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Popular Mechanics is for people who have a passion to know how things work. It's about how the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health. Popular Mechanics - answers for curious minds.

Who Reads Popular Mechanics?
The Popular Mechanics reader is curious. The reader is driven to explore, become knowledgeable and actively participate in a wide variety of interests, making him today's Go-to Guy that Main Street America goes to for advice.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
The Popular Mechanics reader has a curious mind - a hunger to know, an inquisitive interest, and a desire to investigate and learn. Every month, Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences millions of curious minds - engaging them with breakthroughs in science and technology, how-to stories on digital technology, automotive advances and home upgrades.

  • Tech Watch: Reporters dig deep to find new and exciting technological advances that will keep readers up-to-date with cutting-edge innovations – in aviation, computers, energy, environment, health, military, robotics, space and transportation.
  • Upgrade: Reporters collect the best gear from the biggest trade shows – from new tools for the home and worksite to the most advanced digital gadgets – and provide no-nonsense comparison tests and monthly reviews.
  • New Cars: Auto editors at Popular Mechanics give readers a comprehensive sneak-peak of the most exciting vehicles coming out of Detroit, Asia and Europe.
  • DIY Auto: This section gives readers a place to go for all their automotive repair and maintenance questions and answers – allowing them to skip the trip to the local mechanic by providing them instructions on exactly how to diagnose and repair any number of auto problems.
  • DIY Home: This section offers readers a column with a variety of step-by-step home improvement projects, including useful tips, advice and product reviews.
  • DIY Tech: This gives readers hands on advice on all things tech – from cameras and computers to HDTV and surround sound – keeping them one step ahead of the curve.
  • Feature Articles: Popular Mechanics tells you how the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health. Features include: Tech Watch, Upgrade, New Cars, Saturday Mechanic, Car Clinic, Homeowners Clinic, and Jay Leno's Garage.

Magazine Layout:
Popular Mechanics is clean, crisp, fresh and cool. The magazine continuously delivers to curious minds every month - and even at 102 years young, continues to be a voice of authority on all things science, automotive, technology, home and outdoors.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Popular Mechanics is the essential source for the modern man. From installing windows in their home or on their computer, Popular Mechanics gives readers the information and tools they need to be confident and competent in today’s high-tech world.

Popular Mechanics has a wide variety of advertisers, from automobiles to retailers and tools to home and garden, and everything in between.

Over the past 9 years, Popular Mechanics has won over 60 Art and Design Awards - ranging from Distinction in Editorial Design to Best Cover of the Year, to Best Table of Contents to Distinction in Photography. In 2008, Popular Mechanics won the American Society of Magazine Editors award for excellence in service journalism, for its 3 part series on the fast growing national anxiety - the degradation of the environment.

With plenty of features on the latest high-tech cars, tools, sports gear, and military developments, Popular Mechanics is the source for discriminating gadget heads. Full-page ads for spark plugs, extrastrong glues, and manly cigarettes fuel the magazine's testosterone engine, and many of the how-to articles are designed to help today's male achieve maximum speed, efficiency, and style in his leisure activities. In-depth articles on the history of the baseball glove, comparison tests of mulching mowers, and a list of the cables you'll need to build a home network join brief news bites covering science, outdoors, and home improvement. With a copy of Popular Mechanics and a fat wallet, you could be the alpha male you've always wanted to be! --Therese Littleton

Popular Mechanics is for people who have a passion to know how things work. It's about how the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health. Popular Mechanics - answers for curious minds.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not the magazine it was 20 years ago.
    Thin. Changed a lot since I was a kid. Low price but not much substance to the publication anymore. It is still fun to read and has some interesting articles....more info
  • plan ahead
    Make sure you plan ahead a couple of years before ordering because thats how long it will take for delivery...more info
  • very little depth, way too many adds and very little content
    i just received my first issue of PM and I am very disappointed with the depth of articles. The magazine is filled with advertisements to an extreme extent. For example, the windows replacement article is a joke, just couple of pictures and lines of text to cover such a complex issue as replacing windows at home. Why they even bother publishing an article like that? waste of space, they could as well put more advertisements in that spot.

    Just like the PC Magazine, PM is going the wrong route and will end up the same way soon. ...more info
  • Popular Mechanics
    I haven't really kept up with Popular Mechanics, excellent, intesting articles... I will enjoy !!...more info
  • Renewal subscriptions
    I do wish that this would have been picked up as a renewal instead of getting a lot of double issues....more info
  • Popular Mechanics
    Since I haven't received the magazine yet, it is very difficult to review it at this time. However, I can review the 6-8 week delivery time as a minus 5!...more info
  • Magazine Subscription Review
    This was a great last minute Christmas gift for my husband. Not only was it an actually "I'd really like to have Popular Mechanics subscription" to my face request, it was also a great savings. This 1 year subscription was a special price of $5.00! I didn't have to go out searching the stores either! THANKS!:o)...more info
  • Worth every penny very informative
    Recently started subscribing had many useful articles a step by step guide to trouble shooting your car when it won't start. A review of as seen on tv products if there worth the money, a how to article on creating your own smart home. If your a do it your selfer or want to be this mag is for you thanks ...more info
  • Popular Mecanics
    Received Early... Good Service... I'm in for the long haul. Amazon is great, that's why I keep buying from them....more info
  • this mag is a waste of paper
    i use to get pop sci and pop mech when i was a kid. thought i would get a sub of each from Amazon. both started arriving with in a month ... very nice. when the pop sci arrived i read it cover to cover. when the pop mech arrived i was excited and took it into my "office" for what i expected to be a nice long read. what a disappointment! full of ads .. and not even interesting products. articles were very weak. it took 3 minutes to realize i wasted my time. rolled it up and tossed it. hope that issue was just an anomaly....more info
  • Too many hand gun ads for me...
    I received a subscription for Christmas last year as it seemed like a pretty broad based magazine with lots of good articles on a variety of topics. And that is absolutely true - however, I ultimately cancelled due to the number of advertisements for hand guns. Call me what you will (and yes, I'm from that bastion of liberalism, Massachusetts) but I could not support a periodical that advertises these items. Just my own personal feelings on this matter....more info
  • Great Magazine!
    I bought this magazine for my husband as a little surprise gift. He loves it! He is always interested in new technology and how things work. He is very pleased with it. It arrived in a timely manner, too....more info
  • cheaper magaizine
    I have subscribed to this magazine for years, always at the publishers rates. I discovered recently that you can buy these through Amazon at a large discount. This is saving me a good bit of money. The magazine is well known, guys type magazine with lots of how to type articles and auto reviews.
    ...more info
  • great read
    this magazine is an easy read. the articles r brief and concise. i am always in a rush, and time is an issue. thsi mag lets me just pick it up and read when ever i want....more info
  • best magizine ever
    This is the best magazine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gives lots of detail and has awsome articals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Popular Mechanics
    Enjoyed by the young men in our school library.

    I do take out the sexual explicit ads....more info
  • where is the magazine?
    This was a gift for my Dad. He has only received one magazinewe I ordered it in Nov. and that one took longer because your order people didn't get his name right. If any one cares please take a look at the name on the order. He needs the full name an number.Maybe put the number on the next line. So far pretty poor service....more info
  • Very good
    I ordered this not too long ago and got it pretty quick. Excellent price, really good magazine. 100% recommended. 5 Stars...more info
  • Wow, that was fast
    1st issue cam within a month, was not expecting it for several more weeks - a great deal on a great magazine!...more info
  • My favorite magazine
    I have been reading Popular Mechanics for several years. It is the only magazine that I read from cover to cover. I gives great (and useable) information on computers, tools, do-it-yourself home improvement, car repairs, new products, and the latest technical innovations. Even their short car reviews are very informative. Every time I pick something up that is useful to me....more info
  • Mickey's review
    The renewal process was quick,self-explanatory so even a novice could

    complete it....more info
  • Best Magazine ever.
    nice magazine alot of new technology news as well as alot of useful information. A+...more info
  • Great idea for a Holiday Gift
    We got two of these subscriptions for do-it-yourselfers. This magazine makes a great gift/stocking stuffer and the price for two years it the greatest....more info
  • Came soon after ordering
    The magazine is what it is and either you like it or you don't. I saw several reviews stating that their magazine didn't start for a long time. Mine came less than a month after I ordered it. Good job....more info
  • Great Gift
    Finding a great gift is a challenge. Having a son that has a passion for technology and how things work made this a great gift. The first issue was immediately read cover-to-cover... that says it all!!...more info
  • I like popular mechanics
    I like the magazine. It is filled with interesting and useful descriptions of current technology....more info
  • Spanish version in better
    The topics of the magazine are great, but it has too much ads, which makes it hard to read. I'd rather the spanish version, it's easier to read. Besides, delivery takes too much....more info
  • The Jack-of-All-Trades Magazine
    Popular Mechanics is a Jack-of-All-Trades Magazine. I have been an avid reader since high school picking up every other issue or so at local newsstands. I only recently finally got smart and picked up a subscription. For the price you can't go wrong. PM is filled with informative articles on everything ranging from new technology, world events, woodworking tips, car care, automotive design, and computers. PM does not delve to deep into any particular subject, rather it gives you a broad view of all of them.

    In each issue your likely to find tips on how to change and fix a flat tire on your car, plans on how to build wood furniture, reviews on new cars, and reports on upcoming technology. The articles are always interesting and provide enough information to let you do a little more digging if the subject matter sparks your interest. Jay Leno even writes an automotive section that is always enjoyable to read.

    The product reviews are informative and have helped me with numerous purchases ranging from new cars, snow blowers, power tools, dirt bikes and the like. I would recommend this magazine to anyone interested in any of the mentioned subjects but can't afford 40 different subscriptions to cover them all....more info

  • Covers all the bases
    For me, this magazine has it all: technology, automotive, aviation, boats, home repair, and much more. It gives a great overview of what is happening in many industries and hobbies. I have generally read the entire issue two days after I have received it, and I don't have a lot of free time for reading.

    One of the best aspects of this magazine is that is does not take itself too seriously. It does a great job creating articles that are informative and detailed, but leaves room for fun and offbeat topics too.

    Last year Popular Mechanics readers got to follow a PM sponsored NASCAR car. This year they have switched to a top fuel dragster. These articles give you a good behind the sense look at what it takes to race these impressive vehicles.

    If racing is not your style, checkout the woodworking section where a myriad of woodworking projects are presented. Don't forget their annual woodworkers special with a whole host of plans in a single issue.

    Got a leaky water heater? Check the home repair section. Car on the fritz? Check the auto repair section. Wondering what is new in the military? Watch for the frequent special articles on the Special Forces and their hardware. This magazine has a great deal to offer!

    For an all around look at technology and all things mechanical, you can't beat Popular Mechanics!...more info

  • Great magazine, poor service from seller
    I decided to try to take advantage of this subscription service from Hearst last xmas as a gift for my father, i knew it would take about 4 months before the first issue would be delivered, but to date i have only received that first issue.

    It's September, i made my order in December, and i have only 1 magazine that i got from you guys.

    If you cannot facilitate an order from a PAYING subscriber then why bother to offer the service in the first place?...more info
  • Excellent magazine!
    This is the perfect magazine for those who are mechanically inclined - or interested! Great topics that are interesting and pertinent to modern living and current topics, with well written and detailed articles for those that are learning something new. I definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Simply the best
    This magazine is one of the few I eagerly await each month. Then I read it cover to cover. ...more info
  • Absolutely the worst.
    PM is pathetic propaganda garbage, the type of anti-intellectualism that you see on the sort of UFO and sasquatch nonsense that you see on basic cable. Worst or all has been their propaganda about 9/11, which treats the reader like a complete idiot, claiming that huge steel-frame buildings fall down because of small, oxygen-starved fires while trotting out dupe/sell-out "experts" whom they shamelessly misquote. Only read PM if want to waste your life, feel like a tool, or otherwise prove your loyalty to the fascist lunatic fringe and the sort of scum we beat the crap out of in World War II....more info
  • Good balance of science and technology
    PM really interests me with it's mechanical science perspective. I should have subscribed sooner!...more info
  • Popular Mechanics is a magazine for "low brows."
    I was impelled to subscribe to Popular Mechanics because of its low price--3 years for $15. I just received the first issue and even at less than 50 cents a copy, the magazine is far from being a good value. The articles are nearly all superficial. The longer ones, which strive to be informative, are aimed at teen-age or younger readers. Even the ads are crumby. I am always interested in reviews of new automobiles. The cars PM picked were all exotic vehicles, none of which I would ever consider buying. From my standpoint, PM is a dull, poorly edited magazine! I remember it from years ago whe it was filled with useful information. No longer....more info
  • He really likes it!
    I ordered the subscription to Popular Mechanics one week before my son's 12th birthday. I told him it would probably be six weeks before he received the first issue. Surprisingly, we had the first issue within three weeks. He really likes the magazine and I was happy about the prompt delivery....more info
  • So So, not Great a bit thin
    This might be a good magazine to get your Jr. High son or grandson. It has lots of interesting articles. I really enjoyed it as a kid.
    It takes a hard slant to the right on ocasion. There are also just a few too many times where what is featured in their tech review articles happen to be featured prominantly in the magazine's ads. Its hard to tell the ads from the articles at times. Its also just not that well written. The articles themselves are a bit thin.
    One article a while back mentioned a "bridge of glass" being built in Tacoma. (this was a follow-on to an earlier article on bridge technology and exotic materials) If you go there, its a bridge to a glass museum, but is made of ordinary reinforced concrete. A little editorial fact checking never hurts....more info
  • The Life You've Always Wanted
    I waited over 3 weeks for this product for a class I was in and was then told it was never shipped from Canada....more info
  • Bargain-priced entertainment
    Never having read PM in the past, I was hesitant to make a 2 year commitment, but the great price convinced me. Now that I've received a few issues, I'm sold. Great mag!...more info
  • Seems a little strange to review a magazine, but...
    I've been reading PM for as long as I can remember, and it's always been a great magazine. Good way to keep up with a broad expanse of technology.
    ...more info
  • Popular Mechanics
    Popular Mechanics (1-year) Rapid response to a subscription request for a great price....more info
  • Popular Mechanics Magazine
    Always timely and easy to read, Popular Mechanics remains one of mainstream America's best sources for the latest concepts and inventions to make life more interesting. Their full-size format is gentle on the eyes and easy to hold, unlike smaller magazines....more info
  • I've been reading PM for over 55 years ... and it's still an excellent read!
    When I was a little guy my bedtime reading included Winny the Pooh, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Brave New World, and four "How-To" magazines including Popular Mechanics. Three of the magazines changed direction (and/or failed) over the years, but Popular Mechanics stayed true to its Do-It-Yourself-type readers and is still worth reading cover-to-cover.
    No I'm not interested in selling my Popular Mechanics collection; I'm still using them....more info
  • Popular Science
    I have always enjoyed popular science, popular mechancis, popular electronics magazines. The only thing I don't like about these magazines is they keep adding more pages of advertisement. But I guess at only $15.99 for a 2 year subscription I can't complain. Keep producing informative information. Thank You...more info
  • bad delivery
    I made my subscription in january 23, and it said shipped february 2 2007 and Im still waiting for it! today is March 19 2007...more info
  • Popular Mechanics
    Popular Mechanics is still trying to please everyone with their content and is doing a good job. I'm glad that I started subscription again....more info


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