Bissell 19603 Quicksteamer Plus Lightweight Deep Cleaner

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Used with any of the Bissell Little Green Formulas or Cleaning formulas for Compact Deep Cleaners, this portable unit offers the power of Bissell deep cleaning with the convenience of a compact and lightweight design. Spots and spills Kids or pets The Bissell Spot lifter is the answer. Easy and convenient, this machine is always ready for a quick cleanup. This item will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Shipments cannot be expedited on this item. .

  • Convenient & lightweight - weighs less than 12 lbs. and stores ready to use
  • 6 Rows of powerful Cross Action Brushes loosen embedded dirt
  • Large wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Strain Reliever Handle ergonomically designed to reduce hand and wrist stress
  • Ideal for high traffic areas, overall cleaning, and spots and spills
Customer Reviews:
  • Awesome little machine!
    Um, people who complain that this did not get their carpet clean, I really have to wonder how dirty they let their carpets get! I have two dogs, two cats, and three kids. The last time I had my oriental cleaned it cost $300. This little machine did an awesome job at just under $70! And I'll get many more carpet cleanings for my $70. The carpet was dry in under three hours (how wet you let the carpet get is up to you). I thought it would take longer to dry, but it dried so quickly! I used the pet odor cleaner...did a great job getting out a few accidents my younger dog had. Highly recommend this lightweight gem. My only complaint is they should NOT say it is a steam cleaner because it is not. It is a hot water cleaner (that works just fine).......more info
  • Not Too Bad For The Money
    Bought this to clean some area rugs and two carpeted rooms in a small apartment. To call it a "QuickSteamer" is a little misleading because it doesn't produce steam at all; it simply uses hot tap water. However, for the price, under $80, I've found it to be an efficient, affordable way to keep our carpets clean. If you thoroughly vacuum before using and pre-treat any stained areas, it should do a decent job for you. Because of its small size, it is not for commercial use or homes with large carpeted areas.

    Cleaning carpet is not rocket science and all you really need is something that vacuums up hot water from the carpet. This unit does that. You'll see the proof when you dump the dirty water for the first time. Again, for less than $80, you can't really go wrong with this unless you've got a large job or super filthy carpets....more info
  • Front sucker constantly getting clogged.
    OK, I'm not sure why previous review love this thing, unless they were cleaning clean carpets. My issue was in order to get a strong vacuum, the front sucker is very narrow. This unit tends to create wads of wet dust bunnies, which when they go through the narrow vent, get clogged. You have to use a knife to clean out the narrow vent in order for it to get it's vacuum back. And yes, I did vacuum before. But, maybe the pre vacuuming is the problem. The carpet I was cleaning was also semi thick....more info
  • Perfect Size for Small Apartments
    I got tired of the dingy carpet in my place. Not wanting to rent a huge unit at a huge price, I decided to get this after reading the reviews. This machine not only did a good job in cleaning the rug, it also dried faster than the rental unit I had used in the past. Since it takes up the same space as a vacuum cleaner, storage is not a problem....more info
  • Bissell Quicksteamer
    The quicksteamer is so handy. Very light and conveinant. I was really surprised how clean the carpet turned out. ...more info
    I purchased this unit that was used 1 time at Goodwill..cleaned it up and it works GREAT..I just finished completely steaming my entire house..yes it took most of the day ..BUT it does a really
    good job..amazing..good for those of us who have arthritis and can't lift or push much..
    I also steamed my hardwood floors and it did great..they shine
    like house feels so clean!!
    All you girls who have kids and pets..this little machine
    is a must have! I'd buy another!!...more info
  • Excellent compact machine
    I've had two full size steamers in the past. A Hoover, and a Bissel Pro-Heat. The Quicksteamer did just as good of a job on my carpets as those two did (my carpets were heavily soiled when using each machine by the way). The only difference is the full size machines cost over 200 and this cost 69.99.
    Actually, the only advantage the full size machines had, was bigger tanks. That's it.

    So, if you don't mind refilling a little more often (actually refilling more often keeps the water hotter), then this machine will do just fine....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    If you just want to give your carpets a good wet down, this is the perfect product for you. However, if you are looking to actually CLEAN your carpet - get something with brushes that actually work. To get anything clean with this item, you have to stand and basically rub the carpet back and forth at least 5-10x before it even starts to remove any dirt. Then, the carpet is waterlogged and takes quite a while for it to dry. Not to mention, when it starts to run out of cleaning solution (that you have to mix up) - it starts spitting out bubbles & cleaning solution all over the floor that you just spent 15 minutes scrubbing. This machine is useless, frustrating and is now a piece of trash after only 10 uses.

    You get what you pay for - save your money and splurge for something better. You'll be thankful you did it in the end....more info
  • Good stuff
    I've had this machine for about 2 years and it serves its purpose. It cleans really well food spills, cat throwup, and other feline disasters. It does not clean makeup spills....more info
  • Nice carpet cleaner
    Yes this is a nice compact carpet cleaner, it works well, I didn't recieve the booster as mentioned in the product description I guess somehow it was left out, need to contact Bissell about that. Also if you want to clean hard floors you have to order the optional hard floor cleaner and the adapter. The only place, I found out from Bissell, to get the model that includes the adapter is only available from QVC....more info
  • Only for light duty, at best!
    I usually stand by Bissel. Not with this item overall. Yes, it's light and yes it does have good suction. But the problems I have with this unit is this:

    1. Instead of spraying out of one hole that evenly spreads the cleaning solution across the area needed, it has a bar with a bunch of holes. So when you push and spray, it sprays in lines, so you're only suctioning up those lines of solution and dirt. When done, you have stripes on the rug, some clean lines and some dirty lines. You have to keep going over it which doesn't help much if you have heavy cleaning to do. If you try to go the opposite direction you end up with checkerboards.

    2. The tank is so small that for my 5x9 area rug took me about 10-12 trips to the sink to keep refilling the clean tank and emptying the dirty tank. How annoying.

    3. Cross action brush? Nope. Misleading. The box gives the impression that it's a motorized brush that goes left to right. It's not. It's a free floating brush that is just clipped on, no motor. It just drags across the floor as you push the machine, and it's not even stiff enough to do anything. The bristles are very very soft which to me is useless. It's as if the brush is just petting the carpet, lol, not brushing or cleaning it.

    I wanted an upright cleaner for storage and convenience but this is going back tomorrow after I clean it up and I'll either stick with my old canister one or do research on a larger heavy duty machine. I have 5 kids, including 9 month old triplets and the only rug we have is this 5x9 rug in their playroom and it's rediculous that I have to get a big heavy duty machine just for that. So my suggestion....


    I will not resort to what another reviewer had to do and hand spray cleaner on the carpet first by hand and then go back and suction it up with the machine. That's the machine's job, not mine....more info
  • OK, For A Deep Cleaner With No Brush
    I have had it aout 3 yars now and it OK. Sometimes I use The RUG DOCTER that do's much better. It has no brush. It do's NOT pick up much dirt. If you whould like a CLEAN carpet get a HOOVER or rent a RUG DOCTOR....more info
  • love this product
    this vacuum/cleaner is the best!!! it is so easy and light weight-hardly any assembly required. i have 3 kids and a puppy, and i bought this to just spot clean until the pro. carpet people could come out, after cleaning a couple of areas i cancelled our carpet cleaning appointment. it picks up everything!!! bissell did a great job with this one, esp. for the price!!!! thanks!!!!!...more info
  • Bissell beats "Boover"
    I purchased the Bissell Quicksteamer at Target about one year ago. Living in a small apartment for 11 1/2 years I only have room for small, efficient cleaning implements. I am delighted to date with this excellent carpet shampooer!

    The Quicksteamer removed most of the 10 1/2 years of ground-in dirt (high foot traffic areas) the first time I used it. Incidentally, I really appreciate the shampooing tips of the other reviewers and look forward to adding them to my meager repertoir of household skills.

    Yes, the carpet did become somewhat damp initially, but after getting up the ground-in decade plus collection of soil/stains the carpet now remains relatively dry after each monthly "treatment" - one pass usually doing the job.

    I too was originally going to purchase a "Boover"-er-Hoover "bull-sized" carpet shampooer, but made an "on site", in store change of product decision (unusual for me). I decided to go with the "Blue/White Bissell" - blue being my favorite color (color being an important marketing ploy totally unrelated to performance).

    Glad I "succumbed" and purchased this outstanding, LIGHTWEIGHT, reliable product! As a bonus the needed Bissell liquid carpet cleaning supplies are readily available and not that expensive. You can also easily purchase replacement brushes as needed.

    Thank you Bissell for a great product! Thank you Amazon for a great website feature - the product rating boards!

    ...more info
  • Don't buy this machine, you'll be sorry!!
    I bought this machine to clean up after my arthritic incontinent antique dog, I should have my saved money instead. I bought this thing,whatever it is, it isn't a carpet cleaner, in January 2005, since then it has been in the shop twice for leaks, drips and non spraying. When it hasn't been in the shop it only sort of works, I do better with a wet rag and a wet/dry vac than this piece does on it's best day. If the repairman ever gets this thing to work again I think I'll donate it to a thrift store, if they'll take it that is! ...more info
  • You Get What you pay for
    I saw the reviews for this product and figured I would buy it based on the good reviews. Needless to say it turned out to be a sixty dollar steam vac.
    The nozzles do not spray liquid most of the time and after only the second use the suction did not work. Do yourself a favor and spend the money to get a decent machine instead of a toy....more info
  • If You've Got A Dog...
    Our dog is 15 years old, still as energetic as when she was a pup but 15 years old nonetheless and accidents do happen. Well this little machine makes them disappear in no time and with the Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Removal Formula, it's like it never happened.
    This steamer is convenient, easy to use and can be emptied and cleaned very easily. Just remember to start cleaning with a full tank of cleaner and water, it's a gravity feed system and if the tank isn't full the valve may not open.
    A Great Value....more info
  • Simple ... Quick ... Effective ... Light weight
    As an older consumer ... I wanted something simple and light. At this point I can barely use the radio in my car ... and setting the clock--forget it. I was a little apprehensive when the box arrived. I took out the instructions looked at the three pieces ... stuck them together ... no problem here. All going well, I thought I'd try it out. Two capfulls of cleaning product (I used Bissell Pet odor and soil remover)to be measured into the cup that's on the other side of the lid located on the back of the clean water tank. The fill lines were clearly marked so I added the hot water from the tap ... screwed the lid back on ... slipped the tank back on--no problem. Yippee ... a simple on switch and a foot lever for handle release. Worked great! I decided to clean the rest of the hallway. Now the challenge could I remove the dirty water tank without instructions. Feeling confident after the no hassle assembly I found two latches (one on each side) of the dirty water tank. Flipped them up ... the tank didn't release. I needed to push the foot lever down and lay the handle back. Wahla ... the tank lifted right out. Yeah ... I made it to the bathroom--no spills. The side of the tank the dirty water out from is marked ... if you use the other side the dirty water splashes all over when you try to pour--oops. I slipped the dirty water tank back on the machine, refilled the clean water tank and cleaned the rest of the hallway and three throw rugs. It took four tanks in all. The machine is set up for smaller jobs 3 X 4 to 4 X 5 areas depending on the amount of dirt. I set the machine on a piece of indoor outdoor carpet until the brushes dried. The suction is very good so drying time is around four hours. Since this machine is so light and no hassel, I also use the machine just to refresh my rooms and keep the house smelling fresh. The refresh drying time is about two hours and a tank will do a 10 X 10 area. This applies to refreshing only ... which is a quick topical cleaning to a basically clean room with a spot or two. This is not the machine for tedious or heavy duty cleaning, but it's just the thing for small areas or quick clean-ups. I highly recommend this carpet cleaner and give kudo's to Bissell for this great little product. KUDO'S! ...more info
  • wow
    buy this steamer for all jobs. cannot believe how clean my carpet got after 1 years worth of dirt....more info
  • Awesome Little Machine
    This little carpet cleaner is amazing. It cleans as well as the larger models (I previously owned a Hoover - honestly, this baby does a better job). The beater brushes are not wimpy - they really have a punch.

    The only drawback is the smaller size tanks of couse; however, I found this to be a plus in the end. With the larger size water tanks the water cools down as you go. Since you have to change the water fairly often with this machine - the water is always hot when you're cleaning. You can clean approximately 4x8 feet per tank.

    Ditto to what many are saying, I just wanted to add:

    Someone mentioned the sprayer not working. I experienced this as well, and I found that it happens when you don't start the machine with a full tank (his experience may have been different). If I stop and then start again a little later with less than a full tank of cleaning solution - the sprayer doesn't want to work. If I fill it up, it sprays again fine - and continues to spray until the tank is empty.

    I'm really happy with this machine - glad I purchased it!...more info
  • Don't bother...
    Spend your money on another product, not this one.

    I thought this would be a good cleaner for light use or maybe spot cleaning for those occasional mishaps. I was really excited when it arrived and after thoroughly vacuuming the test area, a 6 x 4 moderately soiled patch in front of the couch, I began to assemble the cleaner.

    Out of the box it was a very simple assembly process taking less than 5 minutes. I filled the clean water reservoir with the recommended amount of cleaning solution and hot water and put the tank onto the machine. It was a little drippy at first, where the nozzles connect, but to be expected with a wet task like this...

    I pressed the power button; not too noisy, actually much quieter than my vacuum cleaner. The spray trigger in the handle is easily activated with just an index finger. I began going over my test area and was impressed by how easy it was to manuever compared to some of the heavier rental units I've tried. Very easy to see the water being sucked out of the carpet, pretty good suction for a lightweight model.

    After draining the clean water tank, I removed the dirty water reservoir and poured the contents into a clear Pyrex mixing bowl so I could easily see how much grime was pulled out of my carpet. I was pleasantly surprised, very effective in removing most of the soiled test area. I decided to go over the test area one more time before moving on the rest of the room.

    This is where I became very disappointed with the product. I put the dirty water reservoir back on and refilled the clean water tank with solution and hot water. Pushed the power button, pressed the spray trigger and.... nothing. No cleaning solution was coming out of the sprayer. Okay, perhaps I didn't put the clean water tank back on correctly, so I removed it and replaced it making sure the nozzles were seated properly. Turned the power back on, pressed the spray trigger and again, nothing.

    Now I'm a reasonably bright mechanical engineer; I should be able to figure this out. What happened in the 10 minutes between the time I first used it and now? I took everything apart, cleaned the hoses and nozzles with compressed air and put it back together. A little better, a trickle of solution comes out the sprayer now. In frustration, I removed the clean water tank, poured the solution into a hand-held sprayer, and then used the still- working (for how long?) suction feature to remove the soiled water.

    I will never buy another Bissell product, I should have listened to my mother and bought the Hoover...

    ...more info
  • paid for itself
    When we were moving out of our rental house, I thought for sure that we would lose our entire security deposit to the stains our 3-year-old put in the carpet. My plan was to get this inexpensive machine to pre-treat the stains several times and then to call in the professionals to finish the job. We had WHITE CARPET throughout the house.

    The results were amazing. I was able to remove all of the stains by pre-treating with carpet cleaner and then going over it with the Bissel. The Bissel cleaned so well, that I used it all over the house and we DIDN'T EVEN NEED to call the professionals.

    It saved our security deposit!

    In retrospect, if I would have known that it would have worked so well and that I would have been using it for years to come, I would have bought a bigger one with a larger tank and uphostery attachments, but I have to admit that its small size and light weight make it very convenient for cleaning up spills before they have time to set it....more info
  • Good little machine
    I bought this little thing because we were expecting 14 guests to sleep in my little 1400 sq ft house. I Originally wanted the powerbrush with the attachemnts but every place I went were out of stock or recalled(?) so I settled for this one. I used it once before the three day new years party to remove pet hair, dirt and spills from my 1 1/2 year old daughter. I was pleased with its results and was okay with everyone sleeping on the carpet.

    Sometime during the party, my daughter got a hold of a full can of soda off an end table and was running through the house with it, however I didn't know about it until a few days later when I noticed there were splatter marks all over the carpet in almost every room of the house. I took my regular spot treater out and sprayed all the spots in the house and let them set while I proceeded to set up the machine. I found that when I made a forward pass over the carpet to get it wet and scrubbed the stained areas with a scrub brush, then sucked the water out afterward, I not only got the stains out but I got ten times more dirt out of the carpet less than a week after I had already cleaned it. I also refilled the machine half as many times using this method. And as an added bonus, I was also able to fluff up the flatter high traffic areas that I thought were matted permenantly. I must say I am surprised at this little machines abilities with proper pre-treatment. And for the price, it's way worth it. ...more info
  • Awesome little cleaner
    My Mom purchased this as a gift for my brother. He has a Golden Retriever and has occasional accidents. He loves it! So when we got our Beagle we so needed to borrow the Quicksteamer for our little accidents. I was totally impressed!!! It works wonderfully on our carpet. I have NO fact we are buying one for ourselves....more info
  • There's water in my carpet!
    I was thrilled with the light weight of the cleaner, but quickly dismayed at the results. The tank emptied and the results in the retrieving tank was about 1/10 of what I had put onto the carpet. We are in day 3 of wet carpets. I have returned the machine and am hoping to find something else that picks up the water. I was also hoping the brushes would work for stains - but because of the weight of the machine, I think the top fibers are all that are getting "combed" by the brush. Don't waste your money, and if you do make sure it's returnable. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    When I initially bought it worked great. Then after about three uses the brushes stopped scrubbing and none of the cleaning solution would come out. So I would have to our the cleaning solution and then scrub it myself and then the only thing the Bissell was good for was sucking the water and soap out of the rug and THAT'S IT!...more info
  • You Get What You Pay For and Then Some
    Initially, I was looking for the 2070 with the rotating brush based on the product reviews from Consumer Reports, epinions and here. However, upon arrival to the store they were out of the model. Since I was tired of looking at my carpet in its then current condition I decided to take the plunge and return it if it failed to give the results I desired.

    Boy was I surprised...pleasantly that is. Upon removal from the box it merely requires use of a Phillips Screwdriver to attach the handle.

    Fortunately, I checked here again for product review and thanks to a reviewer who states that it's a good idea to wet the affected area with the cleaning solution, allow it to sit for thirty minutes or so and then go over it with a clean 1/2 gallon of water in the clean tank. This really cuts down on the number of trips to the sink to empty the dirty water tank.

    This product performed quite well, as it removed stains that my other little scrubber just couldn't quite get out. Perhaps its because I employed the above mentioned technique. I don't know but it worked. Not to mention that I did my entire apartment, much of which is carpeted. It worked wonders and the carpet looks a million times better.

    Worth the money and then some....more info
  • Doesn't do anything at all...
    If you're looking for a vacuum cleaner that dampens carpet, this'll do it, but don't expect it to clean anything.

    The brush just sits there...doesn't scrub. It doesn't get any stains out, just removes some surface dirt. That's all it does. I have two children ages 2 and 3, both of whom enjoy taking diapers off. I just had one take his off, poop all over my bedroom floor. I tried using this cleaner in hopes of removing it, after cleaning as best as I could by hand. The stains are still there. The poopoo hadn't sat at all, and yet it's still there, and poopoo isn't usually too difficult to get out. I only wanted to use the cleaner since it would have been easier than cleaning by hand, but now it will never come out since the hot water just likely set the stains....more info
  • It's wonderful!
    I just bought the Bissell Quicksteamer Plus and have used it on ALL my carpets. I love it. I have MS and it's lightweight enough for me to use, does a great job [I have 6 young Grandkids & a dog], is easy to fill & empty. Most important ~ it got out spots both new & old! I have recommended it to friends. It doesn't cost much but did a fantastic job on my rugs. I'm ashamed of the very dirty water that I poured out of the recovery tank. I can't wait to use it again :)...more info
  • Fantastic for small jobs
    I have owned a Bissell Quicksteamer for over a year, and I am extremely pleased with it. This is the ideal machine for small jobs around the house. Do your pets have occasional "accidents"? Do your kids spill and drip? If so, you will lower your blood pressure substantially by owning one of these.

    This machine is extremely easy to fill, empty, and clean. It's quite compact too, so it's easy to carry it to where you need it and to store it when you're done. The QuickSteamer does quite a good job of sucking back up what it sprays into your carpet, which is the real test of a carpet cleaner. It's easy to spray stuff into the carpet; not so easy to suck it back up. The carpet is usually only slightly damp to the touch immediately after cleaning it with the QuickSteamer, and is usually dry in just a few hours. Although the QuickSteamer lacks a moving brush, I find this is not much of an issue. The fixed brush does a reasonable job of scrubbing the carpet and allowing the cleaning solution to reach into the carpet.

    On the down side, the machine is a bit loud, with a very shrill high pitch. Animals and small children will flee when they see you are about to turn it on. Also, it does not do well with carpets that have a lot of dust and hair. Ideally, you should vacuum that kind of stuff before using the QuickSteamer. I find I can easily clean a carpet of 20 to 30 square feet (say a 4-foot by 6-foot rug) with the QuickSteamer, however, it starts to feel a bit onerous on a larger area, such as an 8-foot by 10-foot rug. It's really not designed for such a task, so if that's your need, then you should probably consider purchasing a larger machine.

    I can honestly say that the QuickSteamer does about as good a job as the big heavy machines I have rented. The lot of them, the QuickSteamer and all the rented machines, have all succeed in removing a shocking amount of gunk from even seemingly clean carpets. The QuickSteamer did manage to get out a stain that a large rented machine left behind, however. All things considered, I think the QuickSteamer is an outstanding machine. It's well worth the modest price....more info

  • hey it works
    im mr sceptic and when i learned this had no rotating brushes and saw its size i was going to take it back to buy a larger model but someone convinced me it works and that the pro kind u rent doesnt have rotating brushes anyway so i put it together it was easy to put together like my bissell vacuum they seem to excel in the category after about 5 minutes i was set i first cleaned the living room i noticed its easy to push and not any louder than a regular sweeper well to my surprise this little thing cleaned just aswell as the pro machine i rented and not only that it used less carpet chemical and it left the floor less wet so it dried much faster my carpets all look like new again this thing works amazingly well and its easy to use and put together the tanks small but its still large enough u can do each entire room before changing the tank and the tank design is pretty genius and you wont have to worry about spilling it very easily others complain this regular model has no rotating brush but u can suck up the dirty water forward and backward with this because of the passive brush and it seems to work better besides i hear the rotating brushes go out easy well folks there u have it i paid 69 bucks it cleaned a 2000 sq foot house easily making white carpets pristine its easy to put together easy to push u see the dirty water comeup the tanks almost spillproof it doesnt soak the carpets as bad as a rental so they dry faster and it even comes with enough carpet shampoo for 1 cleaning ps when u buy cleaning solution get the bissel fabric care in the blue bottle that comes with this machine it smells great and i find it works better in this particular machine...more info
  • excellent product
    I bought this while the big steamer we had was in the shop also by bissel. It was easy to assemble, and is as advertised light weight. I find it is easy to fill use and has excellent water recovery. In my opinion it is better than the larger unit I put in for repair (after 6 weeks if service I might add) one of the main pluses of this unit is clean up. You remove the bottom tank and rise it, then if you so desire you can clean the intake chute for suction. On my old one you need to get out the screwdriver and pull off the whole frount plate and gaskets (which never go backin right) this unit is one piece. It holds a gallon of solution (water and soap conbined) and the the recovery tank is a 1/2 gallon. Which is about right. One fill up cleans my heavy traveled living room 10' X 20'. I consider the best shampooer we have bought. easy to store, light weight, and you can buy the solution in the store....more info
  • Dirty wet carpet, anyone?
    This product consists of a passive brush the size of a chalkboard eraser, a spray and a vacuum. Because the brush neither rotates nor vibrates, it can't deep scrub carpeting. Indeed, the product is so lightweight, the brush just really laps at the surface of the carpet, at best lifting off any surface dirt, but little else. Saying that this device has "6 rows of powerful cross-action brushes" is a meaningless term that reflects the fact that the bristles in the eraser-sized brush come in 6 rows. But there is no power to the brush, and there is nothing "cross-action" about it. It's just a soft brush that sits there doing nothing.

    So in addition to the fact that the bristles aren't capable of releasing embedded dirt, the vacuum filled up after I covered a 4x5 foot area. My floor is wet, and not discernably cleaner than the portion that I hadn't cleaned. With a little more elbow grease, I should have saved myself nearly $70 and bought myself a bottle of Resolve and a new laundry brush. Spend more money and get something with a rotating brush, a bigger tank, and preferably heavy enough to actually put pressure on the brush; or spend less and do spot-treatment by hand. The Bissell 19603, which would take impossibly long to clean my 15x18 foot room (the only room I have with carpeting), and which would do so poorly, is not a happy medium between those two extremes....more info

  • Great little cleaner
    Compared to those complicated steam cleaners that require Arnold Schwarzenegger to move, this is a dream come true! Cleans well, although the small tanks make frequent filling/emptying necessary, it does a great job and is much less expensive than hiring a company to come in. Five stars!...more info
  • A Winner For The Price!
    I'll give this 5-stars based on the price for what it does. Is it the best? It's $69.99! It cleans quite well. You do have to run it parallel to walls to get the edges and the brush is semi-stationary but it helps out. The motor seems very adequate as it applies and removes a lot of water/cleaner. It could use a longer cord, maybe an extra 5 or 10 feet, though. Even after using our Oreck vacuum, this little cleaner still produced quite a bit of dirt in the waste tank. It is a lot easier to use than the hand held model we were considering purchasing for small accidents and, we can clean entire rooms. If you have "extra-large" rooms, this is great for freshening up but you will probably want a unit with bigger tanks for full cleaning. Now, we'll see how long it holds up....more info
  • The perfect solution to pet "spills"
    We bought this steam cleaner because we needed something that we could quickly pull out to clean our carpet after dog accidents. It has been wonderful. I am so impressed with the cleaning abilities on this little machine. While it may not be the best choice if you want to do your entire house, it is perfect to keep in the closet and pull out at a moment's notice for spills. It is amazing to see how dirty the water is when I go to dump it out. I also found that if you run the Bissel over the cleaned spot until no more water is pulled out, the carpet will dry very quickly afterwards.

    A must have if you are like us and have an old dog who is having some problems remembering where he is supposed to do his business. My anxiety about my carpets has been completely relieved with this machine....more info

    Combination cannot be beat!! Add affordable & BISSEL IS A WINNER!!!...more info
  • Cheaper than renting, but not long lasting
    In April 2002 with six kittens not yet housebroken and shoulders injured from a car accident, I decided to purchase the Bissell Quicksteamer. Its light weight and small size suits my small place fine, and I've used it probably on average every six weeks on my offwhite berber, so it has been a handy, fine investment when compared to renting a rug doctor at $20 a pop. I ordered an extra attachment for using on my vinyl flooring, since it ships only with the carpet tool.
    To get best results, you must be certain to vacumn as much water up as possible. On hard floors, the Quicksteamer leaves little puddles that will dry unevenly. I like using Oxyclean as well as Bissell's multi-allergen formula. However, because the Quicksteamer has no attachments, cleaning the edges and corners of the carpet is next to impossible. The machine can clog up a bit with hair and debris getting in both the water uptake and the little red thingamajig, but you can use a knife to clean the water uptake. I also found that that pressing on the detent lever to move the handle back from stationary upright position to an angle for operating usage can be difficult when the dirty water tank is empty and that you have to either lightly step on the spray bar or lean over and hold it down to get ready for use. There's a lot of leakage from the spray bar when the dirty water tank is being emptied, too.
    I'm greatly disappointed that the machine's motor decided to burn out just six months after its one year warranty ended. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. So if you want a product that is easy to use, purchase this, but you may need to replace it sooner than you think! My replacement purchase will be something more substantial that allows me to clean upholstery, which is not possible with the Quicksteamer....more info
    This is the most amazing steamer! For the price ($69.99) it does all it should do! The bigger more expensive steamers offer upholstry attachments and less times emptying the dirty water tank. We only have three rooms with carpet and this suits us perfect!! My seven year old helped me put it together in less than five minutes. We began cleaning immediately and the dirt it got out of our carpet was unbelievable! My daughter's carpet had stains that nothing could get out (for three years now) and this little steamer cleaned her entire floor!! I would recommend this to everyone!...more info
  • A Small Wonder!
    I have a small dog who has a lot of accidents, so I have to steam clean my carpets quite regularly. After renting a machine over and over again, I decided to purchase this machine and needless to say, I am ecstatic over the results. First of all, the machine was very easy to assemble. It is easy to use and easy to clean, and it is not as heavy and bulky as the machines that you have to rent. If you have a small apartment or condo, this is the ideal machine for you!...more info
  • A Gotta Have
    I considered renting a machine after a few potty training accidents, when a friend offered to lend me this machine. After years of throwing money into heavy rentals, I was soooo pleased to try this out. It is so light and easy to handle! I ended up using it thru the whole house. It does a great job without leaving the carpets soaked. You can bet I'll be getting one for myself.
    (tightwad hint: use just a tablespoon of Windex with hot tap water. It works just as well as those expensive carpet cleaning solutions)...more info
  • Generally pleased
    I used the machine for the first time last night. We have hardwood floors, but there is a white 5 x 7 area rug in the living room that we really needed to clean. I figured that getting this machine would probably cost no more than a single professional cleaning. The machine did remove an amazing, or maybe the right word is disgusting, amount of dirt from the rug. My only disappointment is that around the border of the rug there is a pattern with raised areas in the shape of leaves. The machine was not able to clean effectively down between those raised areas. I'm not sure what I will do about those spots, but if you are getting it to clean regular carpet then this limitation shouldn't pose a problem for you....more info
  • what a bargain!
    i live in a large apartment, i my carpet needed a good cleaning, its just me and my 3 year old daughter, so there's not alot of heavy traffic, but the grapejuice spills, and her paints, popcorn,milk, etc. add up after a while. i was skeptical about getting a carpet cleaner, because alot of them on the market are $...+, well $ definitly in my budget, its light, easy storage, and it really deep cleans! the only drawback to it's small size is i had to empty quite a bit, but since i don't have alot of heavy traffic i won't be using it alot anyway. and i'd rather have this bissell than renting one from the grocery store anyday!p.s. the detergent smells great!...more info
  • perfect for a small apartment
    "We Mean Clean" is Bissell's motto, and they live up to it in this lightweight beauty.
    For small areas, and carpets that do not need a heavy-duty machine, this is ideal. I was horrified at how nasty the liquid in the "Dirty Water Tank" was the first time I used it, and amazed at how soft my rugs were after only one cleaning. I have almost wall-to-wall Persian rugs (I filled the "Clean Water Tank" with warm instead of hot water for them), with terrific results. A "rug expert" might scream "carpet abuse" at using a Bissell on Persians, but these are tough old Iranian tribal rugs, and seem to be very happy in their immaculate, fresh-smelling state, and have never looked better, with a velvety texture and lustrous colors. It also works wonders with the less than ideal carpeting under my rugs, that came with the apartment.

    It is very simple to assemble; all you will need is a Phillips head screwdriver and about 5 minutes. The components are easily removed from the body of the machine to fill, empty and clean, and the only thing I would give a word of caution to, is that if you want to empty the "Clean Water Tank", not to unscrew the opening at the bottom, but use the filling hole, with its "Formula Measuring Cap", instead. The bottom opening, which has the nozzle that sends the water into the cleaning aparatus, is hard to screw back on, and if not done correctly, will cause a leak.

    As someone who likes everything spiffy-spotless, and lives with two four-pawed friends that manage to cough up at least a couple of hair-balls each a week, this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I also like walking barefoot, and love the clean, soft feel under my toes....more info

  • It's a good starter for small space
    I like how light this machine is. I've always wanted a carpet cleaner vacuum but it does not steam. Don't let the box fool you with that description. It's very easy to put together and very easy to use. It's great for cleaning small rooms.....large rooms will take a long time. Also I have 2 cats which the machine is great at pulling up cat hair that is deep within the carpets but you're constantly cleaning out the machine 'cause it can only pick up so much fur before getting clogged. I never knew my cats shed that much. Also you're constantly refilling the tank with more cleaner. It empties out rather quick. I recommend the machine for a good starter but if you need something more then this is probably not the machine for you....more info
  • Surprising Results for Such a Cheap Appliance!
    I am new to do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and have always paid someone else to come and do it for me. But I recently bought my son a dog for his birthday (to add to our collection of 3 rabbits, 1 chinchilla, 1 hamster, 4 degus, 2 fish and a toddler) and we live in an apartment next to a river - this means lots of MUD and PET and FOOD messes on my carpet. Plus my son has allergies - dust mite. I bought this machine because I wanted to be able to clean my carpets whenever I want - not wait for an appointment and pay around $80 / cleaning! (And the carpet guys didn't even move my furniture for me!) Plus, when having every room cleaned at once, where am I supposed to move my furniture anyway? So I thought I'd try this and I LOVE it. My carpet is SO clean - it got old spots out and you should have seen the dirty water tank - YUCK! Totally easy to setup and use - I am cleaning the carpets every week now. (Seriously) It's almost fun! I recommend the Bissel carpet detergent in the green bottle - the allergy stuff with Scotchguard. It works great and smells nice, without being too strong. Strong smells are bad for people with allergies. They even give you a free bottle to try in the box with the machine. How nice. Now I sound like I work for Bissel - which I don't - but I am just so happy that for once, I got MORE than I paid for. Thank you, Bissel. I am so happy with my purchase - I am going to tell everybody I know about this....more info
  • Surprisingly wonderful!
    I was looking for a carpet cleaner online and decided to check out what models Target offered that weren't too expensive (under $200.00) Well I saw the price and thought WOW, I'll purchase the Bissell QuickSteamer Plus! I wasn't too sure that it would be effective because I own an Akita who always seems to track in dirt. I purchased it and took it out of the box as soon as I got home.It was easy to assemble and BOY DID IT clean my carpet WELL! I was thoroughly impressed at such a bargain. Inexpensively priced, but cleans like the professionals came in!...more info
  • Thought I had found the answer
    My front door opens right on the living room/dining room rug and everyone is too lazy to walk around the house to the back door. Consequently, all traffice comes and goes through my front door. I rented carpet machines; I paid for carpet cleaners to come and clean my rug with truck mounted systems; I even bought one of those canister cleaners. Every option was inconvenient or a lot of work. (We were so tired from hauling the canister up from the cellar and assembling it, that we only did the rug once a year!) When I saw this light and easy gizmo, I thought that I had it made. Once a month I would zap the rug by the front door. Well, I might have waited too long, but each time I did the rug, I wound up going over it twice with the soapy water and three times with clear water to rinse and the water was still dirty! And it took almost 2 hours! We don't have any dogs. It is just the two of us most of the time so I think the reservoir is so small that it just doesn't hold enough to properly clean the dirt in the rug. Yes, I still use it between times, but I am now hunting for macho machine to really clean my rug....more info
  • Disappointed
    It says "Steamer", there is NO steam. Very disappointing. Most of these stand up carpet cleaners that say "steam" do not steam. Also, it makes a high pitched noise....more info
  • perfect for small home
    this unit is the perfect size for a small home. I have purchased 2 of them. One for my home and one for my son and it is the perfect size for our singlewide manufactured homes. I had tried a larger unit in my home and it seems I spent as much time tripping over it as I did using it. Easy to use, easy to clean amd does as good of a job as the larger rental unit I had used before....more info
  • Wonderful Product!!
    I just purchased the Bissell Quicksteamer Plus at Target on January 21, 2003. I had priced other models, but they were quite expensive. I opened the box and thought, "How is this going to get my carpet clean - it's so small and light!" Well, I tried it, and was amazed. It got my carpet clean and smelling wonderful. It is surprisingly powerful. The best thing is that it's easy to refill, clean and store because the design is so simple. Having two small dogs, we need a good carpet cleaner. I also have a Bissell vacuum cleaner and Little Green Steam Machine - they all work wonderfully. Don't let the size or price fool you - this thing really works!!!...more info
  • Great Puppy Puddle Picker Upper
    Like other reviewers I too have an imperfectly house trained dog. I got tired of hauling my big Bissell out to take care of those small messes. This is perfect. It lives in my master bathroom closet and gets rolled out when needed. The water tank fills easily and the waste water tank empties easily with a couple of filters to catch the stray pet hair. In fact I think the design of the waste water tank is an improvement over the one on my big bissell (with is admittedly a couple of years old, but not yet an antique).

    Bissell, I thank you, my Jack Russells thank you, my carpet thanks you, and most of all my bare feet thank you!...more info

  • Love It - Will Save Us Money!
    We got a new puppy, and live in a small apartment. We spent over $60 buying different types of carpet cleaning agents that didn't seem to get all the little stains out, or left clean spots and made the rest of the carpet look dirty. We decided to invest in a carpet cleaner, but couldn't afford one of the heavy duty professional ones. We selected this model and decided that if it didn't do the job, we would return it. It did the job alright! This cleaner is as good as the heavy duty professional ones! It got out all of our pet stains and made the rest of our carpet look like new. Living in an apartment, we would have had to pay to have our carpets cleaned, and would have lost some of our deposit - but not now! We will have this cleaner for years to come and it will save us money in the long run!...more info
  • GREAT!!
    I love this product! Cleaned up stains in my carpet from over a year ago. It didn't leave my carpet soaking wet like usual either, it dried in less than an hour with my sliding glass door open. Very light and easy to manuever. Changing the old water is so simple too....more info
  • Lightweight Cleaner
    I got this machine because my son is just about allergic to everything and I didn't want to rent and/or lug out a monster machine. This Bissell does everything as advertised, is lightweight and compact enough to store in the closet easily. If you're looking for something that really deep cleans, this isn't it, but for a periodic once-over, it's fantastic!

    A statisfied customer...more info

  • A Must For Pet Owners!
    When I decided to use this machine on terrible mess my dog had made on my beige carpet, I didn't think it would work. I borrowed the machine from a friend and thought, "What the Heck" After using it I have to say I am quite impressed! Not only is easy to set up(Fill the tank and plug it in), but it does a great job. I would say that at least 99% of the stain was gone right away. I went over the stain again later and it removed the remainder. I have used larger carpet cleaning machines and they do a great job the first time over. But this machine is so light that I didn't mind running over the soiled area a couple of times. This a MUST for pet owners....more info
  • Totally Impressed
    I am so happy with how clean my capeting is after using the Quicksteamer that I am telling everyone I know. The entryways into my house were so dirty from the snow and salt of winter that I had to do something. After some careful shopping, I decided the Quicksteamer would serve my needs and my budget the best. It was very easy to put together and I was using it within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box. It was pretty gross seeing how dirty the water was that came back out of the carpet. I can't believe I waited this long to buy one of these. Thanks Bissell for such a great cleaner....more info
  • My Little Savior
    I have nothing but good things to say about the Quicksteamer Plus!

    Yesterday, I came home from work to find my dog, Pepper, had not been feeling very well. I noticed the trash had been tipped over. Long story short, Pepper threw up all over my new beige berber carpet! I was in a complete panic!! I thought the carpet was ruined!! After making sure Pepper was okay, I ran to the storage closet and prayed this machine would do the job. Deep down, though, I didn't think it would. So I tried it and it WORKED. I couldn't believe it. My beige carpet was clean again. Good thing was, my husband had no idea this had happened. He just walked in the door commented on the wonderful spell from the cleaning formula.

    High Marks for the Quicksteamer from Judy in Davenport!!...more info

  • Not a wise purchase
    I would definitely NOT recommend this steam cleaner. It constantly clogs, leaks, doesn't release the spray and is very inconsistent in it's cleaning ability. I purchased it primarily as a "spot" cleaner but would recommend the hand held spot cleaner (it's a pain to drag out and get set up with water etc for cleaning such a small area) or spend the extra money (which I stupidly was trying to avoid) on a good quality large area steam cleaner. Definitely not worth $99!...more info