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Seventeen is your handbook to life! Full of great fashion tips that keep you ahead of the trends... the hottest makeup, the best products for beautiful skin, must have jeans, the best shoes, belts & bags, and those great little dresses that keep you looking your best at school, parties... or just about anywhere! Get the latest scoop on celebrities, music, movies and more. Plus, catch up on the guy scene every month with Seventeen's Guy Talk. Recent features include “615 Fashion & Beauty Ideas,” “Be Green: Easy Ways to Save the Planet,” “Your Best Abs Ever,” and “Our First Celeb Beauty Awards.”

Who Reads Seventeen?
Seventeen readers want a guide where they can find everything important, all in one place. Seventeen's fashion-conscious, trendy readers are interested in the latest beauty and style trends. They want to know what's hot in music and movies and get the latest celebrity gossip. Seventeen readers are sophisticated and identify with social issues, political dilemmas, and world news.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Fashion: sportswear, footwear, fashion jewelry & watches, handbags, swimwear, sleepwear/lingerie...
  • Beauty: cosmetics, hair care, skin care...
  • Health: mind and body health, fitness, nutrition...
  • Love Life: boys, dating, and love...
  • Your Life: teenage experiences, true crime, girls who made a difference...
  • Weekend: entertainment, party planning, room makeovers...
  • Anda?| Letter from the Editor, letters from readers, Traumarama, horoscopes.

Magazine Layout:
Seventeen expertly blends engaging articles with beautiful photos. Learn how to do anything with easy directions and step-by-step pictures... craft your hair into the perfect style, strengthen your core for flat abs, and apply makeup to get your perfect look. Each section of the magazine is clearly identifiable, so you can quickly find your favorite articles.

Leading the diverse Seventeen team, Ann Shoket was named editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine in January 2007. Under her helm, Seventeen continues to represent an important rite of passage, helping more than 13 million readers grow up to be confident, self-assured young women.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Over the past five decades, Seventeen has helped shape teenage life in America. Seventeen has represented an important rite of passage, helping to define, socialize and empower young women. Seventeen has been a significant force for changea??creating notions of beauty and style, proclaiming what’s hot in music and movies, identifying social issues, celebrating the idols and icons of popular culture. One of the most buzz-worthy programs is the “Seventeen Body Peace Project,” a year-long initiative to help girls stop obsessing about what their body looks like, start appreciating it for what it can do, and ultimately make peace with their bodies. Seventeen also partnered with MySpace, the largest social networking site, to launch the ground-breaking Web reality program “Freshman 15,” which gives millions of teens an inside scoop on the often overwhelming emotional and lifestyle changes taking place at college.

Seventeen readers have a passion for a variety of products. Advertisers include fashion, retail, footwear, accessories, beauty and health products. These range from luxury goods to everyday essentials targeted to fashion conscious, trendy young women.

The perky authority on all things girl since 1944, Seventeen magazine still provides advice and encouragement to masses of young misses. Although the primary focus is fashion and famous folk, this teen zine is not mere eye candy. Mixed among the cutting-edge styles (and multitudinous ads) you'll find short but plentiful articles. Topics range in import: fluff stuff like "What Will You Wear Back to School?" and "The Ultimate Ponytail Guide" is balanced by heavier fodder, such as "No One Believes I Was Raped" and pieces on having a gay sibling and the dangers of binge drinking. Skewed largely toward a Caucasian teen audience, the magazine's coverage of beauty and relationship conundrums does offer nods to young women of color. The tone is resolutely positive, and amid all the talk of must-have hairdos and hottie alerts, the message is girl power in its most nonthreatening guise. --Brangien Davis

Seventeen is a general service magazine for young women emphasizing fashion, beauty and lifestyle information, including health, food, careers, relationships, sports and entertainment.

Customer Reviews:

  • This Magazine is GREAT, period.
    I am 13, and I have to say, I know I'm still a young child, but I am growing, and I am becoming curious about different things and am changing in so many ways. Seventeen is one of the magazines that actually makes a difference in my life. It is fun, but also informs me on many things that will eventually cover several aspects of my life. I don't recommend this magazine for anyone under 12 (Seventeen doesn't have that much innapropriate information for young teens. Parents, I do consider that you review Seventeen before you let your child read it. Seventeen does NOT focus too much on celebrities, even though they will have one or two sections in each issue relating to celebrities. They have the fashion section, which has tons of actually useful style tips and embrace ALL body types. The beauty section has great tips on how to apply your makeup, and they have different looks, so you don't only have one makeup look where they have a bunch of makeup and it is overpowering your face. There are lots of options. There are the feature articles, which are always fun to read (and informing). I definitley will continue subscribing to this magazine because I thoroughly enjoy it, and I hope that you will too. But, the only way to really know if you like it is to check it out at a your local grociery store or drugstore. It all comes out to YOUR opinion, not mine, but I hope you enjoyed this review....more info
  • maybe ok for 17 and up, but not for young teens
    Much of the content is inappropriate for young and mid teens. Just look at the cover stories - this month has one on "hot abs" and "the perfect kiss". Not terrible, but not really appropriate for the younger teens who often read it. Too much emphasis on fashion, make-up, and materialism....more info
  • Definitely worth it.
    Okay, first off, no matter what my name says, I'm actually a teenage girl. My whole family uses this account, which is my father's, so I'm not some kind of weird old man who likes to read Seventeen. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Anyway, I enjoy this magazine quite a lot. It has lots of things I like and provides me with many solid hours of reading enjoyment, but there are somethings I don't like, too.

    I'll start with the pros. I really, really like the "real-life" articles. There are several in each issue; each section of the magazine has its own. Even the "faith" and "stars" sections have their own "real-life" articles. They're always interesting, and often shed light on subjects that most people are uncomfortable talking about. Some may think that these topics are too upsetting, but they're a breath of fresh air in a world where many "real-life" stories only discuss wonderful role models who help out in their communities. They may have sensational headlines like "He looked up my skirt" and "My parents were spying on me", but they are written in an informative and sensitive way.

    The celebrity coverage is merely OK. The magazine used to have a great section that gave info on all the music, movies, and events coming up, but a few months ago, they scrapped it in favor of a more traditional "stars" section. This new section has much less helpful information, but it has some good points. For example, there's a page that discusses trends among celebrities, which is pretty cool. But the lack of actual news is very disappointing.

    The "faith" section is pretty good. Like I mentioned before, there's always a "real life" story that focuses on religion, but there's also a page where readers share their thoughts on some aspect of faith, and a selection of spiritual quotes. Although I'm not extremely religious, this section doesn't force any specific type of faith, so I enjoyed it.

    "Health" is another so-so area. In January, they started the Seventeen weight-loss challenge, which follows three girls who are trying to shed pounds. It's fun to watch them make progress each month and hear how they're doing. Each month also features an article about food or body image. I liked these, as they often give you little-known facts, and present well-known info in new ways. But the articles about sexual health are pretty bad, in my opinion. They are extremely repetitive; basically, they're just a monthly reiteration on the wonders of abstinence, which is very backward compared with the rest of the magazine. Also, the tear-out posters that have exercise routines printed on them are useless. The exercises are torturous, and are nearly impossible for anyone but a professional.

    "Fashion" and "Beauty" are both mixed bags. Sometimes they offer practical tips for clothes and makeup, or solid information about season trends. But often, the suggestions are way too out-there. The dress-over-pants look is grossly overused, as is the "high-tops with cut-off tights" idea (which they insist is cute and funky). As for makeup, I don't think many people would be willing to wear layers upon layers of turquoise eye shadow to school.
    These sections do have a redeeming point, though. If you just look at the individual products and clothes, instead of the way they're put together, you can get some good ideas. For example, I may not have been interested in wearing overalls over a sparkly top (which was actually in one of their photo shoots), but I may want to buy just the top and wear it with my new miniskirt. Likewise, I could choose to ignore a model's outrageous eyeshadow, and instead find out what foundation she's wearing.

    Before I wrap up this review, I have one more comment. The magazine doesn't have enough humor. I'm not expecting jokes in a story about a girl's tragic car accident, but even sections that should have a playful tone, like the editor's letter, are so serious as to almost reach a depressing point. I just wanted to mention this.

    Overall, though, this magazine is very worth it. I look forward to it every month, and I have fun reading it. I would reccomend it for any teen girl....more info
  • The best magazine out there with CosmoGIRL!
    I have been getting this magazine for the past 3 years and have never been truly disappointed. The first time I picked it up, I was astonished at how wonderful the articles were and the diversity of the models. In recent years, the models have gone from only size 2 to sizes 0-24! This is indeed an enormous improvement in the fashion world!
    Seventeen doesn't try to be something it's not. I don't understand a previous review saying that the editor's letters are depressing, she really tries to tell us her experiences to help us learn from her mistakes. She also tells funny stories like how her mother wouldn't let her shave her legs until she was 17 so that she wouldn't have a boyfriend. That was hilarious! The magazine is very well-rounded. There are the regular celebrities, fashion, beauty and boy articles that you would find in a girl's magazine. The celebrity coverage is not intense though. They cover the essential music and movie releases with the article about the celebrity on the cover. There are other sections that aren't common to a teen mag. The Faith and Health sections are wonderful. There are great workouts promoting physical activity and encourages teens to go outside and exercise: bike, rollerblade, whatever.
    I get this magazine with Cosmogirl since I participated in a special promotion. Both magazines complement each other well. Cosmo has more celebrity features than its counterpart so if I'm looking forward to a particular album coming out, I'll look for the better review in Cosmo. The life articles are fabulous in both mags. I seriously can't decide which I like better. I say: Get them both! You won't regret it!...more info
  • Don't Judge
    I would like to comment on a letter written to Seventeen Magazine by a girl named Sarah from Plano, TX in the June issue. I was outraged when i read waht she had to say about homosexuality. "People learn to be homosexual from advertising and T.V." I am a military brat and have been blessed to know all different types of people and Sarah you might want to realize this country is based on the principals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. you have the right to be religious, do you not? So why can't people by gay? Being gay is not something you learn, your attracted to who your attracted too. Maybe you should ask your history teacher about homosexuality because it goes way back. I don't believe the Greek had televisions. And if you have such a big problem with the issues of today, instead of purchasing a magazine that is going to have those issues in it. Go to your local Wal-Mart, walk over to the stationary department, and buy a bible. Because honey, obviously your not as religious as you think, because the bible says to love thy neighbor, and not to judge people. ...more info
  • going!
    A few years ago, Seventeen used to be nothing but one huge ad for pretty boys and makeup. Under Atoosa's leadership, it has become mature and interesting. I appreciate the articles on politics, government, and world affairs. The magazine has is a great education for young girls...more info
  • Not the best, but not all that bad
    I have to admit I like looking at the nice pictures and cute bags and so on. But who really really goes out and buys them? The whole reason is just for looking. I mean, some people have lives. They can't spend their lives going around following the magazine-trend and shopping. I like the clothes and everything, but it's a little pricey. I love the little articles like "Trauma Rama" or such. I don't really like the shallow-ish articles saying "Look! She's 17! And she's cool!" Those are redunadant (blah blah blah). But overall, I like wasting my time reading a mag at home, but not shopping for overpriced outfits and make up....more info
  • Read it for a few years.
    I started reading this when I was about 12, and I stopped when I was about 15. So, Seventeen would not be an accurate title for this magazine. I'm 17 now and I read JANE and NYLON. I guess for the average teenager it's okay, but I just got rather bored with it. It's the same thing over and over again, really. I suppose I just read magazines that are slightly above my age group. I would recommend it to young teens, though, then graduate to JANE or something. Jane is a good stepping stone....more info
  • #1 teen magazine
    A couple days ago, I read this magazine for the first time. I immediately fell in love with it! I've read other teen magazines such as TeenPeople and YM, but they don't contain as good of quality material as Seventeen. I like that Seventeen has a section for colleges, giving you the SAT score and other useful facts that you may want to know.

    I also enjoy the health section with the various exercises for different parts of your body. I was looking for new ways to get stronger arms (I'm an archer) and this pullout helped me a lot.

    Another thing I like about the magazine is the real life section. In the last issue, I learned about the FARC rebels and how they kidnapped innocent kids in Colombia, and forced them to kill others. I think that it is necessary for teens to learn about the world and other stuff than boys and fashion.

    I'm not saying that these two items should be ruled out. I like the articles on how to understand guys and how to find a bathing suit that looks good on you. I think that these topics are other important topics in some people's lives.

    Overall, I think that Seventeen is an excellent magazine that displays various topics that are important to teenagers. I suggest that you read this now, because after I press 'enter', I'm going to go and fill out my subscription to Seventeen. I hope you do to....more info

  • Get another...
    it's ok. yet, now it's all about how to act in college. gees. get YM instead!...more info
  • Mag that encourages promiscuity among teens
    I used to read seventeen as a teen and looking back on it and flipping through a recent issue, I realized that this magazine is crude and talks to teens about sex as if it it was Cosmo or Marie Claire.

    This is not to be used as a moral compass and I don't think it has anything worthwhile reading. you would have read the magazine and taken nothing positive away from it.

    It's horrible....more info
  • A Perfectly Well Rounded Magazine
    This magazine is a perfect magazine for anyone. It has true life and drama, make up, beauty, health, a monthly interview on the cover girl (or girls), and so much more. They have great monthly workouts that focus on certain parts of the body like buns, abs, and legs, and the good thing is...they actually work! They have so many things to offer that I am not surprised it's the most widely read women's magazine in the country!...more info
  • Better than the competition
    Seventeen has a great editor. She transformed the magizine from ad space to interesting, well-written articles. It has a good amount of beauty, fashion, and hair tips but it also talks about more current issues, like gays, child abuse, suicide, health and eating habits, religon, ect. Dont get me wrong, this magizine isnt depressing or anything, it acually maintaines it's upbeat tone throughout. But it does it without making my brain turn to mush. enough said....more info
  • A pretty girly magazine with potential to diversify
    I was looking for a magazine to get a friend's teenage daughter who is at an age where she is interested in pop stars, beauty tips, fashion, celebrity news with a tasty bite, a bit of serious writing to make her think; after all she is at an age where she has to face the real world.

    I have to say Seventeen fitted all of the above criteria and it did it well, the photography was good, the writing style up-beat and smart, not too much talking down to the reader, however I did have one gripe that might offend people and I apologize if it does, but did anyone else look at this magazine and think, "What a white read!"

    My friend's daughter is mixed race and though I think she would like Seventeen from a girly point of view, I do think she will find it hard at times to identify with, because it does come across as "quite white."

    All the same it is a good magazine; it has well written articles, good photography and knows how to target its audience.

    All the same I will be giving it a miss on a subscription level for the moment as I don't think it is really suitable for someone who is not white, maybe in the future when it diversifies....more info
  • Great Magazine
    This is an amazing magazine for anyone ages 13-18. It's has informative articles and some serious stuff, but it also is chock-full of fun stuff and "girly" things like "The Right Guy for you" and "Who's your makeup muse?",. This mag is perfect for any girl, whether you're a tomboy or a girly-girl. I am 13 and in eighth grade, and I really luv it!!! ...more info
  • Magazine Subscriptions Take Far Far Too Long To Arrive
    I received a notice to write this review. It's been about a month since the subscription was ordered and the first magazine has still not arrived. Buy a book and it comes in days. Buy a magazine subscription and you wait forever.

    If Amazon can't get good service from those they deal with for magazine subscriptions, they should just drop the service altogether. It is a drag on the customer service of the entire site....more info
  • Seventeen Magazine Subscription
    I purchased this magazine as a gift for 2 friends of mine and I can't believe how quickly the subscriptions came. I appreciate the quick service. And I am sure the girls will really like the magazine. ...more info
  • A Life Magazine
    Seventeen first appealed to me when my older sister started to read it. As soon a she put it down and went to do something else, I would flip through it. What really caught my eye, was the stories. They have stories from real people about real things that are fascinating to read! And I loved how they didn't just put celebrities and fashion into the magazine, like most other magazines do.
    I also appreciate the fact that they publish readers' mail. I think it's really cool to know that a magazine cares about their readers' opinions.
    I first read an issue of Seventeen at age 11, and plan to keep reading it through out my life. Seventeen isn't one of those magazines that are meant for little preppy teenage girls! This magazine is for all ages and all personalitoes! There is always something in there that even the toughest of critics will look at and be impressed with. My mother, loved this magazine!
    I recommend this life magazine to all people, of all ages at any point in their lives. ...more info
  • Call publisher directly
    I purchased this magazine through Amazon. The magazine got sent to the incorrect address because of how many different hands it goes through before the publisher gets the address. Publisher doesn't have any of my information on file because I purchased through Amazon. Amazon customer service is a call center in India with employees who have a sheet in front of them with the solution to all problems, the solution to magazine subscription problems is to give you the publishers phone number. You cannot get refunded, you cannot get the problem corrected. You can however call the publisher directly and ask for the same price Amazon sells the magazine discounted for and receive your magazine a lot faster....more info
  • Shpping address
    I got this magazine for my daughter, Shanice for Christmas. She was happy to receive it in the mail but her name was not on the address. I specifically ordered it on her name Shanice Kloss. It's not a big deal since she really liked the magazine but she will be happy if you could change the shipping address to her name. Thank you....more info
  • Hey, why not just order a free abrocombie catalog!
    This magazine really blows. There are virtually zero interesting articles. Want stars? If you dont like who is on the cover you are out of luck, because there is nothing else. Want boys? None. But its a teen magazine. hmmm... I usually just like looking at these magazine for light, fun reading...but there is really nothing. But hey! If you want perfect skin, turn to page five where there is an ad for loreal. wow thanks. a catalog of ugly clothes and one article about jessica simpson, which they even manage to make boring. and *gasp* see the NEWEST fall fashion! Oh my gosh! boha girl is in! and then 50 pages of ads. Please, seventeen is the most hyped up and worst magazine i have ever subscribed to. it is not 'mature'and i really dont get why ANYONE likes it. just save yourself money and order a free abrocrobie catalog or something....more info
  • What supposedly innocent, teen girl ought to know about French Kissing, Getting Wet Down There, Sex Advice & Defeatism Ideology?
    Seventeen magazine looks harmless, right? Each cover features seemingly innocuous, young women-starlets in excessive makeup and unhealthy and insecure obsession with appearance, right? WRONG!!!! Beneath Seventeen's brittle veneer of frivolous, teen idols lies a gritty underbelly of wrong-headed advice which misleads impressionable, female teens into a world of lasciviousness, hardness, and disrespectability. Seventeen's pages contain ANYTHING BUT the old proverb of "sugar and spice and everything nice!!!!"

    The foundation of my shock at the content of Seventeen lies exclusively at the departments and scathingly questionable articles the editors of Seventeen include. I base my implication against Seventeen on its Dec. 07/Dec. 08 issue and specifically a few, choice articles therein, which are so beyond the pale, no teenage girl ought to be getting indoctrinated by the social engineers at Seventeen.

    In the discomforting sex Q & A, misleading "advice" is skewed by lib politics of so-called "experts" who are dispensing it. One of the experts of said, infamous article is Laura Berman; this tart was recently on the O'Reilly Factor unabashedly espousing a plan to force taxpayers to pay for condoms for college-kids!!!! One of the damaging pieces of "advice" manufactured by Berman relates to--SURPRISE, SURPRISE!--when to have sex. Berman gives "advice" to young girls who are barely 18, who write in with panging questions relating to all-important issues of when to put out--which presumably trump all other considerations in a girl's life, considerations like family, friends, education, careers, character-building, etc.. One girl wrote asking about the difference between determining if she's orgasming or merely feeling infatuated by some guy, pertaining to when to put out.

    The affront was committed by Berman's response which described the difference between orgasm (getting wet "down there") and mere infatuation (stalking/doodling heart drawings around pictures of your guy). Berman wrote that teen girls should put out when they're comfortable. That morally relativistic answer's so hazardous for a few reasons. Its subjectivity leaves everything open to interpretation: girls may only think they're comfortable with putting out at only 14/15/16, but because of the decision-making process being hampered at that age, live to regret it once they've done so. Afterwards, they may feel slu*ty, impacting all personal relationships from then on!!!!

    Berman refuses to give spiritually/psychologically healthy advice, such as to wait for marriage or at least true love. Certainly, teen girls ought to focus on more important matters in their formative years than when to lose virginity. Oh, I don't know...things like schoolwork, community service, getting into good colleges, building true friendships, having pajama parties, and writing in their diaries or something.

    This section of Seventeen is also gross because it subverts parental rights relating to parents teaching their kids about sex and when to have it. Seventeen provides a way for rebellious teens to directly circumvent parental influence in making decisions about sex. What non-lib parent would want their underage, teenage daughter to put out when she's "comfortable" as defined by her judgment alone????

    My next dissatisfaction skewers the frivolous section giving teen girls tips on how to kiss better! The overarching, obsessed focus with sexualizing teenage girls in our culture is out of control!!!! What in the hell ever happened to filling the heads of girls with more innocent, 50s-values components, things like going on a tightly chaperoned date, knitting or sowing, reading or other intellectual activities, and making pretty dresses?

    This section on tips for kissing is infested with more lewdness than parents would be comfortable with in regards to advice for teen girls. Some pieces of advice include using YOUR TONGUE by flirtatiously sliding it into a guy's mouth during an open kiss. Not content with this lust, Seventeen's writers also advise girls to practice French kissing by practicing on your hand. Seriously! This lame clich¨¦ for geeks is apparently endorsed by Seventeen's editors as they advise teen girls to make a fist and practice kissing the outline formed by the crook of the pointer finger and thumb, since this apparently is a good stand-in for lips!!!!

    Topping off the plan to convert impressionable teens to the Dark Side of Liberalism is ideological writing by Alice Walker, extolling rejection towards the Terror War and Iraq!!!! Feminist Walker insinuates the US military kills Iraqis, yet then shrewdly pretends to care for said soldiers by urging her impressionable, teen audience to will that they return home as soon as possible!!!! This has always been the underhanded tactic of intellectually dishonest libs: curse the US military, but then still reserve pretense for their well-being.

    I'll address the parents now. I ORDER you to do everything to prohibit buying Seventeen for your teen daughter because of the social engineering tract this ideological, culturally decayed magazine is on. As a parent, you love your teen daughter and want her to have a productive life where she'll be respected, right? She can't do this when Seventeen's editors indoctrinate her to have sex at her own discretion before marriage, practice French kissing, and oppose the War on Terror....more info
    This is my favorite teen magazine. It is the only one that is truly worth its money. It is a nonshallow mag which features all races and skintones, as well as girls of different shapes and sizes. The girls in the magazine are anywhere between sizes 2-20. I would definetly recommend getting this magazine. They have artcles on college, politics, and current events as well as fashion, make-up, and celebs. It is a good magazine for girls ages 12-22....more info
  • "Seventeen Magazine Review by a Social Reader"
    The "Seventeen" Magazine that I received was shoved in the mail box not so nicely. And not only did I not appreciate it, but nor did my mother.

    However the articles in this particular magazine were very interesting and I suggest them for any teen girl. I highly suggest the article on Rachel Bilson....more info
    This magazine is the best teen mag out there. It is not full of fluff like most of the teen mags are. It actually has some substance to it.
    They have:
    affordable fashion for girls of all shapes and sizes
    affordable makeup for all skin colors
    real life stories
    17 mission
    good health tips
    and appropriate for any girl from 13-23
    ...more info
  • They don't have to be seventeen...
    I purchased this magazine for my thirteen year old grandchild. I did not want the usual "tween" magazine who's main focus was on fashion, or celebrities behaving badly. I read Seventeen when I was a teen,many years ago, and it has only gotten better through the years. Her first issue got my grandchild talking over some important articles she had read with her mom, without the embarrassment and difficulty that usually occurs when teens and parents talk. The articles really relate to today's teens,and provide positive role models, something that is really needed for young girls in this day and age. ...more info
  • Seventeen is Amazing!
    This magazine is still amazing! I started reading a couple years ago when I was about 13 and I loved this magazine. I suscribe to Seventeen and CosmoGirl! and Seventeen is the magazine I would definitely recommend. The issues have sections about fashion, which help readers find clothes that help flatter their body type WITHOUT showing everything. There are also more serious sections, like the Health section that gives readers advice on how to eat right. There is also section that helps readers learn about sex. Yes, sex. But before cautious parents say no to this magazine, you should know the truth. These articles give readers stories about other readers' experiences, information about birth control, the truth about std's, and answers readers' questions. Now, this may sound like Seventeen is encouraging sexual activities, but I am 16 and I think that this magazine is answering questions that may be difficult for readers to ask an adult. In this last issue, there was an article talking about different viewpoints of the war in Iraq, which is to get readers thinking about more than just fashion and makeup. They have pretty good celebrities on the cover as well. The February issue, I believe, had Vanessa Hudgens on the cover. While some parents may disprove of Vanessa, the interview with her actually made me understand what she went through. I think this is a fantastic magazine. I plan on suscribing to it until I'm 30! :)...more info
  • 17 reasons why 17 is the best!!
    17 reasons why 17 is the best:
    1. Fashion trendy clothes and cute styles!!
    2. Beauty tips including makeup, hair and nails.
    3. quizes
    4. College life advice.
    5. HOTT GUYS.
    6. Horoscopes
    7. Yummy Recipes!!
    8. most embarrassing moments
    9. win free stuff
    10. Tips for redecorating your room.
    11. Workouts to stay in shape.
    13. There
    14. are
    15. so
    16. many
    17. more to list but if I list them all you'll have nothing to read about once you subscribe!!...more info
  • Seventeen is not just another stupid mag for teens
    I found this magazine because one of my favorite actresses was on it- I know, sallow sorta-. I bought this magazine pretty much because she was on it. I now understand this is an amazing magazine. It focuses on real problems for teenage girls from the ages of 13-20. It has real stories, stuff about the celebrities and how we can learn from them, and some fashion. It has a great mixture, which makes for a great magazine. With it's realistic topics and amazing fashion- which it affordable! - It makes for a great magazine to just sit down and read for advice on many things girls need some help on. I think this is a very well rounded magazine with hope for others out there!...more info
  • Great for ages 12-21!!!
    Seventeen is definitely NOT what it used to be. There is something for everyone, from AMAZING fashion and beauty articles that cater to girls of all skin colors and body types to scintillating stories on politics, health, and issues that affect real girls, such as teen pregnancy and eating disorders. The sex articles are for older girls only, but they do offer some sobering thoughts (read the "Hook-Up Report" in the July 2005 issue and you'll know what I mean.) It promotes self esteem and isn't all about how to attract boys, like its slightly less mature counterpart, Girls Life. It shows all sides of a variety of touchy issues. I recomend Seventeen to all girls of all races, creeds, and political standings. ...more info
  • my favorite mag
    this mag is my favorite out of all the ones i subscribe to. the clothes featured are great, and not unreasonably expensive. they even often give an option of "splurges" and "saves" of similar styles of different prices. it also features models that are not you basick stereotypical model, in other words, they look like normal people you would see in your school hallway. they show outfits for different body shapes and sizes, and what looks good on you.
    this mag also has great articles. one this month was about a girl whose mother had a drinking problem. and they give information about the subject of their articles, for instance, this one gave the phone number and website of al-anon.
    i think this is the best teen mag offered....more info
  • What Happend?
    Seventeen used to be great. Stuff about make up and evrything like that. It used to be really thick a lotta content. Now all Seventeen talks about is college and more college. It's still an okay magazine. It mentions good clothes and make up and has good interviews, but it used to be better. There isn't a lot of real life stories. I used to like it better. It's too short with everything now. There's not a lot about make up and fashion and mostly about college. But it's an okay magazine....more info
  • This magazine is GREAT, period.
    I am 13, and I know I am young, but I am becoming curious of many different things and am changing in so many ways now. Seventeen is one of the magazines that really affects my life. This magazine is very resourceful and also fun. One thing to say, there isn't that much bad information that kids shouldn't be reading, but parents, I do advise that you review the magazine before letting your child read it. They have the fashion section, where not just one body type is included, but all body types and they have tons of different styles. They have great style tips too which I bet you'll like. They also have the beauty section which has tips on how to apply your makeup, and they have a wide variety of different makeup looks, so you're not stuck with the one look that has too much makeup on. They have the feature articles, which are both fun and informing. Time to time, they'll have an article on sex (just to say that to people who won't want to be reading that). They have many other things in the magazine like Tramarama which is embarassing stories, 17 Mission, which is an article that gets the attention of the reader to focus on everyday problems, like global warming or breast cancer. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I love the magazine, but the only way you can really tell if you like the magazine is to just go check it out at your local grociery store or bookstore....more info
  • I Can't Wait For The Next Copy Each Month
    Seventeen has been my favorite magazine since last year. The makeup tips are good and things you can wear to school (ex pastel eyeshadow). I love the fashion. They don't put overpriced items in their mag and in the last couple of issues they've had coupons. The fitness section is packed with healthy eating tips and workouts. Another one of my favorite sections is the real life sections. Some of the stories the readers tell are shocking. Like that time when Seventeen featured an article about a mother killing her daughter because she had lost her virginity. I can't wait for the next issue to come out....more info
  • Great Magazine!
    I love this magazine. It is really good for young girls and young women. It gives you advice on shopping, health, beauty, love, and more. And the models are not just skinny white blondes with blue eyes. There are girls that are diffrent races,and body shape. Buy this magazine!!!!...more info
  • the best mag i've read...
    seventeen is one of the best mag's i've read in, (*thinks*) a few months. they have a good mix of fashion and read worthy articles in-between those two covers, and i would highly (HIGHLY!) reccomend this magazine! :0) :0)...more info
  • Great Quality Magazine for Teens!
    I started getting Seventeen a year ago, and have not stopped reading it since. It's an excellent magazine for teen girls, and it's a great quality magazine as well! I started getting CosmoGirl too, but I definitely like Seventeen better. It's a much better quality magazine, and has much more articles that relate to lives of normal teen girls other than stars. I love the fashion ideas, especially around back-to-school time. The clothes in the magazine are not only in style and from the trendy stores, but are also reasonably priced....more info
  • I was sent to a collection agency!!!!
    I order from amazon from time to time, overall very happy with purchases. This magazine subscription was a gift and somehow the shipping address got mixed with billing address and instead of Amazon trying to contact me via email, they sent me to a collection agency!!!...more info
    I love this magazine, mostly the August & September. They came out with there new one i love it You can get taller & skinnier in 2 weeks. Actually look but it still great. Im updated with celeb gossip, im updated with the HOTTEST fall fashions! I just love this magazine, you got everything. Funny stories, coupons, freebies, etc. I never won a freebie but im still trying (i been for 4 months). So this is a great magazine for a 13-20 year old girl. Great for a gift so subscribe today!! =)...more info
  • Seventeen Magazine
    It arrived sooner then stated, which was excellant and the price cant be beat anywhere. My daughter loves this magazine and reads it cover to cover, I am very happy with the fast turnaround time and prompt customer service'...more info
  • Seventeen Magazine
    This was a gift for my teen granddaughters.....don't know if they have received it yet or if they like it....more info
  • Good magazine
    I've been subscribing to Seventeen for about a year, and I would say that it is a good magazine, but not fantastic. I would recommend Seventeen to older teens ages 15-20, because the magazine focuses more on sex and college than other teen magazines, so parents might not approve of their kids reading these topics at an early age. It does have all the other aspects of a teen magazine though, such as embarrasing moments sent in by teens, letters to the editor, fashion and beauty features, advice about boys and friends, and real-life issues. Seventeen features a wide variety of celebrities on their covers, including many of the hottest stars. There are advertisments in this magazine, but thankfully not so many that you'll be lost just trying to find the table of contents. I would generally say that Seventeen is heavy on college, sex, fasion, beauty, and boys and medium on real-life and celebrities. A good thing about this magazine is that the editors aren't opiniated, so the magazine can cater just about to any teens with any interests. If you are about 18, you probably would find Seventeen more informative and useful than if you were 14. But Seventeen is a good magazine- read a few issues first, than describe if you want to subscribe....more info


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