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"HOLMES" AIR PURIFIER 99% HEPA filtration plus odor reducing Ionizer assists in particle removal Dual position Reminder dial to charge filter 2 speeds 70 sq. ft. room size CADR (clean air delivery rate) 46 Replacement HEPA filters Mfr. No. HAPF22 (Ace No. 6009864) Off white Boxed

  • 99% HEPA filtration plus odor reducing
  • Ionizer assists in particle removal
  • Dual position
  • Reminder dial to charge filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Mine's been working for three years.
    I picked up one of these for cheap and have been happy with it. It's best in a small room, like the specs say, and it does make a fair amount of noise on the higher setting. But it's pretty quiet on low and does really freshen the air. People changing the filter every month haven't read the instructions. There's a guide showing you only need to change it when it's black, it will still work when it's a little dirty. Plus I've stretched the filter life by vacuuming the filter and washing the sponge-like pre-filter. The filters are pricey to replace, but you should be able to go a year between replacements based on my experience -- and that's using it in a room with birds, where there's a fair amount of dust to clean....more info
  • It must be doing something
    If you have to replace the filter so often , can we ssume that is because the filter is dirty? Doesn't that mean it is removing some stuff from the air --which is what you want it to do???...more info
  • Dream On If You Think THis Can Really Clean A Room
    I bought this product for a fan sound when I sleep since I like that sound for sleeping. If you expect it to really clean anything, guess again. It is a small noise maker only and does not do what it is supposed to do, but in all fairness, virtually no aircleaners at any price really clean the air of dust, etc. I got in on an Amazon.com special about a year ago and since the price was so low, it has been an excellent investment for my purposes....more info
  • Glad it was on sale...
    Bought this on clearance and it was only worth the clearance price, in my opinion. Within 2 months, I had spent more on filters than I had on the actual purifier. No, it didn't clean the air well and it was very loud. I stopped using it after 2 months because it wasn't worth all the trouble of finding and buying the filters anymore....more info
  • Holmes
    For me this product works good but it needs a new filter every 1 1/2 months....more info
  • bad buy
    This machine is noisy and the filters? I can't find them anywhere! If I buy them online, they cost an arm and a leg! So, I've had this thing for about 2 years now, and since the filter only lasted for about a month, it's just been sitting there, collecting dust! So, I guess it's collecting dust in one aspect! In my opinion, it's just not a good buy. I'm going to try one of those Ionic Breeze purifiers now, wish me luck!...more info
  • expensive & noisy
    I have owned two of these units. The mftr says the filters should last several months (4-6). If there is a smoker in the house...good luck getting 6 weeks out of it. At the local retailer the filters cost nearly as much as the units original purchase price and I have to buy about 6 filters a year at a high cost. My mother-in-law needs hearing aids. If we turn on the unit she takes out her hearing aids because Hurricane Andrew is in the place. (That's on the LOW fan setting.) When I turn it off,then she goes to coughing and hacking and opens the windows in the middle of the winter. If left on all night during sleep it works. During the day it can't keep up in an efficiency apartment....more info
  • Average filter
    I have owned this unit for 5 years. There are a lot of better units out there, but for small rooms it does the job. I have bought only 4 filters (1 new per year). Every month I wash the prefilter and vacuum the unit clean. I also use Dryer Sheets (bounce, downey, Target brand, etc...) that I change every two weeks. Just put one over the HEPA filter and behind the prefilter. Very cheap to toss and replace and makes the room smell nice too!...more info
  • loud
    this model is very loud and annoying. it works well removing oder but my son cannot even hear to talk on the phone with it running. shuts it off when he's in the room....more info
  • I like it!
    It works wonders for the allergic type family members. I like the noise level- enough for drowning out noises- but not too loud.. I get HEPA replacements for 11.43 and the washable foam for 1.25 from [website].

    ......more info

  • The replacement filters cost to much.
    If I would have known the main filter inside cost almost $20 to replace, I would have never bought this item. I called the company and they said you could only buy the filter from them over the phone. And it is paper and not washable. Only the thin prefilter is washable. Shipping cost alone for the 1 filter was around 6 bucks. And it needed to be changed in less than 2 months time....more info
  • nice unit
    This little machine is doing exactly what I paid for it to do. I purchased the machine to go in a couple of bedrooms in my home. Each machine is working like a champ. Noise is very, very reasonable especially when placed in quiet mode.......more info
  • Good deal for the money..
    I really like this machine..It is not that noisy folks, about the same as my humidifier. I think for the price it is a great deal. Would recommend it for a small room such as a bedroom or bathroom....more info
  • Not too shabby...
    Perfect for a small room. I turn it on while I'm sleeping and it blocks out all the other noises. It's a good product for the price....more info
    I still have to buy ANOTHER air purifier, this one just seems inadequate..or is it me?? I'm allergic to my "home"..still! I have put this "TABLETOP" right up on me...it appears to be doing very little.The "grill" is very hard to clean. The "HEPA" holds large "particles" right there in front. I cant find replacement filters. The "Order" form for replacements is "Confusing"...and it IS loud, not soothing at all; I end up with a headache. I'd like to turn it off, but "perhaps" it IS doing something to help??...more info
  • Holmes Table Top
    I loved this machine for a couple of weeks and now it is really loud. Unfortunately I guess you get what you pay for. The Holmes name is so well know that I thought it would be a good choice. Sorry to say I have to return it.

    Linda...more info

  • Horrible Noisy Machine
    This air purifer is a good size for a small room, but all the good ends there. Within days the motor started a loud whinning noise that never stopped. I returned it for another identical unit and that unit also began loud noises within a few days. I finally cut out the GE motor and fan they are so proud of (first thing on the package feature list in large bold font) and replaced it with a panasonic panaflo quiet fan.

    I also think the filters are too expensive and designed improperly. Almost all other air cleaners have a seperate activated charcoal filter ahead of the hepa filter to keep the "big pieces" from clogging the expensive hepa. This unit has an integrated charcoal behind the hepa, thus having the expensive hepa filter protecting the inexpensive charcoal unit. I make throw away charcoals from Honeywell generic filter stock to go ahead of the hepa for my unit......more info

  • The BEST air Purifier for the money!
    Great value per square footage & quiet. Perfect for smaller rooms....more info
  • Filter works great cannot get replacements
    I want to say the actual hepa filter works great. Too bad it takes months to get replacement filters. Ordered mine in November and it's already the middle of January and it's still on back order. Cannot speak directly to a Holmes representative in customer service they seem to have some problems at the present time. If I were to purchase another one, I would order a replacement filter at the time you purchase it and then you may have it when you need it....more info