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The perfect magazine for girls 10 and up. Friends, advice, quizzes, fashion, ideas, celebs, self-esteem. Five-time Parents Choice Award winner!

Customer Reviews:

  • One word-Awesome!
    It's a awesome magazine and it's not a superficel magazine but it has too much on guys and how to get them. But there's advice, cool new fashions, and much, much more! At first my mom did't like it but then she liked it when I told her about it and how I was getting older. I bet she's glad that I don't I don't read crap like J-14 and Bop. I love this mag, but Teen is my fav, but this mag comes in second. It's a grown-up version of Discovery Girls and cooler than American Girl! ...more info
  • Girls Life is a girl's dream!
    I first started subscribing to GL magazine when I was 12 years old. I had gotten the order form through a school magazine drive and thought it would be really great, and that it was! I was so happy when I got my first GL issue beacuse it was something I could really relate to. My mother would never allow a 12 year old girl like me at the time to get a mag like Cosmo Girl or Seventeen magazine, they are designed for much older eyes. Girls Life talks about the many issues 13 year old girls my age face. They have a lot of imformation on body image & boys, periods & self-esteem. In every issue, they have a section on fashion, which features cool & unique clothing, although the outfits are sometimes very pricey, you can find peices of them at your local Wal-Mart or Target stores. Most of the make-up they feature can also be found in local drugstores or on websites listed in the magazine. I would certinly recommend Girls Life magazine to any mother, grandmother, aunt or friend to get for the girl they love. GL is for girls old enough to know about their bodies and first kisses, I would recommend it for girls ages 12 & up! Happy reading! :)...more info
  • It's good but it should...
    take out all the fitness infos and advices to make the magazine age- appropriate. The stories are good and the celeb info are just right for celeb lovers and people who would like to skip this part. If you have only seen the cover of the mag, you would get the impression that girls life is a teen celeb mag, but actually, this magazine only features a little bit of celeb, which is a good thing because GL has tons of fun stuff that no other mag has. I recommend parents to buy one issue to try first....more info
  • Good..
    Girls Life is great to me, but I'm being considerate of all you parents out there. This magazine is not geared for 10-12 year olds like the magazine claims, more for young women in their teens. It's just a normal, old fashioned teen magazine like Seventeen and CosmoGirl!. Now that you know it's relatable to those types of magazines, you know what this magazine is all about. Makeup, clothes, relationships, etc. That's enough to say. ...more info
  • 1 star for being appropriate, 1 for fashion, 1 for laughs
    GL is trying to be a wholesome younger girls' magazine for the 11-14 age bracket, with mixed results.

    GOOD: I actually thought the fashion section in the winter 04-05 issue was cute. Denim blazers, brooches, etc. are very "in" this season, and the fashions were presented appropriately (cute, rather than sexy). The model was in this instance an African-American girl of about the same age group as the readers. Nothing was much more than 100$ and there were plenty of very affordable (less than 30$) fashions displayed. I also liked the "real life" article about a girl with diabetes. Wholesome, clearheaded advice was presented in the "Ask Carol" and "Ask Bill and Dave" sections. I was a little surprised that they printed a question about whether a girl should lose her virginity (answer: NO), but please, this is in many girls' lives today. And if your daughter watches PG-13 movies or almost any kind of TV, she has seen worse. The ads were also age-appropriate and not TOO profuse.

    Bad: Like many teen magazines, GL was lacking in any real substance. The articles all read like cute blurbs. Just because the readers are young doesn't mean they're dumb. However, this is common in teen magazines. Also, can you say BOY-CRAZY? The editor's letter, the quiz, and one of the longest articles were all devoted to DUH boy-advice (for example, don't follow him around like a puppy!).

    STUPID: There was an article listing 31 steps to make your crush your boyfriend by New Year's Eve. It was good for laughs, but I hope no one takes it seriously! Here's a few steps toward a boyfriend:
    *Smell like vanilla. (some kooky study says guys like that)
    *Write him an anonymous note saying "I think you're cute!" (and spray the note with vanilla)
    *Eat an apple while he's watching (another kooky study says guys find this attractive) (?)
    *Blab to a school gossip that you like him
    *Make up excuses to follow him around (take his bus home to study with a friend, walk by his locker, etc.)
    *Look pretty while guy-shopping
    *Get his number
    *Invite him to a New Year's Eve party
    ...and it goes on. The steps are either painfully obvious or just plain dumb.

    More STUPID: The writers try to sound hip by takin' off the "g" at the end of verbs and replacin' it with an apostrophe. This is annoying. I can just see a bunch of magazine writers over 30 trying to talk like tweens. It doesn't work.

    But whatev, the magazine's good for laughs and a lot more wholesome than some of the older gals' magazines. As long as you know how to laugh at it sometimes.
    ...more info
  • A great Mag, for kids and parents - subscribe today!
    If you are a girl age 10 - 14, dosen't it seem like every teen magazine out there is if your 17 years old. Don't you want something for YOUR age??? Well, here is something for your age!
    I used to read magazines like 17, or Cosmogirl, and they had sections in them like, Prom articles, or How to get your bf to make - out with you! And the problem with that was that I just couldn't relate! You know?? But with GL (Girl's life)I can totally relate to everything! It's great, it has chats with stars, a fashion section, quizzes, shoes, make - up, the best prices on stuff, tons of advice, How to's, boys, an awesome editor, and real live storys about girls who have been thruogh some tough things. Here are just a few highlights from the Dec./Jan. issue...
    Hot 2005 Horoscope Guide
    Look Cute TOnight! - tonsof holiday hair & make - up
    Turn Your Crush Into Your Boyfriend By New Year's Eve!
    Friendship Fixers - our BFF repair kit is on page 22
    20 Ways To Get Happy - You're going to have the best year ever!
    It's the Holidays!
    *Cool! Gifts you can make for your friends
    *Fun! Throw an amazing holiday party!
    *Yes! Rock your jeans just like a star!
    And all of that stuff IS JUST ON THE COVER, GL has even MORE awesome stuff inside, and wanna know the best part? It's ALL stuff you can relate to! SO SUBSCRIBE TO GL, YOU'LL LOVE IT!!
    P.S. MOM, you'll love this magazine too, cuz you'll know your daughter is reading things appropriate for her age level!...more info
  • Very GOOD
    I think that you are absolutly WRONG! I think you should get over it and some parents may choose to dress their children in some of these clothes and in reality teens 13-over do date. I know that in the back to school issue in 2006 my friend was modeling for their clothing and there was nothing wrong with what she was wearing in the photos. Mostly this magazine is for teens....more info
  • uhhh..okay, I guess
    First, I have to say that I don't think GL is 10-15 years old-appropriate. They have too much of a focus on guys and dating and relationships and all that stuff. I mean, I'm 14 and I've never even been kissed. On the positive side, it has cool stuff about clothes and make-up and celebs. Order this for a 13-16 year old girl....more info
  • Best Teen Girl Magazine Out There
    I picked up this magazine at the airport just so I could read something while I was waiting. But I couldn't put it down. Unlike ComsoGirl, this magazine has nothing inappropriate, and can help with a girl's personal issues. Also, the magazine's site is amazine, with moderated boards that people can ask questions about their most personal issues and not be demeaned. I will definetly keep my subscription for a long long time. OR (moderated blog)...more info
  • O.K. M A G A Z I N E ..........
    I think That Discovery girls is way better but hey, this is a pretty good magazine, I'm 13 yrs old and think Discovery girls is just WAY AWESOME! Now, Girls' life is a good magazine also, I think once YOU PROVE to yourself that you're really to old for Discovery girls, then your next step is this magazine. (( I think this would be your next step because it is almost like Discovery girls only a bit older)) but hey, I thought at age 13 I would just say "I'm done with DG!" But I'm not, It just keeps getting better! :] the only time I read GL is when I saw Miley Cyrus on the cover at my school today, but that was it! :-[

    Sorry GL Fans I'm just not a HUGE fan of this magazine! Get Discovery girls, and you'll see what I mean! ;]

    - a Fan...more info
  • Another great mag to check out...
    Another great magazine to check out, for girls 8 & up, is Discovery Girls. It has tons of great age-appropriate advice/articles on family, friends, sports, & school. Parents: check out Discovery Girls before buying it for your younger daughter to make sure the contents go along with your beliefs (especially about makeup & fashion). My mom thinks it's a great magazine for me!...more info
  • Subscribe to it, and you won't be sorry!
    Girls' Life is probably the only magazine out there for teenage girls appropriate for their age group. The stuff on boys is appropriate because all girls like boys SOMETIME in their lives. And they don't go overboard on guys! They have inspirational REAL LIFE stories, and celebrity interviews, little of makeup and fashion, lots of advice girls need as a guide for growing up. I love this magazine because it celebrates girls. It's not too mature, young, but likeable for most girls ages 11-16. I recommend this as a birthday present, Christmas present, or just an everyday kind of gift to any girl! She'll love it right away! American Girl is a great magazine for younger girls, Discovery Girls a little older than American Girl, but this magazine is for girls that are growing up. Dear Carol answers lots of different questions girls have! About friends, body, periods, puberty stuff, parent questions, and just regular Q's girls get. GL makes you feel connected to all different types of girls... they make you feel special. You'll love it!...more info
  • Great Magazine!
    This is a great magazine!!! My friend showed it to me during summer break and I've been hooked ever since. We don't have a lot of magazines for girls who have grown out of American/Discovery Girls magazines, but are too young for Seventeen and Teen People etc. Luckily, we have GL! It has great features such as Embarrassing Moments, Ask Ali, and articles dealing with real life situations such as anorexia, bullimia, peer pressure, drugs and other real life problems girls face. It also has small articles on celebrities, and I like how it's not the main feature of the magazine. I think that this magazine should be aimed for ages 12-13 and older. It isn't the best magazine for 11 year olds as it deals with more mature situations. It also has a great website that has: Body Q+A's, Ask Dave, and more embarrassing moments! I love this magazine and I'm sure whoever else has grown out of the younger girls' magazines will enjoy it just as much as I do! ...more info
  • Easy.
    I do like this magazine even though it costs a bit more than my CosmoGirl. There are so many helpful and informative articles, but it`s more like a advice guide or how-to thing. I think it`s a bit drab, though, because there`s not enough gossip or entertainment in it for me. It`s very real- and that`s just it....more info
  • The best magazine for girls!
    I love girls life! It has quizzes, gmaes, fashion and advice colums! Is's just a fabulous magizine! ...more info
  • Not As Advertised!
    This magazine is advertised as targeting 'tween' girls, but as others have mentioned here I think it is totally inappropriate. I am the father of a 10 year old girl and thought she would enjoy getting a magazine in the mail. Imagine my surprise when the first issue arrived and I saw the cover stories on kissing and how to flirt. Call me old fashioned, but this magazine is not for my daughter.
    ...more info
  • Great magazine for girls growing into teen-stage
    I think this magazine is the best magazine for teen girls because it relates to problems a lot of girls are facing now. It makes girls feel welcomed in what they are facing because their problems connect to some other girls' problems. I am 12 years old (going into middle school) and I say this magazine is best for all kinds of girls, depending on how you feel on talking about makeup, fashion, guys, celebrities, body issues, etc. But overall, this magazine has helped me with my friends, with my self-esteem (I am feeling much more confident and happy with myself), guys, and just different things with life. Now girls are thinking more about guys than they did a few decades ago at a younger age, and what's cool is that Girls' Life realizes that and they know that you're at that age. All girls are different! On the other hand, know that if you're not girly this just isn't your magazine. Girls that aren't girly don't talk about stuff like this as much, so this magazine just wasn't right for you. I recommend Girls' Life has a good age range of 10-15 yrs; American girl should be published for girls 8-10, not 8-12, because when a girl is between 11 or 12, they start thinking about guys (crushes)makeup, body,beauty, and they are growing into a teen stage. I recommend this magazine to girls who are entering teenage years, for help on all the problems you are going through. American Girl: Younger girls; GL: girls entering adolescence. GL understands what you're facing, and they want to help!...more info
  • more like under 10
    ok, i read this magazine when i was 8. its definately NOT for anyone over 12 (and that wuld have to be a very immature 12 year old) this magazine doesnt take anything seriously- its all jumpy and sweet. and anyone whos concerned about ther 10 year old daughter reading this, trust me, its better that they learn about sex from this dumb magazine than the kids at school. the only time i ever boght it over the age of 8 was at an airport where i was bored out of my mind. so basicallly, this magazine sucks, but if your on a 10 hour flight with nothing to do, itll pass the time. ...more info
  • Not the magazine 11-13 year olds
    Girls Life is a great magazine for girls 14+. It has talk about emotions, friends, and has great advice. The worst is that it talks too much about boys. Sometimes it gets so way into it that I've seen some issues with headlines like, " Be an AMAZING kisser!"I'm 11 years old and in the age they say is for the magazine and oh my gosh, I do not have a boyfriend, I've never kissed a boy, or had a major flirting session. The other thing is fashion. Some of their fashion is good, but can be two dramatic such as wearing a super short short that practically looks like a bikini bottom and they say it is the look to wear that short with neon tights under it! If anybody wore that to school, they will be laughed at. The other thing is that everything they feature in the magazine is body-bearing!In the swimsuit's section in one issue, they only showed bikinis that all were expensive! One word for this magazine: Yuck1...more info
  • Inappropriate Magazine
    I'll have to say, I am very surprised at the content in this magazine. I got it through a school fundraiser for my 13 year old daughter, and when I asked her if I could see it, she was embarassed but still handed me the magazine. The first 20-40 pages are all about boys, kissing, and how to "deal" with your parents. There wasn't one article that was useful.

    They were either about celebs, "does HE like you?", living with alcoholism, how to get cool guys, and fashion. The only worth-while article was the one about how to manage your money. The advice in this magazine is also dull, and it doesn't apparently work in real life. There isn't ONE article that talks about grades, or how to NOT be boy-crazy. I actually chose this over "Teen Vogue" the magazine my daughter wanted to get, but I regret having getting ANY magazine for her (except American Girl and Discovery Girl which my daughter thought were too "childish"). Oh, yeah, and did I mention they don't HAVE ANY AFFORDABLE clothing styles. Don't you think that's kind of ironic? I mean, first, they ask you to save money, and not spend too much, then they splash these glamourous photos of these girls wearing [...] dresses!

    What is this? They don't talk about being more friendly, or being more modest, or any VALUES! They don't talk about how to overcome embarassment, and the pages are FILLED with desperate girls asking how to "get a boyfriend."

    What IS THIS! If you are a concerned parent, don't get this magazine for ANY KID OF ANY AGE! Overall, I gave this magazine 2 stars, only because the fashions were sophisticated and SOME of the advice was good. ...more info
  • Doesn't even deserve one star
    but that's the lowest we're allowed to give. This magazine is more for 16 year olds and up. Too much focus on getting a boyfriend and making out - every 10 year old's top priority right? Plus my daughter found extremely crude language in the latest issue - magazine refused to discuss the matter when I emailed and called them! Says it's geared for girls 8 and up but that's a huge age span. Better off with American girl Magazine - this one's to mature for younger girls. ...more info
  • This mag is ok for 16 and up
    I have subscribed to this magazine before and I believe it should be for girls ages 15-17 because of the real life stuff in it....more info
  • Too Much About Boys
    I read multiple reviews online and figured I finally found a magazine for my 13 year that wasn't full of exposure to grown up issues like boyfriends, or BF as the magazine refers to them in numerous articles. I was excited about giving her an avenue to get some ideas about fashion and light make up applications but when I read the Dec-Jan issue-I cancel fast enough. It's sad because there are some good articles I would love her to read but everyother page made reference to boys; the magazine makes it OK for 13 year old girls to have a BF, discuss how to get a guy to like you, etc. It's a real shame some parents think a 13 yr old can handle all of this mess when they should be focusing on school and becoming responsible adult. Not kissing & telling, or more for that matter....more info
  • GL rocks!
    This magazine was awsome! I love getting it in the mail!It talks about boys,purberty and crushes. Also it has advice on how to deal with life and fashion and real acticles that happened to real girls lifes! I love the celb acticles and when they interview them! This magazine is great for 11-16 years old i think! ...more info
  • clothesed-minded
    Out of curiosity I wanted to see what was available for our youth.

    I was compelled to say how dissapointed I am at the segregated racist world we live in.

    Each cover shows a white, blond girl. They're pretty and covered in make-up. What is it this magazine is trying to convey?

    The United States is a multi-cultural country of beautiful girls from various ethnicities.

    Let us foster that beautiful unity in diversity & continue to inculcate this into our girls that beauty on the inside certainly makes one even more beautiful on the outside.
    ...more info
  • Good For Teens
    I'm 13 and I started subscribing to Girls Life when I was just 11. Just to let parents know, even though I subscribed to the magazine at eleven doesn't necessarily mean it's made for that age group. In fact, I found crude language, older fashions and relationship advice in it. Still, I never told my mother because I wanted to continue subscribing. The good part is, if you have an older daughter around 13 and up, I recommend this magazine to you. It's great with the makeup tips and life advice. It also has true life articles that I find inpsiring. If you're still hesitant and feel up to it, go to your local grociery store and check the magazine out yourself. ...more info
  • PETA Advertising
    Any magazine aimed at girls age 10 to 15 that accepts advertising from radical special interest groups that lure children with contests for prizes to a propaganda laced wesite is wrong....more info
  • This magizine is great for girls to get ready for life
    This magizines knows every thing about girls it's the perfect magizine to help girls with their problems I get a new issue every month and I can't stop reading it I never get bored I read it over and over again....more info
  • Pretty good.... only way too much stuff on getting guys!
    I'm (...)and I have been reading GL for a couple months now and I love it! It's like an older verson of Discovery Girls only cooler! But there is way too much stuff about getting guys too like you! All I would say is be yourself and just have a couple quizzes to take. But believe me, I love the magazine! I hope my review was helpful! ...more info
  • Very good mag!
    *I love this mag!
    It has a little of everything: Beauty&Fashion, Embarssing moments, celebrity chats, and what's new and a letter from the editor.
    It also has lots of advice, and horoscopes!
    It's a very good mag, and I would reccomend it for 11-16 year-olds. Other mags you should check out are:TEEN, Popstar!,J-14, and if you're younger, American Girl and Discovery Girls.
    Oh and for parents out there: This is a good clean mag. No bad stuff whatsoever. Well, i have to go, and I hope my review helped!* ...more info
  • PERFECT For 12-15 year olds
    I think this magazine is perfect for girls who "graduated" from American Girl and\or Discovery Girls, i know i sure have, it really deserves 5 stars! I loooooooooooove Girls Life!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not for young girls
    I subscribed to this magazine, sight unseen, for my daughter who will be ten soon, thinking it would be a safe alternative to the teen magazines. Big mistake! I thought it was aimed at the "Tween" crowd. But with the advice column letter from a girl asking whether she should lose her virginity to her boyfriend before her family moves away I see I was very wrong. The editors need to figure out once and for all who their target market is. All of the articles on boys are way too much for 4th and 5th graders, and from the comments I have seen from older girls, they think the magazine is lame and for younger girls. ...more info
  • Bad magazine!
    This magazine talks about boys and other teen stuff. I was reading the magazine and it was talking about inappropriate stuff, I was surpised! How could a ten or eleven year old girl read about boys and kissing(how to kiss) or other inappropriate stuff. Parents if your looking for a for a magazine for your daughter that doesn't talk alot about boys, kissing and other teen stuff, DO NOT BUY THIS MAGAZINE!!!! I recommend buying American girl magazine instead! This is mostly a preteen magazine! The ages are 10-13....more info
  • I'm not sure......................
    I'm a 12 year old, And I really wouldn't give this magazine to a child under 11. There's too much junk about boys. I don't like boys, yet, but I know no girl my age or under wants to know how to kiss a boy. eak!. Where's the girly dreams?, now it's all boys, make-up, fashion and junk..( the list goes on and on..........),. I think i'll keep reading American Girl till I like boys....more info
  • A great mag for the girls out there!
    I really like this mag. It has fashion and beauty
    celeb chats, things you can do at home, new movie and Cd releases,
    horoscopes, and embarassing moments. I like this mag a whole
    lot because it's not superfiacl (excuse my spelling) like some
    magazines out there. But some content might not be aproprate for
    kids under 10. But it is a great mag, and Karen the Editor
    totally rocks for thinking this mag up! 5*****...more info
  • GL rocks!
    now that I'm 14, I have officialy grown out of Discovery girls, (I used to worship the magazine from ages 12-13) but when I got my April/may issue I felt like I was reading some 10 yr old magazine, they had little kid stuff in there, and not one 14 yr old wrote anything in the magazine, I felt like I had grown out of it, because usually, I would read it from front to back, this time, I read the Discovery Girls magazine from page 1- 4, so, I told my Friend about it, and she lent me an issue OF GL {the december/january 2006 issue) and I adored it! I loved the whole thing, and now, I'm getting a subcription! because I love GL, it has great articals, and has an awesome advice collum! It roks!

    Buy the magazine, It's so worth it!
    ...more info
  • This is an awesome magazine.
    This is my 2nd year of subscribing to girls' life and I absolutely love it. They give really good advice and the clothes they feature are unique, not just same old same old Abercrombie and Fitch. I read this over and over and never get bored with it. ...more info
  • Good for 11~13 year olds.
    I'm now 15 and I use to read GL. I started reading it when I was about 12 and I hade no problem with it!!!
    It has cute clothes and some make up tips and I really liked it when I was younger.
    You should subscribe for GL if your too old for American Girl or too young for Seventeen, Cosmo girl, Elle girl!!!!...more info
  • 13+...atleast
    Girls Life- The Problems

    GL used to be a very great. After a couple of years most of these Magazine's go down hill, but I was truly suprised at GL. There quizzes are sorta stupid and there are not any interesting articles. I personally despise Emma Roberts, and thought they wrote a poor article on her. There isn't a decent magazine ment for 10-14. American Girl is only ment to 8-10 no older. GL isn't ment for anyone younger then 13. I am a 12 yrs old, and I am shocked at GL. I am very mature for my age. Girls Life is just like Cosmo Girl, Tiger Bop, Lucky, Seventeen, you name it. Not ONE magazine has an article ment for REAL GIRLS, WHO ARE NOT BOY CRAZY. For now I recomend you don't read GL. It's totally disgusting for anyone under 12. I recomend Kraze....more info
  • Eh...
    Cutesy, fluffy, but of no use to girls who actually have problems in life. When girls are at the crucial age of 11, 12, or so, and when they are just starting to discover their interests in boys, when they are just beginning their journeys towards womanhood, it is no time for them to be bombarded with information on how to kiss a boy. That comes much later.
    Girls who act so mature, kissing and dating boys when they are so young, are doomed to a life of divorce and unhappiness. THey will think that every cute guy who comes along actually cares about them. Girls that age have more important things to worry about than catching a cute guy. I am very disappointed...I thought this magazine would deal with issues such as grades, building better relationships with your parents, dealing with your raging emotions. But GL is all about cute styles, bikini-worthy bodies, little blonde girls, and boys. Yuck.
    That said, it does have some cute quizzes. But again, totally useless entertainment. ...more info
  • Good for tween age group
    I used to subscribe to this magazine and I loved it. It wasn't until about eighth grade when I grew too old for the articles and started seeking a magazine targeted towards a more mature age group that I could relate with more. I think the articles are great for the tween age group. They will have an occasional "kissing article" but it's nothing that I'd consider inappropriate or that girls havn't already seen or known at that point of their lives. The "Dear Carol" section is also great. A previous parent reviewer complained of a virginity guestion being too graphic of whatever, but that is real issue that sadely many young tweens go through, and it's an important issue I'm glad this magizine is not afraid to cover. Overall, a great magazine!...more info
  • Inappropriate for 10 year olds!!
    This magazine should change the ages to at least over the age of 13!! Young girls get thrown info on obsessing over boys at way too young an age!!...more info
  • er...
    Three bad things:
    1. It focuses too much on boys, making some girls feel bad for being single.
    2. No one would wear the fashion; it's expensive and the outfit combos are ridiculous.
    3. It's pretty one-sided about things like hair removal.

    But GL does try its best, despite its flaws, to promote a message of self-esteem and female empowerment. It isn't superlative, but worth a shot....more info
  • not for girls under 12
    The magazine is supposed to be for girls 8 and up... it is not. An 8 year old girl does not need to have information on contracting herpes, being sexually active and kissing. I am dissapointed that society thinks 8 year olds are ready for this material and thinks getting this info from a magazine rather than a parent is appropriate....more info
  • This magizine is great for girls to get ready for life
    This magizines knows every thing about girls it's the perfect magizine to help girls with their problems I get a new issue every month and I can't stop reading it I never get bored I read it over and over again....more info
  • It's ok, but not the best
    Ok. I wouldn't buy this magazine for girls ages 7-12. It's not appropriate for this age group although it says it is. I had a subscription to this mag in the good ol 2003. The articles had a lot of good advice and was the age group it claimed to be back then. I turned thirteen this year and just read the Oct/Nov issue. It wasn't good. Last year's Dec/Jan issue had a How to Get a Boyfriend article and I was shocked. The writer was Jodi Bryson who writes most of the celebrity and fashion aricles. Either she doesn't know what the age group for GL is, or she's not aiming for 7-12 year old girls. This zine is not what it used to be. If you have a 7-12 daughter, DO NOT BUY THIS MAGAZINE. I'm pretty sure that a 10 year old doesn't want to learn how to kiss a boy. . . ...more info
  • GL Rules!
    This magazine rocks! I think it is good for ages 11-16! It talks about life,boys,puberty (once in awhile),BFFs, friends,fashion and about just being a girl! I love the advice collum and the awsome articles. I wish it came every month other then bimonthly though.Some people say that 11 year olds are too young for this magazine but I disagree because i'm 11 and I love this magazine!...more info
  • Less than one (1) star! Awful Magazine for the recommended ages!
    As a parent of a ten year old girl, I feel this magazine is inappropriate in that the first and LAST issue we will ever purchase discusses kissing boys and suicide and self injury. While the subject of teen suicide and self injury is not one to be ignored, it is not appropriate for a ten year old nor is the issue of kissing boys, in my opinion. We will not be purchasing this magazine again nor recommending to anyone else....more info
  • Great magazine for pre-teens/teens
    I realize that GIRL'S LIFE MAGAZINE is geared towards pre-teens, but, at sixteen years old, I absolutely love this magazine. It's a lot better than the celebrity-filled, superficial teen magazines, and GIRL'S LIFE MAGAZINE has a lot of articles that are worth reading, celebrity bios/interviews, quizzes, embarassing stories, etc.

    GIRL'S LIFE MAGAZINE might be geared towards younger kids, but I know a lot of teenagers that read it. I enjoy it because it's not about which celebrity has a new boyfriend/girlfriend, who went on a crash diet, how to look thin, etc. etc. It's a magazine worth reading.

    Overall grade - B+...more info
  • Pretty good
    I disagree with everyone who thinks this magazine is too old for 10-12 year olds. I've been getting this magazine since i was ten and I wasn't offended or scared at all by the boy articles. The magazine has much more than boy articles. It has useful articles such as dealing with stress and how to efficiently study for a test. It doesn't have the best clothes, however because they are a bit too expesive. In conclusion, as a 12 year old I find this magazine to be a bit too immature, but it is good for girls 10-12.
    ...more info
  • Great For 12 year old girls!!
    I'm a 12 year old girl, and eventhough I don't think 7 year olds should be reading this magazine, I think it is perfectly fine for my age. I have been getting it for about two years now and most of the girls in my grade (7th) are interested in boys and even have boyfriends. ...more info
  • Pretty good mag
    I've had a subscription to GL, for the past few years, and I really like it. It's got all the fashion, make-up, and boy stuff like all the other teen magazines, but it also features stories that are really important and relative to our daily lives. Some of the issues have been obesity in teens, anorexia, and dealing with your period. The only problem I have with it is that the clothes and make-up they feature are usually quite expensive and have to be bought at a website or ordered over the phone instead of just being able to walk over to the drug store. Overall I think that this magazine is a great magazine for girls 11-16. I know it's supposedly geared towards younger girls, but I think older teens would enjoy this just as much as I do. ...more info
  • Everything a 12 year old and up needs!!!
    I'm 12 years old and I think this magazine is awesome! I gives advice for hard times, and it shows a great way how to take care of yourself (such as your hair, face, makeup, fashion and attitude)! It gives you great, embarassing, tragic, and funny real life girl stories. The only thing I did not exactly like was all the things about guys. I have absolutely no problem with a few tips on how to pick the right guy or anything like that, it's just that almost every page you turn, there is something on how to get guys. Besides that, I think this magazine is great for anyone 12 or older....more info
  • Same junk most women's magazines offer!
    Articles about how to lose weight? How to attract a guy? Celebrity gossip? Is it really healthy to let a 10 yr old girl read this? NO!!!!...more info
  • Loved Girls Life as a preteen
    I caught a recent issue of Girl's Life magazine, and it was the same magazine I had enjoyed when I was 12-14 years old. Often called GL for short, the magazine has substance. It talks to girls about personal issues that they might not be able to talk about with their parents, but keeps it appropriate to a preteen level. This magazine is much more informative to young girls than say Seventeen or J-14....more info
  • Great Mag for girls 13+
    This magazine is great for girls ages 13 to about fifteen or sixteen. I wouldn't recommend this for kids 10, or 11...although a mature 12-year-old may enjoy it. My Mom approves of this magazine, too, since its main focus isn't celebs, but on the teens that read it. I must say, that I do enjoy the celebrity articles because they're up-to-date articles on upcoming movies/albums and ask meaninful questions that you want to know.

    Some of its features are:

    *Quizzes (mostly fun, but sometimes a little lame/goofy)
    *Self-Help stories (Suicide, Drugs, Drinking, etc)
    *Survival Issues (Teachers, School, Tests, Parents, Siblings, Friends)
    *Fashion (although they're fairly expensive clothes that girls on a budget can't afford. sometimes they're kinda ugly clothes, but you can get SOME good ideas from them)
    *Stuff on hair...different styles and cuts
    *Celeb articles (one major celeb article per issue)
    *GL Spotlight (a small one-page article on a skater...actress)
    *GL Cutie (same as above, only with a guy)
    *Short Stuff (Fun articles on things that catch your interest)
    *Help! Dear Carol (Send your letters in to Carol and have your questions answered on all subjects)
    *Friendship (small ideas on stuff you can do with your friends)
    *GL Body Q&A (includes Fact or Fiction which is kinda interesting)
    *GL: Guys (you send questions about guys into two guys that answer questions from a different point of view)
    *GL: Ask Lucky (Friend problems mostly...sometimes on school and other topics...Q&A again)
    *GL Fun Stuff (Usually a craft or food you can make...they're actually really cute if you're artsy like that)
    *GL Top 10 (articles/ratings on movies, CDs, and books)
    *Makeup advice
    *Karen The Editor's Page (The Editors page...duh...usually includes a story about her)

    It's a pretty good magazine! I enjoy it, that's for sure, and it's for teen girls who aren't exactly ready for Seventeen or whatever, and just want to have a good magazine to read! I definitely recommend this to teen girls. It's a great read and you're not putting your money to waste! ...more info
  • Great!!!
    this is like the only mag out there for preteen girls that dont wanna read CRAP like j-14,teen people,or stuff way too MATURE 4them like twist,ellegirl,cosmogirl,seventeen or stuff way too BABYISH 4 them like american girl,discovery girl,new moon,nickelodeon,or disney adventures. Its perfect for 12-14 year olds(but if ur younger or older than that try one of the mags i've listed above). This magazine is great, u should get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info


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