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Health is the smart woman's guide to life, covering beauty, well-being, fitness, and food/nutrition with intelligence, flair, and credibility. The magazine's lifestyle approach makes it a pleasure to read, not a duty. Health provides a sense of community along with empowering information, powerful narrative, and compelling art-all to reinforce the message that healthy living is the way to feel and look your very best.

Customer Reviews:

  • lacks substance
    This magazine could potentially be a great one filled with substance, but sadly, it reminds me of Real Simple: endorsing many products. Virtually most of the advice they shell out involves buying some book, or some other product. I like magazines that I can keep around for years, and refer back to them like a nostalgic memory. Maybe I'm the wrong demographic they're targetting (I'm a student), but I still think they could do better to balance the endorsements and real advice I can refer to. After all, it's a little dumb to waste money to buy the magazine, just so I can find more ways to buy things. ...more info
  • To my health!!
    This is my favorite health magazine. It has lots of articles with a little bit of advertising. Very beneficial with up to date knowledge. Love it!!...more info
  • Vapid
    A really bad slick, vapid agazine, with no real health info or info of any kind. Like those little health sidebars in the more inocuous women's magazines, expanded into a whole publication of its own....more info
  • Have Yet to Recieve an Issue
    Probably a great magazine, however, I have yet to recieve a issue since ordering via this service in 2002.
    (I ordered in late Dec 2002)
    Just an FYI. Maybe I am the exception....more info
  • Best health Magazine I Have found
    I have subscribed to various magazines for years, and paid pretty prices too, but this modestly priced magazine is one of my favorites. It really has a variety of articles, fact based, no nonsense. I love the exercise part, I teach the yoga type exercises to my satff at work. This puts "self" to shame. Check it out for yourself . I give it as a christmas gift to my friends....more info
  • Boring magazine with little substance
    I subscribed to one year of Health magazine in hopes of finding tips on better living and overall health. But upon opening my first issue I have been very disappointed. The magazine is nothing but ads, and has very little substance. Even the recipes in the back are knock-offs from other food magazines like Cooking Light (an excellent magazine by the way).

    I don't think I've found one article in Health magazine which I've found useful. Maybe other people like it, but I will not renew my subscription....more info

  • Great for casual reading...
    I have been reading Health off and on since I was in high school in the late 1980s, and overall I love this magazine! The articles are usually rather interesting, and there is always at least one long article that I find relevant to my life or curiosities.

    However, there are times when the topics/articles border on resembling Cosmo and Glamour rather than really being related to health.

    Overall, I recommend Health as a great read for entertainment purposes and a great reference for health-related issues, but don't always expect nobel prize winning research data in every article....more info
  • Realistic Health Magazine
    This has got to be one of my favorite magazines. I take to old ones to work for the break room. I (and everyone at work) eagerly await the newest issue to arrive.

    What I like best is that the magazine writes about health in a realistic manner. Giving you tips to live up to your full health potential, including regular reviews of popular diets, recipies, beauty tips, exercies and wonderful articles....more info

  • Realistic, Easy to Relate to!
    Everytime this magazine comes in the mail, I sit down and read it cover to cover immediately. For active people (and those aspiring non-actives) the articles are informative and often are issues or topics that you have been thinking about already. I also like how they start off with different little articles and facts in the beginning and then move onto the bigger topics.

    Being a 'Foodie' I can tell you that the recipes (towards the back of the magazine) are fantastic -- I save at least one from each issue - delicious and not complex.

    I like the magazine so much, I've signed on for another two years!...more info

  • Women's Health
    For so many years, women did not have information about their health issues in magazines or books. This is one of the best sources I have found for reliable information. Health [2-year subscription]...more info
  • Reenie
    I was surprised that this mag. was full of ads by prescription companies. Having gone the traditional medicine route for most of my life and finding that alternative medicine was safer, (when you know which to use) I was turned off by this one. If you don't mind traditional medicine read on, but it's just not for me....more info
  • Health Magazine Review
    I am a little dissatisfied because I still have not received my product. Hopefully it will arrive soon!...more info
  • Health Advice with Modern Appeal
    Should you try out the hotel hot tub while on vacation or try the pool instead? This magazine has excellent advice for everything from travel concerns to fitness and beauty advice.

    Recipes for natural salt scrubs with buttermilk mingle with the hottest advice on commercial beauty products. Do the new stick-on manicures work? What is the newest information on cancer prevention?

    Dr. Andrew Weil has a 5-minute section with holistic-health advice where he explains why Wild Alaskan salmon and blueberries will keep skin youthful. Is the air in your home as clean as it could be?

    Fun product pages offer seasonal comforts. For summer you may find yourself looking up beach blankets and fans. Special sections show you how to lose weight, even when on vacation. Interesting advice on how to beat stress and why you should find ways to increase the release of oxytocin.

    The only thing in the magazine of concern seems to be the advice section which I read, but take some of her advice with a big pinch of salt. If someone thinks they are suffering from an addiction, they probably are. I'm at times rather surprised by her answers that seem to lean towards a casual approach to serious life-changing situations, although she seems to give women great advice about health issues when it comes to making them feel better about breast cancer or work situations.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • Have to agree with "Vapid" ...
    I received two free trial issues in order to give the magazine a chance before subscribing. Boy, am I glad I didn't subscribe! The magazine is nothing but fluff - good only for people who mostly want to flip through and look at pictures - not for people who actually want informed articles and reports on health. ...more info
  • Well Researched Guidance for Health-Concsious Readers
    This gem of a magazine covers common sense topics of interest to health concsious readers, primarily young adult women. Feature articles cover topics on "fitness" (body), relationships and feelings ("mind"), "food", and "guidance" on specific health problems. The articles are well written and well researched. It contains delicious easy-to-make healthy recipes, beauty hints, as well as adventurous exercise options.

    Some examples of great articles in the July-August 2004 issue are, the "hike through history" article, the "one minute moves" and the "water workout" article. The first describes hiking trails in different regions of the country, for instance, "Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park" in Washington, D.C., "D & L Trail (norhtern portion) in Carbon County Pennsylvania, and "Railroad Grade Trail" in Apache Country, Arizona. The second provides a first person account of a very satisfactory exersize program describing aqua yoga, kick-boxing, and circuit training. The "one minute moves" article provides photos and descriptions of very realisitic and doable exersizes for busy people.

    The food section has photos of farm fresh green beans, cut yellow squash, and sections of colorful bell peppers ... very excellent recipes follow. These foods are easily obtainable from any grocery store. There is also a tasty omelet recipe and some fresh fruit recipes which include melons, cantelopes, and honey dew. Overall, this magazine is highly recommended for women readers of all ages. Erika Borsos (erikab93)...more info
  • For the 'real' person, who is trying to be or stay healthy.
    I was given HEALTH magazine as a gift, and have enjoyed six months worth at the present time. I'm a 40 something, formerly fit mother who still believes in herself enough to know that someday...I can be 'fit' again. This magazine seems right up my alley. It addresses common health issues with clear, short articles and yet isn't packed with ads so that the articles get lost. Some recipes, some exercises, some discussions, while remaining entertaining too.

    You would be wasting your money if you are already fitness oriented and off to the gym to meet your trainer, but if you are in need of an encouraging, helpful, entertaining read that will inspire versus guilt you into getting healthier, this magazine is for you....more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised!
    I picked up a copy of Health at my local grocery store, mostly out of curiosity. I found myself enjoying it enough so that I will be ordering a subscription. Here's why:
    1.It encompasses every facet of health, not just diet or exercise. As one reviewer noted, it is broken down into categories: Looks, Living, Moving, Feeling, and Flavor (it was just redone). The articles in each seem to be well-written and are enjoyable. I particularly enjoy the Feeling and Living sections, as they are something that is rarely found in other magazines.
    2. Unlike many other magazines, I found myself marking or wanting to mark so many pages to keep or check out further that in ended up being a good part of the magazine. I, like most others, enjoy getting the most for my money.
    While everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a "good" magazine, this one will soon be a regular fixture in our house....more info
  • health
  • Worth a read
    In general many health magazines seem to focus on glamour and make you wonder what's wrong with you since you can't be a size 2, work out for 3 hours a day, balance a job, family and whatever else life throws your way. The magazine comes with several articles a month that focus on looking good, exercise plans, diet tips, stress relief, and a few that promote good mental health. I like this because its low key and sensible. This magazine isn't set out to change your life, but enhance what you have and show you a few new ideas....more info
  • Just another magazine
    I subscribed to this magazine in March, and I received my first issue two weeks ago. After reading it, I am not sure I like it or not. I expected to some articles on nutrition facts, but I didn't see any on this issue. Maybe in the future issues?...more info
    For the past couple of months have recieve requests to renew subscription before it exactly expires and give them more of money. Thank you....more info
  • biased health advice - not to be trusted on nutritional topics
    I have subscribed to this magazine for almost a year now and I have become very skeptical of much of its advice. This advice seems to be heavily influenced by its paying advertisers e.g. the US Dairy Industry (there is always at least one of those annoying "got milk" ads) and not surprisingly, every issue there are several articles in the magazine that hype the supposed benefits of a diet high in dairy products (e.g. milk and cheese). However having read many books on nutrition, it has become very clear to me that that the majority of current research shows that a diet high in dairy products can actually be very damaging to your health - for instance read the The China Study by Colin Campbell, an extremely comprehensive nutritional study that sheds a great deal of light on the US dairy industry and its shady methods of influencing the public's perception of the healthfulness of its products. It is well known that there are many better ways of getting calcium etc into your diet than by dairy but this magazine is unfortunately blinded by its advertisers' paychecks. The magazine also appears to be very similar to Prevention magazine which I also have subscribed to and I would make the same criticism of. My advice is to stick to reliable sources on health like the excellent "Berkeley Wellness Letter" that are not supported or influenced by the advertisements of drugs companies or powerful industry groups like the US Dairy Industry....more info
  • Have Yet to Recieve an Issue
    Probably a great magazine, however, I have yet to recieve a issue since ordering via this service in 2002.
    (I ordered in late Dec 2002)
    Just an FYI. Maybe I am the exception....more info
  • Renewing, but not ecstatic
    I came to the site to renew, and will. I am only giving three stars because while I think that I routinely gain a great deal of useful information from the magazine, I don't like having to work my way through quite so much politically correct, definitely left leaning, verbiage to get at it. I haven't noticed much in the way of bias in favor of advertisers' products. Actually it seems fairly balanced that way. Of course they have advertising, and of course sometimes an article might mention something positively. That might actually mean that the product is a good one. I have noticed that products are criticized also. I subscribe to several magazines of this type so that I can gather information from multiple sources. All in all, I've decided that it is worth the subscription rate (though it annoys me some), but probably not worth the cover price....more info
  • Here's to Your Good Health
    Health Magazine is a publication that gears its articles toward a wide array of health- related issues and concerns. When I came across a copy for the first time, I picked it up to read with a degree of skepticism. I thought it would be a magazine exclusively about nutrition, but that turned out not to be the case. This magazine does spend some time talking about healthy eating habits, but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this magazine. The editors of this publication talk about all sorts of health topics, like mental health, relationships, parenting, physical fitness, etc. Because of this, Health has something that will appeal to almost anyone who reads it.

    This magazine is divided into five main areas: Beauty, Body, Fitness, Mind, and Food. My personal favorites are the Mind and Food sections. I like the Mind area the best because it's the one where I usually find articles that are most relevant to my own health concerns. Here, you can learn about useful things like how to reduce stress in your work and in life, how to deal with problem children, and other informative topics. To a lesser extent, I also like the Food section because it includes some very interesting recipes that show how you can spice up ordinary, routine meals for little cost and minimal effort.

    If there is one thing to criticize about this publication, it would have to be the fact that it is primarily geared toward women. The Beauty section, for example, is focused almost entirely on feminine concerns, with advice on makeup, eliminating wrinkles, etc. Some of these articles could, of course, be applied toward men but they are mostly centered on woman and the models used in the photos throughout most of the sections of the magazine are female. On the flip side, however, my criticism will prove to be an asset for women, many of whom will find this magazine very useful.

    Still, in spite of this small criticism, Health is still a very good magazine for all to read. Remember- this is not just a nutrition magazine. The importance of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbs comprises only a small part of the publication. The remaining sections of the magazine feature some very useful articles on mental health, relationships, disease control and prevention, healthy cooking, etc., making Health a good publication with articles and columns that anyone can relate to.
    ...more info