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Who Reads Young Rider?
Pony-mad youngsters have their own magazine filled with features, facts, photos, and fun stuff about horses and ponies. Aimed at kids aged 8-15, Young Rider is the only glossy, full-color equestrian magazine for young people in the United States, and includes easy-to-read articles on improving their riding skills, grooming, horse health, show-ring secrets, and much more including three or more posters in every issue.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Pony Pen Pals: Make horsey friends!
  • Horsey Happenings: Readers find out what's going on in the horse world.
  • Horse and Pony Problems: Readers' questions answered - help for a horsey hassle.
  • Short Story: Entertaining fictional stories that readers can relate to.
  • Western Lessons and English Lessons: Tips to improve your riding.
  • Ask Dr. Julie: Veterinarian Dr. Julie Fox answers readers' horsey health questions.
  • Me & My Horse: Pictures of the readers and their horses.
  • Posters: Three posters of beautiful horses and ponies in every issue.
  • Features: Each information-packed issue includes: English and Western training articles to help you become a better rider, advice from the best riders and trainers to help you with common problems, tips on everything from grooming to feeding, and spotlights on inspirational equestrians. Recent feature topics include deworming tips, trailering your horse, camp guide, horsey summer jobs, and making your own horse treats.
Past Issues:

Our editors and writers are equestrians themselves, each skilled in riding and keeping horses. They are passionate about the lifestyle in the same way our readers are, and they share their extensive knowledge with the Young Rider readers to help ensure their riding experience is the best that it can be.

Magazine Layout
Young Rider contains articles that are easy to understand and read, and every page features color pictures showing kids riding and looking after their horses and ponies. It is designed to be fun and interactive. Every issue includes at least three beautiful posters.

Comparisons to Other Magazines
While other equestrian publications are filled with clinical articles, Young Rider seeks to educate and entertain. We strive to make riding an enjoyable experience for young riders of all abilities. Each issue is filled with fun facts, quizzes, games, and opportunities to win prizes. It is the only equestrian publication in the United States specifically for children. Readers also get exclusive subscribers-only access to our website forums.

Advertising is relevant to the magazine, offering products and services that would be of interest to young horse and pony lovers. An Ad Index is included in each issue featuring the page number of the advertiser and the website url.

The United States Equestrian Foundation, the national governing body for equestrian sport in the United States, has recognized Young Rider for excellence with a Pegasus Award for Media as Overall Publication of the year in 2007.

Entertains pony-mad youngsters with a fun-filled mixture of riding tips, horse-care hints, celebrity features, pen-pal pges, contests and three or more beautiful color posters. Aimed at horse-owning pre-teens, and horse-less riding school kids, the magazine's goal is to teach young people how to look after their horses properly and how to improve their riding skills safely.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for the beginner
    Young Rider is a great magazine for the beginner- the articles are very simple and easy to understand. They have great posters, but there's usually an article on their backside. There are ads lining almost every page; there isn't nearly as much content as there used to be. The average YR magazine has about 60 pages/9 articles, which usually have half-page pictures. I'd reccomend a magazine such as Practical Horseman or Horse Illustrated for anyone over 13. But, for a young horselover, it's a very helpful resource. There's several pages displaying readers' pictures and stories, along with a few step-by-step articles. Things like coloring and markings are discussed in detail, and many famous events (like the Rolex Kentucky) are reported on. For the completely new English and Western rider, it would make a great gift....more info
  • Great horse magazine for young people
    This magazine is full of horse information geared toward young people. It has both English and Western information as well as great articles on horse care. ...more info
  • Two Thumbs Up!
    This magazine is DEFINATELY a good one! It has quizzes, the latest in the equestrian world, games, a new short story every issue, and so much more. Plus, in most magazines, every other page is an ad. Young Rider has a few ads here and there, but never once have I complained about them. I've found out about a lot of interesting, fun websites and books through the ads, plus great deals on tack and other horsey needs. I recommend YR to horse owning kids, kids that help out at barns, or kids who work with horses everday, but not for people who merely ride. A lot of the magazine is based upon you and your horse, and that is why I find it so great. But, personally, I think that YR isn't for just horse-loving kid or just a horseback rider....more info
  • BUY IT!!!
    The Young Rider is the BEST horse magazine for kids. It encourages horse lovers to love horses even more. It has great tips on riding English and Western saddle. It publishes letters that readers sent in the magazine. Young Rider also advertizes horse camps, tack, and riding clubs. Every magazine has two HUGE posters. My room is full of them. It talks about horse problems and how to cure them, horse breeds, stories, quizez, comics, and LOTS LOTS LOTS MORE! It is good for kids 5-15 and is great even if you are not a horse lover. All my freinds love this magazine! I loke this magazine! WHY CAN'T YOU!!! You will NOT be disipointed. So what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! ...more info
  • Avid Horse rider
    The magazine is great, I wish there were more regional pictures, but is very good. You will trully enjoy the magazine!...more info
  • Wonderful!!!
    I love the young rider! Everyday when the mail comes i race out to the mailbox! I it great for ages 6-15! The pictures are great! It has nice adds in it, tips on your riding skills, tips on jumping, recent events, horse camps, horse posters, quizez, and TONS more! It also has great tips on horse care! The Young Rider is happy to read letters sent to them. I completely recomend it! It is good for people if they own a horse or not! I will never stop reading it! It has 3 thumbs up!...more info
  • This is SOOOOOOOOO the best riding magazine for kids!
    Dont listen to all those negative comments about this magazine because it IS THE BEST RIDING MAGAZINE EVER! Huge, colorful posters, cool contests, beautiful pictures, and TONS of info on horses and ponies!!! When i had just started riding, this magazine taught me alot about horses! Health care, Pony club info, quizzes on horsecare, interviews with famous riders, the PONY PEOPLE section(the part where you can write in and tell them about you and your horse/the one you ride)different breed info, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!......more info
  • 9year old grand daughter
    i have been subscribing to "young rider" for 4 years now. my grand daughter has loved this magazine from the begining. she saves all the pictures & posters. she even takes the magazine to horse shows to be autographed by "stars" she reads about. our family has standardbreds,so she has always been around horses and she has developed a love and understanding and a talent in the show ring. this magazine has contributed to her growth....more info
  • excellent magazine for younger teens
    This a great magazine for the younger teens, full of pictures and articles about riders they can relate to. The pull out posters are great! I highly recommend this for younger riders....more info
  • Wonderful gift
    I bought this for my niece for her birthday and she loves it. She rides daily and is active in 4H, and was really excited to have a magazine about young people and horses....more info
  • We like Young Rider
    Having tried serveral horse magazines for my 11 year old daughter, by far our favorite magazine is Young Rider....more info
    This magazine is great especially for kids who want to become riders or riders that are already showing. I think it is a great all-around magazine....more info
  • Perfect for horse crazy kids
    I read Young Rider as a tween and love the magazine. It's a definite must have even for kids who don't own a horse....more info
  • Awesome magazine for kids!
    Daughter received her first issue of Young Rider Magazine and she loves it! She reads it from cover to cover. She has plastered the posters all over her room. The articles are fun to read. Pictures are beautiful. Even I(her mom) enjoys reading it. Only downfall is that it is only a bi-monthly magazine....more info
  • The Best Horse Magazine for a Young Rider
    This magazine is really good! It has lots of information on breeds, training, riding form, etc. They have contests you can enter in every issue! There's a place where they have pictures of people with their horses, and a place with questions and answers. It also has 1, 2 sided 2 page folded poster and 1, 2 sided 4 folded page poster. I HIGHLY recommend this magazine, it was very good for me and I think it's great for Young Riders! The only problem is that it ONLY comes every 2 months! But it's worth it!...more info
    Hi i LOVE this magizine its the best i read it all the time it gives you free posters too! I love horses and i love this magizine so any one whos loves horses should like this magizine too! It includes lots of tips, posters, contests, and facts too. Its kinda educational but its more for horse lovers!!...more info
  • Fun for Awhile
    This magazine is fun for young girls (7-10) who love horses, but it's not so great after the first year. The posters are great, but what does one do with them all? It's hard to throw away a poster of a horse! The information is good, but there is lots of advertising. Lots of great photos. ...more info
    The young rider is a child friendly magazine with bright photos and posters. They are realy good for even people who don't love horses! The young Rider provides stories on horse lessons, pony roundups, jumping, english, and western events! Children who don't like horses are sure to LOVE horses after subscribing for the Young Rider! It also has quizzes! I know it's good for ages 5-15! The Young Rider is always happy for you to send in letter or photos wich always have a chance of getting into the magazine. It talks about horses for sale and Zillions more! Young Rider gave me a penpall, nolege, posters, and many hours reading! There is not anything wrong with the young rider! it is a GREAT magazine! It is not just 5 stars it is 10,000 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Great Resource
    This is a great resource for young riders. I purchased it for my grand daughter. We both read it cover to cover and she loves the posters. It supplements her riding lessons very well....more info
  • Great
    ok It is great i love it but it only comes once every other month. I read them in like an hour and then i have to wait 2 months 4 another one. There are lots of beautiful pictures and posters (which i love) but it is mostly for little girls (not boys) who own ponys. I own a horse but i still think they should write more things 4 girls who dont have ponys. I also think they should give more contests than they do they arleady give like 10 but what are the odds of u winning one and when a girl wins one they show her off and it makes u jellos .

    now y u should buy it:
    it has lots of beautiful pictures and posters. It also teaches u a lot about horses and ponys....more info

  • My daughter reads this cover to cover!
    My 8 y.o. daughter loves getting this magazine. When it arrives she reads it cover to cover, and then asks me to re-read it with her. It's an excellent source of information, uncomplicated, not-too-long articles that can be very useful. She's so happy with it, she's going to give a subscription as a gift to one of her friends. It's too bad it's only a bi-monthly!...more info
  • My Nephew and Niece LOVE this magazine...
    They race to see who can get it from the mailbox first and then immediately get busy entering contests and reading articles. Great job, Young Riders!...more info
  • My niece loves this magazine!
    We purchased this magazine subscription for our niece as a birthday present. She called to let us know how much she loves the magazine. She said it has a lot of great information, but her favorite part of the magazine was the opportunity to get connected with a pen pal. Our niece is 11, so I think the magazine is pretty age appropriate....more info
  • It's Pretty Good..
    The magazine is great. It has articles on stuff to improve your riding no matter what discipline you do (english, western, etc.) It has wonderful posters in each issue which I loved. The thing I don't like, however, is that it only comes every other month. I got this magazine for a year, then switched to Horse Illustrated. But, if you're a patient person and can wait a month before you get the next issue, this is a great magazine for you. I also enjoyed the interviews....more info
  • Perfect for young girls
    I ordered Young Rider for my 10 yr old niece. She just received her first copy and when I saw her next, she ran up to me with a BIG hug and Thanks! She said what she loves the most about it is that it covers both English and Western styles of riding. She wants to become a barrel racer, yet English riding intrigues her, so I'm glad I got it for her!
    From her response to receiving her first issue, I'd have to say: Money well spent and she LOVES it....more info
  • A Magazine for Rich Eight-Year-Old Pony Owners
    Young Rider is a very easy-to-read magazine aimed for young girls who own ponies. It is assumed that the reader shows and rides often. The magazine does have valuable information, a quiz (usually including mistakes) and an entertaining short story in each issue, not to mention the big, pretty posters which cover the walls in my room. However, the posters are double-sided, and only one is a lovely Mega Poster (the other is your average magazine-sized pullout that tears out of the staples). The annual camp listing is a very valuable feature for those searching for a horsey sleep-away camp. I particularly like the Help a Horse section which features a different horsey charity in each issue. My biggest problem with this magazine is the happy-go-lucky, overly simple writing style. You know, too much enthusiasm sometimes. I think Young Rider would be much better if it had a little more mature writing. Although much of it is suitable for regular riders, the Horse & Pony Problems section is frustrating for those who only take lessons and don't have the opportunity to select and practice daily excercises; it is definitely assumed you have your own horse. The Me & My Horse photos and some of the articles are made for horse owners as well. Overall, though, Young Rider is a nice magazine which I really do enjoy, and if you're an eight-year-old girl who has a pony, you'll really love Young Rider. ;-)...more info
    The young rider is a childs freindly magazine with bright photos and posters. They are realy goodd for even people whoo don't love! The young Rider provides stories on horse lessons, pony roundups, jumping, english, and western events! Children who don't like horses are sure to LOVE horses after subscribing for the Young Rider! It also has quizzes! I know it's good for ages 5-15! The Young Rider is always happy for you to send in letter or photos wich always have a chance of getting into the magazine. It talks about horses for sale and Zillions more! Young Rider gave me a penpall, nolege, posters, and many hours reading! There is not anything wrong with the young rider! it is a GREAT magazine! It is not just 5 stars it is 10,000 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Young Rider Magazine
    Young Rider magazine is an interesting magazine for equestrian children. It provides information and tips regarding horse and pony care, and fun quizzes, puzzles, and posters. However, it is not a magazine that you can expect will teach you how to ride or care for a horse. It is mainly a supplement to help with the everyday reletionship between a rider and a horse, and is most useful when added to the input of a trainer, or equestrian instructor....more info
  • Great fo Kids Who Love Horses
    My daughter loves horses and to ride and this gives her something to look foward to. She loves the posters....more info
  • THE best! No other words to explain it!
    I absolutely love this magazine because it's hours of fun for someone who's looking for a great magazine, plus it's informational and fun for the horse-owning kid. If you've read 'Blaze Magazine', you probably know that it's good, but it's not very realistic and VERY short. Young Rider gives information on the proper way to care for your horse, games, colorful photos, and the do's and don't's of the equine world. The authors are dedicated to let kids learn more about horses, they have a short story every issue about special kid and a horse, and a new quiz every issue. Although tons of kids (especially little girls) LOVE horses, I don't recommend it to kids who don't own a horse of their own. I think that in order to enjoy this great magazine, you should have your own horse. There are many great articles that I have to say are really helpful to the horse-owning kid, like how to care for your horse when the temperature is very, very cold, or very, very hot, but I don't think it would mean very much to people without a horse. Anyway, this is a fantastic magazine that I have to give AT LEAST five stars. I read every issue over again until it's falling apart, that's how much I love this magazine. Plus, if you don't know if you should order the whole subscription yet, you can always pick up the latest copy at your local riding store and see how you like it. If you do, it's definately worth a year's subscription. Two "hooves" up! : )...more info
  • Great Kid's Magazine
    My daughter is an avid horse jumper and loves this magazine for it's pictures, Q&A columns, and fun articles. Lots of opportunities for winning prizes (though she hasn't won one yet!)
    Great magazine....more info
  • Show your Welsh Pony every weekend? This is your magazine.
    I received a subscription of this magazine for one year, and although it has its good points, there were enough bad points to cause me not to renew. The magazine has tons of beautiful, full color posters of beautiful horses and ponies. I really enjoyed the quizzes and short stories, as well as some of the features. But my problem with this magazine was that it seems to lean towards the well-to-do little girls riding Welsh Ponies that are trained to show every weekend. I haven't read an issue yet that didn't contain an article about 'winning lots of ribbons in shows.' There is no focus on the other side of horsemanship: caring for your horse, keeping up your stable, and health care. It is simply assumed the 'young riders' will hand their lovely ponies away to their grooms and saunter off to hang their ribbons on the walls of their bedrooms, which will, presumably, also have the mega posters featured in each issue of the magazine....more info
  • Should get more then 5 stars!
    Hey everyone!
    I think that 'young rider' is the BEST horse magazine for kids. My little sister likes all the pics. I love all of the articles and pics. too! I shoped around for a horse magazine for it seemed like forever and now I found one. The only thing that I don't like a lot but don't mind is all the show stuff. I like shows and everything but they have it maybe a little to much, but other then that its GREAT!...more info
  • Great Gift for my Horse-Crazy 8 Year Old
    My 8 year old daughter is crazy about horses and loves to get mail -- which makes a subscription to Young Rider a natural! Plus, my stealth reason for the gift subscription is fulfilled as well -- to encourage her to read.

    Young Rider is a high quality publication. Articles address English and Western riding, showing, horse care, horse-world celebrities, horse breeds, and more. The many, many high quality color photographs are beautiful. My daughter particularly enjoys the pull-out posters....more info
  • Young Rider is the Best!
  • Great 1st equestrian magaine!
    I purchased a subscription for my granddaughter last year - and she enjoyed it so much that she requested another year ... says it is very
    informative and touches on Western as well as English seat ... She is
    eleven years old and does not own her own horse (yet) - rides a couple time a week at a nearby stable and takes a weekly lesson. The posters cover the walls of her bedroom and she is still in the 'dreaming' to own a horse stage.

    ...more info
  • Awesome mag!!!!!
    Awesome mag for kids!!!great buy!lots of good articles,even if you don't have a horse of your own. Always has cool posters and stories that kids can relate to. Don't hesitate to buy this mag for any horseloving kid!Fun way to learn interesting things and facts about horses that you never knew. it's packed with contests too!only downside is that it is a bi-monthly mag (so good I wish it came more often!). Once again, it's a great choice for any child interested in horses....more info
  • Young Rider Rox!
    This magazine is great for people that are horse crazy or maybe even have a horse. This magazine contains four posters in each magazine, tips, tricks, contests and way more cool stuff! I love to recieve this magazine on holidays! It has even more cool stuff. Like for example; at Halloween they give out cool costume ideas for you and your horse. I highley recommend this magazine.

    New Reviewer,
    Nori...more info

  • Mommy and Daddy bought you a pony? This is for you!
    I got this magazine a few years ago and flipping through it recently I see not much has changed. Lots of little girls on their pretty ponies in their perfect stables in designer riding gear...Another thing I dislike is, the absence of minorities like myself. Guess what? There ARE such things as Hispanic or African-Amercian riders. This magazine is obviously geared towards all those stuck-up, rich little girls with their own ponies. Why the 2 stars then? Cuz I loved the posters and there was some good information in it and the writers made it easy for younger kids to understand....more info
    I think yong rider rocks!![.] It is my favorite magazine and I get it evry 2 months! I highly reccomend it to any horseaholics that at from 7 to 13....more info
  • YR is awesome
    I reccomend Young Rider to any horse-crazy girl! I totally love it! There are great horse care tips, breed profiles, camp listings, pictures, book reviews, stories, interviews...and...enormous posters!! Young Rider is super. GET IT!...more info
  • Wonderful!!!
    I love the young rider! Everyday when the mail comes i race out to the mailbox! I it great for ages 6-15! The pictures are great! It has nice adds in it, tips on your riding skills, tips on jumping, recent events, horse camps, horse posters, quizez, and TONS more! It also has great tips on horse care! The Young Rider is happy to read letters sent to them. I completely recomend it! It is good for people if they own a horse or not! I will never stop reading it! It has 3 thumbs up!...more info
  • Pretty Good, for the price.
    This magazine is pretty good for the price. The issues are big, there are lots of breed, show, and tack articles, along with contests and opportunities to donate to equine funds. There aren't many ads and there are a ton of pictures, and a lot of the articles are fun. However, I wish this weren't bi-monthly, and though the articles are fun they can get really simple and dull after a while for older readers. I'm fourteen, but the other form doesn't work. Back to the point, it is also more aimed to the show and horse-owning set, like the one reviewer pointed out. There isn't much on horse care and safe riding, or any assurance that the best horse isn't always that fluffy blue-ribbon pony. That's why it gets three stars....more info
  • Totally Awesome
    I LOVE the Young Rider Magazine!It tells you everything you need to know about horses.I have a horse that used to buck, but thanks to Young Rider he doesn't anymore.I LOVE YOUNG RIDER!...more info
  • Nice poster
    When I was younger I use to go to barnes and noble and flip through young rider. Only reason why I bought it was if there was a nice picture for the huge center poster. Even at a young age the articles seemed ridiculously simple and never actually contained useful information. I ended up subscribing to Horse Illustrated as soon as my parents agreed to pay for it and continued for a few years. If you want nice posters get this. If you want good general magazine you will actually read and learn from that also has nice picture (and its own centerfold, though smaller), get Horse Illustrated....more info
  • Young Rider Full of Ads
    I purchased subscriptions to both "Ask" and "Muse" for my daughter (9 years old) and am thrilled at the lack of advertising in those magazines. I subscribed to "Young Rider," as my daughter is very much a horse lover. I was dismayed to find it full of advertisements. And not only that, but poor quality ads, irresponsible ads perpetuating gender stereotypes (e.g., males do not wear pink) and blatant consumerism ("From hoof to toe, wear the brand.") While I'm using the magazine as a means for teaching media literacy, we certainly will not be resubscribing. As to the content, it does seem informative, especially for a beginning rider, though the writing is not particularly compelling. And the articles are hard to find amidst all the marketing, making it visually confusing. While my daughter picked up her first issue of "Ask," sat down and did not get up until she'd read it cover to cover, she picked up "Young Rider," glanced through it, tossed it back down and has not yet returned to her first issue. And this is a child who is horse crazy -- not much of a testimonial for a horse magazine!...more info
  • Horses Rule!
    Great Magazine for children. It teaches alot of stuff in it. My brother learned alot of things from these Magazines....more info


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