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Who Reads Glamour?
With a circulation of nearly 2.3 million, Glamour is the only women's magazine to offer a 360-degree perspective on the reader's life: her relationships and her career, her clothes and her conscience, her pop culture and her politics. Sharp and smart but never cynical, Glamour informs readers without veering from its core message of self-acceptance. It is a magazine for women looking to stay up on the latest trends, get news-to-use advice and feel good about themselves. In other words, it's a magazine for every woman. No wonder Glamour is among the top ten best sellers in the U.S.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Dos, Donts, News & Views: A splashy section that slaps the magazine's famous black bar on the latest cultural trends.
  • Glamour Beauty: A section filled with beauty editors' picks for the latest hair, skin and makeup products; tips, tricks and ideas; celeb trends; and alerts about troublesome phenomena (such as women buying nonprescription acne drugs online).
  • Glamour Fashion: Chock full of the latest styles and advice on making them work for your size, your shape and your budget, along with plenty of secrets from style honchos.
  • Men, Sex & Love: Fun, thought-provoking looks at how women can get the love bliss they deserve. This section includes the long-running favorite "Jake: A Man's Opinion," a column full of relationship advice from Glamour's resident guy.
  • Health & Bodybook: Packed with news about general wellness, sexual health, nutrition, anti-cancer advice and fitness, including exclusive shape-up programs, like Body by Glamour.
  • Life & Happiness: This section features columns on managing work and money, the popular "Am I Normal?" page in which readers can assess how their habits measure up to each other’s regarding spending, sleep, sex, you name it, and advice on dealing with friends, parents and bosses.
  • Glamour Buzz: A fun-filled section with book, movie, music and TV reviews; an interview with Glamour's latest cover celebrity (recently-featured stars include Fergie, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Maria Carey); a look at the latest star trends (insane or not); and the fun "Would You Dare?" column in which women act out pranks and gauge people's reactions (for example, sunbathing in the middle of a busy city street).
  • Glamour Real Stories: Here you'll find profiles of notable women, compelling you-won't-read-them-anywhere-else stories (such as "Escape from Polygamy"), editorials and "The Countdown," a list of notable cultural moments (such as women's worst public meltdowns ever). This section is also home to "Global Diary," in which journalist Mariane Pearl travels to a different part of the world each month to report on courageous women making a difference in their country.
  • How to Do Anything Better Guide: A roundup of the latest, greatest cooking and decorating ideas from top chefs and decorators.
  • Last, but not least, in every issue there's the magazine's legendary guilty pleasure, the Dos & Dont's back page, which good-naturedly points out real-life fashion triumphs and disasters.
  • Features: Glamour is an invigorating cocktail of decadent beauty pages, frank and funny talk about men, lust-worthy fashion spreads, celebrity scoop, smart news reports, health updates and stories of women around the globe.
Past Issues:

The magazine regularly publishes articles by notable writers and celebrities such as Eve Ensler, Carrie Fisher, Nora Ephron, Sheila Weller, Wes Craven and Bob Morris.

Magazine Layout:
Glamour is a proudly mainstream magazine read not by a handful of coast-dwelling cognoscenti but by 12 million women across the nation. So its design must always be accessible and inviting. That said, today’s average consumer is profoundly more visually sophisticated than she was a generation ago, and Glamour is happily rising to a new challenge: to give its inclusive approach a bold twenty-first-century edge.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Every month Glamour informs, inspires and entertains. The magazine's friendly voice and feel-good approach to women's looks, body, love life--their everything--is unique in the field of magazines. Signature features include Glamour Women of the Year, a salute to the world's most inspiring women; Top 10 College Women, an annual competition that recognizes scholastic excellence; and a personal-essay contest. While Glamour's content drives the public conversation, its presence online broadens that dialogue. Through blogs, videos and personal stories, provides a rich interactive experience for young women to get more details, ask more questions and share information with one another about the topics most important to them.

Glamour magazine attracts the largest advertisers in our category. From beauty to fashion to automotive to health, the magazine is continuously attracting the best brands in the business. Glamour made Adweek's "Hot List" of Top 10 Magazines in both 2007 and 2006, as well as Ad Age's "A-List" of Top 10 Magazines in 2005.

Glamour is the most celebrated women's magazine in America today, having won 170 journalism awards. Recent ones include: The National Magazine Award for Personal Service in 2007; The National Magazine Award for General Excellence in 1995 and in 1991; Four Exceptional Merit Media Awards from the National Women's Political Caucus; Three Clarion Awards from Women in Communications and Five Front Page Awards from The Newswomen's Club of New York. Review
Glamour is the twentysomething woman's "Miss Manners" and charm-school bible, bursting at the seams with intimations, propositions, and warnings: how to dress for a dinner party, how to turn him on in five minutes, how to avoid the dreaded "fashion don't." Glamour's mission is to help the young woman trapped between Seventeen and Vogue find her way to becoming a happier, healthier, sexier gal. Unabashedly girly, including all the things we've come to expect from beauty and fashion mags--celebrity style gossip, hot trends in hair and makeup, quizzes, and quick fixes for everything from broken nails to fractured friendships--Glamour is girl talk, pure and simple. --Daphne Durham

Glamour gives you the best hair and beauty tips that work for your face, our popular fashion workbook geared for your shape and your budget, the real scoop on all your relationship and sex questions, plus monthly horoscopes and important health and diet news. And your favorite Dos and hilarious Don'ts!

Customer Reviews:

  • too many ads
    there's too many ads and not enough articles. Self magazine and marie claire are better for this reason....more info
  • fun and light reading
    I really enjoy Glamour. It's total "brain candy" but I do get a lot out of it and it's a quick read, which will get you the info you're looking for in not a lot of time. Some good beauty and exercise tips. Interesting interviews from time to time.

    I think it's a bargain, even though I don't read it cover to cover....more info
  • One of my Favorite Magazines
    I get a lot of magazines. A lot. Very few get read through completely for obvious reasons; time, many other mags to read, not interested in ALL the content. This is one I read through each and every month, along with Parents, TV Guide and Readers Digest. It has great articles that appeal to almost everyone, humor, great advice, etc. I really enjoy it and usually read it as soon as it arrives!...more info
  • Great, classy magazine
    I was an avid Cosmo reader for years, but it became more and more trashy... and then I discovered Glamour! It's filled with awesome beauty, fashion and lifestyle ideas without all the smut from Cosmo! The 'Hey, it's OK" section has to be one of my favorite; I look forward to it each month!...more info
  • For Granddaughters
    I wanted a magazine here for my granddaughters to read when they were over, and this one is great!...more info
  • I like it
    I really like this mag. Its much different from others. This mag is more well rounded it covers fashion, health, beauty, real life stories, sex, dating, food recipes, advice. I don't agree with them all the time but its become my favorite magazine, its so much better than others. I think it appeals to intelligent, independent females who are in their 20s & 30s. Its pretty good & I enjoy reading it each month....more info
  • Jane & Glamour: better combo
    I would combine a subscription of this magazine with one of Jane. Jane magazine is sassy, intelligent and witty, and written in a way you talk with a friend. None of the namby-pamby captions to the photos you see in this magazine, and the fashion spreads, tips and stories are incredible. I wish Jane were thicker, but it is a magazine I read from cover to cover. Glamour is great in the sense that its scope is broad, and has lots of topics. Jane is excellent because it's written for women who enjoy thinking for themselves, and don't just believe everything the media feeds them. Jane: Smartly written for smart women. Glamour: a good companion to it....more info
  • a favorite
    Glamour is one of my favorite mag's because its not ridiculous like Cosmo. I can't stand Cosmo. Glamour is a very girly magazine that focuses on trends, celebs, beauty, fashion, it also has how-to articles which is my favorite section in Glamour and they also include intelligent articles on health, finance, career, fitness, etc. There is a sex section but its not sex-obssessed like Cosmo is and Glamour doesn't have "please your man" articles. It seems more equal. Its a great fashion mag and if you're into this kind of stuff then I suggest Glamour because it seems more balanced than other mag's out there....more info
  • May be on the rebound
    ...I've been disappointed in many of the changes to the magazine since that time. More specifically, when long-time editor Ruth Whitney was replaced with the editor of Cosmopolitan (whose name I can't recall), the magazine seemed to transform into "Cosmo light": it was suddenly filled with articles on celebrities and sex, and some of my favorite features (such as the book recommendations) disappeared. I missed the more intelligent magazine of my earlier years and considered cancelling my subscription, but because I was still deriving some enjoyment from the entertainment features, I continued reading. A few years ago, a new editor, Cynthia Leive, took over, and since then, there has been another--although less dramatic--transformation. The celebrity and sex features are still there, but now they're balanced by more intelligent articles (and yes, my book recommendations have returned!). This is still not the Glamour of old, but there is definitely hope for continued recovery of this once-great magazine....more info
  • Good mag, good price
    Glamour is one of the only two women's magazine's I subscribe to. The content and layout is always interesting albeit a bit predictable, and the majority of the magazine is advertisements (like most magazines these days). But the low price makes it a worthwhile subscription....more info
  • I suscribe to this magazine every year!
    I have subscribed to Glamour every year! I love the features about careers and relationships most -- although I also do love the beauty and fashion columns. Women in their twenties and thirties should all read Glamour. It is smart, sassy, sexy and entertaining! Subscribe today!...more info
  • mehran review
    I like this magazine very much and I believe that this magazine can be a very powerful resource for solvinf women's today problems....more info
  • A Fun Respit
    Glamour is a fun, girlie read and a bit of brain candy. It does usually have an informative public awareness article as well. But lets not forget the detailed reviews of what's in, regarding fashionable clothing and fun beauty products. Everything you need to make you feel like a hottie on a cold dark wintery day....more info
  • Glamour magazine review
    I am amazed at how fast the subscription started. I signed up through Amazon and within 3 weeks I had my first issue. It's a great magazine and I could not believe the price, 12 issues for $1.50, that's just too good to pass up. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Glamour
    There is no articles to read, most of the pages AD's, Yes it is colorful, but you can finish reading this magaz. in 10 min. And this particular mag. pay a lot of attention on sex. I feel kind of uncomfortable when my daughther reading this.
    Lana...more info
  • glamour not for teens
    This magazine is full of very adult advertising. They seem to aim towards teens but most of it is advertising. I had a hard time finding an article that wasn't selling something. I thought is was interesting enough for my 19 year old but realized its not even interesting enough for my 15 year old niece....more info
  • Still have not gotten an issue
    Still am waiting on the magazine when I got an email a month ago saying it was being processed and I should get it shortly...more info
  • Finally a magazine for real women
    I stopped buying and ordering magazines because it seemed all they ever told you were things to do for your "man".

    Glamour actually has articles that make you think and make you laugh.

    Great mag for those who want more out of life than how to please their partner....more info
  • Single a documentary film
    Glamour has maintained it's leadership role as a style leader for its demographic. It's ability to create the image of the young and sexy has a powerful impact. If you enjoy this magazine you will almost certainly enjoy the new dvd "Single a documentary film"..."Single" features a cast
    of entertaining and thought provoking experts,comics,singer/songwriters,and "real people" sharing their insights and observations about the complexities of relationships in todays crazy world. ...more info
  • Love it
    In a world full of teen magazines, I am thankful to have a grown-up outlet for pleasurable reading. ...more info
  • Read this magazine for 33 years
    I have been reading Glamour since i was 16 and still find the articles interesting and it helps me keep up with fashion and cosmetics still at my age. I like to try to keep current and Glamour helps me do that. Great magazine at all ages....more info
  • great service, great magazine, great price
    always love GLAMOUR, better price than subscription renewal or new subscription at $10 a year with 2-year subscription, no extra handling fee, very fast delivery, less than 3 weeks...more info
  • Love it!
    some issues are a bit boring, but most of them have great advise on
    exercising, diet and fashion

    ..lloooveee itt!...more info
  • One of the better magazines of its genre
    This magazine has improved since the days of Bonnie Fuller. She turned it into a Cosmo clone with lots of "how to please your man in bed" articles and other sex related features. The magazine was obsessed with sex, to the point that I quit reading it until a year or two ago.

    Nowadays there are fewer sex articles, though more than I would like. I do like the fact that Glamour covers a variety of topics. There's something for just about everyone. The dos and don'ts are fun, as well as the feature where a person does something really ridiculous to see how people respond. I will say that at 38 I'm starting to feel that I'm outgrowing the magazine a little bit. A lot of the articles seem to be targeted at someone younger than me. I'm not sure how much longer I will continue my subscription, but I do think this is one of the better women's magazines for gals in their 20s to mid 30s.

    One warning about Conde Nast magazines: when you purchase a new subscription, they send you two old magazines from previous months, and count them against your subscription. I really dislike this practice. It has happened with every Conde Nast magazine I've subscribed to. Also, I often receive my magazine well after it has appeared on the newsstand. This might not bother some subscribers, but it bothers me. ...more info
  • By Far the Best Magazine on Newstands
    This is by far my favorite magazine. It's dynamic- it doesn't just focus on one topic, but many! Glamour has something for everyone, be it makeup tips or clothes for your body type, work out regimes, sex tips, and articles on global issues. Yes, some of the articles can be a bit repetitive, but come on, your reading a magazine, not a Shakespearean novel.
    I love the articles by Marianne Pearl. She is traveling the world for Glamour, writing stories about social issues in our world. Not only are the articles well written, but they are uplifting and give light to problems that the media often ignores.
    The Glamour Beauty section focuses on tips for applying makeup for the current season and fun hairstyles to try. Glamour Fashion has clothes that are mostly affordable for the everyday woman and it's fun to look at all the different styles. In addition, there is always a "Do and Don't" section which shows people wearing both ridiculous and chic outfits. The Men, Sex, and Love section usually has a Do and Don't section as well, and advice for women written by real men. Sometimes the celebrity interview can be a bit bland- they are often just promoting a new CD or movie, but others have been quite interesting. This section is often hit or miss.
    What I like best about Glamour is the Real Stories section. There is always a page about an everyday hero, which is uplifting to read. Plus, usually a celebrity will tell about a transforming time in his or her life.
    I love that Glamour isn't like every other magazine. There really is something for everyone and I always look forward to it every month....more info
  • Good but not great
    It's a good magazine, but nothing spectacular about it. But then I just read a single issue of the magazine from my subscription....more info
    To date, there is no magazine parallel to Glamour. It is so well tailored, concise, and consistent, all while staying extremely fresh and appealing. The articles are real, and smart! The layouts are interesting; they don't have merely one color and one font. There is an array of texts and hues to keep the reader appealed and yet it isn't too busy. The magazine doesn't have raunchy articles, just very informative, professional, articles. And the advertisements don't rule the magazine. They are placed in the magazine to enhance its already dynamic appeal. The magazine is so well balanced that after reading it, one cannot help but feel deeply satisfied. Glamour incorporates monthly, beauty, fashion, religion, political, economical, and health, trends and details. All of which are researched professionally and veracious. If you are searching for a woman's magazine and like intelligent and fun articles, which have well designed layouts, Glamour is the magazine for you!

    ...more info
  • good, could be better
    Glamour? or Self? or Cosmo? By defualt I settle on Glamour. While I am happy overall with it I skip a lot of the magizine artticles. I find Galmour too political at times, and don't want to read about infirtilty, orphans, or abortion in a magizine I just got for fun. I also don't like the cosmo-like articles on crazy swinging from the chandiler sex. What I DO like is the how to do anything better guide, do & don'ts, the quick beauty, fasion, career, and deocorating tips. ...more info
  • Ok for 12 bucks
    - has a splatter of fairly interesting articles/ pictures

    - all of the fairly interesting articles/ pictures can be usually read and viewed in under half an hour
    - (and in the table of contents/ on the cover they make a huge deal out of every, however tiny, article that's inside... often making cross-references/ multiple references to the same thing)
    - besides dwindling inspiration, this is probably generally due to the fact that the magazine is absolutely overwhelmed by ads! Much more so than before, it seems. I would estimate that at least half, but as much as 2/3 of the magazine is dedicated to ads - many of which are very much in-your-face and clash with magazine materials
    - although Glamour is more easy-going and not as pretentious as, say, Vogue... it has its share of preaching and hypocritical moments. For example, in the last issue they had an article about women/kids who escaped sex slavery in Darfur - with the interpersed full-page ads of bright red, high-heeled designer shoes! If you don't belive me, check out pages 256+ in the March 2008 issue... a pretty ridiculous sight.

    ...more info
  • Glamour Magazine
    Very good. Cheap too. I got my sis a subscription too and she loves it too. ...more info
  • Nice read, but...
    I used to buy Glamour when it looked interesting and decided to subscribe to it now in order to save money. I ordered it in mid November and just received the first issue today. What really irritates me is that I received the December issue today- although the January issue is already in stores (and I had already bought the December issue). So although I like the magazine, the subscription is off to a bad start......more info
  • A mag for all size women who want affordable fashon!
    LOVE THIS MAG! Who ever heard of a fashon magazine which includes ALL size/age women! GLAMOR DOES! One summer issue covered all body types and sizes - including what looked best on a size 24 women! TERRIFIC! Also a very thoughtfully written mag. I have no need for any other fashon mag....more info
  • *My favorite Mag*
    This is my favorite magazine for the past 10 years and it's not expensive like cosmo....more info
  • The Magazine Diva says.......
    I suggested on my site to share the subscription price with a friend. This mag has a few good ideas but no exactly on the pulse of my life....more info
  • well rounded
    I've been reading Glamour for the past three years and it has been a great magazine all around. Glamour covers topics on health, career, finances, sex, relationships, style, etc. Of all the magazines on the newsstands, this one is the most intelligent and savvy for women in their 20s and 30s. Yes there are too many ads like in most magazines, but that's how the media survives, they get their salary mostly from ads. I usually don't mind because I feel that its such a great magazine, that the ads are worth putting up with. I have felt that at times Cosmopolitan is a little too focused on sex and "please your man" articles.

    Glamour seems to have found a nice balance and I don't feel that it dumbs down my intelligence at all. I do wish that they would expand beyond the typical articles. I wish that they would include more sections on culture, travel, and technology. Men's magazines include articles on gadgets and tech, and as a woman I enjoy gadgets as well. Its not just a guy thing. Its not a perfect magazine, some issues are better than others, but I feel that at this time Glamour is the best magazine for women right now. ...more info
  • Save your money for a different magazine
    I started ordering Glamour 2 months ago, and honestly it is a huge disappointment to me. There are so many ads in this magazine its unbelievable. Ladies, my advice is to save your money for a different magazine..I dont recommend Glamour at all. ...more info
  • Good read
    I like this one better than Cosmo. Great info on beauty and the like....more info
  • Hooked from my first issue.
    I just renewed my subscription to Glamour because they are one of the only magazines I have ever read that feature both a significant amount of affordable items (i.e. less than $100) as well as intelligent, relevant articles about women AND men.

    Sure, they have their "off" months, but I really appreciate that ads don't tend to dominate the magazine as much as others (especially for as low as the subscription rate is). I also can't wait to see the "Do's and Don'ts" every month!...more info
  • Glamour Girl!
    This has to be my favorite magazine because It has a little bit of everything. Cosmo is about more carnal subjects, Marie Claire has many serious subjects, Vogue is pure fashion, Allure is practically a beauty bible but Glamour has all these things & it's that versatility that I like....more info
  • an updated review
    After I bought Glamour off the news stand, I read it and completely loved it. The previous reviews were a little bit out of date here on Amazon, and in my opinion, a magazine can transform dramatically in a year, if not less. There's definitely a lot less fluff and a lot of wonderful articles in 2005. For example, there were articles about the emotional hardships with a mom whose kid is mentally ill and the story of up coming star as a happily adopted child. There were articles on women who struggled so that girls today can play in Little League, women can get credit cards and keep their job when they get pregnant. There's a lot of important and powerful article on women's rights with a dose of celebrity life. My favorite article was Aisha Tyler showing us how much digital touchup can do to cover definitely made me feel a lot better about my body.

    I felt like Glamour had enough dosage with fashion, health news, beauty tips, and celebrity life, but still did a great job to remind us the greatness of being a woman. I gave it 4 stars due to the fact that I had flip through 6 pages of ads before I got to the table on contents. I suppose that's how magazines make their money, but I can do without. Other than that, great mag! If every issues is like the one I read, I'd subscribe to it in a heart beat.
    ...more info
  • A great magazine!
    I love Glamour! This has to be my favorite magazine of all times! Granted the ads drive me nuts but I love the Do and Don'ts and all the clothes. I am a shopping mogul! This magazine is great for showing new trends and I love layering and almost always they are showing new ways of layering clothes and teaching you how to wear your clothes in a different exciting way. I also enjoy the articles and life lessons as there is always something that I am interested in. I read Glamour almost from cover to back! I rarely skip articles! If you like fashion and just articles on every life issues this magazine is for you!

    **I have noticed a change over the last year in the magazine, but it is not terrible.**...more info
  • My favorite "trashy magazine"
    I've had subscriptions to just about every woman's magazine there is over the past 8 years, but the only one I always renew is "Glamour". It's less "how-to-catch-a-man" oriented than "Cosmo", less pseudo-hipster than "Jane" and less serious than "Marie Claire". While it's certainly no "Ms." magazine, it has a lot of women-positive messages every issue, articles that aren't as sensationalistic and fear-mongering than most found in women's magazines, and lots of fashion and beauty tips. I feel that "Glamour" strikes the right balance between frivolity and seriousness--for those of you who like a side of third-wave feminism with your fashion, I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Inspirational, good mix of world issues and fashion
    This is a really good magazine, 'coz it doesn't only talk about fashion do's and dont's, but also about world issues. It includes inspirational stories about strong women, successful women, also women who are struggling in their lives. It has good health columns, and other stuff....more info