Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 11-3/4-Inch Skillet with Iron Handle, Red

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A useful size for family size portions eggs or bacon, sautEing a couple of chicken breasts or steaks, this skillet is ideal for browning, and can go in the oven to keep things warm or to continue the cooking process.

Turn out restaurant-caliber frittatas and gold-star gravies with this 11-3/4-inch enameled cast-iron skillet from the French line Le Creuset. Coated with a chip-resistant porcelain enamel, the skillet offers the even heat and gentle cooking of cast-iron without reaction to foods or the usual high maintenance. The integral iron handle is oven-safe to 450 degrees F, so the skillet can go straight from the freezer to the burner to the broiler. An easy-to-grip helper handle makes the pan's substantial weight manageable, while dual pour spouts accommodate right- or left-handers. Le Creuset's porcelain enamel livens up the kitchen or table, comes with a lifetime warranty, and cleans up in the dishwasher. --Emily Bedard

  • Made of enameled cast iron; unexcelled for heat distribution, retention
  • Compatible with gas, electric, induction, and ceramic top ranges
  • Cooking surface covered with durable satin-texture black enamel
  • Non-reactive cooking surface; dishwasher-safe
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • I like that it has no teflon
    Not really that happy with this product, but I would buy it again. News from the non-stick front is not good these days, so I was prompted to change my cooking habits. This first step is buying new cookware, and I have begun to buy the LeCrucet line. Main problem with the Le Crucet is that it takes an awfully long time to heat, and when heated has a very uneven cooking surface. I cook on a professional stove and still get the 'half-browned pancake' effect. The middle heats far quicker then the outside edge of the cook surface. That being said, I'm still far happier to cook on the cast-iron product than on non-stick....more info
  • The worst pan I own, everything sticks!
    I love Le Creuset, my first pots were hand me downs from my mom and they've been used between the two of us for nearly 40 years! They're wonderful! And the soup pot is my absolute favorite! This skillet however is a disaster. I honestly think it should be recalled. I use medium heat and some oil and everything sticks. Potatoes or eggs are a nightmare. This morning I tried once again and finally said enough. I'll try to reseason it, but it seems beyond hope. I'm very disappointed in the quality from Le Creuset. Maybe there's an issue with a small percentage of these pans? ...more info
  • heavy metal
    Really a quite nice piece of kitchenware. Great price. It is heavy so it takes some wrist strength to lift. Also there are a number of instructions for use and cleaning, but it seems well worth it.

    I purchased the brand because it is one of the few that has almost no adverse health effects....more info
  • Great for Frying
    The pan fry's very well. It is HUGE and HEAVY. Food cooks on cast iron (not enamel covered cast iron). The pan conducts heat so well that I can put my burner on very low--which saves a little $$ on energy cost. The cast iron isn't smooth. Kinda tears up my plastic cooking utensils. Still would give it 5 stars....more info
  • Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet
    Lovely pan, but would be nicer if the sides were a little taller. Splatters a lot and makes the bottom a mess to clean....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful!!!
    I love this pan! We have a large family and I easily fit 5-6 chicken breasts in this pan at one time.
    You don't have to cook with high heat because this pan easily distributes the heat evenly. Low heat is also best so the food doesn't stick.
    Clean up is really easy!!! Warm, soapy water and that's it!
    This is definitely a quality made pan. I have several pieces from Le Creuset and know they will last me through my lifetime....more info
  • Everything sticks to this pan!
    I have a lot of Le Creuset items, and I love them all except the two frying pans, this one and another 9". Everything sticks to them! It's just hopeless. Super difficult to clean too. I wish I could return them....more info
    Everything sticks to it. I thought it was a non-stick, in fact I didn't think they sold anything but that now. Dont buy!...more info
  • Oops!
    I did not plan on such weight! Cast iron is always heavy, but add the enamel and the smaller than expected handle size and it becomes a bit unwieldy --- without contents! This may be the right product for many cooks who are able to move such weight around the cooking area, but it's not for me.

    Doesn't Le Creuset sell skillets with nonstick surface any longer??!?? I love my smaller skillet from an earlier era, but cannot find what I'm looking for in these larger sizes....more info
  • Excellent Pan and great for bench pressing, too!
    Cooks evenly as all get out, cleans up fine in the dishwasher, and the non-stick coating seems to work just fine, but the thing weighs more than my Grandpa's old blue Buick!

    It does have the extra little handle on the far side to make it easier to pick up with two hands, so it is manageable. But it is heavy. And the handle gets HOT.

    So, if you want a great pan and are willing to put up with the weight, hot handle, pick one up when it's on sale and you'l be a happy cook....more info
  • Everything sticks
    Not long ago I bought a Le Creuset non-stick omelete frying pan and was very satisfied with it. The size of that pan was a bit small so I decided to buy a much bigger 11-3/4" skillet. When I received it I discovered that it didn't come with a non-stick coating, but instead it had a "Satin black enamel" surface. It's just horrible - everything sticks to it, even when I use low heat and lots of oil. Now I know why Le Creuset says the pan gets better as you use it more, as it will get a special "patina" - probably meaning that this skillet sticks badly. Now I have to suffer from scrubbing each time after I fry something simple until the "patina" develops. By the way, the best way to clean a Le Creuset is baking soda! Sprinkle baking soda and add a drop of detergent, then scrub with a sponge - very effective!...more info
  • Beautiful pan but...
    the cooking surface is not coated with enamel and it will stick, every time. I finally had to give mine away....more info
  • Great alternative to non-stick
    I was looking for a pan to cook eggs (omlets) in, but didn't want to get non-stick, or teflon or whatever. This pan was recommended by the nytimes. It's not as perfect as an old seasoned cast iron skillet, but the le creuset pan is big, heavy and practically non stick, especially if you use a bit of oil. I cook everything in it -- chicken, hamburgers, fried eggs and omlets, sausage, pancakes -- and it's easy to clean, almost as non stick as my teflon pans (which I chucked). For what it is, it's pretty great....more info
  • Skillet Heavyweight
    Skillet performs well. Made my chicken picatta flawlessly and deliciously. Cleans up easily by hand or dishwasher. Only drawback is the skillet is HEAVY and takes two hands to lift safely. ...more info
  • This Le Creuset Skillet is Wonderful !!!
    I just received this skillet and am really happy with it. I was worried after reading some of the other reviews about food sticking. I made pancakes in this pan yesterday AM and they were perfect! No sticking at all. I just used a little spray of canola oil before cooking each pancake and there were no worries. I didn't season the pan but the literature that came with the skillet states that a brown patina will develop with use, which will help even further to prevent sticking. The skillet is easy to clean, too. This is a super great cast iron skillet....more info
  • Oops!
    I did not plan on such weight! Cast iron is always heavy, but add the enamel and the smaller than expected handle size and it becomes a bit unwieldy --- without contents! This may be the right product for many cooks who are able to move such weight around the cooking area, but it's not for me.

    Doesn't Le Creuset sell skillets with nonstick surface any longer??!?? I love my smaller skillet from an earlier era, but cannot find what I'm looking for in these larger sizes....more info
    This is my first piece of Le Creuset. The 11 3/4" pan is a great size. I wanted to retire my teflon pan and I don't know why I never considered getting this pan in the first place! This skillet browns and cooks perfectly - I like the way it retains the heat to keep the food warm when it is removed from the burner. It is very easy to clean - almost as easy as teflon! After the pan cools, soak in soapy water. The pan is heavy (it's cast iron after all!) but manageable. Being a lefty I appreciate the pour spouts on both sides of the pan!
    I would recommend buying a silicone or potholder type sleeve to cover the handle since it does get warm.
    I hope to buy a Le Creuset dutch oven in the future....more info
  • I love my skillet!
    Heats evenly, cleans up pretty well, and the drip areas on the side of the pan are super helpful when it comes time to drain! It's cast iron, so will last practically forever. When you buy the good stuff, you pay extra, but it's worth it. I am new to cooking, and this pan was not difficult to use at all. You just have to read the directions =) ...more info
  • cooking with comfort on a flat top stove
    Wow this is one of the best pans to cook with. As an Italian, I inherited my grandmas cast iron pan and was sad to find I should not use it on my new Jennair flat top. But when I bought this pan the problem was solved. I love it. Make sure to season it after your first cooking (wipe it clean with oil)...more info
  • Replacement
    After my son-in-law inexplicably destroyed my beloved All-Clad 12" skillet, I decided to replace it with one which I believed would be better.
    I wasn't mistaken. The Le Creuset 11 3/4" skillet's performance is totally superior -- bigger cooking area, too. It holds the temp steady; there are no hot spots.
    Cast iron is not light, but none of the competition can compare, except my (late grandmother's) totally pristine mol 90 year old Lodge nominal 12" which is profoundly better, but lacks the flexibility.
    ...more info


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