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Ship shape! Get a complete aerobic workout aboard this low impact Gazelle Freestyle Glider. PRICED RIGHT! Tone up right at home! No gym fees. No lines. No starting up the car. Get a complete workout (10 exercises in 1 workout) right at home with this space-saving Gazelle! You'll enjoy the low-impact aerobic exercise as your body tones up for a healthier you. Safe. Simple. Fun! Goodies: Patented, dual-action split suspension for full-range of motion and freedom of movement; One easy workout provides aerobic and resistance training; Unsurpassed range of motion. Go from slow walk to a full run with no sudden stops; Smooth and quiet exercise; Comfy high-density foam handlebars; Extra wide foot platforms; Durable steel construction; Includes water bottle and holder; On-board electronics track time, distance, calories burned, speed and heart rate; Steel construction. Folds compactly for storage; Includes 30-min. Tony Little Personal Trainer Workout Video Measures 43 x 31 x 54"h. Weighs 46 lbs. Please consult a doctor before starting any exercise program. Order now for all fitness levels! Fitness Quest Gazelle Freestyle Glider

Offering 10 great exercises in a single easy-to-use machine, the Gazelle Freestyle burns calories, tones your muscles, and improves your cardiovascular endurance. The Freestyle is ideal for all fitness levels, with an unsurpassed range of motion that lets you go from a slow walk to a full run with no sudden stops, so you won't put undue pressure on your joints. The resulting aerobic workout will thus challenge you without sacrificing your knees. Details include an easy-to-use workout computer that delivers immediate feedback on speed, distance, time, and approximate calories burned; a built-in thumb pulse monitor for tracking your heart rate; extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms; a foldable footprint for easy storage; a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds; and a personal trainer video that puts you one-on-one with Tony Little.

  • High-performance exercise glider for improved cardiovascular performance
  • Unsurpassed range of motion goes from slow walk to full run with no sudden stops
  • Easy-to-use, multifunction workout computer tracks speed, distance, time, and more
  • Extra-wide, non-skid foot platforms; built-in thumb pulse monitor for tracking heart rate
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds; includes personal trainer video

Customer Reviews:

  • pretty satified
    When I bought this product it was because I wanted a way to work out at home but i did not have enough money to buy an expensive tredmill or eliptical and thought this was a cheaper alternative. I was worried because I read a lot of online reviews that stated it was very hard to put together but I did not find that was the case I just dont think people realize it takes between 30 and 45 miniutes to assemble but the directions were easy to understand and I got it together with out any major problems.

    I have also read reveiws that states that the machine is very squeeky which it is at times for me but if you just spray some DW 40 on it a little that seems to solve the problem.

    I orginally wanted to use the machine while watching TV but I usually dont feel like I am getting much of a workout. My machine came with DVD's (I bought mine from HSN) and when I follow along with those I feel like I get a much better workout. Its good to watch them to at least see all of the diffrent execrcises you can do with this product.

    The machine does fold up but it is not something that should be considered very portable. I thought I would be able to keep it in a closet and take it out every day but it is just to hard.

    I am happy I bought this product it is easy to do and it very low impact. I would recommed it to others. ...more info
  • former supra now an edge
    i bought a supra model gazelle at sears for 179.00. i thought it is so light and the shock absorbers made a good form of resistance. well after a year the welds cracked for the shock absorber holders and are useless so i took them off.the guy at sears(where i bought the junkpiece) says,"Ew,man too bad"!!Remember that the light tubuler construction while making for ease in transport also means ease in breakage. Another machine meant for looking good in leotards sipping a sports drink and put it away if you start sweating.if you dont the sweat will rust out the weld joints and who knows where you'll be catapulted to when the next thing on it goes.maybe Maybe Tony little will give a surprise visit to you in the hospital!!...more info
  • Very noisy, no workout value
    We have had the Gazelle Freestyle for just under 1 year. We purchased it because we needed something very low impact due to knee problems, and it seemed like a very simple machine with few parts that would need to be replaced in the future. We were very wrong. The first few times that we used this machine it was very quiet, however within a few weeks it began rattling. At first it was tolerable. Now it is so loud that I have to turn the television up extremely loud just to hear it, and I cannot use it at night when the kids and husband are sleeping. There are no parts that you can tighten or adjust to make the sounds stop (or to adjust the resistance level...). Now the footpads have began to squeak. As many others have said, this machine is not for you if you are already even remotely healthy. I have not worked out in years and did not even break a sweat in the first half hour. I was sore the next day, but only because I had really stretched my muscles - you can overdo it. The footpads are unsafe. Perhaps I don't actually weigh enough, but I slip even when wearing shoes with good traction. One final note - if you have kids or pets that might be around this machine use caution. My dog walked in front of this while I was using it and I nearly took her head off. Also, we had it folded up ready to store and my son bumped it and it fell on him. It could have easily crushed his head or arms. I really have nothing good to say about this, every time I look at it I think about what a complete waste of money it is. I would much rather have an elliptical machine like I had years ago, I could actually feel improvements in my health and it was just about as easy on the knees....more info
  • Very pleased.
    I'm a pain to please..I work and go to school and study and a mother..OMG..omg..I have no time do nothing..I found time to workout on my weekends....and at first when I ordered I was over my I got my man to fix it..The instructions we're bad..but he figured it out..I had this for 3yrs and I'm in good shape and workout 2 times a week for 60 mins..I do crossrunning and sking on the gazelle...its fun because it teaches me to balance myself and My waist used to be a 26 and now a 23...I'm very little now...But..I have been on a no carbs and no dairy that is why calorie counter that came with it did not work and it I got a new one and replaced it....more info
  • Gazelle Madness
    I just wanted to say that I, too, LOVE my Gazelle. I havent been using it for very long, but I love everything about it. My husband works nights sometimes but I can still use it while hes makes virtually NO noise! I also like that I can move it around and use it here or there, especially while watching TV. BTW-those cookies are Pizzelle's and they are ITALIAN....more info
  • Very Noisy
    The gazelle is advertised as whisper quiet. This is true only for a short initial period of use when the factory librication is still functioning. After a month or so the unite WILL begin to squeek and crack in several places. I found that I spend more time trying to lubricate the thing than excercising. The WD-40 would last a few days, in the meanwhile dripping and staining my carpet. They suggest grease for the main bearings but you must dismantle the unite to do this. It is a very messy process. You would think they could at least put in grease inserts (like a car). In other words since they use the cheapest of bearings (a plastic ring between two metal tubes) or no bearings at all the unit is meant to last only for a short time (just long enough for FitnessQuest to take your money). I have even noticed that when Tony Little is advertising on TV (such as the shopping channel) there are extra parts around the main bearing area (black tubes?) on his display models which are not found on the sold ones, (probably good bearings so that the unit does not squeek on TV). EXCERCISE REQUIRES MOTION, MOTION REQUIRES MOVING PARTS, MOVING PARTS REQUIRES GOOD JOINTS AND LIBRICATION, WHICH THIS UNIT DOES NOT HAVE!!! Even my fishing reel has more bearings than this thing!...more info
  • Good Grief..! Good luck with this thing............
    I bought this item about 18 months ago and could not wait for it to arrive! It's hardly a workout. Walking is more physical. It has no resistance, my feet have slipped off the peddles. Im not rich and felt stupid wasting my cash. All in all, I folded it up and put it on the treelawn. Im so glad it is out of my house. Someone garbage picker came and hauled it. Good luck....more info
  • great gazelle!
    I just got my gazelle set up and used it for the first time. Set up was a little iffy...definitely read all through the instructions before you begin. Use is very simple! Mine came with the DVD, and since I don't have a player, am not able to use that. However, the instructions in the owner's manual for the different moves are easy to understand. I inherited 'faulty knees', so was anxious to see how "low-impact" this would really be. It's great! ...more info
  • Don't waste your time or money
    I did not really like this machine it is big and i found it hard to fold down because the foot pedals go every where except were you want them to go. (WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!) and after using it just one time the little floor protecters fell off no big deal i guess just figured they would have figured some way to make them better. after using mine for one day the next day it started to sqeak which is every distracting even if you turn up your tv you shouldn't have to after paying all of that money!!! I'm glad to bought mine at a store so that I can return it with out a big hassle I got more of a work out putting it back into the box then i did on it. So if you deceide to buy this I serently hope it brings you more joy then heart aches :(!!!!!...more info
  • Inexpensive and fun!
    I was a little skeptical about the Gazelle at first because it didn't look like you could get a work out from using it - but I was wrong! But let's start at the beginning:

    It's pretty easy to set up - the directions on the dvd were great and I could do it all myself. I was really excited to use it so I hopped right on (I'm already used to ellipticals) and enjoyed a great workout. I was sweating and after watching the training dvd, I worked my upper body and lower body.

    I look forward to using it tomorrow. Now I don't have to drag myself to the gym. I can work out at home!

    Downsides: It does squeak, but some WD40 or petroleum jelly should fix that. It folds up but it's not extremely portable. I have it in my living room currently.

    All in all I recommend this product. I can feel the toning and with good diet and weight training, you'll see results!...more info
  • I love it!
    I love my Gazelle Freestyle. I got going on it last night and watched the video with it. It's not too hard to put together - I would suggest to make sure that all the bolts are tight - from time to time they might become loose - but that's understandable with you moving on it.

    One thing I will say that I didn't like was on the video - when trying to do the "side to side" excercises - my size eleven feet are too big, and knock against each other the sides of the machine. I might try that one without shoes on sometime though.

    (NOTE: the machine shown in the video is slightly different than my Freestyle - perhaps it's the Gazelle PRO?)
    ...more info
  • Save your money and get something else!
    I would highly suggest that you save your money and get something else. I bought one of these and returned it two weeks later. It seems great, and it lures you with the fact that yes, it IS fun to use. But really, it IS a glorified swing. There is no resistance except what you put into it by leaning back or forward. I could do this, very fast, for over 30 minutes and barely break a sweat, and I'm not in great shape. And while it was nice to stretch on, I found myself trying so hard to have a good workout I over extended my leg and limped for three days. I'd save your money and buy a treadmill or exercize bike. ...more info
  • First Impressions
    I bought this on somewhat of a whim because I've been wanting get a little more in shape (got a little bit of pudge going on) and I realized the hardest part of motivating myself to work out was actually getting ready and going out to the gym.. time was somewhat of a factor as well. So I ordered this a few days ago because I read some reviews on here and it looked like the price was right. Set it up earlier today; The quality of the parts is basically no worse or better than I'd expected.. think of it as a stripped down eliptical machine. Setting it up was fairly easy but some of the instructions were a bit unclear. Threw on some running sneakers and got on, and I've got to say, the feel/motion of this thing is REALLY strange at first. Unless you are a ballet dancer or gymnist with really good balance, be prepared to look like an idiot on this thing for a little while because, like it's name, it is completely freestyle. It's range of motion and rhythm is ALL up to you. Have you ever been on a ski lift at a mountain and had the urge to swing your skis forward and back in unison just because it gives you that tiny feeling of being thrown off balance? You might start unintentionally doing that for a few minutes on this thing (it's actually kind of fun but of course, there's not much of a workout factor doing it). After about 10 minutes, I started to get the motion down. It was pretty fun once i got the hang of it, but I agree with other reviews, it does make your feet sore... might try putting some foam on the footplates....more info
  • okay for beginners
    My family has had this for about ayear and a half. While it is good for people that have problems with other forms of exercise because of their knees, backs etc., it isn't good for an advanced athlete. You have to remember that Tony Little was on camera under bright lights. A lot of men sweat when under those lights even if they aren't exercising. Anyway, for an advanced athlete, it really takes a long time to get a really good workout on this machine. But what they say about low impact on knees is true so if you can't do most of the other workouts, this will work for you. It would also be good for a beginner or somebody with a low to moderate fitness level....more info
  • excellent workout
    I don't have a chance to go to fitness center regularly. I had backache and keep put on weight (36 lb in 3 years) and feel so tired. The only option was having sth at home. I searched for many products like treadmills, bicycles, elliptical, etc. I was looking for sth cheap and works well for all parts of my body. I read customer reviews for each one to see how they work in real life. Then I decided to buy an elliptical. According to customer reviews Gazelle was chosen the 2nd best elliptical. it was a good reason to buy it.
    I have had Gazelle for 1 months and happy with it. it works all muscles and tighten the body. I started South Beach Diet and spend 30 min on Gazelle every 2 days. it helped me to loose weight. I don't have backache any more. I advice to define your problem and search what you need as a solution and read all reviews to make sure it is a real solution for you....more info
  • What to Expect...
    Gazelle Freestyle

    I'm in pretty decent shape, and I have to say that the regualar gazelle workout isn't a great one. But if you can't get to the gym or out for a run, then it's a perfect low-impact machine.
    I like to add some upper body motion (punches or light weights) to get my heart rate going-- and bend my knees to create some resistance. But even after an hour on my freestyle, I feel like I've kind of cheated on my workout because I haven't really gotten my heart rate up or broken a sweat...
    Overall...It gets the job done, so I'm satisfied....more info
  • 4 Stars
    Easy to assemble, fun to use and quiet. My complaints are that it is not super portable - it is possible to move / store it, just not as easy as you would think from the description. I wish there were some way to increase resistance, but if you use a big stride, you can really get your heart rate going on this. Also, there are some great exercises for muscle toning in your thighs / butt specifically that work much better than weights for me. I often get on it just for fun when I pass, not intending to stay on for longer than a few seconds, and end up doing 12 or 15 minutes because it is actually fun....more info
  • Finally - Exercise I actually ENJOY!
    We bought our Gazelle in March of 2004 and my husband and I each use it every day - 2 to 3 miles each! It has had it's squeaky problems, but my husband says it just needs some routine maintenance. I have very bad knees and am still able to use this - since it is very low impact. I've lost 60 pounds and my husband has lost 69 pounds! (We are also eating right!) I've never found any exercise that I enjoy - until now! The key is also to use music - Tony Little Fit Trax or Curves Freedom Music are both excellent! The music keeps you going, keeps you motivated and makes it more fun! We love it! ...more info
  • review of the gazelle freestyle
    I have had my gazelle for a year now and thoroughly enjoy it. Working along with the videos takes away the boredom of doing exercises.

    ...more info
  • Garbage
    I only had the gazelle for one month when the noise began. It started as a low annoying squeak but gradually the noise increased to the point where it is difficult to hear anything else. Very annoying! Also, the calorie monitor is no where near accurate and the heart rate monitor is worse. While it is a low impact machine, it strains the ball of the foot because of the awkward angle of the pedals. This is not the machine to get if you want any sort of a workout. I am selling mine and buying an elliptical machine. Do not waste your money....more info
  • Excellent Aerobic machine
    I actually own the Gazelle Elite. This is the best aerobic machine I have used, and I have used them all. No impact on knees or hips. Very easy to use. It is a little awkward to move around. I usually use it when I am watching TV and the time goes by fast. Better to be doing the Gazelle while watching the TV instead of just sitting on your butt....more info
  • The gazelle is everything you need!
    Just 3 weeks ago, I came here looking at reviews for the Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle, and read mixed reviews. However, most were encouraging, and I thought it sounded like the thing for me. I have now used the gazelle for less than 2 weeks, and have already seen results!

    This is no lie -- I lost 2 inches in the waist, 2 in the hips, 2 in the abdomin, and 2 in the thighs. I'm just as freaked as you may be, but I'm telling you, this is the honest truth!

    I was discouraged that I had not been seeing any results on the scales lately, and needed to change things up, so I'd see something move again. This gazelle did it for me. At this time, I'm only up to 30 minutes a day, and 1-3/4 miles... I'm still a work in progress. But these results are no lie. Just think how much results I'll see when I can stay on longer! They advertise it as a low impact overall machine, and it truly is. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia, so I was looking for something I could do that wouldn't hurt me. I can honestly say I get a full workout on this machine... oh, I forgot to mention, also 1 inch in the arms. So, that's a total of 9 inches in 2 weeks.

    This is the best machine I've ever used, (we also have an exercise bike, and ab lounge, which I've not used in the last 2 weeks at all, cause I was getting such a good workout on the gazelle) and I'm so happy I found it. And I thank you people, users of, for coming here and posting your reviews, and making it easy on me to know which machine to buy. Mine is the exact picture above, and folds up. I also love that feature. It's not a problem to just fold it up and lean it against the wall beside my bed after each use. Therefore, I've still got lots of walking space beside my bed. ...more info
  • bad choice
    Do not buy this if you are advanced at aerobics. It may be helpful for a beginner, but definatly not for an advanced. I used it for 45 minutes and wasn't even out-of-breath. My target heart rate was no were near what it was supposed to be. Also, it stretches you uncomfortably and I had a hard time keeping my feet in place....more info
  • tried this product before
    I weighed 289 and got down to 190 in a year and a half, using the Slimfast diet plan and vigorous exercise with the Gazelle I borrowed from my sister-in-law. It didn't seem like exercise, and it was gradual, and I discontinued the diet and the exercise. So now I need to restart my weight loss, as I have regained some of the weight back-- I really enjoyed the Gazelle, and was really sorry my sister-in-law got rid of it.
    It doesn't strain the joints and I was willing to pay the extra for the heavier duty version-. Great work-out!...more info
  • It's GREAT! Just make sure you've researched it enough to know what to expect!
    I actually ordered mine from JC Penney, since I got a GREAT price on it by way of an advertising error on their part... Either way, I only got it last night, and didn't find it too difficult to assemble just going by the sheet instructions. It IS quite heavy weight in construction, which I definitely count as a plus.

    The one thing that I can see that, so far, hasn't been mentioned in the reviews is, if you're on the heavier side (I'm 210 lbs at 5'5" tall, the heaviest I've EVER been - ick!!!), and wide through the hips, it doesn't SEEM particularly roomy when you're on the machine. I DID have a great time exercising on it last night after assembling it, though!

    If you love elliptical machines, as I do (they were my only motivation for going to the gym, and every time I went, I had to wait at least 20 minutes to get on one, so I cancelled my membership... Now I've got my own, dagnabbit! ;) ), you should really like this machine.

    I don't know if they're as squeaky over time as the other reviews state, but I'd assume that they are. Also, I live in a single bedroom apartment, and don't have a lot of room left over to leave this standing up. The main problem? I'd planned on sliding it under my futon when I'm not using it, but everything but the handles will fit - the handles just sit too high up to fit underneath it. It IS a heavy piece, as I said before, so a bit unwieldy, but the wheels on both the bottom of the rear frame, and the foot pedal pieces, help for maneuvering it.

    If you're not big on exercise, as I am not unless it's fun for me, but love cross trainer and elliptical machines, then I'd suggest you get this, if it's not more money than you want to spend. It does take a little initial exercise to figure out your rhythm, but once you get going, it's GREAT! I woke up this morning eager to get back on it and go, and I haven't felt that way about exercise in YEARS, if ever!...more info
  • Great machine for beginners or out of shape people!
    This machine is everything Tony Little promises it to be. I am an out of shape mom who doesn't have the time to go out to workout, so this fits the bill. It folds up nicely and is very easy to take out/put away. My husband and I both use it and the kids are always asking to use it (which I don't allow-I don't think it should be used by children). All in all, a fabulous purchase for a skeptic like me....more info
  • Love my Gazelle!!!!!
    I received my Gazelle one week ago today and I haven't missed a single day of working out on it. I love it!!! It's so easy to use and stores away easily. Everyone needs to try it....more info
  • I LOVE mine!
    I just purchased my gazelle and it's wonderful! I needed something to watch TV and exercise with and it's not bulky like a treadmill, but very sturdy. In fact, if my condo ever falls in, this thing will still be standing! I worked out for about 30 minutes the first time and I was really working up a sweat, but I still didn't want to get off because I was having so much fun. Had done a lot of research on the internet and that's how I found out about it. It's rated highly on all the sites I looked at -, Weight, etc! You can tell the company is very dedicated to customer satisfaction. The video even has a fellow assembling it so you can follow along!...more info
  • Not as great as it seems
    Easy to put together but this is definitely not a movable item. The Gazelle folds up but is pretty heavy to move about. I work out about three times a week and it is difficult to get a real cardio workout with just the Gazelle so I mix it in with some regular cardio strides etc. The walker is realy easy on the knees which is an added benefit. Great for the price, so far no loose parts but NOT a serious cardio machine.

    ...more info
  • gazelle freestyle
    About 8 years ago I bought a Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle after seeing an infomercial. I figured I would use it for one month for $14.95 and then return it for my money. Well, it weighed about 75 pounds and would have cost a fortune to return it. But, as it turned out, I loved it. It was effortless and the inches and pounds came off in a hurry. When one of the cables broke recently, I decided to buy a new one, so I ordered this Gazelle Freestyle off the internet. It is not a Tony Little, as I thought. It is smaller and less sturdy. One of the plastic pedals broke while I was putting the thing together. It still works, but the quality is not as good. Unfortunately it is still to heavy to mail back for a refund. I doubt it will last as long as the original Tony Little Gazelle did....more info
  • Almost Perfect!
    I received my Gazelle Freestyle today from Amazon, and got it all set up. I don't know why some people have trouble with that part, the instructions were exact, I followed them exactly, and it went together perfectly. My husband helped to speed things up and it took us 30 minutes. I could have done it alone in 45 minutes - an hour. It wasn't at all hard.

    I did my first workout on it, and as I am a bit out of shape from having a baby, I was only able to do 15 minutes, and in that time I had worked up a good sweat, and could really feel the burn in my legs and arms both.

    The machine feels sturdy, and durable. I'd advise caution getting on and off, as it seems like it would be easy to lose your balance if you aren't careful.

    Now the bad, and its just one thing - but this is why it gets 4 stars from me and not 5... The description says it comes with a Tony Little DVD - and it doesn't. The DVD I got has some chic on it, and I was really looking forward to Tony Little and his enthusiasm to get me moving! lol But anyway - its an okay DVD - just wasn't what I was expecting or what was described in the product description.

    Overall, a great product for your money. No regrets here....more info
  • good workout
    It is a very sturdy piece of equipment and easy to put together.
    What I like about it is that you can work very hard or bring the intensity down and you can get a very decent upper body workout as well.

    Its not that easy to move around as it is very heavy and the foot pedals swing around a bit. We have it in the basement so it is one place and doesn't matter too much....more info
  • Great Inexpensive Effective Equipment
    You can't get a better product for a cardio workout, especially if you have bad knees or leg/feet problems and a treadmill could hurt the body. It is easy to put together, folds up and there is no impact on the body when you use it. I bought one of these for my mother who also uses it every day and finds it easy to use. I think it is a very good product and you couldn't get a better workout even if you spent a lot more money. ...more info
  • The Gazelle Is Well Worth The Money.
    I was skeptical at first but when my Gazelle arrived and after putting it together I was pleasantly surprise. It does everything the it claims to do and after my first workout I felt that my legs, arms, back and chest had a great workout. I would recommend the Gazelle to anyone who is going to use the Gazelle for their primary exercise program or to supplement their current exercise program....more info
    If you are a parent and can't get to the gym, I would suggest you get the Gazelle. I got mine for only $25 and what a bargin. I really love this machine. I usually watch TV or listen to music while working out. When I am on the Gazelle time goes by sooo fast. Before you know it, it's time for me to head to work. HOWEVER, like many reviewers my Gazelle did make noise (that's why I gave it four stars). I brought WD40 and the squeaking did stop. Hope this was helpful....more info
  • GOOD
  • Outstanding Exercise Machine
    Have owned this machine for two months, choosing it over several circa-thousand dollar treadmills and elipticals which had repeated notations of problems due to inferior parts.

    Assembly was a snap.

    My wife and I have both lost weight, several inches of fat, restored muscles that were badly out of shape, but most importantly, feel energized again. We use it every day.

    If there is a better low impact workout machine for the price, I don't know what it would be.

    If you are looking for a good upper and lower body workout, this machine will do the job well. Weighs less than 56 pounds, but it is solid as can be during use.

    Accuracy of the electronic readout might be somewhat suspect, but I don't rely on it anyway.

    ...more info
  • Prompt service and great value
    After I read the reviews at Amazon and other places and because of the problems people had with the pistons (that create resistance) on the more expensive models. I decided to get the Freestyle Gazelle. Amazon shipped it by truck. It arrived in 3 days. No damage. The assembly instructions were easy to follow. One thing was missing. The writen instructions said a video of the assembly was on the DVD but it wasen't on the one they sent me. The excersise video was helpfull. I set it up in my room. It takes up about 41"x24" unfolded. .You need an additional 12" of space in front and back for the swing arms.The distance between the tubes where you stand when using the Gazelle is 18". This may not be anough room for some people. I'm 14" across at the hips so I had a couple of inches on each side.Some were complaining about it squeaking. So I sprayed WD40 on all the moving parts. I can watch TV and excersise. It doen't make any noise. I am happy with the purchase. I recomend it to anyone that is looking for excersise equipment that is light weight,doen't use very much space and only has around $200.00 to spend....more info
  • freestyle gazelle
    I am pleased with this item Gives you a workout without strain to your joints...more info
  • Gazelle
    I purchased directly from Tony Littles internet site. I paid $99 plus shipping, so about $129. Mine folds up for storage as well. Mine does make some noise but not bad. My husband has a little trouble with his feet sliding, I am about 70 pounds lighter, so maybe it is the difference in weight, as I don't have a problem. It is something I am willing to do daily, unlike some of the other exercise options. ...more info
  • Wonderful item
    This is an awsume workout. Feel the burn the next day. Very quiet so no one knows when you are working out. I would recomend this to anyone. Advice - start out in very small times - I did 10 minutes and at the time felt great like I did nothing, but the next day....I felt it LOL. Well worth it, you will be happy with this....more info
  • It needs resistance options and i regret buying it.
    It's pretty easy to put together, i had help. The bars do start to squeek not long after using it. The CD it comes with does make you sweat, but i wish it had resistance options, cause like the name "Free-style" it just glides along too easily. I do regret purchasing it, but the kids enjoy playing on it, cause it's like a swing. :-)...more info
  • gazzelle
    my sore knees love the gazzelle! i can actually use it without wearing them down. it is really loud and sqeaky, however it is a solid machine, even if it doesnt sound like it is. headphones are a must or it would drive me insane. apartment dwellers would have to have very understanding neighbors. but the noise is my sole complaint. it is very good for people like me, with my own house and extremely bad knees!...more info
  • Pretty Satisfied
    I just bought the gazelle a month ago. Overall I like the product. I haven't had it long enough to see big results, but I feel a little more fit. I must admit I knew it was a low impact work out, but I thought I would sweat a little more. You really have to get a fast pace going to feel like you are really doing something. My only complaints are that it's not as compact and easy to fold-up as I thought and the product came with an instructional vcr tape instead of a dvd. Who has a vcr anymore?!...more info
  • So far.... I like it alot!
    I looked into buying a Gazelle because I heard it was little/low impact on the knees and I have a knee problem that has limited my excersise routine recently...
    When I received my Gazelle, it was fairly easy to put together. It took about an hour. The directions were easy to follow and the only extra tool required (that was not included) was a screwdriver.
    I was anxious to try it out. So, I streached out a bit and got right on. Since then, I have used my Gazelle at least 5 days/week and I enjoy doing it. It is a good work out and I can watch TV while doing it. It will be perfect now that summer is comming and here in Arizona it is hard to go outside for a walk or a run in the heat.
    I rated this item 4 stars (instead of five) for two reasons. One because your feet actually get sore (the bottoms of them from the bumps on the non-stick pad)- unless you wear tennis shoes. And the other reason is because it is a little noisy. Other than that, I like it alot!...more info
  • Excellent way to get a good workout
    I love this machine. It is so nice to get a good total body workout with just one machine. If you don't have a lot of time to devote to different workouts, or if you just want to get your workout over with...then this machine is great.

    I have been doing aerobics for about a year now and have had to scale back some due to an injury, but this machine allows me to have a good aerobic workout without any impact on my injured ankles and feet. Before I had this I was using an exercise bike, but I was unsatisfied because I wasn't getting a total body workout. Now I can get the benefits of a great workout and not aggravate my injuries.

    I had no problems putting it together. It took me about 30 minutes to get it together. It does fold up, but it is not easily movable on carpet.

    Overall I am very satisfied with this product. It was affordable and easy to assemble and gives a great complete workout. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    In the two months I've had it we've taken it apart and reassembled it twice because of the squeaking. Maximum user weight is supposedly 350lbs. I weigh 156. It affords great range of motion, and is easy on my injured ankle BUT the squeaking is a big turn off....more info


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