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FIT PREGNANCY offers safe, state-of-the-art information on exercise, nutrition, healthcare and fitness for new and impending mothers. Editorial coverage includes articles on pre and postnatal exercise and nutrition, as well as sexuality, psychology, family, fashion and beauty. It is a how-to source on maternity and postpartum health and fitness.

Customer Reviews:

  • NOT a fitness magazine
    I'm 9 months pregnant and have received 5 issues of this magazine. Only 2 of the issues had any exercise and fitness related articles in them at all. This is primarily a "fashion" magazine, so if you are looking for fitness, this is not the magazine you want....more info
  • customer who ordered
    I would not order this magazine from this site. Ordered 2 months ago and still have not received yet. Not satisfied with turn around time....more info
  • Still Waiting - Hope to get one issue before the baby arrives
    Most of the these reviews are a few years old and complain of waiting months for the first issue. Well, not much has changed. I ordered this for my wife 2 weeks after she found out she was pregnant and she is now almost 20 weeks! I should have looked at the reviews first. I think the main problem might be since it's every other month, they wait till the next issue is published, rather than send you the current issue. Still waiting! ...more info
  • Fit Pregnacy has a good variety of articles
    My husband would get this magazine for me every month and I loved the suggestions such as BABY prenatal yoga.-- it was wonderful. This magazine is set apart from other pregnacy magazines in that it offers a variety of articles. Which may include: 1) celebrity pregancies, 2) dangerous contamints such as floride, 3) controversal topics (immunizations, circumcision, breastfeeding), 4) fitness such as pregnancy exercises, 5) beauty (for extra dry pregant faces), 6) solutions to new mom worries, 7)clothes for pregnant and just delivered mom, 8) baby fashions, and 9) baby toy reccommedations. The overall graphics of the magazines is quite stunning as seen in the smiling baby faces. ...more info
  • Not about fitness
    As an avid exceriser and former fitness instructor hungry for real information about mainitaining fitness during pregnancy, I was very hopeful about this magazine. Unfortunately, it is as vague and basic in its fitness advice as most other parenting/baby magazines, and focuses mainly on fashion, baby gear, and pregnant celebrities. I have found it very frustrating that there is so little concrete advice for future mothers out there - you would expect a magazine with this title to have more than the occasional short blurb on walking for fitness or two-paragraph article on the benefits of prenatal yoga (with no specifics, of course). I'm about to deliver, and have had to figure out the fitness thing on my own...this magazine was no help. ...more info
  • Waste of time
    I sent off for this magazine when I heard that I was pregnant and was so excited to receive it. I am now almost 5 months pregnant and have to date still not received the magazine as it takes 12 to 16 weeks for the first issue to get to you. What also amazes me is that the subscription is for 12 months but a pregnancy only lasts 9 months and by the time I get my first issue - I will only be pregnant for another 4 months. Surely the sebscription should be for 6 months and there shouldn't be such a long waiting period....more info
  • I love this magazine.
    I read Fit Pregnancy all through my first two pregnancies, and now I'm reading it again the third time around. The health and fitness articles are great--very thorough. I agree with the other reviewers about fashion, since that's not a big deal for me. But the rest of the articles make up for it. I learn something new (and important) every time I read an issue. I just wish it was a monthly magazine, instead of bi-monthly....more info
  • A great start
    My husband and I are thinking about getting pregnant. I wanted to know about exercise and have enjoyed "Fit" magazine. I thought the articles were interesting and helpful but would have liked to see more actually about fitness. There was some nutrition and exercise information but I would have liked to see more. Great place for "to-be" mom's to get ideas. If or when it happens, I'll definitely get a subscription....more info
  • Ad Cravings
    If you crave ads and places to buy nice babystuff this is a great magazine. most of the information you can find in a good pregnancy book though. so it's kind of repeating where i've already gone....more info
  • fit pregnancy ? or fashion pregnancy!
    fit pregnancy should not be the proper name for this magazine. it should be called fashion pregnancy because all they focus on is fashion. i have never seen so many ads for baby stuff and maternity clothes ! i was very disappointed about the advice and the lack of excersise help in this magazine. they dont even help you eat healthy because the models look so good in their maternity clothes that it actually makes you depressed and since they hardly have healthy recipes it makes you feel like turning to junk food imediately. i do not recommend this magazine while pregnant, it just sat in my magazine rack till i got rid of it after delivery. =(...more info
  • So not worth it
    Subscription service assistants for this magazine are pathetic. I paid for my subscription when I submitted my order, yet they suspended my account while "waiting for payment". They have yet to deliver my first issue, and I'm sure I won't even need it by then. There are better magazines out there, and this one isn't one of them. I recommend saving your time and money and avoiding Shape's FitPregnancy....more info


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