Honeywell 17005 QuietCare HEPA Air Purifier

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Product Description

Honeywell 17005 Quiet Care HEPA Air Cleaner - Clean air is important for not only those with respiratory problems, but for everyone, and this air cleaner from Honeywell is perfect for the job. It features a HEPA filter for the ultimate in particle removal - as well as an Activated Carbon Pre-Filter. 5-Year Limited Warranty

  • HEPA air purifier for bedrooms and living areas up to 196 square feet
  • Quiet operation; programmable with remote control
  • Electronic filter reminders for timely maintenance
  • Activated carbon pre-filter removes smells from tobacco, cooking, pets
  • HEPA filter for cleaner air and healthier lungs; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • room air purifier
    This Honeywell Hepa Air Purifier is very good. Both my husband and I have allergy's and it has really helped us out. We leave it on low around the clock because we live in Oregon where people get a lot of allergy's from the trees, plants & shrubs. I don't know how it rates for economy but it is worth it if you have very bad allergy's. We like it a lot.
    Oregon...more info
  • Exactly what we were looking for
    As others have mentioned, it is quite loud when on high. It's no problem for us since we were looking for something to create white noise and to act as an air filtration device. You won't be disappointed with this product. The ability to program it is a bonus that I wasn't really looking for but actually like and use!...more info
  • Good for masking city noises
    It's true: this model is pretty noisy. But I find the hum soothing and it covers up the traffic noises outside of my apartment. It's pretty powerful, and I've also used it as a fan on hot days. I'm not really sure how well the purifier works compared to other models, because this is my first. It hasn't solved allergy problems but I don't think anything can....more info
  • 5 star air purifier
    I suffer from allergies and this really removes allergens from the air. It even removes cooking smells from the kitchen. ...more info
  • It's not quiet, but it works
    I've had this unit for a week now, and I'm pleased with the results I have got out of it. My bedroom is only about 140sq feet, but since this is rated for larger rooms than mine, I am able to run it on Medium rather than High and still get some nice filtering from it. I run it on Low while I sleep, turn it off when I wake up, and run it on Medium or High for a couple of hours before I go to bed each night. I try to keep my door shut while it is on.

    I'm an asthmatic and allergic to my two cats, and have been suffering for the last month (we have had them for a couple of years now). I haven't been able to figure out why I've suddenly begun having symptoms again, but it has been problematic to say the least, and I've had to use my inhaler daily, as I typically wake up with asthma symptoms. I decided that since I could not find the cause of my problems (we tried changing their litter type, brushing them daily, changing their food, and doing a thorough clean-up of my room), I would try to purify my bedroom's air while I sleep, since that is when I generally have problems. The first night I still woke with asthma symptoms, but since the second night I'm completely free and can breath much easier at night. I believe this has helped me sleep better, as I no longer struggle to breath each night.

    The unit is quite loud in a room of my size, unless it is on Low (it's no louder than my room fan when it's on Low). My computer is in my bedroom, and I use headphones if I'm using it, so that I may run the purifier on Medium or High. Otherwise, after a day of getting used to it, I no longer notice that it's there. You would not want to put this in a medium or large bedroom, unless you purified during the day and turned it to Low or Off while you slept.

    Honeywell claims that their HEPA filter is cleanable and only needs to be vacuumed every 6 months. The unit also requires an activated carbon prefilter to eliminate odors, and mine came with the initial prefilter and two additional free prefilters (yours may not have this, it appears to be a special offer). There is a small display on the unit where it displays your programmed settings (which I did not find as useful as I had hoped), and where it also reports how dirty your filters are. If the HEPA filter is truly cleanable, then this will be a very cheap air purifier to maintain, compared to other models which require you to purchase a $20-40 filter every few months.

    Oh! I almost forgot to mention how convenient the remote is! I don't have to get up when I decide to take off my headphones or turn on my television, I can just hit a button on the remote and swap it to Low or Off. This is such a convenient feature that should not be overlooked, if you spend a lot of time in the room where you'll keep this unit....more info
  • didn't think it's that noisy
    Have to disagree with some of those who feel this unit is excessively noisy. I ended up buying one after having a store clerk plug in a demo model. It is quieter on slow speed but louder on high speed. I would say the noise levels are about the equivalent of a variable speed window unit air conditioner. If you're looking for dead silent operation, this unit won't do it, but if you can sleep through the background noise of an air conditioner, then this purifier shouldn't be any more intrusive. What sold me was the fact that the filters don't need to be replaced-simply vacuum every few months. On cheaper units, the replacement filters cost almost as much as the purifier....more info
  • Flippin' LOUD!!! Don't Believe the "Quiet" Part.
    This unit and the programmable version 17000 are NOT at all quiet. I foolishly bought them sight-unseen (or sound-unheard) because of Honeywell's advertizing claims of quiet operation. They are LOUD my friends, so much so that I can hear them three rooms away on the lowest setting. Forget about setting them on high, the noise level is intolerable. At least the programmable unit lets you set a timer to turn it down or off automatically before you get home so you don't have to do it manually every day. I feel that I was deceived in order to make a sale. I guess 'quiet' is a matter of opinion. It IS quiet compared to an atomic blast....more info
  • QuietCare is a misnomer
    This air purifier works fine, but don't be misled by the name QuietCare. Even on the lowest fan speed, it's still pretty loud. We run it during the day, but we have to turn it off at night because it's so loud....more info
  • Already own and love 17440, this is much louder
    I've used the now-discontinued Honeywell 17440 for years. It's quiet on the low setting yet pushes the expelled air up and far away from the unit, allowing air to circulate around the room instead of just around the unit as with most diffusely expelling purifiers. I appreciate the prefilter, which slows the rate at which the expensive HEPA filter needs to be replaced.

    I researched the market before I bought the 17005 and couldn't find a unit as large as the 17440 (they're all discontinued). I hoped that the low customer ratings on the 17005 due to noise were from people who were overly sensitive. I turned it on next to the old 17440 and the 17005 is MUCH louder than the old one on low settings (the higher setting are unusable when people are in the room). I packaged it up and returned it immediately--I'll gladly pay return shipping of about $15 to not have this in my life. Too bad Honeywell doesn't publish their noise specs allowing customers to make informed decisions....more info
  • not quiet
    i purchased this item a while ago and returned it immediately. it's not quiet and is very bulky. ...more info
  • not as quiet as Honeywell claims
    I bought this model because it said Ultra Quiet on the box and even bragged about how it achieved such a quiet motor. I'm rating this 2 stars because I feel Honeywell did not live up to what they advertised. On the lowest speed, this thing was still loud enough to hear over my t.v. set. On speeds 2 and 3 it vibrated my hardwood floor and was obnoxiously loud! I tried using it downstairs on the carpeting, but was still annoyed at the sound, so finally returned it. I checked out a larger Honeywell unit (round / appx. $239) and it was indeed very quiet on the lowest setting. I will probably spend the extra $$ on that one. Whatever you buy, try it out in the store first! ...more info
  • More Info Please
    You do not provide the model number of the Honeywell air purifier. I need to know if you carry replacement filters for it or not and what is the cost of filters?? Would also be helpful to know how often filters need to be changed. I would also be interested in the purpose of remote control for the unit....more info
  • lifesaver for people w/pets & allergies
    This is an affordable godsend. I have a son who has to take shots weekly for allergies, 3 cats and a husband who smokes! We bought the Honeywell air purifier and in just a few hours on the day we received it, no one knew my husband was a smoker and I have three cats. he best thing of all, since getting this purifier, my son can now go once a month instead of weekly for an allergy shot because we have taken the "Dirt" out of the air he breathes! My dad purchased a $600.00 unit from another company, it worked 4 months and died, now he can't get in touch with the company he bought it from. Thanks Target. Keep up the good work!!...more info
    We've just moved to a townhome previously owned by a smoker. Not being smokers ourselves, the smell started to make us a little nautious. My husband bought this and within 2 days the smell was greatly reduced. Runs a bit loud on the highest setting, but kind of reminds me of being in an airplane....more info
  • Less noisy and worth it.
    While being quieter than most, it still does its job!

    We use it in our family room where our quite active fireplace is. The three speeds are a definite plus, but we only really use the low and high speeds.

    High speed definitely moves its share of air, but don't plan on watching TV while it's running unless you raise the volume quite a bit. With the amount of dust the fireplace puts out, the unit has definitely reduced the amount of dust around our home....more info