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This magazine serves as a practical guide to good health. Each issue includes information on naturally-oriented food and nutrition, alternative health practices, exercise and self-care. Natural Health focuses on the mind/body connection, illustrated exercise, preventative medicine, healthy cuisines, creating a healthy lifestyle in the home and office and consumer guides to natural products.

Customer Reviews:

  • Natural Health
    Nothing but advertisements. Don't bother with it. I got it as a gift subscription. Very disappointing. I'd go as far as to say it's rubbish, as mine go directly to the recycling bin. ...more info
  • Fluff Fluff Fluff
    I agree with the other reviewers. I was so disappointed when this magazine was re-vamped. It is all fluff,fluff, fluff now and in the past it offered so much information centering around holistic and organic remedies. The title really is a mis-representation of it's contents now. You might as well buy any other number of shallow women's magazines for the same type of content. I was glad to find these reviews that verified my feelings on the new content because I thought it was just me. And as the other reviewer said, the magazine doesn't have a "letter to the editor" section anymore because if it did I'm sure it would get an earful from all it's (previous)loyal readers. I'm cancelling my subscription and going with Prevention or something like that....more info
  • Inappropriate new format
    For years this was a terrific magazine - full of useful, healhy information. Just last month they COMPLETELY changed the format and it is now a run-of-the-mill, superficial, women's magazine. As a subscriber for 5+ years, I was crushed. The articles are shallow and center around make-up, fashion, losing the tummy (encouraging inappropriately low weight like typical fashion magazines do) Apparently this magazine was bought by the publishers of "shape" magazine and now the format is almost identical. Don't waste your money.......more info
  • My favourite magazine
    I am a bit critical about what I read, so I cannot understand the negative reviews for this magazine.

    I've had many subscriptions to womens' magazines, and this is the best one from them all. "Self" magazine and other health-related magazines do not even come close (and in my opinion that magazine I mentioned is much more shallow and useless).

    I've gotten a lot of great ideas from "Natural Health" magazine, and it's not at all shallow (as another reviewer claimed). I also have no idea what the reviewer meant by "fluff" articles, as I cannot find any true fluff articles in this magazine.

    What I love about "Natural Health" is that is caters to my specific "type." I am a vegetarian and try to use only holistic or organic/natural products, and I also have an interest in Eastern spirituality, so this is the best choice for me. Other magazines that I read are just empty fun devoid of anything really interesting....more info
  • Hijacked Magazine-Couldn't leave well enough alone
    I agree with the other reviewers. Before last September, this was such a great magazine I sponsored 4 gift subscriptions in 2 years. I would have given it a five star rating. I agree I thought it was a joke when I got some Vogue-Good Housekeeping Wannabee thing in the mail, assuming all we want is yet another catalogue-type magazine of clothes, make-up or furniture to buy. I wear make up, but would anyone consider it part of a health routine, unless there was bad news about it?! There also was no explanation of why the previous editor is gone. Now the next editor is leaving too, but who knows whether they will go back to their old format/content. I noticed they don't include a letter section anymore--probably because the subscribers are so mad, and they would have so many negative ones. What is wrong with the new publishers/editors, and why couldn't they leave well enough alone? I would like to know!...more info
  • Sadly changed to mainstream health
    I used to adore this magazine when it was published out of Boston, but now it's pretty much run of the mill. If you DIDN'T like the more new-age tone of the old Natural Health, you might like this one better. But I miss the old version and don't particularly find this magazine as informative or thought-provoking....more info
  • Insulting to its subscribers
    I used to love receiving Natural Health magazine and I read every article in every issue. I always kept my issues because there was valuable information on herbs, supplements, nutrition, etc. in each one. So I was stunned when I received the "new" Natural Health in September 2003. Gone were the articles about specific herbs. Gone were the intelligent articles about achieving and maintaining health. Gone were the wonderful and informative "ask the expert" sections. In their place were stupid, fluffy, uninteresting articles about entertaining, fashion, superficial "beauty", etc. I guess they studied their demographics, figured out that the majority of their readers were women, and decided that women will only read a magazine if there are fashion segments in it. I found this incredibly insulting and I will not be renewing when my subscription runs out. RIP, old Natural Health....more info
  • Weider & Co. Change NATURAL HEALTH To Fluff Magazine.
    NATURAL HEALTH has just been revamped to a fluff magazine. Ignoring it's core subscription, Weider & Co. decide to run their same fluff articles that they run in other magazines in NATURAL HEALTH. You will learn nothing about herbs, nutrional supplements, disease prevention or treatment from the new NATURAL HEALTH. You might learn how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, fluff on using cosmetics or fluff on fluff. I recommend HEALTH, ALTERNATIVE HEALTH, BETTER NUTRITION or PREVENTION as magazines that will give you good health information. Not fluff....more info
  • used to bea good mag, now a waste of money
    I agree with the others that say it isn't worth the ink it's printed on. I subscribes years ago, but when they changed the magazine it became crap. ...more info
  • Very dissapointed in the New Magazine
    I've been a subscriber for many years to Natural Health. I could always count on really good, accurate information. When I received my last issue, I was extremely dissapointed.
    The magazine was filled with fashion and other "fluff". It has gone mainstream in a bad way. If you want to learn about Natural Health and Living, I'm afraid you will have to look somehwere else....more info
  • Spend your money elsewhere.
    When I first subscribed to Natural Health the magazine lived up to its name. It focused on nutrition, alternative medicine, and contained wonderful recipes, all of which were meat and dairy free (vegan). The articles were well written and lengthy, with more "magizine" than adds. Begining with the September 2003 issue they decided to change their look, and they now have turned into a fashion magizine, more or less, focusing very little on nutrition and healthy living. The fashion styles have included leather. The articles are short, uninformative. And all of the recipes seem to contain meat or dairy. And there are SO MANY adds. It no longer should be able to be called "Natural Health" because it is neither all natural, nor does it focus on health. Personally, I did not renew my subscription, which expires at the end of the year. I would suggest you spend your money elsewhere....more info
  • Not renewing Subscription
    This magazine used to be full of great info. The "new" natural health has really gone to the birds. I will not renew!

    I did subcribe to Alternative Medicine and I really like it. Its like what Natural Health USED to be....more info

  • Natural Health Magazine
    Natural Health Magazine is a bit heavy on the advertisements, but otherwise it is a fantastic magazine! Had this magazine had a bit more content then I would have given it a 5 star rating.

    I love the articles, which keep one current on the latest health issues that are relevant for today's fast paced world. Plus the articles are fun to read and aren't too long for the busy person who doesn't have a lot of time to do a lot of reading, but still wants to keep current on being healthy.

    There are also some good recipes in each issue and they all seem/sound divine. I have tried a few of the recipes and enjoyed making and eating the ones I've tried so far....more info
  • We live in a capitalistic society
    Natural Health must have been changed (mainstreamed) to attract more readers and bring in more money. Unfortunately for the original NH reader, and for the businesspeople at American Media, Inc., it hasn't accomplished what it set out to do. Too late now....more info
  • A once great magazine is now a superficial one
    I am so glad I came to Amazon to express how I feel about the changes in Natural Health. Literally, there was no way to express myself now that in the new Natural Health, there are no longer "letters to the editor" and try as I might, I could NOT find ANYONE to write to to speak of my displeasure.
    This used to be a truly alternative magazine that had vegan recipes, and intelligent meaningful articles, real alternative health advice and in depth articles about spirituality. No longer. Now it has ads for grotesque knee-high leather boots, how to cook a turkey, expensive Madison avenue fashion, how eating ice cream is good for you(?), and with Atkins ads now on the back pages. The last issue, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was about taking pharmaceuticals when you are healthy to prevent disease in later life (give me a break).
    The owners have totally forsaken those of us who truly live a simple and cruelty-free lifestyle, eat a plant-based diet, live life without drugs and are truly interested real spirituality.
    Thanks to all of you who wrote similiar is so nice to see I wasn't the only one who noticed these changes....more info
  • NO LONGER a good magazine!
    I have been a subscriber for MANY years, but since the 'new' version of the magazine came out in Fall 2003, everything went bad. Even the graphic design of the magazine has gotten so much worse! I am extremely dissappointed, but it's now 5 months and the magazine has not gotten any better. For the first time in years, I will NOT be renewing. I agree that the magazine is now total 'fluff'...I mean, who wants to read about fashion in a 'Natural Health' magazine?! I look elsewhere for that. Everything now is an advertisement for natural products whereas previously they told you how to make your own remedies. Don't waste your time, money, or trees on this magazine....more info
  • A little disappointing
    I used to subscribe to this magazine several years ago and really enjoyed it. I picked up an issue recently and I was disappointed. It's turned into a typical mass-market woman's magazine with a few details about natural living added in and pages of ads for "natural" products. ...more info
  • Highly Informative!
    This is my favorite magazine and it is packed full of current information on alternative approaches and health....more info
  • Very disappointed...
    Up until a few months ago, I was a happy subscriber of natural health. It was a magazine of a different caliber and I looked foward to each issue. All of that changed in October. I got my new issue in the mail, and thought it was a joke or that someone was kidding. If natural health had not been written on the cover, I would of thought it was another magazine entirely. The format has totally changed for the worse. The magazine is full of stuff that does not belong in a holistic publication. I chose not to cancel my subscription immediately, and I will ride it out until it expires. Sadly, my subscription to the REAL natural health has already expired....more info
  • Wrong Direction
    I first discovered Natural Health last year and fell in love
    with it. I'm interested in healthy lifestyle suggestions and
    alternative medicine. As with the previous review, I have
    found the new format to be superficial and the new fashion pages an insult to readers like myself. If I wanted a magazine with this new format I would have subscribed to Shape or Self. I have since called and asked for
    a refund for my sister and myself....more info


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