Crunch - The Perfect Yoga Workout: The Joy of Yoga & Fat-Burning Yoga

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With fat burning yoga you can tone and re-shape your entire body increase energy levels feel lean and limber and it can help you maintain healthy weight levels. By adding more movement to your yoga practice youll definitely increase your heart rate and improve your circulation. Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 10/23/2001 Run time: 80 minutes Rating: Nr Director: Andrea Ambandos

Customer Reviews:

  • Comforting Teaching Style
    Sara Ivanhoe has a fresh radiant energy and a comforting teaching style. She believes that if it isn't fun, you won't do it. Her energy is like orange zest for the soul. You can safely relax into her workouts and let her instruction take you to relaxation. The Fat Burning workout on this DVD is especially enjoyable.

    The setting is a gym with wooden floors and lavender mats. All the traditional Yoga moves are here: Downward Dog, Chair and Warrior. What makes them more enjoyable is how Sara Ivanhoe arranges the poses so they flow together in a beautiful sequence.

    If you are intermediate and are looking for a way to burn more calories during your Yoga sessions, then the Fat Burning segment may impress you. Normally I walk, bike or dance before doing yoga, but with this session, you may want to save your energy and just head straight into the practice. I can also highly recommend the Crunch Candlelight Yoga DVD and all of the 20-minute Yoga Makeover DVDs.

    ~The Rebecca Review
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  • Great DVD, I feel toned at 38.
    I've been doing yoga on and off since 1978, mostly Hatha Yoga on PBS. Decided to start again. When I first bought this DVD, it seemed too tough for a beginner so I put it away and tried it a few months later. Wow, I recommend this for anyone that used to be flexible and needs to get it back. I've been doing the workouts alternating daily for a month and not only can I do all of the poses but I can concentrate on breathing and pressing into each one for strength. I feel great thanks to this DVD. I am much stronger and feel complete after the workout. I felt like the Joy of Yoga was too easy so I moved on to the fat burner. I needed variety so I tried it again and since I was stonger and more flexible the Joy of Yoga workout got harder. If you don't enjoy or can't move into Downward Facing Dog, don't bother with this DVD. ...more info
  • Great Variety.
    I love Sara Ivanhoe, she is very down to earth and encouraging. Anyone who wants to see what yoga is all about (a beginner) should definately get this video, well worth the money. The Fat-Burning part gets your heart rate up and leaves you feeling warm yet energized. The Joy of Yoga is a light workout, good as an addition to a cardio session. Both workouts leave you feeling utterly relaxed, I go through the rest of my day totally relaxed after doing these. One warning though...there is quite alot of downward dog (which I like) but I know some of you do not. Overall a fabulous workout....more info
  • Great workout yoga dvd!
    This DVD is really quite good - I am in fairly good shape but have always been intimidated about going into yoga classes - and decided to try out this dvd. I went straight for the Fat-Burning Yoga instruction and found it to be an excellent program and it took only 40 minutes to complete - but was I sweating and sore! The second time through I felt very good and ultimately after 4 weeks - I have definitely got my money's work. I have noticed a change in my breathing patterns and it just feels good. The instructor of this Sarah Ivanhoe - is really quite good and I wouldn't mind checking out her other tapes. ...more info
  • Would recommend for beginners, you get 2 workouts in 1!
    Sarah Ivanhoe is a really good yoga instructor. She walks you through every pose and tells you when to inhale and exhale. She has a soothing voice that is great for yoga especially during relaxation. This dvd is great because it has two workouts. Fat burning yoga has you learning a bunch of poses and then she puts them together for a sequence. She works your arms and legs and then has a section at the end for abs. It feels like a complete workout to me. The joy of yoga seems a little easier to me so I don't usually do that one, but it's still a great workout too. My only complaint would be that she is a little "chatty" and after doing this dvd a couple times she can be a little annoying. ...more info
  • Sara Ivanhoe is great, however video not for "true" beginners...
    This is one of the first DVDs I ever bought. Thank you Sara for doing a great job explaining everything, but I just was chronically "trying to catch up" with the workout because I knew practically nothing about yoga. Luckily I didn't give up, and after about 15 times waching each of the 2 workouts, I could go through them without a problem. Hence why I gave it 4 stars

    As fantastic as Sara is with instruction, I do urge the real early beginners not to purchase this DVD just yet. Wait until you become a little more familiar with yoga....more info
  • Good value for your money
    This DVD is a great value. I love having the choice of the two workouts. I have yet to be able to get all the way through the fat-burning workout. Definitely not a spiritual experience but a good solid workout that doesn't kill you even if you're just a beginner. Though don't get me wrong, forgotten muscles will make themselves known after this workout....more info
  • Truly lives up to it's title...
    This is a great DVD for those just getting into yoga. The two separate workouts are very different so that it can fit your mood and/or energy level for the day.

    The Joy of Yoga:
    The mellower of the two, with a lot of great stretches and muscle workouts. If you've tried the Crunch Candlelight Yoga, this is a bit more active then that. As a beginner I could easily follow and was able to make it through the entire routine and felt great afterwards.

    Fat Burning Yoga:
    The name says it; this is a bit more intense of a workout. She includes a few "routines" so that you're continually moving and working your muscles at the same time to help burn calories while toning your muscles. As a beginner this one was a bit more of a challenge, but I loved actually feeling my muscles working (contracting) without killing myself.

    Sarah is a great instructor; she's extremely soothing and explains everything along the way in both workouts. There is a person to show modifications in both workouts and Sarah constantly reminds you to do whatever you're most comfortable with as yoga is not about being too strenuous on your body.

    I highly recommend this set of DVD's; you can't beat the two for one deal on a great set of workouts. I can't believe I'm actually uttering the words that I look forward to exercising again with these!
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  • I love it
    I purchased Fat-Burning Yoga on VHS years ago and was so excited to find it on DVD. The exercises are great, the instruction is easy to follow, and the results speak for themselves. Haven't tried the Joy of Yoga yet but I am sure it is wonderful as well. And just think, two workouts for the price of one!...more info
  • a good first yoga dvd....for someone else!
    i consider myself a beginner yogi (have been to about 5-7 classes over the past year), and i found this video to be extremely unchallenging. this video might be good for someone recovering from an injury AND who has never tried yoga before. although sara ivanhoe comes off as a friendly, non-threatening gym buddy, i just couldn't overcome the total lack of breath awareness that seems to be a basic part of yoga. also, i am not in very good shape, and i didn't even break a sweat during the 'fat burning' workout. ...more info
  • Perfect way to start
    I bought this as my first yoga (begining) dvd because I hated going to classes and having them suck. And this dvd was exactly what I wanted....basic but still challenging and totally NOT cheesy which is problem with many yoga dvds....more info
  • great workout
    This video really got me moving. I wanted the benefits of the workout as well as the relaxation and "centering" benefits of yoga. I got both - not in a weird way but I am totally relaxed (and energized)after I do my workout. And my body has definitely changed. My backside is firmer and higher, my arms are strong for the first time in my life, and I am much more flexible than I was a month ago. I can only imagine what I will be able to do another month or two down the road. Great DVD. Pick it up!...more info
  • Not Beginner
    I love Sara Ivanhoe, but this NOT beginner yoga! Even the variations shown are hard. If you are looking for a great beginner yoga tape I HIGHLY recommend her Candlelight Yoga routine. If you're ready for a step up from her Candlelight yoga then this is a fantastic DVD! She really knows her stuff and is pleasant to watch and follow....more info
  • Not relaxing
    If you like a yoga workout that is more like a class that you take at a gym, then you should like this one. If you are looking for yoga that is more spiritual, stick with tapes from Natural Journeys, Yoga Journal, or Gaiam....more info
  • Energizing and enjoyable yoga
    Both workouts are really fun to do and help get you moving. The instructor comes across as friendly and down to earth. The explanations are terrific and easy to follow. Some of the poses are a bit challenging without being over-whelming to someone who is new to yoga.
    I was worried that the practices would be too much like the MTV dvds, which I was not fond. Instead, this dvd offered two nice workouts that will I include in my regular practices....more info
  • nice to have 2 options
    I like the 2nd workout(fatburning)on this DVD better. I think Sarah is a great instructor with a very pleasant countenance. The direction is clear and encouraging. The modified version is clearly filmed as well so you can do the dvd according to your own level. I'm not sure if a person will lose excess fat with this dvd though.. dont you need high intensity cardio? But otherwise, it's a great workout. I feel more flexible, my muscles feel harder and stronger, my posture has improved, and it's a mood enhancer. The 1st workout, "The Joy of Yoga" is good too but it's shorter and not much of a workout! Enjoy. And it's a BARGAIN! ONE studio yoga class can be about $15!...more info
  • Two great workouts in one
    A perfect DVD for someone looking to add variation to home yoga routines. These two routines are both challenging and enjoyable; both are demonstrated by a full class with varying ability levels represented. The workouts are also different enough to keep you coming back to each one. Both of these workouts on one DVD is a great deal....more info
  • love this dvd!
    Since I got this DVD I've been alternating the workouts just about every day in addition to my usual video cardio and strength training and and after just more than week, I've already noticed myself getting stronger. Best of all, the stress is draining out of my body- my shoulders are finally moving away from my ears, I'm walking taller and feel great! Sara's a great instructor and these are fun and challenging. I was already used to yoga, so I have no trouble doing the workouts- but they are still challenging enough to make them worthwhile....more info
  • Invigorating and Relaxing
    Such a great 2 fer 1 DVD, Both are excellent workouts. Sarah's voice is calming, relaxing, and informaive. A must have for both beginners and advanced....more info
  • Sara has the best instruction videos for beginners
    Okay. I'm a guy. Okay, I've also started doing yoga. No no, I'm not metrosexual, but I am getting older and no longer do avid workouts like I used to when I was in high school and college. But I've been interested in yoga and had a few "student instructors" at schools that I've gone to. None of them have are as good as Sara. I have to admit that I first started with her Yoga for Dummies double-disc set first before I got this DVD. I really enjoyed the Dummies DVDs because she explains (for a dummy like me) the major poses. I also got the MTV Yoga DVDs and find them to be a bit weird for my taste. Of course, I'm a beginner, but even I know that MTV is just trying to carve into Sara's niche (that's the niche of having the best yoga videos around). Anyway, I really enjoy this DVD and Sara is thorough in her instructions of both how to perform the poses and how the poses should feel (for proper technique). I don't have the Candlelight DVD yet, but I'll probably get it sooner or later......more info
  • Aerobic class tone
    Some people love very spiritual yoga; they love the meditation, the chanting, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, some people are looking for new ways to get fit, and enjoy yoga as the newest workout at the gym. This video is firmly for the latter. The instructors are perky...perhaps too perky. If you prefer to avoid any hint of a spiritual practice, this may be the DVD for you. If you feel a little weird doing yoga with an aerobic-instructor tone, you'd probably like something else....more info
  • Good Workout for Everyone
    Cunch Perfect Yoga DVD has 2 workouts that are good for people of any level. The 30 minute length of each make them easy to squeeze into busy days, while still getting a good yoga workout. The only complaint I would have is that as an intermediate level person, the fluffy beginner level explanations throughout workout 1 were a little irritating (things like, "Now we'll go into down dog, I know it's a funny name for a pose but in yoga a lot of poses tend to be named after animals." Other than that, they are good workouts for any level in a pinch and I will definitely keep this one in my collection. ...more info
  • Two very good yoga practices for beginners/intermediates
    The philosophy of all videos in the Crunch line is to make working out accessible to all people, regardless of size or experience. Their yoga videos are no exception, as they take a non-mystical approach and are taught in a very straightforward manner by instructor Sara Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe's down-to-earth style (she frequently uses words like "scooch") is completely non-intimidating; she comes across as a friendly workout buddy.

    Joy of Yoga begins with a focused breathing series involving forward bends and down dogs (there are many repetitions of this position) and then moves on to additional standing poses, including warrior, lunges, and twists. The floor portion of the workout consists mostly of relaxing stretches, but there is one tough segment which alternates arm/leg stretches with yogi pushups. This practice is about 35 minutes long. Fat-burning yoga is a more active practice, although not quite to the level of aerobic conditioning or power yoga. Again, the practice begins with breathing and then introduces the use of vinyasas: several poses are combined together in a flowing sequence and then the entire sequence is repeated several times. After a brief warm-up, there is a long, sun salutation-type vinyasa containing lunges, push-up pose, simple backbends, and many repetitions of downward dog. For each repetition, a slightly more difficult variation is introduced, and by the end of this series, your arms and shoulders have gotten an intense workout. Additional vinyasas include twisting lunges, proud warrior, triangle, and side angle pose. This practice ends with a short abs section containing a few boat poses, seated backbends, and two Pilates-like exercises. Finally, there are some brief seated stretches and an even briefer relaxation pose for about 45 total minutes.

    Ivanhoe's cues are detailed enough for those new to yoga, and both practices are probably doable by most beginners, especially with the modifications provided. However, for complete yoga novices, I think that some prior familiarity with basic yoga postures would be beneficial. Also, it is important to keep in mind that both of these practices contain some fairly intense moves which demand some pre-existing fitness capacity; Fat-Burning Yoga in particular is a more strenuous practice that will challenge even intermediate yogis. Finally, Ivanhoe's strong emphasis on breathing is a plus for all levels of yoga practitioners, and those who like her friendly, no-nonsense style are likely to enjoy these videos....more info
  • Easy to Follow: Great Workout!
    I love this yoga dvd! It is by far my favorite. It's a great workout, easy to follow for beginners and still a great workout once you get the hang of it.
    LOVE IT...more info
  • Superb Cardio-Yoga Workout
    The benefit to owning this DVD is that there are two workouts: Fat Burning Yoga and The Joy of Yoga. Fat Burning Yoga starts off slowly but after a few minutes you'll begin to sweat. I like advanced yoga workouts and this one was great! I do wish that she'd use the names of the poses though.
    The Joy of Yoga takes you through some standing, stretching and seated poses. It basically gives you an intro to yoga. The instructor, Sara Ivanhoe, is great! She keeps you motivated and her personality is fresh. Highly recommended...more info
  • Excellent mix of workouts
    I am in love with the Crunch series. I haven't found one I don't like. They walk you through the items and make you really comfortable. I like that its not a weird beachy scene with someone who seems like they are in a trance. I highly recommend. ...more info
  • Good
    This is good for stretching, balancing, and gaining a little strength. The Joy of Yoga is relaxing, and the Fat Burning Yoga is more for stability and flexibility. Pretty easy, but ok once a week....more info
  • Quick Workouts when you don't have all day!
    As the title would suggest, "Crunch" yoga is clearly not for a spiritual yoga experience, but for the person who is trying to reap the physical benefits of yoga. Hardcore yoga junkies will scoff at this, but I say HOORAY for the quick and beneficial workout. It is motivational to do a workout that is not an hour long like some of them. I have been doing this practice regularly for a couple of weeks without boredome....more info
  • Two Excellent Yoga Practices on One DVD
    I have already done individual reviews of the two practices contained in this DVD but I wanted to give an overview of the combined practices found on this excellent DVD.

    By way of background, I have been practicing Yoga daily for over 9 years, with a large library of yoga VHS/DVD/CD (around 100). I also have been studying for many years with an excellent Yoga teacher, but that's only once a week so the heart of my Yoga practice is at home w/ my collection of Various Yoga media.

    This DVD contains two practices, led by Yoga teacher Sara Ivanhoe, and is an excellent pair of routines. The first, "Joy of Yoga" is more basic, a good introduction to Yoga. The second,"Fat Burning Yoga" has more of a Vinyasa flow style to it (more of a "Power Yoga" feel). It is a challenging but doable program that is around 40 or so minutes long.

    I feel that Sara particularly shines as a teacher in the second ("Fat Burning") program, but of course that may just be personal preference because I tend to like those more challenging, flowing types of practice which really build heat in the body.

    I want to say a bit more about the "Fat Burning" program.

    The routine is extremely well put together. The poses build gradually starting with simpler movements that warm you up and gently take you into the more challenging versions of the poses from one series to the next.

    She has a student who demonstrates modifications which is always quite important for a program like this where you may have a person who has never done yoga before or who may have physical limitations.

    This is a very thorough routine which leads you through a wide range of motion and also incorporates a really wonderful flow.

    My only miniscule complaint would be that I prefer a longer guided relaxation before the final seated pose, but of course one can always just shut off the program to extend their relaxation and then put it back on to finish it off in sitting. This in and of itself wasn't a big deal because there is still at least some semblence of relaxation (which is treated gratuitously in many programs).

    Highly recommended!

    Namaste...more info
  • Excellent!
    I can't begin to say how much I enjoy this DVD. I do it at least three times a week and it never gets old. I particularly enjoy the pace of the Fat Burning Yoga segment. I find the Joy of Yoga segment to be challenging, yet calming. Sara Ivanhoe is really on-point with her instruction. Her cuing is flawless and her delivery is calm and relaxing yet encouraging. The are appropriate modifications and the background music is not distracting at all. I would readily recommend this DVD to anyone beginning a yoga practice. It's an accessible and wonderful introduction to the practice of yoga. ...more info
  • Relatively boring and slow
    I bought this dvd together with the two mtv yoga dvds - i find the mtv yoga much better. Crunch's yoga is not very challenging (even though i'm a relative beginner), the instructor is ok, but can do with fewer pretenses that she's working really hard and fewer of her unnecessary encouragements. Unless you are absolute beginner and have never attended even one yoga class, you'd hardly find it challenging or interesting. By MTV yoga instead....more info
  • Satisfied Customer
    I enjoy this DVD, and I am a skeptic of workout tapes. I know yoga terminology so it was easy to follow and do the postures correctly. I suspect if one was just beginning that the poses would not be clear and it would be necessary to do some outside research on how to do them properly.
    Having written that, if you have some basic knowledge then the DVD's are great. There are levels to work up to and Sara is a good leader. There's also an extra ab work out. I'm going to buy more Crunch DVD's. It's fun....more info
  • Great for beginners/intermediate
    This is a great Yoga DVD for beginers and intermediates. The Joy of Yoga is good for a typical yoga workout, and is a great combination with an cardio/aerobic routine. The Fat-burning Yoga session is pretty challenging and really makes you work. You can definitely feel this workout. I would definitely recommend this video. Once again, the Crunch video series does not disappoint!...more info
  • Okay, but not great
    I bought this dvd on recommendation of a yogilates class teacher, and was a little disappointed. I have been doing yoga for several years now, and found this dvd to be too simple. The triangle/warrior positions didn't flow very well, and the instructor's insistence on pronouncing the word forward as "foward" drove me crazy.

    Even though this dvd was simple, the twisting poses were rather difficult for me. This is probably because I hadn't done many before, so it is a good introduction to those. I did this with a friend once, and he kept falling down, and really had a tough time with it, probably because he hadn't done yoga before and is very inflexible.

    It is nice to have two options for a workout on one dvd- really takes advantage of the extra space afforded by a dvd over a vhs workout....more info
  • Love both of these workouts
    I am taking yoga classes but wanted to do more at home. I found this DVD and LOVE it. Sarah is an excellent instructor. She has allowed me to perfect my poses - she gives great cueing to help you get the most out of your workout. This DVD offers a great mix of two great workouts. Highly recommend any of her yoga DVD's....more info
  • An excellent video
    I was new to yoga when I got this tape, and although I am pretty flexible, I found this DVD to be great for beginners like myself! It comes with two differnet workouts that are both excellent... fat burning and the joy of yoga. The fat burning workout will definetly leave your heart pumping! The instructor is great at relaying the poses, and then puts them into challening series. The first time I used this video, I couldn't finish it. Maybe not the best workout for someone who isn't very flexible or out of shape, though....more info
  • this workout is to yoga what cliffnotes are to literature
    This workout uses yoga vocabulary, but it's really just gymnastics. That said, it's not really interesting gymnastics. The instructors talk too much, by the fourth time you're bored as anything and want to just get on with the workout instead of listening to them. For people interested in more serious yoga AND a really good workout, check out the Flow Series....more info
  • AMAZING yoga workout
    I came back to yoga after a long time away, and I use this DVD in between classes. I love Sara Ivanhoe, she has the most calming voice and she gives clear instructions. The choice between the two workouts is great as well, I use the Joy of Yoga when I just want to calm down after a long day and the Fat Burning Yoga when I want to work on my strength and flexibility. This is an excellent experience (at a good price too!!)...more info
  • An excellent starters work out.
    My purchase was based on reading reviews and after investigating several DVDs I decided on this one and I am very satisfied with my purchase.
    So as not to repeat what others have already said, I will just say that the majority of reviews where spot on as this is good yoga DVD....more info
  • Fat Burning, No.
    I bought this dvd wanting to expand my yoga library at home. I found it to be very, very slow and agree with those that say Ms Ivanhoe "talks down". I would have to say that this video is definitely for someone who has NEVER done yoga. I hardly work up a sweat at all and find my mind wandering as Ms Ivanhoe overexplains a pose. DO NOT purchase this if you have much yoga experience at all!...more info
  • Breaking the tension
    I'm pretty active. I run and lift weights. But my flexibility is very poor and I carry a lot of tension these days, as most people do. I used to do yoga years ago. I'm now 35 years old and starting over. This DVD is excellent for someone trying to get their groove back. The stretches are great and there's a lot of focus on the back, breathing and abs. I just started using this workout. I love the first workout (The Joy of Yoga), which is a great ease into it workout. Great for the mornings. After doing the second workout (Fat Burning Yoga), I actually broke a sweat and found some of the poses a little difficult. But I know in time as my flexibility improves, I will be able to follow it better. The instructor, Sara Ivanhoe, has a great soothing voice and explains the poses in a clear way so you don't have to continually watch the TV monitor. Easy to follow and very rewarding. It's something I can routinely do, which is key to any exercise workout. Definitely a recommend for beginners or people revisiting yoga after a long hiatus....more info
    Well, I guess I should've read more reviews of this DVD. It is STRICTLY for beginners. I don't sweat and my heart rate barely goes up (if I do breath of fire it helps). When I want an easy day I'll pop this in and do both sessions. Very simple. But I'm sure it's good for a beginner--a BEGINNING BEGINNER. Sara Ivanhoe is soothing though, and encouraging. But seriously, this is a very easy workout....more info
  • Yoga DVD
    Sara Ivanhoe is a great yoga instructor. I like the combination of yoga and pilates....more info
  • I love this Yoga DVD
    This is my First yoga DVD I have been doing Yoga Since Jan 2004. This is great. I had a lot of Knee troubles. I could barely walk across the room. Since I started yoga with this DVD. I am able to walk anywhere and go very far. I do this yoga everyday.I also do Crunch Candle light yoga it also has Sara Ivanhoe. Sara Is amazing....more info
  • 2 solid programs for those new to yoga...
    This DVD features 2 yoga workouts, The Joy of Yoga and Fat Burning Yoga both led by Sara Ivanhoe. She is a friendly, non intimidating, relaxed yoga instructor who's style I really like.

    Joy of Yoga is from 1997, Sara is with 7 fellow exercisers one who show beginner modifications and another one in the back who is quite flexible. You warm up with forward bends, side stretches and swan dives all while breathing in and out through your nose. Sara always makes sure to emphasize the importance of breathing. Then Sara will lead you through some standing poses, you will see lots of downward facing dogs in this routine, also high and low lunges, side stretch poses, and warriors with some added twists. After that you will move to the floor where you will do some back bends and cobras, then move into downward facing dog again this time with legs in a wider stance where you will incorporate spinal twists. Then you finish on the floor with back extensions, pushups, forwards bends, seated twists and final relaxation pose.

    Fat Burning Yoga is a more recent video of Sara's and a little more intense. She has 7 exercisers with her again, one showing beginner modifications. You will see a lot of the same poses, lots of downward facing dogs again, high and low lunges, twisting lunges, warrior, side stretch pose and some backbends including the cobra and bow pose. You will also see some planks, the chair pose and triangle pose. Sara will then lead you through a flowing series including some of these poses. Following that is an ab section where you will see the boat pose, 4-legged table pose and reverse planks, then you move into a few minutes of more pilates style ab work done at a slower pace. Then you will do some forward bend poses to stretch out before going on to the final relaxation pose.

    These are better suited for beginner/intermediate yoga people, if you are a complete beginner something else like Basic Yoga for Dummies which also features Sara may be a better choice. Sara does a decent job in both videos, she is pleasant, encouraging and seems to be enjoying herself. She is also featured in Candlelight Yoga which is another excellent video. If you like yoga, but aren't into the more traditional mystical yoga but a more relaxed style, these would be perfect for your collection....more info
  • Solid Yoga
    Two very good workouts on this DVD which cover the material well between two practices that cover different ground.

    The first is a more relaxing/tradtional style of a routine with focus on breathing and which also includes familiar poses such as warrior pose. Great all around yoga. The second is a more active routine which is more of a "work-out" though any yoga will develop your body (in other words if you can only do the first routine for awhile, since it is a bit easier, you will be getting benefits.)

    All in all a good DVD to learn from....more info
  • I love this workout!
    I simply love this workout! I have been practicing yoga on and off for more than 15 years and this workout left me feeling fresh lively. I could feel that my body was working hard! Thanks for a great yoga DVD - I liked the presentation of the trainer and the details and tipos she provided about breathing is very helpful. I would surely recommend this to any friend. ...more info


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