Bellydance Fitness for Beginners - Arms, Abs, Hips, Buns & Thighs

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Join Veena & Neena Bidasha for a wonderful introduction to the extraordinary benefits of Bellydance. This ancient form of artistic movement has been practiced for thousands of years and remains exceptionally popular throughout the world. Once performed as entertainment for royalty and common people alike, these beautiful movements evolved with strong links to womanhood, sensuality and even fertility. But Bellydance is also one of the safest, simplest and most effective ways to achieve lasting fitness.

Bellydance Fitness for Beginners: Arms, Abs, Hips, Buns, and Thighs was designed to concentrate traditional Bellydance movements on the hips, buns and thighs. The moves are easy to learn and will isolate, stretch and strengthen your lower body. The captivating rhythms of the original soundtrack enhance the experience and in no time at all you will feel and see dramatic improvement.

The key to a healthy and fit body is regular exercise, but it is not always easy finding a fitness routine that is truly enjoyable. This workout is not only fun, but also a delightful way to develop personal expression through movement. It is an experience you will look forward to every day!

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful!
    This DVD was new and came so quickly I was amazed. I would definitely order from them again!...more info
  • Overweight housewife and mother
    This is the BEST workout ever!!! It is low impact and slow moving, but ohh so effective!!! You will feel it working before you have even finished the warm up portion of the video. I absolutely love this workout, I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight and tone up and doesn't want to jump around. This is the first time in a very long time that I actually look forward to my workouts!...more info
  • Fun Change of Pace for At-Home Workouts
    Veena and Neena, the Bellytwins, present two workouts on this DVD. Each is roughly 30 minutes, preceded by a short performance by the twins and followed by a solo performance by one of them during the credits. The workouts are more dance-inspired than actual dance routines, focusing squarely on aerobic conditioning and flexibility, not learning choreography. The twins perform the moves as an unseen narrator gives instructions, which is not always effective. There are several transitions that are completely uncued in the narration, while at least one cue to "pulse" leaves the viewer wondering, "Pulse what?" If you're looking for a different workout to spice up your DVD rotation, this is a good choice. If you're looking for serious instruction on isolations and choreography, this isn't for you....more info
  • Great workout!
    The specific areas this DVD works really get a good workout and you feel sexy all at the same time! I can feel each area getting a great workout the whole time and the sensuous movements are so fun to learn. I have most of Veena and Neena's DVD's and I enjoy them all. They all work what they say they work and are never boring. This is a workout I enjoy doing so I won't want to stop.
    Thanks...more info
  • What can I say about the Twins???
    Except they never disappoint!

    I don't care how many people say they're not 'real' bellydancers. You wanna learn bellydance? Get an instructional DVD and not a workout one!

    They're great!...more info
  • Want to have fun with your friends and tired of the bar scene
    On Ladies Night instead of going to a bar just pop this DVD in your DVD player and have a blast. You will get strange looks at first but after a while everyone will be trying it and having more fun than then expected. Haibt forming also. Try it.....more info
  • A Very Good Workout
    Don't be confused - this is a workout video, not a belly dancing instructional video. Just so everyone's clear.

    This workout might not look like much at first, but you will feel it - especially in your arms. The moves are simple and easy to do, you probably won't have any trouble keeping up, but they still provide quite a good workout.

    There's 2 workouts on this DVD, my favorite being the Arms & Abs workout. You can do either the Arms & Abs or the Hips, Buns, & Thighs workout, or both. My only complaint is that each workout isn't a solid 30 minutes - it's more like 27 minutes of workout preceeded by 3 minutes of Veena & Neena dancing and giving an introduction (and followed by one or the other dancing while the credits roll). I know, only 3 minutes, not a big deal, and the dancing and intro are not bad by any means. I'd just rather it be 3 minuts of dance/intro, 30 minutes or workout, and then the credits. Like I said, not a big deal, just a little something I'd like to see improved.

    Be advised if you do both workouts, it plays the credits for the first workout and the intro for the second in between the end of Arms & Abs and the beginning of Hips, Buns, & Thighs. So you might want to have the remote handy to fast forward through that....more info
  • Very good toning workout
    I admit, the first time I did this workout I was a little disappointed. Except for the ab portion, I didn't really feel like I got a very good workout. I'm not in extremely good shape and I made it through the workout fairly easily. The next day, however, I was sore in areas of my body I didn't even know I'd worked (especially around my ribcage). It wasn't an uncomfortable soreness either that you usually get with high impact cardio and weight training, but I was pleased to find my body actually responding positiveley to the workout. I do this workout along with Discover Bellydance and some yoga and now I feel more flexible and balanced in my life. I definitely recommend this workout to anyone who wants to tone their bodies (especially their abdomen). It's not cardio (try the Fat Burning portion for that), but it's definitely a workout....more info
  • Excellent
    Belly Dancing at its finest for those who want to try it but don't have any expertise -- just fun, and a lot of good workout, sweat, burning, and laughs....more info
  • bellydance fitness for beginers
    Good dvd quality, big menu allows easy uncomplicated acess to work outs. for beginers looking to just work out and get moving this is a suitibel dvd for you. If you really want to get into the belly danceing concept i recomend you serch the web for tips on posture, and proper bodie placements to really do the moves corectly and get the maximem benifits.[and better looking abbs]...more info
  • Boring - Total Waste of Time and Money
    The word Bellydance should not be in the title. There are NO instructions for dancing. I found it to be a very boring exercise video.

    My rating is 1 star because there wasn't an option for a negative star!...more info
  • Low Impact and easy to follow
    I have just about every type of workout video you can think of, and I really enjoyed this one the most! I wanted to learn new dance moves to surprise my husband when he comes home from Iraq, and I wanted to tone up some more. I am not in any way in shape (I weigh close to 200 pounds) and I was able to get a GREAT workout AND keep up. I can see myself continuing to do this workout even after I lose my weight due to the flow of it. There isn't a lot of teaching, just flowing moves and toning qualities. I have recommended this video to everyone I know!...more info
  • Surprisingly Intense
    This was a welcome relief from my mother's Kathy Smith and Jane Fonda workout videos. I speak as a non-dancer who wishes she had some sort of gracefulness. I've read some reviews from bellydancers who found this to be way too easy or "sham bellydancing." If you're like me, that's not going to matter. This gives a very good workout. I'm in pretty good shape, and this DVD makes me sweat profusely. I found the wrist exercises very helpful when I was dealing with the beginnings of carpal tunnel. Be warned, though, your buns aren't going to get smaller...they'll just have a better shape and placement (like CRAZY higher), so if you are aiming for weight loss, pair this with a cardio/aerobics workout.
    All in all, effective. It does what it advertises. It doesn't get boring. You'll be sore afterwards. Go for it.
    UPDATE: As of Jan, 2009, I am still using this video. I'd say I've progressed to more of an intermediate exerciser, and I no longer build up such a sweat when I do this; I'd say now it's more of a very slight sheen, or "glow," if you will. But I still use it relatively frequently, and I like the way it makes me feel afterwards, even if I need to find something a little more challenging for toning and strength. This DVD got me to that point, so obviously it does what it advertises!...more info
  • The "Belly Twins" are great!
    The workout is difficult but fun. My 4 year old granddaughter enjoys working out with me.
    ...more info
  • Very good start for a "couch potato"
    I just started this program about 3 weeks ago in conjunction with a diet plan, and can already feel a difference. I currently wear a size 24, so this workout is just the right pace for a full-figured woman like me who has done very little exercising in the past. At first, I could barely complete an entire section of this DVD. But now I challenge myself to do both workouts at once. I still can't do EVERY movement the way Neena and Veena do (particularly the floor exercises), but I'm working on it. Even the horrific pain in my knee is almost gone! It's wonderful for me because the music and narration are both very soothing. And since there is no bouncing or jumping around, I can do it in the privacy of my bedroom (I live with my sister, nephew and grandfather). I am now up to five times per week and plan to purchase another in the series so I can vary my workouts. I'll keep you posted. ...more info
  • actual fun excersise
    I am the most out of shape person I know and hate excersise. I'm really skinny and the videos are great for people lossing wait and people trying to get muscle tone as well. I use it and it has helped my posture and gave my a butt! Not only do I love it but I got it for my friends, and they swear by it as well. If you need a fun way to get in shape this is it. Also, three years ago I bought the vhs and this dvd was two separate tapes so this is a great deal....more info
  • Get rid of your Abs with Neena and Veena
    Neena and Veena are really great belly-dance instructors. It's really easy to follow their steps.I've also got a real stiff body and most exercises really hurt but this is easy and the results are guaranteed as long as you keep it up. My Abs were reduced incredibly by using this DVD. Go for it!...more info
  • What Fun!!
    I enjoy this work-out so much. It is a lot of fun yet very efficient. The motions are smooth and graceful. This video is great for any age....more info
  • a great workout and bellydance instruction
    i really enjoyed this dvd. the arms part left me a bit sore (and i've been practicing for months). you will definitely feel it afterwards, particularly the hip work.
    the dvd extras include solo performances by veena and neena highlighting fast and slow rhythms, veil work, cane and sword dance techniques. they are great. ...more info
  • Review of Arms and Abs only
    Bellydance Fitness Arms and Abs (which I'm reviewing alone because Amazon no longer has a separate listing for this video) is designed to tone your upper body using bellydance-inspired movements. In the first half of the workout, you will do a variety of arm movements, most of which require you to hold the arms at shoulder level or above. Although the voiceover instruction suggests that these moves will tone your biceps and triceps, I felt them mostly in my shoulders, which quickly became fatigued. Eventually, you move on to working the chest and ribs, mainly through isolation movements. The final ten minutes of this workout are performed on the floor. You'll start with several non-traditional abs exercises--eg, leg lifts while propped on your elbows--and then you'll work on more traditional crunches. The workout finishes with several yoga-inspired stretches, and the total time comes in at about 28 minutes.

    Overall, I found this to be an okay light toning routine. However, because the workout concentrates on the upper body, there is no footwork, which removes the fun factor (as well as the cardio work) that exists in other videos of this series (eg, Basic Moves). If you're interested in toning the arms and abs and are looking for something a bit different, this workout might be for you, but if you want to experiment with some fun bellydance moves, you'll probably want to try one of the other videos in the Bellydance for Fitness series....more info
  • Nice workout, however...
    This is a workout DVD that incorporates some bellydancing elements. If you are looking for a video to teach you bellydancing then this is NOT it. However it is still a good workout. My arms were killing me about 10 mins into it! I wished there was more guidance though, I had to keep on looking at the twins and see what they were doing and if I had the right posture....more info
  • Great fun
    This DVD is such fun and what a workout! I've done many different types of exercises from Jazzercise to Pilates to weights, but this is so much fun and really isolates parts of your arms, abs, hips. Its slow enough to follow very easily and the music is great. Veena and Neena are wonderful instructors....more info
  • Worth getting
    It's just easier to read my other reviews as we bought a series of these and my wife really likes them. The biggest issue is you have to rewind a lot to really understand the various moves. But the style they use is very sensual.
    Also for fitness it's ok but it's basically belly dancing and the fitness aspect is pretty much your basic belly dancing moves which are low impact aerobics....more info
  • Great workout, fun and it shows!
    Thanks to Neena and Veena!
    Personally I like the 'abs and arms' part better than the 'buns and thighs' part, but that is also because I use slightly different techniques in bellydancing.
    For the bellydancer this dvd offers a useful workout to strengthen the muscles used in dancing, and for the non-bellydancer it offers a useful workout to get into shape all the same.
    I have practised a few times every week, for a few weeks, and I'm still not tired of the dvd.
    (I don't care much for the extra's though.)...more info
  • all the basics I remember
    I had bought the VHS version of this DVD when I had a TV that only played VHS videos - now that I've had a DVD-only TV for the past few years, I decided to get copies of these in DVD. I'm so thankful that I did because these videos provide a basic understanding of belly dancing and a thorough workout, complete with warm-up, strength training, and cool-down. Veena and Neena are knowledgeable and explain the movements very clearly. This is a video every belly dancer should have: it is an excellent source for beginners, as well as something experienced belly dancers should refer back to....more info
  • This is and EXERCISE dvd - Not how to bellydance
    I love these videos. They are not difficult, but are a fun effective way to exercise. If you want to learn to bellydance, don't buy this DVD. If you want a different and enjoyable, light workout - the arms section is fantastic - then you should give this one a try....more info
  • defective dvd
    I was very disappointed to find that the dvd would not play in any of my dvd matter what machine I used I received a "disc loading" error. I also purchased the 4-dvd set from the same collection and found that only 1 of the 4 dvds worked. ...more info
  • Belly dancing video
    This is a great workout video that focuses on the movements necessary to perform belly dancing. It is an intense low impact half hour session. Featuring two instructors who perform the movements flawlessly. ...more info
  • Good for Beginners
    I was looking for a beginner's DVD for Bellydancing, and this one was very good. It takes you thorough basic moves, which seem very easy, but are surprisingly effective. Since I'm quite clumsy and ungraceful,it was nice to try to do something graceful with such detailed definition. Very good DVD, and easy to learn. I'm sure if you were more advanced, it'd be boring, but for a beginner like me, it was perfect!...more info
  • very easy
    This work out dvd is very easy to follow, it is very good work out for upper body (arms, stomach, chest). It does contain some work out for lower body but most of it is for the upper body. You will feel your arms burning (it is good) but you wont feel tired until after the work out, what is great. ...more info
  • not much of a workout and doesn't involve much dancing
    If you are thinking of buying this expecting a dance workout, buy something else. There is not much actual dancing, just isolation of movement in parts of the body. I wouldn't mind the small amount of dancing if the workout was good, but it's not. There is little to no instruction and some of the exercises seem as if they could lead to some serious back injuries. I know I had some pain in my lower back after doing this workout and I hadn't even tried to do all of the exercises since some of them did not feel right to begin with....more info
  • Bellydance Fitness DVD
    This is a great start for my fitness program. I did the first lesson and it was a workout. Great just to watch....more info
  • Don't get it
    This is more of a "exercise" dvd


    I'm mad I paid $10 for it.

    I'm too lazy to return, but I did not like it. ...more info
  • Fun, but I don't know if I got a workout
    It was entertaining and fun, but my heart wasn't going like it does when I do a step or aerobics video. However, the moves did provide some practice using the muscles in more subtle ways....more info
  • Making Shaking Fun
    I loved the simplicity of the moves, even if I did feel like a stiff old oak for the first few uses and paid for it in pain. I still laughed and enjoyed myself. Worth every penny.

    Lena Austin...more info
  • Great way to begin!
    I bought this video a while back. I started using it this week. Unlike some of the other fittness videos I have tried, this one was the easiest for me to keep up with AND the most fun! I felt kind of klutzy when I started, but I could almost master the movements perfectly by the end of the section.

    Did I say that I am significantly overweight? Yep! And I can do these movements! Just this week, I have noticably been able to loosen up my back, neck, and arms. I can't completely accomplish the stretches as fully as they do because of the weight on my legs and stomach, but I do the best I can. I know I will get there!

    I also downloaded some of George Abdo's dancing music from Amazon on my MP3. I pick one really fun movement out of this video to practice with for about 15 minutes later on in the day (or morning).

    I LOVE this video. I guarantee that I will buy anything else that they produce! What a kick!...more info
  • a yoga for winter
    As with all the Vena and Nena tapes this one is of a high quality. Their presentation is impecable, and they are beautiful young women. This particular tape seems to me more yoga like. I like this more active from of yoga for the winter season when I tend to live a sedentary life. ...more info
  • Not a dance video, for muscle toning - my abs look great!
    This DVD set isn't about dance instruction, it's about sculpting your body using the basic principles of belly dancing. If that's what you're looking for, you'll love this. I have gotten fantastic results - my body is taking on a whole new shape due to this workout. Not fast enough to count as a cardio rouitine, though if you're really giving it all you've got you will sweat! Another nice benefit of using this workout is that, over time, you'll get a real sense of muscle isolation and you will notice a difference in your posture. Highly recommeded - just add something else to your exercise regimen for cardio....more info
  • Too short. Not much dancing done. :-(
    I was expecting to do more dancing as an exercise, instead I was doing sit ups and stretches. I'm a little dissapointed. I wanted to shake my hips more! :-) It's also only 31 minutes. I wanted to sweat more!!!...more info
    OUT AT THE SAME SPEED....more info
  • Super workout
    I have a lot of fun by doing this exercises, it's easy but still efficient. I only can recommend it....more info
  • Hips, buns and thighs
    That's the worst DVD I've ever got, it's nothing but a waste of money. Well, It's very easy for beginners, but if you are a beginner, why don't you get "bellydance basics and beyond" or "bellydance for romance" or anything for Neon. They contain much more and will teach you much more. That DVD is not recommended for any belly dancing student....more info
  • Workout
    This is a great beginners DVD. At first you don't think you will get a work out, but let me tell do! I will definately buy another Bidasha video....more info
  • Feel the burn!
    A good beginner's DVD, not necessarily to show you how to dance, but to get you in shape to do it. Beginners to moderate, requires some stamina and a good deal of flexibility. A fun alternative to your basic workout.

    If you're looking for a tape to show you how to belly dance, this isn't it. You will need a yoga mat and a large pillow....more info
  • Bellydance Fitness for Beginners
    Bellydancing with some regular exercise routines to help increase endurance and body fitness....more info
  • Great Workout!!
    This is a great workout. It's a fun workout and you see results fast. The fat burner workout is challenging. I love the video....more info
  • for Beginners
    This review refers to the "Hips Buns Thighs" portion. As the title promises, this video focuses specifically on working butt and legs for beginners.

    Overall the workout isn't strenuous, except I found the hip drops & hip lifts section really worked my butt tough in a way that non-bellydance workouts haven't targeted.

    The 25min workout includes the following: leg stretchs, inner thigh lifts, outer thigh lifts, knee bends (like mini-lunges), butt squeezes (I wish they explained these a little more), lots of hip circles, hip drop & hip lifts (these definitely were tiring), walk on balls of feet, thigh stretch (unless you're agile & have strong abs, skip this cause it's easy to hurt your back and knees), cat stretch.

    I like how the instructors wore simple outfits that weren't distracting.

    This video is for people new to belly dancing who want to learn individual moves and practice their strength & coordination in doing those moves. But don't except a super-tough workout or a dance routine.

    I would much rather RECOMMEND "BELLYDANCE BASICS AND BEYOND: Technique for a Solid Foundation" BY JENNA, which is a 2.5hr DVD with much better technique and practice options; it provides a teaching portion of all the major belly dance moves, as well as a drill/practice section.
    ...more info
  • Not as easy as it looks
    I would have given this a 5 star rating, but it is not as easy as it looks. The moves take practice! It is fun, but if you are as uncoordinated as I am, it takes a little work....more info
  • Excellent
    I first got this out from my local library. After practicing for a week, I ordered my own copy. I use it all the time! You work out in a FUN way that gives you results. I also recommend the Basic Moves and Fat Burning DVD. Great way to get in shape and learn a few moves while you're at it. The twins are inspirational!...more info
  • Good,fun workout
    The title is a little deceptive,since there is very little in the way of actual belly dancing.However,the movements are pretty easy,and the workout seems to go by fast.I would reccomend this tape to anyone who is looking for a good workout to tone muscle,but if you want belly dance instructions,this is not what you want....more info
  • Ancient Form of Artistic Movement
    The last section of this workout video has perhaps one of the most amazing Bellydance routines I've yet to see. It was simply inspirational. Just a pity the credits were already moving along the left side obscuring some of the dancing. The outfit Veena or Neena Didasha was wearing was incredible. I want one. ;( Pout. It was like her entire body was under her control, very sexy.

    This workout is based on the ancient form of artistic movement and is one of the most sensual dances you will ever see or experience. Veen and Neena look like twins to me and they are rather cute to watch. They have been practicing Bellydance since childhood and have traveled throughout the Middle East and India to perform and develop their techniques. They have also performed for film, television, theater, music videos and even during Academy Awards.

    I've tried other Bellydance workouts and this was is definitely different. It is not all belly dancing. It is a Bellydance themed workout. Normally, the dancers show you routines to follow. They normally show you the basics first and then you put them into a routine.

    With that said, I managed to make it through this entire workout. There are some pretty difficult moves while you are sitting on the floor. Can we say Cleopatra? Yeah, that one was difficult.

    This really reminded me a lot of Pilates and some yoga more than dancing. Perhaps it is more the preparation before dancing. I guess this is the theme and you do get to shake your hips around a lot which is very freeing if you like to loosen up your lower body and back. It is always fun to do goddess-type workouts.

    I'd not recommend this workout to anyone with a bad lower back, that is for sure. Your legs are also going to get a good workout and this is definitely a dancer-level workout. Your feet have to be in good condition to do some of the up-on-your-toes dancing. You don't have to be overly coordinated to follow this particular workout because each exercise is done over and over and you can eventually catch up before the next exercise starts.

    It is unique, that I'll say. You won't really be doing any dance routines, just some moves and some isolated lower body moves.

    Some of the things you do: circling hips, standing still and moving your hips in various directions, beautiful and traditional hand movements, stretching, cat stretch, Pilates moves, some yoga poses. It seems that half of the workout is on the floor and the other half is standing.

    Loved the music and this workout will help you develop your sexy side.

    Also Look for:

    Hip Drop Hip Hop
    Pure Sweat Cardio Shimmy
    Bellydance Boogie
    The Sensual Art of bellydance Mucic Fast Rhythms
    The Sensual Art of Bellydance Music Slow Rhythms

    Also look for "Discover Bellydance" - This is the series that includes Basic Dance, Beyond Basic Dance and Mystic Dance. That is what you need to learn the actual dancing, veil movements, figure eights, shimmies, rib circles and wrist circles.

    ~The Rebecca Review...more info
  • Fun but could be better
    This is definitely a fun workout, but it is more of a dance-inspired workout than a dance workout. I mean, they have you do floor exercises, like crunches, and the only real difference is some flippy hand movements and the like.

    It's also a bit redundant to have two of them demonstrating; I know they're sisters and this is what they do, but do we really need to watch twins doing the exact same thing? I'd rather have a closer-up shot of one woman the whole time.

    I don't like how there aren't any pauses whatsoever between moves. The narrator could give more instruction (I particularly was unimpressed with one transition in the "hips, buns, and thighs" section where they switched to another exercise without even telling me; I was concentrating on moving, not watching the screen, and I didn't realize they'd moved on until I heard the narrator say "down down down" and realized they were doing hip drops) and tips for proper movement.

    Perhaps it's because I'm not as in shape as I could be, but I found myself wearing out and wishing there was a short period of stretching after some particularly strenuous moves. There are also some exercises that are NOT good for someone with a bad back (one where you are on the floor, sitting, and then you prop yourself on your hands and lift your rear off the floor and hold it for about five minutes. Definitely too much of a strain, especially for a "beginner" video). And others that are supposedly for "abs" seem to put more strain on the arms (holding yourself up) and neck (holding your head up) than anything else.

    Still, the dancing parts are really fun. Hip drops, hip and ribcage swiveling, and plenty of arm moves. It's worth a try....more info
  • Workout
    This workout is fun and it made me want more, yet I didn't know til the next day that I'd actually worked muscles well when I had that familiar soreness that all day at the gym brings. I love this DVD and use it often....more info
  • Veena and Neena
    These two are great. I have the 3 box set and this DVD. My abs are so sexy and now I have more moves than exlax. My husband is put into a trance everytime I dance and it is great exercise too. I had a ten pound baby and belly dancing helped me get back in shape....more info
  • Bellydance Fitness for Beginners-Arms, Abs, Hips, Buns & Thighs
    I really like this video, I just wished the exercise was at least 45 minutes long, it is around 20 minutes to 25 mins. long.
    It is a good workout tho!...more info