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SHAPE magazine is edited to deliver useful techniques and an understanding of fitness. Top experts from diverse fields of exercise, nutrition, psychology and beauty join forces with nationally known journalists to make each issue a how-to manual for a healthful lifestyle.

Customer Reviews:

  • For Youth and Fitness
    Lots of workouts (better than Self Mag) and the fashion suggestions are pretty good too....more info
  • Shape...
    This is an average magazine. It has the miracle weight loss stories and the celebrity how-tos. There are actually some really good tips for weight loss and keeping it off with exercise. Some of the exercise examples are easy but most need to done at a gym....more info
  • Average
    This magazine is only average. It have a few good exercises, but just cycle the same routines over and over. It is worth getting a Dec or Jan issue where they give you a bit more meat as far as fitness.

    Filled with more clothing and makeup tips than fitness. It is okay and a quick read. I don't find myself saying "wow I need to keep this as a reference."...more info
  • Have not recieved
    I have not received this and it was promised for delivery the first of the month. It is now the middle of the month....more info
  • wonderful magazine
    This is a great fitness magazine with tips for everyone - a newbie in your fitness goals or already spend four days a week at the gym. Articles are easy to read, loaded with info, yet not in the least bit boring. ...more info
  • Good Sports & Good Fashion
    I'm a reader of fashion and sports magazines and I find shape one of the best buys on the market for women who love sports in style.
    Shape gives you easy to follow tips on your workout routines, plus the general advices on fashion and beauty produts you can find on most women's magazines.
    On the negative side, I think it could have more contents, more pages, less ads and easier recipes, but it's still a very good buy....more info
  • Exclusion
    I am very diappointed to say that I chose your magazine to do a project that entailed a review. I was a little upset to realize that your target audience is white, young, upper-class, skinny women. The month of March 2002 only features 2 or 3 black women and a few women of other races, and one overweight woman (and that was to feature a success story). This is a joke, have you looked out the door lately? You can't exclude the diversity of races and sizes because you feel like it and throw one or two into the hundreds of women who portray the "perfect image", just so that you appear to be unbias. I regret to inform you that if I don't see a difference in your magazine I will be unable to support it. Just to inform you, I am 5'4", i have blonde hair, blue eyes, i am 110lbs, and i am white.
    Very unpleased
    A.T....more info
  • best fitness magazine I've ever read
    I've been buying Shape now for five years. Sure, some things are a little repetitive, but there's still enough there to keep me interested. I particularly enjoy the work-outs - both those for at home and the gym. I've certainly learned far more about fitness and health than I have from any other magazine....more info
  • Excellent Subscription!!!!!!!!!
    Well worth the money. I have over 16 Magazine Subscriptions and had to look at the ones I wanted to keep and toss the ones I could shed. "Shape" was a MUST have for me. The articles were inspiring, provided alternative work-outs, up to date Work-out fashions, reviewed recreational outlets for fitness.

    Definately worth every penny. Do yourself a favor if you are planning on getting on some kind of work out kick or just looking for inspiration "TO" start on one. Subscribe to this magazine, you will not be sorry.

    Happy Reading...more info

  • Shape and Self are Great
    I have been reading Shape and Self for a long time and have always been impressed with the number and variety of articles each has in it. Shape focuses more on workouts that Self does, and self focuses more on general well-being but both encourage diet and exercise. I would recommend them to anyone!...more info
  • I really like Shape
    I read some of the previous reviews and honestly I don't fully see where they are coming from. I've subscribed for about a year and a half and while I see some recaps on some similar exercises, they throw in new things a lot. There are a lot of recipes and notes on diets and such that I love, and they only talk about how bad fad diets are and don't advertise for them! The workouts do mostly require membership at gyms, but that's why there are magazines out there like Self...I kind of consider Shape for not so amateur exercises and Self for the new and not really wanting to spend a lot of time at it person, or who wants to workout only at home. It's great they show you the equipment and how to use it...and all kinds of great little tips that are helpful. I also do like a little of the beauty stuff, yet it's not overwhelming it. yes the clothes are spendy, but who says you have to buy them? I think they are in all magazines!...more info
  • Not as good as it used to be
    I've been subscribing to Shape for two years now and I have decided not to renew my subscription this year. When I first began reading Shape, it was almost solely dedicated to fitness and health. Now it's about 50% beauty and fashion (and a lot is articles that are simply trying to push products). I disagree with the writer who said that she wished they would stop showing moves with gym machines; this is one of the few sections of SHAPE I enjoy reading, as it does give great instructions on how to use the machines (definitely cheaper than hiring a personal trainer). But I do agree with the previous comments that the stories are starting to all sound the same from month to month - especially the success stories. If you're just starting to exercise, this magazine will be helpful for you. But if you're a long-time exerciser, skip this one....more info
  • Not bad but leaves me wanting more variety
    I've been a subscriber for two years, but I'm not going to renew this time. There are some great things about this magazine. There's always information about eating healthy, and many of the recipes are wonderful. Another feature is the Diary portion, where the magazine profiles individuals who have turned to fitness and healthy eating in order to lose weight. It's the most inspiring part of the magazine, and it's great that the magazine focuses on real women, not just how to tell those in perfect shape to stay in shape.

    I do wish that the magazine would have a bit more variety. I feel like I keep seeing many of the same exercises repeated over and over. I also wish the magazine would realize that not all of us are in to New Age spirituality. If you do choose to subscribe, don't be surprised to see the latest issue at the newsstand before it arrives in your mailbox....more info

  • do it for a year
    I'm a past subscriber of Shape magazine. I enjoyed the Success Stories the most - I'd like to see one of these as a main feature, with more exercise/diet details.
    I did enjoy it for a couple of years, then I got a feeling of deja vu - the articles started getting a bit samey, like they're running out of ideas and recycling the same old stuff. I might buy the odd Shape issue on the newstand if a cover feature catches my eye, but now I'm trying out some other fitness magazines for variety.
    I agree with another reviewer that too many of the exercises use machines - I'd much rather see handweights. Maybe when they recycle the same ol 'moves again, they could use free weights.

    And the clothes profiled are too expensive, not to the mention the emphasis on vacationing at health spas (why do these always smell of staff junkets...)

    My advice is to subscribe for a year or two, then reread the same issues again......more info

  • Not the best I've read
    This magazine had some good points, such as the inspiring stories of people who had met their fitness and weight goals, and they had some useful exercises in there, but I had two main problems with this magazine: One, concerning weight training, it focused too much on weight-machines, overlooking free weights, which actually are better for you, working your stabilizing muscles! and Two : the clothes modelled in there were extremely unrealisticly priced.... I don't know anyone that would pay that!

    For someone looking for something entertaining, this is the magazine for you. If you are serious about fitness, diet, and training, I would recommend something else....more info

  • Great motivation to work out!
    This magazine is informative and entertaining! They don't advertise the token "Kate Moss" girl; instead they promote good health and fitness. It's nice to get a little motivation to work out too!...more info
  • Good if you like to Pretend your athletic
    Shape Magazine is a joke. This magazine has more make-up tips, clothing and weight watcher success stories than anything about atheletes. I found this magazine dissapointing- not only do most of the models look like they couldn't run a mile without dropping from anoreixa but the stories are hipocritical (accept yourself and love your body; while the follow article is how to lose weight for thanksgiving and impress your x)...more info
  • Good Fitness Motivation
    Shape features safe, interesting exercise rotuines to meet just about any fitness goal. Their editorial content focuses on the health benefits of weight loss and encourages a moderate and balanced approach to eating and exercise. My only concern is that while they talk about the importance of being healthy v. being super-skinny, their cover models are often ridiculously thin, beyond the point of looking healthy.However, if you overlook that inconsistency, there's plenty of great motivation in Shape....more info
  • Great Fitness Motivator
    Shape focuses on all levels of fitness for women. The success stories are motivating, detailing statistic on people who have lost inches, pounds and who have transformed their lives. The most important part of exercise is doing the moves right to avoid injury. Shape features "reader models" who are everyday women to educate on do's and don'ts focusing on specific parts of the body. Over a period of time, I learned new exercises for my entire body which kept the workout new and interesting. I have been a fan of Weider magazines but found myself identifying with Shape because the focus is not on bench pressing 200 lb's but on overall health!...more info
  • Don't waste the money
    Mostly ads and product pimping. Takes me about 20 minutes to flip through it and rarely do I find anything that makes me actually stop flipping the pages and actually catch my interest. For what one would think, by the title, would be a somewhat fitness oriented magazine, any fitness related elements are sub par and often the photos or drawings aren't even proper form. ...more info
  • don't bother
    If your dumbells are silver, not pink, if you know what a hack squat,deadlift nose breaker, etc. is, you're wasting your time with this magazine. NEWSFLASH! you can be feminine and have muscles! I personally don't want to see a 100 lb. "fitness" model showing me exercises with plastic dumbells....more info
  • This mag is too short
    I read through this in about 1/2 hour, most of articles are either uninteresting or repeats as well as the exercise and diet tips. I will not renew this one....more info
  • Shape is for over 55!!!
    I have read shape for years - Last year I walked/ran a full 26.2 marathon for Leukemia...not because of Shape magaazine - because the testimonials and info in this wonderful magazine told me 'I can do whatever I choose, if I have goals." Thanks.
    Mary Jane Lightbody
    Walpole, Ma. 02081
    I have 7 grandchildren, a wonderful husband, great job and great faith.
    Do not ask for pix and all of that but it was one of the greatest feats of my life....more info
  • Not worth it
    This is a "fluffy" women's fitness magazine. It regurgitates the same information over and over, just repackages it a little differently each time. "Let's give readers the same workout with a red bikini this time..." They use models that are far too thin and not even muscular looking for most of the fashion spreads, which seems to encourage an unhealthy body type. I also found the magazine to underassume the intelligence of the readers. Muscle & Fitness Hers, Oxygen and Fitness Rx are much better choices if you are serious about fitness....more info
  • Not worth it
    If you want to do the same exercise over and over.. but with better make up and cuter outfit go ahead.

    If you want better exercises and articles look to Oxygen or Women's M&F...more info
  • A decent fitness magazine IF you can overlook the flaws
    About two years ago, I became a subscriber to Shape, mainly because I had received it for free as part of a package deal with another magazine. I had always liked browsing through issues of Shape in the supermarket, and I thought that being a subscriber would help support my fitness goals. Overall, I have enjoyed Shape and found it to be useful, but there definitely are some negatives, and the magazine might not be for everyone.

    But first the good. Like many others have mentioned, what I most enjoy about Shape is their real-life weight stories featuring a nice variety of women, some of whom actually needed to *gain* weight in order to be healthy. I also love their relatively new feature in which they follow one of their own staffers on a year-long weight loss journey. Many of their other regular features are also excellent, particularly the body part-focused strength exercises and other how-to exercise guides. And I especially like that Shape uses "Reader Models" with so many of their articles--real life women of various ages (although admittedly, mostly in the 25-35 range) with normal, healthy, strong bodies. Finally, their featured exercise plans each month often offer some unique variations on traditional exercises, and the recipes are often quite good as well.

    The main negative has already been brought up by many others here: the use of too-skinny, not overtly fit or strong models to illustrate much of the magazine. I find this extremely disappointing; I understand that to sell magazines, the models probably have to conform to some traditional standards of attractiveness, but those of us buying the magazine want to see women who are not only fit but also strong--show us some muscles now and then! As I said above, the reader models are great; the women are usually quite fit, but they have muscles and curves too, which is wonderful to see. Shape MAY be trying to make some improvements in this area, as the last few covers have featured famous women who do exercise (such as Denise Richards), but they still have a long way to go. And while they're at it, I hope they will return to having their cover models dress in fitness wear, not bathing suits! They can still show off their model's physique AND showcase cute fitness wear at the same time. Similarly, I would like to see the magazine get rid of the fashion segment at the end *unless* they start focusing it on exercise clothing, not haute couture.

    If you are overweight and/or new to exercising, you may find the magazine discouraging, but if you can get past some of the negatives, it can also be inspiring. I think it's up to each individual to determine whether a magazine like this is likely to hurt or help her fitness efforts; for me, it is helpful, but this definitely might not be the case with everyone....more info
  • Shape
    I like Shape because it has great tips to help spice up a workout so you never get bored. There are great articles on places to stay, hike, relax, etc. As well, there are great inspirational stories....more info
  • Best exercise magazine
    Their work out are very effective if you comply with the guideliness for each move and routine. I love it!!!

    Been a member for 2 years already....more info
  • Love the magazine, Hate the ads
    This magazine has as many ads in it as that thick/heavy fashion magazine I read once. Literally every other page is an ad, when is too much too much. Love the magazine though, repetively inspires me to be healthy and keeps me up to date with new workouts.... I might try her sport though or health when renewing comes around again....more info
  • Disappointed!! 10% Substance 90% Advertisement
    I use to subscribe to SHAPE several years ago, and then it was packed full of great work out routines, meal plans, etc for women at all levels of fitness.

    Well . . . my last few months of Shape have been a complete disappointment. I found very few pages of good genuine fitness and healthy eating advice. Instead, it ranks right up with Glamour in the category of magazines with the highest percentage of advertisements, nearly all of the excercise material is supposed "quick fix" fitness fluff which gives women very unrealistic expectations, and the healthy eating advise is absolutely elementary.

    There is no substance in here for women like me, the average working woman who desire to live a healthy life everyday and have limited time to commit to exercise. I want a magazine that is inspiring with a focus on living a sustained healthy lifestyle, not a joke about getting flat abs in a week with illustrations of perfectly chiseled models who obviously do not face the body challenges of average women. I'm sorry but most women are not going to look like "her" after two weeks, or many months of Shape's 10-30 minute a day routines, but they sure lead you to beleive so.

    I highly recommend "Her Sports" it is THE magazine for women desiring to live an active, day-to-day healthy life!...more info
  • A great motivator
    I read the other reviews, and I have to agree that this magazine isn't entirely fitness, but that's what I like about it. I'm just starting to adopt a healthier lifestyle and this magazine has great articles on new exercises, interesting recipes, and cool beauty tips that are geared more towards natural remedies. Anyone who is working out regularly has the habit of feeling bored after awhile. Getting this magazine once a month boosts my excitment about making myself healthier and gets my butt back in the gym.

    My favorite feature of this month was a new stationary bike routine, complete with interval times, resistance levels, and an MP3 playlist to correspond with the tempo of the workout!! Great idea. ...more info
  • Reinventing the wheel...
    Shape is a good magazine for new fitness enthusiasts; however, for seasoned exercisers it can get old quick.

    Their workouts tend to be trendy, and overly repetitive. If you monitor the exercises over the course of several months, they recycle the same information and exercises over and over. In strength training the reality is that you can only 'hit' a muscle so many ways. To truly maximize results, you must vary the frequency, weight, and combination of exercise to get results and push past a plateau. Shape offers different routines, but they often center on 3 set 10 rep routines that hit each body part once. This is only one of many ways to approach strength training. As for cardio, what they often fail to mention is that any activity that raises your heart rate is good for you, no matter what it is. Intense yard activity for an afternoon can burn as many calories as using the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. They tend to overemphasize trendy aerobic classes, and concentrate on a sprint-based plan for treadmills and elliptical equipment.

    I always enjoy reading the articles about people who have reached their fitness goals, as well as trying the recipes in the food section. There are lots of beauty ads and beauty information for a fitness magazine, and not all of it is geared toward fitness. They do usually include an article about fitness equipment, which I find informative.

    Overall, the magazine is interesting for awhile, but gets redundant by the end of your year-long subscription. If you want hardcore fitness information, or an overall health magazine, i would recommend Oxygen or Health. There are a few others too if you care to look.
    ...more info
  • Okay....
    While many have been quite angry with the models featured on this mag, I would like to defend their choice. Good looks sell. Realistically speaking, we live in a shallow world with shallow principles whose sole purpose is to get you to buy the goods. Cosmopolitan does it, Glam, Fair Lady etc. all they do is make you feel fat without giving you a solution. Shape on the other hand says hey, you don't like what you look like? Here you go, 'feast' on this. Obviously some of the products they advertise may not be 'kosher' but business is business and most mag's make their money from advertising. I've found some exercises helpful and others not so helpful but if you really are a person obsessed about your looks and trying to find a 'healthier' alternative, try Shape...or you could just learn to let go of ever being a 'good looking' corpse...that's where we're all headed anyway. ...more info
  • More fashion and fluff than exercise stuff
    While I rarely subscribe to magazines, I was looking for something to motivate me to exercise and so I signed up for a one year subscription to Shape. Before and during college I was a ballet dancer, but after entering the real, 9-5 working world half a year ago, exercise time became more difficult to find. Unfortunately, I found that Shape magazine was not really about exercise at all. It was about beauty products, fancy new-age spas and resorts, and trendy workout accessories. I was also shocked by the models on the magazine's covers and pages. Not only were they skinny but they usually sported next to nothing. I finally cancelled my subscription when a magazine came with a woman in a see-through, lacy top on the front of it, visible nipples and all. Workout wear? I think not! Trust me, the woman belonged in a porn magazine, not my exercise magazine!...more info
  • It's the best fitness mag out there, but can be improved
    Most reviewers I feel were really hard on this magazine. If you are trying to get into shape, this is a monthly boost to your efforts. The nutrition info is accurate and realistic, and the recipes are usually yummy, and provide all the nitpicky nutrition facts I want. The workouts are VARIED: some are things you can do at home, others require a good gym in order to do... but there is something for EVERY level. I like the motivational stories, and the non-fitness bits are interesting and relevant. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is for the models they use: The "reader models" are realistic, but the cover models make me want to puke. How about a Jennifer Garner type (strong, muscular), not a heroin-chic model? ...more info
  • Subscriptions are difficult
    This magazine (Shape) is interesting and has good advice, but their subscription department is really frustrating, and not helpful in solving subscription problems. I only recommend this magazine if you have plenty of time and patience to get your subscription sorted out! ...more info
  • I was one of their success stories
    My name is Sheila Pike-Pereyra, and SHAPE featured my success story in their June 2004 issue. Though I was very clear about following Atkins, they fabricated an entire story, saying that I lost the 30 pounds by low-fat means. I'm a two-time low-carb cookbook author, and they stated that not only were my cookbooks LOW-FAT, but mere "collections of [my] favorite recipes." My cookbooks' *low-carb* recipes are entirely my own!

    There were a couple of completely made-up quotes in my story as well, I suppose in order to make the story interesting, which added insult to injury. After this issue came out, I was inundated with e-mails from fans thinking I had sold out just to get my story in SHAPE. By the way, since people ask: I never saw a proof before the success story went to print.

    To read about how I actually lost the weight, please see

    P.S: Every SHAPE weight loss success story I have ever seen, before or since my own, has been a low-fat one. Food for thought....more info
    I've read Shape magazine for 10 years and still can't get enough of it.
    How can anybody think this magazine is more shallow than Cosmo! Shape is about Fitness and Health, Cosmo is more into fashion. They don't even compare. I read them both, depending on my mood. To help motivation when I'm in a fitness slump.... SHAPE! It's worth it! ...more info
  • Not As Informative As It Looks
    I've subscribed to Shape for the past year in hopes of finding some workouts I can do around the house and health tips. Sadly, most of their workouts need access to gym equipment, which is great for those who do but most don't. The articles also leave less to be desired. Most starting with "According to blah blah blah 78% of women have blah blah blah." I felt like I was reading a very thick survey/statistics overview as opposed to a health magazine. I've gotten more health information from a Seventeen magazine than Shape. If anything else, Shape is one big advertisement for the latest in exercise and beauty supplies. When my subscription ends, I will not miss it. If what you need is at-home-workouts, check out Fitness....more info
  • Good Magazine if you dont let the images get through you!
    Ok I'll be firm! This is a pretty good fitness magazine, but most of the images aren't very supportive for everybody at all. Sure they encourage me to try be fit but yet again I fear that these overly skinny models will make readers become anorexic or something. After all most people in the success stories arent what I'd call thin.. maybe more like fit overly aged individual. One look at this magazine and you'd think "Oh wow, I'm sure this magazine is telling me I can be that thin if I only read the magazine!" ERrrr... That's totally wrong! The most this magazine can do for you is make you fit for your age, not necessarily physically thin. Otherwise If you ignore the images I'd say this is a pretty good magazine. They even give you makeup tips and give good healthy eating habits. Although I have heard that this magazine is not diverse as in most of the models are white... It does kinda make you go..."Ok so only white people are fit?" I too also think it'd be nice if they added a African American model much more or if they added Asian women in it too....more info
  • Won't be renewing
    I'm torn between cancelling or waiting until Nov. and not renewing. I've been reading Shape for about 6 months and am disappointed. I agree with all the other folks about the sickly, skinny 20-somethings on the cover and in the pages. How about us 40-something moms? I'm a YMCA member and workout faithfully, but I'm tired of the fluff and junk. I also subscribe to "Muscle and Fitness For Her". MUCH better magazine....more info
  • OK but not great
    Although some of the Shape articles are about self-esteem and feeling good about oneself, they have these articles with photos of models who are all extremely thin. I know this is most pleasing to the eye and probably makes the magazine sell, but for some folks, this isn't a great idea. Also, some of the exercise suggestions are very very general, so it's kind of boring sometimes. I have a degree in nutritional sciences and I'm certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, so I am kind of critical with magazines like this. The exercises segments are usually pretty decent, especially when the writers discuss interval training & interesting ways to do cardio workouts to prevent boredom. However, some of the strength or yoga moves are a bit hard to follow. Additionally, the recipes are flavorful and unique. I am not so fond of the fashion segment of this magazine, since I usually purchase Shape to read about new exercise trends or get new ideas for exercises....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I love this magazine!They always have great tips and information!I just signed up to get the magazine through the company and I
    can't wait to get the first issue!!!...more info
  • Shape reader for three years
    I have been subscribing to Shape for the past three years and thoroughly enjoy the magazine. I have sampled other fitness magazines but none of them have bee nearly as good as Shape. The articles in Shape are always interesting and span a wide variety of topics important to overall health. I highly reccommend this magazine....more info
  • Unrealistic
    I am a subscriber to Shape and I will not be renewing my subscription. If I had a self esteem problem looking at this magazine would just make it worse. I have been quite disappointed with the models used in the articles. Most of them look as if they are posing for Victoria Secrets and not a fitness magazine and they are extremely skinny. The clothes that are advertised are not affordable for the average working women and many of the articles are not that helpful. The only section I do enjoy is the "Success Stories" which portray real women in real life situations. I really wish the magazine would revamp itself and gear it more towards the "Real Woman"....more info
  • changed
    Years ago Shape was my favorite magazine. I still enjoy the articles on lifting and success stories. However, I ordered the magazine to support my son's school. After getting it for 6 months I was very disappointed in the change of your cover. Being a mother of four boys 11-18 years of age. I felt like I had to hide them. Are these girls on the cover trying out for Playboy or what. Need to go back to your old covers with healthy, covered woman on the front. Needless to say I did not renew....more info
  • Dissatisfied
    I have been buying shape magazine for my wife and some of the members in my gym, but within recent months i have stopped as my wife, myself and others have been totally dissatisfied as month after month anorexic looking models grace your magazine from cover to cover, some look so painfully thin it is clear that they only worked out for the magazine shoot. Please use some real women in their various shapes and levels of conditioning for your articles you may be excused in using the anorexic looking cover girl to sell more magazines, however when it comes to keeping it real, believable and inspiring go around to various gyms and use the regular full figured(here i don't mean overweight) women who work out regularly. If each month you feature one of these women i would renew my subcription.

    Alvin Brazer...more info

  • It's OK.,
    This magazine is all right, but I have a few problems with it. The good thing about this magazine is that it's focused on fitness and health, which makes it my kind of magazine. It's got great success stories, good food to cook, and good rules for nutrition and your health. My biggest problem is that since I don't have a gym membership, I can't do most (if not any) of the moves in Shape Magazine. I'm tired of moves that you have to do at the gym, or equipment that costs over a thousand dollars just to do a little toning. They should at least give 5 moves that I can do without setting a foot inside a gym.

    Another problem is that I don't like that they show 5-foot-11 models, that are perfectly skinny, and with perfect flat abs, when they could show more *average* women, or possibly a little bit curvier. I don't know about you, but I think that you don't have to be skinny to be beautiful. I just wish that they could see that everyone comes in their different packages. I agree with A.T. also-they also need to be more diverse with their women-black people need to be shown a little more as I rarely ever see black women in this magazine. I suggest that if you have a gym membership, then you should buy SHAPE off the magazine stand every blue moon or so when you see a good issue. If you don't have a gym membership, like most of us, then get SELF instead; it also offers great motivation....more info

  • Great exercises, good for motivation
    I love Shape, because every month it motivates me. I have had a subscription for years and I keep every one of my magazines. Each issue has some new exercises or workouts and some great, healthy recipes. What I love about shape is they promote fitness as a way to stay healthy, not lose weight. They give helpful tips all the time about ways to find motivation and hints to eat healthy. If you would like monthly motivation from a magazine, pick Shape!...more info
  • Not diverse and too much fluff
    I have been subscribing to Shape for about two years now, and its the same thing every month. I agree with A.T. who posted a review sometime ago, that Shape is not diverse at all. I have never seen a woman of color on the cover, and maybe 1 or 2 African-American women models. I too am white, but I would love to see a lot more diversity. As far as the fitness articles, they have some usefull tips but other than that it is a bunch of "what to wear this spring" and all the clothing they advertise would look good on you if you were a size 5 with a nice flat tummy. I think Shape should be more realistic in reaching out to the average women....more info
  • Some good articles, but....
    Shape magazine has some good articles, and I especially liked the "success stories" of real people, but the magazine's image puts me off. As a mature woman and mother interested in exercise for health and fitness, I don't need or want to see scantily clad seductively posed teens on every page. Come on - do we need that image of "perfection" to inspire us to work out? I would prefer more emphasis to be placed on substance and up-to-date health and fitness information. Because of the skin-flashing covers,I was embarrassed to be seen reading the magazine, so I cancelled my subscription....more info
  • Teaches Enlightenment In Your Own Beauty
    I've always been a very physically active person.. I like to run and I like to work out.. but fitness magazines for women tend to be one way or the other: "Don't bother with weight loss, find inner peace with Yoga!" or "How Many Pieces of Lettuce You Can Eat A Day To Look Like Janet Jackson." Sure, it's mildly entertaining to look into varieties on either side now and then, but what about those of us who want some recipes, PRACTICAL training tips and quick workout guides?

    Shape magazine stresses the points that I think are most important in a women's fitness magazine. It offers inspiring weightloss stories, quick (and edible) meals, and fun workouts to boost your regular ones along. And while some of the workout tips CAN get repetitive, just remember.. there are only so many different ways to do a sit-up. Readers of any and ALL fitness magazines know that they usually have the same exercise tips to offer over and over.

    Shape encourages and enlightens. It shows a way to incorporate exercise into any lifestyle and gives you the encouragement to continue an exercise regimen-- no matter how sedentary you are....more info

  • Good for a free magazine
    I recently starting getting this magazine since I joined a Boston gym, it is apparently part of the membership. It is good magazine, but I wouldn't rate it as "great" When my free subscription runs out, I will not renew and purchase it myself. For anyone looking for a very helpful women's magazine, for whatever stages you are in...I recommend OXYGEN. Many helpful articals for EVERYONE!!!...more info
  • The Best Magazine Ever!
    Lots of information and techniques. One of the best magazines I've read in a long time....more info