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A different read on life. Comprised of original essays and articles from 1,400 alternative media sources, Utne provides new perspectives on social change, environment, community, and creativity.

Customer Reviews:

  • Alway Wonderful & Insightful
    For over ten years now I've had a subscription to the Utne Reader, and in that time I've never had a dud issue sent to me. Always wonderful and insightful, Utne draws from various sources to create wise, well-themed issues. So do yourself a favor, and get it sent your way....more info
  • For thinking people
    UTNE is a publication we got hooked on back in late '89.

    We jokingly refer to it as the thinking readers Readers Digest, since the articles aren't "feel good" but are articles that are meant to make the reader think. Articles that come from a variety of other publications and cover a plethora of issues and topics.

    It is a magazine that I find myself re-reading and re-reading past issues for months or years ago. And yes the publication is liberal or at least alternative lifestyle mode....more info

  • Unique... if you can relate to it
    This is not a magazine for the faint of heart, or anyone with anything less than an unshaking liberal view. If you are even remotely conservative, you probably won't enjoy this.

    However, if you enjoy a new perspective, or want to see things at a different angle, you just might like this. The magazine takes the best of alternative press-including literature and articles ranging from the political to the romantic and everything in between.

    It has a very well-targeted demographic. It aims for slightly older, perhaps middle-aged extreme liberals. That's not to say others won't like it, but that seems to be who it targets. There's a lot of self-improvement involved.

    I began reading this in college and a lot didn't apply and there was a lot I really couldn't relate to, but enjoyed reading none the less. It's facinating, and although i'm a lot less liberal and a bit older now-I still look forward to getting a copy in the mail.

    ...and just a warning, I have had a lot of trouble with their subscription people. I've moved a lot in the last few years and getting it all sorted out with them has been a massive difficulty....more info
  • A Concentrated Plethora
    Utne Reader provides several articles on a specific topic each month. One month it's Healthy food, addressing urban gardens, pesticides, alternative diets, etc. The next month the topic may be the Lost Art of Conversation. Each month I love that I can read such a variety of articles on one subject. Utne compiles contributions from a wide spectrum of authors and other magazines. Kind of like a "Reader's Digest" for liberals! Very thought provoking. Utne also opens windows to other publications that I might want to read now!...more info
  • best of magazine writing
    This magazine has a little bit of all of the good things about magazines -- quick and quirky little essays you can skim through in a few minutes, longer, more thoughtful pieces on important topics and loads of little informational snippets. This is one of the only magazines where I simply can't (and don't want to) absorb all of it in one sitting -- each issue gets several reads before retiring to the recycling bin....more info
  • Not for the faint of mind...
    ...but truly a gem for those who seek new perspectives on a myriad of issues and concerns regarding the human experience. The Utne Reader is literally a cover-to-cover read that is inspiring, thought-provoking, funny, in-depth, and sincere - all at the same time and in each issue....more info
  • Too light
    Utne takes on all the right issues, but doesn't deliver the kind of indepth reporting to make it matter. Most articles are short and too tidy. An interview with Alan Ball (creator of Six Feet Under) is a perfect example. Several times in the article you think "hey, they're going to get into something interesting," but each time the interviewer changes the subject before that can happen. Another article with great potential: ten green urban projects. Unfortunately, each project gets a palty 4 lines . . . and there are no links to other sources for follow up. There is great potential at Utne, but it needs to be developed. ...more info
  • Kudos to Utne Reader
    Proactive, Intelligent, Whimsical, Obscure, Underground, Progressive, Open-Minded... Refreshing. You wont be able to put this magazine down.
    A++++++++...more info
  • My favorite magazine, or at least close to it
    I've been a subscriber of UR for about 12 years - most of the time since the mag. has been in print. As someone said, it's sort of a 'Reader's Digest for liberals', or possibly another good tag is UR's own subtitle 'the best of the alternative press'. But that still doesn't completely describe UR. Yes, it has a lot of articles culled from all kinds of other magazines, big and small, but it also has good original feature articles. Every issue (every two months) has a 'centerpiece' of a particular topic with several articles on that topic. There are also always interesting articles on all kinds of things, which was led me to read about things that I probably wouldn't have otherwise (Atlantic Monthly has done the same thing for me many times, but I only have so much time to read!).
    I'd highly recommend Utne Reader to intelligent, literate people who want to read news and articles on all kinds of things - political, environmental, social, economic, entertainment (the list goes on). Unlike a lot of media, UR doesn't have an American-only viewpoint, either. It's also fun. While many articles are on some serious topic, many are more fun, too, such as jump-starting your creativity, places to travel, etc.
    Believe me, there is so much in every thick issue that you wouldn't want this magazine to come out every month. Check out an issue!...more info
  • downmarket leftwing rag
    How people can read and be fooled by the nonsense sprouted in ths rag is beyond me. All the usual suspects are found through out it's pages. This rag represents all those things that leftists are now notorious for: Polictal correctness, anti-capitalists, anti-gobalisers etc With all these -isms and ologies your in for a pain in the head. What's more the 'ideas' you'll find here have been tried, tested and more importantly failed. Ah well... some people are just too easy to fool....more info
  • a reader's digest for the liberal set
    UR consistently packs their pages with quality and diverse material.

    Their feature subjects are covered comprehensively and from several viewpoints. Other articles might not receive such thorough treatment, but still provide much food for thought. Every issue is a opportunity to learn something new....more info
  • Automatic renewal magazine
    I started reading the magazine in college. Utne was the first magazine I ever really enjoyed reading, I suddenly "got it". I would really like to subscribe to this magazine but, they have an automatic renewal policy, and I am personally against anyone taking my money without permission. I also don't subscribe to anything by Rodale Publishing for this reason; Men's Health, Fitness, Prevention, etc. ...more info
  • Subscription never started
    I ordered a subscription to Utne as a gift for christmas 2006 and, in spite of follow-up, the subscription never started. I don't know where the process broke down between Amazon and others, but I now avoid doing magazine subscriptions via Amazon....more info


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