Family Circle (1-year)
Family Circle (1-year)

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Quick and easy recipes, do-it-yourself decorating, fat-fighting secrets and health alerts, family advice, great ideas for getting organized, money and time saving tips, and so much more!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great magazine!
    If you like to cook, this magazine has so many great recipes. I first saw it at my doctor's office and since I wanted to photocopy so many things, I figured it was best if I bought a subscription--it was well worth it....more info
  • Comfort magazine
    Ever hear of comfort food? Well this is a comfort magazine..If you are looking for saavy articles, high fashion and an edgey feel don't buy-obviously!! This is pure comfort-pure relaxation for the homey nester that is into home, gardening, housework and family..I have been reading for over 10 years..Mindless fun-light and airy--a great escape with good homefront recipes, coupon clipping, money saving, child rearing ideas and moderatedly priced fashion ideas.. ...more info
  • Magazine Subscriptions
    Great service and price. I received the first magazine weeks before I thought I would....more info
  • great recipes
    Family Circle has great recipes compared to other magazines. Right now, I have subscriptions to Southern Living and Everyday Food. I also frequently purchase Real Simple, and I have to say that compared to these other publications, Family Circle is kitchen-proof. Several recipes from this magazine I have added to my repetoire, one of which is a cake for which I get frequent requests from my husband.

    The articles are usually pretty ridiculous (particularly rated-PG ones about how to spice up your love-life), although there occasionally will be something useful, like about some rare disease you've never heard of caused by your hot water heater or something. However, I actually had to cancel my subscription after September 11th because the level of patriotic gore became untenable. Every page of the frigging magazine was red-white-and-blue, and I guarantee that you will never find a single article about, for example, "How to Deal With Domestic Violence when Your Husband Comes Home from Iraq and Starts Drinking Heavily" or "How to Get a Tombstone for Your Soldier AT COST and Save Your Family a Bundle!!!!"

    I still like the recipes, but I am still boycotting the magazine. Fortunately, old copies are easy enough to pick up at garage sales and Goodwill....more info
  • Sidebar Fonts Tiny
    I've read Family Circle on and off my whole life. On when I had the money or a coupon to get a few cents off at the grocery store. Last year, I subscribed to it again.

    The February issue had some little decorating ideas which didn't really appeal to me. Too contemporary. An orange and gray office isn't my cuppa working enviornment.

    I learned to size a flat screen TV to the distance away from it you'll be sitting and not to have it high up on a wall or over the fireplace. I'd always seen them over fireplaces on home shows and longed for this. Our mantle is high, and we only have standard 8' ceilings, so it wouldn't be proportioned right anyhow. Not that we'll probably ever get an LCD TV. We never had a big console TV in a cabinet. Never had a big old projection TV, and only got cable about ten years ago because we moved to where we couldn't pick up anything with an attic antenna. This is all about DH and what he feels is important enough to spend money on. Last year, when Miss 14 and I realized American Idol would be on the same time as The Biggest Looser, we snuck out and got a DVR. I had first changed our landline phone service from the traditonal to a bundle with the cable provider. The monthly savings covered the DVR. My husband says it's the best thing he ever did.

    There was also an interesting article on why teens don't want hugs. Not that it told me anything I didn't know, but it was fun to read.

    The fonts in the sidebars were a challenge to my myopic eyes on the treadmill. For this reason, I'm giving Family Circle Four Stars.

    ...more info
  • Happily Surprised!
    I was skeptical of this magazine before I received the first issue because of the other magazines (of the same genre) I've tried before. I was happily surprised by how interesting this one is. The recipes are excellent! There are tidbits of information on variety of relevant women's issues specifically: health, fitness, and parenting. Also there are very easy, creative, inexpensive decorating tips! And unlike many other similar magazines it's not flooded with ads....more info
  • Magazine subscription
    I have not yet received this item in order to make a review but I think it's been far too long since I ordered this item on 1/19. That is over a month!!...more info
  • Good, but they weren't kidding about the 6-10 weeks delay
    If you're ordering this, you should know what you're getting, because I assume you've read the magazine before.
    However, the only downside is, it took a full 10 weeks to receive our first copy. I recommend it, but understand that you will probably have to buy two issues off the newsstand before you receive your first subscribed copy. ...more info
  • Great magazine.
    Each issue of Family Circle is full of USEFUL information. Ordering it through Amazon is so easy. A few clicks on the computer and you are done!...more info
  • A good magazine that's been around as long as I can remember
    This is one of those magazines that I often pick up at the grocery store and have been doing so for years and years. I decided to subscribe (for the first time ever) when Amazon had one of their many specials on magazines. I've gotten a couple of copies so far, and the magazine is a good dependable one as always. It's basically a woman's magazine with articles about food, decorating, child rearing, personal interactions and health. I'm glad to see more articles lately on health issues and exercise and to see that there are many recipes that are trimmed down in fats and calories for a much healthier way of eating.

    ...more info


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