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Dirt Devil, Light Gray & Cool Blue, Hand Held Spot Extractor, Turbo Driven Rotating Brush, 20' Cord With Cord Wrap, 4OZ Solution Pack, 2 Year Warranty.

  • Royal Appliance #SE 2800 Hand Spot Extractor
Customer Reviews:
  • Threw it out!
    After totally using up two Bissell SpotlLifters, I thought I'd give one of these a try. After all, it has scrubbing brushes, right? So it should do a better job, right? Wrong! All the brushes do is swirl the spot around. The suction is horrible. I've had this thing for over a year and only used it two or three times because each time I do I swear I won't use it again. Well, it's here, and I just had apot to clean up. It just doesn't do the job... It's heavy and noisy and ineffective. I just threw it away and am ordering a new SpotLifter. It doesn't have automatic scrubbing brushes, but it has great suction and does the job perfectly! It's lightweight and coreless to boot!...more info
  • Ineffective & difficult to use
    In the year I've had the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber, I've never been able to clean much of anything on my short, berber-style carpet. My main gripe with the product is a little different than others cited here; if you look at the angled, circular scrubber itself, you can see that about 80% of it is recessed inside the casing. That means most of the scrubber never touches the carpet during operation. So a very small area of the scrubber actually scrubs the carpet, and even then, only the ends of the bristles reach it. In short, the unit has very little cleaning power, leaving it ineffective for short carpets or bigger spills....more info
  • Don't listen to the people that expect to clean clumps without cleaning it themselves....
    Don't pay any attention to those people that comment 'it won't clean up my dog's diarrhea, vomit, carpet runner,etc...first of all-this is a SPOT CLEANER!!! Not a FULL SIZE Carpet cleaner...don't be cheap and buy this expecting to clean your 'entire carpet runner or entry way'...it's not gonna happen, you'll be exhausted. I believe it is capable of doing so-if you don't mind doing it. I have never had a bad experience with this cleaner. I've used it daily for pet stains. I have a small dog who cannot go out in the colder months and is crate trained but can be high maintenance. Pet stains, poo stains, soda, vomit...you name and this thing will clean it. OBVIOUSLY if you have something clumpy you gotta 'pick it up' THEN clean it...otherwise it will throw whatever clumps you're cleaning at you-I don't know any cleaner that won't. And as far as suctioning...you set it on vaccum to scrub and suck to residue and spray first...I've never had a problem and highly recommend it. My mom always used bissell carpet cleaners and handhelds and hers crapped out after 6months. I've had this awhile and it's great. So great I'm getting my mom one for xmas...don't believe the negativity...they're just challenged....more info
  • Just plain Bad
    Here is my experience with this big, clunky, worthless piece of plastic...

    Seemed pretty simple right out of the box, all the markings on the actual unit talked me through everything. So-far so good...

    I then decided to add the hot water and cleaning solution. My immediate thought was that it did not hold a lot of liquid, but then again... it IS only for spots.

    Time to get down to the dirty work...

    Turned the power switch on and "VVVRRRRROOOOMMMM!". I woke my daughter up, the neighbors and I think they even heard this thing in the next county over. I was not impressed (not that I could hear myself think I wasn't impressed)... but I thought "Ok... more noise means more POWER!!! Woot!"

    I also noticed they could use this unit in one of those movies where they need a high power fan to make it look like a hurricane or tornado... because the amount of air that came out of the vents were enough to blow my dogs hair off! I was actually thinking about using the side vent to blow the stain away. But again, I thought more POWER!!! Woot!

    Pushed the button to let out some nice, hot, soapy bubbles and was not impressed with the little spat it let out.... But no problem, I will just press the button again.

    Wrong! The button went down and never came back up! I pressed, I shook, I tilted it and I played trying to get the button back up but it just preferred to stay down.

    Okay... just shake the darn thing till I got enough dripping to cover my stain. My spit probably would have been faster, but I didn't think about that till now.

    I glanced at the pretty blue and white round brush at the bottom and couldn't wait for it to start spinning. Turned the scrubber on and away I went...

    I scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed, and scrubbed and watched my stain just sit there.

    Hmmm, maybe the vacuum will suck it up now? I switched the vacuum switch on and I sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked then realized that this thing REALLY sucked.

    It's bad... It's been a long time since I bought something this bad!

    But, I give it 4 stars for being a great paper weight. I would have given it 5 stars for being the perfect paper weight but it is a bit too big and expensive. I hope they come down in price and make it lighter... I have 2-3 more piles of paper I need weighed down. It's fun turning on the vacuum... the paper stays put, but I don't need turn my ceiling fan on!
    ...more info
  • Terrible product
    I bought one of these thinking it would do the job for a pet "accident" or little spills. Terrible, it doesn't have any suction to speak of, I sure wouldn't call it a scrubber! I kept going over the same spot and it didn't do much except make it wet. I finally threw this out after trying it on a few different spills. Waste of money....more info
  • Listen to all the unhappy buyers. Don't buy this
    If more than one person doesn't like this product then it's no longer a coincidence. I bought this for my cat stains. The first time I used it was was wonderful (it came with a sample sized manufacture cleaning agent). So I foolishly threw away the box and receipt. But as I used it the 2nd and 3rd time, I realized that this is the most disgusting cleaner I've ever seen. Hair gets stuck inside the steamer and I couldn't get it out. The scrubbing doesn't mean that it'll vaccum clean at the same time. It was a waste of money but luckily it doesn't cost much. Now it's just collecting dust in the garage HOPING that one day i'd figure out a better way to use it. I'm now back in the market for a hand-held steamer with 4 or 5 star ratings. ...more info
  • Good for little messes
    Pros: Scrubs as good as my steam cleaner, smaller, long cord, see-through tanks, easy to use
    Cons: Loud, doesn't suck too well, not for sucking up "chunky" messes

    I bought it used at a second-hand store. Filled it with HOT water and Oxiclean. It says not to use anything but their brand, but I prefer Oxi. IT scrubbed out dried up doggy poo stains on a berber carpet and a plush carpet. Don't expect it to pick up much more than liquid. The vacuum intake is very narrow. It's good as stain remover though....more info
    Spend more and get somthing stronger. Good for quick pick up of fresh spills. Otherwise, assume 15 minutes of back and forth across a small area. Sprayer did not last long before it stopped springing back after a spray....more info
    junk! thats all i have to say after using this thing. it dosent hold very much cleaning solution, and the unit is extremely noisy. it couldnt even scrub a little dried dirt from my carpet. the brush is soft like a baby brush, so its not getting any serious scrubbing done. and the vaccumm is not powerful at all. the dirty water tank dosent even fill up because it cant suck up any water. and cleaning this thing was a nightmare. dont waste ur time. ...more info
  • So Handy
    This little spot scrubber is so handy, I don't know how I lived without it. It is perfect for all those small spots and quick clean ups that seem to always need to be done, and is perfect if you have pets in the home. Does a great job of cleaning....more info
  • GROSS!
    This thing is a WASTE of money. It blows the dirty water out of the exhaust vents...Imagine trying cleaning up the diarrhea of your dog from a spot in the middle of the living room only to have this machine literally SPRAY DIARRHEA ALL OVER THE ROOM! I actually cried when this happened, not to mention a great deal of it was sprayed all over me. Nuff Said. What a nightmare....more info
  • Save yourself the hassle
    I have a dog that threw up in two places on the carpet where I'm staying temporarily. I bought this machine at Wal-Mart (about $30) to clean up the dried stain. In less than 10 minutes of use, I discovered several things:
    1) The *scrub brush* doesn't run when used on the carpet so you end up manually scrubbing with the device.
    2) You use more elbow grease manually scrubbing with this device than scrubbing with a 97 cent scrub brush.
    3) The tank rubs on the floor while you're attempting to use this, so whatever stain you are trying to clean up ends up all over the underside. If you then set this down on furniture or another area of carpet, you end up with a much larger mess than before you began.
    4) When the machine has a fine layer of moisture (about 20% full) in the holding tank, it begins SPEWING the dirty water out of the vents.
    5) When then attempting to dump the tank of dirty water, it takes a contortionist to dump the container without spilling any of it - and to completely empty (I still wasn't able to get mine completely empty)
    6) The clean water sprayer doesn't really spray - it sort of spurts each time you press the trigger. I had more success with a spray bottle and a small glass of water.

    All in all, it took me 10 minutes on the first stain to realize this was a piece of junk. It then took me 30 minutes to clean up the unit to be able to return it to the store. The second stain? Cleaned up within 5 minutes of spraying Resolve carpet cleaner, lightly scrubbing, then soaking up the moisture with an old towel then tossing it into the washer. Btw, I then had to use this same method to finally clean up the first stain... and it took longer since the Spot Scrubber hadn't really removed any of the moisture from the carpet from the first attempt at cleaning the stain. This stain removal process only cost me a 97 cent scrub brush which I can reuse many times.

    ...more info
  • Designed for SPOTS
    Bottom line: I'm not impressed.
    The name is "Spot Scrubber" for a reason. If you're looking for something to clean the carpeted entryway at the front door, get a CARPET CLEANER.
    There are several other products on the market that can do BOTH quite well.

    1. This product is designed for spots only (the purchaser needs to narrowly and conservatively define the size and constitution of the "spot").
    2. The scrub brush scrubs the solution around a bit so it can work on the spot from different angles.
    3. The vacuum slit is SUPPOSED to pick up the moisture.
    4. The SOLUTION is what does the cleaning.

    Pro: Nice long cord, see-thru soap & crud tanks, wide & heavy spray pattern, and compact size. Although I didn't use it for that purpose, no doubt it works OK on pet accidents.

    Cons: I'm a pretty big guy but the thumb-activated nozzle about wore me out. The nozzle pump also required fixing after storage. Its pretty loud. The brush takes time to rev up and rotates very slowly - just enough to scrub a little bit. The vacuum slit is designed for moisture and couldn't pick up a toothpick. The vacuum system is also leaky and therefore weak.
    If it doesn't pick up all the soap (see #3 above), the soap left behind will attract crud and make the whole area dingy. Must clean the tank or it'll take on an odor.

    My conclusion: Probably OK for small stuff but this tool solidly in the category of those convenience items that attempt to automate an otherwise simple task (e.g., electric screwdriver). Entire time to pull out, use, clean is longer and less effective than one could do by using "Resolve" or other reputable cleaning product, a scrub brush, elbow grease, and wet/dry vac.

    ...more info
  • Worth its price
    I just bought this scrubber at the Home Depot to work on some stains around the house. I paid only $20 for it. Truth is in my opinion it does a reasonably sound job depending on what your expectations are. I do agree that the cleaning concentrate probably does half the magic. I have no complaints. For people complaining on not being able to use this as an extractor for the entire house, please understand this is to clean the 'right away, right now stains' and not to remember a cleaning session once in spring and once in fall and expect magic. ...more info
  • Loud and Leaky
    This unit is extremely loud, not very powerful and leaks. Also blows
    dirty water out of the exhaust vents, making for more of a mess than it
    cleans up. It has been tossed. ...more info
  • LOVE it!!!
    I have had mine for a few years now. It literally saved my carpet when my older dog became incontinent and when I got my new puppy. It's been uses frequently (almost daily) for quite a while and it still works great. I do NOT use just the solution, though. I also use an alcohol based carpet cleaning product and use the spotscrubber to suck it up afterwards....more info
  • Noisy and inefficient...
    We've had our Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber for several years now, and it's been used twice in that time. Apparently I had forgotten just how horrible the first experience was, because I got it out yesterday in an attempt to remove some small stains from the dingy carpeting in our new house. The solution chamber holds very little, so for a larger area you'll be refilling it in order to spray everything. The spray was very uneven - some bursts were strong and got a lot of solution where I needed it (and where I didn't need it too), others were very weak and needed to be gone over several times to get any solution on them at all. After letting the solution sit on the stains for the required 2 minutes, I switched the scrubber on and *woosh* instant deafness. This machine is very loud. Kids and small animals alike will run screaming from the room. And you'd think that if noise was a sign of effectiveness in cleaning that my rug would be spotless, but alas, it did such a poor job scrubbing these stains that I really wonder why I bothered. This machine is a pain to clean up afterwards, it's a pain to use, and it's a pain to store....more info
  • Just "OK"
    I have had this product for quite a while now. In the beginning it seemed to work well but as time as gone by (about 2 years) it just doesn't seem to have suction anymore. Honestly, I think it is the cleaning solution that makes this thing "work". It tends to "spit" a lot. I take it apart to sanitize it after each use and I have to say that this is a difficult thing to put back together (and I am pretty okay with that kind of stuff).

    I would not recommend this to someone that will become easily frustated. When a stain happens there is usually some stress involved, right? You really want to be able to grab the spot lifter and take care of it right away. Better to practice a few times before "showtime". There is a learning curve to this one.

    WARNING: this is so loud that it makes my ears ring when I am done using it. I dread having to use it simply because of the noise.

    ...more info
  • powerful, but noisy!
    I'm not sure what happened for those people who said the suction was weak on this. Maybe i got a different model? It's the same dirt devil, but the box advertised the strongest power on a portable cleaner or something like that. I also didn't have a problem with the brush stopping if I applied pressure to the carpet.

    Good suction - sucked up a fresh doggy potty accident so well on the first run that i had to just spray the general area with cleaner because i couldn't see it anymore. It really impressed my family after one of our dogs made a big wet mess on the carpet and the spot scrubber vacuumed it right up. The spots are all clean now, compared to the old stains that are still visible.
    long power cord - was able to easily reach areas in the house without needing an extension cord
    easy - there is a small measuring cup with spout to put cleaning solution into the tank, was easy to figure the whole thing out.
    affordable - well worth the $30 just to not have to deal with soaking up every potty accident with piles and piles of paper towels.

    Noisy - WOW this thing is loud. Probably a bad idea for use in an apartment because this thing is REALLY loud.
    Circular brush - that brush design was a waste. It looks like it would scrub a nice circle in the carpet, but the brush is at an angle, so only the tip of the circle actually brushes - a strange and comparatively small crescent shape is actually the scrubbing surface.
    Manual Spray - Ok i don't mind manually spraying the carpet, but this sprayer doesn't cover a nice area like a normal spray bottle... it sprays the cleaning solution in a perpendicular line if you press hard, and if you don't press hard enough it just comes out in a small circle. I'd recommend using a separate spray bottle.

    Another thing you might want to consider is that yes, there is a 2 year warranty, BUT that warranty is void if you use ANYTHING other than the recommended dirt devil cleaning solution. Also, it didn't effectively take out an older pee stain that i tried it on. On a fresh mess, it works fantastic. The old stain is a little better, but still noticeable. That's part of why i say it may be bad in an apartment - you want to use it immediately on a mess, but that might make your neighbors hate you if that mess happens sometime late at night!...more info
  • Disappointing
    I saw all the positive reviews on Amazon and picked this piece 'o junk up. Turns out it's just about useless. The brush has the torque of a clock's second hand - it literally stops as soon as you put any pressure on the carpet. The suction is pitiful and doesn't pick up what the crappy sprayer put down. It sits collecting dust in my basement....more info
  • Picks up the stains!
    This thing picked up stains that I thought would never come out! Even with just water - no cleaner added!

    I did get tired of the manual spray button - not just pushing the button - that was no big deal. The filling up of the container every few minutes. So, I use a regular spray bottle instead of the one on the machine. I do wish that the dirty water container could hold more fluid. For these reasons I can only give this product a 4. ...more info
  • Practically useless
    I had high hopes for this device. CONS: Had little suction; It's extremely noisy; Have to push hard to get the solution to come out; Handle in the front and most of the weight in the back makes my wrists hurt after only a few seconds. PROS: Can't think of any. I guess it makes so much noise that people naturally think it must be doing something. ...more info
  • SPOT scrubber YES!!!!!!!!
    This is a great product as a spot scrubber. It does exactly what is supposed to do. The other people who reviewed this and said the vacuum suction is too small are not understanding that this is a vacuum for small WET messes. If the suction section were larger, it couldn't pick up the liquid. No where does this product advertise as a "Wet/Dry Vac". It isn't built for that. Don't expect it to do what it isn't built to do. It is a "Spot Scrubber".

    As far as the machine, it is great. We have cats. They do unspeakable things to the carpet. This machine helps me get rid of the messes they make. Yes, the spray part is manual, but what do you want for $30?
    This scrubber scrubs messes and the vacuum suctions up the liquid.
    It is louder than a regular vacuum cleaner, but it is doing extra work. ...more info
  • What a time saver!
    I read through the reviews and bought the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber SE2800 anyway. What a life saver and time saver! As a disabled person living alone and with a dog with a mind of her own, her "accidents" were a breeze to clean up. No more scrubbing the carpet and then have to take a pain pill to get through the rest of the day! I could not believe how easy it was to use, to clean up and to store. I use it every couple of days just to take care of spots I see here and there, whether made by my dog or not. I highly recommend the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber SE2800! I personally do not know about using it on older spots, but it's great on fresh spots....more info
  • POOR
    This product is horrible. I attempted to use this for spot cleaning on a couch and futon mattress. The spray nozzle is manual (not too bad) but the suction was less than adequate....more info
  • A waste of money and time!
    This product should be discontinued. What are its problems?
    1. Virtually no suction. It did not have sufficient suction to pick up a small cotton ball about 1/16 inch in diameter (a new machine out of the box!)
    2. Opening for suction input is far too small even if it had suction.
    3. Scrubber rotary brushes did not fully engage carpet when held down tightly- result- scrubber does not work either.

    I would give it zero stars if I could....more info
  • Was I expecting too much?
    What I imaginaed getting from this machine was a portable, wet/dry vac with a scrubber and spray. What you get is pretty much just a wet vac. The spray option is so tedious that it saves time to just use a squirt bottle. The scrub brush is fairly weak and only works well on fresher stains. The worst part of the whole machine is that the "dry" suction . . . sucks. The suction space is so narrow that you can't suck up anything solid and when trying to use it to suck up dried spices it became clogged and useless. The only reason that I give the dirt devil spot scrubber 3 stars is because it seemed to have good "wet" suction. It did a fairly good job at cleaning up dog pee on the carpet but I think that this could have been so much more if it was constructed better. I would take a pass on this unless you have a lot of money to spend....more info
  • Spot Scrubber does the job
    I've been using this product for several days. I have found it to be convenient and well designed. It is exactly what I needed for my puppy who doesn't quite "get it" yet. I was pleasantly surprised because from reading other reviews I thought it sounded like a jet engine taking off. It doesn't. It sounds like a stick broom or a small shop vac. I thought it would be a pain to fill and clean. It is not. Each tank clips on an off separately and easily. I think the tanks are well designed. I thought it wouldn't pull dirt and liquid from the carpet. That it does as evidenced by the dirty water in the waste tank. The spot takes about half a day to dry, just like my full size cleaner. I thought it wouldn't clean all that well. It gets the puppy spot and odor out -- that's the test for me. I thought it would spew waste water out of side vents. The waste tank is enclosed. If you don't dry the outside of the waste tank before reassembly you may feel water droplets coming out the vents. If the tank is dry, then no, there is nothing. Like I said the waste tank is fully enclosed and well designed. I thought the cord would be a pain to wrap and unwrap. No, the self store system is great. It takes about 2 seconds to wrap or unwrap the cord.

    After reading all of the negatives, I was hoping it would be okay because after months of hand scrubbing spots I was tired of that. This little Spot Scrubber is better than expected and is so much easier than hand scrubbing and blotting, or getting out and then cleaning out the shop vac or full size steam cleaner. If you have an occasional spot, this is a nice extra. If you have frequent spots, like puppy spots, this is a godsend....more info
  • This thing sucks and not in a good way
    I purchased this vacuum because of the glowing reviews on this site. I must say that I am very unhappy with my choice. The thing has no suction power at all and forget about the useless spray that comes with the machine. What little liquid it does suck up then comes spraying out of the vents on the sides.

    I was going to donate this to the local used merchandise store but I don't want anyone else to waste their time and money on it. I'm putting this in the trash today!...more info
  • If you have a pet, you should have this!
    I am not writing this to say how well it removes red wine from a white carpet because, quite frankly, I don't know if it does or not. But I can say that if you have a young pup who is not housebroken, this will make your life a lot easier. Before I got this I was spraying stains with carpet cleaner, then sopping up the mess with paper towels then would finish by taking out the vacuum and sweeping the rest up. Unfortunately, this routine was very inconvenient, time-consuming, and didn't get the carpet as clean I would have liked. After awhile I decided to get a carpet shampooer and the dirt devil spot scrubber was the cheapest one I found.

    Everything from pee stains to wet doggy poop has been cleaned off my carpet with this thing. I have not had any trouble with the scrubbing bristles nor have I had a problem with it leaking out dirty water. I must say that I am very pleased with my purchase. I understand those who say that they hate the sound. It is true that it is loud, but it gets the job done much quicker and easier than I could get it done without it so I'm willing to put up with the minor inconvenience. Also, how many vacuums are quiet??? There have also been complaints about how "complicated" it is to work. Are you serious? I will give you crash course. Put 1/2 oz of cleaning solution in the green resevoir, fill the rest up with hot tap water. Turn on. Spray. Scrub. Vacuum. Empty the dirty water tank. Unplug. Make a sandwich. Eat it. Another complaint is that it doesn't get the carpet fully dried and that is true; it does not. But, that's not to say it is soaking wet, either. It leaves a carpet a little damp, but this isn't a big wet/dry vac so I didn't expect to be any different than it is.

    Like I said before, I don't know how this is with stains that aren't pet-related, but I do know that any stain that your dog presents you with can be cleaned by this Spot Scrubber. I'm not saying that this is the best carpet shampooer on the market, but for the price that I paid, I can't imagine having anything better....more info
  • It sucks
    I am really disappointed in this vacuum. I literally wear ear plugs when I operate it because it's so loud and has a very high pitched ring to it when on. I HATE HATE HATE the fact that I have to spray the solution from the reservoir using my thumb. My wrists and thumb ache after using it. There is no suction at all; hardly any water is picked up when vacuuming. And what dirty water does get picked up immediately sprays out of the side vents, spraying me and the carpet I'm trying to clean with nasty water. I thought Dirt Devil was supposed to be a trusted name... ...more info
    This unit consists of three working parts:
    1. A sprayer which consists of a reservoir to put the cleaning solution and a trigger that you manually push over and over to spray the solution. It works exactly the same as a spray bottle, except unlike a spray bottle it's heavier and more cumbersome to use due to the fact that it's attached to a scrubber/vacuum.
    2. The scrubber, which is a round scrub brush that rotates pitifully slowly, and is actually harder and more awkward to use than a regular manual scrub brush because it's attached to a heavy handheld vacuum and it's near impossible to get it into tight spots.
    3. The vacuum. It's o.k. as a handheld wet/dry vacuum. Any wet/dry shop vac will have greater suction than this though, so if you already have a wet/dry shop vac, then there's no point to it at all.
    My recommendation is to use a spray bottle, a vegetable brush, and a wet/dry shop vac. It will be easier to use, more versatile, you will get better results, and you can use the shop vac for other cleaning as well.
    ...more info
  • fouronthefloor
    well...I purchased this couple years ago for doggie pee pee "accidents" Used it few times. Had no problem with operation or suction. It sucked up the fresh urine accidents great. no problem with sprayer or brush. The BIG problem was it sprayed the dirty reservoir tank contents out through the side motor vents and onto my bare legs or pants. PHEEEW and DISGUSTING. I called the Dirtdevil people and they told me that if you tilted it too much it causes the contents to spray out. Yes the had this answer on their computer so they were aware of it. I tilted it so I could put more pressure for the suction. So I moved and no longer had carpet thus put machine away. Well I just moved and have all carpet. My MinPin and 15 year old lhasa are having a few accidents so I whipped out the spotscrubber. It is back to spraying urine out through sides. Called Dirtdevil people who asked if I was filling properly...did you screw cap on dirty reservoir...duh.same answer was not to tilt. Guess what???I AM NOT TILTING. 1st rep said to bring to repair center...like I will spend 50 bucks to repair a machine that is not broken but has poor design. So I requested corporate who said EVERYBODY LOVES THEIR MACHINE AND SINCE IT WAS MADE IN 2002 IT WAS OUT OF WARRANTY BUT BEING NICE THEY WOULD FIX OR REPLACE IT IF I SENT IT BACK WITH PREPAID POSTAGE. I think I will decline the offer. It has a poor design and they have no intention of changing it.........In summary I agree with other reviewers such as emufan01 and Ebranscomb who were "sprayed"...... Any suggestions for another machine for those pet pee pee accidents?....thanks...more info
  • Husbands and pets
    This is a wonderful machine. I have 3 cats who believe in sharing fur balls. This cleans the spots right up. I also have a husband who likes to eat in the living room, and I don't have to point out his "spot". We just rented a big machine to do all the carpets a month ago, and in a few weeks you wouldn't know we had done them by the couch. Well this little machine made quick work of the problem area. This is my sister-in-law's machine. I guess I'll have to buy a new one for her now!...more info
  • Does it's job
    I just bought the Dirt Devil corded spot lifter after owning several of the Bissel cordless versions. The cordless versions lose their charge very quickly, and after a few months wont hold a charge at all. I went with the Dirt Devil because of another reviewer's suggestion that it is better than the Bissel, and they were right. It is cleaner; the tank that holds dirty water is more secure and does not leak. The toggle between "vaccum" and "spray" took a second to get used to, but it actually works just like my full-size carpet cleaner. If you need a small spot lifter for minor incidents, first and foremost get a corded version. If you're deciding between Bissel and Dirt Devil, I recommend the Dirt Devil....more info
  • Mostly Plusses, One Big Minus
    This steamer is much more powerful than a similar Bissel model I bought about two years ago. With it being cord powered, it's much more useful than the rechargeable ones that you juice up for several hours to run for 2-3 minutes tops. It really works extremely well, but I'd like to get a hold of whoever designed the small collection tank which only holds maybe 2-3 cups of water and when full will spew the dirty floor water contents out both vents which sprayed me in the face the first time when I was trying to figure out how to use it and will spray all over the place.......more info
  • Great for Small Pet Mistakes
    Our small terrier has a delicate stomach and the spot scrubber has been great at picking up small messes from the dog....more info
  • Pretty useless
    Very small cleaning solution tank and dirty water resevoir. Makes cleaning a few square feet (< 4ft.) of carpet quite tedious. The instruction manual says that when the resevoir is full, the machine will shut off automatically. In reality, when the resevoir is full, dirty water shoots out of the vents. ...more info
  • Terrible product. Crap, crap!!
    I'd rate it a "0" if I could. After using at least a pint of water (refilling 4 times), I extracted less than 1/4 cup of water - after "cleaning" a couple cushions on my sofa, plus an exhaustive effort at trying to get the water/solution out. I followed the instructions exactly, by the way. I've used rented carpet/upholstery cleaners many times, and I have a reasonable expectation on how they should perform. This is by far the worst I've ever tried. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! It's unbelievable that this thing made it to the market. What a piece of junk!! I am returning it tomorrow. ...more info
  • Works great...for a while
    We bought this product because we had two cats with a lot of hairballs. The scubbing function and the suction function both worked well and cleaned up the spots. Over the past year it has started to sound like it was laboring a little harder that it had at first. It would also occasionally spray a mist of liquid through its air vents. It has now finally stopped working completely, but I have had it for about 3 years. I definitely think I got my money's worth out of it.

    The one complaint I had about this product was that the trigger to spray the cleaner was really hard on my finger. I had to keep pulling the trigger over and over to get enough cleaner out to clean the spot. It wasn't that easy to pull. Eventually I just mixed the cleaner and water in a spray bottle and used that to spray the spots....more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought this awhile ago and it does okay on the suction I thought. I thought it sprayed well and sucked well but stain removing? Nope. This is gross (sorry) but my son was ill and vomited all over the carpet. I cleaned up the vomit and then used the spot scrubber. It didn't help at all.

    I tried the spot scrubber three times (after letting the carpet dry each time). Still nothing, didn't remove the stains at all (or the stink). My husband steam cleaned the carpet with our REAL steam cleaner and the stains came out (and the stench).

    Try another machine and read the reviews, they have never steered us wrong. This was an impluse purchase at a store....more info
  • Worthless
    I got this for my wedding shower a few months ago. We have cats, so I thought this would be good for getting puke spots out of the carpet. The first time I used it, I found that it actually ground the cat puke deeper into the carpet, making the stain impossible to get out. The stain is still on our bedroom carpet to this day and will not come out. There is no suction at all to lift the dirty water away, which suprises me since its so freaking loud. The water basin barely had a few drops in it, and my carpet was soaking wet. Hand cleaning is much more effective and easier. Don't waste your money on this. ...more info
  • Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT buy this product
    My carpet was only put in a year ago, and I figured with regular cleanings and spot checking we could get away with renting a deep cleaner every few years. All of the handheld deep cleaners seemed to be rated about the same, so I just got the cheap one that was available at my local Bed Bath and Beyond.
    This thing is seriously a piece of junk. First of all, it holds about enough liquid to spray on one or two spots, so if it did work at all one would have to be refilling it constantly. That being said, after spraying the solution on and "scrubbing" it with the scrub brush (which works about as good as vigorously blotting with a rag) one is supposed to suction the liquid out. This function was so poor I wondered if my unit was defective. Maybe it's the fact that the area which goes over the carpet to suction the liquid is microscopic, maybe it's just because it's a little, inexpensive and powerless machine, but whatever it was I ended up with several soaking wet spots on my carpet.
    I re-packaged the machine and returned it to the store. SAVE yourself the time - this spot cleaner does not work! I'm going to save up now and purchase a full size one; if you do decide to go for the handheld take my advice (and the advice of some of the other reveiwers): this machine is a waste of time and money! ...more info
  • good price, blackened my toe
    I only purchased this product because I HATE stains and it was cheap. The instructions are so easy even a woman can follow them. The machine holds enough water to get out a few carpet stains or spills at a time. My one complaint is that I dropped it on my big toe and that was pretty painful. All in all, this is a good buy for the price and functionality. It may be painful to walk, but my carpet looks much better! Thank you Dirt Devil!...more info
  • Horrible product
    The design is cheap and it has no suction. The people who gave positive reviews OBVIOUSLY work for the company because this product is a JOKE.

    It went straight back into the box and was promptly returned. ...more info
  • It's a handy thing to have
    I have owned this for about 2 years and I'm satisfied with it. It has been a handy machine to have around the house and is not too much of a hassle to use. The cleaning solution that comes with it works rather well.

    My only complaint is that it is so LOUD! From time to time I will take the machine on a tour around the house to clean small spots and by the time I am finished I am nearly deaf - my ears ring and everything sounds muffled for a few hours.

    Some helpful hints:

    Wear earplugs if you'll be using it for more than a minute or two.

    Don't empty the tank that holds the cleaning solution, then it is ready to use when you need it. Don't worry, it won't leak. But be sure to empty the dirty water resevoir each time.

    To suck the water out of the carpet, be sure to hold the machine at an angle, pressing the front onto the surface. The vacuum is only at the front - and if done properly you can actually see it sucking the liquid out of the carpet. Your carpet will only feel a little damp afterwards - not soaked.

    Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend this to others. ...more info
  • dirt devil scrubber
    this scrubber is way too hard to use for what you want it for.
    i wanted it to sopt clean the couch and it does not pick up the water. i hate it and i am returning it tomorrow.
    ...more info
  • Think twice - do you really need it?
    The machine does it`s job but I never use it. You can`t clean really large area with it, and for the small spillages and stains it is much easier just to sprinkle over some good chemical and wipe out with a cloth. Just think - you unwind the cord, fill the tank, clean, suck, clean the tank, curse the stupid lock between the tank and the trunk, wind the cord... Oh, no, man!
    I think that I just waisted my money....more info
  • WOW.... This works perfectly!!!!
    I was surprised when I was helping with the chores. There was this really hard-to-get-rid-of stain in the carpet and when I tried this, it had disappeared. And the room looked way different!...more info
    This little vac does exactly what it's supposed to.

    Important to note:

    This vac has two settings, scrub and vacuum. If you have the switch set to scrub, it's NOT SUPPOSED to vacuum. I strongly suspect that's why these other reviewers are having trouble with it. I had the cordless Bissell Spotlifter prior to this, and this vac does a much better job.

    And if you empty the dirty water tank when you're supposed to, you won't have any trouble with that either.

    When looking to purchase, I compared this vac to the Bissell SpotLifter (the corded one) because I was pretty happy with my old Bissell, but the Bissell is big and awkward to work. On the Bissell, you have to spray and hold the unit flat against the floor to scrub, and then you have to tilt the unit at a pretty good angle to get it to vacuum. No thanks. On the Dirt Devil, you set the switch to scrub, spray the spot and go over it a few times, set the switch to vacuum, go over a few times. Viola... No more spot and no awkward tilting to get just the right angle.

    Also, another reviewer wrote in the Bissell reviews that the Dirt Devil only holds six ounces of liquid. Not so. I just measured it, and it holds nine ounces.

    This is the first review I've ever written in my whole life, but I felt compelled to jump to the defense of this little vac. It's getting a bad rap because people aren't reading the instructions.

    If your vac isn't vacuuming, set the switch to vacuum. (Crazy, huh?)

    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This machine is very difficult to set up and use, the instructions stink, and it spits water all over the place when the tank is full! I never could get the nozzle to work properly, and that was right out of the box - brand new. I found the only way to get any use out of this think is to spray another brand spot cleaner (OxiClean or Spot Shot works WAY better than the detergent that comes with this cleaner), and then use the machine to scrub and vacuum the liquid out. Otherwise, it's a complete waste of money. I hate that I bought it....more info
  • Wow! The stain is gone!!!!!!
    I have a full size carpet cleaner but dont like to use it for everyday spills so it sets into the Carpet and when I do use the full size cleaner, I cant get the stain out. Well, this has solved the problem. I do wish is held more cleaning solution but unless you are going to clean your whole carpet with it then this is fine. I have a piece of sample carpet that we got when we purchased new carpeting for the house to use as a doormat. Between 2 dogs 2 cats and 4 people, it got alot of traffic. Well I used this on it and got a couple of stains out but wasent impressed untill I saw how dirty the water was. And as the carpet dried it looked better. So for the price, size and ease of use it worth it. I also spilled coke on that carpet and tested it to see if it worked on wet stains and that came out beautifully. So overall I am thrilled with this purchase....more info
  • Poorly designed, cheaply constructed
    The Spot Scrubber is poorly designed, cumbersome, ineffective, and mine is defective. The reservoirs are messy to fill and empty, and they are difficult to snap back into place. It is awkward to hold and move back and forth. I've found that when the dirt reservoir gets about 1/3 full, a mist of the dirty solution spews from the side vents as the unit is moved. Not pleasant when cleaning up pet messes! After just 5 uses, the cleaning reservoir cracked for no apparent reason, and all of the solution leaked out within 30 seconds. The suction power is unimpressive. My carpet is often still wet after several passes....more info
  • Doesn't do the job
    Really not satisfied with this product. It doesn't hold much water, doesn't have enough suction and really doesn't "clean". I need a spot scrubber that GETS RID OF THE SPOT! This doesn't do it. Mine sits in the closet....more info
  • I love this little cleaner!
    I just had my carpets professionally cleaned and with two toddlers, the clean didn't last long! So, I purchased this little machine, hoping to get rid of those "juice stains" that you get when leak proof sippy cups leak. This little machine did the trick! I did not have to push down hard to get the scrub brush to work, it did the scrubbing for me!! I found that it was fairly easy to fill up with water and solution and empty the dirty water and get ready for another cleaning job. It's not meant for large jobs, but it does what it advertises, SPOT SCRUBS! The reviewer that commented about getting sprayed with water is correct...if you continue to use it, AFTER the dirty water container is full, it will start to let out a light mist from the side air vents, so I highly recommend that you don't do that! I'm glad I have this machine for easy clean ups, in between professional cleanings. ...more info
  • Adequate little gadget
    Have had this number for 3-4 years now. Works fine for lifting spots and stains. It still requires a lot of elbow grease to scrub out spots, and cleaning the unit is more work than cleaning the carpet. Certainly adequate for small messes, doesn't claim to be anything more.

    I'd be interested to see what the next generation looks like....more info
    Has absolutely NO suction. Nada, Zip, Zilch. A worthless machine. Don't waste your money. I would rate it zero stars, but it would't let me!...more info
  • A horrible machine
    My husband and I bought this machine shortly after we got our basset hound puppy and we regret spending the money. It holds hardly any liquid, and when the tank gets full, the waste water sprays out of the vents on the side and gets all over you! It's really disgusting. It seems to me that with carpet cleaners, bigger is better. If you plan on using a carpet cleaner a lot, like we do, go with a larger machine. But whatever you do, DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!!!...more info
  • Good Enough
    We bought this item to clean stains out of our car's carpet. We have two small children and have had a few beverages spill leaving gross brown stains on the floor. By the way, why must all drinks turn brown? Even sprite turns brown on the floor! Anywho... We used it on all the stains and it really worked. It got the floor really clean and removed all the stains. We used it again in another car and it worked like a charm. It's not so great for indoor stuff, but it'll work in a pinch. Some other places we've used it are: couches (not so great), a mat for a playpen (didn't get any stains out but it pulled up a lot of dirt) and our toddler's mattress (a little bed wetting incident; worked great) I'm going to get the Bissell little Green for inside I think.
    Also, you have to press the button on top to release the cleaning solution and rub the machine back and forth over the stain. It can get pretty heavy and tire you out but I guess it's better than scrubbing it by hand. It works great for small jobs. ...more info
  • This machine stinks!!!!
    I recently purchased this scrubber for a present, however, liking the idea kept it for myself. After using it one time, I returned it to the store. I am purchasing something different for the gift. I am glad that I tried it before giving one to my grandma. A big waste of money. Don't even bother....more info
  • Really doesn't do well.
    I have 4 cats and 3 dogs, but my biggest problem is a Great Dane with a stomach problem. Every now and then she spits up a large amount of yellow slime that really stains the carpet. I have used 1/2 a can of spot shot and still had a yellow spot. I tried this cleaner, and it did nothing for the stain. I have a large carpet cleaner that will remove the stain, but it's a pain to pull it out every time I have a spot to clean. I finally tried the Little Green Clean Machine, and it did the trick. The stains come out and the carpet is left almost dry. I think the problems with the Dirt Devil are that the brushes are too soft and the suction is not strong enough....more info
  • Not worth the money
    I purchased this when I moved into my apartment and had my grandchildren around alot. Most of the time, the spray button sticks, so I can't spray solution on the spot to be cleaned. Then the brushes would stop rotating if I pushed down on the carpet. I always clean the dirty water tank after using (even if it is only one small spot) because it will stink up the apartment if I don't. I have finally given up and gone to a large carpet cleaner, scrub brush and a bottle of Fantasik to clean up the spots left by leaking juice cups and lunches. Takes less time and energy....more info
  • The Spot Scrubber--My Puppies New Best Friend
    I use this bad boy all the time to clean up pet spots. It works really well. I had read some of the reviews. It sounds like some folks need to read the instruction manual--you know, the paper inside the box that explains how to use the machine... It works well, I've had to clean up some HUGE spots and it does the job. I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Doesn't clean so well
    this machine looks real cute, but doesn't do such a great job cleaning. the bristles on the brush aren't very firm and they seem to push whatever you are really trying to clean, further into your carpet, leaving you to wonder if that spot is really clean or just brushed down further into the carpet. when packing up a donations box before moving, this is one thing that went in it....more info
  • Remember what it's supposed to do...
    I had read some reviews of people not being happy because they couldn't clean their carpets with it. It's meant to be a spot cleaner, and I think it does a great job. I use a capful of the Bissell cleaner from my large steamer, and I haven't had a problem. I have a cat, and I'm constantly cleaning up small spots. It's too much trouble to get out my large unit, so I purchased this. I love it. Just remember that this is a spot cleaner, and don't try to clean large areas with it. Also, don't be afraid to press down to get the best suction and brush action. I would definitely recommend this for people with cats with hairball problems....more info
  • Terrible---Waste of Money
    I purchased this spot scrubber because we had a new puppy in the house. Let me tell you---I was changing the dirty water tank more often than I was cleaning up after the dog! It needs changed at least once after every use, if not two or three times. In regards to cleaning up pet messes---don't even bother, unless you want to have dirty pet messes flying out at you from the side of the tank. It is a pain to clean the dirty tank out and even more of a pain to clean the suction tube where things can get stuck. If I could do it all over again, I would have definetly purchased anything but the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber....more info
  • Terrible---Waste of Money
    I purchased this spot scrubber because we had a new puppy in the house. Let me tell you---I was changing the dirty water tank more often than I was cleaning up after the dog! It needs changed at least once after every use, if not two or three times. In regards to cleaning up pet messes---don't even bother, unless you want to have dirty pet messes flying out at you from the side of the tank. It is a pain to clean the dirty tank out and even more of a pain to clean the suction tube where things can get stuck. If I could do it all over again, I would have definetly purchased anything but the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber....more info
  • Terrible---Waste of Money
    I purchased this spot scrubber because we had a new puppy in the house. Let me tell you---I was changing the dirty water tank more often than I was cleaning up after the dog! It needs changed at least once after every use, if not two or three times. In regards to cleaning up pet messes---don't even bother, unless you want to have dirty pet messes flying out at you from the side of the tank. It is a pain to clean the dirty tank out and even more of a pain to clean the suction tube where things can get stuck. If I could do it all over again, I would have definetly purchased anything but the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber....more info
  • no stars
    While the budget price might make this product attractive, it is almost completly worthless. The brush that spins has no power behind it and the suction from the vacuum is not very strong either. I succeeded in doing nothing more than pushing stains around which I still had to treat with Resolve and blot up...more info
  • Good For pet spots
    I bought one to use on pet spots on my rug. I find it works well getting out cat piss and regular stains on the rug. The vacuum part works pretty well. I liked mine so much I bought one for my Mother who has stain problems from her animals. If you want to use as a whole floor cleaner than it wouldn't work good. It is just good on cleaning out spots on the rug....more info
  • A must have for Pet accidents
    I should have bought one of these years ago. It is great to get at those pee puddles my Chihuahua leaves when she has an accident. I don't have to pull out the carpet shampooer.

    I don't put a shampoo in the cleaning tank but rather a home-made solution that breaks down the enzymes so the odor is gone. It's has the same effect as using Natures Miracle but costs only pennies.

    The recipe for the solution is 16 oz. Peroxide, ¼ cup baking soda, 1 teaspoon lemon dish detergent (not ultra concentrate).

    Now I no longer worry about the odor from her accidents building up. It is easy to attack the problem when it arises rather then dragging out the heavy carpet shampooer.

    Speaking of carpet shampooer's the Dirt Devil Platinum Force works great....more info

  • A Delight Until It Burns Out
    I have an unspayed seven year old pitbull in a tiny apartment. Although it doesn't happen often, I have to admit sometimes I try to get to work on time and don't get a chance to walk her. When I come home and there's a surprise waiting for me, I thank God that I bought this item. Not only does it spray solution directly on the area, but it also dries the spot in a lot less time than a towel would take. The only setback is after having this gem for 9 months, the motor has seemingly burnt out. The spot scrubber no longer scrubs or suctions anything and now I have to purchase something new. For $50.00 I definitely got my money's worth. I just wish it could've lasted longer....more info
  • Great, misunderstood machine
    Looking at a number of previous reviews, I'd like to clarify a few points:

    * It's not a carpet cleaner, it's a _spot scrubber_. Anyone purchasing a machine with a single brush who expects to clean whole sections of carpet deserves all the self-inflicted frustration they've expressed here. My father-in-law tried to use our scrubber to clean his entire entryway. His verdict: "The thing is worthless." My wife and I just roll our eyes.
    * The spray nozzle shoots out lots of solution in a narrow, focused pattern, perfect for treating _spots_. It takes only a few pumps. The image of someone stalking around a room trying to spray anything more than about 20 inches square (again, anything more than a _spot_) is just painful.
    * The thing sucks strongly enough to fill the dirty water reservoir. I suspect that some folks haven't cracked the manual or noticed the yellow knob to switch between scrubbing and suction.

    All that said, I hate to think of living without this machine. We've used it suck up spills and to erase the stains left by our cats and by our son with a permanent "Sharpie" marker. You can actually watch the cat puke (or worse) get sucked up. I always felt a little uncertain when attacking stains like this with a towel or sponge. How can anyone armed with a squirt bottle and a brush believe they're doing anything more than just smearing the stain into the carpet?

    I like the extra-long cord. The rotating brush may seem a little weak, but stains really do disappear under it.

    What I don't like so much is that the unit can be difficult to clean, leaving ugly stuff in the intake and waste reservoir. All the reservoirs and caps and switches can get a bit fiddly as well. And it does sound more like a jet engine than a vacuum.

    The Spot Scrubber isn't perfect (4 out of 5 stars), but it's small, works very well for us, and has exceeded my (realistic) expectations....more info

  • Piece of Junk!
    I bought one of these to take care of spots on my carpet and what a waste of money! The thing never works right and you're better off scrubing the carpet with some soap and a brush!...more info
  • I'm glad I got it as a present and didn't use my own money!!
    Horrible, it doesn't work AT ALL! How can they even sell this?...more info
  • Returned in 24 hours
    Completely unacceptable. Don't confuse this machine with a hand held steamer - it is simply a dustbuster with a spray bottle mounted on top. It did absolutely nothing for any of my stains, while using a $0.99 spray bottle and a scrub brush did. If you insist on owning something like this, just tie your spray bottle to your scrub brush and save $35....more info
  • Junk!
    A mystery to me why this could get anything past a 1-2 star review with anyone. This contraption lasted less than an hour in my house before being returned.

    1) Cheap brittle plastic housing and tanks

    2) Ear-deafeningly loud little whiney motor

    3) Inadequate manual sprayer that dispenses very little but gives your hand world-class exercise. (A cheap spray bottle works much better!)

    4) It sucks at suction - try putting your hand next to the intake - you would think with all that noise going on that it would be dangerous, but it's truly weak. (Towels work much better!)

    The long and short. I bought it to take out pet stains. After pushing like crazy with my exhausted finger on the sprayer button and grinding away with the little bushes on several different areas, it picked up only a few tablespoons of liquid. Hardly enough to do any serious cleaning. This is truly a candidate for garage sales, an underwhelming entry in the annals of household engineering.

    Save your eardrums and some $$, get some H202 and some old towels to remove stains....more info

  • good for pet stains
    PRO: Really does scrub out pet stains with ease -- Easy to use CON: Suction could be better for extracting cleaner -- Would not be good for doing big areas...more info
  • Well, What can i seay
    This is an OK product, It's a bit combersome....more info
  • On my way to return this
    I bought this item yesterday and tried it on the carpet in my van and after 45 minutes, it looks the same. There just is not enough power. I came in the house and tried it on some dirty paw spots on my oatmeal colored carpet and I can still see them. Now, they are just wet paw spots. Bypass this item....more info
  • Piece of garbage!!!
    I've tried it on several stains on the carpet and it hardly did anything. Not only that, but the unit is so loud, my ears were ringing after using this machine. As poor job this unit does, I can do the job a whole lot faster and more effective with a pack of them Mr. Clean Eraser sponges. We're taking this unit back ASAP and getting an upright steam cleaner and certainly not a dirt devil....more info
  • I love this thing.
    My Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber is one of the handiest appliances that I own. It's loud (the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5), but works well. It cleans the worst grime quickly from the carpet and then vacuums up the dirty water to allow for fast drying. The dirty water holding tank can be emptied and rinsed out easily. You do have to remove two screws if you want to clean the dirty intake tool, but it isn't necessary to do that every time. I used it when my grandson brought his new, untrained puppy here :-( and it cleaned up the puddles well. It also has worked well for a variety of other spills and spots. I plan on buying one of these for my daughter too. I think it's that good....more info
  • Something lacking
    All of my cleaning tools are DIRT DEVIL products. I can't say enough good things about them,however this appliance FAILS big time. I purchased it at Walmart for $34.99. I had read many of the reviews on Amazon.com and decided to give it a try. I wanted a tool that I could use for small clean ups, and to get into areas where my Phantom Force can't reach and instead of hauling out my Dirt Devil Phantom Force Carpet Extractor to do spot cleaning. The bristles on the rotating brush are very soft and flatten out when trying to clean, holding the machine during operation is difficult due to it's weight and awkward shape. Removing the tanks is not as smooth as it should be and you have to remove two screws before you can remove the part that the water is sucked up when you want to clean it. This machine would work better with a roller type brush with firmer bristles. If I thouhgt I could return it for a full refund I would....more info
  • Pass on this one
    There are tons of bad reviews on this product, so I'll spare you the details (LOUD and doesn't clean well). A little cleaning liquid and a scrub brush work about as well. Look elsewhere......more info
  • Save Your Money! This Product Is Useless.
    We went through three of these products before finally giving up. How anyone can like this product is beyond me. Read the bad reviews, as these are all the same things I experienced. I have yet to have one be able to spray cleaning solution.

    Bottom line...you get what you pay for. This is just another in a long line of Chinese junk sold in our stores. If you want a true carpet cleaner, invest some money and buy a big one. That is what we plan on doing....more info

  • Jet engine or dirt devil handheld vac? you make the call...
    One use is all i needed to figure that this product was junk.
    I wished i had read the reader reports on this unit before i bought it. Here are some things to consider if you need a hand held carpet shapoo'er and insist you need this model.
    * This model is VERY loud. I have a stand up full size carpet shampooer and it is about 1/2 as loud as this hand held.
    * The rotating brush does no more than swirl around what you are trying to clean up and make a bigger mess. We have used other handheld products, but all were cordless and none had the power brush. but all had worked better.
    * the spray nozzle is not adjustable so when you want to spot clean an area, you might as well plan to clean 3 times as much since the spray pattern is that wide.
    * The unit does not vacuum and scrub at the same time, it is either scrub... err i mean mash in the stain, or suck up nothing (since the vaccuum is weak)
    * I plan to return this unit to the store in hopes that i can get something that works better than my 2 year old "helping" clean up....more info
  • Great Idea; Poor Performance
    A hand-held carpet spot scrubber with vacuum extraction is certainly a terrific idea, but I found that this particular model falls short on performance. The machine is not complicated to use, but doesn't really do the job. The rotating brush is very soft and positioned so that it barely skims the top surface of the carpet fibers: there is certainly no "deep cleaning" action. The unit is poorly balanced and ergonomically very unwieldy. Pumping the cleaning solution really works your trigger finger! You need to apply a great deal of forward pressure to enable wet extraction, and it simply isn't built to allow your hand and arm to facilitate the motion easily at the proper angle; you need to use both hands, with one hand placed over the motor exhaust. The 20-foot heavy-duty cord is great for using in the middle of a large room, far from the nearest electrical outlet, but it is an irritation when trying to clean the unit at the sink. And it's a lot of effort to prepare, and then clean the machine after use on a small spot. All in all, since it only does a decent job of picking up stains that are right on top the carpet fibers, I still find it considerably less work, just as effective, and much much much faster to simply use any spray-on carpet cleaner, rubbing and dabbing and blotting it dry with a clean cloth, and giving a quick going over with the regular full-size vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Great for spot treatment
    I love this product. If there is a spill (food or drinks) it easily cleans up the stain. You can't even tell there was a spot. I sometimes get lazy and a few days go by before I actually use it to clean up the stain. It still cleans it up. It is a life saver on upholtry and carpet....more info
  • Horrible
    I received this as a bridal shower gift, and was so excited because I thought it would help to pick up pet stains. It did no such thing. It left a good wet spot, and didn't pick up even the spray form the machine itself! I have tried on several different stains and spills in the carpet, and it really picked up nothing. What a waste of money. Spend your money on a good scrub brush, carpet cleaner, paper towels and elbow grease!!...more info
  • Spot Scrubber
    First I want to say I love this little machine it works awesome! Second, this machine is made to get to those 'spots' and 'spills'. If you are looking to buy it to pick up stains that have been in your carpet for years, don't count on it! Granted we had a nasty stain on our carpet of something that was black! I said what the heck and tried to lift it up with the scrubber...and like someone else in a previous review said it spread the stain, well it did....but I sat there for a little while and the stain came up, all of it. My 4 year old spilled kool-aid on the carpet about 3mths before I bought this and I tried to get it up and IT WORKED! Maybe its the cleaner the other people are using with the scrubber.........BUT I HAVE NEVER EVER had any problems with this handy machine! My main purpose of the purchase was just for spot cleaning (hence the name) and I love it!...more info
  • Do Not Waste Your Money ! ! !
    This thing is a complete piece of junk! I don't know how this thing could possibly get one single good review. Do yourself a favor and read through the reviews and see just how many displeased customers there has been. It's extremely weak...has hardly any suction...brushes are too soft and rotate slowly....you have to manually spray water out to the spot & then use this heavy thing like it's an oversized scrub brush. I could work circles around somebody using one of these by me just using good ol' elbow grease and some cleaner. Get something else!!!...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    I bought this vac to help pick up pet stains. If you clean the stain while it is fresh it does the job. However, the brushes are too soft and its hard to clean the lint off the thin suction bar. You have to use some elbow grease to get the stubborn stains off. Also, I have only had this for about 2 years and the the blue reservoir latch already broke. Dirt devil does not sell these parts and since the warranty expired this vac is now useless. I am seriously considering getting the Hoover steamvac jr. If the product did break so soon, I would have given it a 3....more info
  • Try it, you'll like it!
    When I purchased this item I never thought it would get much use, but having two dogs...a puppy and a very senior citizen...I have used this appliance at least five times already and I am extremely pleased with its performance. It is exceptional for small areas..and it has cleaned up some pretty hefty stains. It is easy to use and definitely worth the cost. I recommend it highly....more info
  • It works but don't expect too much
    I bought this machine a couple years ago after returning a similar model made by Bissel(totally worthless by the way). I thought that it would work better but I was expecting way too much for way too cheap. If I caught the pet sains quickly while the carpet was still wet I could get a good majority of it out with a lot of work on my hands and knees going over it about 5 times but the ones that had time to dry still left a stain and barely lighted it at all. On the the carpet in front of the couch it took a lot of work and 45min to get decent results. You should also be aware that scrubbing that hard and going over your carpets that many times may wear out your carpet and in our case made the carpet seem loose and puckered.In my opinion the 'scrubbing brushes' are worthless and the vacuum leaves 30% of the water in your carpet. I gave one star because it worked better than towels during a water leak. Forget about the compact size and cheap price tag, save your money until you can buy a Hoover V2 like we did....more info
  • Shame on you Dirt Devil!
    Bad Product...poor design. Surprised that some people like this product. Broke the plastic catch to the blue solution container and this product is now useless...It never worked well to begin with. I purchased it after owning a cordless, thinking the corded would give more power...very wrong there. Very awkward to empty dirty water and fill solution. Not much power. Brushes are too soft...Pretty much everything everyone else who has posted a "1 star" has said has happened to us...We didnt have the problem with the wet carpet, but that is because we didnt saturate our carpet with cleaner before trying to suck up the water...Will be going out and buing another cordless type...probably will do more research than last time (wish I had read all these reviews on this one before I threw the money down the toilet) Hope this helps someone out there save some money, and maybe even help Dirt Devil reevaluate their product development :-)...more info
  • Works great on flat surfaces
    Flat surfaces, that you don't need to twist around raised surfaces. Brushes too soft. What is with these companies and the soft brushes, Every household gizmo are too soft in the brush. At least the scrub and vacuum was seperate from each other with a switch....more info
  • Great product
    This is a must have for small stains. I have a small chihuahua who refuses to go bathroom anywhere but carpet, and I have a tough carpet to work with. I purchased this cleaner for less than $$, and for the price, it is very much worth it. Dont look for it to pull miracles. All the bad reviews are because everyone is looking for this $$ product to work miracles. It takes out urine stains, so Im happy. So purchase if you're only looking to take out small stains....more info
  • Waste of Money
    I couldn't agree more with the reviewer from Meriden,CT. I bought the Dirt Devil to clean up small spills on my carpet, but this vac only made them worse. The rotating scrubber brush serves only to spread out the stain, and it had absolutely no suction power so your carpet stays dirty and wet. I agree that even a little bit of lint clogs up the tiny opening for the suction, and taking the machine apart for cleaning is a big hassle. Stay away!...more info
  • Wasted my time with this
    I received this item a month ago as a wedding present and was grateful that a gift receipt was included. For all of the noise this machine made it had almost no suction and I had to soak up the stains and water with a super absorbant sponge. The brushes also failed to remove anything below the surface, so the stains are less obvious but not gone. I've had better results scrubbing by hand and after two weeks I exchanged this product for a Bissell that actually works. The Spot Scrubber simply did not live up to its name and I would never reccomend it to anyone....more info
  • OK, puppy can stay :)
    I have a 5 month old puppy...who I adore...and who LOVES to leave me presents...usually at night...I hear the rush of a stream...it's hard to motivate myself to get up to clean it...until now...I just turn on the vacuum, get the stain up, spray some cleaner, add some Natures Miracle...and VOILA...back to bed! Also gotten a few poopy stains out...here's a puppy hint...feeding premium food keeps poop from getting runny...hence, less mess...I know this is a review of the vacuum...but, I thought I'd share...only problem I have is with how loud the vaccuum is...I'm afraid I may wake the neighbors......more info
  • WARNING: Dirty Devil!!
    I bought one of these machines from my local Target for a reasonable price. I thought it would come in handy with four children in my home. I tried it on a small, lightly soiled spot on my carpet only to find out that it spread the problem and left my carpet soaked! It is very loud, fairly heavy and it hardly has any suction. If it's a mud spot you want to clean up: the opening is very small and the neck gets clogged with dirt. To clean it you need to be a scientist because the directions say nothing about how to do it! You need to use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the neck from the machine and then the neck itself doesn't come apart. You must continuously flush it under water to try to remove the particles trapped inside. I never did get them all out. The sprayer is very slow and sprays only a tiny amount. A squirt gun would do a better job! The scrubber is non-abrasive but is that a good thing? I was thankful that my Target allowed me to return it since I couldn’t get the machine clean again. I was extremely embarrassed and very disappointed with my experience! For $10 more I exchanged my product for the Black&Decker Steambuster. It works wonderfully! It can be used both as a hand vac and steam cleaner. I do my stairs, cars, spills and upholstery!...more info
  • not worth it
    i bought this thinking i could clean up the nice mess my older dog left for me this morning. not only did i waste my money, but my time as well. it cleaned up the spots somewhat, but nothing i couldn't have done with a little elbow grease. it's going back....more info
  • Doesn't clean and cheaply made.
    I was surprised this cleaner had so little power. I had better results just using a scrupbrush with carpet cleaner. I took it back the next day....more info
  • Waste of money!
    I bought this on sale for about $50 about a year and a half ago...it is absolutely useless. Its description and marketing is very misleading. I thought that I was purchasing a mini carpet cleaner. It does not clean...it's basically a hand held vac with a spout for spraying water. You might as well get some cleaner, a spray bottle, and a sponge to clean up spots! Or invest in a nice full size carpet cleaner....more info
  • personal usage
    Brush too soft, but the switch between vac or scrub was a goood idea. Cleans only flat surfaces, hard to use on cars floor area, no room to manuever....more info
  • Don't bother with this product
    I just bought this product because :
    1. It was cheap
    2. I thought it would be convenient.
    Well, even if it were free, I wouldn't use it. I'm returning it right away.
    This cleaner is really poorly designed. You have to remove the tank on the top of the cleaner to add the cleaning solution and water. Once the tank is full and heavy,it is very difficult to line up the tabs to get the solution tank back on. The button for the spray nozzle is poorly placed, and not comfortable to use. The unit is noisy, and worst of all the suction is very weak. This leaves you with a very wet carpet. It takes longer for the carpet to dry after cleaning. Not worth it, no matter how cheap....more info
  • First, buy a set of ear protectors and a lot of aspirin
    This thing shrieks at a decibel level that could probably kill a small animal. Unfortunately it doesn't actually clean that much. Brushes go around pretty good but the vacuum doesn't seem to really understand its job....more info
  • Why would anyone buy one of these?
    All I can say is the people who found their machine fantastic must have purchased a different unit than the one I bought. I specifically wanted this for carpeted stairs. There is no suction at all so the carpet is sopping wet and I had to use other measures (Turkish toweling) to remove enough water to be able to use the stairs in a reasonable time period. The stairs also got dirty faster than ever after I used this product. I am VERY disappointed and would not recommend this to anyone. A bottle of Resolve rug cleaner, a little elbow-grease and a towel do a much better job!...more info
  • Don't waste your money!!
    I bought this item over the similar bissell cordless cleaner, thinking this would be stonger due to it has a power cord. Boy was I wrong, this machine has no suction power.
    1. To clean your carpet you must first spray the area with the cleaning solution, this is done buy repeated pressing of the spray button (like on an iron).
    2. Then you can scrub the area with a rotating brush, which I found to be very stiff and not so impressive in removing the stains.
    3. Then you can begin your suction of the water/cleaning soloution. The suction power on this machine was horrible, it left my carpet soaked and of course still stained- actually I think the stain is now bigger, because it just spread around with all the water and no suction.

    Don't waste you money on this product!!...more info

  • why is this on the market?
    I bought this machine because I thought it would be easier to use than my big Hoover. Boy was I wrong! It has no suction power, stains stay where they are, nothing gets done. A big waste of money. Save yourself the time and buy a big machine that works. Hoover is a great cleaner....more info
  • why is this on the market?
    I bought this machine because I thought it would be easier to use than my big Hoover. Boy was I wrong! It has no suction power, stains stay where they are, nothing gets done. A big waste of money. Save yourself the time and buy a big machine that works. Hoover is a great cleaner....more info
  • Not worth it!!
    I bought this product in hopes I could save 200 dollars by not buying a full size cleaner to clean small spills! It does not clean carpets! I have used it to suck up spills right after they happen before I pull out my NEW full size. It sucks great, but you have to push and pull it, the cleaner trigger--you have to continuely spray it and it comes out slow. The product works, but is not worth the price nor the time it tkes to clean up a mess. This will not take the place of an upright clean or any other scrubber, your bristle brush and spray cleaner would be much easier! Goodluck!...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Complete waste of money. You can do the same thing with a spray bottle of cleaner and some elbow grease, while avoiding the horrible noise. My car is quiter than this contraption. It has very little suction and is not remotely like a steam cleaner. Your carpet will be left with a residue as the solution is not cleaned through or out from the carpet. I don't know why is has a water tank, as the only wet on my carpet came from spraying the solution. I promptly returned mine for a refund and invested in a upright steam cleaner, which does the job....more info
  • forget it!
    I returned the item the next day I bought it, it did very little for the soil stain on the carpet, in fact, it made a bigger mess, the water is evry where BUt the stain it selef. The vac doesnt have enough power to pick up the excess water. Who cn blame them, this only cost 40 buck......more info
  • Terrible Waste of Money
    I have 3 small children, so I constantly have spills and spots on the carpet. So I thought this would be a good investment to remove spots as they happen. Boy was I wrong. It doesn't get out the spots. It leaves the carpet REALLY WET. As for it being easy to use and lightweight it isn't. It is more of a hassle to use than it is a convenience. It's bulky and to try to get a spot out is impossible. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Almost useless
    This product doesn't work very well at all. It's EXTREMELY loud, and the two spinning scrubbers do nothing in the way of cleaning.The suction doesn't pick up very much, as the opening where the liquid is supposed to be picked up is extremely narrow. The resevoir where the cleaning solution is put is too small. All in all I was very disappointed with this product....more info
  • Dirt Devil spot scrubber
    I have bought this brand before but this little unit is somewhat disappointing. First, it is heavy. It is noisy. The suction is weak. It is a little complicated to clean. The little screws have to be removed to clean the suction apparatus and then replaced. I kept loosing the screws in the unit. The sprayer only squirts a small amount of cleaner at a time. Needless to say, fair product but I am sure there are better. I'm hoping target will take it back. I got it for Christmas and my sister can't find the receipt!...more info
  • good for small jobs
    I recieved this as a shower gift. I was very pleased with the scrubbing power of the rotating brush-squirter action, but the suction is lacking on this thing. It left the carpet a bit to damp for my personal tastes. I had to blow dry it because I didn't have time to wait for the rug to air-dry. It did get out a particularly nasty stain, so I am satisfied....more info
  • Cheap but useless
    I have bought many Dirt devil product before, and I love them all ( bagless upright vac & small hand held vac) , so I guess I was expecting too much, The machine does very little for spot or spills. it cannt even pick up the excess water that it spills. you have to fill up exact levelof water, or as soon you turn it on, the vac will "flood" the area near by the place you try to clean. :(..... I returned it the same day....more info
  • Good scrubber but terrible sucker....
    The unit is heavy, but nothing too unmanageable. The water resivoir is small and the button to spray the water is vaccum released. So after you press the button to squirt the water you have to wait for the stopper to gradually rise again so you can squirt again. SLOW.
    The scrubbing part works great and did well at working the carpet fibers to get out the stain. BUT, the sucking part was terrible. The carpet spot was very wet after several times over the spot. I don't think it gets a good "seal" while in sucking mode.
    I will return this product and look for something better.
    I did have high expectations as Dirt Devil has always had good products. Maybe after some fine tuning it will be better....more info
  • BAD PRODUCT from a good manufacturer
    I was very displease with the suction on this. The scrubber did work well, but the cord is huge, it is loud and heavy. The manual pump for the spray was the pits! Once i got ready to suck up the stain, it all came out the air vents and sprayed me! NOT GOOD!! Towels suck up better!
    It was also hard to clean. I am returning it!!!
    Bad dog for dirt devil!...more info
  • Great for spots on floor carpet, not much else.
    I bought this product thinking I would use it for my recliner and car, besided that I have a few kids and they have been known to make accidents on the carpet... okay.

    I guess I was expecting too much from this little machine, because while it DOES take out spots very well, when I tried it on my recliner I found the Spot Scrubber had the following drawbacks:

    It was very heavy, so that when I was holding it to the sides of the recliner it got pretty tiring and didn't do such a good job. It does a better job on the floor because it is flat, and the weight of the machine is supported by the floor.

    It didn't do the curves very well, as the machine is flat and I had a very hard time maneuvering it around the recliner.

    In order to clean, you have to spray the area, and it only sprays a very small amount at a time, so you have to really press a lot of times to get a small area wet enough to clean well.

    Last, but not least, the suction on the vacuum part was very disappointing, both the carpet and my recliner were quite wet when I finished. I was really hoping that if nothing else, I would have a good wet vacuum cleaner, but it really is very weak.

    I have read other reviews state that they did their steps, or car with this machine - I really wonder how they did it as I think it would take all day to do such a large area, at least the way I did it.

    However, it really does do a great job at what it says it does - that is - Spot scrubbing, and it's an [in]expensive machine at all, so I am not totally disappointed. I am glad to have it in the house and with a few kids, I'm sure that I'll find plenty of uses. I guess I was just expecting too much out of what is, essentially, a small and inexpensive machine....more info

  • very disappointing
    I thought this would be good for getting out pet stains (we have 4 cats), but it's pretty much useless. You can do better just using a washcloth and a good spray cleaner. The sprayer on this doesn't give out much cleaner, so you have to pump it a lot. The rotating brushes don't really seem to get anything out of the carpet. Also, a lot of water is left behind, even if you go over it several times with only the suction on. I am going to invest in something a little bigger and more powerful....more info
  • Cleans well but not very well made
    This is very convenient for small spills, vomit, or urine spots. It cleans as well as our large Hoover upright steam cleaner. However, we have had this only about 6 months and the plastic is cracked and one large piece is missing. No one remembers dropping it or anything so it is apparently quite fragile. Also, when vacuuming up liquid from a spill, sometimes the dirty liquid sprays out the air vent on the side even when the tank is almost empty. That is pretty gross, but since it is so cheap and works well, I would recommend it ... just consider it to be a yearly purchase....more info
  • Dont waste your money - pay the extra 10-20 for a real one
    The only thing this does is suck up liquid through a very small slot and if you are pressing very hard. You have to wet and scrub the stain yourself and this does little to nothing for stains or anything at all. Not worth it....more info
  • Love it, great with cats
    I have this product, use it frequently for cat stains, and it does a great job. (Like the reviewer below, I too, have white carpet and three cats who throw-up a lot.) I think the key is to go lightly, and use it for spots, and not try to clean huge areas at a time. (It seems like it gets too wet if you clean large areas.) My husband can whip this out, clean up 4-5 cat spots, and have the carpet dry again within an hour.

    Last year I got my sister one for Christmas (she has a dog), and she loves it- she's thanked me several times; today I'm buying another one as a gift....more info

  • great for cars
    I bought this for small spills & stains and find that it does a decent job. I do really recommend it for use in cleaning the upholstry & carpet on cars. My daughter gets car sick fairly often & this product works well in removing stains & odor. I would like to see some attatchments made for getting in to crevices. The cleaner doesn't manuver extremely well in the small confines of a car, but still does a fairly good job at getting the majority of the surfaces clean. I'd definately recommend the "Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber" to people who want to spend the extra money to have a really clean car or to other parents of car sick kids. Otherwise I have a hard time justifing the price for the use....more info
  • It works great with understandable limitations
    I ordered a Hoover through Amazon and the thing came broken. My wife had the carpet professionally cleaned and we sent the broken item back without using it. As most of the reviews for this were positive, and we got a new puppy!!! I bought this and started using it every time I vacuumed. I would recommend it highly, it gets out most stains quickly with the included cleaning fluid, but I have also used it with Oxy Clean on spilled food...it is truely a marvel for the price. The story that will sell you, is my son brought home two bikes in his back seat and the greasy chains made very large stains all over his seat...the Devil totally removed the stains with very little effort...my wife was going to have the seat professionally cleaned. Even she is convinced!! Please be aware you are paying less than $40, and if you are buying this to clean your entire house...forget it. This is for small carpet and upholstery stains, not for cleaning your entire living room!! BUY IT!!...more info
  • Very Dissatisfied
    I purchased this product because of the reputation of Dirt Devil products. I tried cleaning stains from my couch and there is absolutely no difference. It will semi-clean stains on the carpet if the stain is very new and still wet and I scrub for 5-10 minutes, otherwise the stain is there to stay....more info
  • Very Dissatisfied
    I purchased this product because of the satisfaction I have with other Dirt Devil products. I tried cleaning stains from my couch and there is absolutely no difference. It will semi-clean stains on the carpet if the stain is very new and still wet, oterwise the stain is there to stay....more info
  • Don't waste your money......
    This machine has broken down on me 4 times during the warranty and twice on the extended warranty.
    Out of the 1 1/2 years I have owned it, I've had it in my possession approximately 1 month. (The other 17 months it's been in the shop!)
    I received it as a gift, and I can honestly say, I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it!
    Save your money for a real cleaner, not a Knock-off of the good ones....more info
  • Don't waste your money......
    I received this as a gift, and have had it serviced 3 times throughout the original warranty, and another 2 times throughout the additional 1 year service warranty I bought. And the funny thing is, I have only attempted to use it on 3 spots! Thank God I didn't waste my OWN money!...more info
  • A Dream Spot-Cleaning Machine
    This little spot-scrubber is one hard-working device! I really put it to the test on some ground-in carpet stains, and was astonished to see what a great cleaning job it did. On one "tank" of hot water, I found that I could clean about four square feet of very soiled carpet -- before the dirty water needed to be emptied, and the clean water container needed to be refilled. While this small carpet cleaner can't easily clean the carpet of an entire room, it sure can clean up just about every small spill you might have!

    The Dirt Devil is fun to use, because it works so well and the results show up so quickly! It comes with a nice starter supply of cleaning solution and operating instructions. The directions for filling, emptying, and cleaning the unit are clear and easy to follow. I found the length of the electrical cord to be just right for my needs, but I can see that there might be times when an extension cord would be required to reach places far from any outlet.

    I highly recommend the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber to anyone who needs a small carpet cleaning machine which does an excellent job, is easy to store, and is lots of fun to use....more info

  • Kids, kids and more KIDS!
    This works great! I have one child who happens to have MANY friends over the house during little league football & basketball seasons. This machine has removed all types of stains from my tan carpet over and over again - soda, red juices, blueberry stains, & ketchup....more info
    Works wonders!! Wish I had gotten one sooner and just couldn't live without it now. 5 stars for me......more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I purchased this product based on the reviews I saw on Amazon. I wanted it for removing cat throw-up from my carpet
    (when my cat eats too fast). I don't know how people could think this is an excellent product unless they are using it on a tan or dark colored rug (that matches the color of the original stain)! I used it on my brand new, very expensive, WHITE carpet- and I can GUARANTEE you, it:

    1) Does NOT do a good or complete job of getting stains up

    2) Leaves A LOT of WATER ON THE RUG - which will delaminate your
    carpet. This is not good - ask any carpet professional.

    3) The machine does not rinse -it just puts soapy water down, scrubs it, then does a lousy job of vacuming up (thus leaving) whatever (now diluted) stain (cat barf)+ carpet shampoo that was originally put down on your carpet by your cat,etc. - and now the machine.

    4) FYI, you need to use a phillips head screwdriver [a local store]. If you want something that really takes stains out, use OXI-CLEAN. You can get it at [local stores] and lots of other places. You still have to dry the carpet by hand (like you do with the product I am returning) - but at least when your're done, the carpet is clean and sanitized!!! And there is no machine to take apart afterwards.


  • A wonder
    Since I have two dogs in a small apartment (including one that is not fully housebroken) I've been renting a Rug Doctor about once a month ever since my Hoover Steamatic Plus lost its suction. It's been a real hassle to rent the equipment and lug it home periodically. I read the reviews for this product and went to Target to pick one up. I figured I had nothing to lose. I have to say -- this is possibly the best money I have spent lately. I was prompted to write this review today because of how well the scrubber cleaned up two gooey poopy stains today (one fresh and one dried). I removed as much as I could with tissue and saturated the stains with the cleaning solution (OK, I sprayed some Nature's Miracle enzyme cleaner on as well for good measure) and I am amazed at how well it worked. I don't have time to do the scrub-brush and towel routine -- my life is too busy -- so I can't say how the Spot Scrubber compares with that. But if you want to save time (and tendonitis) this should fill the bill. Drying the carpet was not high on my list of needs but I felt it performed quite satisfactorily. This is going to save me the expense of a full-size replacement for my Steamatic. I'm sold....more info
  • It was Okay
    I bought the spot scrubber because of all the five star reviews it recieved, but I was a little disappointed. It does get the spots up, but I don't think it really does a better job than a spray cleaner, scrub brush and towel. You can also only use the product for horizontal use only. For a big wet mess I suggest a shop vac to suck up the liquid. I wish I had saved my money for the regular large type carpet cleaner....more info
  • The Cat Barf is Gone!
    I've been looking for a while for the "purr"fect solution to clean up the inevitable "presents" our 2 cats leave for us to find once or twice a month. Paper towels and spray cleaner just aren't worth the trouble. So, I read a few opinions and can now add my voice to the rave reviews this little wonder is getting.
    I'll focus more on the details that round out a solid package. First, it's just intuitive to use. I never even glanced at the instructions, I just pulled it out of the box and could appreciate the simple set of controls, such as a clearly-labeled power switch with a transparent moisture-proof-seal that allows you to safely crank on the juice. Then there are the prominent "release" buttons, one each for the clean water tank (the tank is translucent blue) and dirty water tank (which is just clear enough to see when the fluid level gets to the FULL mark) that allow you to quickly take off either tank and snap it firmly back in place. Then there's the built-in GFCI box at the end of the 3-prong grounded plug that will instantly cut power should it detect something else conducting electricity besides the house wiring (sitting in a puddle of dirty water makes you an excellent contender for those eagerly escaping electrons -- thank you Dirt Devil for this safety device!).
    Finally, there's the sprayer itself. I have to admit I thought this would be cheesey when I first read about it, but now I appreciate its simple elegance. It sprays a wide path of warm, sudsy water exactly where you want it. Since most of my messes occur in about a one-square-foot area, this little puppy does the trick. I just soaked the stain well with about 10-15 sprays and then immediately began scrubbing with the soft-yet-persistent bristles (the directions say you should wait two minutes, but I got impatient). In a little less than a minute of scrubbing all around the stain, it was all gone and I vacuumed up the water. Wow -- no more orange blob on my beige rug!
    My only complaint is that the suction isn't quite as powerful as I was expecting. In retrospect, it does suck up the water fine, but I thought it might get the rug perfectly dry because it was gonna be so honkin' powerful. Alas, this was probably unrealistic -- it actually took around an hour to dry completely, although the vacuum did do much better than I could have done by hand. You'd have no problem with a quart of milk spilled on the kitchen floor, for example, but just don't foolishly expect your carpets to my desert dry unless you use a hair dryer afterward! All in all a great product at a very reasonalbe price. Much easier than waiting for 5 or 6 stains to pile up and begging my mother-in-law to visit so that I can borrow her full-sized upright steamer . . ....more info
  • Well worth [it]
    We live in an apartment with hardwood floors and only have a few carpets. I wanted a carpet cleaner to take care of high traffic areas and spills but didn't want to buy a full/bulky carpet cleaner. It works perfectly! It was easy to use and got rid of spots that had been there for months. I purchased it over the Bissell because of reviews that I saw on this site and couldn't be happier. I feel that this was money well spent....more info
  • Its a Time saver!!!
    I received this for a birthday present and Its the BEST! I have 1 Dog, 1 cat, 4 rats, a 10 year old, and a hubby that works on cars on his days off. Its removed mud, grease, oil, cat stains,rat stains and paw prints on my tan carpet. It removed stains on an old couch, and a stain that was here when we moved in. That stain has been worked on by a professional carpet cleaner! I love this thing, My only complaint would be the cleaning solution compartment is too small, BUT as a fellow reveiwer mentioned, a spray bottle works great! I love this product...more info
  • Got Stains?
    I got the Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber for a gift at christmas and with two dog I thougtht this thing will really be handy. I have Two Border Collies they are Seven and Three so they are past the potty training, but the sopts from when they were potty training are still there. So the next day after I got it I decided to find a big old spot and man was I suprised at how well it got it out and how dry it was.

    1.Corded for continuous power
    2. Rotating Brush is good at scrubbing but gentle Enough not to ruin the rugs.
    3.powerful suction
    4. good cord length

    1.Dirty water bin takes long to dry word of advice(shake it after rinsing leave near heater with end cap off)
    Thats it for the cons

    Now I will tell you about my experience with different cleaners. My first one was the hoover steam vac with the brushes. It ruined my carpets the rotating brushes unwind the threads in the rug leaving it looking matted down. The next machine I used was the cordless Bissell Spot Lifter which was good but did not hold a good charge and there was no power brush.

    So there you have it I would defenitly recomend this product. It did a good job on carpets in the car and out of the car. I have two tips for using it(when doing the car don't be stupid like some of the other people that have recommended it, you can only use it inthe upright position so don't try and do the backrest of your car because it will activate the float and shut off the suction)Also clean up and sand with a vacuum before using it. Another person wrote that the sand clogged the dirty water intake, well if that person was smart they would have read the directions where it said for water pick up only clean any bulky items before using this machine. That is all I have to say about this product.
    Thank You...more info

  • no smell has to mean it is getting the job done right
    I purchased this about three weeks ago along with a new puppy. Those of you who know about potty training a puppy can imagine how happy I am to have the spot scrubber. I use it so much I don't even unplug it from the wall. I only have two complaints for the spot scrubber though. First of all, the cleaning solution tank does not hold enough. I can fill it 4 times before the dirty water creeps just under the full line in the dirty water tank. My solution to this problem is to just tote one of those generic household cleaner spray bottles with the cleaning water mixture in it around with the spot scrubber. My second complaint is that the exhaust smells just like whatever you just vaccumed up. So, if you don't clean the dirty water tank EVERY TIME you use it :( , well let's just say it's not aromatherapy.
    As far as performance, it is very powerful because it is a plug in model versus a cordless. Every spot I have cleaned on my carpet turned out SO clean I have had to go over that entire area around it to prevent it from looking, well, spotted. The true test of how well it works comes from how your house smells when you walk in the front door. I have a friend who has a different hand held carpet cleaner and a small dog, and her house doesn't smell as clean as she would like. She pointed out how good my house smelled when she came over which obviously made me very happy. So, I would highly recommend this hand vac/carpet cleaner because no smell has to mean it is getting the job done right the first time....more info