I have kept Better Homes and Garden because it is consistent with it's articles, gardening hints and recipes (both pratical and precise). This one is well worth the money, and I know it isn't as expenisive as some of the others that I subscribe to.

    I also would recommend "Country Living" and "House & Garden" in addition to this one.

    Happy Reading...more info

  • Good alternative to Martha Stewart
    Better Homes and Gardens does not have the clean and thoughtful layouts and classy look of Martha Stewart Living. However, the ideas are useful to more people living in all parts of the country. I find that MSL is better for east coast living. Here in Arizona, it's hard to find the materials and ingredients suggested in their articles. I still read MSL for inspiration and entertainment. Better Homes is more practical, giving ideas I actually use....more info
  • Easy living for women and their families
    Better Homes and Gardens is really about easy living. Each issue includes articles about friends and family, gardening, interior design, building, family matters, food, health, and shopping. This is the magazine I reach for between work and errands because the articles are easy to read and brief yet interesting and inspiring. A few feature examples: window box herbs, dieting myths, cooking scones, what's new in family cars, and more. Better Homes also emphasizes family by incorporating activities for children or for the whole family from season to season. Better Homes is a good magazine for holiday ideas, too, with recipes and crafts to decorate your home and enjoy with your children. Although there are more sophisticated home magazines out there, I'm glad I have Better Homes lying around when I have a minute to relax....more info
  • Tired of trying to find the articles through the advertising
    I have been a fan and subscriber of bhg for years, but the advertising has increased to the point of excess. I took the time to actually count the ads in the last two issues. They totaled more that 62% of the magazine, and that didn't include the postcard inserts or bhg's advertising of exclusive products. I'm tired of wading through all of the ads trying to find the magazine. I'm cancelling my subscription in favor of magazines with less advertising and better layout....more info
  • Essential for Decorating Tips!
    If you are looking for ideas for that next decorating project, more than likely you can find at least one article each month to inspire you. With a focus on friends and family, gardening, interior design, building, family matters, flood, good health and shopping, you can't go wrong!

    I like the "Yours for the Asking" section where you can send away a postcard for more information instead of contacting each company.

    For mom's, the "kids project" section will be amusing and your kids will love the ideas.

    The cartoons are also cute and I had to laugh at the one that said: "Of course I love you. Didn't you get my fax?"

    Something about the pictures in this magazine always remind me of a bright sunny day. The open kitchens and lush gardens are just a treat to see.

    The recipe section really has a personality all of its own. The "Petite Caramel Apple" recipe they had in the September 2001 issue was so adorable!

    I look forward to every issue!

    ~The Rebecca Review...more info
  • This is just the thing....
    This magazine is just the thing. It gives you ideas to improve your house while keeping it fashionable and up to date. Better Homes and Garden brings several new out looks to a better home. And at an affordable price. Its a dream come true. Once you look inside this magazine you will be grateful to have ordered a subscription....more info
  • A Homeowner's MUST HAVE
    I love this magazine. It is filled with many do it yourself projects that range from beginning crafters to wood working to delicious recipes. I love the Kid's Section that is full of fun ideas and activities for the whole family. There is a lot of practical advice about gardening and landscaping in very easy to read articles. I first subscribed to this magazine when I bought my first house 5 years ago and I have many many back issues that I look through for seasonal ideas and decorating tips. I have also given this magazine as a gift to 3 friends and they all have continued their subscriptions after my gift expired....more info
  • consistently good
    First, wanted to comment on the fact that i didn't know had magazines. it was a nice surprise and i will use them again. Secondly, Better homes and Garden consistently has great issues with information that everyone can use. I love the recipes and the creative ideas....more info
  • The Magazine Diva Says........
    This mag needs a new editor. I haven't seen anything interesting in Better Homes for six months. Maybe they are spread too thin with their website and contests....more info
  • Too Green
    Better Homes and Gardens has recently started getting a little too Environmental for my taste. If I wanted to know about all the lastest Green products and how to reduce my carbon footprint and all I would by a magazine about that. I just want to know about garden layout, perennials, how to make tasty dinners and desserts, and decorating my house. I am not going to be trading in my 77 cub cadet for an electric push mower any time soon. ...more info
  • not as good as grandma's
    I remember looking at this magazine when my grandmother subscribed to it many years ago. It was really interesting and high quality. Although the content is still fairly good, the magazine is now very thin, and includes much less information that is worth reading. I also noticed that over the course of my two year subscription, the physical quality was also quickly slipping. The color layers didn't match up, so that some of the pages were not readable. Some of the pages were cut improperly so that parts of articles were missing. This occured several times through the year. I still think that it is a good magazine to buy from the magazine rack if the issue looks interesting that month, but I won't spend my money on another subscription this year....more info
  • Magazine for your home
    The pictures are really nice to look at. When you think of remodeling your home or landscaping your yard, this publication gives you a good visual on what you might consider doing. Professionally done.

    Peace and Happiness,
    Patrick Leonardi...more info
  • A Staple in Our Home for Years
    "Better Homes and Gardens" has been a staple in our home for years. This essential magazine seems to always be there for you. When I think about it I would say that it has enriched our home and ultimately our lives. Its very visual style of lending ideas for enhancing our domicile and our surroundings has always been simple yet effectual in enriching our lives....more info
  • can't get any info about my subscription!
    I ordered the two year plus the free recipe book. I have received nothing and the check was cashed over 2 months ago. Any email address for Better Homes and Garden does not work! Then when you call they say they don't have any record of my subscription, but I should be receiving my magazine in March!...more info
  • Better Ads & More Ads
    This magazine is a waste of money and bores me. Nothing here to see but ads....more info
  • Took 2 months, but finally received 1st issue
    Bought this subscription for my wife as a Christmas stocking stuffer 12/12/2008. She received the first issue today 2/19/2009. It was a good deal, just do not expect it to appear in your mailbox anytime soon after purchase....more info
  • Better Homes & Garden review
    I am unhappy that I ordered this in November and I am still not receiving the subscription. ...more info


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