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EBONY is a black-oriented, general, picture magazine dealing primarily with contemporary topics. Feature articles deal with education, history, politics, literature, art, business, personalities, civil rights, sports, entertainment, music and social events. Regular monthly departments include Speaking of People, Fashion Fair, Photo-Editorial, Sounding Off (record review), Ebony Book Shelf, Date With a Dish (culinary art), House Call (Health and Fitness). The August issue is devoted to an in-depth treatment of one aspect of current life in Black America such as civil rights, youth, segregation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed
    This is the third time I ordered a subscription through Amazon.com and not received the product. I will not tried it again. No response from the customer service department....more info
  • Very slow delivery, just got 3 late issues!
    This purchase was made July 29,2007 along with Seventeen Magazine for my daughter. Around six weeks later I recieved my first Seventeen September issue, but no Essence. Then in September,when I recieved my daughter's second (october) issue of Seventeen, I also recieved September and Augusts Issues of Essence. The very next day I recieved the August issue!!!! How lame!!

    Sure the content is great but the delivery sucks!...more info
  • DID not Recieve my purchase yet
    I still have not recieved my magazine...It's been over a month now....more info
  • love it
    I really enjoy this magazine. It is not bombarded with 80 pages of ads before you get to the stories. It is filled with informative stories, and keeps you in the know about current issues....more info
  • Very informative
    For nubian princesses who want help with beauty tips and helpful resources for black people...more info
  • Fascinating Magazine

    "Ebony" is a fascinating magazine that I enjoy reading. Every month, it offers insightful, absorbing and enlightening information on a wide range of subjects.

    Although this is an American magazine, it is nevertheless a source of inspiration to black people worldwide. By featuring wealthy and influential black people, it shows that it is possible for any self-motivated, focused, determined, hard working and inspired person to make it.

    I particularly like the magazine's focus on the rich and famous black people. This is what I aspire to be and such people provide a role model which I seek to emulate. I enjoy reading the well researched and fascinating stories about winners and how to win.
    ...more info
  • Still a great read after so many years
    I used to buy Ebony when I lived in the US and I have a real soft spot for this magazine.

    It has great articles of interest that cover a diverse area of subjects, both past and present and it covers fashion, both affordable and not so affordable, well we all like to dream about what we would like to buy if we had the money!

    Ebony is a magazine that takes an interest in its readers too; it's not just about celebrities which is great because it makes the reader feel like they are important.

    Deserves five out of five for still having values....more info
    Ever since I was a youth growing up in the urban communities of New York, I always looked up to Ebony Magazine as the source and inspiration of Black America to achieve all that seems impossible. EBONY HAS CONTINUED TO REMAIN AT THE TOP OF ITS CLASS. I commend Ebony Magazine for staying true to its ideals and featuring affluential and successful Black Americans as they have paid tribute to throughout the years and so well deserved. As a magazine editor, I have seen many magazines come and go due to changes in society and consumer trends. Many changed their purpose and wound up grossly succumbing to hype, eye-candy and images that degrade our people and are the cause for damage to the Black family's infrastructure and values. I held back my buying dollar and made a decision that there are only 10 magazines on the market that I will support that uphold what I want to see in a publication. One of these publications is Ebony magazine and will always be EBONY MAGAZINE. I know quality when I read it, and EBONY has still got it! ...more info
    I have been reading Ebony magazine for as long as I can remember. I have the great luck of having a mother whom saved most of her issues so that her children could see the different changes in the black community over the pass years. Sad to say in the later years of Ebony, it's mainly have covered the more famous and rich of the black community. Yeah, they still cover some of the up to date black issues, but lately, the articles are more of 'guess what's going on in the neighborhood' with no resolution to the problem that the article was about. Don't get me wrong, this is a great magazine, but compared to its earlier years, its slipping. I know there were plenty of famous and rick black folks on the covers back then, but when you constantly are putting celebrities on the cover, it loses it rep. as a news for the black community magazine...prime example: how is it in 2005 a cover was not dedicated to the victims of New Orleans(whom were mostly black)? Granted, one of the best issues in 2005 was the one dedicated to the founder of Ebony (John H. Johnson) It was truly a great reflection of what Ebony magazine was about back when the magazine was still a child. All I can pray for is the someone will take a good look at what started the magazine and what set it aside from all other magazines and get back to that formula before it's too late. By-the-way, my issues are from 1954 to current, with very few issues missing, and I am always looking for the ones I don't have....more info
  • Ebony is not 2 hype
    I enjoyed this magazine since I grew up on it. It changed the way I think about the black community and the culture we live in and discuss. Yeah a lotta people need to get their hands on EBONY 'cuz they rock I mean they're da bomb. It has it all from entertainment, history, sports, books/literature, music, stars, everything. I 'Preciate John P. or John H. Johnson for doing much work on this. Not sure if he's around or what. Maybe dead....more info