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The magazine that celebrates smart, sophisticated 40+ women?s interests in fashion, health, beauty, travel, and self-reinvention.

Customer Reviews:

  • Get MORE Out Of LIfe! here we elite generation of women who have watched the world change for the last 35 years or so and we were a big part of it. We are women of a certain age(ahem), that are old enough to remember the Kennedy Assassination, Woodstock,our boyfriends going off to Viet Nam, the Swinging Seventies and raised a whole new generation...and yes...are proud of it. So now we are what may be considered grown up(I'm still not sure about that part)...what's next? What MORE is there out there?!....Do we want to sit at home raising another generation and be the snack monitor for the grandkids soccer team?...Heck no! Okay occassionaly but.. We Want MORE than that!

    MORE magazine bills itself as being 'Smart Talk For Smart Women'...and it is! This magazine is chock full of motivating stories and articles of inspiring women(some famous, some not so famous) making the most of their lives.Women who like us, who have "been there and done that" are now finding new and fulfilling directions in their lives. From starting your own business to starting a new relationship, you'll find it all here. There are fabulous features on health, beauty tips, fashion advice for the 40 and up gal,and some great financial advice as well.

    Finally a magazine geared toward more than good housekeeping(if you are like me, and haven't gotten that part down by now...fahgetaboutit!)It's a pretty good size periodical, and not because it is filled covered to cover with gorgeous models. What you'll find instead, are true role models!

    So between the ads for the newest and best wrinkle cream(Yeah Sure), to the best fiber supplement, you will find many intellegent, informative and motivational reads! The subscription price offered here is a great value.(I always think it is best to get an issue from the newstand to check out first).

    Now available - a 2 year subscription - a really good deal:More Magazine (2-year)

    For yourself or a go girl!...and enjoy...Laurie...more info
    I don't know how long I have been trying to find a magazine that fits my age group. Now! At long last, I found it. No ultra young skinny models. Women my age, with my problems.

    Great stuff - let's get going, ladies!...more info

  • Finally a magazine for ME
    When I was a teen, I read 16 and SEVENTEEN magazines. In my 20s, I read Glamour; Mademoiselle was my magazine of choice in my early 30s and Cosmopolitan did it for me as I approached late 30s. Once I got to my mid-40s, none of the aforementioned magazines seemed to speak to me anymore. At 49, I'm way past the "do's and don'ts" of fashion and "how to drive your man wild" kinds of articles. :-) I wanted to know how other women were dealing with middle age and everything that comes with it --weight gain, crows feet, menopause -- as well as the usual beauty stuff! There are articles in this magazine dealing with taking care of aging parents, grown-up kids who won't leave the nest, making your way in the corporate world, and lots of other things that are relevant to women my age and their lifestyles. Also, I love the cover models! I'm never going to be as thin or well put together as Susan Sarandon, Cybill Shepherd or Glenn Close, but it's nice to see so many women MY age on the cover of a magazine I love!...more info
  • Almost 50
    For years I have read Cosmo but would find that reading that magazine was for the much younger woman and I would find my self esteem very low. I am forty-nine and approaching the age of fifty was something I didn't want to think about. I was working out one day and came across "More" Magazine and starting reading it while walking on the treadmill. Just reading this magazine made me realize how special Fifty can be. The articles are geared towards women approaching Fifty or older. It's great. I now give my Cosmopolitan Magazine to my daughter....more info
  • a reader from istanbul turkey
    i am 42 and really like to read this magazine.y also want to
    subscribe but i know that this is impossible.whenever i find it in the shops i immediately buy one.
    regards...more info
  • Great service!
    This subscription was a gift and the first magazine arrived shortly after placing the order. Thanks!...more info
  • A lone hold-out for the babe-of-a-certain-age group
    The average woman's mag is either aimed at the 18-34 age group (Glamour, Allure) or it's for the soccer moms (Woman's Day consistently figures in the top five of all magazines for women. And for good reason.) But what if you don't care to make bunny-shaped coconut cakes for Easter or what if you are WAY beyond caring about bikinis or contraceptives? MORE is aimed at the mature babe who still cares to dress fashionably and who wants to read about women of a similar age.

    Of course, the invevitable celebrity graces the cover (this IS what people want to read, apparently, according to whatever marketing tools magazine editors use.) And the articles are not earth-shaking or in depth in any way. MORE replaces several other magazines gone belly-up, as advertisers apparently don't want dollars from gals over 35, possibly because they spend their dough with great discernment; $250 for a trendy corset-shaped handbag? Hmm, maybe NOT. Since "Lear's", "Mirabella" and "Mode" all bit the dust in the last decade or so, this is what there is for fashion and forty or fifty year old female. Hey, it beats "Reader's Digest" for fashion advice, is all I can say....more info

  • Magazine Junkie
    I love magazines. Always have. It was the one thing my mom allowed herself as an extra, even though she was very frugal in everything else. I read a lot of magazines, but have never felt like actually reviewing one until MORE. If you are over 40, or even close, you'll love this magazine. It not only features but celebrates the beauty in women as they grow older and wiser. The articles are inspiring, the pictures of the models are real, and it never fails to surprise me in each issue with some article about women who rise above their circumstances with grace. Take the issue about women who survived breast cancer. Not unusual for an article, you say. But how many magazines actually show these beautiful women post-mastectomy nude from the waist up and gorgeous and not ashamed of their body. I loved the woman who tatooed the scar and made something beautiful out of it. If you want a magazine you'll read, read again, and hate to throw away, this is it. I love it. It's better than O!...more info
  • Disappointed
    When I ordered More I expected a magazine for the AVERAGE woman over 40. Among other things I had hoped for fashions for small women (2 petite) who don't want to dress like teenagers or "20 somethings". Instead I found mostly outrageously priced clothing - $1,385.00 for the suit, $555.00 shoes and $350.00 for the clutch bag. This was far from being the most expensive ensemble pictured. Even if could afford this kind of money for clothing I couldn't justify spending it when many families can't even afford food and medicine. I have no use for this publication....more info
  • My friend loves it!
    I ordered this magazine for a friend of mine who is in her 40's and she has told me, more than twice that she loves it! She reads each single page and enjoys it all. The articles are all oriented to mature women, very interesting, practical, usefull. It's a 10!...more info
  • Well over 40 and LOVE this magazine......
    Who doesn't want to look her best???? Yes this magazine does use space to talk about clothes and looking good. One of my favorite fashion pages is where they have three different readers/models wear an outfit and comment on it. All the women are over 40 and the comments aren't always flattering - it seems real. There also is some serious commentary and subjects broached that overall appeals to women over 40 and other intelligent people. I don't believe that if you are a woman over 40 you will regret subscribing to this publication. Just flip through an issue at the newstand and you will be convinced....more info
  • Looking for Good Articles
    I'm always looking for good reading material and get a bit tired of the younger set's taste. I ordered the More subscription based on recommendations of friends and looking forward to good articles. It is loaded with advertisements which, unfortunately, is a must in today's publishing environment but hopefully at the end of the year's subscription I will be pleased with my purchase price....more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    Thankfully, this magazine isn't loaded with advertisments that squash the content. This one actually has something to say, to read, to contribute. It makes me feel great and proud of whom I am and of our generation. And we have a lot MORE to offer the world with grace, dignity, and wisdom! Thank you for reminding our culture that we are worth so much more than just being looked at as aging women. We are gorgeous, sexy, happy, full of life, & this magazine gives the reader this information without making us look ridiculous. We're elegant, intelligent, and damn awesome! Thank you to the publishers of More!!!...more info
  • Love this magazine!
    As a 39 year old looking ahead to 40, I thought I would check this out. Love it! Great concise articles. Inspirational. Realistic. Practical advice. ...more info
  • only complaint:it's too short!
    Of the numerous magazines I subscribe to, this is one of the most useful for women over 40. No bimbo articles, no articles about 10 ways to contort oneself---well, you get the idea. What it DOES have is informative and intelligent articles such as the recent one about common haircolor mistakes made by mature women, complete with before-and-after pictures. There are some fun articles, and some articles like another recent one about the women in President Bush's inner circle of advisors. (Very reassuring, that one.) The newstands either don't get many copies, or they sell quickly, so you may not have seen it, but it's worth a look!...more info
  • Some good information, but a downbeat tone
    I can't say this magazine has no useful or interesting information - but I find the overall tone quite depressed and depressing. I don't mind that the fashion articles are full of over-priced clothing - they still give a general idea of styles that can look good on women over 40. I don't mind that most of the women pictured look like they spend many hours a day working on their appearance - we all have different priorities, and maybe my own should be adjusted a bit more in that direction. I don't mind the celebrities on the covers - if a photo of Holly Hunter helps them sell magazines, it's okay by me.

    But many of the (admittedly well-written) articles seem to suggest that the number and the scope of problems that women over 40 must deal with are overwhelming. Unhappy marriages, age-related illnesses, resentful children, difficult parents, estranged siblings, soul-destroying jobs, etc., etc., etc. - even the books and movies reviewed seem to be mostly in the same vein. The occasional up-beat article often celebrates a woman who divorced her husband, quit her job, moved away from her family, and "re-invented" herself as a ceramic artist, or an acupuncturist, or an ostrich farmer. (I'm exaggerating a little - but not much!)

    Yes, middle age brings some difficulties with it, but not every woman who is 40+ regrets every important decision she has ever made. And most of us who have reached that milestone have also reached a point at which we can and do use our common sense to deal with problems as they arise. Lighten up, More!

    ...more info
  • More About MORE
    MORE debuted as a fairly lightweight magazine that targeted the mid-life woman. I was a skeptic, but since then it has grown up and matured with its demanding audience. When I saw Jamie Lee Curtis's brave expose of her unmade-up face and 40-something body in a feature that smashed the myth of her "perfect" image and seriously addressed women's age issues and the youth cult, I knew that MORE had finally arrived.

    One can now read serious and timely articles on subjects of concern to women old enough to experience menopause and have AARP memberships; get fashion and beauty tips that are helpful and appropriate to older women (and see them on models who are actually 40+); and be inspired by features about women who have done exciting things with their lives and/or are still works in progress. My only complaint is that the clothes are beyond the means of all but the very well-heeled, but on the whole that's a small thing. After all, real women know where and how to shop for bargains.

    The young girls have Glamour, Jane, Cosmo and In Style; mature women who know about life and love in realistic terms now have MORE. I have a subscription and look forward to its monthly arrival in my mailbox....more info

  • More...fluff
    I found MORE to be thin, advertising-laden fluff. Many of the ads and articles concentrate on maintaining a youthful appearance and attitude. The fashion features use young models instead of fit, healthy women 45 and older. If you find encouragement and inspiration from 45+ female celebrities and want to know what clothes and makeup might make you look 24-years-old, then this is the magazine for you....more info
  • Pretty good but kind of thin
    This magazine has good stories about women in their 40's and 50's living their lives to the fullest. I bought it as an inspiration. I love the content, just wish there was more of it. Its a little on the thin side. Doesn't take more than an hour or two to read cover to cover....more info
  • Just okay
    Very light read. Not much meat. Oprah a better pick....more info
  • I ordered this magazine love it. However, I only received 2 and then it stop, I wonder where the other magazine are.
    I am just waiting to get the next magazines. I seen them in the book store, but where is mine. I don't understand why It just stop. I tried calling get disconected. This is not good. Who can you talk to please help me, I will be so grateful. I miss them. They are a source of good information. Please help me find them. Or get a response from somebody. Thank you...more info
  • Each Issue Has Worthwhile Articles
    I've been buying MORE at the newstands for years. This magazine is geared specifically for women over 40. It's not easy to find, so I decided to subscribe. Each issue has lengthy articles that are worth reading. It does a balanced job of covering health issues. Features on clothes, make-up, an over-40 actress, a female chef and her recipes are always included. My only complaint is that the cost of the clothes featured always adds up to more than $1000 per outfit. That's well beyond my clothing budget. ...more info