Nesco American Harvest FD-1010 Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator
Nesco American Harvest FD-1010 Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator

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Product Description

1000 watts of drying power means you can dry more, faster. Patented Converga-Flow fan forces heated air up the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray, converging in the center, for fast, even and nutritious drying. No flavor mixing! No need for tray rotation.

  • 1000 watts of drying power!
  • Adjustable Electronic Temperature Control.
  • Includes 52-page recipe and instruction book, 1 solid sheet, 1 mesh sheet, and 1 packet jerky spice.
  • 4.5" Fan, 2400-RPM Motor, Adjustable Thermostat, 1,000 Watts.
  • Dries in Hours, not days. Fruit rolls 3-6 hours, Beef Jerky 4 hours, Apples 4-6 hours, Bananas 5-8 hours, Pineapple 4-6 hours.
  • Opaque Vita-Save Exterior (blocks harmful light).
  • Expandable to 30 trays. No Tray Rotation, 1 Sq. ft. Per Tray.

    Drying apple slices in just three hours and beef jerky in four, this 1000-watt dehydrator is exceptionally fast, using a big, 4-1/2-inch fan to force air up through the drying trays' outer rings and across each tray. A thermostat adjusts from 95 degrees to 155 degrees for drying different items. Each of the four plastic trays is 13-3/4 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch deep—that's four square feet for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers at one time. Additional trays can be ordered separately, and up to 30 trays can be stacked on this unit's metal base at once. A fruit-roll sheet inserts into a tray so that applesauce or other fruit sauces can be dried into healthful snacks, and soups and sauces can be dehydrated for camping trips. Beef-jerky spices and a detailed 64-page recipe and instruction booklet are included. The dehydrator measures 15-1/2 inches in diameter and 10 inches high, cleans easily, and carries a one-year warranty against defects. --Fred Brack
  • Features:
    • 1000 watts of power dries foods, flowers in hours, not days
    • Use for fruits, vegetables, herbs, jerky, granola--for camping, hiking
    • Four trays included; expandable to 30 trays; 64-page recipe book included
    • Patented system pressurizes heated air up through and across each tray
    • Thermostat adjusts from 95 degrees up to 155 degrees

    Customer Reviews:

    • Nesco Dehydrator
      I've only used it once and the only thing is I thought that it would dehydrate a little faster with purchasing a higher wattage. 4 trays of bananas sliced thin and on for 6 hours didn't do it, just wondering how long it would take for 12 trays if I ever do more than what I did. Why don't you get a hold of me in 2 months and see what I have to say with more uses. thank you , MJB...more info
      This is an excellent dehydrator and Nesco's highest model as of a few months ago. You can do even better for a little more money by purchasing the same model dehydrator that has eight trays instead of four --> see Nesco?FD-1018P American Harvest 1000-Watt Gardenmaster Dehydrator and Jerky Maker.

      If you have eight trays you can dehydrate more food at once. According to the company the 1018 is actually the 1010 but with four more trays.

      I love using my Nesco for dehydrating pineapple, strawberries, and bananas. I just dehydrate the fruit as is without any preservatives. Soon I plan on making beef jerky and dehydraing tomatoes when I can find the right variety.

      This product is a great purchase; but if you plan on dehydrating a lot, you should purchase one with more trays. You can expand this dehydrator to a maximum of 30 trays. The trays are available separately --> see Nesco American Harvest Add-A-Tray for FD-1000, Set of 2.

      Backpackers who need to dehydrate a lot of food for the trail will love this dehydrator. Also, those who like to preserve the freshest food while it's in season can use this to dehydrate certain vegetables for soups. The How to Dry Foods book is indispensable. Be sure to check that Nesco doesn't ship this book with the dehydrator you order. Their book is How to Dry Foods Book written by the same author.

      Overall, I feel this 1010 or the 1018P Nesco dehydrator is a smart purchase....more info
    • Kenneth
      The dehydrator makes very good jerky. I made jerky out of 3 pounds of ground meat in 5.5 hours. In July I plan to use it to dry figs. When the weather is warmer, I will have to do my drying outside or in my shed due to the heat the dehydrator produces. The experience I have after the very short time I have had this machine is excellent.
      ...more info
    • Love the Nesco
      My husband and I love our food dehydrator. We have dried cherry tomatoes (great snack), regular tomatoes, apples, nectarines and made jerky with great results in all cases. During the harvest season it runs almost constantly. I highly recommend it....more info
    • Simply the Best.
      This one is simply the best.I can make hamburger beef jerky in 4 hours.The items are dried very evenly,and no tray rotation is required.If you're a beginner or a seasoned user,you won't be disappointed with this one....more info
    • Cannot be happier!
      I cannot say enough good things about this dehydrator. I've used it for almost a year now, and I'm churning out jerky and fruit leather in huge batches a few times a year, and we always have healthy snacks on hand.

      I've added trays so I'm up to 8, and even with a full load, drying times are very quick. Ground beef jerky sticks dry in 4 or 5 hours, jerky strips in less than that, and fruit leather takes 6 to 8 hours depending on what I'm drying and how thick I want it.

      I can dry 10 pounds of jerky sticks at one time, so it lasts for awhile. I tend to make several flavors all at one time so everyone is happy.

      The fan is a little loud, but it's pushing a LOT of air, and it doesn't interfere with our TV watching in the living room next to the kitchen.

      Anyone who is serious about drying food should give this serious consideration. Yes, it's pricier, but you can expand to a ridiculous number of trays and get the same results, so it really does amortize well when you look how much you can make at one time.

      Stock up on the mesh screens and leather trays when you expand the number of shelves, and you can be in jerky and leather all year long!...more info
    • Great product
      We purchased this to make dried apples and strawberries, my kids love them and they are so expensive to buy in the store. This product is excellent and they love the fruit roll ups. If you purchase it get the extra fruit roll up tray so you can do more than one batch at a time....more info
    • The Best Dehydrator
      This is a replacement dehydrator for the one I had for 15 years. The only reason I bought another one, same brand, is because a heavy object fell on it and smashed the cover and damaged the motor. I truly believe that if this haven't happened, I would still be using my old dehydrator. I would heartly reccomend this dehydrator to everyone...more info
    • Great Product
      Since we have recieved this, it has been used multiple times. It does a great job, and I am planning on using this on a regular basis....more info
    • well worth the investment
      I actually went to the store to buy a bread machine when my boyfriend at the time spotted this dehydrator. To make a long story short, when we broke up, I got the dehydrator. It sat in my kitchen for three years collecting dust untill I moved into a house. A house with 7 fruit trees. I love grden fresh food, but seven fruit trees for little ol' me was too much! I am not a canner and had more than I could give away, so I decided to try the dehydrator and was instantly hooked. I use it for everything-fruit, veggies, jerkey and have healthy organics all year long. It's easy, durable, and well worth the investment....more info
    • It's Perfect
      I can't think of any way the manufacturer could have made this better. It's easy to use, it's fast, and the trays go right in the top rack of the dishwasher. I use it to make jerky using a simple recipe I learned in northern New Mexico -- lean beef with a small amount salt and pepper sprinkled on, and lots of warm, bone-dry air. Before getting this food dryer, I used the oven set at 125 for at least 12 hours, which was tricky to do right, and hard to clean. The FD-1010 does a much better job in less than half the time, and is a snap to clean....more info
    • We love it!
      My parents send us money from Florida every year for Christmas. We bought this dehydrator with the money, and now we are able to send them the goodies that we make. We just love it, even more than we expected to....more info
    • fantastic for the price!
      with the on/off switch and temp. gauge, i couldn't go wrong! this was my first dehydrator as i am a recent raw convert and it was well worth it given the amount i dehydrate and that i'm not ready to plunk down almost $200 for a professional raw foodie preferred dehydrator....more info
    • Great food dehydrator.
      Great price. Shipped in one day. Dehydrated all kinds of fruit, no problem. Easy to use. Recommended!...more info
    • Excellent Product
      So far, I have used my dehydrator for jerky and dried fruit, and it performs wonderfully! It takes much less time to dry the jerky than other models I've compared. I'm very satisfied with my purchase of this model and would definitely recommend it to others looking for a great dehydrator. The extra screens are a good idea if you plan to dry fruits, herbs, and purees....more info
    • Fantastic
      I have owned this dehydrator for about 15 years now without a single problem - and I use mine a lot! I make camping food, jerky, fruit leather, raisins (out of grapes), dried bananas, dried herbs and spices, and many other treats. Buy whatever is on sale at the time and dry it for storage. My kids like the dried bananas and fruit leather more than candy. I have used other dehydrators that only have the heating element (not the heating element AND fan like the FD-1010) and have never been even close to satisfied compared to the 1010 because drying time is so much longer on units without a fan. My brother has a unit without a fan and it is so much time and work to dry food that he decided to just not use it after a couple times. (He borrows mine now to make his jerky.) Also, with other units that don't have the design of the FD-1010 one tray of fruit leather blocks hot air from reaching all the other trays (because the trays must be lined to keep the puree from flowing through). With this unit I have done as many as 18 trays of leather and had no problems. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes to make homemade treats of any kind!...more info
    • A must-have for backpackers
      Unlike many of the other reviewers, I am using the Nesco FD-1010 dehydrator not as much for jerky, fruit and other solid items, but for "one-pot meals" that my husband and I will take on a four-month backpacking trek. I have found dehydrating these liquids and semi-solids to be a little trickier than the other things I like to dry, such as apples and bananas. But this dehydrator does a really nice job on this thicker stuff. Drying times take about twice as long as for fruits and jerkies, but you save a bundle over the freeze-dried stuff from the camping stores. All of the books I have purchased for backpacking recipes recommend the Nesco/American Harvest brand for its solid reputation and durability. I can't speak to the durability as I'm pretty new at this, but I am very pleased with the results -- powerful fan, even distribution of airflow, and it's actually not as loud as I thought it would be. One thing that I have noticed is that these soups and stews dry faster using parchment paper on top of the screen, rather than the fruit roll sheet. It's a bit of a pain, though, as I have to cut the paper to the size of the screen. We run it in a corner of the kitchen, and with the radio on, I don't even notice the noise. I am so glad that I purchased this. It has really changed the quality of our food on backpacking trips....more info
    • Great product
      I like this product very much. Drying times tend to be a little longer than advertised. The only reason for the four star rating is the tremendous heat it gives off. This thing can heat a room very quickly. ...more info
    • exeptional product
      This is the 2nd one of these that we have purchased and we are extremely pleased with it. It does what it says it will do. we like to dry apples and fruit. Thank you for making such a good product. We are using 16 trays and they work just right. KJM...more info
    • Nesco FD-1010 Dehdrator Review
      It's good. It works. It does the job. We like it. We'll keep it....more info
    • Excellent Dehydrator
      This really works well and I cannot compare to other Dehydrators but I found this item to be very easy and maintenance free. Really an excellent product. I dehydrate fish (salmon) and it taste just like any jerky but with a tangy taste. I use it for many diet meet snacks - I am on the Atkins life diet plan....more info
    • A Powerhouse
      Our first batch of jerky took 3 hours. We cut the strips a bit thicker the next time and it took a few minutes more. This thing cranks. Sturdy and full featured.
      A little noisey, but not bad. The only downside is the heating element/fan should be on top. Less mess. I expect that with this powerful of a unit, that would be to much heat not rising efficiently.
      Make sure everything is cut evenly....more info
    • Great item for the gardener
      This dehydrator is in a whole different class than my old Mr. Coffee dehydrator. A little noise, but the results are wonderful. The greatest for drying tomatoes, peppers, fruit, etc. No more turning trays to avoid uneven drying or burning - all the flavor is retained. I am looking forward to another bumper crop of tomatoes this year and don't have to worry about giving the excess away....more info
    • Best dehydrator at the best price on the market!!
      This is by far the best food dehydrator I have ever used. It dries in half the time of other models -- and expands if needed to fit all my needs. From fruits and vegetables to jerky -- it works great!!! had the best price of anyone on the internet or in the stores -- and the service I received was exceptional. Thanks everyone -- for combining great service with a great product at a great price!!!...more info
    • Great dehydrator
      I agree with all the other reviews on this product. One missing nice-to-have feature would be a "timer". This is because, after several iterations, you will get a good feel for your optimal dehydration time for your particular fruit/vegetable of choice. In these cases, it would be ideal to have a timer turn the machine off so you don't have to supervise it. Myself, I've connected an external timer to it for dehydrating my Gala apples for exactly 4 hours 20 mins :-). If the machine were a little less loud and had a timer, it would receive 5-stars from me....more info
    • Very Disappointed
      I would have given it a zero, if possible. I have a Harvest Maid dehydrator that I used for almost 40 years with no problems. When I had abundance of tomatoes this year, I decided to buy another dehydrator. This one looks exactly like my old one. When it arrived, I loaded up the trays with tomatoes and turned it on. It didn't work. No fan. No heat. I called American Harvest and they were very rude. They refused to send a replacement unless I paid for shipping the defective one back and shipping the replacement to me. Luckily, I called Amazon and they agreed to replace the unit at no charge. I am pleased with Amazon but not with American Harvest. I'll never buy anything else from them.

      Tina...more info
    • Don't have 1 but......
      I have an American Harvest dehydrator that is 15 years old. Some of the best money I've ever spent! After this amount of time, I just can't see buying a new one. Mine works great! Do yourself a favor and make the investment. You really won't regret it....more info
      I have only gotten to use my new Gardenmaster once so far but it is great! I have a FD-50 from about 15 years ago with 12 trays that I have used many times a year. I've always wanted the 30 tray professional model but couldn't justify it because my old one still worked fine. Well, I was ordering a jerky gun for a Christmas present so that became all the justification I needed. I have 24 trays for mine at the moment and I was able to do my whole allotment of beef jerky at one time where it would have taken 3 different batches with my old one. All I do is beef jerky and it usually takes me about 6 hours per batch with my FD-50 and it took the same amount of time with the Gardenmaster but with 24 full trays! You can't beat this! Everyone always wants me to make jerky and it is very time consuming but this certainly makes the end result get here faster. Do yourself a favor, buy one........more info
    • great snacks, terrific way to preserve
      Product is easy to use, well designed, and therefore, recommended. Before a full-fledged dehydrating effort is launched, the user should be aware of their local electricity rates - an average job takes 14-16 hours to complete, that is 14-16kWh of electricity, easily $1.50/batch. Something to consider......more info
    • Mine made me internationally famous
      I make beef jerky in LARGE quanities -- I run 12 trays on this machine to do 15# of beef at once, usually two batches a weekend, many times a year. The air circulation of the American Harvest line is invaluable -- I could not do without it for the speed and quality it produces. The tempature range is wider than my smaller 'Snackmaster' model, and the metal-shell base unit is better made. The indents in the base for handholds are invaluable when I have to move the unit. To clean the trays all I do is remove the top drawer in the dishwasher and pop them in.

      Thanks to the superior quality control of this model, I have been able to send jerky to just about every weather and camping condition known, from the desert in winter to humid rainy warm places, and to military friends far and wide. I have been able to safely and tastily dry both thick and thin meats. I have reccomended this brand to so many people in the international history group that I work with, for so many years, that the joke is Nesco should be my sponsor!...more info

    • The Backpacker's Best Friend
      This is the gizmo, with a change of number, that I've used for twenty-some years to prepare beef jerky and dehydrated vegetables for back-packing and sea-kayak expeditions. I imagine that other cheaper models being sold on amazon will work just as well - it's a simple technology - but this is the baby I know and love. I've got my own marinades and timings. Let me suggest just one, for jerky: slice flank steak or some other lean beef cut across the muscle fibers, about as thin as three or four credit cards; pound the slices lightly with a wooden mallet or rolling pin; marinate them in lingonberries with your favorite peppery spices and salt at least 20 hours in the refrigerator; dehydrate them according to the directions that come with the Gardenmaster.

      In all these years, I've only had two failures. The first was a batch of dehydrated oysters. They were icky; my long-time hiking partner nearly shoved me off a ledge in the Ruby Mountains when he found them in our lunch pouch. The second failure was recent. I gathered all the just-overripe tomatoes from the same friend's garden and dehydrated them. The results were every bit as good as expensive sun-dried tomatoes, but they wouldn't serve the purpose I had in mind for them. With the presidential elections coming up soon, I wanted to have a goodly stash of tomatoes ready for hurling at fools who advocate drilling for off-shore oil that won't come to the market for fifteen years and who insist on ruining our economy further with quixotic regime-building in countries that don't esteem our values to begin with. However, with security at events so high, I figured a bag of fresh tomatoes would be too conspicuous. Well, the dehydrated tomatoes are not bulky and could be easily smuggled into rallies. The problem is that they can't be thrown very far or very accurately.
      I guess I'll have to make do with going on an extended trek on showshoes in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge in September and October, depending on dehydrated tomatoes for my rations....more info
    • A "must have" for your cooking and eating pleasure.
      I am so happy to have this product. I'm an avid veggie gardener and my neighbor has fruit trees so a food dehydrator is a must to stretch your harvests well into the winter months. Dried fruit makes a delectible snack and fruit rolls are inexpensive and easy. I can't wait to try making jerky and maybe even some snacks for my dog....more info
    • A Excellent Buy!!
      I just bought this machine and it drys the food in HOURS not days! I have dried watermelon, cherries, banana (tastes like fluffy marshmellows when half dried)and green apples. You can use fully cooked sausage meat for a really quick jerky....more info
    • I Am Impressed ! WOW
      Getting serious about dehydrating ? This is a WOW product. It does what it claims, and fast. I also purchased several extra drying trays. (Probably will buy more next fall.) When those fruits and vegetables are freshly picked, you need lots of space to dry everything at once, and this dehydrator can be expanded to hold a great deal.
      Cleanup is also easy. Just soak the trays in plain, soapy water for a little while, and all food particles come off.
      I would recommend this product to everyone....more info
    • LOVE IT!!!
      I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it was the best thing I have ever bought for anyone. EVER. We dry beans, peaches, apples, bananas, kiwi, pineapple, papaya, mango, potatoes, strawberries, jerky, herbs, and so many other things.

      This has been the most incredible tool to have around -- through dry, cold winters where fresh fruit is out of the question, huge stores of dried items will doubtless help. You can do anything and everything with this, and your friends will love dried fruit assortments. You can make fruit roll-ups and so many other things. It is an excellent machine that we have completely fallen in love with....more info


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