Conair Full Size Ion Shine 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

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Product Description

  • Ion Shine 1875W
  • Matte Chrome
  • Full Size Hair Dryer
  • Ionic Devise With On/Off Switch
  • Quiet Tone Motor
  • 2 Heat Speed Rocker Switch Settings
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Professional Length Line Cord
  • Hinged Filter
  • Concentrator Attachment
  • UL Listed
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

    Dry your hair and improve its health at the same time with this ionizing hair dryer from Conair. Built with a motor that's no louder than a low office hum, this dryer has a sleek, comfortable design and convenient, versatile functions. The most striking feature is the optional ion disperser, which coats hair with a cloud of negative ions to reduce frizziness, static electricity, flyaways, and dullness. The dryer also features two heat/speed settings and a cool-shot button to freeze styles in place. Designed to dry hair faster and maximize volume, the diffuser attaches easily and has a wide, narrow mouth, so the flow of air distributes to upper and lower layers simultaneously. The unit's hinged filter removes for easy maintenance, and the automatic shutoff disables power if the dryer falls or gets wet. An out-of-the-way hanging hook simplifies storage and reduces wear and tear on the cord. --Emily Bedard
  • Features:
    • Two heat and speed settings with cool shot button
    • Quiet motor with easy-to-clean hinged filter
    • Ionic feature to reduce frizz
    • Concentrator attachment included
    • 1875 watts

    Customer Reviews:

    • Conair Full Size Hair Dryer
      Works great. Easy to use. Not too noisy. Ample air flow. "Ionic" is a recent buzzboard that proposes this technology reduces "frizzies" - I don't see a difference compared to old-school hair dryer....more info
    • good results for fly-away hair
      My fly-away hair is under control when I use the ion feature on this dryer. I agree with most of the reviewers - if you're going for speed don't bother with this dryer, but if you're going for control this is the one! My one true complaint is the location of the buttons - when I switch hands I ALWAYS turn the dryer off, no matter how many times I use it. Other than that, I'm pleased....more info
    • great hair dryer
      great except that it's bulky (not good if you need to carry your hairdryer when traveling). ...more info
    • I have used this product for 8 months.
      I have used this product for 8 months.
      It still working well, and I like to use it.
      good price and good function.
      I strongly recommend this product for everybody.
      ...more info
    • really works!
      It really tames the flyaway hair and makes my hair shinier. It does not over dry the hair so I have no trouble using it everyday. ...more info
    • Good, but not great
      When my Conair IonShine hairdryer broke two months ago, I tried to purchase the exact same model. I liked the way it made my hair look: soft, shiny and without frizz. Although this newer version of the Ion Shine hairdryer should have improved on the preceding models, it falls short of my older version. The switches, which respond to very little pressure, are placed directly where I want to put my hand and it is inevitable that I end up accidentally switching the hairdryer off or changing the heat setting. The hairdryer is also a bit unwieldy if one wants to use the extensions. On the plus side, it speedily dries my hair and leaves it as shiny as my previous Ion Shine....more info
    • Exactly what I needed
      This is was exactly what I was looking for. It was priced right and loved getting all of the attachments which usually do not come with a hair dryer priced this low. Thanks...more info
    • IT BLOWS!
      I can't believe I'm writing a review for a hair dryer... So I won't. :)

      It works as advertised, and for the price, it's WELL WORTH IT.

      Buy it now, you can't go wrong!...more info
    • good dryer
      For the price, this little beauty get the job done! Sure is not the fancy dryer, but if you are looking for something cheap and that is satisfying, this dryer is it! ...more info
    • Good and quiet, but could accidentally be turned off while using it
      This model is good and quiet, but due to the shape of the switches for heat setting, fan speed and off, I have more than a few times accidentally turned off the dryer when changing my grip while drying hair. This has never happened with any other dryer before.

      Another minus is the length of the cord; it is too short. It would be nice if someone could design a tangle-free cord....more info
    • Good product
      This blow dryer is a little on the heavy side, and the sound isn't exactly quiet either. BUT, like most people said, I do feel a difference in the way my hair looks and feels when I use this one compared to other regular dryers. My hair tends to be dry to begin with, so maybe that's why i notice the change. But if you already have smooth hair, I wouldn't know how the product performs. Another plus is that it dries my hair quickly...takes about 1/2 the time I usually need....more info
    • Double Duty Hair Dryer & Baby Soother!
      I have owned this hair dryer since 2000, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. This blowdryer is super quiet. I did not notice that it took any longer to dry my hair with this dryer versus my older 1875 watt dryer. I bought it primarily because it advertised the quiet motor.

      It is somewhat heavy, but once you get used to it, it is no big deal. I dropped this dryer probably a couple hundred times and it continued to work just fine.

      Recently I noticed it was only blowing "cold" air and assumed that the heating element went out. I was going to throw it in the trash. Lucky for me, I didn't get around to it. It is the perfect sleep soother for my now 8 month old daughter. It was just loud enough to break her crying spree and get her focused on sleep, plus, since the heating element went out, we don't have to worry about her/us accidently touching a hot dryer. It is amazing, we turn it on and she immediately plops her head down on my chest and is out like a light in just a couple of minutes!! Wonderful, amazing on those rough days when nothing else seems to work.

      I enjoyed this hair dryer so much that I have just purchased two more. A back up for my daughter's restless episodes and one just for me!...more info
    • Decent hair dryer
      I purchased this dryer because I have another Conair model 1875 that I absolutely love - and I want an extra to keep at work. This one isn't quite as quiet or as quick at drying as my other model 1875, but nevertheless, it is much quicker and quieter than my old "regular" hair dryers. I would definitely recommend the product as a replacement to an older or non-ionic model hair dryer....more info
    • fast styling, low noise & nice shine
      I highly recommend this hair dryer. I have very thick hair with slight wave, and for years I'd let it air dry just to avoid the excessive blowdrying time required and damage that ensued. My mother-in-law has this model at her summer cottage, so I'd use it when we were there. Typically, one doesn't put as much effort into "vacation" hairstyling, but despite that, my hair always turned out better while away than when at home. Though it's quiet to the point that I hadn't expected much power from it, I was pleasantly surprised to find it very efficient. It dries very fast, doesn't scorch your head, and adds a healthy shine, too. I'm replacing my current hair dryer with this model. I was hoping to make a trade with my mother-in-law, but she won't give it up!...more info
    • bought@walmart for ONLY $11!!!!
      I bought this exact drier from walmart yesterday it was 50% off...and i couldnt wait to use and when i did i loved it...i can talk to my fiancee and still hear him while using it do to the reduced noise...the only thing is that it takes longer to dry hair than most dryers but so what PLAN AHEAD and MAKE TIME for your hair!!!!...more info
    • Conair Ion Hair Dryer
      Pros: My hair really does feel smoother, looks shinier, and seems more manageable. The hair dryer is powerful enough to dry even all my thick hair in just a few minutes. The different settings, cold blast control, and the attachments are very nice.
      Cons: Advertized as a quiet dryer... not really. This one is considerably louder than the one it was replacing which was really quiet. Also much heavier than my last. Still getting used to the weight and noise.
      ...more info
    • blow dryer
      item was shipped quickly. however i was rather disappointed at the quality of the item. it didn't leave my hair as soft as i would have liked it to be. it left my hair big and frizzy....more info
    • died after 4 months
      I used it once a day for the last four months and now it sounds like an airplane engine with hardly any air flowing out....stay away from conair!!...more info
    • so far so good
      i've been using this for more than 6 months now. i haven't had any issues with it. I am not sure if the ION makes my hair shine. Frankly, I don't care....more info
    • A Quick Dry
      Looking for a dryer that doesn't damage your hair and drys real quick! This is the one. Works wonders Combined with HERSTYLER CERAMIC FLAT IRON TEMPERATURE CONTROL awesome...more info
    • Great Dryer=Happy wife
      Quick delivery. Used dryer in great shape. The Mrs. is hard to please when it comes to hair care products. Another great product from conair and another safe and enjoyable transaction with the big "A" Way to go Amazon...more info
    • a Bit Disappointed
      The on/off switch on this dryer needs improvement. I find myself turning the dryer off constantly while using it....more info
      Have not bought a new hair dryer in years and was quite happy with this purchase....more info
    • Love this hair dryer!!
      This ion shine hair dryer is great, especially for my hair, which is very fine. The wattage is great for fine hair and it has high/low and warm/hot settings. It also has the cool shot button which I love. The ion technology is really nice, I have noticed that my hair is very soft after using it and my split ends are practically non-existent. The buttons do take some getting used to but totally worth it!!...more info
    • Works well, reduces frizz
      For its price, it is a good deal. Dries hair nicely and quickly. The ion feature works - it makes the hair shinier and less frizzy. Overall a good investment to manage your hair. ...more info
    • Con Air
      Not pleased with product.

      Unit is too bulky and air speed is low on power. Hanging hook is not well designed.

      I am considering replacing this with something else....more info
    • Great product!
      My wife has very very long and thick hair. I searched on web for hair dryer reviews and decided to try this one. It has been couple of months since we bought, it is working great! Great quality too. We did not find weight as suggested by some reviews. She is very happy and so am I....more info
    • Good deal.
      This hair dryer works well. It's much quieter than most dryers I've used, which is great, because I always worry about damaging my hearing with daily use. So it's great not having to have to worry about that.

      Some people talk about how heavy it feels, but I don't really notice. I do visit the gym every once in while, so there you go.

      I thought the silvery front part of the dryer was going to be metal, but it's a dull plastic. That makes it look quite a bit cheaper than pictured. It still works great nonetheless. It dries faster than my other dryer. I really like all of the settings; warm/hot (and cool button), low/high. As far as the shininess - I didn't notice a difference. But I definitely had less static and fly-aways.

      It comes with a diffuser and another part which you can snap on, which I'm pretty sure is for blowing your hair out.

      All in all, this hair dryer is a good deal for the price. I think it's cheaper here on Amazon than Walmart. At my Wally, there were selling it for $20 and I got it for $10 here....more info
    • great for the price
      The shipment was very quick on this item. It dries my hair quickly and has a lot of options for the settings. I'm a small girl and this dryer is not heavy for me to use.

      ...more info
    • Dries hair quickly
      With below the shoulder hair, I found this to dry it quickly and without burning. I have fine, thick hair so usually it takes 10 minutes or more to dry ... and other dryers run so hot that they burn if focused in one spot for more than a moment (to set a wave, for instance). This gets just hot enough to be safe and pleasant to use.

      The finger-attachment might be useful if someone else is styling your hair, but my arms (I'm 5'9") aren't long enough to make its use practicable.

      Two speeds, two heat settings (plus cold-shot button) actually give a very usable range for drying efficiently. Took me less time than with my previous dryer....more info
    • basic hair dryer works just fine
      This was a replacement for a basic hair dryer that I'd been using for about 20 years. All I wanted was a basic hair dryer to fluff my very short hair after I wash it. The "finger like" attachment was a surprise and probably useful for long hair, but a joke for hair that's only 2 1/2" long on top. I'm not sure if the "ion shine" feature works or not, but the thing does dry my hair very fast. It puts out a LOT of heat and a LOT of air with both settings on high. And I wind up satisfyingly "fluffy".

      If you are looking for a very inexpensive, basic hair dryer I would recommend this one.

      ...more info
    • Good Blow Dryer
      Works great, good power and dry's the hair. Noisy, but what blow dryer isnt?...more info
    • Happy!
      I bought it because of the good reviews and it's quietness. It's not as powerful as the others I've had, but it does dry my hair quicker with less frizz. I'm happy with it and so are my kids because it's quieter than my previous one.
      ...more info
    • ...and I thought the ION feature was hype!
      The initial reason for buying this hair dryer was to replace one that had died. My decision was based on price and product name and couldn't give a hoot about the ION feature. After a few weeks of use the woman who cuts my hair remarked that my hair felt smoother and was laying different. Good to know that it wasn't my imagination. Also, I found that the nozzle is a lot cooler than my old Conair dryer. It's so cool in fact that I don't hesitate putting it away immediately after use....more info
    • Never again!!!!
      I bought this hair dryer a couple of months ago, and now it isn't even blowing hot air. I have bought conair hair dryers before and never will again, just because of my past two bad experiences. I didn't keep the receipt which is my own fault, but the dryer isn't even six months old and wasn't exactly the most inexpensive dryer in the store. It just turned me off when it quit working....more info
    • Also warms toes nicely
      It's a hairdryer. It blows cold air over a heating element and makes it hot. That hot air evaporates and carries away the water in your hair, making it dry. Hardly rocket science. It does all the above well.

      The "ion" function only works when the cold blast button is pressed, so I don't have to worry about where all those extra electrons hangin' off the negative ions will end up.

      The overall slow speed of the fan coupled with the diffuser makes a nice, safe warmer for cold winter feet, too....more info
    • i love it
      I usually don't blow dry my hair often because it takes sooo long but i love using this blow dryer get's the job done quickly and my hair looks great....more info


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