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Modern Bride (1-year)

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Who Reads Modern Bride ?
The Modern Bride reader is a woman, on average 28 years old, who wants her day to be filled with creative, personal touches that speak to her and her groom. She is searching for a dream dress and fabulous reception ideas that break out of the cookie-cutter wedding mold.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Bride to Bride: One of our most popular columns, it poses sticky questions (such as "A close friend declined our wedding invitation with a lame excuse. I?m so upset. Should I say something?") and real brides? opinions.
  • Four Dresses Under $900: Another big hit with brides, this column shows four gorgeous dresses at real-life prices
  • How-To Guide: What You Really Want to Know: This is a fun twist on the traditional advice column because, as the title says, it focuses on the stuff a bride cares about most but can?t get the answers to anywhere else. (Example: How do I fit in a bathroom stall in my wedding dress?)
  • Features: Modern Bride explores trends in features such as "The Death of Bridezilla," where it made the bold declaration that a more gracious bride is on the rise, and "Wedding Scams," an in-depth reported piece on the shadier aspects of wedding planning and how the bride can best protect herself. In addition, Modern Bride tackles issues of interest to women in this age bracket, such as our eight-page "Modern Bride?s Good-Health Guide" and "Wedding-Night Sex Moves." Lastly, each year Modern Bride names the most influential tastemakers in the industry in its "25 Trendsetters" feature, and announces the 50 World?s Best Honeymoons.
Past Issues:

Modern Bride?s features and essays are written by some of the most celebrated names in journalism and literature, including:
  • Leslie Bennetts (contributing editor at Vanity Fair)
  • Bob Morris (The New York Times)
  • Dani Shapiro (The New Yorker, AVogue, Elle)
  • Jancee Dunn (Rolling Stone, AVogue)
  • Rory Evans (Glamour, Self, Cookie, Martha Stewart Living)
It also features well-known fashion photographers, including:
  • Iris Brosch (Vogue Italia, French Marie Claire, The New York Times))
  • Stephanie Pfriender Stylander (Conde Nast Traveler, Interview)
  • Alastair Taylor Young (fashion campaigns include Bulgari, Giorgio Armani, and Lancome)
Magazine Layout
Gorgeous photography, clean, simple art direction and an honest voice all reach out to capture the bride-to-be, helping her plan a wedding as unique as she is.

The ads in the magazine reflect all the categories that a Modern Bride is drawn to as she plans her wedding?financial institutions, wedding dresses, beauty products, retail stores, tabletop and home products, hotels and honeymoon locations, and food and wine.

  • 2004 FiFi Award for Excellence in Fragrance Coverage
  • 2004 American Photography #21 Juried Selection
  • 2006 Merit Award, SPD for photography story
  • 2006 Merit Award, SPD for photography spread

Modern Bride will give you even more fresh and unique ideas on how to plan the wedding of your dreams. You'll find more dazzling dresses for every bride's budget and style, new creative tips for planning the perfect reception, the latest ideas for a romantic honeymoon, plus lots of other essential info! It's a must-have guide for the newly engaged!

Customer Reviews:

  • 3 out of 6 IS bad
    I ordered the magazine and immediately received my first issue, but unfortunately over the course of the year I only received a total of THREE issues! The magazine is great, but I wonder what the problem is. I have no received much help from amazon or Modern Bride. Guess I learned my lesson not to subscribe online anymore. ...more info
  • Great for planning a wedding!
    I really love this magazine. I have found a lot of ideas for dresses, colors, cakes, decorations and much more. I really recommend this for any woman who is planning her dream wedding. It is a great tool to have and one of the best that I have found!...more info
  • I'd like to review it, but there's nothing to review!
    I received my first "issue" of Modern Bride in the mail yesterday. It was just the cover of the magazine, nothing else!
    Now I'll have to go through the trouble of ordering a replacement.
    Do yourself a favor and just go to a news stand and buy one....more info
  • A must for the bride-to-be and fun for everyone else
    Bride's magazine is probably the best, but Modern Bride runs a close second and is more in line with the average bride of today who isn't going to have anything close to one of those "average cost of $25 grand" weddings. Of course the gowns are showcased, but MB gives priceless information on honeymoon planning, registering, wedding etiquette, even buying and setting up your first home. The subscriber gets more than their money's worth. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Customer Service Lacking
    Although I found the magazine itself to be interesting and colorful, with a good series of articles on marriage and relationships, I found that customer service was very dissapointing. I missed an issue back in October, and have contacted customer service 3 times to have them resend the issue I missed. It is now March, and I still haven't received my replacement. Just a heads up! ...more info
  • Most Realistic and Useful of Them All
    I found this to be the most useful of the bridal magazines. It has pictures of bridal gowns that people will actually wear, advice that is actually useful, and articles that are realistic. I definitely think this is the way to go if you are getting married in the future....more info
  • Thanks for the wedding music article
    What a great magazine!
    I was looking for a CD with the songs
    "A Song For My Son" (for the mother groom dance)
    and "A Song For My Daughter" (for the bride from her mom or dad)
    and I found all the informaiton in my favorite magazine.
    It was great to know I could get these songs as singles on their own CD (to give as gifts to our parents) or I could get them togeather on a full CD with other wedding songs called "New Wedding Traditions Volume I"
    And then I found out I could buy all these CDs from
    I am one happy bride.
    Thank you Modern Bride!...more info
  • No help!
    I recently purchased a year long subscription for my friend who is getting married next year. I asked the company to send me something simple to put in a card for her like a little postcard just saying you will be receiving your first issue in March or whatever it was. I really just wanted something tangible to give as a present instead of explaining the present but I never even received an email back!...more info
  • Modern Bride
    I Love the Mag, but sister never recieved the order I gave her as a gift!!!!...more info
  • Helpful Magazine, Horrendous punctuality
    I subscribed to Modern Bride as a gift to my fiance. Aside from not receiving our first issue until 3 months after the subscription, I only received about 3 issues total. Months went by without anything being delivered. While customer service at Modern Bride was very accomodating and helpful, nothing happens immediately. When planning a wedding, each and every month is precious. Especially during the initial stages of wedding planning. To have finally gotten this subscription problem under control was exhausting. Plus, by this time most of the wedding details were finalized, the magazines I received became useless. If you're under 12 months to your wedding date, you should strongly consider if now is a good time to begin a subscription with Modern Bride....more info
  • Good Ideas
    This magazine has everything you need to get ideas for your wedding when you first get engaged. ...more info
  • Life Saver
    Loved this magazine. They had such great articles and tips that saved my sanity! LOVED IT and HIGHLY recommend it!...more info
  • The toaster of the magazine world
    Touching upon such wighty issues as what kind of makeup to wear at your wedding, what kind of music to play at your wedding, and what kind of wine to get at your wedding, this magazine doesn't tackle enough of the real meat and gristle: Where are the hard-hitting interviews with serial rapists? Where is the brilliant social commentary on stem cell research and how it unearths the world's most basic truths? Where's the Happy Days themed crossword puzzle?...more info
  • Fun and Helpful for the Bride
    I've subscribed to many different Bridal Magazines at different times and Modern Bride is one of my favorites. If you're going to get married, no matter what your budget is, you should pick up at least one of these, or at least read it at your local bookshop/library. Most of the pages are, of course, filled with beautiful pictures of bridal gowns in the latest and classic styles, tuxedos, bridesmaids and attendent wear as well as accessories, home products, special offers and so forth. The articles may seem a bit flippant but most brides DO care what dress shape will flatter their figure the best, and what make-up looks the best for the camera. There are also stories from real engaged and married couples and featured weddings, Q&As on different topics such as beauty, etiquette, budgets, etc. Also, there is a special section with articles and advice for honeymoon destinations and send-away offers for information on almost every aspect of weddings.

    Also, being an expectant bride-to-be and flipping through a Modern Bride magazine is so much FUN! It gets you excited for your special day, and helps you to plan and prepare yourself for your future, and get the latest info and pictures of gowns, hairstyles, make-up and accessories. A subscription is a great engagement gift for any girl, and the information she'll get will be invaluable to her. And if you're buying it for yourself, remember its not just a treat, its an important investment that can save you lots of money and TIME on the day that you're going to remember for the rest of your life....more info

  • Newly wed.... Loved planning my dream wedding
    I absolutely loved every minute of planning my wedding. Brides magazine was my favorite mag, but Modern Bride was also helpful. There are always many ideas to steal for favors, invitations, flowers, gowns, etc. Plus occassionally there were coupons for 25% off Michaels. That comes in handy with purchases such as ribbons, jordan almonds, etc.

    If you only want to subscribe to one bridal magazine then choose Brides, but why not enjoy a magazine every month (both magazines are everyother) and enjoy the planning of the most romantic, wonderful day starting the rest of your life.

    Happy planning!...more info


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