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Who Reads Us Weekly?
Us Weekly's readers are young, educated and affluent adults compelled by breaking celebrity news, Hollywood style and the best in entertainment. They focus on celebrities’ style, health and beauty routines, nutrition and fitness advice, and even the vacations of their favorite stars. The Us reader is interested in the film, television, and music industries, as well as fashion-forward trends and the inside entertainment scoop.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Hot Bodies: The annual Hot Bodies issue scours Hollywood for the best bodies in the business. Us Weekly’s unique perspective and insider access delivers the stories on Hollywood’s hottest celebs, and the nutrition, style and figure-fixer secrets behind the looks.
  • Celebrity Style: Reinforcing authority on style, beauty, and all things celebrity, Us Weekly brings you our Celebrity Style special issue – the ultimate guide to chic star style. Us Weekly celebrates celeb style at its most inspiring – from the dresses that have launched a thousand careers, to the style faux pas that will live infamously in history. Celebrity Style will give readers the inside scoop on the clothes, designers, and signature touches that create star-caliber looks.
  • Hollywood’s Best Diets: Even celebrities struggle with over-indulging during the holiday season. Us Weekly’s Best Diets issue features the stars that look particularly great come January, and divulges their secrets to staying healthy and fit. Plus, star menus, food planners and advice from top celebrity trainers.
  • Awards Night: Red Carpet coverage is central to Us Weekly’s editorial mission. Reporting on 18 award shows a year, and with pre and post coverage of every major awards event, Us Weekly delivers exciting multi-faceted cross-platform marketing opportunities that extend your message from online to broadcast.
  • Red Carpet: what's the new dress craze this week?
  • Hot Pics: need we say more?
  • Plus, Star Beauty, Star Style, Hot Stuff, The Recorda?|

Magazine Layout:
Each issue is picture-packed with hundreds of photos, documenting the latest news on your favorite celebrities. It is the perfect blend of photography and text for those interested in the celebrity lifestyle.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Us Weekly is the magazine that keeps the closest watch on the ever changing and ever exciting entertainment industry, unlike any other magazine. It takes you backstage at awards shows and sneaks you into celebrity parties. Us Weekly peers into the minds (and dressing rooms) of the biggest stars, and escorts you around the world to see exactly where and with whom the hottest names in entertainment have been hanging out. Us gives you more access than any other magazine on the newsstand.

Past Issues:

AdWeek Hot List, 2005, 2006, 2007. Top Performer of the decade, 1996-2006.

This magazine covers film, video, television and contemporary music. It provides in-depth editorials on top personalities, events and developments current in the world of entertainment.

Customer Reviews:

  • This magazine sucks
    I'm searching for music magazines and this thing comes up. This is not a music magazine. It's a stupid girl magazine that talks about nothing but fashion. Skip this magazine and move on to something better....more info
  • Augh, no more
    I used to consider this magazine a guilty pleasure until a recent issue in which they not only called Angelina Jolie a hypocrite for wanting to have a career and a family but also did a before & after feature on celebrities who had lost weight, talking about how much better they looked in their new smaller sizes (i.e., size zero as opposed to a big ol' size four!). When combined, that made me feel that US Weekly is really kind of a jerky magazine....more info
  • Relatively okay
    This magazine has absolutely no substance and I wish it did, but it IS a fun magazine to read while waiting for a hair cut or in the doctor's office or wherever. For those people not familar with this magazine, it's all about current celebrities and fashion stuff. Sometimes, the celebrity stories are entertaining to read. However, there are two problems with the celebrity section. Number one, sometimes US goes into TOO MUCH personal detail about a celebrity. Number two, some of the celebrities they interview or have a story on are completely overrated and don't deserve it (the story). The fashion section isn't my favorite to read, in any magazine, and this one is no exception. However, sometimes there are cool clothing featured. But what kind of person can afford what they show? Like I mentioned before, this magazine has no substance, so that means no world issue stories. It wouldn't kill the writers or the company who puts this magazine out to throw in a few world issue stories for those people who like this magazine but want to see something that isn't fluff. My final warning/thoughts for this magazine? For those people who absolutely detest fluffy magazines, this would NOT be for you. Avoid it at all costs. For those pop-culture obsessed people, this is one magazine you should DEFINITELY own. For those people waiting in a doctor's office or waiting for their turn to get their hair cut and want something to read, give this magazine a chance....more info
  • Best Buy on all the Gossip!!
    This was the best magazine that I have ever had...i got it as a gift for my birthday and I LOVE work we call it the bible!...more info
  • Ephemeral and guilty
    The first thing to know about US Weekly is what it is and what it isn't. It is NOT a magazine. It IS cotton candy liberally spread on paper. A mixture of gleeful celebrity worship and tabloid dirt-dishing, this is an amusing guilty pleasure.

    The photo-heavy US mainly focuses on celebrities and their love lives -- mostly false reports and half-truths. Most of the rest is stuff like "The Sexy Stars of S.W.A.T," photographs of stars doing ordinary things (ooh, Keanu Reeves ate a sandwich!), cutesy captions, and descriptions of handbags, jewelry, clothes and cocktails that no ordinary person can afford. Tacked on at the end, to provide the illusion of real journalism, are brief movie and TV reviews.

    There are a handful of diverting articles. For example, occasionally there are fluff interviews with various celebrities -- models, actors, singers, and reality-TV doofs. The most amusing (not to mention witty) section is the Fashion Police, with quilted skirts, paint-splattered boots, and Britney's sequined bra. It includes some nicely catty comments ("Crazed kewpie doll") and proof that money can't buy taste.

    It's colorful and fun to look at. But so are baby toys. The wispiness of US makes it unmemorable. For those who worship at the altar of pop culture, it's a must. For the rest of humanity, it's trashy and fluffy....more info

  • The Best Fluff On Hollywood!
    This magazine is of course geared towards those interested in movies, celebrity, pop culture, and mainstream music. So I'll review this magazine with the intended audience in mind, with respect to how this magazine compares to other pop culture/Hollywood magazines.

    First, it is true that US Weekly has changed dramatically in the past year or two. The magazine has adopted a British-tabloid style of journalism that has made it a top seller on newsstands. As a result, however, US Weekly's depth on Hollywood, and its reporting credibility has sunk to an all time low. Many of its rumors, unidentified news sources, reports from an insider, etc. are extremely fun to read, but also lacking in accuracy. With that said, readers should acknowledge that a good portion of information may be created by the writers and editors in order to deliver a more entertaining story.

    Although some of the gossip-like reports may be nothing more than a figment of a writer's imagination (resembling a fan's biggest fantasy), US Weekly should be credited for its well-versed skills in crafting sensationalism. Whether a page is about Collin Farrell or American Idol, the magazine does a wonderful job of delivering a colorful page full of photographs and trivial tidbits. After a hard day's work or long hours studying, US Weekly is definitely a welcomed refreshment.

    Now whether this magazine matches up to its other celebrity-magazine competitors is debatable. US Weekly lacks the great stories and interviews of Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, but is a lot more enjoyable than People; it also suffices the cravings of those InStyle fans who like to check out fashion do's and don'ts. Overall, if it's fluff you want, then nobody does it better right now than US Weekly. The magazine's publishers don't even pretend anymore that some of its loyal subscribers are illiterate!

    *** Summary: If you want substance, look elsewhere (i.e. The New Yorker, The Economist, The Nation). But if you're high on cherry squishy, nothing is better than pictures of J-Lo's posterior or a conversation with Britney's bodyguard. This magazine could, however, pack its pages a little bigger -- preferably with exclusive interviews, and stories that take longer than one night to write....more info

  • much better now
    US Weekly used to be a cross between People and The National Enquirer - ever since the new editor has stepped in (it seems that they have a new one every year) the magazine has been revamped. It looks more like the classy People and less like a trash tabloid. I'm also a little skeptical about those who complain doesn't deliver their magazines. Not every business is perfect, but I haven't had a problem having my magazines delivered when I've ordered them from

    It just makes me think that all the people that are whining are just taking out their frustrations on life at Maybe its why we see so many vicious and jealous reviews, if you don't like your life change it. Don't complain about it, that's how most people get where they are today. Anyway, unlike People, US Weekly mainly focuses on celebrities and I think that for its price its far too short. At least People is thick. Anyhow, for the celebrity junkie, US Weekly is a must read. Like another reviewer, I too am tired of reading about Jessica Simpson and Brangelina. I think the celebrity magazines are tired of this as well. I'm starting to see a more diverse focus of celebrities on the magazines.

    Its certainly much better than reading In touch and Life & Style Weekly. Although I do like US Weekly, I still think that People is the best. People is more classy, has a great layout, their focus is 50/50 on celebrities and articles on average folks. They have great photos and other interesting reads on their magazine. Even their website is great, US Weekly's website looks like a barbie website. The recent changes have been great but if US Weekly really wants to compete with People then it needs to step up to the plate more. Despite its faults, US Weekly is a luscious read and worth all of its frothiness, so enjoy it. ...more info
  • US Weekly Magazine
    US is one of my favorites of the weekly entertainment magazines. You can't believe everything you read, but I feel confident that they are trying to be truthful in their stories. You do see some of the same pictures and stories that run in all the weeklies, but this is the one that I choose to read. The frustrating part is that, as a subscriber, I receive the magazine several days after it hits the news stand, making it sometimes feel like old news....more info
  • Well I like it...
    US Magazine is meant as entertainment and it is. I have been a reader for a long time. It's current, fun, entaining....more info
  • US Weekly...if u pay the bills on time
    The magazine itself is fine, but I do find that they have a tendency to speculate about celebrites. Also, be very careful of how they bill you. Usually magazine subscriptions mail you about every couple of months. I got two bills in under two weeks when I sent out and they're very quick to send in another. Other than that it's a fun magazine....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I absolutely love this magazine! It is my favorite. If you are into celebrities and gossip, then this is your magazine....more info
  • US Magazine Subscription
    Everything with smoothly with my magazine subscription. I actually started receiving my magazines before the date specified. Thanks so much....more info
  • Shallow but unfortunately very entertaining
    For me, US Weekly is a mixed bag. As a screenwriter, I want to know what's going on in the entertainment industry, who is dating whom, and what my favorite actors and actresses are up to, and US Weekly is the best choice because the magazine is easy to read and fun. However, US Weekly gets the award for Paparazzi stalkers of the year. They seem to capture celebrities at their most vulnerable, and sometimes don't even get the entire story straight before rushing an article to print. US Weekly also concentrates too much on Paris Hilton, J Lo, and now more than ever, Brittany Spears, three women I couldn't care less about. One article a month is enough, but in every issue? UGH! How bout dealing with how the other half live? And instead of all the bad, it would be great to see the more helpful side of celebrities like charity events and fundraisers.

    US Weekly also annoys me with its 'Stars, they're just like US" column, which depict stars doing everyday activities like shopping, filling up gas, and GASP, eating! This is ridiculous because never for a moment did I think these stars were from outer space and not like us. They make movies people, they're not martians. Obviously they're like US. Give that column a rest US. It's annoying.

    US Weekly is quickly doing downhill and if it continues this way, I will not renew my subscription. It started off great, but now it's getting pretty annoying and shallow. J Lo who?

    ...more info
  • The Best in This Class
    I am a college educated, professional woman and I still love this magazine. In fact it was my guilty pleasure while I was attending college and didn't have time to sit down a read a good novel. US Weekly has some of the best photographs of stars compared to the other mags on the newsstand (ranking only second to In Touch at times). US Weekly does have the best content. They have more content than In Touch and less of the stuff that I don't care about like People magazine publishes. US Weekly is a steal at the subscription price. So, why don't you check one out at the newsstand and subscribe if you like it as much as I do?...more info
  • Awesome Celebrity News
    I'm an avid magazine reader and once I stumbled onto US, I couldn't wait for the next week to get here so I could read the next issue. I think it's a well written and photographed magazine. The quality of the articles are top shelf....more info
  • Everyone needs a guilty pleasure!!!
    I can't help it! I know that I should be reading something more educational, but I adore US Magazine! There is something about it that makes me swipe it off of the shelf at the grocery store every time a new issue comes out! I love reading about the latest celebrity spoofs!

    US Magazine is literally overflowing with the latest gossip on every celebrity you can think of. From what not to wear, to pregnancy alerts, you can read all of the juicy stuff! Every week they write about all the new movie deals everyone signed up for, who has gotten married, arrested, pregnant etc.! I just love it.

    One of my favorite features about US is the pictures of stars caught reading it! I love the fact that not only do I have to have my weekly gossip fix, but so do they!...more info

  • *~Us Mag.~*
    I really enjoy this fun book. Even though you can't believe everything you hear its fun to read about other people's lives. I totally recamend this magazine. Its a great read (I got to stop saying that!) and I hope you check it out. It is always fun to site down, and read about other people lives and their problems!!!...more info
  • this magazine is so nice
    i got this magazine and i thought it was amazing!!! It is packed with tones of info about your favorite stars and about all of the good movies and t.v. shows that you should see and which ones to skip. It gives you great info and inside tracks about the biggest events in hollywood.( And be sure that you check out the fashion police they are so funny!)...more info
  • Some fluff for when your brain hurts
    This is not an intellectual's magazine. Its definitely fluff.

    At the same time, however, you can always count on at least one *interesting* article every week. Its "Survivor" coverage is consistently compelling and interesting. It has great photos...

    The best part about it is the Fashion Police where each week they present photos of well-dressed [and not well dressed] celebrities along with witty digs written by various comedians, columnists, etc....more info

  • Read This!
    US Weekly is a must read magazine if you want to know what's happening in Hollywood. It's like People meets Entertainment Weekly, which makes an excellent combo. It has awesome features, like "Fashion Police," "Faces & Places," "Loose Talk (cool quotes by celebs)" and much more. It's always up-to-date and has the best pictures and info on celebrities you can find. This magazine has everything!

    Do yourself a favor and become an entertainment buff by subscribing to US Weekly. You'll be satisfied....more info

  • Nobody claimes this is rocket science...
    ... but it sure is fun to read. US magazine is by far the best of its genre; I consider PEOPLE, STAR, and IN TOUCH vastly inferior. US is unique; my favorite section, one that another Amazon reviewer happened to mention they hated, is called "Stars: They're Just Like US". Yes, we know that the rich and famous eat, drink, shop and get toilet paper stuck on their shoes-- like the average person. But how much more fun is it to see Cameron Diaz with food in her teeth, Jessica Simpson lunching with a girlfriend, or Keaneau Reeves using a payphone (and, gasp!, not a cell).

    US was the orginal magazine to bring us the stars in a new light -- now, IN TOUCH and STAR are rushing to do the same. But the first is always the best -- US weekly makes reading their magazine a guilty pleasure!...more info
  • Best celebrity magazine out there
    My favorite gossip-trash out there! Can't beat it. It's not full with all the boring stuff that People is - and every week you can be sure that it is up to date on all the lastest Hollywood news. If you're looking for some good old fashioned celebrity gossip - this is your magazine!...more info
  • A lot like In Touch magazine
    I like this magazine. It's intresting. It keeps you updated on your favorite celebs with gossip, exclusive pictures, and news....more info
  • Has Seen Much Better Days
    I used to really like US magazine. I have been collecting every issue each week for several years now. But wait! Has anyone else noticed that this magazine has drastically changed since the beginning of this year? Where are all the interesting articles and info on the celebrities, movies and music? There's no more than a thumbnail's sketch of info on anything now. It's all photos and quickie hype. It has no more substance. What happened to this good magazine?...more info
  • Great to learn new idiomatic expressions
    Great for non native speakers who are in desperate need for real samples of language discourse....more info
  • A good gossip rag...
    First foremost understand that US Weekly isn't fine literature, it's a gossip magazine! I used read it all the time until I was reading a story about Jennifer Aniston it was back when she was dating Vince Vaughn they posted an article about the two of them getting engaged. At the exact same time I was watching E! News and it was Jennifer Aniston denying any truth to the article. So now every time I see US Weekly I wonder how much truth is in the articles posted in US Weekly and if I really should be wasting my money on them.

    But as a gossip magazine you can't expect everything they print to be true. And don't expect post-up worthy photo's of your favorite celebrities. They all have text under them or on them....more info
  • US is just a fancy Enquirer
    I have been subscribing to US Weekly for about a year and a half. In that time, I have never seen an issue without several pages of Jessica Simpson. I have to wonder; does Jessica donate money to this magazine? She seems to dominate the whole magazine, each and every week.

    I won't be renewing my subscription. I'm tired of Jessica and the untruths that US Weekly supplies....more info
  • Addicting
    One word that sums this magazine up is addicting! I can't pass a magazine stand with out picking one up. With the latest spill on celebrity love lives, style, movies, red carpet events, and most embarrassing moments, who could resist?

    To me it's more of a photo book then real journalism. Half the journalism that is in US Weekly is exaggerated to all means. With so much being fabricated, it is important to keep an open mind.

    US Weekly Magazine gives people like you and I a chance to see celebrities live the normal lives we do. It's weird to see some of these A-list stars cleaning, shopping, and doing normal day to day routines of an average person. Of course this is only when they are not working.

    My favorite part of the magazine is the loose talk section. In the November 22nd issue, it features Nicole Richie and her tip on how she eats healthy while taping The Simple Life.

    Every week I look forward to receiving my new issue. When I do, it's sometimes the highlight of my day. No other magazine can compare to US Weekly. With its edge and wit it keeps us readers wanting the next issue.

    Was this review helpful to type?
    ...more info
  • lighten up
    This is great to read at any time. You know life gets hard sometimes and its good to point and laugh about those rich and snobby folks and celebrities you love to hate. I know you'll feel bad about being all up in others business but its ok really, you paid for it so in this case its allowed. You know you love to hear all the gossip about the rich and famous. So pick this magazine up and have a good time.In my family we actually fight over who can open it up first and read all the gossip....more info
  • Great magazine, full of interesting facts about your favorite hollywood stars and personalities!
    I love this magazine the articles are excellently written and gives all you would want to know about your favorite Hollywood stars and the things that go on behind the scenes in their lives....more info
  • Worst magazine ever created?
    For some unknown reason, my aunt has a subscription to this publication known as "U.S. Weekly". Whenever she gets done reading it, she gives it to my mom, giving me a chance to read the kind of garbage that gets published every week. To put it simply, this is a magazine that showcases everyone I hate in the entertainment industry. Quite frankly, most of the pictures here creep me out. These photographers go out of their way to take pictures of celebrities doing things like eating or riding their bike. It's bad enough to see how nosy the editors are, but it's even worse to know that people pay to see such trivial photos as that. It's borderline obsession.

    You might be asking, "If I hate it so much, why do I continue reading it"? There's no other way around it, but this magazine does slightly entertain me, but for all the wrong reasons. The "news" is so obviously fake and ridiculous that it makes me laugh. It's so bad that it's almost like a parody. For example, I read an article about how Ashlee Simpson and some other guy were in love, yet the next week's magazine revealed that they had just split up. I guess true love only lasts a week nowadays.

    The only reason to ever get a magazine like this is if you want to have a good laugh. Even then, the price for a yearly subscription is far too expensive. So really, "US Weekly" is useless either way....more info
  • Puerile and Shallow
    Us is nothing but shallow speculation for the celebrity obsessed masses. This magazine never has anything of any significance to say.

    If you have no life of your own and enjoy wasting your time trying to keep all of J.Lo's husbands straight, this magazine is perfect for you. Have some dignity you pathetic craven wimp. Stop living through brain-dead talentless celebrities and go create your OWN life.

    There are doctors out there who are saving people's lives, why don't they get any fame and glory?? Because they aren't cute enough that's why. They don't suck up to the camera and spend their lives trying to be fashionable.

    Intelligence takes too much thinking so it doesn't sell well. This magazine is a verification of how lazy and easily manipulated people are. The media is nothing but a tool for tricking the artless masses into consuming more products. Don't be manipulated. Use your freedom of choice....more info

  • just read before you buy
    So, all the reviews here are based on peoples experiences with US magazine itself. well, we all know that the tabloids push it too far to get what they want. LOOK, who cares? I think that people who want to buy it they should.
    Another thing is that, i try to order a magazine from this company twice. The first time I tried it I never recieved the subscription, and just canceled the order. At the momment I am waiting to recieve a subscription. (If it DOES show up...)...more info
  • US Weekly magazine
    I ordered 2 magazines as a gift and paid with a CC. The giftee has received a bill for the magazines so I am trying to get this problem retified. Not sure I will order these magazines in the future as once they are ordered, it is out of amazon's hands. To Be continued....more info
  • Still Hot! Matthew and Gunnar Nelson
    I am a huge Nelson fan and thought I was the only one left; until I visited their website They are as hot as ever! Since "After the Rain" they have released six more Cd's. I highly recommend the "Brother Harmony" Cd, or the "Like Father Like Sons" Cd, where they honor their late great father, Rick Nelson, by bringing back his music.

    They are currently available to come to your hometown and put on a performance that will leave you wanting more. To contact information on booking them for your area, please contact them at Hey ... it's an awesome experience to see them in action.

    Kay Javens...more info
  • good fun
    US Magazine is a cross between People, Entertainment Weekly, and any of the tabloids, like the Enquirer. The photos are wonderful and vivid. Some of the articles are to be taken with a grain of salt, like a tabloid, but many of them are the same sort of true stories you would find in a "respectable" magazine such as Entertainment Weekly or People. It has some of the very latest gossip in Hollywood, and it's just a really fun, lighthearted read!...more info
  • Great celeb gossip!
    I really like this magazine for the latest celebirty gossip. It seems like one of the good ones out there - no fake stories and what-not. I like the feature in which they show stars' styles and show how to copy them for less. And the beauty section is nice, too - I like to copy some of the hairstyles or try some of the make-up trends.

    Overall, I enjoy getting this magazine every week, I look forward to it and have it all read by Monday!...more info
  • The System is Too Slow
    It is rediculous that an order placed on-line should take 4-6 weeks to be delivered....more info
  • ...
    This magazine is fun to read, but should not be taken seriously.
    I got a trial from Amazon for free, and my problem is that I could not cancel the subscription. I can't find a number to call on their website, and I've contacted them by email many times. The number on this page is for a "men's magazine"..?...more info
  • Fast Service
    Us Weekly (1-year)

    Bought this as a gift for Mothers day and she started getting her subscription in 3 weeks so it started arriving just in time, I was very happy since Amazon stated it could take up to 6 weeks....more info
  • Entertaining, but..........
    US Weekly is a mix of a tabloid and a fashion magazine, though it is a bit better at telling the truth than some other magazines *ahem*. It's one of those magazines that will come into great use when you're bored and want something interesting yet light to read, and if you're celebrity obsessed, you'll definitely LOVE this one. My main problem with it is that everytime I pick up an issue, I feel like I'm stalking these celebs. In their August 30 issue, they had a two-page spread showing Jessica Simpson shopping at a grocery store, loading them into her car, and even pulling her dress back up. I don't know about you, but I felt as though that was completely unnescesary. The magazine is big on these things, like showing Britney Spears eating lunch and Paris and Nikki Hilton walking on the beach. It gets very annoying sometimes. However, some of the stuff they talk about is interesting, and I enjoy the fashion and beauty sections. But if you're one of those who can't live without the latest celebrity gossip and news, this would be a great magazine for you....more info
  • fun glossy
    People and US weekly are my favorite mags for celebrity news and gossip. Although this mag is a fun glossy, I'm not sure how reliable a lot of their facts are. It seems as if sometimes their main features are based on rumors, what they think might have happened when a certain couple has broken up, and they rely on the sources of the celebrities friends. Still even though it might be questionable, I love their fun sections. Its a fun glossy for those that are interested in celeb gossip. It's just fun to see sections like "stars! They're just like us." It's a guilty pleasure....more info
  • If You Love Celebrities You'll Love This Magazine
    Do you like to keep up with what's going on in Hollywood? Are you a die hard fan of stars like Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, or N'SYNC? Do you love collecting quality photos of your favorite stars? Then this magazine is for you. Every issue is packed wall to wall with the lastest news on stars from every walk of life, and it's stuffed with top-notch photos. If you are looking for a magazine that not only is great reading, but can eventually turn into a hot collectible, US is for YOU!!!...more info
  • great magazine, crappy delivery
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE US magazine in all its cheesy glory. Normally it is the highlight to my Friday afternoon- I look forward to ending my work week with some easy reading. So, it really pisses me off when my subscription doesn't arrive until the following Teusday- esp since it hits the racks on Wednesday. I have complained to the magazine and didn't get much help. As much as I love US, I am having second thoughts about renewing my subscription because of the bad sewrvice i recieve....more info
  • Delivery Problems!
    Why is it that Us Weekly can't get a copy to me weekly? Sometimes three weeks will go by without an issue. Then I'll receive three in one week. Us Weekly assures me that everything is normal and that they ship them just as soon they come off the printing presses. I'm not buying their story or the magazine again....more info
  • Great For US
    I love this magazine because it revolves around our country's obsession: Celebrities. What they eat, wear, who they go out with, etc. I love it, this magazine has truly changed my life...I look forward to geting it every week in the mail. I also love the beauty advice for different kinds of hair or skin. They have the celebrities clothes and where to buy them, but a cheaper version just for common folk like you and I! "Us Weekly" has "The Scoop", where celebrities were found and what were they doing. They also have pics of them in their bathrobes, curlers and no makeup, just to prove that they're like US, in certain respects. The first three or four pages are dedicated to the juciest celebrity news, without being like a tabloid and giving out false, ridiculous information.

    A+...I love US!...more info

  • Guilty Pleasure
    While making a purchase at Best Buy, the cashier informed me that Us Weekly was offering a free six-week trial subscription. She was pretty persuasive, so I took the bait. Who turns down freebies? Turns out I really like the magazine. No lengthy, poignant passages. Just a lot of pictures with captions and a couple of paragraphs of juicy gossip. Very easy reading. Star-gazing is frivolous and fun.

    Don't get me wrong, I write for a living and love reading a variety of genres, including paranormal, erotica, chick lit, and urban fiction. But, sometimes the brain needs some down time. ...more info
  • Not the Same Magazine
    I used to really like US magazine. I have been collecting every issue each week for several years now. But wait! Has anyone else noticed that this magazine has drastically changed since the beginning of this year? Where are all the interesting articles and info on the celebrities, movies and music? There's no more than a thumbnail's sketch of info on anything now. It's all photos and quickie hype. It has no more substance. What happened to this good magazine?...more info
  • Junk Food for the Brain!
    US Weekly is the best "escape" from work and chaotic everyday life! I love it! Unlike the "Enquirer", this magazine shows some respect for the stars that it covers, which I admire....more info


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