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Evenflo High Output Cool Mist Humidifier The Evenflo High Output Cool Mist Humidifier works quietly and efficiently to help your baby breathe better. This unit lets you know when the filter needs to be changed with a color-coded indicator. The generous 3 gallon output fills a room measuring up to 700 square feet. Two comfort control settings allow you to customize the output, and the one-touch humidistat enables you to control the humidity level. The removable 1 gallon tank works for 24 hours before refilling is necessary, so you can concentrate on more important matters. The circular extended life filter makes the air your baby breathes cleaner and fresher. Parents can breathe easy with the Evenflo High Output Cool Mist Humidifier.

  • 3 gallon output fills a room up to 700 square feet
  • 2 comfort control speed settings
  • 1 touch humidistat lets you control the humidity
  • Removable one gallon tank works for 24 hours before refilling is needed
  • Circular extended life filter makes air cleaner
Customer Reviews:
    I love this humidifier because it lasts long. My brother is already through his 3rd humidifier in 4 years while I've only had this unit for 4 years it has more years ahead. Also, I find the volume at the low setting very soothing and helps me fall asleep. I've read the posts that mention the filters being hard to find. However, they are very easy to find. The evenflo filter is the SAME EXACT filter as the Holmes HWF62 filter which is available in many places since Holmes still manufactures humidifiers which require this filter. I just purchased a "colorcheck" by Holmes filter from Walmart and I still have an original evenflo branded filter from last year. I put them up to each other and they are the SAME EXACT dimensions. Actually, I prefer the colorcheck over the original evenflo filter because I think it lasts longer before needing replacement. If you look at the bottom of the evenflo humidifier box, it will say that this humidifier was manufactored by Holmes for evenflo. Therefore, it would only make sense that a Holmes filter would be compatible with this unit....more info
  • Cannot find replacement filters
    I like this humidifier alot but now I cannot find replacement filters for it. I only had it for about 3 months and now I cannot find replacement filters. This unit was not cheap either, it did cost money and now for it to basically be brand new and not to be able to find filters is really fustrating. I would not recommend this humidifier for this reason only....more info
  • Love it!
    I have been through 5 humidifiers in the last 2 months. This is the only one that I have found that sufficiently does the job! There is no dampness or residue left after using this humidifer for a length of time because there is no vapor. After buying others like this, that draws dry air in and releases cool and moist air, I was skeptical to spend the money on this one because I found the others not to work well at all! When running this humidifier for the first time, I could actually notice a difference in the humidity level in my daughter's room after running it for about an hour. This did not happen with the others. Yes, it is a loud unit but you get used to it and it does a great job of draining out all of the other noise in the home for my toddler while she is sleeping. I have never had a problem with the filter or finding replacements, nor have I had a problem with my toddler taking it apart. I am very please with this product and will continue to recommend it to others. ...more info
    After reading the other reviews on this product I felt that I needed to put a positive spin on this product. I registered for this item and received it at my shower. My son is 5 1/2 months old and was severly congested. I took the box out of his closet and set up the machine. After the first night (about 10 hours) he woke up for the first time in 2 weeks able to drink his bottle with out me using saline drops and an aspirator. I am continuing to use this product every night and every morning is much more pleasant. As for the noise level I do not find that to be an issue. I don't have a problem hearing my son cry or even move around on the monitor. I feel the noise is actually soothing for the child and helps fade out other noise in the house. I am glad I got this product and would personally recommended it to anyone. I do understand this product is a little pricey but I believe it is worth every penny!!!!! ...more info
  • TOO LOUD and not child safe
    This humidifier is way too loud. Plus, to regulate the humidity it turns itself on and off. So, the room is quiet and then loud and then quiet and then loud, etc. My toddler could not sleep at all. And, it is easy to take apart. My toddler can take off both chambers (the water holder and the filer/fan part). This seems terribly unsafe (and frustrating as he spreads water all over his room).

    I would NOT recommend....more info

  • Dual Purpose
    This humidifier does a great job raising the humidity level of the room where we want it and maintaining it. The noise is not an issue because we use a white noise sound machine for our little girl while she sleeps so this serves the same purpose. Yes, we hear constant white noise from the monitor, but have no problem hearing her cry or make noises (move the humidifier AWAY from the receiver.)

    I thought the filter might last longer, but after 3 months of use for up to 12 hours a day we need to replace the original filter.

    One other issue, but is one that would occur with any cool mist humidifier, is that is cools off the room so the temp in the house needed to be upped a degree or two to compensate.

    Overall, a very good purchase....more info

    Don't buy this humidifier! It is MUCH too loud....more info
  • Wakes my baby up
    I was so excited when I recieved this humidifier at my baby shower. But after several tries, I finally returned it. This product has a sensor so it turns on and off automatically. Well, the darn thing is so loud that each time it turns on, my baby wakes up crying!!! Note that I live 2 miles from an airforce base, and the planes don't even wake her!!!! Don't buy this product....more info
  • Disappointed Brooklyn Mom
    Too loud and the water evaporates way too quickly. I feel like I'm constantly filling the container w/ water. Though my son is a sound sleeper, it is difficult to hear him through the baby monitor b/c of the loudness of the humidificr. I would not buy this item....more info
  • Too Loud
    We turned it on for the first time, and it sounded like we were running the vacuum. We couldn't even leave it on long enough to see what kind of output (how humid it would make the room) it would have. This thing's going back!...more info
    This unit is way too loud even on the lowest setting you can't even watch T.V or hear your baby through the monitor. TOO LOUD...more info
    Since my husband and I are both RN's and knew the benefits of humidity with colds and coughs, we purchased this humidifier when my infant was sick with a cough. It's great because you are able to adjust the amount of humidity that you want (if you set it for 50% humidity, it will stay on until it reaches 50%, then go on "stand by"). We will leave the system running pretty much continuously during the winter season. The filters are easily removed, and were purchased at a local store for about $... To alleviate that "funky" smell/slime that the chamber or filter may get after a few uses, you can purchase a humidifier bacteriostatic treatment(found again at a local store, and made by the company Kaz for about $...). In addition to this, I suggest using either distilled, filtered --or even better (if you can get it)...STERILE WATER in the system as well (as this will help prevent those white scaly deposits). In all, a very good investment....more info
  • filters not sold in stores
    I purchased this humidifier and used it while my infant was sick. Within one week the filter smelled so bad I couldn't use it, I needed to buy a new filter. You can not purchase this filter at stores only from a 1 800 number. Then, it takes two weeks to receive the new filters which are expensive. I had to buy a NEW humidifier because I could not wait two weeks and it was only $4 for replacement filters vs. the three times as more expensive filter for this product....more info
  • Great Product - Doubles as a Sleep-aide!
    Although this product is a bit loud when set on "high," the "low" setting is perfect for sleeping. It has good output to keep our baby's room humid enough to prevent and/or treat colds. It also acts as a great "white noise" maker as it drowns out other noises (i.e., dog barking, creaky stairs, etc.) and helps our daughter sleep more soundly....more info
    I received this gift after my daughter was born and didn't use it until she developed a cold. When I plugged it in and turned it on LOW (not even the high setting) the motor was so loud that it prevented me from hearing my baby on the monitor. I was not comfortable with the fact that I couldn't hear her coughs, etc. over the sound of the running motor......more info
  • Cool - but a lot of work
    This humidifier seems to be on par with what most daycares use in terms of it's function. It produces a high-volume of cool-air which is invisible to the user, the positive end-result of which is a constant humidity level for a fairly decent sized room. This is good for the day-to-day environment that a baby seems to enjoy. Not necessarily for a sick child, however. In the case of a sick child, I would go with one of the more "steam"-oriented humidifiers like the Vick's one. It would reap more immediate results for a child who was congested due to a cold or alergy. The EvenFlo cool-mist is also a lot of work to maintain. There are daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning recommendations in the instructions that do not specify negative effects of not following these instructions regularly. Suffice it to say, that when you have an infant child who needs constant supervision, diaper changing, food preparation and feeding, you don't have a lot of time everyday to be cleaning your humidifier. I give this product a 3 because of it's functional benefit, but no higher due to its burden on the end-user in terms of cleaning....more info